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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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1 void grab) this Warframe throws out one of their arms through the power of void energy to bring a group of enemies much closer and inflicting a forced stager. This ability would have a similar effect range of harrows first ability. It would have an energy cost of 25. It's main point is to bring enemies close for the rest of his kit 

2 shatter) this ability allows the Warframe to send out their body in an explosion damaging enemies more the closer they are to this broken frame having a radius of 5 meters and having a damage fall of of 70% on the edge of the explosion as compared to being right next to it. This ability would do more damage the higher the health is on the Warframe (as a side note I think it would be really cool if as he took more damage there would be less metal an more void energy holding him together) this ability would cost 35 energy 

3 scavenger) for this ability the Warframe would send out there legs bound by void energy to try and repair the rest of the body. The legs would be controllable just like navigator for ivara, as the player is controlling the legs all of the void energy goes into them and the rest of the body becomes a pile of metal being immune to all forms of damage during this time the player can latch on to enemies and steal health and shields from them healing the frame and making him more durable. The energy cost would have an initial cost of 50 energy with a drain of 5 energy per second (the initial cost of energy would be effected by efficiency but the drain would not) 

4 Blinding shadows) the Warframe latches on to enemies within a 10 meter radius with void energy blinding the enemies and draining energy from them and also opening them up to finishers. The energy gains from this ability is determined by the amount of enemies near the Warframe and what the level of the enemies, based off of the same sort of scaling that hildryn's pillage works off of making him better the higher level the enemies get. The energy that the enemies would drop would be in orb form so the team can benefit from it aswell. This ability would cost 100 energy to use and would last 10 seconds.

Passive) picking up ammo would increase the range of the frame by 3% per pickup and would be capped at +30% range and would last 15 seconds and picking up more ammo drops would just add to the current amount left on the timer adding 1.5 seconds per ammo pickup 

Lore/quest) the player must have access to Lua to do the quest and every node on Lua must be clear and chains of harrow must be completed. One day during making sure all of the stars are accounted for ordis detects a strange surge of void energy coming from zeipel. Ordis sends the tenno out to investigate, on doing so their Warframe is short circuited and is unusable so the tenno must go in in operator mode. The operator will enter a large open room with nothing but a broken helmet sitting on a pedestal around some damaged metal. After blasting the helmet with void energy in a cutscene the helmet comes to life activating it's anti-sentent defence system. The oppeator then has to defeat the system but in unable to do so. As ordis and the oppeator are wondering how to defeat this defence system rell does his standard thing. "Hey kiddo" and this gives ordis an idea why not just the help of rell to defeat the defense system. The player then has to go get another relic that rell held close to him on ani in the void, after getting this relic the player goes and gives it to palladino, the operator and rell defeat the defence system and the blueprint of found for the broken warframe. The systems can be gotten through Lua spies with having all 3 vaults. The chassis can be obtained by onkko at rank 3 for 5000 standing and the nuros can be gotten through belenus in the void having a 7.5% chance of dropping every 5 waves and a 22.5% chance after wave 15


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The roots growing from under his plates remind me of the trees in the Void/Orokin maps so it makes me think he would be related to the Orokin in someway or maybe he learnt how to manipulate and harness the power of the Void itself.


Name: Orokesh

(im bad at naming things)


Description: Void Walker/ Void Master

An Orokin/Tenno hybrid that draws Strength, Power and Weaponry from the Void.



Void Coduit: 5% of Elemental Damage taken gets converted to Energy.



1: Void Tear

Pulls a singular Enemy into the void dealing a Base Damage to that enemy. If the enemy is not killed returns to the field as normal.


2: Void Jump

Player enter an alternate state/dimension allowing them to flank or escape enemys.


3: Sword Storm

Player Summons Swords from the void and hurls them at the enemy. Each sword passes through every enemy in its tradjectory until colliding with a wall.


4: Orokin Armour

Player Summons Plate Armour from the Void making them Immune to damage for a Short Time.

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Passive: 25% physical damage mitigation and gets up faster from knockdowns (due to being made up from spare parts)

First ability: Lashes out using a part of himself, dealing high impact damage. Hold to create a protective shield with a 500 health that absorbs damage. Costs 25 energy.

