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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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I liked the idea of this warframe thriving off the comunity.So i decided to play with a ying and yang idea of both a helpful symbiote, and a destructive parasite, gaining strength in numbers, whether they be friends or foes. I wanted to come up with abilities that play off of each other while also effecting allies and enemies that this warframe comes in contact with.  Hope you like my ideas! 


Passive: (As One) {Broken Warframe} Gains armor/ and ability strength increasing with each friendly/enemy unit within a 15 yard radius persists for 3 seconds when all units leave the radius.

Ability 1: (Parasitic Reach) Tendrils reach forward out of {broken warframes} arm dealing damage and augmenting your weapons  with the damaged units energy type. {broken warframe is healed for 80% of damage dealt

Ability 2:(Grasping Carapace) {Broken Warframe's} body sprouts many tendrils out of its back striking the nearest enemies within melee range. lasts 30 seconds.

Ability 3:[toggle] (Leach scouts) Leaches leave {Broken Warframes} body every second and Attach to nearby units. Allies are granted {Broken Warframes} (As One) Passive while a leach persists on them. Enemies take damage over time. returning damage dealt to {Broken Warframe}. Drains energy per second

Ability 4: (Ultimate Symbiotic Parasite) {Broken Warframe} Becames the Ultimate Symbiotic Parasite for the next 20 seconds

.Releasing a burst of energy damaging all unites within  a 30 yard radius and granting the following benefits. 

All health gained from {Broken Warframes} abilities give energy for 100% of healing done for 20 seconds

Grasping Carapace's Tendrils Increase in range dealing extra damage to units it hits. for 20 seconds

All Active Leach Scouts are burst Burst granting allies the same energy type granted from parasitic reach. for 20 sec

 Enemies: If an enemy unit dies while under the effects of a leach scout, {Damaged Warframe} gains health and energy from the fallen unit.

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I don't know if this post will even get read this far back in the thread... but if it does, here's my thoughts:

Since the description of the Warframe is that it was put together out of many different pieces, my theme revolves around adding pieces to itself, adapting, and disassembling itself again.

Passive: Adaptation: The Warframe has the unique ability of changing itself depending on what kind of damage it receives. For example, if an enemy hits it with Heat damage, it can now use Heat damage in its abilities (weapons are still separate). The only exceptions to this are special damage types like Void and Tau. In order to facilitate control over this, the player will have a small pool of recently taken damage types they can use, that they can swap between similar to Ivara's arrows. The currently selected damage type will not be overwritten unless the player swaps it out and takes damage again.


  1. Release: Releases a piece of itself similar to Helios. This will launch toward a targeted area and create a shockwave at the point of impact, dealing knockdown in its immediate vicinity. The piece will then remain in place for the ability's duration, or until the player calls it back by pressing the button again, dealing continuous AoE damage around it. This attack deals Radiation damage by default, with the added effect of taking Adaptation into account. For example, If the Warframe has Heat damage stored, the AoE will also do Heat damage with a guaranteed Heat proc. Quick tapping the button will swap the damage type from the pool, prior to casting. This ability can be charged by holding the button down, and will consume any armor that has been caught by Capture to deal bonus damage and extend the range of the AoE.
  2. Capture: The Warframe extends a tendril from itself towards the selected enemy and grabs it. Enemies near the impact get knocked down. The initial hit will do Impact damage, while the grab will quickly deal DoT to the enemy based on Adaptation's stored energy type, or Magnetic damage by default (similar to Hydroid's tentacles.) The grabbed enemy will be unable to attack for the duration of this ability, but the Warframe can freely move around. If the enemy is killed by this attack (either from the attack, the player's guns, or the player's allies), the Warframe will "add" the defeated enemy to itself, represented as a new piece of armor floating on the Warframe. Similar to Garuda's Dread Mirror, this ability has an Instant Kill threshold, allowing you to instantly Capture an enemy if they are significantly weakened (let's say around 30% HP). Each piece of armor captured by the Warframe adds additional Armor to the Warframe, up to a max of 4? times.
  3. Watchful Eye: After the Warframe has added pieces to itself from Capture, it can redirect one piece towards an ally, which will follow them for a set duration and act like a Sentinel. It will slowly regenerate the ally's health and target enemies near the ally with lasers, dealing Adaptation's current damage type when the ability was used. If the Ally takes lethal damage while this ability is active, the damage will instead kill the Sentinel (this can only happen once every 90 seconds, similar to Phoenix Renewal). If the player doesn't target an ally, the Sentinel can instead follow the player.
  4. Dismantle: The Warframe will split itself apart violently, releasing a large amount of Void energy from itself along with the pieces of itself. This creates a large explosion at the position of the Warframe, dealing Radiation damage with bonus damage from Adaptation applied. The pieces of the frame will then go flying towards any nearby enemies it can find, dealing heavy amounts of damage as they fly from one target to the next. Damage that is taken by the Warframe (or what's left of it, the skeleton of tendrils) is redirected to the pieces increasing their damage. Extra pieces obtained by Capture further increase the damage this ability does by increasing the number of flying pieces, but are lost when the ability ends. The Warframe then calls the pieces back and rebuilds itself.

