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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Broken Warframe

Ability 1: Full Assembly

After casting, kills stack armor by (???%) percentage. Headshot kills increase stack by (???%) stacks up to 150% ; Extra kills increase duration of buff for 2s. Decreases by 1 every second. 


Ability 2 : Void Resupply

Latch onto enemies increasing movement speed or allies decreasing weapon recoil. Enemy armor decreases as ally armor increases while attached. Enemy kills while Void Resupply is active count toward collected void energy for Self Destruct.


Ability 3 : One is All

Drain all armor stacks for a damage buff of (???%). Any nearby allies in radius receive an increase in efficiency and casting. 


Ability 4 : Self Destruct

Decimate foes with a wave of collected void energy making you invulnerable for (???/s).

Passive : All is One

Void energy collected is transferred to allies for a brief increase in speed, fire rate and energy regen. Enemies killed by void energy transfer status affect to nearby targets, decreasing health and armor over time.

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Logically I would imagine the powers would stem from the 4 warframes it was created from. The first power "Sonic Scream" when used blasts a cone of AOE damage, based on strength and range, the more range the wider the cone. The Second power, Bladed Wings, when this power is activated sentient energy wings sprout from the warframe and is able to levitate in place with limited lateral and forward and backward movement, and is able to fire bladed feathers, this power's duration is based on consumption of energy the higher duration modded the less consumption of energy, range also enhances how far the bladed feathers can shoot. The Third power Sentient Energy Field, like frost's globe absorbs damage but at a certain point blast out that damage but stays intact and begins absorbing damage again the fields duration depends on duration mods. The fourth power Armorall The body of the broken frame becomes ferrite armor, as a visual example like Doomsday in Superman, how long the armor last is based on strength mods.

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Passive - "Scavenger"  Tenno starts with 0 armor and increases with each kill (Double bonus for robot kills)

1. "Recompile" Tenno can teleport/jump out of danger by breaking down to component pieces and reassembling at a distance away.

2. "Deconstruct" Warframe disassembles making it invulnerable for "x" seconds. Components hover loosely apart during buff.

3. "Recycle"  Tenno buffs team mates with armor bonus (based on total kills) for "x"seconds

4. "Shrapnel" Warframe casts off hundreds of collected bits of debris doing damage in all directions. 


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First of all, i'm not really good at naming thing so if you guys choose my ideas please name it for me ?

Passive : energy orb will gain more than regular, shift to dash at short distance, damaging enemy in the way, stealing small mount of energy

1 - make a enemy fat and explode with void energy : you beam some kind of energy into a enemy body, damaging them you will be immobilize while damaging the enemy you will suck in some health back while gaining some armor for 5s if enemy dies before 5s he will explode like a grenade damage nearby enemy

2 - a boom then suck in : fire a blast of void energy making enemy knockback then suck them into a spot at where you are standing

3- a buff to your weapons : a buff will be cast making your weapons melee and guns add some damage while 

4 waves of void energy : firing waves of void at every direction, damaging them overtime

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Posted (edited)

“Gimmie a minute… or 10”
This warframe has an untapped ability to increase gun and melee damage, however not straight away.  The longer this warframe is in a mission the more damage the warframes weapons do.  (Il just pop in a suggestion – 1.5% every minute to a max of 100%) 

1st. “I’m almost invisible” 
Visual Description:  intermittent invisibility, invisibly flickers between invisible and visible. Takes a moment to activate and sounds like a broken machine struggling to start up. 
Effect Description:  when cast the warframe is invisible, well sort of. If they stay still the invisiblity will remain longer but will cut out every now and again for a quick moment if moving the time that the warframe becomes visible is increased.  The invisiblity will always have a reflective shield but only reflects ranged damage when warframe is visible.  This does not stop melee and does not stop being damaged.  The shield offers a small damage reduction   this will be an energy over time drain ability. 

2nd. “I hope I can Control this”
Visual Description:  one arm over the head to charge a large ball of energy.  Player will be presented with a gauge or timed button.

Effect Description:Hitting within the time will charge the ability correctly and fire it in a line in front of the warframe and hits all enemies in its path causing massive damage.  If the player fails to charge it correctly the ball will explode in the warframes hand knocking it back onto the ground.  The warframe will be momentarily stunned but as this is uncontrolled energy the energy ball will do even more damage and the blast will be a radius out from the warframe. 

