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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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1- dismantle: the targeted enemy will slowly fall apart and drop health and or energy orbs

2- armor scrap: enemies lose all armor and gain health for every 1 armor point is 0.5 health gained (the enemies gain the health but lose armor)

3- mess maker: the warframe turns into bile and moves like slime, you poison enemies but allies who walk across get reduced damage by 5%

4- living floor: arms rise from the floor and begin to strangle and pull enemies into the earth, if the enemies die before pulled under completely the arm will find a new target, max of 15 arms at once

passive- when taking health damage the warframe loses limbs, if there are chopped up limbs on the ground he can replace the limb with the one on the ground by walking over it and pressing square/X/Y/whatever key reload is on pc

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On 2020-04-17 at 1:02 PM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

One ability since this warframe is held by void energy it could be the 3 or 4 it blasts void energy like wisp blasts the sun this warframe blasts void energy

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With my broken warframe you should choose between having instable transference, thus altering basic abilities (go wild) and boosting transference signal in order to enhance ability attributes.

Passive: Transference instability

The warframe is sensible to operator commands which are cannot be executed (for example, spamming quick melee). The more you spam inappropriate commands - the more glitchy interface becomes. Side effect: Abilities benefit from passve one way or another.

1. Void leak.

Warframe "patches" begin leaking, resulting in AOE (small, almost melee) dps and damage resistance. 

Transference instability effect: AOE damage throws out in bursts, enhancing range and damage. Resisted damage is added to overall void "shockwave" damage.

2. Scavenger.

Warframe pulls nearby enemy remainings for a short time and transfers them to Stat boosts (quite similar to rhino's skin). Corpus grants overshields, Infested - temporal HP, Grineer - temporal armor. Sentient - tau defencive ability (similar to adaptation) and tau damage.

Transference instability effect: pull time lasts less, but tears off alive enemies as well,

3. Transference overload. Toggle. Drains energy over time.

Boosts transference signal and embraces it. Speed is increaced, void damage is added to every hit, all Ability atributes are multiplied by x. A transference instability is completely removed.

Transference instability effect: Drains additional amount of energy untill empty.

4. Augment weaponry.

Warframe posesses an additional slot in its mod configuration (or replaces exilus). Player can install an augment mod (co-reliesed or some of existing warframe one's) and gain replacement skill - from another warframe or special ones. The mod is being installed like a forma - player will have to rank up its warframe one more time. After reaching max rank the mod becomes broken - can only be used with a broken warframe and can be swapped with another broken mods with no penalty.

Transference instability effect: weakens the augment, decreacing its stats. Polarising broken augment mod can negate effect, or even take advantage of it.

Hope that my ideas will come in handy. 😃

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Passive: "Frayed Wires" 

Enemies within a 2 meter radius will receive shock damage and have a 15% chance of being stunned for 5 seconds.


1st Ability: "Organic Repair"

Wires shoot out of the warframe, seeking the enemy and tearing off limbs to heal the warframe.

Drain: 25

Heal: 25

Range: 25 meters


2nd Ability: "Forced Control"

A mass of wires shoot out of the warframe and control an enemy and make them fight for the Tenno. 20% chance of enemy resistance that results in wires crushing the target and retreating. The more enemies captured will result in higher chance of resistance.

Drain: 10 per enemy + 2.5 per second

Resistance per enemy: + 7%

Range: 15 meters


3rd Ability: "Life Steal"

A single wire hits a target and the wire takes the units health. Cast again on an ally or companion to heal them.

Drain: 30

Range: 40 meters


4th Ability: "Void Chaos"

Release some of the void holding the warframe together and let it travel through the enemy, causing them to be grouped together and controlled. Cast again while enemies are still alive for life steal given to all allies.

Drain: 100

Range: 50 meters

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Broken Warframe? So aptly named:
Ability 1: increase damage by 1 million times

Ability 2: invulnerable and immune to cc for 1 hour

Ability 3: Instantly go to extraction point

Ability 4: Kill everything on the map


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Suggestion for gimmick:

What if the WarFrame upon bleedout didnt just fell on ground, but rather shattered to many shards and pieces on the ground and in this state you would be able to damage enemies standing in the area where the pieces are shattered, or buff your allies or something. Just like Inaros can self revive.

Would be cool to have this gimmick on "Broken WarFrame" 😄

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It's based on Exalted Armor.