Second Ability: Dismantles himself, gaining invulnerability and high movement speed. It is a lot like Wukong, but it does not heal. Instead, enemies hit will get staggered and recharge 5 energy. This costs 25 energy.

Third Ability:  Uses a random ability from any warframe and gains a random boost (damage mitigation, damage boost, or movement speed) 75 energy

Fourth Ability: Assembles parts from body, connecting them with void energy, which creates a heavy blade that deals mainly void damage. (like an exalted weapon) This also sheds 30% of his armor. Takes 25 energy to summon and 5 energy per second.

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Get an armor bonus for each enemies that is under your control. Abilities also use health instead of energy.

1 Corrupted Control

Use a piece of the warframes armor to latch on to an enemy and corrupt it while also making them fight for the Tenno. The more you cast the more your health drops. (corrupted in the same way the void does)

2 Void Drop

The Warframe falls to pieces on the ground, latching onto enemies that get to close and draining them of their health. The Warframe is also stealthed. 

3 Corrupted Defense

Pull all corrupt controlled enemies to you cause them to hover around you blocking incoming damage. Cast again to throw them outward increasing they're drop chance for rare resources. 

4 Void Arc

Launch all available armor pieces outward in an arc doing impact damage to those enemies hit. This also causes all corrupt controlled enemies to do the same thing. Each armor piece brings back a portion of the health it steals and buffs you with it. This ability drops you down to a base health. 

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i am quite new and this idea is either already taken or might be overpowered but i thought of a character who uses a destructive orb that the more enemies it kills the more damage it does at the same time at the cost of high amounts of energy. this ability would be probably the fourth ability and i am not very good at creating many abilities for one character but i would like to hear other abilities created by you guys. 

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Absorb enemy remains to heal itself and increase absorption meter

Abilities -

1. Amalgam. Gain a random Warframe ability to use for a set time before ability is able to pick a new random ability

2. Elemental Leak. Warframe emits a selected primary element; can combine with Warframe energy color to form secondary element; short range best used within melee range

3. Adaptation. Uses your absorption meter to gain % resistance to enemy attacks, % based on enemies absorbed divided by x; With each use x increases.

4. Deus Ex Machina. Slows or Speeds up time for enemies in the area/room activated in; while ability is active all other active/passives abilities are disabled.


Reasons -

Passive. As a broken Warframe it is continually trying to complete itself using the corpses of enemies to try in vain to become complete, replacing its damaged flesh in hopes it will be the missing link needed.

Amalgam. As a broken Warframe it is unknown what it was meant to be and can take on an aspect of other Warframe’s.

Element Leak. Warframe’s are abled to harness the elements to combat their enemies but as a broken Warframe the elements leak from within.

Adaptation. Replacing its flesh with that of its enemies has brought an understanding of its strength and weaknesses. Using that knowledge the broken Warframe will defend itself.

Deus Ex Machina. The broken Warframe’s ultimate ability; Breaking time to make existence as broken as it is itself.

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A broken Warframe crying out to be whole again, in it's search for parts it became angry and grew desprate. Soon it found out that the bones and metal of the enemy gave it power and filled it's emptiness.

Passive ability - upon killing an enemy the enemy will drop bones, robotic enemies drop scrap.

Picking up bones will give you a stacking buff that increases your health, stacking to 10 times.

Picking up scrap will grant you a stacking buff that increases your shields, stacking to 10 times.

These stacks can be used for certain abilities.

These stacks are visible on the Warframe.

Ability 1 - Claim - Costs energy -

The Warframe raises it's hand and consumes all bones and scrap within a certain range, this range can be increased.

Ability 2 - Fracture - Costs energy -

The Warframe breaks the bones it absorbed to send fragments flying in all directions to deal puncture damage to enemies in an area.

If the Warframe has 5 stacks of bone the ability will consume them to increase the damage.

Ability 3 - Meld - Costs energy -

The Warframe melds with the metal scrap it consumed to further fortify itself. This ability increases the Warframes armor.

If the Warframe has 5 stacks of scrap this ability will consume stacks of scrap to increase it further.

This ability has a duration.

Ability 4 - Misshapen Scythe - costs energy per second -

The Warframe pulls an exalted scythe from it's body this weapon deals slashing and radiation damage, has 25% Critical chance, and 20% status chance.

