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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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1st: Void charge: absorb incoming damage to place a sphere that lashes out with void energy.

2nd: Disconnection: toggle between tether and shield. Disconnected red arm for shield of void roots / blue arm for binding void roots that grapple and pull in enemies.

3rd: Void ghost: leaves parts behind while traveling as void form, essentially invisibility, for a duration until teleported back to parts.

4th: Assimilation: at a point grow a tree of void energy that tangles enemies within its trunk, poisoning them with void energy, while providing energy to warframe.

Passive: has % chance to recover a small amount of life or energy when picking up materials

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Passive: Anytime an enemy is dismembered due to the warframes weapons or abilities, they absorb those dismembered pieces as extra armor. 30m range to suck in body parts for buff. (Has a counter that keeps track of how many parts you've absorbed)

1- Lending hand: throws his own detached hand (elbow down) at an enemy which sticks to enemy head and implants tendrils to control enemy. That enemy becomes a Ally and gains an armor/health and damage buff for the duration. Can only melee or use sidearm while this ability is active, since ya know..one arm is preoccupied.

2- Forceful return: Immediately return your hand to yourself, dragging the enemy it was attached to with it and slamming said enemy into the ground for a massive AOE attack that strips armor and knockdown all enemies within 20m. 

3- Rapid disassembly: Throw pieces of your Warframe at enemies (causing heavy slash proc for more dismemberment and more armor) tap for a stream of parts in a cone in front of you or charge for a radial aoe explosion of parts. 

4- Borrowed strength: Gain a massive armor/health/damage buff and agro all enemies in 80m. Takes the total number of parts absorbed via the passive ability and turns it into a persisting buff that could start at 10 sec with a 50% buff and then scale up from there based on total number of absorbed parts. 

Tell me what you guys think of having him be a super tanky boy! 


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So looking at the design it reminded me of a suit that instead of gifting the user powers it greatly enhances the users original abilities to far greater sufficiency

So my idea for the abilities would be to adapt the operators core abilities, enhance them greatly with obviously different effects so it's not just a robot operator and for it's passive ability I thought it would be cool if this warframe increased the focus earned from a mission

Something that I also thought about what of you were to go with this idea what would be unique is if on the chest o the warframes could display one of the 5 symbols of the focus schools and you could interchange them to earn extra focus (like the religia for syndicate standing) for a specific school which ties back to the passive ability

I'm sorry if I your confused

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i don't have an idea for the first 3 abilities, but my idea for the 4th ability is to be able to mimic the abilities of other warframes for a certain amount of time. you cycle through the different warframe abilities, by equipping an item (maybe you can get from quests, or from whatever you have to do to get this warframe.) you can equip these in the screen where you equip your weapons, could work like a different exalted weapon, or could work as a mod you equip. 

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1 bluetooth- he connects to enemy's for an ally like [parasitic link]

2 no signal- enemy's can't see you for 20 seconds 

3 malfunction- uses all energy as an explosion 

4 hack- all loot near by is collected 

Passive- health is reduced by 5% for every 1 minute 

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Stats- Health(75 unranked/200 lvl 30) Shields(50 unranked/150 lvl 30) Energy(100 unranked/150 lvl 30) Armor(100 unranked/200 lvl 30) Sprint(.95 unranked/.95 lvl 30)

P: If no melee weapon is selected will break off arm and use that instead (Arm is treated as a Hammer) Walking over enemy corpses generates stacks of scrap. More scrap is gathered based on how intact the corpse is. Completely intact bodies drop 5 scrap, Partiality drop 3, and less than that drops 1.

Notes: Mostly just for fun as far as the arm thing. But the scrap passive, yes I know overwatch did it, To me it seemed like a way to get a frame that interactes with dead bodies is a different way. 

1: Bond- 25 Energy. Cast on an enemy to slow them. This will mark them with bondage stopping their body from dismantling when killed. If cast on an ally or self (by holding the button) causes an adaptation (just like the mod but on a smaller scale) effect for a short time.

Notes: Giving some way to help scrap generation as well as give support for the team and themselves in a small armor buff.


2:Recycle- Using generated scrap heals can be cast on teammates. If health is full generates stakes of armor instead.

Notes: The idea here is to allow for a senergy with the 3 hp loss as well with the 4 as it will only cost scrap and no energy. As for the theme in my mind someone or something that is broken will want to fix anything and everything it can get its hands on.  


3: Disassemble- Cost 20 scrap, 10% of health, and 50 energy. Can be charged to increase range and damage at the cost of more scrap but not energy. Causes the frame to disassemble having pieces shoot out from the body dealing damage to enemies, as well as generate scrap based on how many enemies are hit. Frame is immobile during charging animation but mobile while pieces are away gaining movement speed and losing half of current armor . Enemies can be hit on both the release and return of the parts. (the pieces are not the limbs but the shrapnel like chunks on the outer layer of the frame)

Notes: This ability is the core of the kit. It is your main damage as well as how you control your 4. The MS buff is there to not only fit thematically but give you a way to reposition your self to hit more enemies on the return. 


4: Overhaul- Use 50 stacks of scrap to reform frame causing all abilities to gain increased range, strength, and cost no energy as well as increase armor by 500 for a limited time. Can be cost for 200 stacks to give to all teammates as well. If Disassemble(3) is used while Overhaul(4) is active the the buffs are taken away but Disassemble(3) is given extra damage and zero scrap cost. If teammates have the Overhaul(4) buff when Disassemble(3) is cast it will also be activated from them if they are in range giving them a movement speed buff for a short time. (visual effect will be given to broken frame as a layer of extra armor. For teammates will be a layer of energy to avoid clutter and to not effect fashion)

Notes: The duffs were just random thought tbh but they could be anything really. The idea for the cost was to give you a goal to reach to give the biff to your whole team but also allow a self buff for cheaper to make the path there easier as it makes your 3 cost nothing and only give scrap from the enemies hit.As for the visual I was thinking a coating over the frame something like the armor from prototype. 