The frame was a prototype for a failed experiment that would draw power from the void. "Micro fissures" generated through out points on the frame could connect into the void and pull items and armor pieces by "summoning" systems for combat. These "systems" would appear on the frame with a semi-solid translucent / transparent appearance maybe similar to the way Gara has transparent accessories attached to her frame. The abilities would be channeled, each with their own appearance and visual auras. in other words....Exalted Armor components that temporarily make up the missing parts. The frame would have a different appearance based on the different ability channeled.

An ranged offensive channeled (or duration) ability

A Melee offensive channeled (or duration) ability

A defensive channeled (or duration) ability

A support channeled (or duration) ability

The frame can support multiple load out configurations and can swap between them, so it can have builds based on the different abilities. The abilities should have a cost so it's harder to use, giving the frame a high skill ceiling. In the hands of a diligent player willing to put in the effort, the frame could be pushed to out perform most other frames at the cost of an exceedingly high amount of work. The middle of the bell curve should line up with the other frames,  so for the average player, it will perform in line with most other frames, And for a player looking for an easy time to run with using 1 or 2 abilities to spam over and over, it's not going to perform to it's full potential and will be under the curve. it shouldn't be hard to learn, but it should require a high level of interaction to keep on top of everything it's doing or you could lose a channel or have an ability drop off or run out of energy etc. Also,  I think it's passive ability should be weak.


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Broken Warframe:


An abomination created out of necessity to stoke the fires of an old war. A ghostly remnant of survival from a war that already consumed it.

Preamble in spoiler.

Summary: Created from the remnants of 3 destroyed warframes. Utilising tethered ghostly remnant forms as abilities derived from their original forms, loosely derived from the archetypal attack, defence and control, with their power offset by reserving a percentage of the warframe's max health pool.


Created from the remnants of 3 warframes bound together by a weave of void tendrils and energy. Deploys fragmented ghostly essences with the remnant parts that emit unshackled versions of the abilities they had when whole. Each remnant essence deployed removes the corresponding warframe armour parts from the Broken warframe’s model making it appear attached to a floating entity akin to the lua ghosts with a void tendril tethering it to the broken warframe causing them to follow within a fixed distance.


Casting abilities 1-3 reserves a portion of the broken warframe’s maximum health pool, reducing the total health pool size by a % and returning the health reserved when the ability ends. Both as a thematic element from removing components tothe remnant entities but also to add some risk to the power of the abilities. The % health reserved will be variable to the ability's power.

Abilities 1-3 are representative of the warframes it is comprised of with the archetype qualities of damage, defence and control.


Passive: Lashing Conduit: When channelling abilities allies within x meters receive x energy per second and for every x energy channelled enemies within x meters take x damage.

Ability 1: AgonyEnemies within x meter radius of the deployed remnant, including the remnant itself, lose x health per second.

End effect for each second the remnant was active enemies current armour, max shield and max health is reduced by x% for x seconds.

Channelled ability. Reduces broken warframe’s maximum health pool size by x% while channelling.


The courter of primordial entropy and decay; withering the life from its victims and causing rust and ruin in its wake.


Ability 2: Defiance: Allies within x meter radius can only lose a maximum of x% health or shield from a single damage instance. Excess damage prevented is redirected to the remnant. Status effects applied to allies in range are redirected to the remnant.

End effect all status effects transferred to the remnant are applied to all enemies in range.

Channelled ability. Reduces broken warframe’s maximum health pool size by x% while channelling.

The stalwart protector placing its existence in harms way to protect the weak; taking on their burdens and dealing harsh retribution to those who would threaten them.


Ability 3: Torment: Enemies within x meter radius of the deployed remnant are sent insane.  Ranged enemies will be affected by x blast status effects, lowering their accuracy, and melee enemies will cower in fear (Stunned).

End effect returns x energy for every enemy in range.


Given the high energy demands of the frame and the incentive to have active channelling abilities this ability offers some degree of energy income with the energy gain not impeded by channelling other abilities.

Channelled ability. Reduces broken warframe’s maximum health pool size by x% while channelling.

The embodiment of the indifference. A reflection of the lidless eye of the void itself promising untold power and visions of madness.


Ability 4: Rupture:  Void tendrils erupt from the frame impaling enemies in range to surfaces and immobilising them. Impaled enemies health and shield are siphoned into the warframe.

Creates a floating ghostly manifestation of void energy that can move and emits an aura damaging enemies within x meters. Health and shield siphoned above the warframes current max health and shield is emitted as lashing energy from the manifestation and any active remnants damaging enemies within range. Channelled ability.



A twisted angelic form of suffering.