The gameplay flow would revolve around the player capturing as many extra pieces as they can, and then choosing what to do with the captured pieces. The Warframe will be versatile and be able to crowd control, support allies, or deal large amounts of damage. It could be fun seeing how players manipulate the Adaptation mechanic, like purposefully breaking LN2 containers to gain Ice damage.

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This is a very interesting idea for a Warframe. I hope that you do see this and if you do that’s good enough for me. I’m just excited to see what this will become and how it will be different to what we have now.

I just think it would be cool that if you enter operator mode the Warframe’s different pieces would fall apart and lay on the ground in a pile. Just thought it could be a cool and interesting effect. Since the operator isn’t using its transference energy to connect to the warframe, the warframe wouldn’t have enough energy to hold itself upright.


passive: can pick up enemy remains and make them into his own body for use later


ability 1: part of his body breaks off ( loses amour or health) and will attack enemies until it is recalled or is destroyed

ability 2: a detached body part will latch on to an enemy (slowly damaging it) and force it to fight for you until it is called back by ability 1, the enemy dies, or the body part is destroyed

ability 3: Warframe’s body parts can be set on the ground and used as deadly traps that can stop enemies in their tracks

ability 4:Warframe will emit a large void blast that will damage enemies and stun then for a few seconds. This can drop off body parts but they can be picked back up if dropped  


Any concerns to my knowledge about the amount of parts to level of health might be answered here.

 This Warframe would be able to drop and pick up different parts off the battlefield. He would start off with a default amount of parts of just the Warframe. Any extra parts picked up would add amour to the frame and any amount less than the starting amount will cause a maximum health loss until parts are put back. A maximum part amount would be needed though if this idea were to work



Thank you for your consideration,

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I would like to imagine this Warframe would have a name like "Enigma" - fitting for a frame that could change or adapt to its surroundings and might be hard to understand due to his changing appearance. (I'll use this name as a placeholder for future reference).

My thought process with this warframe focuses around the 'broken' aspect, appearing with an eerie, spindly demeanor that harnesses massive latent power. Enigma would be more of a technical Warframe and a bit of a glass cannon, requiring the player to use his abilities on enemies to progressively grow stronger while maintaining his survivability, much like with Nidus's Mutation gauge. When Enigma loses Health, his Fragment Gauge will also deplete, so making sure Enigma keeps his shields up is very important!


With that in mind, here are some ideas for abilities I feel would be fitting for this frame:

1) Ethereal Talon - Enigma stretches a fragmented claw of void energy and warframe parts to grab an enemy at a distance and strip them of their armor. If the enemy has already had their armor stripped, the enemy will explode in a burst of pure void energy inflicting radiation damage, causing an AoE that topples nearby enemies and builds Enigma's Fragment Gauge by 4 points for each enemy struck. (affected by power strength and range mods)

2) Unholy Aether – Enigma fragments his body into a swirling mass of void energy and warframe components. Enemies caught in the cloud will be inflicted with a % of radiation damage, have their health gradually sapped and armor stripped. Each enemy caught by this ability will add 3 points to Enigma’s Fragment Gauge (affected by power strength, duration, and range mods).

3) Fabricate – Enigma controls the energy of the void to warp enemy equipment into powerful upgrades. This is a single ability with 3 toggleable parts. The difference with this ability (opposed to Ivara’s Quiver or Wisp’s Reservoir) is that while all three parts of the ability can be used separately, they are intended to be combined for an overall buff. Using this ability will consume 50 points of Enigma’s Fragment Gauge. When all three parts are combined, Enigma will emit void energy around himself, buffing all nearby players with a 15% increased status and critical chance.

- Effulgent Core: Increases Enigma’s health by 30%

- Astral Barrier: Increases Enigma’s shield by 30%

- Harbinger’s Seal: Increases Enigma’s armor by 30%

4) Decimator - Enigma will redirect Warframe parts on his body onto his arm to create a massive arm “cannon,” – the Decimator – capable of firing giant lugs of void energy inflicting heavy amounts of radiation damage. Enigma becomes much more susceptible to damage in this state, as much of the void energy holding his body together becomes exposed. For this reason, ensuring the player focuses their Fragment Gauge points on Fabricate is crucial. (affected by power strength, duration, and range mods)

Passive: Volatile Remains – Any enemy killed by Enigma’s abilities have a chance to remain after death as explosive corpses, dealing radiation damage to any enemy who walks too close.