Armor | Prototype Wiki | Fandom


Images are really rough sketches. If you have any criticism I am open to it just please keep it constructive. 

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So, I looked at the two images above and part of me wanted to make him a aoe armored frame but then I though, well we have Rhino and as much as i love Rhino I want to see more than just that. So here's my idea.

The passive and the abilities are two part based on armored or unarmored.

Passive: broken Dreams

Unarmored: stores stacks of haunted dreams.

armored: heals allies and self based on Armor damage taken.

1st ability: protective dreams (armored)/broken will(unarmored)

Protective dreams: while armored create thorn like void spikes that deal damage to melee attackers and buff outgoing weapon damage.

Broken will(active aura): rampaging with void energy and no shell to contain it, the void energy lashes out with attacks latching onto enemies hit (via weapons and abilities) and dealing a small stackable DOT effect that can stack up to 5 times. When a target dies that is afflicted with 5 stacks of damage the unarmored frame gains a "buff" stack of haunted dreams.

2nd ability: void bomb (armored) / vampirism (unarmored):

Void bomb(chargeable): concentrating void energy into a small powerful projectile explosive, ever charge put in adds another bomb up to 3.

Vampirism: steal the energy from a target to rejuvenate shields and over charge them for a short period of time. (Targets killed generate stacks haunted dreams)

3rd ability: voided guardian (armored) / voided killer (unarmored) (both are an exalted weapon)

Voided guardian: summoning twin exalted void tower shields, these tower shields when used with (aim) slam them together like a wall and they absorb incoming ranged damage and reflects/deflects a percentage of the damage back (50/50 on deflect or reflect) they can also be used to strike at foes with a blunt force.

Voided killed: summoning an exalted twin handed void sword with a unique carry style, the large blade is dragged along the ground until swung, each strike inflicts a stack of DOT up to 5 stacks (stacks as well with broken will's afflicting stacks.) Kills with 5 stacks generate a stack of haunted dreams.

4th ability: second dream (armored) / cry of the void. (Unarmored)

Second dream. Sacrifice remaining armor to heal allies and companions reviving the fallen (including dead sentinels) and create a shockwave of void energy going a short distance knocking down foes and applying one stack of DOT.

Cry of the void: summon up void armor spending all gained stacks of haunted dreams to generate bonus armor causing a small implosion and pulling enemies towards the frame and knocking them down.


Now I know this is kinda haphazardly done. But its an idea I've been playing with just recently so its new and i normally take months and not an hour or so to come up with ideas like this. Whether or not its used for this one is up to the devs and such but I wanted to incorporate another frame that changes that wouldn't just be a situational. Because you could play the broken frame as a DPS or a healer tank. And the two styles of exalted are ones that fit what the two stood for in my book. And while we already have a healer dps, and a few armored frames. Since this one was broken. Why could it not be a fusion of two broken frames given life by the dream that was the frame being cut down early.

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1st ability reassemble: Broken warframe dismantles himself while using his void tentacles to propel himself forward. Any enemies hit with reassemble will get damaged over time

2nd ability void tendrils: (Duration ability)envelpes nearby allies with void tentacles that give increased maximum energy, boosted energy regeneration, health and speed. Any ally with void tendrils will have 65% of damage received dealt back to the attacker by a swarm of void tentacles around the enemy. Damage percentage will deteriorate with each hit by tentacles 

3rd ability Sudis:(Walls are permanently broken if destroyed) Creates a maximum of four void pillars (each having their own health) that are able to create walls between them in a certain range. impales nearby enemies dealing puncture and stealing health to add the its walls. Any enemies inside walls will receive 50% increased damage.(hold ability to destroy all pillars)

4th ability Chirotheca:(drain ability) Creates void energy gauntlets that deal impact and corrosive damage capable of AOE. Nearby allies will gain chirotheca AOE with each attack. Aim with chirotheca to shoot an energy beam that does AOE on impact. 

Passive: 35% more energy regeneration

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Here's my shot of it. Apologies if the ideas stepped on anyone else's toes. The idea I'm going with is 'Broken, but forced together' i.e. things that were put back into one piece that was never quite as intended. The intent is rather than just focusing on an idea of being broken or buggy is having the basic abilities seem come from different frames that somehow manage to synergize with one another, but also with an underlying idea that it's only through the void energy stitching it together that it's capable of functioning.

Passive: Void Saturation: Broken-frame's body radiates residual void energy from the forces that bind it together after using an ability, granting nearby frames a boost of somekind for a few seconds. Leaning towards just bonus energy efficency personally, but potentially for a bit more ambition, have the type of bonus be dependent on Energy color (as the 'purpose' of the energy is getting filtered).

[Minor Bonus Passive: Master of the Broken: Bonus stats wielding broken weapons such as Broken War and Broken Scepter. Could expand to weapon's who were thematically broken off from something larger like the Shedu. Alternatively, this could be the main passive, gaining bonus stats when wielding sentient faction/hybrid weapons.]

Ability 1 (Something Offensive Linked to red parts) : Rupture Beam: Fires a beam similar to the opticor with split damage between impact and corrosive with guaranteed procs. Each enemy hit by it gives Broken-frame bonus armor for a short duration. Small damage and small radius as a one-handed action, growing larger and more damaging if held and becoming a two-handed action. [Maybe as an Augment: the excessive void energy keeping the frame together it can cause it to reset sentient immunities?]

