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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive ,,Looter" : 5% of enemies dismantled can drop warframe parts or relics  

Ability 1 ,,Slash and dash": void blast wave rips off parts from the enemies in a 25m radius, cost of energy 15, damage 300per enemi in radius scalling with every enemy hit

Ability 2 :  ,,Look into the void" : void vortex like void hole in railjac grab enemies in 20m radius for 12 sec and suck the life out of them, 15 health every second healing the seam amount of health the warframe, energy cost 25

Ability 3 ,, Pure energise"  : void ether aura heals any damage on health for 15sec and maintain energy level at max level blinding enemies on 12 m radius for 6 second, energy cost 35

Ability 4 ,,  Guillotine" : void rift full of blades decapitates any enemy enters the rift, duration rift 8 sec., radius 25m (damage 12k per enemi hit scaling with every enemy hit)energy cost 45

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Passive: bullet jump more longer , you can plane more time and you move faster by being alone in games.   

First ability: You shoot a water laser with impact damage, when the laser impact, all impacted enemie will fall on the ground.

Second ability: create a water shield around you that blocks all bullets for 7 seconds.                                                                     

Third ability: making a movement of hands, when passing near the enemies they will be trapped in a pool of water for 3 seconds, this ability consumes energy percentage.

Quarter ability: create a water dome in which the enemies will be floating without being able to do anything and hurting them, in this dome you and your allies will get an increase in defense and mobility.

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Leave your arms with main weapon like a turret, you will use only melee with mouth, every loader take some energy 


Reduce the amount of damage from bullets keeping some space beetween parts.


Pass your arm trough the enemies and take life from organic and energy from robots


An AoE that needs a charge area, when release, you leave your body and take control of the enemies, your energy blow off their bodies like tentacles.


Every time there is cut effect you take life from robot and armor from organic


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Ability 1: OverRide

transfers all (or to some limit) energy to his fists, which blasts off like a rocket and deals blast dmg amd ragdoll effect. the fist comes back and reattaches itself

Ability 2: Assemble

Assemble-uses dead body parts to heal self.

Ability 3: Dismantle

Gives up some parts( with a cool animation) and heals nearby allies

Ability 4: OverLoad

Uses energy to give to make his override a to become a beam, while being stationary as a beam turret and straight up vaporize enemies!

but only until a heating gauge is full, after which the ability goes on cooldown.

Kinda like Big Bang Kamehameha! 😛



#Idea1:Enemies killed with overload heals.

#Idea2: enemy type on whom Assemble is used do less damage.

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Name -Atlaua / dont get me wrong hydroid is awesome but I find him to be more of a pirate then a water warframe 

Passive a rain that's on the whole map it makes enemys a little stronger but gives incredible recourse drop rate 

1 ability- can summon a trident as a melee weapon 

2 ability-becomes water basically so he still in his warframe but as long as he doesnt attack he cant be hit it goes right through him just like water 

3 ability- a mist that turns kills in to stealth kills 

4 ability- a large area of enemys will be trapped in a water prison like a bubble around them and they are stuck in a the trap until a warframe hits them out of it  


As for appearance I'm really not the best but would probably go towards a fish human theme 

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An idea for an ability, Press the ability button to have his body completely disassemble into pieces making his enemies think he's been killed, making them ignore him, then can press the button again to reassemble himself to sneak up on any enemies nearby. This ability can basically be used to get out of tough situations when needing to, and get the upper hand on unsuspecting enemies.

Another idea for a passive, being a self destruct type move, when he becomes down or killed, he will cause a devastating explosion around him. For his incapacitation animation, his whole body could fall apart unable to use any weapons when downed, but couldn't die by bleeding out.