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Possible Names (Google translate used in some, so grain of salt required): Turrim (Latin for Tower), Pars (Latin for Segment/part/piece), Kyosugi (Based on Japanese method of fixing broken things with gold. But instead of gold, void), Compound (Triple entendre; Multiple parts, mixture of elements, multiplied effects)


Intention/Inspiration: Caught between the chaotic power of the Void and the its own former strength, this warframe balances itself on a knife’s edge between the two, expending the energy holding it together for increased destructive power or hoarding it for its own survival.


At rank 30:

Health: 300

Shields: 450

Armor: 150

Energy: 100


Passive: Integrity; 5 notches (with half notches, so you have 10 half-notches total), start at 150% power strength, +0/+0 health/shields. Each whole notch added is -10% power strength, flat +100/+100 health/shields (After calculations). Half notches do not increase/decrease stats, only ‘integer’ notches do so.


Rend: A shotgun style short range ripline that auto targets up to 10 enemies in a 5/6/7/8 meter, 90O cone (increasing range decreases cone angle) in the direction the camera is facing that removes a flat 70/80/90/100 base armor from the grabbed enemies similarly to the Shattering Impact mod. Each enemy grabbed increases integrity by one half-notch and grants 10 additional base armor (before mod calculations). Armor bonus decays by 1 armor every second (affected by duration). Grabbed enemies will be held in front of the player as a meat shield, held together by a  barrier made of void tendrils. This Void barrier is the actual shield, rather than the rag-dolls, and its health is generated by combining the remaining health and shields of the grabbed victims (object based health now, similar to Snow Globe/Tectonics). As the shield takes damage, it equally applies to every rag-doll, and as individual rag-dolls take enough damage equivalent to their original remaining EHP, they will die and be dropped from the shield. This shield lasts for 15/20/25/30 seconds or until health hits 0 and the final rag-doll is released. Holding a recast will crunch the bodies together for 70/80/90/100 damage per body, evenly divided between the three physical damages; this damage is also affected by Ability Strength. Following the crunch, all rag-dolls will then be thrown forward, damaging enemies in the path similar to the way arrows carry bodies and damage others in their path. Collision damage per rag-doll is equal to the total crunch damage, after Ability Strength. Ability costs 5 energy per enemy caught.


Distort: Hold to place a max of 1 beacon at cursor, tap to teleport to beacon (do not have to be aiming at the beacon to teleport to it) Beacon can be placed and teleported to within a 20/30/40/50 meter range (unaffected by power range). Moving further away than this distance removes the beacon. Beacon lasts for 5/10/15/20 seconds. Placement of the beacon emits waves (like Wisp’s 3) centered on the warframe and beacon that slow enemies and speed allies within 5/10/12.5/15 meters by 7.5%/15%/22.5%/30% for 4/6/8/10 seconds. Teleporting to the beacon removes the beacon and temporarily jams enemy weapons within 4/6/8/10 meters of the beacon’s location and blinds enemies within 4/6/8/10 meters of departure spot. Blind does not open to finishers. Recasting placing the beacon removes the first beacon. Costs 30 base energy to place the beacon and 10 energy to teleport.


Break: Prevents use of all enemy’s special abilities other than use of guns/melee for a timer in a 7/8/9/10 meter area around the player. This will include Eximus auras (sans their resistance bonuses), Infested Ancient auras and grappling hooks (as well as from Scorpion/Bursa), Corpus Nullifier field deployment, heavy unit ground slams, possibly Lich abilities (I’d like it to negate their abilities, but I’d understand if it didn’t), etc. This ability will have no initial Integrity cost, but will consume 1 half stack of Integrity per negated enemy ability. (Example, a nullifier could not deploy a nullifier drone, but one that was already deployed would be unaffected.The attempt to deploy would consume a single half stack. An ancient’s aura would be turned off once it entered the field, consuming one half stack, aura resumes if the ancient leaves the field.) Costs 50 base energy.


