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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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to me Broken needs to be... a broken warframe, something that doesnt work correctly. for that reason this is how i made my version.

similar to atlas, Broken is able to naturally collect scrap from downed enemies(as well as downed allies and his own body if he is killed), scrap is used in a variety of ways.

PASSIVE: stability level, as broken take damage, his body starts to break down, becoming more unstable. the more unstable he gets, the bigger the strength variation(min dmg deals less/max dmg deals more), his guns gain bonus multishot but with less accuracy/higher spread and his melee attack gains enhanced range. both with random elemental procs. if Broken is killed while holding more than 100 scraps, broken is able to purge that amount of scraps creating a blast of energy that stuns enemies and stabilize his body.

take armor, health or shield from enemies. based on race(if grineer - armor, if corpus - shield, if infested health) he also gains energy for his internal battery.

energy mode: diminish power and defense to enhance his battery.
power mode : buffs damage from weapons and skills but loses stability faster.
safety mode: by entering SM, broken is able to raise his stability level, meanwhile damage taken deduct from his scrap,

SKILL 3    MAKESHIFT DEVICE: broken is able to use his collected scrap to build a turret that uses either his primary or his secondary weapon(offensive mode), or consume part of his battery energy to make a decoy that attract enemy bullets(safety mode), or an energy pylon that recovers ally energy. the longer he holds the button, the more scrap(and energy) he uses. he can oly maintain 1 makeshift device at a time.

SKILL 4    OVERDRIVE: by expending the energy gathered in his battery, broken is able to go into overdrive, gaining move speed, enhanced shield(if he has any), melee aspd and fire rate. however, the longer he remains in overdrive, the higher he becomes unstable. and if he reach his limit, he will self destruct, causing a massive explosion that causes all "combined" element procs on enemies caught in the blast. in safety mode, overdrive is turned off automatically once battery empties. in energy mode overdrive depletes battery slower, and turns into power mode once battery empties. in power mode, battery(stressed battery) consumes faster.

there is alot of variation that can happen. like for example, since this frame is meant to be broken, it would be interesting if it had diferent costs for its skills(imagine it from being partially repaired using diferent tech, one part from a grineer, another from a corpus and so on). so in this example, his skill 1 wouldnt use energy, but instead have a cooldown, that would be faster based on duration, skill 2 would also not require energy since it only changed its mode, skill 3 would consume scrap and energy based on the type and skill 4 would use its battery.

finally, i thought, what if, this frame started with less health and shields, or even without shield, requiring it to gather some from enemies, this would also mean, a diferent play style, focussing on survivability(something that a broken frame would be based on). this build would also give alot of synergy with abilities and modes, meanwhile, it would require the player to make use of all their tools, punishing mistakes, but rewarding smart play, with the potential of infinite lives(like nidus), but also a quick death if too greedy.

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Passive: Memento Mori Instead of being put in the downstate the broken warframe continues to move and fight normally while the down timer continues to countdown. If Decayed Matter is activated the downstate timer is paused till Decayed Matter is depleted or turned off. Teammates may preform a normal revive at anytime.


Ability 1: Detached Armaments (No duration, energy drain on cast and only if the turret fires, can be canceled and redeployed at any time.) The broken warframes right arm separates and turns into a floating turret at the casting location which can use your primary or secondary weapon. Your separated weapon becomes empowered with void damage with its other damage types and mods.


Ability 2: Constellation (Energy drain only on casts) Using the broken warframes left hand launch an orb of void energy to a enemy stunning it for the duration. The void energy then spreads to other enemies in the area. All enemies that become linked by the void will share damage with all linked enemies. Enemies that die while marked or linked will restore energy when killed to the broken warframe only. While aiming at the first enemy of a constellation you can recast this ability to pull all linked enemies in that constellation to that target and they become stunned briefly.


Ability 3: Decayed Matter (Toggle, energy drain on initial cast and when receiving damage.) The broken warframe protects itself with its own void energy instead of its shields which grants immunity to status procs and acts as an over shield. If your energy reaches 0 Decayed Matter collapses into the broken warframe empowering your health and armor significantly for a duration. (Void shields have no weakness to magnetic, cold, or impact damage, additionally damage cannot bypass shields during this ability.)