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ability 1-snare

this ability holds enemy’s in place but does not do damage, you can use it to hold 1 enemy in place for a long period of time, or you can hold the ability to cause an aoe holding multiple enemy’s in place but for a shorter time. The ability’s range can be ugraded to hold more enemy’s in place

ability 2- dismantle

this ability can strip a single enemy’s armour completely or can be used in tangent with snare to strip 1/4 of the enemy’s armour at lvl 1, 2/4 at lvl 2 and 3/4 at lvl 3. The striped armour of enemy’s is added to your own armour and maxed out at 50% added armour.

ability 3-transfer 

This ability causes you to transfer your armour you have stored to your ally’s using your void like snares and will cap out at 12.5% added armour to everyone within range of your snares 

ability 4-rebuild

you push your armour and steal body outwords as you let out the void energy causing a blast which will cause impact and blast damage to enemy’s within the blast, you rebuild your body casing you and your ally’s have 2x more armour, speed and increased energy recharge because of your void energy, Your frames 1st and 2nd ability’s also get a 15% strength buff

this ability can be upgrade with duration and strength mods to make it last longer and have more of an effect 

pasive ability-cracked

the more damage you take the more your frame will crack, causing void energy to leak out from the frames body casing you to have added energy at the cost of armour, the cracks can be fixed by using his 2nd ability 

(Little idea for a story for the frame) 

In the old war this frame was destroyed by a sentient, but instead of them completely destroying him, they dismantled him pice by pice trying to learn more about him and the other frames. Once they got the information they wanted they left his scraps and broken armour behind. The void energy that was once inside of him found its way back after thousands of years. As the energy enters the frames core it starts to feel the pain that was delt to it. He rebuilt himself back up but out of scrap parts that where still somewhat intact, he didn’t want to feel this pain again  or let others feel it, so he try’s to use his energy to protect himself and others from harm.


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Ability 1 Spare Parts

This warframe gives some warframe parts to other warframes reducing this warframe's armor by half but boosting allies armor by the same amount


Ability 2 Remeberance

This warframe remember some parts of the warframe it once was apart of calling apon that energy to release that warframe's ability

This is a cycle ability between 4 

Sub ability 1 health serge

      This warframe begins charging, during which the warframe is immobile while still vulnerable after the charge is complete this warframe restores the health of any ally in a certain radius 

Sub ability 2 Reset

     This warframe fires a slow moving projectile that when hit explodes resetting sentient adaptions while also removing any status effect on any organism in the area

Sub ability 3 final stand 

    This warframe's strength serges depending on 3 factors sheild health and energy the less of each the stronger the boost

Ability 3 Void charge

This warframe sheds it's physical form and jumps into the void becomeing invulnerable and immobile the broken parts of the warframe the spin around the area the warframe once was causing damage to any enemy within range

Ability 4 Vengeance 

This warframe explodes with a huge blast of void energy dealing damage to enemies and resetting sentients but bringing this warframes shields to 0 and health to 1

Passive Ability Flash back

This warframe is stronger against sentients and corrupted units

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Like Inaros when he dies he turns into broken pieces 

Ability 1 : Desimble- he breaks into pieces to collect energy unlike Garudas ability he gives away shield 

Ability 2 : Voidwhip- he uses void energy to knock enemies away 

Ability 3 : Puzzle- he Surrounds Teammates with broken warframe pieces that gives off damage or amor buff which should be random

Ability 4 : Assemble- he uses void energy to bring alive broken warframe part and make an army unlike Nekros they stay till defeated you can hold to make more then one or press to make on and they have only Melee weapons That the user has equipped 

passive without a secondary he does 40% more damage with primary weapon 

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Passive: Waframe gains a +15% duration increase of received stat buffs (from both abilities and allies)

1st ability: (shift) the warframe grants itself a void damage buff, that lasts for 10s, and applies void damage to primary, secondary, and melee weapons. The damage resolves in a status effect that strengthens with ability strength mods.

2nd ability: (screech) distributes an AoE blast that stuns enemies briefly, over ~5-10m in radius, with stun time only lasting a few seconds, being enhanced by ability duration mods.