Tear: Spawns an void electrical storm at the player’s location that lasts for 10/15/20/25 seconds, randomly shocking 1/1.33/1.66/2 targets in the area per second (inversely affected by duration, i.e 200% duration means 4 targets per second) within a 7/8/9/10 meter radius. Enemies are hit for a random tick of 150 Fire, Ice, Toxin, Electricity, or Void damage+status. Allies are immediately zapped upon entering the field, giving increased energy regeneration and changing their magazines to a recharging mode similar to the Basmu, i.e. they still reload when the magazine is emptied, but if they wait without emptying it will completely refill. Magazine recharge rate is affected by power strength. Requires at least 1 Integrity to cast, but can be charged to expend additional Integrity stacks to gain +1 meter range per Integrity used (gain per Integrity is affected by power range). Spending Integrity on Tear decreases maximum Integrity based on the amount spent, while it is active. Cast ability again to cancel existing storm. Optional: Operators within the area of effect have infinite void energy (because, you know, void storm).

Suggester's Note:

I like the extra resource stuff that frames like Gauss, Baruuk and Nidus have, but I wanted to differentiate from them by giving it distinct units with noticeable effects, instead of Gauss’/Baruuk’s non-definite type, or Nidus having to stack so much that each individual stack’s effect isn’t noticeable. Another way I intended to differentiate is that in those other cases you always want the bar to be going in one direction, whether that be ‘down’ in Baruuk’s case, or ‘up’ in Gauss’ or Nidus’. Here, there are benefits for either direction, meaning play style has to be kept in mind while modding. 

Rend takes its inspiration from the tendrils in the art, I imagined them lashing out to grab and ensnare enemies, salvaging parts (armor) from them and using them for protection.

Distort plays more toward the glitch side of things, and how we really don’t have a warframe that can freely teleport in space. Loki can only teleport to places where an ally/enemy is, and while you can place the decoy in a lot of places, you still have to aim for it, and it's a switch, which can be cumbersome. Ash/Garuda can only go to where something already is, and Wisp has to have already visited a spot to teleport there. I applied the Distort's other effects the way I did because you could cast the beacon near an ally to give them a boost or cast it in a group of enemies to stall them. If you're teleporting into a group you're jamming them as an opening gambit and blinding them if you're escaping.

We also don’t really have a warframe that focuses on stopping enemy abilities and I figured something as chaotic as the void would be able to do that, which is where Break comes in.

Since the warframe is ‘held together by void energy’, I figured it would be able to expend some of that to create a pseudo-corruption buff at the cost of its own survivability in the form of its Integrity. I decided to make the warframe able to control its range when casting Tear because its passive already messes with power strength, and not many frames can control their own power ranges on the fly, off the top of my head I can only think of Octavia, who only has 2 options for mallet (big and small) that's dependent on another ability.

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Posted (edited)


1 - I love the concept of being built by dismantled Warframe parts, which means we could customize it from different parts farmed across the galaxy. We could customize his 4 basic powers based on what parts we have gathered. No exactly the following mentioned abilities but as an example, my ability one could be Ash, two Nova, the three Loki, and so on, based on what parts I have gathered (farmed) so not only through mods but also parts his built would be customizable. If this concept is adopted only his passive would be universal to all players. His passive should increase power ability based on the synergy of parts equipped, that would limit a super offensive or super defensive build but working as an incentive for a more balanced parts build. Also would be time saving for our beloved DE coders that could re-purpose abilities already in game, but in other frames/enemies. If this concept is adopted this broken warframe could see new replacement parts being added to the game from time to time, renewing the interest of player to farm the new found used upgrade somewhere in the galaxy.

2 - I can see this broken Warframe building up his abilities based on parts taken from enemies in missions, like Nidus stacks, he would have to build himself through the mission, upgrading himself with parts from killed enemies. The longer the mission, the stronger he gets by upgrading himself from parts or abilities from higher-level enemies.

I hope my ideas could contribute for the development of a great frame.

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Keeping my post to the theme proposed.

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PASSIVE: Senient kills drop extra energy orbs

1. YEET: Ragdoll enemies

2. VIRUS: Launch a piece of yourself on an enemy, resets enemy stats to base mission lvl, drains health

3. CLICKBAIT: Incoming dmg drains energy, stacks with quick thinking, etc. 

4. DDOS: Freeze enemies in x radius for x duration, enemies affected by 2.Virus have resistances/armor stripped 



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1: Void blast- blast of energy that throws enemies back and deals damage

2: Sacrifice-sacrifices a bit of shield to turn into a projectile

3:Black hole- creates a small black hole that absorbs projectiles

4:Cable whip- loose cables extend from the body and hit enemies in a certain radius forcing them back

Passive: gains shield quicker

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I can’t decorate it the same but my idea is the sentients have Frankensteined up a frame and resurrected it with sentient energy giving these mixed and match frame parts life with a bit of scrap metal for pip.

