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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive: Electromagnetic Bolts: Deals Either Electric Or Magnetic Damage To Enemies In X Amount Of Range. Determening Damage Depends On Form Of Power, If You Build For High Power Strength And Low Efficiency You Deal High Electric Damage, If You Build For Low Power Strength And High Efficiency You Do High Magnetic Damage.                                                                                                                                                                               

Ability 1: Electromagnetic Wiring:Like Wisp This Frame Will Create A Buff [Buff Will Be Determined The Same Way As It's Passive.] Buff 1: Building For High Power Strength And Low Efficiency This Buff Will Increase The Overall Damage Of You And Your Team By 30%. Buff 2: Building For High Efficiency And Low Power Strength Will Increase The Overall Health And Armor Of Your Team By 30%.                                                                                                    

 Ability 2: Electromagnetic Battery: This Ability Will Increase Either This Warframes Shields Or Energy. Building For High Strength And Low Efficiency Will Increase Your Energy Regeneration And Energy Maximum. Building For High Efficiency And Low Strength Creates Overshields And Increases Overshield Maximum [Stacks With Hildryn.]   

Ability 3: Electromagnetic Screws: You Place Down Screws Into A Circle Pattern Which Deals AOE Damage Depending On Which Build You Use. Building For High Power Strength And Low Efficiency Will Make The Screws Deal High Electric Damage [Stacks With Volts 1 And 4.] Building For High Efficiency And Low Strength Will Deal High Magnetic AOE Damage [Buffs Mag's Abilities.]                                                                                                  

Ability 4: Electromagntic Obliteration: [Like Equinox's 4] Charges Damage Into A Major Blast Of Either Electric Damage Or Magnetic Damage. This Is Determined On Your Build, Building For High Power Strength And Low Efficiency Makes The Blast Deal Electric Damage. Building For High Efficiency And Low Strength Makes The Blast Do High Magnetic Damage.                                                                                                                                             

No Augments Cause I Feel This Frame Is Already A King Of All Trades So Augments Will Just Make Him Overpowered!


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Passive- 15% of projective attacks pass through the warframe

Ability1- (Scatter) parts of the warframe scatter around the player colliding with enemy's around him causing damage

Ability2-(fusion) a part of the warframe's body fuses with enemys around him makeing them replicated versions of the warframe all surrounding enemys become confused attacking their own (up to 3 are affected)

Ability3-(void thread) the void energy holding the war frame becomes a floating thread which can pass through any thing for a set time,passing through enemys cause damage passing through allies give health buffes

Ability4-(heavens ring) the void energy becomes a ring in an area where allies receive damage and energy buffs and enemys have there shields depleted and have a 50% chance of dropping energy orbs when killed the war frame becomes pieces on the floor and can move around when stepped on by enemys they take damege(use with first ability to become floating shards)

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Passive: when killed it drops its parts and the explode after 2 secs dealing 200 damage


Ability 1: absorbs all nearby enemy armor making it part of its body, growing in size and power


Ability 2: disarms into very small parts and they are attached to nearby allies, granting them increased damage, health and speed


Ability 3: attaches a piece of his armor to an enemy dealing him toxin and blast damage. hold to affect all nearby enemies.


Ability 4: convert your body into target seeking bolts, spreading across the map killing enemies, acrivate again to re-arminto the waframe


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For a passive, you could have "rewire"  where when downed, can cause sparks around themselves doing little damage but stunning enemies, they can also semi revive themselves but have no armour or shields for 10 seconds.

1- make do:   can attract all rescource pickups within (x) range, each pickup adds 7% armour for 15 seconds

2- helping hand: Rips off own arm and throws it at nearby ally, the arm spreads around the ally in parts, giving +10% movement speed and has a 20% chance to overflow the allies weapon, also adds 15% electricity stat. This lasts for 10s and warframe can only use one handed weapons in this time

3- subdue.exe: Becomes a swirling mess of parts and can "posses" an enemy, taking no damage and in the form the enemy, but now is mechanised and changed due to the ability (15s) 

4- Soul glitch: Due to being made up of multiple frames, you glitch out and split into 5 parts, leaving a weak "base form behind", the other five parts can buff allies in the same way as (2) or do a weaker version of (3) but deal more damage to enemies, if 3 or more parts are on enemies, recast to envelope said enemies and deal more damage and have 7s period of invunerability


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I only got ideas for the passive and 4th ability, so here we go!