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I haven't read any of the other entries on this page, so I apologise if there are some similarities. It is not my intention to copy anyone else's ideas
also sorry eanglish is not my nativ language

The frame itseld filled with an energy which bring him back to life, so I suggest he had to have Void energy meter alike some other frames do have(Baruk\Ember)

1."Name placeholder"
(Pizza ability)
Since this frame contains parts of 3 or more other frames so why don't we give him ability to amplify one of his parts by transfer more of his void energy to one of them, so this part become whole again
hold 1 to chose, and click to activate one of 3 options which can be:
"attack"(his arm(s) or red part) 
Creating etherial void copy of your weapon which enchance your current one but removes part of broken frame sheilds
(for example gaining Additional Combo counter\Damage\Increased deflection angle if he holds melee weapon, stabylity\reload speed\damage\additional counter for sniper zoom if range)
"defence"(body(blue part?))>Gives to a part of the body copy(Void version) of the armor of the frame to whom this armor belonged in the past
(Gaining damage reduction, around 90%, but lossing mobility)
In "attack" of "defence" mod Broken frame should always slowly generate void enegrgy by itself and geting filled with every shot and mealy swing or kill for a certn amount

The Void part(roots)
Broken frame no longer generate void energy,instead hi start spreading void energy from with in him to nearby enemies making them contagious(with this white thing that connects his parts, do not know how it's called, "white roots"?) , and spreading this contagion with every attack 
contagion itself force enemies to loss some of  their stats

2. "Name Placeholder"
Depending on mod chosen from first ability:
Broken frame will create orb of Void energy that explodes above him

if "attack" selected,than orb made CC AOE (cost Void energy)

if "defence" selected, than orb made AOE that made damage with status effect(depends on a color) (cost Void energy)

if  "Void" selected, than orb made AOE that drains energy and shields\health from infected enemies restoring his own, also making them fall to the floor for a second (cost energy but gaining Void energy)


3 "Name Placeholder"
Depending on mod chosen from first ability:
Summons a void copy of warframe from one of his parts
if "attack" or "defence" selected void copy will help to build an Void energy meter with their shots or melee

If "Void" is selected, than instead of summoning a void copy he summons a void rift (infected enemies start to hear a call from demon of the void,and slowly start moving to direction of a rift)
(cost Void energy)


4 "Name Placeholder"
By reaching 50%+ of Void energy Broken frame can become one with the void, and summon an ultimate ability of a frame which part he is amplifing right now
for example:
"attack" - deadly Voit blast

"defence" - inpenetrable dome

"Void" - Gain stealth,(each kill of infected enemy made it explode and spread the contagion)




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Passive: Walking into the shadows make the user harder to see.

Double Agent: The player disguises himself as the enemy, allowing him to blend in and kill without being suspected. 

Transport: Deploys a relic that the player can instantly teleport to at will by reactivating the ability. 

Discharge: Taking damage will allow the player to cast out shards of void energy in all directions. 

Skirmish: Upon activation, melee attacking will conjure various weapons made up of void energy dealing extra critical damage with increased status chance.

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The 3 Frame army 

1- Void leap 

You dash forward so fast you temporarily enter the void before being spit back out at top speed. You essentially teleport a couple meters whatever your recital is aiming at, giving them a lot of maneuverability. This is similar to how night crawler from the X-men teleports.

2- Heat of the void  

A channeling ability that shoots a void aesthetic flame in a cone area in front of the frame. Since the ability is is enhanced by void energy  there are some added properties. Under the effects of the intense flames the target’s minds’ begin to break causing them to be corrupted by void energy and attack things indiscriminately. 

3-  Energy exoskeleton 

A projection of the upper body of the frame composed of void energy is cast around the frame. The projection would engulf the frame like a thick suit of armor a couple meters across, protecting you from all damage until it’s health depletes. The projection would get a copy of the frames melee weapon as well to greatly extend that weapons range. This adds survivability and an unique exalted weapon, think of Itachi’s Susanoo in naruto or a stand from JoJo’s.

4- Remnant Fission

The three distinct frame remnants separate as well as the frames abilities. You cycle through the different frame remnants by tapping the 4 and when you hold it, the remnant you had selected becomes your main body/only ability and the other 2 break off, only being able to damage enemies with their respective ability. The remnant that you selected has that corresponding ability enhanced, and the separated remnants have a nerf being separated from the main body. This ability could be compared to Kakazu’s ability from Naruto to have his different hearts/abilities operate autonomously. 