3rd “ Attack Me Quick”
Visual Description:  Radial wave of melodic energy.  Makes a haunting, metallic, melodic sound and looks like a dense wave of energy. 

Effect Description: this wave that bursts from the warframe will travel out in a radial wave.  When the wave makes contact with an enemy the enemy has a small time window to hit the warframe with a damaging attack.  If they are successful the wave has no effect., if they fail the wave will cause the enemy to become stunned for a short period before instantly becoming confused and attacks its allies. If the ability it cast and hits an already confused enemy, that enemy will be more susceptible to damage.  This effect will have a duration and the wave will have a certain max range. 

4th “ I feel perfect”
Visual Description: some sort of visable change to warframe feature or a glowing aura. 

Effect Description:  takes a moment to start up but when it does the warframe becomes temporarily perfect.  1st remains invisible and has no intermittent issues, 2nd can be cast with no negative control issues and 3rd will apply the effect even when warframe is damaged.  I would say this will want a limited time. 

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Passive: Scavenger: Walking over dead enemies gathers a new resource, which your abilities then make use of. (There is a separate meter for this resource)

Ability 1: Void Grapple: Shoot a grappling hook from the warframe's robotic arm, which draws him to the direction where he grappled.

- Grappling an enemy pulls them towards you and also siphons their health and and energy

Ability 2: Construct:use the resource gathered from your passive to create a small "Construct" robot which has three variation that you can switch between.

-Repair Construct: create a stationary machine that fixes/ heals you and fellow warframes. (uses resource from passive)

-Beast Construct: create a chimera beast which has robotic components but is also semi-organic and void-like (uses resource from passive and also energy)

-Pulse Construct: create a stationary machine that sends pulses every few seconds that deal damage, knock enemies, and pushes enemies away.

Ability 3: Tuning: use resources from passive to increase your max shield and fill your shield. Doings so makes the warframe bulkier and slower. Using the ability again, takes the pieces from your passive off of your warframe, making it faster and slimmer, but lowering the max shield.

Ability 4: Use the resources gathered from your passive and make them spin around you. Using the ability again makes shoots them in all directions and the rebound off of surfaces, hitting enemies and doing damage. (the ability uses energy depending on how long the resources gathered from your passive spin around and protect you, and stops draining energy once the ability is used again and shot out in all directions. If you run out of energy, the resources stop spinning around, defending you, and but they don't dissapear and you keep them in your meter.)

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1 nefrofelisum- able to create sentients from remains of dead enemies 

Passive - deaths door as the warframe nears death it summons a scythe that provides health, shield, and energy to itself.  It can also be used as a sheils

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Frame name: Siphon

Passive: Gain +10% extra shields on ammo pickups depending on primary weapon type used.


Skill 1: programming rounds

Hack into enemy weapon systems with data piercing rounds, chaining damage to nearby enemies while increasing shields of nearby allies by +25% when damaging affected targets.


Skill 2: informative ordinance

Send a cluster strike of ordinance on an area of enemies, increasing ammo pickup and decreasing enemy accuracy by 30% for 12 seconds. Ammo pickups by allies increase siphon's shields by +15%. 


Skill 3: sustained marksmanship

siphon prepares for an all out offensive increasing primary weapon status chance and status duration by 20% for itself and allies. Enemies killed have a +25% additional ammo drop for the primary weapon type currently equipped to siphon. Each enemy killed by allies will drain siphon's energy.

Skill 4: shield surge

Siphon prepares a last resort tactic depleting all of its shields to knockback and immobilize all enemies in the area with impact damage, creating overshields for all allies for 25% of damage siphon' deals. All enemies affected by shield surge increase all allies primary weapon accuracy and status chance by an additional 10%.


Always wanted a frame that increases primary weapon status chance. 🙂

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Passive: Strength in Numbers- Call forth the power of the fallen frames to allow Broken frame the ability to randomly upgrade one base stat, based on the dominant stats of the warframe currently in mission or instance (fortuna/Plains). Effect lasts for duration of mission. Example: Having a Hildryn, Inaros and Valkyr in the mission has the potential to raise Shields base stats (Hildryn), Health base stats (Inaros), or Armor base stats (Valkyr).

1st Ability: Chimeran Link- Absorb power from fellow frames, allowing Broken frame to utilize an ability of a frame in mission currently.