Passive: Able to select up to 4 warframes from your inventory, the first passive is maintained and the remaining 3 are used for its (2)

1- Gathering massive sentient energy in its legs and hands ‘Broken’ gains a noticeable speed boost (not near gauss or volt but many people like getting places while solo) and quickens melee speed with a modestly soft melee buff (melee are OP so yes a gentle buff for once isn’t bad) 

2-Rotate or activate at random one of the 3 remaining passives. Only one of these may be activated at once so they either get their own timer pre established by DE for fairness or let us decide for the fun of it 

3-Something kinda like Mesmer skin but a bit less effective as ‘Broken’ is unstable so instead it gets lightening like the Hydrolaust. So either it’s strong and has a timer or it’s weak but drains energy SLOWLY, 

4- Broken Clone- (yes only one I wanna name) stripping off parts of your self you can command either parts that come off at random (half your leg with a movement penalty or arm for accuracy penalty) such as attack with me or defend location. OR the longer you hold the command something similar to the vomalyst come out of ‘Broken’ and same idea. Doing -something- can cause them to explode [augment mod maybe?]

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1 Sonic Boom: send out a sonic boom to an enemy

2 Hush: Silence you and allies within a certain range

3 Whistle: Throw sound grenade somewhere to make enemies alert and be distracted

4 Deafening Roar: Roar to confuse enemies and deafen them also damaging them in the process


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1 minute ago, Stijmpie said:

1 Sonic Boom: send out a sonic boom to an enemy

2 Hush: Silence you and allies within a certain range

3 Whistle: Throw sound grenade somewhere to make enemies alert and be distracted

4 Deafening Roar: Roar to confuse enemies and deafen them also damaging them in the process


You wanna rework banshee or something?

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Posted (edited)
1 minute ago, (XB1)SSJGxImmortal said:

You wanna rework banshee or something?

I litterally just thaught that banshee existed but i mean that would work out too actually XD

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A frame that uses ability synergies to build armour and health overtime, only to use it inflict massive damage.

Frame naturally starts with low armour and health, using abilities it is able to increase these beyond their maximum with accretion. The aim is to use the ability synergies to increase your health and armour over time. This acquired resource can then be spent to power the emergence ability. A transformational ability the locks down an area and allows the frame to deal massive damage.

Passive - Accretion: Armour and health stripped from enemies by this warframes abilities is added to its own and can exceed natural maximum. A gauge to show armour and health acquired would be useful for the UI.

1. Iron Claw  (armour builder) - Warframe extends its limbs, stretching the void tendrils to their maxmium sweeping in a wide arc, dealing slash damage  and stripping armour from those hit. Move uses one arm, but if cast in quick succession it will reduce energy cost and activate the opposite arm.

2. Void Sunder (health Builder) - Lash out with void tentacles in a large radius around the frame, any enemies hit take void damage, enemies also suffering slash damage will take extra damage which will turn into health for the frame, allowing the frame to exceed its maximum health.

3.Repulsion (Health and armour builder - Duration) -  Fling acquired armour from your frame creating a cloud of shrapnel in your vicinity that inflicts slash damage to any enemies that move into it, activating it again draws the shards back to you stripping armour from enemies and dealing further damage. Enemies affected by slash damage on recall will provide further health to frame. activating recall before duration ends will return more armour, letting it end on its own will lose some of the armour expelled (potentially mitigated by efficiency).

4.Emergence (Health and armour spender) - Break free of the frame, sending the armour and body exploding outwards in a wide ring, revealing the frames true void form and filling the ring with tremendous void power. Gaining new powers and resistance, the frame regularly radiates void and radiation energy, is able to slash out with melee attacks dealing massive damage and is able to surge quickly from enemy to enemy within the ring using its roll move. The frame is unable to leave the ring created, enemies attempting to pass through the ring take damage. Emergence changes the accretion meter to an evanescence, which slowly ticks down to zero, the evanescence meter is based on the acquired health of the warframe, the size of the ring is based on the acquired armour.

Example usage and synergy: Players use iron claw to inflict slash damage and acquire armour to prepare for repulsion, next activating repulsion creating an AOE cloud about them and inflicting slash damage, following up with void sunder which harvest health from any enemies affected by slash, ending repulsion early to inflict further damage on any enemies left standing and stealing a bit more health. This leads up to using emergence to create a danger zone, expending acquired health and armour to take out either a large number of enemies or a single very dangerous enemy. Once emergence ends the frame is left with less armour and health and begins the cycle again. risk vs reward.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: Fragments - Broken warframe has 10 fragments of its body, each fragment guarantees 10% of armor and extra base life, remove a fragment will discount the life and armor buff but each fragment disassociated guarantees 10% of extra energy.