Using the heavy attack will cause the Warframe to do a spinning attack with the scythe, while regular attacks are quick sweeping motions.

Each time an enemy is hit by the weapon you have a chance to gain either a stack of scrap or bone. These stacks can come from either type of enemy.

Bones from robotic for example.

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Passive: Modular Reassembly: When knocked down he crumbles into a pile of part but also forms a pool of void energy that when enemies step into it it drains their life force and if enough is drained then he is reassembled and gets invincibility for 5 sec

Ability 1: Hellping Hand(Duration/Range based): Each limb is able to be fired from his body each limb gives a different buff. all can be fired but the limb is replaced by a void energy substitute to allow the firing of the weapons but loses armor but gains movement when all limbs are fired. 

-Left hand: latches to enemy and siphons health until duration timer ends. If enemy that has the left hand attached is killed before the duration is over it will seek out another enemy and continue to leech health.

-Right hand: Takes control of the enemy it latches to turning it into an ally for a short duration. Can be recalled for defense missions and interceptions.

-Left leg: Fires off and when it hits an enemy does an AOE knockdown.

-Right leg: fires a void tendril from his foot latching onto an enemy and throws them 

Ability 2: Some Assembly Required (Efficiency/Strength): Crumbles into his parts and can move with increased speed and use his abilities but still with he effects of losing armor at but gaining movement speed allowing for a quick escape and having enemies lose targeting. 

Ability 3: Envelop(duration/strength): Fires a bolt of void energy that creates a dome and any enemy in the dome has reduced movement speed and takes in creased damage

Ability 4: Void Piercer(efficiency/strength) Sheds all of his parts leaving them behind creating a pool of energy granting health to allies, and turns into a controllable aerial wormlike stream of void energy. flying near enemies deals damage and has a chance of giving a radiation proc, but flying through enemies gives guaranteed radiation proc, increased damage and a chance at giving a slash proc. If all four of his limbs were fired before he uses this ability he gets increased speed and the right and left hands effects last until he casts the 4th ability again or he runs out of energy. the left leg will generate a knock down area of effect on any enemy that hits a person inside the void pool. Ability can be held down taking the parts with him allowing him to reassemble at a desired location. 

This took forever to think about. Hope some people like it though!


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I just want to see an ability to have a companion summoned that is sentient. Similar to Khora’s Venari. Given the vibes of sentient fighting I feel like a newer design would and should incorporate the use of sentiments to fight alongside the Tenno. After all, the Lotus can’t be the only one...

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To start this I am looking at the parts of this frame, especially the somatic "roots" connecting the pieces. These abilities are not necessarily connected to each other the most likely would work better elsewhere, with other powers. 

Passive: Desire to become whole: as you kill enemies the somatic threads reach out and collect armor and attach them to the frame. Adding armor and increasing the health pool. 

1st: Detachment: similar to a rocket punch. You extend the threading in your arms and force out a punch. Charge the ability to add your other arm and double the damage. Melee mods from your current weapon apply. Similar to Atlas' landslide.

2: Unhinged: You shotgun out a blast of somatic threads, puncturing enemies and pinning the ones who die. The dead ones are drawn back at the end and absorbed by the passive stated above. 

3rd: Somatic link: Break apart and attach yourself to friend or foe. Like giving them a suit of armor made of you. Doing this to enemies drains them and locks them down. Giving you a sort of turret situation. Like you become the blood altar Garuda makes. Friends can share in the health drain (probably an augment though). Attaching to friends puts you in a similar situation but combines your health pools and gives armor. Could make squishier frames more tanky. 

4: Broken: Unleash he'll as the somatic threads burst from your body allowing you to do large sweeping attacks with what used to be your arms. Thrusting attacks to cause major puncture damage. Potential combinations with earlier abilities. 

On side note, maybe have an exalted weapon, like exalted somatic threads/roots.

It is a long post and thank you to those who read. 

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Following the "broken " theme he should be getting good at repairing things so his passive should be an increased heal rate.

1, being broken his first power should be borrowed. Aim at another player and borrow their power set for a given amount of time.

2, It's a give and take world so his second should be to share his heal rate with another player or defense objective

3 . If he is fast enough, have him take a few of the broken pieces of the enemies and "repair" them into a fighting specter.  but since it is done in a hurry maybe all the parts don't go in the right places, resulting in some wild looking combinations. 