2nd Ability: Void Displacement- call upon the power of the void allowing attacks to pass through, with increased movement, cancelled by attacking. Attacks displaced accumulate as damage increases, increased armor (Scales different), or health pulse.

3rd Ability: Shattered Legion- Separate limbs, allowing fragments of self to inhabit enemies, enthralling them to attack and defend Broken. Damage to Broken transferred to thralls. Scales with power strength. **Potentially a 4, depending how many can be enthralled.

4th Ability: Vanquished Rage- unleash echoes of the void to attack enemieswith explosive voidouts channelling multi-elemental damage based upon coloring of frames. 

Figured as an amalgamation of remnant frames, it should have inspiration from them all.

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Posted (edited)

I do not know if this has already been posted, and with the amount of post and no readily available search function, I'll just submit the ideas I have, hoping it is not a repeat. 

This warframe really seems to me, to be a warframe worth abilities I've been thinking about for a while "Shapechanging". More specifically, this warframe seems to be very fragmented but also capable of high adaptability, I also imagine this warframe stemming from an as of yet unknown "Free roaming" area in the Void; The place whence the Tenno originated from. 

Having been exposed to the everchanging aspects of the void, Eornheit is capable of adapting to damage on the fly, even utilizing it to great strength. When exposed to an element, this warframe slowly stacks resistance towards this element. For every 10.000 damage received of any single damage within a 120 second timeframe, a cumulative 10% resistance is granted, up to 30% to one element type. This also only applies to one element type at a time, so if another element trumphs the previous one, that is the type granted resistance to, not both. 
Her form also changes to embrace this adaptability; Becoming more transparant with toxin/gas, gaining more burlyness with cold/magnetic, becoming more lean with electricity/corrosion, becoming quadpidal with fire/blast, and hovering with radiation/viral. When no resistance is gained, she defaults back to her original form. 

Embrace of elements
1st ability energy cost: 30
Depending on the current energy, which Eornheit has resistance to, she is granted a capability in accordance to the element; This aura last for 3/5/10 seconds, and it has a radius around Eornheit of 5/10/20 m:
Toxin/Gas: Eornheits form takes on aspects of poison and gas, becoming overall resistant to physical damage(Impact/Puncture/Slash) and procs associated with those. This resistance is equal to 10%/30%/50% according to ability rank. 
Heat/Blast: Eornheits form takes on aspects of explosions and fire, making her emanate an aura that deals 100/300/500 heat + 100/300/500 blast damage every 1/s, with a 5/10/20% status chance of either Heat or Blast. 
Electricity/corrosion: Eornheit erodes her enemies defences, emanating a 100% status chance of corrosion, and dealing 200/500/1000 electricity damage, with a 10/20/40% status chance.
Cold/magnetic: Eornheit slows down her enemies and make them receptible to physical damage. Enemies within her aura are slowed by 10/20/30%, and they receive 20/40/80% more damage from physical damage (Impact/Puncture/slash), furthermore adding a 10/20/40% chance of impact proc. 
Radiation/viral: Eornheit makes her enemies very weak and confused. Every enemy within her aura has a 20/40/75% chance of radiation proc, and their health and attack damage is diminshed by 10/20/40%. 

Elemental feedback
2nd ability energy cost: 50
Eornheit accumulates the element she has resistance from her adaptability passive to into her attacks. Her melee/primary/Secundary weapons gain an additional 50/100/200% damage increase of the element she has resistance to, furthermore increasing the status chance of the weapon by 10/15/20%. This buff lasts for 5/15/30s. 

Agile Adaption
3rd ability Energy cost: 75
Eornheit gains the ability to utilize her gathered elemental resilience into a new movement. This buff lasts for 15/30/60s and depends on Eornheits adaptability passive.
Electricity/corrosion: Eornheit can use the dodge roll to teleport 5/10/20m in the direction she is moving.
Heat/Blast: Eornheits movement speed is increased by 5/10/20%. When Ground slamming she has a 100% chance to inflict the blast proc. 
Toxin/Gas: Eornheit gains the ability to move around with grace. Her bullet jump is 20/40/80% longer, while aim gliding speed is slowed by 10/20/40% more than usual. 
Cold/Magnetic: Eornheits movement leaves a trail of cold, traping enemies in her trail, and also allowing Eornheit to wall latch for 100/300/500% longer than normal.
Radiation/Viral: Eornheits movement becomes very eratic, making her appear three places at once, and lowering enemies ability to hit her. For the duration she has two illusions of herself within 10m of her, and the illusions have a taunting effect on enemies. 