3rd ability: (void surge) provides itself and teammates +5% resistance to damage types when damaged by that type for 5s, and can stack up to 9 times (45% at base) per damage type. (Similar to the Adaptation warframe mod). Ability strength mods enhance the percentage of resistance, while ability duration mods effect the duration the resistance is active. (similar to the sentient mechanic of adapting to player damage over time)

4th ability: (assemble) The warframe fully assembles itself, receiving permanent armor and damage increase for a duration of 10s. When a nearby enemy has fallen, the warframe regenerates health (+5 for enemy defeated). Excess health generated adds +.5% armor and +.5% damage stat buff to itself and nearby allies for 5s per enemy killed. When this ability is active, the warframe will appear differently, similar to equinox's metamorphosis, and will revert back to the original model when the ability is deactivated.


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Passive= get a soul (body parts)each time you kill a enemy.   (something like saryns spore counter)

Ability 1= deaths door: when activated gain a burst of damage and movement speed. The more enemies around you the more speed and damage boost you get.

Ability 2= equivalent exchange: use a percentage of souls collected to summon appendages around you (2 or 4 arms for example) that increases attack speed and gives armor bonus.

Ability 3= Repair: Use a number of souls collected to get health back( also slow health regen)

Ability 4= Sanity Overdrive- release all souls collected and manifest appendage projections attached to you  doing area damage in a radios wherever you go. the more souls you get the more damage the Aoe around you does.


Back story- this warframe is tormented for being broken. Killing enemies to someday find the missing parts to make him whole again.

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Passive) Unstable Integrity: Low integrity increases power strength, at the cost of reduced power efficiency (from the void energy leakage). Integrity can increase or decrease from ability usage. Damage taken reduces integrity. Left alone, integrity will recover.

1) Void Lash: the tendrils holding the frame together lash out in a cone, dealing damage and knocking back enemies. At lower integrity, the cone is shorter and wider, and has a higher status chance. At high integrity, the cone is narrower and longer, and has a higher crit chance. Using this ability lowers the frame integrity a little bit.

2) Consolidate: the frame pulls itself together, recovering lost integrity and gaining a temporary defensive buff (like armor and/or more shield capacity/overshields).

3) Vent: the frame expels unstable void energy, gaining two buffs: a speed boost, that increases with high integrity, and a radial damage aura, that increases in width and damage with low integrity. Holding the button down rapidly lowers integrity but increases the power of the buff.

4) Scatter/Focus:

- At low integrity, Scatter. The fragments that comprise this frame individualise, locking the frame at minimum integrity for the duration of the ability. Each fragment will flail out with void tendrils and bursts of random damage types, targetting enemies in the immediate vicinity, prioritising any who attacks the frame. Void Lash becomes a 360 degrees attack.

- At high integrity, Focus. The fragments of warframes meld together, temporarily, into something greater than the sum of its parts. The frame is locked at maximum integrity for the duration of the ability. Shooting while the ability is active will shoot beams of random damage types towards the target, while meleeing causes short void lash-like tendrils to strike at the target. Void lash becomes a linear, long range attack.


Explanation: The idea is that, the frame being a "broken frame", its abilities depend on how broken it is. On a low integrity state, the frame is barely holding together. The void stuff leaks out. It loses the ability to focus on single, distant targets, but the individual fragments are able to multitask, making it a short-range AoE specialist. On the opposite side, by maintaining its integrity and keeping the pieces together, the frame can efficiently take down more distant targets, at the cost of a lessened ability to sweep up nearby enemies in a maelstrom of void energy.

Ideally, this would encourage players to either specialise in either "form" (high/low integrity) depending on their preference and/or the mission they're doing (low-integrity might do well against infested for example, but not so much against corpus, or in open worlds); or learn to switch quickly from low to high integrity (and vice versa) within a single mission to deal with different situations.

It turned out to be a bit of a mix between Equinox and the new Ember (two forms and meter management respectively), but I hope it's distinct enough (equinox has completely different abilities for each form for one), and that it conveys the theme well.

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  • Fulcrum: Provides companions with boosts to its current load out.