  • Main body:
    • If you choose the first ability then whenever you teleport, when you reappear you do an AOE shockwave of blast, fire, and slash damage, you also gain speed stat boosts all around. 
    • If you choose the second ability then the cone of effect is increased, damage increase, and when the targets die they explode with radiation damage. You also gain damage stat boosts all around.
    • If you choose the third ability remnant the ability gains extra range and damage for the melee weapon, and more health. You also gain survivability stat boosts all across.
  • The Frame remnants:
    • “Void leap” remnant would teleport around with a copy of your melee weapon.
    • “Heat of the void” remnant would have a smaller area of effect with less damage. 
    • “Energy exoskeleton” remnant would have less weapon damage and range on the melee.

Passive- if killed while your 4 is active, you instead become one of the other remnants, with the killed remnant having a cool down on their abilities and use. This effectively gives you 3 lives at any given time with a cool down, but with the drawbacks being you temporarily lose the use of an ability. 

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Passive-Already Broken: All status effects last 20% less


1-Overload: Overloads a part of its body with energy and throws it, causing the part to explode upon contacting an enemy


2-Assimilate: Sends out tendrils which latch onto a target and drag them into the warframe, absorbing them and gaining the enemies armor and shields for a period of time.


3-Constrict: Launches a part of itself, which attaches to an enemy and wraps tendrils around the target, slowing them down and doing gradual damage, can be applied to multiple targets, hold ability button to make all parts attached to enemies constrict, doing high damage, but making all parts fall of their target, removing the debuff.


4-Dysfunctional Deconstruction: The warframe overloads with energy and explodes, dealing damage in a large radius, but also shoots out parts which deal high damage. The warframe then reconstructs, making the parts come back to the main body doing damage to enemies hit by the returning parts.

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Main Idea behind frame: The Warframe is made of different warframe parts, so that should reflect in his kit. There would be three main parts of this warframe: The legs, Arms, and Chest. The warframe would be able to switch in between different body parts and their passives/abilities mid game. There would be a UI telling which part has been selected, and a visual change on the warframe telling which part had been charged.


BODY PART PASSIVE: The body parts have their own passive associated with them. The body parts can ONLY be active when selected. There is no Passive charge given to each part. If legs are selected only the passive of the legs will be applied, Chest and arms will not be applied. 

Legs Passive: Increased movement speed, increases the more charged. Charged by movement.

Arms Passive: Increased attack damage,  increases the more charged. Charged more by melee kills. 

Chest Passive: Increased armor,  increases the more charged. Charged by taking damage. 


Ability 1: Siphon:  the Broken Warframe latches on to enemies in an area of effect around him with his energy tendrils. The tendrils will steal a small amount of health and energy, but most importantly charging the selected body part. This ability Scales with the amount of enemies hit in the area of effect. For a Visual think of Reworked Fiddlesticks's W ability, Bountiful Harvest, from League of Legends. Hildryn's ability that steals shield or Nekros's desecrate can also be applied to visual help. This is the main form of fast body part charging. Movement speed is slowed by a certain amount when casting.  


Ability 2 Energy Weave: The warframe breaks down in a bundle of parts on the ground. Leaving the parts behind, the warframe's tendrils will then be able to move in the ground, weaving up and down like a vine, at an increased speed for a couple of seconds. After the ability has ended, the tendrils will come out of the ground and the warframe will rebuild itself with parts. This ability will be used as an escape. This also suggests that the tendrils are the living warframe, and the parts are interchangeable. 


Ability 3: Body Part Switch: This ability allows the user to select what body part is active. The three main body parts are : Arms, Legs and Chest. Each passive of a body part will be applied when it is selected. Each passive will ONLY be applied if the body part is selected. 


Ability 4: . After a body part has been Fully Charged, it allows for the user to activate the specific 4th ability and maximum passive potential for each separate part. 4th abilities consume charges for that body part.

Legs 4th Ability: A small AOE Stomp, staggering enemies Large enemies and knocking down smaller ones. (implies this warframe has been made from Rhino Leg parts, with a hint of movement speed gauss) Deals major damage to enemies already knocked down. The ability will definitely have a shorter range than rhino stomp. If used in air, it will slam down to ground. 

Arms 4th Ability: A Charge up punch that deals deals damage to a single enemy when hit. After that enemy has been hit, flames will be released in a cone behind the enemy. (implies that the arms are made from ember and atlas). If the enemy that was hit by the punch dies, not the enemies hit by the flames, 50% of the arm charge will be given back to the player.This ability does not lock on and can be used in any direction. 