Molecular superiority:
4th ability energy cost: 100
Eornheit becomes able to adapt her form down to the molecule. For 10/20/40s she gains full resistance (30%) from her adaptability passive to all elements, furthermore her other abilities functions as if she has resistance to all elements, being buffed as well. This form also adapts aspects from all of her adaptability passives 

I know this is a rather tall order, but there you have it, my idea of a shapechanging warframe.


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My idea for this frame, I tried to make it unique, and have a diffeent viable playstyles, would appreciate any feedback regarding it.


Passive ability - Frame has a entropy meter (visible like saryns infection stack meter) that will slowly rise over time. It grants different bonusses at diffeent levels:

Low entropy (0% - 35%) - Frame has constant slow health regeneration and generates armor, up to a high amount, 15 of the armor buff gets removed when he gets hit, but only once per half a second.

Moderate entropy (36% - 70%) - Frame gets bonus ability efficiency and movement speed and an accummulating attack speed and damage buff that rises slowly up to a moderate amount. When a weapon is used this buff gets applied for a short time and the accumulation buff resets back to zero.

High entropy (70% -100%)- Frame constantly looses health, but gets a passive 30% dodge chance and a accummulating power strength bonus that rises quickly up to a moderate amount, and gets applied and reset at the next ability cast. Casting an ability in this state also causes a very small radial blind. 

Ability 1 - Reassemble - 25 energy

Lowers entropy

The frame becomes invulnerable for a short amount of time during which it will regenerate some health. Being shot during this invulnerability will grant a moderate damage reduction against that damage type.

Ability 2 - Pummel - 50 energy 

Increases entropy

The frame strikes any enemies within moderate distance with moderate damage. Additional effects apply depending on entropy level while activated:

Low - Strip moderate amount of armor from enemies and convert it towards your own armor buff. 

Medium -Jam enemy weapons for a short amount of time

High - Apply a bleed proc that scales with this abilities damage. 

Ability 3 - Disentangle - channeled

Increases entropy

Loose a small amount of health on activation and allow your accummulative buffs from entropy levels to go past their base limits and accelerate the rate at which they increase as long as this ability stays active.

Ability 4 - Weave reality - 100 energy

Casts an aura with small radius and a long duration that surrounds the warframe and causes effects depending on entropy level:

Low - Decrease the armor buff loss from getting shot for every enemy in aura and drain the health of the enemies for yourself, applies the armor and health buff for allies within the aura. 

Medium - Increase damage, movement and attack speed for you and allies within aura and debuffs the enemies with decreased movement and attack speed. 

High - Status effects procced on enemies will remain indefinitely on them as long as they are within the aura, and yours and all allies status chance is sligthly increased. 

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If this hasn't yet been brought up:

a CC ability like Nidus's Larva, but centered on the emanating frame and not a chosen point in space, and lasting only until the enemies reach said frame. Basically a "get over here" for melee frames. 

Basically, this could replace something like Valkyr's ripline, which at this point is just a meme. Some may enjoy spidermaning around but most do not and so this is a dead ability. In fact, this can even replace the ripline on the Itzal, which is pretty useless in actual gameplay. 


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Everything could goes wrong.


When cast ability, 4% chance the effect of ability will be double or halved. (cooldown after triggered: 3 second)
At the same time, the base status of warframe will also be double or halved for 15 second. Can be stacked.

Ability 1: Overclocking (channeling type)
Function up the firearms, increase damage dealt and firerate.
But everytime fire, 0.1% chance will burst barrel, cause decrease damage dealt, firerate and can't cast Overclocking for 10 second.

Ability 2: Infection (hold to disable ability)
Paralyzes a single enemy unit, inflict impact + viral + magnetic status effect 0.75 second per tick.
Spread to another 2 enemy unit nearby if the host is killed, or 3 second passed.
1% chance will inflict same effect on self when cast.