Shoddy Craftsmanship: Using non-regulation parts from his fellow Tenno, every time an ally is damaged or gets a kill, they have a chance to drop a spare part which can be picked up by Eornheit to grant a variant of that warframe's first ability that doesn't quite work the way it was intended (i.e. picking up a Volt part makes Eornheit's first ability fire an overcharged lightning bolt that fries enemies, dealing and inflicting Heat instead of Electricity, with a small chance to backfire and blow up in Eornheit's face quite literally, which in that case releases the ability as an AoE burst around Eornheit instead, similar to the original concept for Ember's Immolation upon reaching max heat).


4th Ability

Overclock: Utilizing non-regulation, dubiously tested weapon parts, Eornheit assembles his exalted archgun, the B.A.R (Ballistic Anti-material Rail-cannon). A weapon that was never intended to be used in atmosphere, and certainly not by a barely functional frame such as Eornheit, this weapon fires astronomically powerful explosive shells at supersonic speeds, however, due to the aforementioned design flaws, the B.A.R drains energy at a exponentially high rate, then drains shields upon energy being depleted, and finally, drains health upon shields being depleted. The B.A.R is an extremely powerful weapon with an equally steep cost to utilize and maintain. This is gonna make Grendel's energy drain look like child's play by comparison.

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Passive: Disassemble
When the Warframe takes any form of damage, parts of the Warframe fall off, decreasing his hitbox and enemy accuracy against him. 
Abilities also take a small part of the Warframe's health.

1: Ruining
The Warframe stretches parts of its body outward, forming a projectile that knocks down all enemies hit by it. Parts are quickly returned to the main body.

2: Agony
The Warframe screeches in agony, rapidly dealing out random status affects and dealing the most effective damage types for each enemy in an AoE blast. The blast continues for a short period of time.

3: Overcharge
The Warframe's transference in overcharged, giving multiple short-term bonuses. Shields begin their recharge, and don't stop if damage is taken. Energy is forcibly maxed out for the duration, and other abilities can be triggered with increased power. The ability does have a cooldown, and drains energy after the ability is over.

4: Part Storm
This Warframe's parts will spin in a cyclone, gaining individual health and damaging enemies that come in contact with them. If the Warframe "dies", the parts reassemble back and trigger a short cooldown on the whole ability.

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1- void bomb - throw one void bomb

2- Shiel of void energy - make shield around all tennos in squad.

3- void shock waves - make one ring shock waves 

4- spear od void - gift spear in tenno`s arms (something likes energy sword by Excalibur)

Passive skill- recharge energy

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Passive - while low on health sprinting and bullet jumping are increased 

Ability 1 - Armoured Ammo - Once the ability is active there is a short amount of time to fill a counter with ammo drops, once the time runs out, gain Armour to the amount of ammo pick ups collected. (Wukong defy - except picking up ammo)

Ability 2 - amplify  - priority Proc and boost damage of elements depending of the chosen colour emissive colour, for a chosen length of time

Ability 3 - void nuke - detonate with explosion of void energy damaging everything within a 15m radius, warframe is left dismantled on the ground, moving/attacking will cause the parts to come back together again.

Ability 4 - exhaled tomahawk - a scraped togeather tomahawk which passively deals void energy on top of IPS

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Passive: everytime he uses an ability something malfunctions.  Depending on energy color it changes the type of the shock wave, which can be heat, magnetic, blast, or electric.

Ability 1:  He can wear any alternative helmet from any warframe.  His first ability matches that of the warframe helmet he is wearing.  (had this idea of a warframe that could use any combination of ability 1 mods, back when abilites were mods)

Ability 2: He detatches his arm which becomes a sentry turret weilding your secondary weapon.