Chest 4th Ability. All allies in the radius of the Broken Warframe will be given increased armor and cannot be staggered for a certain amount of time. (A combination of Hildryn and Trinity)

ALL PARTS CHARGED: If all parts have been charged, All passives will be applied at once, but the warframe becomes unstable. The broken warframe has been completed, but cannot hold this form long. This form drains exponential amounts of energy over of time. BODY PART ABILITIES WILL NOT AVAILABLE DURING THIS STATE. The warframe will begin to release heat, damaging enemies around them. The warframe can then activate its 4th ability for a self destruct, dealing major damage to enemies around them.The warframe will then revert back to its old broken state after the explosion and all body part charges will revert back to 0. The unstable form only ends when there is no more energy to be consumed or self destruct is cast. Self destruct can only be activated during this state. 


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I see a lot of folks using the Ivara/Vauban load out system in this, so I am going to avoid it
Stat wise I see them being a glass cannon, rather slow and shambling walking speed, but run speed should be decent, Like a Zombie that just set it's eyes on a survivor. lean into that uncanny valley goodness that is all over this game And A corpse using the void to cheat death or being made to as the vessel of a ghost child? doesn't that sound rather Lich like?

First a passive. for what Id say is the most Undead feeling frame out of the bunch so far, how about the ability to cast while bleeding out? simple and keeps it frail but dangerous

Ability 1. Lash/rocket flesh, flings it's of a limb or other chunks of itself to impact a target area, almost like a ranged atlas 1, could be a fun combo power though Id take away the invulnerability frames just to balance it out, that and make it scale off of power range and strength.

Ability 2. Glitch, either by falling partially into the void or by falling apart, it gets a more localized version of Limbo's rift that scales with power range and eats energy like nobodies business, a get out of jail free card if you have the power to do it. Id also add an augment that lets it's run speed be amplified

Ability 3. Fibrous Aura, like Nidus' parasitic link, but weaker and an AOE, while active it absorbs the lost health of nearby enemies/ is healed for the enemies damage. dont know the percentages that should be used here, that is the game designers forte, I would have it scale range off of power range and the percentage should improve with power strength or efficiency

Ability 4. unphased, Ability two on steroids it splits apart to reveal all the void tendrils holding it's remains together, dealing radiation or void or what ever sort of non-physical, elemental damage you feel is appropriate, it is invincible during this and must maintain it's energy to continue in this state

It is in my eyes, a sort of undead dodge tank,

though, that does give me an idea that is a tad to close to Grendel for my liking I will still add it

Ability H. Assimilation, The broken frame lashes out with its tendrils and adds a dead or backstabable target to their armor, A grinneer will give them armor, Corpus will give shields and Infested will give health, and for completions sake if you Could grab Sentients they give you more energy
these are an ablative layer over what you normally have though, Like Rhino's Ironskin or Atlas' Rubble so you need to top them off with more bodies constantly

either way those are My ideas, hope my rambling has helped

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Spare Parts: Picking up excess health orbs generates “spare parts”, a resource to be spent by broken-warframe. Health Orbs replenish X% Shields.



Disassemble: (Drains energy) Scavenge useful parts from nearby corpses.

Generate health and energy orbs from fallen enemies that restore X/Y% per ranks.


Reanimate: (Drains energy and spare parts) Create a volatile companion from collected spare parts.

Create a minion that will charge at the nearest enemy dealing X blast (maybe void?) damage in a small radial.


Divert: (Drains energy and spare parts) Manipulates void energy to redistribute the life-force of nearby enemies.

Stuns enemies in X range for Y seconds. For each enemy stunned, broken-warframe gains Z Temporary max health-points. Health orbs will not replenish temporary health-points (and will still generate spare parts while broken-warframe is above his normal max health).

Improvise: (Drains spare parts on cast. Drains energy/second on sustain) Broken -warframe uses collected spare parts to create a devastating weapon.

Channel a random exalted weapon (chosen at random from all other warframes’ exalted weapons.) Weapon is lost when Improvise ends. Recasting improvise will generate a new random exalted weapon.

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"Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy."

My inspiration for the following abilities from the description was "how can a Warframe fit into every kid of playstyle, by means of abilities that use multiple themes and combine in some areas?" This Warframe should be able to fit every playstyle to some degree, be really unique, and also be pretty good at it. Abilities can be combined to form new ones and stack to make abilities more powerful.

These ideas may be a bit too ambitious, but here it goes...

Passive - Void Efflux

The Void energy surging throughout [the Warframe] allows the harboring of a strong connection with Operators.

  • Each time [the Warframe] takes damage, a percentage damage bonus is pulsed to your Operator, as well as any other Operators within a short radius, decaying over time.
  • Any time [the Warframe] comes into contact with Void energy (Operator abilities, Void Damage, etc.) all allied Warframes' ability strength is increased for a short duration.