Ability 3: Glitch
Cast a random effect area buff to team, or debuff to enemy.
If enemy affected by Infection, double the effect.
1% chance will blow self up, drain out all tne energy and shield, damage enemy nearby and ragdoll them. Damage depends on the total amount drained.

effect list: speed, armor, damage dealt, freeze, random warp

Ability 4: Error
Can only cast when there's unit affect by Infection, and only works on them.
When cast, every unit will be knock down, and leave a mark on them.
Attacking marked enemies will cause a explosion, dealing 5% their max HP random elemental (include combined elements) damage, and 200% status chance.
When the effect ends, cause another bigger explosion on survivor and dealing 40% their remain HP damage.

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I wouldn't mind a frame with at least one of these abilities. I feel like a ability like Replication would be super fun in a mission, giving the frame variety of use depending on the situation. Of course, that could also make him OP, that's why his passive is attached to it's duration. 

  • Passive - As he touches enemies and allies two things happens: the amount of time touching them affects the duration of Replication and the amount of enemies touched affects Disassemble movement speed. 
  1. Penetrate: Shoots his tendrils off towards the enemies in front of him in a AoE (the tendrils are still connected to this body), paralyzing the enemies and gathering them around the frame when the tendrils return. Enemies tries to stand up slowly, feeling confused. Creates a diversion while CCing/doing damage. 
  2. Symbiosis: Latch itself with it's tendrils in a enemy like a parasite, breaking itself apart around it, sucking it's health/doing damage overtime, healing itself and nearby allies. While following the enemy around the frame is immobile and with his core having low chances of being hit. The enemy being latched will attack their allies with increased damage and his movement will be in control of the player. If the frame latch itself in a friendly Warframe it will buff this frame ability strength and regenerate their energy while depleting their own energy. The damage, healing, buff increases greatly as time/energy depletes, making it useful for burst damage or for giving a friendly frame high damage/efficacy. 
  3. Replication: Changes itself and becomes a friendly frame, with the duration depending directly on his Passive. While in this state all of his parameters are buffed/doubled. Short or somewhat long duration, but while transformed he has all of the other frame abilities. If they are doing the mission solo he only gains the parameters buff (or you could make the change to a frame be random). 
  4. Disassemble: Break itself off, starts to gather enemies around the frame core through his tendrils and becomes a monster full of enemy parts. Not only does high damage, but grows in area of effect as the energy is depleted CCing enemies. High range and area of effect, creating a protecting field for allied Warframes, giving them damage reduction. The more enemies it gather initially, the more damage it does. Moves very slowly, like a monster and grabs enemies as they come. His core is vulnerable while disassembled, but with smart use of his Passive he can move around fast enough to live and protect his allies. 

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NAME - Shatter

PASSIVE - Switching abilities gives him 2 seconds of invincibility only his 4th and 3rd abilities stacks with his others.

ABILITY 1- SWIFT- Shatter calls on former pieces of himself and becomes faster giving himself a boost in speed and crit chance while in this form he will drain energy slowly

ABILITY 2- BREAKER- Shatter regains his former strength and endurance he gains knock down immunity and a damage buff he will slowly drain energy while in this form

ABILITY 3- GUARDIAN- Shatter summons his mighty armor granting nearby allies and himself an armor buff as well as 15% of all orbs and ammo picked up by him

ABILITY 4- BROKEN FURY- Shatter summons his all his former might gaining a building buff of attack speed and damage resistance while drawing in all nearby enemies this ability will drain energy over time

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If y’all are looking for a new Warframe design I mean we have Inaros and Nidus and Hildrin(<- I don’t know how to spell) why not an all Armor frame? The frame would have all yellow hp and it’s abilities could have to do with drawing enemy fire. The yellow hp could be his passive which makes him immune to certain status effects or more resistant to them and additionally he takes less damage from provoked enemies. He could be like a support tank to draw all the fire from his teammates who would have a self heal. His first ability could be a 10-15m stun which also provokes enemies. His second ability could be a heal to allies in his radius and the heal increases with the amount of enemies around him also provoking the enemies in this radius. His third ability could be like a frost bubble that’s more like a shield but can be increased to a circular shield with mods and any enemy that goes through the shield is provoked. In this circle allies have more armor or receive buffs. His fourth and final ability would be like Inaros’s fourth ability but in a different way by taking damage you gain armor up to 500 and then release it all into enemies dealing major damage to heavier targets and anything that survives is provoked. 

Skinny frame but gets bigger when fourth ability increases. Has cool rib cage and full back made of metal because that’s just cool.