4 . Team synergy,  he should have ropes he can toss and stick to two or three payers, your choice. that will combine their powers into match pausing screen clearing effect if they activate their powers within a few seconds of one another.  this power should not be on a recharge basis but a buildup standard that should, not be able to be reached in simple two or three minuet misson

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Pasive: Forgotten - You don't remember which pasive is actually yours so you get a random one based on one of your squad member's frame if you play a solo mision you get a pasive randomly between your owned frames

1st Ability: Learn - Invade a specific enemy's body and after it dies you get a random stackable x3 effect (meaning if you want max stats you gotta invade same type of enemy 3 times) based on its faction (or nature) (example: Invade a Corpus Moa and after it dies you get bonus Shield/ Shield Regen/ Shield damage reduction. Invade a grineer you get Armor/ Damage/ Weapon damage, Invade Infested gain Health/ Bonus Health/ Melee Damage; Also you can invade non-hostile PVE creatures like Kuakas/ Condrocs/ Animals that will end up giving you Movement Speed/ Hush on any attacks)

2nd Ability: Dismember - Channeling ability same as Balefire works for Hildryn. You expand your members but they are still attached to your body due to the tendrils and void energy. Throwing your arms towards enemies in line of sight makes your members to launch at a high speed piercing right through their heart. If the 1st ability is active you get two stacks of Learning per Kill. (as of how it should look example would be Kakuzu from Naruto anime)

3rd Ability: Adaptive Beacon - He attaches a part of his body on each teammate in the radious of the ability and the buff each player gets its according to the warframe he plays: example - Rhino will get - 25% base armor increase + 25% Roar effect for the duration of the effect (the values are increased by Power strenght and duration by power duration)

4th Ability: Evolve - You break yourself down and reconstruct from the ground- Tripling the effects of Learn ability and increasing the range and damage of the 2nd and 3rd ability - Each part should look evolved in looks based on highest stack of Learn ability (like if your highest stack is from Corpus he would look more like a machine/ infested more like an infested and so on) If you have maxed multiple stacks of Learn like x3 Infested x3 Corpus x3 Grinner get randomly)

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Passive: Blueprint in foundry can have components from different already existing frames at a penalty, for every other Broken warframe in the squad the penalty increases.


Ability 1: Depends on the Neuroptics used in the building process 

eg. Wisp Neuroptics Reservoirs with 50% power strength 

Limbo Neuroptics, banish yourself and the enemies your target for 50% the normal duration 


Ability 2: Depends on the Chassis used in the building process 

eg. Loki Chassis gives 50% normal duration invis with 1.5x the energy cost 

Ivara Chassis, Navigator with 50% power strength and 1.5x the energy cost 


Ability 3: Depends on the Systems used in the building process 

eg. Chroma Systems  Vex armor at double the cost

 Khora Systems, summon Venari for 100 sec


Ability 4: Depends on the Focus school equipped in the load-out at the start of the mission

eg. Unairu school, when activated warframe base armor and base hp increases by 10 for 10 sec and lasts 30 sec

Zenurik, when activated warframe base max energy increases by 10 for 10 sec, all energy regeneration is increased by 20% while active, lasts 30 sec

Madurai, when activated warframe move speed and all outgoing damage increases 10% for 10 sec, lasts 30 sec

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Here's my attempt at some abilities.


Ability 1: Scavenged Shell

Absorbs armor pieces from fallen foes in radius to boost armor stat and gain resistances based on what was absorbed (ferrite, alloy, infested flesh, etc).  Bits of armor and such form and take on the appearance of the types felled enemies absorbed. So if in a corrupted mission it could have bits of Corpus, Grinder, and Infested mixed in.  Movement is slowed based on how much is absorbed.


Ability 2: Cast Off

Expels its built up armor unleashing damage based on how much armor it had gained prior as well as removing resistances to damage anything hit may have had and causing knockdown.  Used without any armor causes a void energy burst that still causes the resistances removing effect and causes affected enemies to be staggered, albeit in a smaller radius.


Ability 3:  Borrowed Strength

Selectable ability to use combinations of powers from whatever Warframes actually make up its body. Since we don't know which frames, kinda leaving it up to you guys at DE on this one.  But an example would be if it were in part made from Frost and Volt, it would be like Freeze but then it has an electric chaining effect on nearby enemies.