Synergy: Hitting enemies affected by Vanquished Fervor also applies a Puncture proc.

Ability 2 (Something Defensive Linked to white parts) : Fractured Embodiment: Casting removes status procs and give a boost to move speed/parkour as Broken-frame sheds damaged void crystals.

Synergy: Casting while benefiting from the bonus armor from Rupture Beam removes the bonus armor and causes an explosion of void energy while staggering nearby enemies. The higher the armor bonus the greater the damage and the greater the move speed.

Ability 3 (Something Utility/Uff Linked to blue parts) : Vanquished Fervor: Broken-frame generates an aura the breaks the will of nearby enemies. It's similar to Banshee's Silence except it reduces damage of enemies affected. 

Synergy: Enemies have reduced accuracy against Broken-frame while it benefits from the move speed of Fractured Embodiment.

Ability 4: Void Crystal Forest: Creates a zone similar to Nidus's Ravenous made out of overgrown orokin void crystals like in the Orokin defense tileset (or the crystals running in the orbiter or railjack) with potentially a tree/totem in the center similar to Chroma's Effigy. Instead of granting health regen, grants energy regen (or maybe shield regen), and instead of CCing enemies gives bonus stats to allies like bonus armor and ability power. [Maybe Opulence as an alt name of the ability?]

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Emanating void energy, with the ability to manipulate states of matter through the use of discrete time crystals (DTC). Discrete time crystals are the initial source of your abilities, further amplified through energy oscillations in space-time.  Able to teleport to and from crystals placed in the environment, as well as alter their initial states during their phasing, doing so determines the energy type of the crystal(s), allowing unique synergies, interactions, and results when used in combination with their abilities. The use of void energy, although difficult and limited, opens a temporal breach in the continuum, allowing your Umbral half to bridge the solar rails, temporarily crossing the void and wreaking havoc upon the opposition.

Passive: Increased Tau Resistance, Increased damage to Sentients.

1. Lucent Projection -  Tear the fabric of space and assemble a discrete time crystal at aim location.

  • State of Matter (i.e. damage element/energy type) based on cast length.
  • 1/2/3/4/5 Time Crystals can be summoned.  Scales with ability strength and duration.
  • Instant (1), or hold 2-5 seconds to structure DTC into alternate states. Max 5. Scales with ability strength and duration.

2. Fracturing Oscillation - Transmit oscillating resonances to a time crystal triggering reactions relative to the state of the crystal and the oscillation used.

  • Cycle wheel with 3 unique swap mechanics.
  • Refraction, Temporal Delay, Assimilation 
  • Refraction - Draw on the energy of a crystal to create an area shield that reflects damage type(s) of your other DTC's deployed.
  • Temporal Delay - Cross through the void swapping locations with a DTC, emerging from the void wreaks havoc on the targeted crystal.  Depending on it's state of matter/energy, different results occur at your previous location.  (i.e. slowed, hasted, knockback&disarm, lifted, s5 causes a second Temporal Delay allowing an ally to quickly escape, or an enemy to be exposed to the bitter damage of your Umbral before re-stabilizing the s5 crystal)
  • Assimilation - Destabilize DTC(s) to aid your allies in battle.  Combining crystal states yield different results.  DTC(s) used are consumed by Assimilation.  (i.e. s1=heal closest ally, s1+s2= aoe heal, s2+s3+s4= overshields, s5= reduced sentient damage)
  •   <Augment ph>

3. Defragmentation - Converge all time crystals to aim location.  States of combined crystals determine effect and/or damage type. (i.e. s1+s1+s1+s1 stops enemies in thier tracks, time-freezing them,  s2+s2+s2 yields electric damage arcing across enemies proportionate to the number of crystals defragged, s3+s3 causes a radiant implosion proccing heat status, s4 fragments the crystal into a void state causing it to grow like a web on nearby enemies inflicting toxin damage).  Can manifest void damage with most complex combination. (i.e. s1+s2+s3+s4+s5 yields void dmg + status effect)

4. Unbroken Symmetry - Collapse all Crystals to create an asymmetrical equilibrium field summoning <Exalted Weapon> .

  • <Exalted Weapon>  - (3 different weapons can be summoned, one per type: primary, secondary, melee) state of matter is unique to number of DTCs in play.
  • <Spear of Solyx> (primary) - Ripped through the void, powered by the rails, you assemble from your frame the Tau Shotgun rumored among Orokin as legend, the Sentient Destroyer.
  • <Tensor Spires> (secondary) - Burst void crystals from your gauntlet with rapid precision, which upon impact shard into your target and spread damage as they crystalize.
  • Arc of Unum (melee) - Void tendrils extend from your arm forming the mighty sentient Scythehammer of the Old War.  Void energy crackles across it's head like a blade of ether.
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This is supposed to be a weird amalgam of other warframes, correct? Well... how about something akin to amalgamized versions of existing abilities? Here's what I think:


Depending on the Broken Warframe's chosen energy color(s), they have a certain element. (This works similarly to Chroma. However, if you were to select two colors, they would combine. Ex., choosing blue and red to create radiation element, or white and green to create viral). Weapons that share the element of the Warframe gain an additive +27% Status chance, with effects lasting 23% longer, as well as a 33% damage bonus , and the warframe will gain +43% increased overshields for each weapon that matches the Warframe's status (up to 172%). As the Broken Warframe's health decreases, the strength of this passive increases by up to 4x.

Focusing more than one ability puts strain on both the warframe and the void itself. When two or more channeling abilities are used at once, their health and energy drain is multiplied by two.