Passive (Armored): Takes Less Damage from status effects and provoked enemies

Ability 1(Insert super cool name for an ability like “Provoking Screech”): Stuns enemies for 2 seconds and provokes enemies in its radius (10-15)

Ability 2(Cool name): Heals allies over time (large energy drain) and provokes enemies in radius (10)

Ability 3(Another dope name): Summons a Shield that’s is 90 degrees and creates a semi-circle where allies armor is buffed inside (Has 750 health at level 3)

Ability 4(Flak Jacket): When activated the ability takes in rounds from the enemy and creates armor around the frame(500 max). When re-activated the frame releases all of the rounds that were taken in dealing more damage to heavy enemies.


Long Skinny Sniper:

Has 3 rounds per magazine and deals blast damage. Is Bolt Action

Slash Damage And Blast Damage are main damage 

Has high Critical Chance and High Critical Damage but very bad status chance with a slow reload. Sniper is mainly a Huge Damage Sniper.

40% Crit Rate 3.5x Crit Multiplier 6 Second reload Total 10% Status Chance

Secondary Pistol: 

Pistol has high damage and decent magazine with slow reload. Standard Status and Crit stats. Pistol fire 2 bullets per shot and multi shot modifiers are 2x as effective.

(Insert Big Damage Stats) 3 second reload and 25-30 round magazine

Just a reliable but unique type of pistol nothing special.


A heavy Ninkana that acts like a normal Ninkana. Is a larger version on the SkiaJati. Has normal attack speed high crit chance and high crit damage. Acts like the SkiaJati just bigger with more damage. 

Unique Aspect: Can combine the SkiaJati and the Fi’tso. Has super cool animation where it takes the SkiaJati from hip as normal and takes the Fi’tso from back with really cool animation on spam of melee button.

The swords have low attack speed but highest crit rate of melee in game and unique 3 attack heavy attack. The Finisher should activate Invisability and should cut the enemy into 3. 

Introduces extra Umbra mods for Shield Rifle Damage Mod and Pistol Damage mod

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idk bruh just make it so you craft his parts from other warframe parts, and he gains the ability of it, so,

passive can be simple,bonus  energy regen when warframe energy colour is blue, bonus health when red, armor and shields, all based on energy colour for more customization

chassy = first ability of warframe who owns chassy 
systems = second ability of designated warframe
neuroptics = third ability of  the warframe

ult should be really plain and weak to balance out the fact that you are going to make a busted frame, so let someone else decide that 

and THAT is my un-creative idea on how to make a busted (overpowered) warframe

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Warframe abillities:

Passive: Finisher attacks rip a body part from the victim and consumes it for bonus health, armor, or other buffs. Consuming multiple parts will build up a stacking system which is reserved for the player to decide between random/specific buffs or to bolster the effects of the Frame's 2nd ability.

1st Ability: Randomized elemental attack resembling that of Ember's Fireball or Volt's Shock. (Each applying one of the available elements: electric, fire, cold, radiation, magnetic, corrosive, etc.) Guaranteed 100% status chance on successful hit.

2nd Ability: Consume the stack built-up by the passive ability to create a dead totem of yourself that becomes embedded in the ground. The totem will corrupt the surroudning area with a randomized element. (For example: Radiation causing friendly fire, magnetic pulling enemies in, gas and etc.)

3rd Ability: Adapt the element on your currently equipped weapon and cast that on your next ability with enhanced effects. Ability will buff other party members in one of two ways depending on weapon builds. Party members will be buffed from a random pool of elements if primary, secondary, and melee weapons all have alternate elements on them. Single choice of elements spread across all weapons evenly will bolster the party-buff even further but will only effect one other party member. (Much like Mesa's shooting gallery function.)

4th Ability: Body parts dismantle and fall to ground, allowing a ghostly apparition to roam freely (in an invulnerable state?), applying 100% status chance effects to enemies which have been passed through. Quick dashes towards/through enemies consumes more energy/passive-stack. Consuming a full stack (from passive ability) during 4th ability would allow for dismantled body parts to act as glaives. (Which can be modded just the same as Ivara's Artemis Bow or Valkyr's Talons.)

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Passive: void plate - Increase armor from fallen enemies 

1st ability: phase - pass through enemies shattering armor % and dealing damage.

2nd: void emergence - bluffs allies within range +fire rate +movement SPD

3rd: Megnetospere - create a void storm (aoe) slowing and dealing damage. 