Ability 4: Quasar (Hold to charge): Charge up your energy into an explosion dealing massive void damage to all enemies in a large area. Enemies that die in the explosion get vaporized by the void, leaving no body's. Damage is based on how much energy was charged up and power strength. Should enemies survive the initial blast they become engulfed in void fire taking void damage over time, and melting off there armor into energy for the broken warframe. If burning enemies die by other damage sources the broken warframe still receives energy.

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Passive - "Conglomeration"

The warframe is a conglomeration of other parts stuck together. Pieces of it break off as it loses health, making it lighter and faster, increasing sprint speed and parkour velocity. (Possibly by just a straight percentage of health missing; eg, at 50% health, gain a 50% speed increase)


Ability 1  - "Scavenge"

The warframe takes pieces of armor from dead enemies and adds them to itself. Passive ability that consumes nearby corpses to heal the warframe, or if at max health adds armor, up to some limit. (Possibly get slower as more armor is added, and have differing armor types depending on enemy type; eg, ferrite armor from grineer, alloy armor from corpus, infested sinew from infested)


Ability 2 - "Improvised Munitions"

The warframe takes pieces of itself and adds them to its shots, imbuing them with extra damage. Passive ability that expends health with each shot fired, adding increased physical damage to the shot. If armor has been gained from "Scavenge", that armor is spent first, before health. (Possibly have type of bonus damage be determined by the type of armor expended; eg, ferrite -> slash, alloy -> puncture, sinew -> impact)


Ability 3 - "Overclock"

The warframe sends void energy coursing through its pieces, making them vibrate with energy. Timed ability that increases attack speed proportionately to health and evasion inversely proportionate to health. (So more health means more attack speed, and less health means more evasion)


Ability 4 (Ultimate) - "Self-destruct"

The warframe blasts itself apart, dealing massive damage to all enemies in range, before imploding back together, reforming and releasing another damaging shockwave.  Some percentage of health, as well as any armor gained from "Scavenge" are expended to add bonus damage to the explosion.



I wanted something that embodies flexibility and adaptability, evoking a sense that this warframe is able to build itself piecemeal on the fly depending on the situation. I like the idea of being able to adjust levels of tankiness, speed, and dps as needed throughout a mission. I originally toyed with the idea of the ult causing the warframe to turn into a cyclone of void energy and loose parts, dealing contact damage to enemies, but it felt too much like Revenant's ult. I like the explosive stat switch that the current ult enables. One concern is that since a number of the warframe's stats/abilities are pegged to health, any friendly healing effects may make it frustrating for the player to control stat adjustments. It may be necessary to tie the stat adjustments/abilities to just pure armor level instead (not sure how many other effects cause armor changes) or even create a new, frame-unique resource ("scrap", or similar) that then affects armor, or possibly even max health, and can be the basis for stat changes and ability interactions.

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1: Bone break: shatter the bones in an enemy lunging forward and performing a grab animation (similar to if not recycled from Kuva Lich killing animations {grabbing a tenno and crushing their back} except sped up to last approximately 1 second) if the grab is successful the player is temporarily invulnerable (during the short time of the animation) if the target is killed the enemy drops bone fragments which are used in other abilities. 

2: Spines: cover your self in bone fragments becoming spiky, enemies that shoot you take damage and that amount of health is given to allies within affinity sharing range

3: Scattered blades: explode into a radial attack of bone fragments, de-fleshes enemies making them into skeletal spectralyst like units who fight for the Tenno for a limited time while this occurs the player will become a ghost like entity made of void energy. when enemies die the player gets their corporeal form back and enemies who were turned into thralls drop bone fragments (making it a power that is best used in large groups {like Excalibur's radial javelin or Atlas's petrify})  the more bone fragments you possess increases the radius and damage of the power

4: Blades of bone: Tear pieces of sharp bone from the body, slice through enemies with crimson ribbons of death and destruction, combo duration increases bone fragment drops and the blades draw health from enemies increasing the duration of the power, which will eventually drain as the combo duration becomes shorter and shorter as it increases beyond the standard range but consumes more fragments till it will drain the stockpile completely if not deactivated.  