Ability 4: Void Unleashed

With a primal scream, sends tendrils of void energy through the ground, popping up under all enemies within the AoE holding them in place, draining health by doing void damage until either everything is dead or Broken runs out of energy (or it is deactivated by the player).


Passive:  Any operator can use their void beams to hit Broken and give him energy.  Has low-level sentience like Excalibur Umbra, but uses energy and needs recharging from an operator's void beam.  Won't start moving
until first hit with a beam.


I'd be thrilled if even a part or two of this gets used.

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Passive: 10-20% of enemy inflicted dmg is absorbed and adds to the "Creation" meter.

Ability 1: Skin Collector - Warframe latches on to enemy and shreds them to pieces (based on enemy scaling, bigger enemy, bigger pull.) Adds to the "Creation" meter.

Ability 2: Soul Edge - Warframe releases a shadow of themselves that collects the "souls" of any enemies in the area. When shadow returns, health and energy is restored to the frame and 5% is added to the "Creation" meter.

Ability 3: Unleash - Warframe has a mental breakdown and lets out a screech that reduces armor in the proximity. Takes away from the "Creation" meter (affected by range and strength.)

Ability 4 : Perfection: When the "Creation" meter is filled, the Warframe becomes "perfect". Warframe receives dmg, health, and armor buff for the duration of the meter (affected by duration or effecincy).

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Passive: “Giga-Boost” He can absorb the body parts of fallen enemies around him and gains a regenerative boost of health. Gains a damage reduction of 2% per part, Max of 50%.

1st: “Void Rupture” Creates a pillar of void energy at a certain location, causing radiation and corrosive damage. Stripping %1 of armor every second the enemy stays in the ability. 
Augment: “World’s Wrath” The ability is now toggled and will create random pillars of void energy when enemies get near you. Deactivate the ability to let out a huge aoe blast of void energy, causing enemies to be frozen in time for 5 seconds.

2nd ability: “Old Friend” Summons a Void Spirit bird from the the depths the unknown. Flying through enemies in the area, causing slash damage. The enemies release small vents of void energy from the wounds, if killed, they give double the regenerative health gain for his passive.

Augment: “Link” Your thrall also gains the same passive but can now be targeted by enemies. If you reach below, 25% the thrall will fly into you and be consumed, giving an instant health gain and 50% damage reduction.

3rd ability: “Voice’s Within” The frame goes into berserk mode per every 100 enemy absorbed. Gaining 50% Haste and a 50% Damage Multiplier. In this mode, all enemies killed aren’t absorbed but will remain on the floor until your ability is over. If killed in this mode, you release an aoe of void energy, knocking down all enemies and receive 50 health.

Augment: “Whispers” Allies and their companions in the area gain 50 shields created of void energy per enemies killed (max of 500). Body parts can now be absorbed by allies.

4th ability: “Sinful Revenge” Gaining memories of old, he transforms into a giant 4 armed beast, using a new weapon called Exalted True Sythes made of ethereal void energy. Your health is tripled, but your passive damage reduction is reduced to 25%. If paired with your 3rd ability, you use less energy to keep the ability up. 
Augment: “Lust for Death” Instead, you transform into a floating cloaked phantom, wielding only 1 Exalted True scythe. Each enemy killed, drops 1 energy and health orb. You’re health isn’t tripled but your passive stays the same. 

I was kind of interested in a more fantasy soul series type frame. Something that can be on the darker side but also be fun to use and be aesthetically awesome haha.

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1)shield bash: With the power within to summon a shield, you are able to badh through your enemies leaving them open for attack.

2) Speariton 4 types: Summoning your spear for a quick throw with certain abilities 

A- rage: fuel your enemies with the rage to take on anyone [even allies] to ensure they're dead

B- Fear: tell your enemies to run

C- Peace: ask them why should we fight when we have other priorities to take care of. Allowing you to make enemies allies.

D- Blind: The enemy cant fight what they cant see blind them after doing damage on the hostiles

3) Dire Leadership: If your team has suffered enough take one for the team and sacrifice your HP and melee strength to your allies to continue the fight

4) Evasive maneuvers: Learning a thing or 2 about ambushes is that you should always keep your guard up, summon a sword and spear to block and counter any attack and defend what matters most VICTORY 

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Passive: movement speed is increased when he kills enemy's and is immune to status effects when he kills enough enemy's for a short period. 