This is meant to be a passive that, obviously, combines the effects of multiple warframes (See if you can figure out which abilities were based of which frame(s)!). If you're wondering why the numbers are so... weird. It's because this is a Broken Warframe. Obviously values are going to be off. This trend will be seen throughout it's abilities. 

1st Ability: Corrupting Strike

Cost: 27 Energy

The Broken Warframe launches toward a target, gutting them with void energy and dealing 113/205/303/367 Void damage, affecting them with the status your Warframe and stealing enemy life equal to 9% / 13% / 18% / 24% of the damage dealt by both the initial strike and any status effect that causes DoT. This ability can combo to up to 3 enemies. If the enemy survives, void energy courses through them, maddening them and turning them to your side. Upon death (from either the first hit of the ability or when they die after already being maddened), they rise again as shadows of the void with a 9%/18%/43%/79% damage bonus. Up to 1/2/3/4 of either Maddened enemies or Void Shadows can exist at a time. Turned enemies have a 33% Status chance and share status effect with your Warframe.

This ability is kind of all over the place, as it should be. It's a combination of a lot of different abilities, but without certain traits that make them what they are as a whole. You've got a bit of everything with this ability, and I hope I didn't make it too good. Obviously, if you have any suggestions, let me know!

2nd Ability: Void Lash

Cost: 27 Energy on Initial Cast

Cycles Between 3 different modes:

Allied Lash:

Latches onto one ally granting the same passive bonus as the Broken Warframe with 23/54/77/99% effectiveness, including the status the Broken Warframe has chosen. In return, the Broken Warframe receives a 7% / 13% / 19% / 24% damage bonus. Only 1 ally can be affected at a time. Can be used on Void Shadows with 1.5x effectiveness. Costs 1.83 energy per second and 1.47 health per second.

Void Burst:

Unleashes a burst of Void energy, briefly stunning enemies within 13/19/27/33m and slowing them by 7% / 18% / 23% / 27% for 7/13/18/24s. 

Void Net: 

Tendrils of the void seek out allies within 9/13/19/24m, giving them the same passive as the Broken Warframe with 11% / 26% / 38% / 49% effectiveness at the cost of 1.23 energy per second and 0.87 health per second for each ally affected. While this ability is in effect, the broken warframe receives a 7% / 13% / 19% / 24% damage bonus for each ally affected. Can only affect other warframes and cannot be active at the same time as Allied Lash

This one's meant to combine the selectivity than many a-warframe has with some of their abilities with some neat, albeit through some odd methods. Like with other abilities, there's something from quite a few warframes in this ability. 

3rd Ability: Void Sanctum

Cost: 53 Energy and Health on Cast, and 6 energy and health per second

The Broken Warframe channels void energy around it, giving it a layer of protection, as well as allowing it to leach life from enemies through the void. This decreases all incoming damage by 23% / 37% / 49% / 56%. In addition to this, all melee attacks have 1% Life steal

Like with the other abilities, this is something that was strewn together. It's meant to be kind of a stronger version of BW's 1. Albeit with a pretty high cost. Said cost, along with BW's passive strongly discourages having this up with other abilities. 

4th Ability: Exalted Weapon: The Void's Wrath

Cost: 53 Energy on Initial Cast, 5 Energy Per Second and 2 health per second

The Broken Warframe calls upon the Void's Wrath, a weapon that reflects it's master's state as an amalgam of blade and barrel, haphazardly kept together by the power of the void itself. The weapon itself is strange, a single claw with two barrels, and four blades, two of which look like Excalibur's exalted blade, while the other two look like the ends of Wukong's staff. When the heavy attack button is pressed, the blades retract and the weapon switches to ranged mode. While in this mode, energy resembling the exalted bow's string forms near the base of the gauntlet. This mode is a burst-fire bow that shoots void arrows. 

Melee Damage - 237 (Majority Slash)

Ranged damage - 131 (Majority Puncture)

For this weapon I tried to kind of put a new spin on gunblades, where you switch between gun and blade playstyles. In reality it's probably the same dynamic as Titania's exalted weapons except it's one that switches between two modes. I do want this to be a bit strong, but to also be costly because... well, I mean it's like 6 different weapons held together by the void, so of course it'll take quite a bit to maintain. However, it's currently too late at night for me to think about exactly every single stat that the weapon should have. Having this, BW's 2 and 3 all running at the same time without efficiency would cost nearly 30 energy per second and 20 health per second! 


Final Thoughts

Overall, I hope I did a good job in trying to capture what (at least I think) this warframe should be. The frame itself might be overpowered or underpowered (I honestly don't know), and I am really hoping to get some feedback. Lemme know what you think! 

As for concept, I went for one that had ties to the void kind of keeping the frame together. Obviously, using the void's energy to power abilities would put some strain on health, but this also increases the strength of the void overall. It's also why making the void channel to multiple different things at once would be immensely straining, allowing for players to have a kind of "Blaze of Glory" type strategy where they use all of their energy and health to boost all of their teammates and get stronger as they get closer to death. Sort of like a dying star, which I think is a pretty neat concept. As an example, the final damage boost on say their exhalted weapon would be 224%, A.K.A a lot of damage. 


In the end, I feel this is a pretty good idea, and can only get better as more of us pool into it (it would be pretty fitting. an amalgamation of ideas for an amalgamation of warframes). Make sure to comment any suggestions you might have! Thanks!