1st Skill: Dispatch - Disassociate a fragment from the passive, depending on the mode, selection wheel like ivara.

Attack Mode:Create a turret (maximum 2), by pressing x on the turret ensures that the turret equips the currently equipped weapon, while staying in the turret area or attacking              enemies the turret will attack enemies based on which is causing the most damage on the broken warframe or the enemy harder to kill at the moment.

- 100% weapon damage

- 5% chance of headshot (scale with strength)

- 5 seconds attacking while Broken warframe does not attack (scale with duration), infinite time in the tower area, attacking resets the time.

- 5 meters range of the tower (scale with range)

Control Mode: Creates a control tower at the target point, will slow enemies in the area (maximum 6),
- 40% slow (scale with strength)

- 0.8% armor / shield drain (scale with strength)

- range 8m (scale with range)

Support Mode: Creates a support tower that when pressing x an ally can grab it

- extra strength 20% (scale with strength)

- gains 100 health (scale with strength) for each fragment that Broken has, 50% of the effect for half fragments.

5 energy cost

2nd Skill: Disruptor path - Dash in one direction, causing damage and knocking down nearby enemies, hitting an ally leaving you and him invulnerable and restoring shield and over shielding him, hitting an enemy and killing him, earns a fragment that gives 50% of buffs in life and armor and does not discount the energy buff, cannot be used as a fragment.

- damage 400 slash (scale with strength)

- kills the enemy with less than 40% health garante a half fragmet

- 15m dash

- 5m knocking down range (scale with range)

- 500 cured over shield

- 300 healed life

- 2s invulnerability (scale with duration)

25 energy

3rd Skill: Overclock - There is an overclocking of his skills and paralysis in the surrounding area

- 40% attack rate for attack mode

- smash enemies in an area for damage equal to removed armor or shield times 5 (scale with strength)
 for control mode

- regenerates life 45% (scale with strength) life per second for the broken warframe and all with support module for support mode

9m paralysis area(scale with range)

15 energy

4th Skill: conveyance - Connects with all nearby allies with a fragment grabed or fragment of the broken warframe given:

- adaptation effect 40% base 10% base per tick damage

- a bonus of +1 weapon penetration additive (scale with strength)

- a bonus of +1 critical base damage additive (scale with strength)

- a bonus of +30% of damage taken by allies discounted in life (if you have more than 4 fragments and energy if you have less than 4 fragments, 240% efficiency)

- Kiliing a enemy: 10 health + 1.2 (scale with strength) and 5 1.8 energy (scale with strength) per enemy killed by you or connected allies.

- 5 meters range (scale with range)

2 energy per second + 0.5 per ally.


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Passive: while split, all components receive a portion of his max health and are immune to status. 

  -All components must be destroyed to put him into bleedout

  -when he separates, all pieces start at maximum health regardless of how much health he started with

  -when he reforms, he heals for 25% of his max health if none of his pieces were destroyed and 100% if none of them were damaged


1: Seperation - Tap to use 25 energy to disarm a target and hold them in place for 5s. Hold to use 5 energy to mark a target (up to 6 marked at one time), release to split yourself apart and drag all marked targets to the ground in front of you, causing them to receive 45% increased damage. If more than one target is dragged, all targets are slammed together, dealing 500 impact damage per target dragged and stunning them for 3s

  -if one target is dragged, it’s a one handed action.

  -if two targets are dragged, it’s a two handed action

  -if more than two targets are dragged, it’s a full body channel

  -each body part separated from the main body gains 25% evasion chance

  -needs line of sight to mark, but marks will last for 5s once enemies leave line of sight

  -if marks are removed in any way including death, refund the energy used to mark


2: Decomposition - Use 50 energy to disassemble and Reassemble around an enemy, adding their base armor or shield value (as defined in the codex; similar to how shattering impact does) to your base armor or shield value degrading at a rate of 2%/s. Hold to disassemble completely for 3 energy per second. In this state, move at .3m per energy (energy per m affected by efficiency; m per energy affected by duration) at a speed of 30m/s (affected by duration). While stationary in this state, remain completely invisible. 


3: Forced Quake - use 75 energy to send pieces of yourself into the floor, making the ground underneath in a 40m area unsteady, dealing 2.5% health per second of enemy max health as true damage, reducing enemy accuracy by 40% and staggering them every 4s for 20s

  -does not need line of sight

  -pieces used for this ability does not activate the passive


4: Nanoscopic Swarm - use 100 energy to break your pieces into atomic size and move forward in a wave that knocks down enemies and leeches half of their maximum health (unaffected by strength; affected by armor, affected by shields), healing you and allies caught in the wave by 10% of the damage done. Enemies that survive have their guns jammed and aura effects disabled for 12s.