  1. Infiltrate: Using it’s incomplete neural network, [Warframe] probes its enemies for their weaknesses and adds the damage type to the equipped weapon.
  2. Expunge: Noticing threats from afar, [Warframe] prioritises high-value targets for deletion by providing teammates with additional firepower.
  3. Terraform: By using its surrounding to its advantage, [Warframe] bolsters its health beyond its limits.
  4. Mutilation (Exalted Two-handed Nikana): Re-configuring it’s body by shifting what remains of itself into a giant blade, [Warframe] becomes a whirlwind of terror


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Repare - Choose a part of your body and send it at ennemies, draining their vital energy to repare and grant different buff when you recover them. The the longer they stay on enemies, the stronger the buff will be, but each body part provide debuff when missing from your body.
Press to cycle between each body part and hold to launch them at enemies.

To make sure it's clear before detailling the buff and debuff, here is how the power work :
- This is cycling ability that let you choose between 4 body parts
- Once selected, you can hold to throw it on an enemy to damage and build up a buff depending on the body part
- While it's missing (thrown on enemies), each body part provide a debuff, but each second on an enemies increase the buff strength on recover
- You hold the button again to recover the part, negate the debuff and get the according buff
- You can have multiple parts out and buffs/debuffs active.

All buff have a base duration of 20s and enemies affected by body part take 1% of their total health as damage per second.

  • Arm : 
    • Debuff while missing Missing your left arme reduce your weapon accuarcy by 50% and dual weapons fire rate by 50% (including dual melee).
    • Buff  on recover : Each second ( up to 15s) increase your reload and swap speed by 10% (up to 150%) and melee damage by 2% (up to 30%).
  • Leg :
    • Debuff while missing Missing your leg reduce your sprint speed by 75% and knockback recover speed by 50%.
    • Buff  on recover : Each second (up to 15s) increase your bullet jump by 2% (up to 30%) and your chance to resist knockdown by 4% (up 60%)
  • Chest :
    • Debuff while missing Missing your chest reduce your total armor by 50% and add 5% chance to get an impact status effect when damaged.
    • Buff  on recover : Each second (up to 15s) increase your total health by and heal you by 2HP/s (up to 30HP/s) for the buff duration.
  • Head :
    • Debuff while missing Missing your head jam your radar and prevent you from seeing further that 15m away.
    • Buff  on recover : Each second (up to 15s) your headshot damage by 3% (up to 45%) and let you see enemies through walls on a 2.5m radius (up to 37.5%).

Power Strength : Increase all buffs strength, but do not affect debuffs.
Power Duration : Increase all buff duration, and reduce the time needed to reach the full buff.
Power Range : Has no effect.


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Here's a completely serious submission. 

Passive: Cannibalize: Gains a minor, temporary buff for each enemy killed in melee. Buff differs by enemy faction. 

1: Scrap Cannon: Collects nearby pickups and concentrates them into a blast to damage enemies. Damage is based on the amount and type of pickups collected. 

2: Reconfigure: Shifts between Offensive, Defensive, Agility, and Magus modes. Offense and Defense give trade-offs of weapon damage and reload and ability damage; for armor and shield regen and health regen. Agility buffs movement speed and parkour stats, but a decrease in armor, shield capacity and shield regen, while Magus increases ability damage, energy and efficiency, while decreasing health, armor and shields. 

3: Emulate: Target an enemy to cause enemies to mistake you for their ally. Target an ally to randomly copy an ability from their warframe. 

4: ShatterStorm: Radial attack centered on the Warframe. Damages enemies and reduces armor. Increases with more enemies in area of effect. Causes enemies to stagger. 

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Passive: Salvage - Ammo, health orbs, and energy orbs provide 25% more. 

Ability 1: Scrap - Nearby pickups are transformed into projectiles and shot at enemies using focused void energy. (Sleight of Hand as a projectile)

Ability 2: Reinforced Plating - Enemies killed while this ability is active will grant bonus armor. (Functions similarly to Desecrate, except providing armor instead of additional drops)

Ability 3: Play Dead - The warframe collapses, causing enemies to aggro other targets. If no other targets are available enemies will return to an un-alerted state.