Ability 1: Zonen

he makes armour out transference plants that can give him armour and deal dmg to enemy's if they get to close causing them to be knocked over. He is immortal for 5 second while he takes damage.

Ability 2: Transference bond.

this ability let's broken frame drop a transference tree that can give different buffs to him and his allies. The buffs are armour,health,blinding, energy overtime. (blinding happens every 5-10 seconds) 

Ability 3: Jahuro

 a croud control ability that pulls all enemy's in towards you and sticks enemy's and drains their health overtime and can be shared between you and your allies, and once the timer runs out all enemy's are launched of your body and into walls dealing more damage, and its a toggled ability. 

Ability 4: Cilestial Override.

he sends out a wave of energy, and when a enemy is hit he is override with energy and explodes causing a chain reaction to any enemy's near by. 

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Passive- when hit, has a 30% chance to dismantle itself to evade the hit 

Ability1- dismantles itself and attaches to an enemy, while attached it can control the body of that enemy, while controlling the enemy other foes will not attack, thinking it is just one of them, after the duration of the ability is over the enemy with be stunned for 5 seconds.

Ability2- create a shield of void energy to block incoming attacks and  protect yourself and allies, the shield will be attached to the warframe's wrist but can be place down in front of him

Ability3- hands turn into blades of void energy to slash at enemies for a certain duration of time.

Ability4- dismantle yourself into a ring of floating limbs and fire a large beam made of void energy at your foes.

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Passive: (option 1). Pick up junk lying about to add to your store. (side gauge of part's level)

(Option 2). Pick up junk lying about to give health and/or energy in small amounts. 

1. Heave: Throw a chunk of your body at an enemy dealing massive bludgeoning damage. (Hold to charge to hit more enemies)

2. Adapt: Absorb any incoming damage for [time] then have resistance to that damage for [time]

3. Mimic: Change your body shape into that of the target, gaining their temporary health, abilities and armor (change back when temporary HP is depleted or ability deactivated)

4.(option 1): Behemoth: Suck in all the junk laying around you in [area] and grow to a massive size slamming the ground with your massive fists, crushing foes under step, and hurling balls of rubbish to flatten your enemies.

(option 2). Mimic: Raise a small army of clones of yourself to fight independently along side you (2-5 clones)

(note for abilities that use it) The Rubbish/junk/trash mentioned can be extra ammo, broken open containers(lids and bits) etc.

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The "Broken" Warframe reminds me a lot of the form changing Ultramans, with the red parts being the muscalar "Power" forms, and the blue parts being the "Speed" forms.  Reminds me a lot of Chroma and Equinox, which influences the themes of being made of many components.

Passive: Fragmented Soul
A resource meter that fuels part of the Broken Warframe's abilities.
When hit, the meter is lowered and drops a fragment power up that can be picked up by allies that can slightly restore health, shields, or even temporarily boost armor.
While the meter is full or nearing full, the Warframe has damage reduction
While the meter is empty or nearing empty, the Warframe has faster maneuver speed (Reloading, Dodging, etc), but not melee attack speed.

---1st Ability: Shard Lancing
Fires a lance that strips a single enemy of Health, Armor, or Shields, based on what form the Warframe is in and then add that stat temporarily to the warframe. Depletes the Fragmented Soul meter slightly.

---2nd Ability: Altered Form
This ability influence some of the other abilities.
Switches between three different forms which provide passive abilities and grants a small activation effect:

Health/Muscle Form (Default Form): Provides Bonus Health, and grants temporary Health Regeneration and Ability Strength on activation.

Armor/Defense Form:  Provides Bonus Armor, and temporarily grants Ability Range on activation.  Also regenerates the Fragmented Soul meter over time.
Speed/Sleek Form:  Provides Sprint speed and reduced Shield Recharge Delay, and immediately starts Shield Recharge on activation. Notably does not provide bonus shields. Also drains the Fragmented Soul meter over time.

Transforming depletes the Fragmented Soul meter a medium amount

---3rd Ability: Fractured Burst
Deals an AOE nova of damage and a proc based on which form the Warframe is in.  Deals bonus damage based upon which stats have been stolen by the 1st ability.