Ability 3: When active, grants a selectable buff such as movement speed, health regen, shield recharge rate increase, or enemy radar.

Ability 4: This is what he was made for.  When activated, ascend to a completed form when enough item pick ups are collected.  Breaks down over time, but grants an armor and damage buff while active.


Editted to remove posting instructions.

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1. Glitched - the Warframe is moved a few meters forwards, backwards, left, right, up, or down in a random direction. enemies in the way of this take damage and are thrown away as if a void dash was what happened, and the Warframe then returns to its previous location. [base 25 drain]

(this is meant to reference all those times something happened when the screen suddenly changed and you saw something that just shouldn't be there and then the game teleported you back to where you were a few seconds ago like "shhhhh that didn't just happen") arguable "Shhhh" can be the ability name i'm not complaining

2. H4cK3D (Hacked)- For [hard cap of] two seconds the Warframe becomes invulnerable to all damage and can move around freely and deal melee damage, but no ranged attacks will hit any target. [base drain 50] 

we have probably all played a game where we have seen that one player who cant be dealt any damage no matter what you do, sniper to the head, nothing. explosives, nothing. The only good this is they generally only hack because all they can do is run around with a knife and try to stab you, so in honor, and hatred, of that if a warframe is based of of bugs and exploits in games, this has to be there and i don't want to make it any stronger than this. because people who cheat are awful. and no, they WEREN'T maple from bofuri. good show. i think it should be usuable in PvE just conclave it should be changed to a damage reduction or something if this even gets picked. no maple irl.

3. Bugged - the base buff ability of the frame. since the concept art has the frame made of many different frames, I think the best ability would be to have this ability swap between an armor buff and damage buff, with the armor buff swapping between different frames, but later having the ability to be recast at a higher drain to cover the full squad, and the damage buff swapping between weapons, and abilities, with it doing much less for abilities, and you only finding out which once you are in the mission. [start drain 20 drain per second 1.5. / upgraded second cast drain 15 drain per second 2]

The logistics of this can be assigned to a RNG with each individual buff being given a number. this also comes into play more with the passive which i havent talked about yet. but i guess ill do that next instead of number 4

[PASSIVE] - swapping elements. Since this frame is the remains of multiple other frames, we should expect numerous problems, as well as numerous solutions. in this case, it applies with how the frame is many parts into a whole. think how Voltron could select which lion to be for which place the battle or rescue would be. of course, in this instance the frame is broken and cant choose but it swaps randomly but thats part of the fun. maybe you are going into a desert and you just swapped into a viral monster to kill all the things living in this arid wasteland? you might be thinking, i want my money back but you might change your mind when you get the damage type you want time and again randomly when you wouldn't have known what it was, and when you cant change it going into missions. if it changes every five minutes, who knows what the gods will give you. its like playing the lottery but less expensive when you lose. this swapping of elements plays into the armor buffs because it can give you elemental armor, as well as straight armor, impact armor, slash armor, or just straight up health/ shield. this is meant to balance it somewhat as those types of things have damage modifiers of their own.

4. Broken - The Warframe charges a shot of void energy, before firing it. depending on how long it was charged it can be shot for an amount of damage, scaling with the charge time to an max amount, or a buff to fire rate and a void damage buff to weapon damage will be applied to all squad members also scaling to a max amount. the warframe is broken so i don't know if it should be the players choice as to which happens, but honestly i would like to chose, as a player.

anyway, i like the idea of void energy being the base energy because its a remain from the old war where they fought against the sentients, from what i understand. so maybe having a tau damage ultimate would be a nice change for a warframe.

this is the post and anything i have to edit or talk about editing i will do below this line. hope people like it

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1: (ethereal grasp) as a makeshift warframe it's missing pieces so first ability can be a cone or radial A.O.E. "grab" that strips armor from enemies and adds to your own.