1ST - ID: Precept.Reconfiguration.Siphon

Due to the amalgamated and incomplete nature of [the Warframe], multiple different parts can be reconfigured and powered with raw Void energy to change the way each of the abilities function with volatile effects if combined. Four different configurations are available: Power, Fortify, Shroud, and Charge. While Reconfiguration does not need to be active to access the additional effects of following abilities, only selected, activating Reconfiguration will grant small bonuses for an increasing energy cost.

  • Reconfiguration.Power changes the abilities into strength and power-based casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for a personal weapon damage boost.
  • Reconfiguration.Fortify changes the abilities into fortifying and defensive casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for an increased shield recharge rate and extended Shield Gate duration for yourself.
  • Reconfiguration.Shroud changes the abilities into stealth-based casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time, for a personal weapon-silencing signal.
  • Reconfiguration.Charge changes the abilities into energy siphoning and utility casts. Activating the ability will drain your energy, increasing over time to restore the energy of all Tenno and grant a casting speed bonus to self.

Note: Functionally similar to Equinox's Metamorphosis. Abilities change when the Warframe changes the Reconfiguration, but a passive effect can also be activated by activating the ability.

2ND - ID: Precept.BreakField

[The Warframe] deploys an Void field by breaking off and throwing out one of their arms. Up to two fields can exist at one time. Any friendlies within the field will be granted with special effects, based on which Reconfiguration is chosen. Additionally, two Void fields can be combined for a powerful effect, in turn causing both fields to disappear and carrying a hefty energy cost.

  • BreakField.Power adds Void damage and status to any friendly weapons or abilities activated within the field.
  • BreakField.Fortify reduces any incoming damage in the field and removes negative status effects.
  • BreakField.Shroud turns all allies inside the field invisible and blinds any enemies who enter.
  • BreakField.Charge increases the ability duration of all allies in the field and lowers the cost.


  • Combine Power and Fortify for a period of increased armor and lifesteal to all nearby allies.
  • Combine Shroud and Charge to turn all nearby allies invisible and blind enemies.

3RD - ID: Precept.Manifest

Instill [the Warframe's] volatile Void energy into an enemy, transforming them into an immobile Manifest catalyst for a duration and causing the to propagate Void energy, siphoning enemy health unknowingly and applying special properties to nearby enemies. Enemies imbued with all 4 afflictions of Manifest become of new catalyst of the currently selected Reconfiguration for no energy cost.

  • Manifest.Power increases the damage dealt by Manifest.
  • Manifest.Fortify strips armor/permanently reduces shields from every enemy affected by Manifest for each enemy killed affected by Manifest.
  • Manifest.Shroud reduces the vision of all enemies effected by Manifest
  • Manifest.Charge allows Void energy to chain between all enemies affected by Manifest, regardless if they were the catalyst.

4TH - ID: Precept.Ultra.Sacrifice

[The Warframe] overclocks it's systems and activates all of it's dormant broken parts, deteriorating itself in the process. During this time, all weapons are sheathed, and [The Warframe] can attack enemies with Void energy blasts from afar. Absorb enemies at critical health in close range through the power of the Void to maintain your ability lest you destroy yourself. Once your health reaches zero, you will self-destruct, instantly killing any nearby enemies as well as yourself. Ending the ability manually will leave you at critical health and exhausted, unable to move for a short time. Use of Reconfiguration gives different special effects after enemy absorption.

  • Ultra.Absorb.Power grants the ability to proc a random status every half second when blasting enemies with the Void.
  • Ultra.Absorb.Fortify absorbs more health from enemies.
  • Ultra.Absorb.Shroud increases your movement speed and makes you invisible to enemies.
  • Ultra.Absorb.Charge pulses energy to allies for each enemy absorbed.


I am sure that this idea is probably too complicated, but I thought it'd be fun to share what a Warframe would be like that is fragmented. Hopefully you thought it was at least interesting!

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Clarified Wording, Removed Combinations from BreakField (already overloaded kit), Made Reconfiguration.Charge useful for solo play
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Ability 1: Leech

You can control a enemy that you have completely scanned with the codex scanner. While you control the enemy you will slowly gain health, but will drain the health of the enemy you are controling.

Ability 2: Friend

Make a enemy turn against his allies and fight with you.

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In my eyes this frame should be a caster frame which uses his tendrils of energy to gather new parts for himself to survive. Like his nature of a broken frame, made from many different parts he strives to get more to be whole.

Passive: Bodybuilder (name can be changed)- the broken frame has a "Parts" gauge that gives more damage reduction the more "parts" he has (1000 "parts" is a good max).