Ability 4: Delayed Reaction - A portion of damage received is converted into DoT damage.

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Passive: has a 5% chance to ignore an instance of damage, the attack passes through void energy instead of the warframe's physical body

1: Launches a fist at an enemy by extending void energy (red parts of armor glow for a limited time)

2: Temporarily increases armor by calling on the power of some of the warframe's pieces (gray parts of armor glow for a limited time)

3: Nearby enemies become confused through the power of the warframe's broken mind (blue parts of armor glow for a limited time)

4: Releases a large burst of void energy that damages nearby enemies (If all parts are glowing this attack increases in damage)

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Passive : Instability - deals small amount of constant void damage to enamys within 5m of the frame

Ability 1 : void blitz - creates a bubble of void that the different limbs move indepentantly within damaging all enamys in the bubble (head is controled by player full xyz 360 movement while in bubble and targeted enamys are focused by the other parts leaving bubble dispels is and pulls frame together agein)

Ability 2: body crush - pulls enamy in seperates parts and pulls self together crushing the enamy gains buff depending on enamy type grineer armor up 100% corpus sheild up 100% infested health up 100% 

Ability 3 : play dead- seperate parts fall to floor invinsable while on floor attracts enamys to look at parts using the void to fitter thoughts keeping then entranced and interested in why there is parts (allow use of other abilitys in this State but cancels form if using them)

Ability 4 : monster juggernaught - over flowing with void parts grown envoloped in a void jelly negatives the use of wepons but gain 3 attacks normal fire is concentrated void ray all fire is a warp to targeted location and melee is an over charged punch invinsable in this form but uses all energy and unable to gain energy while transformed 

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Passive: Faint Memory - 50% more damage against sentients

1st ability: Split - Summons an extremely nerfed Excalibur warframe which will fight alongside you.

2nd ability: Implode - The warframe collapses in on themselves, vanishing for a short period of time before exploding back and damaging enemies surrounding them.

3rd ability: Infested vines - The warframe reverts back to an infested state, turning its arms into infested plant matter, launching them ahead, damaging enemies with toxic and gas damage. When they come to a stop, it will pull in a few enemies towards him.

4th ability: Exalted Frame  - The Void encompasses this warframe, vanishing their weapons into the void and transforming him into a larger, more powerful warframe (Increasing Health, Shield, etc). Meleeing in this form will launch a heavy fist into the enemy. 'Shooting' in this form will launch a small bomb pulled straight from the void, exploding and causing radiation and blast damage. The Truth would be an exalted 'Weapon', allowing it to be upgraded separately and would drain energy. When Exalted Frame is recast (or if the user just runs out energy) he will revert back to his original form and leave a rift to the void, sucking in enemies and (rarely) leaving them stranded inside.


More stuff: Using void beam on this warframe will give it more energy and damage, (In co-op) having additional warframes close by would increase energy, damage and shield.


Most of the abilities are probably already used for a different warframe. IDK seems cool to me tho

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Passive: The more souls you absorb the more dmg your abilities do                                             1st ability : Bite an enemy which decreases their armor by 50 percent and does health dmg                               2nd: Throw your arm towards enemies and it roots everything in its path                                                         3rd: (2 passives) When activated drains hp and energy per kill but enemies drop soul shards. When off passivly gain hp and energy                                                 3rd: Ground slam that leaves infested residue that harms enemies                4: Consume all energy to receive a 3min buff thats gives major increase in hp and armor

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2 minutes ago, SovietHumanzee said:

Only 1 ability idea, they break apart there body parts go on an enemy and they take control of it. The visuals could be that all their parts go to enemy and land on the body and those tendrils connect to the different parts. And a passive could be that upon taking damage little parts of him could fall off and and connect to teams mates or him and give armor.

How could you controle 4 or 5 enemies at the time when you have 1 screen and no body because i assume the void energy controles them.
this is not meant as a hate but as a reality development trouble cause that can breake the UI and HUD when getting broke

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Passive ; Rusted warrior : +30% of corrosive and +15% of viral damage to all attacks.