2: (residual cannon) the right arm looks like it could open up and using it's own health lob a ball of void energy that pulses and damages over time. Holding the ability drains more health but produces a higher damage pulse. Standing in the pulse returns health.

3: (disruptor) channeling frequency with the void this could produce a disorienting aura around yourself confusing enemies or making them unable to attack u for a time. Could be a 1 time wave or a continuous effect.

4: (void borne) shedding all physical pieces you become one with the void and the void with you.  Become an invulnerable embodiment of void energy with long and wide lashing attacks that vaporize targets in your path. Any enemy that touches you also get vaporized. 

 Passive: dealing damage to enemies affected by any of your abilities builds up a void discharge that enhances the effects of (all abilities or just your 4)

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Passive: Increased armor regeneration while using melee weapons.

1. Shatter: focuses Warframe energy into an attack that breaks armor and makes enemies more vulnerable to melee attack.

2. Assimilation: siphons the armor and health from shattered enemies to boost armor but slows attack speed

3.Dispersion: shed all your armor in an aoe that blinds enemies and increases movement and melee speed but makes you more vulnerable to damage. 

4. Breakdown: using the power of gravity rip and sunder your enemies sapping them of their armor and bringing them into melee range. Uses energy till deactivated which create a small explosion pushing all enemies away from Warframe 

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1. Body Change: The Broken Warframe reasembles his body parts to change into a new form.There are 3 forms: Defense form, Agile form and Attack form. To reasemble his Bodyparts does the Broken Warframe need 2 seconds. In this time he is more vurnable but also harder to hit. It is hard to keep the parts together in the new forms so this ability has a duration. In Attack Form: The Broken Warframe gets extra Weapon damage and ability strenght but has decreased health. In the Agile Form the Broken Warframes gets a movement buff and  cant get dedected by Lasers but gets a decrease in Attack damage . In Defense Form the Broken Warframe gains more Armor and is immune to status effects and the Movement speed is reduced.

2. Void Support: The Broken Warframe uses the Energy of the Void that keeps his parts together to give his Teammates a Health regenaration buff. This ability costs the broken Warframe Energy and Health.(The Broken Warframe gets 5% of the Total regenareted Health back)

3. Body Collector: While this ability is active depending on his current Form the Broken Warframe gets different Buffs by killing enemies. Defense Form: Increases the Health  eacht time the Broken Warframe walks over a corps, stacks up to 10 times. Agile Form: The same but he gets a attack speed boost. Attack Form:  The same but every Teammate in range gets an Crit. Chance  buff. Normal Form: Same but each time the Shields get increased.(Energy Drain ability) (The Negative Buff of the Forms increaseas every 2 stacks of this ability)

4. Void Storm: The Broken Warframe unleashes the massive Void Energy in his Body. While the ability is active the Broken Warframe has decreased sight and is more vurnable. The ability works against Eidolons to but doesnt reset damage resistance by Sentients. The ability costs the Broken Warframe a lot of Health and isnt Energy Drain based.

Passive: All corpses within 25 m of the Broken Warframe have a longer despawn time 


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(SwR) = scales with range

(SwAP) scales with attack power

(SwD) scales with duration

(SwE) scales eith efficiency

(SwS) scales with movement speed

All abilities (except for 3, which will only inflict terrify when doing the rush attack) inflict Terrify, at 1.25 the radius of the attacks range for 3s, even if stunned. Terrified enemies will take preference to cover, but can still attack if it is the only option.

Passive: enemies that are terrified will take 15% more damage by the broken frame, and have a 50% increased chance of dropping energy or life drops.

1. Calamitous Whip,

A devastating, whipping combo caused by the elongating sentient biomatter.

A whipping CC attack that costs 30 energy (SwE) and deals reaches 90/110/150/180 (SwR) degrees in a cone from the front of the frame reaching 10m, (SwR, minimally), and stunning all enemies caught in the attack for .5/1/2/3s (SwD), press the ability button once more for a follow up attack of the same effect by the opposite hand for 25% less energy than the first attack, and once more to finish the combo for a devastating verticle slam by both elongated hands,  causing a 15m radius shockwave knocking all nearby enemies away, costing 50% the original first attacks energy level, but cancels out the stun from the previous 2 attacks.