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Passive: gains 30% more health/shields when doing missions on lua

Ability 1 power pull: sucks the life of enemies surrounding you gaining more shields

Ability 2 detach: detaches parts of the warframe and sticks them onto enemies slowly damaging them for 15 seconds 

Ability 3 howling rage: howls and paralyzes enemies for 10 seconds 

Ability 4 focus shot: focuses  itself on enemies and shoots himself across the room causing havoc



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This is a daring idea, as i initially came up with it for the purpose of how the Prime version of the Broken warframe could be done.

Essentially it would operate in a similar way to Equinox's Day/Night form except it would be more complicated as it is 3 Warframes in 1, unlike the hypothetical Prime version where all three would have separate, complete bodies (but connected by a void energy link).


In the regular version, when you switch from the composite form to one of the fragments, the warframe would take on a more fragmented appearance and the energy surrounding it becomes more visible, mimicking the missing parts of the warframe type. More importantly, the base stats of the Warframe would alter based on the type, making switching be a more tactical decision rather than to have access to a specific ability.

(NOTE: I don't know if it would be possible, but it would be cool if each of the fragments had their own modslot in order to really take advantage of min/maxing mods, though to be fair using forma or a potato on the composite would affect the modslots of all fragments) 


1. Form alternate- Like Equinox, upon activation the frame switches from its composite form (the one pictured) to a more fragmented look. Depending on how many times pressed, you would cycle from the White Tank Warframe fragment, the Red Technician Warframe fragment, the Blue  and then back to the composite form.

Depending on which fragment being used, all your four abilities will change accordingly. The White fragment would operate like a Tank focusing purely on defense, the Red fragment would have abilities geared solely towards offense and the Blue fragment would focus on giving team buffs. 

Assuming you did not use your 1st ability, your 2nd, 3rd and 4th abilities would be as follows: 

2. Retaliation- The composite form uses a weaker variant of Albulator's Call to Arms (1). However if held, tendrils of energy will lash out to strike enemies (costing 5 energy per enemy struck) dealing only 100 damage, but guaranteed Slash procs.

3. Cavalry- A weaker version of Ruin's Vengeance cannon- A chargeable void energy beam blast (Similar to Wisp) that has three firing modes: Drain, Bombardment or Devastation

Drain: Functions akin to Wisp's Sol Gate and activates by pressing 3.

4. Fight as one- Costing 100 energy and lasting 30 seconds, the broken Warframe separates into its individual parts, temporarily restored through Void energy, and using their Ultimates.


As for the various fragments, here are their movesets and stats:


WHITE FRAGMENT (Albulator- Tank)

Passive: Blocking attacks for 10 seconds uninterrupted awards 50 Energy back to the frame.

1. Call to arms- The ability sends out a pulse of energy that deals minimal damage (50- 400 depending on power mods) but more importantly gives the frame a base armor increase of 50 on activation. The reason it is so low is because the flat armor bonus is affected by a multiplier depending on how many living enemies are in the 15m range of the pulse that lasts 5s. Maths is not my strongest suit, but i guess the formula would look like this:

50 (base armor) x 1.25 (base multiplier) x (number of enemies)   

Once you get the frame to rank 30, the base armor increase goes from to 100, the base multiplier increases to 2.5, and the base range increase to 30m. While unaffected by duration, the damage of the pulse is affected by Strength mods and the range of the pulse is affected by Range mods.

2.  Barricade- Costing 20 energy per affected enemy, it turns an enemy into a living shield binded by void energy, preventing them from moving (as long as Albulator has energy to spare) and draining 5 points of energy/10s afterwards. Albulator can pick up and place binded enemies similarly to Volt's shield.

3. Sunder- At the cost of 75 for the first force field Albulator can create an elemental force field that does 200 damage to enemies on contact + guaranteed elemental damage based on the frame's energy colour. Similarly to Gara, the shield will expand in size the longer 3 is held, using up 5 points of energy every 4 seconds. This allows for multiple fields to be made and overlap, each having a fixed amount of health, however what makes this unique is that if used in parallel with the Alt-fire, it loses the elemental damage in favour of halving energy costs for any team member inside the protected area, lasting as long as the field is not destroyed but raising the cost of making a force field to 90. 

4. Final Guardian- At the cost rapidly depleting the frames health by 50%, and its energy to zero, the frame gains a static 60k armor bonus, grows up to double or triple in size depending on the amount of energy in the pool (or the level limitations) and releases a 100m energy wave that deals no damage to enemies but aggro's any enemy it hits or that walks into its range to focus on attacking only Albulator. In addition, for every 10s in this state, the frame is health is replenished by 10.

However, activating this ability (assuming no Speed mods are added) roots the frame in whatever spot it is cast and makes it unable to shoot or use any of its other abilities until the static armour bonus is depleted. Secondly, speed mods only affect it by a numbered percentage regardless of rank, so 1 speed mod= +10% movement speed meaning even with three speed mods, the frames speed will be 70% slower than normal.

Additionally, the ability also has a 10% risk of backfiring, where its range gets reduced to to 20m and while it will still attract enemies, they will only attack other team members on top of receiving a percentage of the Albulator fragment's armor bonus that increases for every enemy in range armor bonus with the number of enemies   




Health- 150 (600 at lvl 30)

Armor- 300 (700 at lvl 30)

Shields- 100 (400 at lvl 30)

Energy- 200 (800 at lvl 30)


RED FRAGMENT (Ruin- Damage dealer)

Passive: If under 50% health, damage of weapons and abilities is boosted by 100% and if under 30% it is boosted by 300%.  

1. Reaper rush-  Costing 30 energy to activate, for 10 seconds every enemy killed buffs the fire rate/speed and magazine of whatever weapon Ruin is using (ranged or melee) with a permanent buff for the duration of the mission by 5% with headshots granting 10%. It can be activated 3 times to stack the buff, but gets cancelled if his 2, 3 or 4 is activated. 