1) Extraction- Hold to add more "parts" from enemys into his own body using his energy tendrils to take armor and flesh in a radios around him (one enemy at a time) but enemys around him in the radios can still move and attack him freely. At start for each enemy it will deal minimal damage from the parts being slowly taken by the tendrils but it will scale up for each enemy over time as more parts will be taken. The damage should scale over time for each enemy dependent on strength and/or duration in addition to the time the ability was activated (The longer you hold the ability the faster the damage will scale and the more parts you can draw out, but it will take significantly more energy).

2) Enhance- Using his tendrils and his "parts" he can enhance himself and others with 3 buffs for 50 parts and 50 energy for 60 sec and effected by duration and efficiency ("part" usage effected by efficiency as well and the duration should be long enough to allow multiple buffs on multiple allies even if not all of them😞 Weapon upgrade - He uses his tendrils to enhance weapons with his parts giving them damage boost (like rhino's for one person and effected by power strength) in addition to using the "parts" to refill ammo in weapons (creates ammo from "parts"). Reinforce- Creates armor for alleys giving bonus armor [scales from enemy level (stronger enemys->stronger parts)]. Spring- Uses his parts to create a balancing exoskeleton that allows frames to move more recklessly without falling giving them immunity to being staggered and falling in addition to a small speed boost to attacking and moving (effected by power strength but needs to be like half from volts because the duration is high).

3) Scavenge- Using his parts the broken frame enhances the ammunition for the ranged weapons and your melee weapons to be extremely efficient for energy extraction giving a buff for energy drops and a small loot buff (loot is optional) from enemys killed by the broken frame (it is a channeled ability taking energy per sec in addition to 3 parts a sec effected by efficiency and duration for parts as well but the buff is not effected by anything).

4) Wreckage- The broken frame creates from 100 "parts" a big machine gun (fast firing) type weapon and for energy per second and one "part" per shot fired (effected by duration, strength and efficiency thou "part" usage in this only by efficiency) and the gun can do large amounts of damage or scale by enemy level (stronger enemys->stronger parts).

For finals range is for the range of first and second abilities, and he should have a big energy pool with especially low health and shields.

Thanks for reading all of that 🙂

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Passive : Unstable build

starts from having max meter (stable)

gaining extra max health and(or) armor from enemy corpses of enemy to rebuild itself for each corpse it absorbed

the downside is having low base health and armor when out of meter

from each meter, the frame is being completed/unstable visually.

abilities :

what if it use the passive meter as source instead of energy as the frame is unstable, became complete, the more it uses abilities, it turns unstable and into the broken form

1st : unstable form

dash forward in broken form, damaging enemy in contact, and pass through objects and walls (maybe)

2nd : scavenge 

pulls all usable corpses for the passive.

3rd : corrupted one

gaining corrupted state, increase survivability drastically, can avoid destruction or downed state for a short period of time.

ult/4th : void surge   (wanted to go with void themed to make it a special frame)

depletes all passive and instantly burst out void damage (calculate per-stack) in an aoe 



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1. Transference Shield : Use the white binding agents, combined with void energy to reflect 80/90% of damage.Deal a small amount of aoe damage when cast again

2. Mimick : latches the white binding agents to targeted ally to give them a certain type of elemental damage buff (can be electric/toxin/heat/cold) and mimic their 1st ability for the duration (but the catch is ability does 50% of the original strength (without mods)).

3. Dismantling tick : dismantles one part of a body by long pressing 3 and throws it in the target location. that part explodes when detonated manually (by pressing the 3 again). {bonus idea- you can throw another part and lose the ability to use primary and change to secondary & melee only)

4. Reanimation : expand your binding agents (the white transference wire thingy) around you in a certain radius, attaching yourself to any living things unlucky enough to be near the vicinity and consuming them giving you and the whole team a damage bonus while decreasing enemy health (bonus increases with the increase in energy consumption with capping at a certain level). recasting the ability (and if energy runs out) leads to explosions of the consumed targets (a certain amount of damage) and the surviving enemies hurls outwards to other enemies.


passive : 1. a percentage of tau resistance and increase damage to sentients.

                2. (only after completion of second dream) void dash increases armor upto a certain percentage.

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Ok here goes my idea for the broken warframe. It aims to encourage varied gameplay, using all 3 weapons and every ability.

Passive: Adaptability. The warframe changes stance depending on the equiped weapon, granting different bonuses:

  1. True Shot: Active while holding primary weapon. Grants X% recoil reduction.
  2. Elementalist: Active while holding secondary weapon. Grants X% elemental damage reduction.
  3. Ninja: Active while holding melee. X% sprint speed + some noise reduction.