2. Screech

A terrifying screech emitted from the frame, as if it was in constant pain.

A screech that affects a 360 radius around the frame, doing a small ammount of initial damage (SwAP), but freezing the enemies in place  in a 25/30/35/40m radius (SwR) for 2/3/4/6s (SwD). Costs 40. Causes an effect on the ground similar to the shockwaves of an angered eidelon in the PoE.

3. Crawl

Lean back and get on all fours, moving at immense speed.

This drain ability allows the frame to move much faster (SwS), and gives you a defence boost while doing so, however you cannot move in reverse, you may only strafe and move forward, attempting to fire a gun will cancel this ability. Melee causes a small forward burst of speed with lessened control for 1/1.5/2/3m (SwR) that will knock enemies over, but has a very slow rate at which you can attack, with a .5s delay between each rush, dealing very little damage. Drains at 2 energy per second and does not scale with efficiency.

4. Devastating abomination

The frame breaks off parts of itself, which become a terrifying beast.

Parts of the frame fall off (bring replaced by sentient biomass wherever necessary) and become a beast companion doing 200% more damage, taking your melee weapon, in its beastly mouth. It will use your melee weapon to attack enemies on its own volition. It will also mimic your screech ability, causing an AoE CC of its own, with the same affect. However the screech will sound different. This is a one time use, not a drain ability. But it will disappear when it dies, or you down. And the body parts will return to you, it can be cancelled by pressing the button again, causing the companion to explode, causing a terrifying AoE effect, inflicting terrify.

Thank you for allowing me to participate. Best of luck to all!

Edit: didnt finish a sentence in ability 3. My mistake


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Passive: Healing abilities casted on him gets a boost to their strength along with the healing aura.

1st (Name: Malfunction): Able to cast onto enemies, causes their weapons to malfunction for a set duration (boostable with duration mods) and also has a chance to spread this to other enemies in a certain radius (malfunction chance affected by strength mods and range affected by range mods)


2nd (Name: Armour Looter): He is able to pull in and start ripping enemies armour pieces off, adding them to his own and boosting his armour for a short duration (armour duration affected by duration mods and armour amount affected by power stremgth mods). It also gets a bonus with enemies affected by his first, every enemy affected by his first will grant a small damage buff to his weapons.


3rd (Name: Energetic Bolt): Will send a bolt to a single enemy that chains to other enemies in a small range, stunning them and also doing damage to them over time. If they die due to this ability, they explode into pieces (if possible) and have drop either an energy orb or a health orb, plus if they have been hit with his first or second ability then the amount of damage dealt to the enemy will be increased (ability range and chain range affected by range mods and amount of damage base affacted by strength mods)


4th: (Name: Exalted Peletes): This spawns an exalted shotgun that he can use to blast enemies apart and also cause an increased chance for the enemy to drop any resource or credits and if the enemies are affcted by his first ability when they get shot and die, they also have increased ammo drops.

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A Warframe that was captured and forcibly converted to join the Sentience in the old war. However, due to recent events, the Warframe learned how to over come its bonds has been able to release itself from the Sentience. And because of this it has the unique abilities.

1. To morphe into limited objects. Kinda like the T-1000 from Terminator 2. Being able to turn parts of its body into swords, shields, extra limbs, wings, spider legs. Pretty much the Spureman suit for Infinite Wars. 

2. Having the ability to create barriers with their body to protect allies and objective points from enemy attacks. Also adding armor to team members. 

3. Being able to attach and morphe onto different enemies. Taking control of them for a time and learning info about the enemy plans and map layouts that would help the team complete missions.

4. Being able to rip off parts of different enemies and use them in combat. Like the legs of Moa to run faster, Moa guns to be attached and used as shoulder or hand gun, and Corpus helmets to see and unlock previously unknown locations and paths to complete missions. 