2. Soul stealer- Costing 60 energy, depending on whichever weapon Ruin is using, it gains a 50% life-steal effect at the cost of doing 100% less damage. Alternatively if the 2 is held for 5 seconds, it gives 200% buff to reload speed in exchange for debuffing movement speed by 50%.

At max rank, the normal effect has 100% life steal effect at the cost of doing 200% less damge, but with a 25% buff to fire rate/attack speed.

3. Vengeance cannon- A chargeable void energy beam blast (Similar to Wisp) that has three firing modes: Drain, Bombardment or Primer

Drain: Functions akin to Wisp's Sol Gate, but is charged and activates by pressing 3 for 6 seconds.

Bombardment: Upon tapping 3 twice, Ruin marks a 5m zone wherever the pointer is facing at the cost of 40 energy for a duration of 1 minute. Any enemy that steps into this zone is hit with 300 points of blast damage and blasted until they either leave the area or die. Upon unlocking this ability Ruin can summon two of these zones, up to a maximum of 10 however the energy cost.


By tapping 3 after pressing, or holding it for 5 seconds after tapping twice, Ruin can buff the damage of the Drain and Bombardment at the cost of 75 or reducing his shields in half if he has no energy.


4. Devastation- Costing 125 energy and draining at a rate of 1 every 3 seconds, Ruin can summon his Exalted weapons at the cost of cutting his form duration in half. Ruin grows an extra set of arms in order to wield his Exalted weapons dual wielded Opticors and automatically uses the equipped melee weapon if an enemy gets into melee range. 

For every shot that hits a target, Ruin is granted 5 seconds of stackable invulnerability but every missed shot decreases this by 2 seconds or takes 15 health if the invulerability is inactive.


Health- 100 (400 at lvl 30)

Armor-125 (300 at lvl 30)

Shields- 200  (600 at lvl 30)

Energy: 100 (300 at lvl 30)


Blue Fragment (Etherea)

Passive: The duration and range of a teammates healing abilities are doubled when within 10m of the broken frame in this fragment form

1. Fickle Fortune- Provides one of the four following random boosts to allies in range: 200 health, 300 shields, 100 armor or 25% movement speed for 15 seconds, at the cost of 25 energy.

It can be cast up to 10 times in order to stack the effect, but the catch is with every recast before the timer ends there is a 10% increase in the frame and allies in range to also gain a debuff to one or more of the randomized stats- so at ten stacks, you could have a teammate with 3000 shields or 1000 armor but -2000 health or -100% movement speed. 

It can be buffed with range, duration and strength mods.

2. Energy overload- For 10 seconds, the fragment absorbs all incoming damage, becomes invulnerable for 2 seconds and then redirects the damage to team mates in the form of energy and a buff to her health and shields of 200% each. However if any leftover damage amount remains, 50% of the remaining total damages Etherea and the rest is divided between team mates. Switching forms does not nullify the adverse effect and if playing solo, the frame receives all the leftover damage. 

3. Sacrifice- At the cost of 60 energy, the frame sacrifices 80% health or 40% health and 40% shields if tapped twice in exchange of 90 Damage Reduction. If cast on a team mate, there is only a 12 energy cost per team mate granting a 20% increase to damage Reduction. the effect lasts 20 seconds.

It is affected by Strength mods only

4. Salvation- At the cost of 150 energy, it grants one free revive to all teammates up to a maximum of three times, and at lvl 20, it gains a second effect buffing health by 100% or 5 minutes but prevents the use of any abilities for 5 minutes. In addition, if used more than three times, the ability loses its revive effect and replaces it with energy tendrils that seek out team mates to heal them for 500 health but the bonus decreases the farther away a team mate is. 


Health; 100 (500 at lvl 30)

Armor: 125 (350 at lvl 30)

Shields: 400 (1'500 at lvl 30)



Lorewise, i imagined something like this:


During the early stages of the war, the Orokin had designed a number of frames around a theme, and the Broken warframe was no different originally being three separate Warframes. While they performed excellently when deployed as a unit, the Orokin wanted to push their limits and thus set the Myrmidon upon them individually. Unlike Ivara, they ultimately failed but each avoided complete destruction by wounding the Myrmidon in some way, forcing it to retreat and heal- it was because of this they ended up being reduced to fragments rather than completely erased.

Despite their unsatisfactory performance, the Council of Seven who had monitored their battles, saw promise in their synergy and began working on restoring them but with a focus on taking the best elements of each and combining them, but the project was hampered by Transference incompatibility and by the time a workaround was implemented, the project was halted by the Sentient's increasing invasion.

The actions of the Tenno against the Orokin resulted in the project never being completed, and knowledge of the facilities containing the parts  into obscurity... until now.


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Frame name : Aeon

Theme : Time

Passive: Stolen time , stacking resource used to fuel other abilities, chance to rewind time (restore energy / shield / health lost in last 5 sec on proc scaling low percentage)

Ability 1 : Temporal  siphon , ranged homing missile with small / med aoe on impact. Deals tau damage over time and fills stolen time buff on death of infected enemy

Ability 2 : Phase run : movement ability makes frame invisible and buffs speed for a small duration. On passing through enemies places temporal siphon effect in small / med aoe centred on enemy also does aoe on exiting phase run

Ability 3 : Flux capacitor, channelled ability that slowly drains stolen time buff increasing health / energy and shield regen rates for party nearby friendlies 

Ability 4 : Paradox, creates a clone with a duration based on current stolen time buff (does not consume), acts as an autonomous follower til duration expires, can have multiple at any given time , cannot be harmed or healed. Uses skills 1-3 autonomously. If frame dies whilst a paradox clone is alive, a paradox clone dies in place of the frame and the frame becomes immune for a small duration. 