Passive: collect bone fragments to increase armor and health regeneration, also used as fuel for the last 3 abilities. (bone fragments are dropped from the first and third ability) which caps at 100 fragments  

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Okay, so the overall theme of this ability concept for the broken frame is the premise of a frame that is very unstable due to this void energy binding its broken pieces together. The void energy holds it, but how well or poorly it holds it together will be what the player can manipulate to their advantage, allowing the frame to switch between a slower, less powerful tanky form and a faster glass cannon state. The base stats would probably have to be lower than most frames, thus also boosting the premise of a "broken" frame

For those of the developers with interest in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, I would compare this build concept to a very simplified version of the character Shulk and his Monado arts, but instead with a spectrum (using a "stability" meter) between a "bulky tank" and a "fast glass canon" that the player can tweak and influence throughout battle.


Passive Ability: Unstable Void Weave

The void energy binding this frame is in constant flux, and will offer defensive bonuses when stable, offense and speed bonuses when unstable, and small penalties to each opposing bonus.

Increased stability (via 2nd/4th ability and walking/not moving) incrementally increases defense (up to dev team, but I'm thinking something like Armor or %DR, and Shield regen rate) but incrementally removes instability buffs of speed and damage output (power strength, etc.).

Decreased stability (via 1st/3rd/4th abilities and bullet jumping/attacking/taking damage?) incrementally increases damage output (power strength. etc.) and run/attack speed while incrementally removing defensive buffs.

1st Ability: Homing Knuckles: Think Megaman's Hard Knuckle, but homing (TBD = up to devs)

Launches your offhand fist in a semi-homing arc towards an opponent that boomerangs back to you, hitting the target and any other enemies in its arcing trajectory and dealing <TBD> impact damage. If the hand is holding a melee weapon, deals an additional <TBD>% of its total damage. This move can also be used twice consecutively without waiting for the offhand fist to return, firing the frame's main hand instead and any melee weapon it is holding.

  • Destabilizes the warframe to use this ability, so firing it twice consecutively can cause the second hit to be slightly more powerful due to the increased power strength of the instability bonuses
  • The offhand being fired first allows the player to continue using one-handed actions if they wish while they wait for the fist to return
  • The addition of the melee weapon bonus damage was too good to pass up, and offers strategy of melee weapon choice to decide whether to boost both fists equally (dual swords), or the second hit (one-handed weapon/two-handed weapon)

2nd Ability: Kinetic Salvage: The more recently-killed enemies around you, the better

Draws in shrapnel from around the battlefield to fuse with your Warframe for healing, stabilizing (passive), and damaging enemies caught within the AoE for <TBD, but low amount> impact/puncture/slash damage. These effects are increased for every recently killed enemy within the AoE (including the ones killed by this ability's damage).

  • Depending on how many downed enemies are around you, this can moderately or even greatly increase the warframe's stability, so I didn't feel any defense buffs inherent to the ability would be necessary, as the passive takes care of that
  • The premise is drawing in battlefield wreckage and using it to repair your broken frame, just as it did during the old war.
  • The more destabilized you are when using this ability, the more benefits it has, creating something of a see-saw effect.

3rd Ability: Shrapnel Volley

A 360o blast of shrapnel that is broken off of the frame and fired outward, blinding enemies for <TBD> seconds and dealing <TBD> puncture damage to them. Moderately destabilizes the Warframe.

  • Ability Synergy: if you use the 2nd ability immediately after, most of destabilization caused by the 3rd ability's use will be negated and the puncture damage will be dealt to the enemies a second time as your shrapnel is retracted and re-fused to your Warframe (in addition to the 2nd ability's own benefits).

4th Ability: Meltdown

Harness your shattered void frame to drain power from enemies around you, or emit your own devastating power.

Toggle ability: aura around the frame with two forms: Tap the ability to cast a <TBD> damage corrosion aura around you that gradually stabilizes your warframe, or hold the ability to instead cast an <TBD> electric aura that gradually destabilizes your warframe (with the associated power increase due to destabilizing). Ability has a <TBD>% status chance.

  • Premise is the first is an enemy armor drain that restores your void weave, while the other harnesses it to deal more damage that spreads to extra enemies via status procs.
  • Can cast other abilities while the 4th ability is active to help combat increase/decrease of stability or speed it up.