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Passive- Automatically attracts loot. (Sentinel Vacuum mod)

1st ability. Short Circuit - Holding 1 charges an electrical discharge. More time held equals more damage but more energy cost.

2nd ability. Reformat - Casting 2 on an ally allows you to use one of their warframe's abilities as your own. You can cycle through which ability you want to use (1, 2, 3, or 4) prior to casting. Same  energy costs apply.

3rd ability. Salvage - Casting 3 draws unneeded loot (ammunition, trust me, there's always plenty) to you, healing you. The more loot drawn in the greater the heal.

4th ability. Scrap Claws - Casting 4 pulls in scrap metal from the surrounding area forming two giant fists. This is an exulted weapon and drains energy over time. (Figure 1)latest?cb=20130501055804

Figure 1

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I have two passives in mind (perhaps both would work)

Assemble: when you go into operator mode, the frame falls apart, and the operator can turn it into  a weapon, either based on the four abilities of your choosing or based on the design above, a whip.

Broken Warrior: If the warframe does not have a melee weapon equiped, the frame has One Piece/ Arms style, long ranged punches, and the heavy attack would be a wide sweeping spin.The frame could also have a wide variety of augment mods to change what the passive weapon would be.

1st.  Steal: Generates an energy wave that steals the loot from nearby enemies, as well as the foe's armor, and adding to it's own, perhaps slightly changing the look of the frame depending on who it steals from.

2nd. Tendrils: Temporarily sacrifice movement speed to send some of the vine things out to grab opponents and rip them to shreds. While an enemy is grabbed by the tendrils, you can use steal for free. Its appearance should look like it could fall apart at any moment, as it is not  using the tendrils to hold itself together.

3rd. Whipline: Send a tendril out to a nearby wall or roof to create a zipline for you and fellow tenno to use. When the tendril hits the wall or ceiling, the warframe can stick to that part of the wall and attack from that position. This allows for good mobility, as well as new vantage points to perhaps snipe from. 

4th. Perfect Firearm: Turn one of your arms into a semiauto charge gun. Its damage is rather average to begin with, but by using steal and tendril, your gun begins to build strength, by taking the foe's weapon, and adding it to it's own. It also gains the foe's weapon's respective status effect(s). In terms of appearance, I think as the weapon gets stronger and more complex, so should the design, perhaps integrating in grineer, corpus, infested, etc. parts into the design, depending on what it steals.

The energy use for this last one could be complicated, so I think this would be the best way to go about it. It has a moderate energy cost to activate, and from there, each shot costs, the base gun is cheap, but as it grows stronger, it progressively becomes costlier to fire.

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passive        enemy drop scrap when killed 

1st ability     shoots arm forward  detaching hitting enemies in a strait line then reattaching   (enemy's killed by this drop more scrap)


2nd ability    absorbs scarp from fallen enemies and re store small bit of health and armor


3rd ability    detaches arm  to hack the  mission objective  (cryopod defense,life support survival,drills excavation) to heal or increase there out  

                     put ex life support   now resore 50% instead of 30%   or instead of 200 kuva 400 kuva from a life support in kuva survival                    


4th ability     void energy would shoot and attach too enemies in a determined range  then a overload blast then damage dealt  would buff  him        

                     and squad depending they enemy  heath from infested    shields from corpus   armor from grineer                           

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Well since he is a broken frame here are my ideas for abilities


Passive: Parts: When the frame is low on health gaining energy could help him regain his health


1. Energetic Blast: Harnessed from what seemed to be weapons the frame can fire a deadly blast from his hand puncturing holes in enemies it comes in contact with

2. Transformation: From what is a Kubrow or a Kavat the Warframe can take himself apart and rebuild himself into a domesticated animal the Kavat or the Kubrow. The Kubrow form can take heavy hits and deal immense damage with a dashing deadly charge. The Kavat form can run faster at a speed of 1.35 faster as their claws can slash through enemies the Kavat form can't deal as many blows but it is more stealth than the Kubrow

3. Corrupt: The frame is able to have its broken parts extend tubing into enemies injecting of the following Electricity, Poison, Deadly Maggots, But on some occasions the enemy can become broken as well but for allies this can help them with attack, speed, and strength.