Whenever the broken warframe deals damage, he gets more familiar with the component he is using, which grants him Integrity which goes from 0 to 100%. Integrity can only be filled 1/3 using each weapon so that the broken warframe becomes one with every component.

Ability 1: Ways of old. Creates a cone shaped area in front of the warframe, enemies caught in this area will recieve an effect depending on the current stance the warframe is in. Killing enemies affected by this ability generate Integrity based on the active stance when the ability was used.

  1. True Shot: Enemies will receive damage to their shields and X% armor reduction. (Similar to mag but in a much smaller area)
  2. Elementalist: Enemies will be stuned by an electric proc and will receive +X% elemental damage.
  3. Ninja: Enemies will be blinded, which opens them up for melee finishers. (could dissarm them but blinding seems more balanced)

Ability 2: Ancient Knowledge. The warframe generates an aura around itself. Allied tenno in range will receive +X% fire rate, status chance and melee attack speed. The strength of the bonuses is based on the current amount of Integrity. This is a channeling ability and consumes energy over time. Amount of energy is based on duration and efficiency. Also, an extra amount is consumed per second per ally affected (similar to how Oberon healing works). This ability will continually decrease Integrity. When this power is active, the warframe can only generate energy via pickups and will not receive from other sources. Integrity, however, can still be gained.

Ability 3: I have no name. The warframe links itself to a limited number of enemies (depending on rank). The warframe will identify their parts and absorb them when they die, restoring himself. The healing happens even if the linked enemy is killed by another source. Ability is not affected by Integrity (or it can be).

Ability 4: Shadows of the past. The warframe shows it's understanding of the parts that form him, projecting 3 shadows of himself, each using his primary, secondary and melee weapon. Strength, health, damage, # of projections, etc. are all based on IntegrityIntegrity is completely consumed upon activating this ability. The projections will stand at different distances from the player and target enemies in an area around him.


% of Integrity could also affect armor as a passive.

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I thought about a passive like that: When you draw your primary or secondary weapon, you gain a reload speed buff for some seconds, that cannot be refreshed for sometime, maybe like one minute. And when you draw your melee weapon, you get a attack speed buff that works with the same ideas of the secondary and primary buff.

For me it would make sense because he is a fusion of what appears to be 3 frames, and one of them could have been a melee focused one, while the other was a marksman or something around those terms.

 I also have an idea for his ultimate ability, he would change his form, altering between the 3 frames characteristcs and changing his abilities and stats along with it. You click the ability button to select which form you take, and press it to use the form, like the bombs system with Vauban. It will have a tank form, which would have abilities similar to chroma's buffs or some sort of shield, and a cc to go along with it. A fragile spell focused one, with high damage and lots of cc, maybe a speed buff could go well with it too. And finally a tech, kind off balanced frame, with average stats, he would have a mechanic of collecting parts and fragments of enemies weapons, or junk that would spawn in the ground, to craft a extremely powerfull canon/grenade launcher, working as a exalted weapon, and his other two abilities could be a cc one and a damage buff, boosting anything that inflicts damage on enemies.

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Passive: Ghost in the Machine - allows for increased hacking time and an increase of damage to machines (corpus ect). Upon death, Tesla effect to surrounding enemies.

1. Fracture - Fracture creates small cracks or holes in the Warframe, allowing it's energy to escape in a wave in the direction it's facing. Depending on energy colour, the wave will cause a combined status proc (corrosive, gas, viral ect). Depends on ability Strength

2. Glitch - allows the Warframe to ignore damage depending on Duration of ability. Causes NPC's to flee because of the ghostly image while ability is in effect 

3. Seperate - the Warframe falls to pieces, surrendering it's shielding, but agroed NPCs become confused/ treat it as they do upon death. Duration affects this ability. After reassembly, the warframe gets a buff to melee attacks for 15 seconds

4. Assimilation - energy tendrils latch on to target, draining energy or health. Upon killing the target, a large explosion of energy originates from the target, stunning/ killing NPCs in a specified radius. Can link to 3 targets at most. Ability is effected by range and strength.

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Passive Corrupt Blood: Warframe uses health rather than energy.

1st ability Leach: Warframe grapples a target draining its health, armor, and shields over time, temporarily adding it to its own.

2nd ability Shattering Scream: Warframe releases a blast of energy that damages enemy armor and shields(50% at base).

3rd ability Broken Bond: Warframe links to another frame giving them half of the effect of Leach.

4th ability Void Release: Warframe releases a wave of energy suspending enemy's in the air increasing their incoming damage and causing them to drop either an extra health orb, energy orb or double loot upon death.

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