Anyway, that's all for my submission. I leave energy costs and all the extra details to developer discretion. Looking forward to the final frame, whatever the choices of abilities are!



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After considering the implications of what Broken Warframe could be like, the best idea set/ theme for it's abilities that I could think of were centered around ideas like instability, collecting and separating matter, randomness or even a cards you dealt playstyle. Ideas like shorting out, overcharging, random buff abilities all around a void energy yields tons of ideas. Here's my redbull induced, quarantined last minute shot at it.

Passive: Unstable Advantage- After using one of your three main abilities, 30% efficiency buff applied to one and 30% efficiency debuff applied to the remaining two.

Ability 1; SUSTAIN- Send out your right arm filled with void energy through target enemy to steal energy and matter and acquire the sustained buff. Right arm visibly expands/increases in size, has more energy pulsing through it (based on official art.)and grants a small % increase in melee damage and attack speed. Any status normal status debuffs on Broken warframe are transferred to target. Can be released early to restore some energy. Timed buff to encourage using sustain to keep up flow of combat, energy recoup to encourage using the ability on different enemies and often.

Ability 2: COLLECT- Broken warframe separates into pieces and grabs nearby by enemies, collects them and slams them down with right arm at target location. If SUSTAIN is active, warframe slams them with increased damage at increased energy cost.

Ability 3: RELEASE:Releases a linear blast wave on void energy (colored by player's energy color choice) after a short charge delay of a random base element (toxin,fire,cold,electric) from right arm with 50% status chance. Receives a status chance buff if SUSTAIN is active

Ultimate: SURGE- Void energy and matter surge into the Broken Waframe and spawns one of 4 pure Void energy weapons (colored by warframe energy color choice). The ability itself is a single, moddable exalted weapon and stats dont change between forms but the weapon and therefore stance you have to fight with are random. If SUSTAIN is active the rest of the Broken warframe's body expands and increases in size/ energy pulses to match SUSTAIN animation, doubles the damage and attack speed buff at the expense increased energy drain. 4 Weapons are: Dual Swords, Two handed nikana, Whip and Hammer. Obviously everyone has preferences and is subject to change, but i felt those four mixed it up nicely stance wise. Deactivating and and Reactivating the ability too quickly cause the Broken warframe to explode/overcharge, clearing all buffs from itself, as well as knocking itself down and all nearby enemies. (My idea around this was to encourage people to play what they were dealt with but still keep the ability to/ the spirit of playing how you specifically want which has always been essential to warframe)

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The remnants are from three Warframes base on the fundamental concepts of the universe: Time, Space, Matter and Energy.

Passive: Damaging enemies with weapons make the Distorted and when Broken Warframe die make a power full Void explosion. (and may configure the distribution of the buff bonuses on ability 1 and 2)

 1 Chornos Steal: Breaks down and steal the target enemie(s) Tempus, which reduce all positive and increases all negative speeds and durations. Stolen Tempus can be give to (Broken Warframe) or an/it's ally(s) or/and their abilities for increase all positive and reduced all negative speeds and durations. Chornos Steal deals void or true damage to enemie(s) and make them Distorted. (Maybe a Aura type ability or massive multi target area)

Example of speeds and durations: Shield Recharge, Heal Rate/s, Sprint Speed, Maneuvers, Ability Duration, Casting Speed, Attack Speed, Fire Rate, Projectile Speed, Reload Speed, Status Duration, Combo Duration, etc.


2 Spatiums Control: Manipulates the distance between molecules and their structures to buffs (Broken Warframe) and its allies or debuffs enemies Volūmen. Spatiums Control deals void or true damage to enemie(s) make them Distorted. (Maybe a Aura type ability or massive multi target area)

Example of Volūmenes: Armor, Health, Ability Range, Ammunition, Magazine Capacity, Blocking Angle, Range, Multishot, Punch Through, Recoil, Chain Lightning, Bullet Attractor and Gas Cloud Radiuses, etc.


3 Stella Creation: When Distorted enemy is affected by 3rd Ability it creates stars in the enemy space and when the enemy dies it stay in please where it die. Ability Strength and Range increase the chance to create bigger type of Origin Star. 