4. Tearing Skin. With the final ability the Warframe can tear its chest clean open with a broken disassembled heart opening up releasing a devastating blast of a possible selection, Void, Fire, Electricity or Toxin, This goes as far as the chest can open and when finished the frame would close its chest releasing beams from its body as a blinding light blinding enemies

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Passive: Don't have energy, instead using "Spare Parts" (need proper name) to cast abilities. Each stack of "Spare Parts" increase Warframe stat by 100 determined by faction. Enemies affected or killed by Broken Warframe abilities drop "Spare Parts":  Grineer - armor, Corpus - shields, Infested - hp, others (including Sentients) - random.
1st ability: Shoot Warframe right hand (red one), applying impact status effect and vulnerability (similar to Nezha's Chakhram effect) to enemies within small aoe (~2 meters) and force them to drop "spare part". Cooldown - 5 seconds. Do not consume "Spare Parts" charges.
2nd ability: Launch tendril into an allie, after it comes back, replace THIS ability with similar to 1st ability of selected Warframe. Hold for 3 seconds to cancel effect. Consume 2 stack of "Spare Parts" for inital cast and 1 stack to cast similar ability of selected Warframe. Ally get half of the bonuses from 3rd Ability. If no other Tenno in squad - casting will give you ability of random Warframe for halved duration.
3rd ability: Consume 4 "Spare Parts" stacks to enhance stats of Warframe until the end of the mission or until death. +10 to HP, Shields and Armor, +5% to ability strength and duration.
4th ability: Press (use 3 "Spare Parts" charges) / Hold (6 "Spare Parts" used after holding for 2 second and +3 per each second afterwards). Explode into pieces, using "Spare Parts" charges. Range and ability strength increased by 1% for each "Spare Parts" used to cast. If 12+ "Spare Parts" used - Warframe become blob of biomass which need 3 seconds to rebuild itself, but can "infect" 1 enemie to kill it and instantly rebuild itself. Left click - launch itself to targeted location / into enemie.

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Okay so i've got a concept for a Passive and a 4th ability.

if anyone is interested in using this as part of a full set of ablitities please do so.

Passive - When hit parts of his body fly off and then return back to the body killing any enemies along the way. 

4th ability - He explodes dismantling himself in an outward explosion with 40-50m range dealing damage and then Implodes pulling himself back together while also pulling the enemies in and stunning them for a short time in a similar way to mag's pull. The intention is for this to be very powerful when fully charged.

It can be charged by using other abilities or by killing enemies. It would have a fixed moddable range but the damage would scale depending on the charge you have accumulated.

Energy cost - It will cost a specific energy per second for example 1 to 5 energy this will depend on how many enemies you are killing similar to efficiency in ESO, meaning the more you kill the less energy it costs to keep on. 

Feel free to use this as inspiration or straight up rip it off ^^ 

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Passive: Harvester- as he passed by dead enemies he collects metal to fill a segmented metal gauge, for every segment filled it adds an armour buff

1st:armour shot- he fires a projectile that empties a segment of the metal gauge, can be charged by draining extra segments

2nd: abandoned - he sheds all his armour and metal to become an incorporeal being that can't be detected by sensors or be damaged

4th:living weapon- creates a long whip like weapon that drain his metal gauge over time (can be modded like exalted blade and mesa's regulators)


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I would say his passive should be some thing like deal extra damage to body parts or some thing like that.

Ability 1- he can dash through enemies like a bullet , if it kill the enemy they become a void zombie.

Ability 2- he can extend his arm at a target, if the target is an enemy the get some armor striped, if the target is an friend they get buffed armor.

Ability 3- he rasies a army of void zombies to fight for him.

Ability 4- he breaks apart in to a long wire with fast movement to fly through the battle field.

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