  -drain of 30 energy per 5m travelled (affected by duration, efficiency, and range) 

  -speed of the wave depends on range

  -amount of pieces affected by health

  -each piece contains 5-10 health (inversely affected by strength)

  -size of the wave depends on current maximum health

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Passive: Randomly cast a teammates frames ability, just not the way you hoped.

1. As a Father of a Young son who has started watching Big Hero 6... Shoots a fist, or 2 at an enemy, but must be within x distance to pick it back up, maybe a leg and need a teammates retrieval up to 20 seconds.

2. Super Mag (lol yes) turns frame into a giant magnet "collecting" non energy projectiles to heal, well sort of.

3. Mimic will turn Broken into a mirror image of a fellow frame.

4. The Hawking (in dedication of Stephen Hawking) Broken turns into a swirling void hole and after a duration blows up.

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A few ideas that might've been done already, but oh well

Passive 1: Hitting the Broken Warframe with any Operator's (Amp)/(Void Blast)/(Void Dash) increases both the Broken Warframe's and Operator's (Damage)/(Damage Reduction)/(Speed & Fire Rate) by 15%, respectively, for 15 seconds. Can stack up to 3 times (won't refresh) with repeated shots.

Passive 2: Since the Warframe is held together by Void energy, its Health is its Energy pool. Being able to both survive and cast abilities requires careful synergy of its Abilities:

Ability 1: Void Shrapnel. Parts of the Broken Warframe explodes off in all directions, dealing 100 Puncture and 100 Void damage (hold for a charged, more damaging & farther-reaching explosion). Enemies struck by the shrapnel are marked. Dealing damage to a marked enemy grants the attack +25% flat Critical and Status chance; any damage dealt refunds 15% lifesteal to the Broken Warframe. (Synergy: Allies linked with Void Meld struck with Void Shrapnel are healed for 15% of their health.)

Ability 2: Void Meld. Casting links the Broken Warframe to all nearby Warframes within 30m. Leaving the cast radius breaks the link, but the Ability can be recast, resetting all buffs. Linked teammates receive +3 Energy/s and a +15% Efficiency bonus to casting Abilities. Linked teammates casting any Ability grants the Broken Warframe 10% Health refunded and a +5% Damage buff, stacking up to 10 times while the Ability is active. Enemies within a 10m radius are briefly staggered on cast; enemies with a 5m radius of linked teammates are staggered upon being linked.

Abilities 3 & 4: idk lol

Why you should care: A weird combination of a glass cannon and a self-/squad-buffer. Also buffs Operators, giving their in-mission usefulness a boost, as well as makes the Broken Warframe potentially interesting for Eidolons. 


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Should be a mix of crowd control and Tenno support based off of looks and lore. 

Passive: Like Umbra, would be able to fire a weapon and fight when in Tenno form, but the warframe would be unable to move, use any ability or melee (So only Primary and turn)

1. Transference Stem - Creates a branch of Aboroflora  (I think that's what it is called) that would give a buff to all Tenno for more heath, energy regain and some speed at a base range of 50 meters. Duration would be 10 seconds [30 Energy]

2. Rebuild - Can grab an enemy at 20 meters an pull them back, making them a part of the warframe, adding bonus heath and the enemy will shoot out of the warframe (The shots would come out of the warfame's body) When the extra heath is fully gone, the captured enemy with die. A base of two enemys could be captured at once. [Energy cost: 30 to 50 per enemy]

3. Parted - Falls down into many pieces covering an area of 10 or more meters, you would be unable to move but enemys that walk over you while in this state would take 500 or more damage a sec. Standing on top of this while in Tenno form would give a damage boost. [Energy cost: 65]

4. Reclaimed - Gives him a random exalted weapon. For balancing reasons, none of the exalted weapons would have mods on them, or if they did, only 3 mods could be on a build. [Energy cost: 150 or higher for summon, and normal drain for the weapons]

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Passive: When the Energy reaches 0 the Orbs explode into pieces that bind enemies they hit to the ground/wall

1: Gathers void energy in his hand and gives it to his ally boosting their Ability Power for a duration (Single target, Cannot stack)

2: Type "Drain Energy Per Second" Uses the Orbs with the left hand creating a small shield of void energy, that deflects all projectiles back at enemies enhancing the damage they deal (During this mode, Bows and Two Handed Melee are not usable. Primary Guns are usable but gain significant recoil, secondary remain normal, and only One Handed Melee can be used)

3: Uses Orbs to shoot beams of void energy that bind enemies to the ground/wall

4: Type "Drain Energy Per Second" Creates 4 Orbs of void energy behind his back, creating a shockwave on cast, knocking nearby enemies down and binding them to the ground (A thought was that his "tentacle" like body parts in his back tore off, still connected and gathered at his shoulders creating the orbs, but looking at the art, it wouldn't make sense doing that)

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Passive: “Temporary Repair” or “Patience”

The frame improves certain actions when not under stress.