1st Ability ; Void Purge : Excess void energy is used to create a sudden burst who deal 100 void damage to all enemy in a radius of 100 meters (damages diminishes with range), and knockbacks them. This ability can be used to strip away sentient immunity, but it cannot disarm Kuva Guardians. If used in the cataclysme of a Limbo, it will make it grew bigger (its duration is unaffected though).

2nd ability ; Glitch N' Guns : The Warframe can generate up to 5 more equipped gun (45% of chance to generate just 1, 25% for 2, 15% for 3, 10% for 4, and 5% for 5) for 15s, which will back it up when it shoot. While they come with their own chargers, reloading them use the ammunition the warframe hold. If the Warframe switch weapons, the one generated by this ability stay the same, and will still use the ammunition of their category (main weapons or secondary). The generated guns does not affect precision nor reloading time, and can still be fired while the warframe use melee weapons. (if no gun is equipped, this ability will overclock the warframe for 30s, making its movements and attacks much faster and reinforcing its abilities, but making said abilities cost more. All attacks also gains +10% heat dammages)

3rd Ability ; Temporary repairs : The warframe jumps on a targeted enemy and take control of him for 10s (as in, we play as him). During those 10s, the enemy will be slowly stripped of his armor and shield, as well as his ammunitions, until none are left at the end of those 10s. 50% of what was taken away is given to the Warframe, but the bonus armor will be lost after 30s. If the enemy is a machine or an infested, The warframe will also take away its health. If it's a Sentient, the warframe will also take its immunity, but will lost them after 30s. If this ability is activated in front of another enemy than the one targeted, they will be alerted. But an enemy who's controlled by that ability will not alert anything.

4th Ability ; PTSD Ex Machina : The Warframe activate an ability belonging to another Warframe. The ability is selected randomly each time.

Hope you will like my ideas.

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passive: when hit by melee the enemy takes 50 damage

ability 1: the vine thing around the body shoot in a straight line and damages any enemies in the line

ability 2: rejuvenate , vines go around it and it heals them for 10 seconds

ability 3: fall apart, it falls apart and any enemies who have detected dont detect it anymore so if your lw you can wait for your shield to regen

ability 4: vines stick out of his body and it spins around damaging all enemies in the radius

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Passive: slain enemies's body parts add armour, health and shield values to the warframe depending on faction. up to 10 parts can be attached at once. 

First Ability: Division (or something that means share, because just saying share is boring)
- Frame breaks apart and latches onto an enemy of choice, defiling its form and forcing it to resemble that of the warframe. weapons are usable as normal.
- the enemy's health, shield and armour values are additive to those of your own. Damage is also scaled accordingly
- the enemy's health shall be consumed before the warframe's is consumed. 
- when the enemy dies, the warframe's pieces will reunite and stun nearby enemies. 
- Hold ability to finish off enemy, adding a damage boost to the stun. 

Second Ability: Pylon Surge
- Warframe breaks apart, becoming an immobile pylon that restores energy, shields and overshields to allies within its radius
- immune to damage
- costs health over time

Third Ability: Will of the Zariman
- Warframe releases a wave that saps shield and armour from enemies nearby
- the wave returns, providing buffs to damage, attack speed, reload speed and movement speed based off of how much shield and armour was sapped
- duration of ability is based off of mods
- strength of buffs are based off power strength and shield/armour sapped

Fourth Ability: Existential Collapse.
- Only usable when near death (20% health or less for example)
- void damage projectiles burst out from the frame, seeking out victims within the frames affinity radius
- frame's health and shield is restored and untouchable for a time. 

I hope my ideas may be of use. 
This idea has such an incredible pool to draw abilities from, I am incredibly eager to see which get chosen. 

The abilities seem a bit over the place, but I feel like that links back to the broken theme. Though I may be wrong

Hope you guys are all doing alright in Quarantine :D

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