Game play with the frame would primarily be about trying to sustain as many stacks of stolen time while keeping as many clones as possible to ensure longevity. keeping the stolen time buff high whilst in static missions like defence or mobile defence to provide a significant toughness boost to the party. In more mobile missions using phase run to build stacks and dropping clones to stay and clean up what the debuff doesn't finish.





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Passive - when you go down your body parts fly to random spots if you can get them fast enough you get up but can only be done 3 times its a lot but could be fun

or your energy regenerates faster and ability's cost less to cast

 I would like for this frame to use its body and the void energy, a magic/energy type frame, this frame could have a new system called parts but this would have to be a easy to obtain because most of his ability's would use this if it came down to it i would prefer this not to be a thing because this frame would mostly use energy so i add it for balance  

Ability 1.) the frame will have 4 or more weapons its arms with will allow the frame to switch between the 4 weapons

> GUNS - both hands would turn into blasters *please don't make the stance look like the staticor lol i know its random but that's why i don't use the weapon* 

> WHIP - will use the void energy as a whip

> SHIELD - you can use this to block damage 

> DRAIN - you can latch onto a enemy and drain health from them

- or it could have two modes first would be a tank/support allowing  the frame to use one of the ability's at the top  same with the second form

Ability 2.) this will allow the fame to buff his 1 the it can do this 1 of two ways 1.) it will use its other arm as a boost for parts this would make it stronger but slower and cost more energy

Ability 2.) it could stick both arms into the ground gathering "parts" to  make its self stronger but at the cost of  more energy and speed but you get more health

- or it could have use the void energy and sent out a bunch of tentacles to stab enemy's to use there body as a energy pool or as a health pool for your team if you get far from them they will snap

Ability 3.)since the first 2 ability's are crazy lol i had some trouble with this, this ability would allow the frame to use one or both arms as heat seeking blades that can be sent out at a enemy your looking at 

- or this can be a move to help out your team you can send out a wave that will give you team some of your energy or you can suck energy from enemy's around you or both

Ability 4.) *this will not cost energy* in this form his body will brake into a tone of parts floating around this void ball that would be his source of energy. This form very weak but also strong, it will allow the frame to use 3 types of moves, 1.) spears would have X amount of the spears spin around the ball. you can use them as a weapon but it would be single target slow but stronger, 2.) would be the same but much smaller it would be faster and it can hit more targets but weaker than the spears, 3.) would allow the frame to give its energy to its team this will send out tentacles to stick to its team and give them energy but that's all you can do.

i have a lot of stuff to pick from and it might be a little complicated, if i had to pick i would choose

-Passive energy regeneration

- Pick 4 or more weapons

-  Stick the arms in the ground

- Send/receive energy wave

- And 4 with all the ability's

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So here’s mine idk on how well this would be received but, you could use any Warframe part. Depending on what frame parts you used it would change what ability you would get in that slot. So say you had X frame neuroptics it would give X frames first ability, using X chassis giving it the second and systems giving it the third. Obviously this would have to come with restrictions like not using frames like equinox.

health and energy could be averaged out along with energy.

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1st Ability ( Channel )

BW shoots out void tendrils that link to allies within range channeling void energy into them giving them boost to Speed and Attack damage.

When affected by this ability possible to reintroduce the channeling effects that were removed in the past and use them to make the WF affected by this to have the channeling appearance and effect sounds of channeled melee.


2nd Ability ( Assimilate )

Void tendrils reach out to fallen enemies and amalgamate the remnants/parts into BW’s 3 versions which are described in his 4th ability albeit they look broken/scrappy cause they have been made form enemies parts etc

Act in they way of a spectre with the unique power from each version.


3rd Ability ( Fortify )

BW disassembles and projects himself on to an ally enveloping and attaching himself as void exoskeleton armor to that ally for a period of time.

BW has a 360 degree view on the current ally and has two arms extending/floating from the ally in the form of void energy which he can use to hold secondary weapons to assist the ally.

This Ability buffs shields an armor which are the values carried over from BW   

After ability time ends or host health depletes/dies BW reverts to his form with half health/shields.


4th Ability ( Triframe )

BW can switch between 3 loadouts preset in the arsenal

Each loadout is different in appearance and powers.


Berserker     Melee orientated

Soldier         Gun Orientated

Alchemist     Energy/magic orientated



In the Void/Lua the fallen Warframes from the old war appear as void ghost that follow/trail/float behind him and strengthen his void powers/energy or other buff..

A retribution meter is used and is filled by killing lots of enemies.

Number of ghosts cap out at 8

The rate of decay or time active is TBD



I have not yet read through the pages of this thread so naturally some things could or may be similar to other ideas therein.

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like parts from the foundry if so that's unique but how would that work because frame parts take 12h to craft and that's not something i'm down for, now if you mean like atlas then that would be fine but i would like it to be common since its ability's would require them


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Since this warframe is figuratively and literally broken, I thought of skills and passives that make up for its "low base stats."

Killing enemies that are corrupted by [Warframe] absorbs their strength that last the entire mission. Each stack increases base Health, Armor and Shields. Ability Strength is also increased but only in Juggernaut form. 

Ability 1: Void Rend
Ability type: Skillshot
[Warframe]'s hand grows and rends the enemies in front of him/her. Enemies hit are then corrupted and corrupted enemies receive more damage. 

Ability 2: Unbound
Ability Type: Buff
[Warframe] release the bonds that hold itself together and take on an ethereal form of pure energy where none can harm it. With the strong emanation of void energy, any enemy that gets too close gets corrupted and briefly staggered. All damage sources, including Primary, Secondary and Melee weapons, can corrupt enemies during the duration of this skill.