4th: void cannon - warframe transforms arms into cannons channeling energy 



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Passive ability: void siphon; when he hits an enemy with his abilities he drains health and shields from the target proportional to the damage dealt.

Ability 1: void lance; he builds up void energy into a powerful lance that pierces any enemy directly infront of him dealing dmg to each one it goes through. The longer the charge the more powerful the lance but the more energy it takes to use.

Ability 2: Void Blast; a short range blast of void energy that damages and knocks /launches back any enemy within a radius around him. Charging the ability increases range and knockback but increases energy drain.

Ability 3; Void shield; a defensive ability that knocks back melee attackers and bends ranged attacks away from him. Charging the ability increases the duration but also increases the energy drain.

Ability 4: Void Rift; A massive AOE attack that cause a storm of void energy that damages any and all enemies in the field and detonates when deactivated. The longer it remains active the stronger the final blast. Has a continuous energy drain.

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Since this frame is made of fragments of other frames, I thought of abilities based on an amalgamation of shattered minds and bodies instinctively trying to become whole again. Also, I'll be calling this frame "Splinter" in these abilities because it seems to fit.


Passive: Scrap Steel

Splinter temporarily reinforces himself using spare materials.

Unused ammo drops are converted into a stacking armor buff that decays over time.


Ability 1: Broken Body

Splinter breaks off a piece of his body, which begins moving around to attack enemies.

Summons a Shard minion, which chases enemies and lashes out at them with void tendrils. Splinter can have up to 3 Shards active at once. Visually, a fragment of Splinter's body would be removed, and the gaps would be filled in with void energy. When Splinter casts his 2nd or 3rd abilities, any active Shards also cast a weaker version of that ability.


Ability 2: Assimilate

Splinter lashes out at a nearby enemy with a void tendril, binding it and draining its life essence to restore his own.

Splinter attacks a nearby enemy with a void tendril. That enemy is immobilized and dragged behind Splinter as he moves. He can hold up to 3 enemies, and each enemy caught in the ability increases Splinter's life regeneration. All damage on victims is stored, and dealt to the enemy when the ability ends.

When this ability is used, any active Shards use the ability as well, although they can only hold one enemy each.


Ability 3: Shriek

The many voices within Splinter cry out at once.

Splinter releases a piercing scream, terrifying enemies and cracking their armor at close range.

When this ability is used, any active Shards use the ability as well with reduced range.


Ability 4: Shattered Soul

The broken souls that make up Splinter break apart from each other, splitting into three separate bodies.

Splinter splits himself into three separate bodies, and the player can cycle their control between each of them individually. Visually, the white, blue, and red segments of his body split into individual bodies, with void energy filling in the gaps. Tapping the key switches which body you control, holding reassembles the clones into one frame again.

Each body will attempt to use a different weapon from the weapons the player has equipped.

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The warframe in the concept art appears to be comprised of four different properties (white, red, dark grey, and void energy tentacles.) So I believe that every power in its kit should represent each property. The void energy tentacles appear to be the foreign element that is holding all of the other properties together; the white part looks more robust and armor like than any of the other parts; the dark grey is sleeker and stealthier than the other properties; and the red part seems stronger and more mechanical than every other part.

This warframe should have a pickup item (similar to Atlas’ rubble) called SCRAP (to keep the idea that this is a warframe made from salvaged parts). It gives armor and health. It stacks like nidus’ mutation; the higher the stack the more damage resistance. SCRAP isn’t effected by mods like vacuum or fetch, and only this warframe can obtain it.

PASSIVE: Every X amount of SCRAP stacks causes you to emit a pulse that gives you energy. (Again this is keeping with the idea that this warframe is an unstable salvage of various parts and void energy).

ABILITY 1: This ability would come from the void energy. Warframe disassembles and becomes a violent chaotic storm of parts. In this channeled ability it controls similar to inaros’ sandstorm while causing damage to enemies in its radius and attracting SCRAP. When the ability is deactivated the warframe quickly reconstructs.

ABILITY 2: This Ability would come from the white part of the frame. Warframe flings off the white portion of itself at an arched trajectory similar to the trajectory that vauban’s grenades travel when thrown. This portion then reforms into on indestructible stationary decoy that draws the enemy’s attention. When the decoy is out, the warframe has reduced armor but increased movement speed. The decoy remains for a duration or until recalled; when recalled or when the duration runs out the decoy comes flying back to the warframe at a high speed causing enemies caught in its path to be ragdolled and pulled along with it until violently colliding and reuniting with the warframe. Enemies caught in the collision's radius become more susceptible to damage.