For example:

- When you have not taken damage for a while, you build up damage resistance, which weakens after taking some damage.

- When you have not been moving/jumping for a while (hacking consoles etc), you gain parkour and sprint speed that decays after moving.

- When you have not been attacking for a while, you gain attack-speed/fire-rate for weapons, which decays after attacking.

- When you have not cast an ability for a while, your next cast gains strength/damage the longer you wait (with a cap).


The idea that under stress the bonuses break apart until “repaired” again, the frame is limited by its broken nature.

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Passive: The void energy in the body is used to initialize the sentient's tolerance.
Ability 1: Absorbs nearby enemy's HP or shield and converts it into void energy.
Ability 2: Part of the enemy's laser gun is absorbed and converted into its own energy.
Ability 3: Consumes void energy and causes allies' attacks to have a void attribute.
Ability 4: Releases a deadly amount of void energy to the surrounding area, causing great damage to the enemy.

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Passive: Animatis (which is latin for animate)

When this warframe dies, it drops its parts and becomes the void energy that it once was before it occupied the shell of the warframe parts. While in this mode the bleed out timer starts where the parts were left. The player now has the opportunity to revive itself by running through two ally players to animate itself and then returning to the parts in the animated form to revive the parts left on the floor. The player can only revive the parts on the floor once the player has run through the recommended number of allies. If playing solo the player has to run through a number of enemies to animate itself before attempting to revive the parts.

Fourth ability: Synaptogenesis

The player can press four to rotate through the warframes different forms (each form is assigned to a different warframe part). The first ability will be assigned to the one warframe part, the second ability to the second warframe part and the third ability to the third warframe part. Depending on which form the fourth ability is on, that corresponding ability will gain bonus stats as well as bonus effects. Along with these passives the fourth ability is also able to be activated. There will be a meter that needs to be filled before the active of this ability can be used. The meter can be filled by using the warframes other abilities. Once the meter is filled the fourth ability can be activated to animate the warframe form which has been selected for a certain duration. This opens up that forms other abilities granting the player the ability to play as one of the warframes that it is made up of. An example of this would be say the first ability is linked to the white warframes parts, if the fourth ability has the first ability selected the white warframes form is selected. Once the fourth is then activated the void energy animates the rest of the white warframes parts and now the player is able to use the white warframes new second and third abilities.

The idea behind synaptogenesis was to give this warframe features of the brain. As the brain does specific tasks the neurons connected to that path become stronger. In the same way the more this warframe uses its abilities the stronger its connection becomes with the rest of the warframe that each of those parts belongs too.

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- absorbs griners and gives armor and movement speed, corpus: shield and energy, plague: dmg and life

- one skill would be that a hot steam begins to flow out of the body and depending on the color of the energy, they would inflict such a dmg max to 2m range, such as a dmg inflicting shield

- ult would look like by clicking 4 you break your arm and it turns into a rifle shooting bolts and holding four also breaks your arm but then turns into such a whip and the base would have 3.5

passive ability - red gives 15% strength, blue 15% efficiency, yellow 15% duration and 15% range some other shade

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Passive: Draft,due to it being an earlier frame,the frame had a tendency to fall apart thus giving the makers helping it by allowing it to put itself back together and pull itself apart each time resetting it's health and shields and dealing area damage,it activates thrice before dying automatically.

1st skill: scuttle

The frame part splits apart to several tiny pieces and scuttles across a surface the user can guide and will attack and leech the health and energy of whom they pass through


The frame rips a piece off his stomach which he then can use to possess any troop he flings the piece onto (sorta like teshins hoop)


The frame splits into two smaller pieces which then runs into nearby troops and implode and split to form 4 and thus until forming a maximum of 16 and when the frame reconvenes it has a speed boost


The frame explodes throwing it's part all around and instantly impaling nearby troops with it's shards all around,the shards then possesses multiple enemies at once and the user then can use their weapons,eg 10 possessed grineer troops attacking something,after possessing they explode and the pieces reconvenes dealing (1) scuttle damage along it's path

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