Ability 3: Collapse
Ability Type: AoE
Open a portal to the void and collect its energy before sending it out in every direction. Enemies hit will be corrupted and corrupted enemies will get their shield removed and armors shred. 

Ability 4: Juggernaut
Ability Type: Toggle
Increase both in size and in strength. You're an unstoppable force with higher Health and Armor. [Warframe] is also immune to crowd control in this form. Each step causes a shock wave that knocks down enemies and deals impact damage. Base movement is slowed but gain "Momentum" that increases movement speed but resets when [Warframe] stops moving or changes direction by more than 90°. [Warframe] is unable to use Primary and Secondary weapons and its other abilities in this state. Melee is then replaced with Void Rend (no energy use). Using a strong attack would create a stronger version of Collapse with increased damage, range and energy cost. This version of Collapse strips enemies of shields and armor regardless of whether they were corrupted or not. 

As a side note, I haven't viewed all 157 pages of ideas. There could be similarities in this. Don't punch me, ok? 

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Passive - When it use an ability, it will increase it's own ability strength up to 75%.

1st ability: Shoot out some void energy dealing damage and chaining up to 10 enemies while leaving them with a void mark. Killing an enemy with the void mark will give you void charge to fill up your Void Battery.

2nd ability: Cycle trough 3 different ability

Ability A- Consumes some points from your Void Battery to increase you and your allies Ability strength.

Ability B- Consumes some points from your Void Battery to increase you and your allies weapon damage and speed/fire rate.

Ability C- Consumes some points from your Void Battery to give you and your weapons lifesteal.

3rd ability: When casting this ability, gather the material around you to increase your armor. Recast this ability again to discharge all of the material you have been collecting. The armor will decay slowly after the discharge. The damage scales by the amount of resources you collected while this ability is active.

4th ability: Deplete your Void Battery over time and pull out your exalted weapon the Gandr Spear. It deals AOE damage and can be thrown to a surface that will impale every enemies in 10 meter radius. Throwing the spear will decrease your passive strength by 20%.

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On 2020-04-17 at 8:02 PM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

Pasive:The void within operator recharges void energy immediately after enteryng the warframe

1.Memories: The warframe remembers the old war gets enraged and doubles damage on every weapon

2.Void grab:The warframe puts its hand on the ground an releases the void roots(im not shure what they are) and grabs enemies from underground

3.Void teleport:The warframe can open holes with the roots through wich he can something like the demogorgon's portals from stranger things

4.Into the void:You and your teammates enter the void you  cannot get dameged but you can damage your enemies

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How about a 4th ability where brokenframe enters an exalted state where the frame is essentially "fixed", thus giving it incredible heightened senses and power? Maybe all his weapons have auto targetting and infinite ammo and his melee range and attack speed are buffed? 

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DE Please do these from @Animus-Xenospectra I'm sacrificing my idea sub for a vote towards:

The abilities 3 & 4 and that Passive would be so epic 🤩 an the passive is kinda dark which is what WF needs more of again!!


3 hours ago, Animus-Xenospectra said:

3rd Ability ( Fortify )


BW disassembles and projects himself on to an ally enveloping and attaching himself as void exoskeleton armor to that ally for a period of time.


BW has a 360 degree view on the current ally and has two arms extending/floating from the ally in the form of void energy which he can use to hold secondary weapons to assist the ally.

This Ability buffs shields an armor which are the values carried over from BW   

After ability time ends or host health depletes/dies BW reverts to his form with half health/shields.


4th Ability ( Triframe )

BW can switch between 3 loadouts preset in the arsenal

Each loadout is different in appearance and powers.


Berserker     Melee orientated

Soldier         Gun Orientated

Alchemist     Energy/magic orientated



In the Void/Lua the fallen Warframes from the old war appear as void ghost that follow/trail/float behind him and strengthen his void powers/energy or other buff..

A retribution meter is used and is filled by killing lots of enemies.

Number of ghosts cap out at 8

The rate of decay or time active is TBD


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He has at his disposal an instrument that shows the percentage of fusion between the various pieces. Charge by 1.2% per second.

Compatibility search
Restores 0.8 energy per second and reduces the cost of skills by 10%
1) Ancient shields (20% Fusion)
Generates an energy armor on himself and allies, which can reduce damage received. When hitted by a melee attack, emits a glow that stuns the enemies around.

Cost 25
Damage reduction      X
Duration                      X
Stunning Duration       X
Range                         X
2) Elemental gravity(50% Fusion)
Hold to generate an increase in gravity around you that slows down the enemies, press once to hit all the enemies in range with a discharge of the chosen elemental damage.

Cost 50
Duration    X
Range       X 
Slow          X 

Cost 25                   
Damage     X (fire/ice/electricity)
Range        X 
Duration     X
3) Treacherous explosion (75% Fusion)
Create an explosion with a snap, which will fill the restricted area with toxic gases. Combine with Elemental gravity to fuse the elements!
Cost 75
Damage                      X (explosive)
Range                         X
Damage per second   X(Toxin)
Duration                      X
Range                         X

4) Maximum compatibility (100% Fusion)
Complete the merger to achieve maximum compatibility between the various pieces, generating an aura that  increases  statistics of whoever is invested in it,
at the cost of reduced health and efficiency. The Fusion counter will be reset once the effect has ended.

Cost 100
Duration       X
Range          X

Strength             +
Range                +
Duration             +
Sprint speed      +
Casting speed   +
Armor                +
Efficency            -
Health                -

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