ABILITY 3: This Ability would come from the dark grey arm of the warframe. Casts an elongated shadowy arm (it is cast in the same way of trinity’s energy vampire i.e. your movement is halted until the shadow hits its target) once it reaches into an enemy, multiple shadow arms spread outwards from that enemy towards enemies nearby it. The shadow arms violently rip SCRAP off of all effected enemies.

ABILITY 4: This Ability would come from the red arm. Red arm transforms into a really big exalted gun. (It has a charge trigger like the Lanka). It fires a large energy ball that explodes on contact, heavily damaging and knocking down enemies. The gun consumes SCRAP instead of energy (so this abilty cannot be activated until you have enough SCRAP). You can cast ability 1 but it will cancel ability 4; you cannot cast ability 2 but you can manually recall its decoy if it was out before you activated the 4th ability; activating ability 3 will cancel the 4th ability as well. Enemies effected by the really big gun drop SCRAP when killed (though they won’t drop as much as the 3rd ability). If you charge for too long you will overcharge the gun; this causes the warframe to blow up in a huge damaging explosion unleashing all of your collected SCRAP as deadly shrapnel. X% of your health will be depleted. Moments after the explosion, the warframe rebuilds itself. When rebuilding you cannot move; you do not take damage during and shortly after the rebuilding process, however the 1st ability can be activated to interrupt the slower rebuilding process of the 4th ability.

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Posted (edited)

Passive ability: Instability: If their health is higher than energy, health transfers to energy gradually, and vice versa. If their health reaches 0, their body parts shatter, pierce enemies around them. Enemies are stunned until the body part falls out of them. If there's no enemy/less enemies than the number of their body parts, the rest of the body parts just fall on the ground. To revive, aim and concentrate on body parts to gather them(similar to Inaros' revive), or teammates can hep by collecting them(similar to reviving allies in the Arbitration)

First Ability: Feasting Fist: Penetrate an enemy's chest with their fist(red one), consumes the target's HP to replenish energy. Costs HP to cast.

Second Ability: Grasping Grab: A hand(blueish one) disappear from the warframe and reappear on the head of targeted enemy. Stuns target and cold damage&slow around the target.

Third Ability: Overclock: While active, their shield keep regenerates despite being hit. Consumes energy per second.

Fourth Ability: Convergence: Threads comes out of the warframe that pulls and stitches enemies around, to make a ball of flesh. The ball can move at slow speed, hovering on the ground, and can add more victims. Damage(both from enemies and teammates) to the ball shared to the enemies in the ball and reduced amount of the damage to the warframe. When deactivate or warframe's hp reaches 0, the ball explodes, damages survived enemies and enemies around the ball. Consumes energy per second.

Edited by Dicaren
added missing description on fourth ability(can add more enemies while activate, energy consumption)

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Here's my take on Broken-Frame's abilities based on the artwork. I'm going towards a more "Frankenstein stitched up" version


Passive Part Replacement: When the frame reaches critical health levels, they will replace any damaged parts with any body parts available nearby i.e. severed enemy limbs to restore health.

1st Ability Extend: The frame fires their arms and grabs the first enemy they hit, pulling them into close range. Holding the ability button will instead fire their arms and does blast/impact damage on contact, a literal rocket punch.

2nd Ability Reconfigure: The frame rearranges their body to fit the situation for speed, defense or balance formation. In speed formation they have increased movement and attack speed, but sacrifice armor/shields. In defense formation, the frame gains more armor and health, but sacrifices their ability to sprint. Balance form is the frame's default form, however when swapping to balance form from another form will grant them a temporary buff based on the previous formation.

3rd Ability Puppeteer: The frame extends the void string that keeps him together and ties up his enemies into a ball. Activating his ability again will throw the ball at his desired location, dealing damage to the thrown enemies and anyone in the area.

4th Ability Armorskin: The frame breaks down to its basic pieces, and attaches them onto a friendly ally target. Although the frame loses control of movement, he is able to use his abilities and weapons freely. The ally who is armed with the frame gains all the benefits of the frame's Reconfigure, and any damage that would be dealt to them will transfer to the Broken Warframe instead at a reduced amount.

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