Health form deals Slashing
Armor form deals Piercing
Speed form deals Impact

On Activation, the Fragmented Soul meter is depleted significantly.

---4th Ability: Kintsugi Arms
Reassembles the broken fragments in a violent, but vibrant implosion, dealing a large amount of damage.
Refills the Fragmented Soul Meter, and provides a boost to the effects of Altered form or even temporarily combining all the forms together.  Based on what percentage is restored, provides a bonus to the damage portion of the ability.

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Passive, Bar that charges as he takes damage, ability effectiveness increases as he gets more "broken" and bar is partially exhausted with each cast.

Abilitied based on actual warframe glitches.

1, wallbound

Enemies in a radius from target are teleported into the nearest objects and frozen in place for X seconds.  Enemies take magnetic damage while in objects.

2, the infinite ammo glitch. 

For X seconds next time you shoot your ammo is limitless but the gunndoes not stop fireing and does not need to reload.  Shots have a chance at triggering magnetic procs

3, Lag

Enemies attack areas you recently stood while this ability is active.

4, the halfbreed

Summons a kubrow kavat hybrid to attack your enemies.  Enemies dealt damage by the halfbreed have a chance of getting stuck in the floor.

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My idea is for a glass cannon frame that can morph by summoning floating scrap pieces around it. It's a bit mecha like but I think it would be really cool to have in the game. Especially with the sentient theme and all. Don't mind the ability names I'm really bad at that. The coolest about this idea I think is the mecha like morphing limbs, it would be something new and different from the other frames.



The frame has two different modes. Tank mode and swift mode.

Tank mode has bulkier attacks, a better defence stat, less speed and heavier weapons. While in tank mode the frame gains an armor like plating around itself

Swift mode is more agile and has faster attack speed with lighter weapons. While in swift mode the frame becomes slimmer and sheds the armor plating, void energy is leaking out more.


2. Gather:

The frame uses it's void energy to gather more pieces around it this can go up to a 100%. This can be used to morph the right arm of the frame. It would be really nice if the scraps gather would float around the right arm of the frame.

3. Morph: 

Tank mode:  The frame morphes it's right arm into an Axe, a cannon like the opticor or a missile launcher. (Weapons can differ but you get the idea). This uses up some percentage of the gathered pieces.

Swift mode: The frame morphes its right arm into a shortaxe spearlike thing and its left leg into a shortaxe for a fast melee combo. It creates a samurai sword or it creates new limbs to use multiple pistols. This uses up some percentage of the gathered pieces.

4. Unleash

Tank Mode: The frame creaties shockwaves that stun enemies within it's range for a short while.

Swift Mode: The frame sheds it's parts and morphs it into spears, you see a void humanlike silhouette pushing all the spears outwards hooking all enemies within the reach of it and then pulling them into a black hole type something to be swallowed up and explode.

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Passive: Malfunction- The Broken Warframe converts a large percentage of all incoming damage to electric damage.  Additionally, the Broken Warframe converts a percentage of incoming status procs to the electrical status proc.

1: Breakdown- Fall to the ground and disassemble, periodically pulsing electrical damage to enemies.  The Broken Warframe is immune to damage and status effects while disassembled.  Tap again to reassemble and regain health and energy based on time spent disassembled and damage dealt to enemies.  Takes advantage of momentum when casting to travel farther, deal more damage, and cover a larger area.

2: Void Bomb- Throw a sticky bomb in the target direction.  Press again to detonate it, dealing damage and launching you away from it with powerful momentum.

3: Latch Link- Attach a tube to a nearby target and sustain it for as long as you hold.  If attached to an enemy, leech life from them while dealing electrical damage, triggering electrical procs on them and you.  Weaker enemies will be stunned.  If attached to an ally, transfer your health and energy to them over time.

4: Fated Chain- Link all enemies in an area with glowing tubes.  Damaging or applying a status effect to any linked enemy applies the same damage and status effect to the others.  Killing a linked enemy will kill other linked enemies, at least the weaker ones.  Combine with Latch Link (3) to link to all chained foes.


I see a lot of potential for ability synergies, along with both damage and support abilities.  Additionally, the Broken Warframe's 4th ability could significantly shake up the weapon meta.

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