(Small Size) OG Red Dwarf: Small sphere radius effect that weakly pulls enemies and deal low Heat damage over time with a Heat and Cold low statue chance. It also has the low low chance to blind enemies in range. Red Dwarfs have a long medium duration

(Small Size) Blue Dwarf: Transition for Red to White Dwarf, it shirks reducing the radius and damage. Blue Dwarfs transition has a short duration.

(Medium Size) OG Yellow Dwarf: Sphere radius effect that pulls enemies and deal Heat and Radiation damage over time with a Heat, Radiation and Blast statue chance. It also has the low chance to blind enemies in range. Yellow Dwarf over it medium duration increases it size, range and damage until they it become a Red Giant.

(Bigger Medium Size) Red Giant: Sphere increases radius effect that pulls enemies and deal increases Heat, Radiation and Electricity damage over time with a Heat, Radiation, Gas and Magnetic increase statue chance. Red Giant is in the process of Planetary nebula. Therefor, over its short duration it decrease in size, but not range, until they it become a White Dwarf.

(Massive Size) OG Blue Supergiant: Sphere big radius effect that strongly pulls enemies and deal high Heat, Radiation and Magnetic damage over time with a Heat, Radiation, Gas and Magnetic high statue chance. It also has the medium chance to blind enemies in range. Blue Supergiants have a short medium duration. Blue Supergiant over duration increases it size, range and damage until they it become a Red Supergiant.

(Bigger Massive Size) Red Supergiants: Sphere big radius effect that strongly pulls enemies and deal high Heat, Radiation and Magnetic damage over time with a Heat, Radiation, Gas and Magnetic high statue chance. Red Supergiants is in the process of Supernova. Therefor, over seconds it decrease in size, but not range, and increases damage until they explodes dealing Massive Heat, Radiation, Blast , Gas and Magnetic or Void or True damage with a 100% status chance and blind to all targets in its area of effect. After the explosion it remains a Neutron Star or a Black Hole.

(Small Size) Neutron Star: Sphere big radius effect that trap enemies and deal massive Heat, Radiation and Magnetic damage over time with a Heat, Radiation, and Magnetic almost 100% statue chance. It also has the medium chance to blind enemies in range. Blue Supergiants have a short medium duration, are small size and large range. When Neutron Stars are in range of each other it began to orbit each other until they crash and make a Kilonova. Kilonova deal double Massive Heat, Radiation, Blast , Gas and Magnetic damage with a 100% status chance and blind to all targets in its area of effect. After the explosion it remains a Black Hole and enemies have high change to drop resources.

(Random Or Massive Size) Black Holes: Sphere big radius effect that stunned enemies and deal 1.5 massive Void or True, damage over time with a Void 100% statue chance. Over it long duration it began decrease it size and range, but increase new Heat damage with 100% statue chance until it explode dealing double Massive Heat, Radiation, Blast and Magnetic damage with a 100% status chance.

(Smaller Size) White Dwarf: Small sphere radius effect that strongly pulls enemies and deal medium high Heat damage over time with a Heat and Radiation statue chance. It also has the low low chance to blind enemies in range. White Dwarfs have a long duration.


4 AdInfinitum Energos: It combines void with energy to have 0 drain or cost of Energy and extra Damage, Ability Strength and Shields.

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This warframe has been broken, cast aside early on in Orokin experiments as a useless puppet without its ability to synch with void energy. They must climb their way back to the top with the use of the one true language of the universe. Money.




Has no energy. Uses credits instead of energy.


Self-Cast Toggle. Spend in-game currency "credits" to loot dead enemies for "Line of Credit" stacks. "Line of Credit" is used to pay for the next skills. The more stacks you have, the higher your armor rating goes as well. Armor fluctuates with stacks. This skill functions similar to desecrate, where a small amount of in-game credits are consumed per each dead enemy checked. The warframe itself should change appearance with increased stacks (like Nidus does) into a more complete frame. Rags-To-Riches.


Mods Line of Credit. Removes/Negates Shield (maybe adds 100% hp to replace) OR Transfers Shields into Health? Consumes Health instead of credits to build "Line of Credit" stacks.


Consume X amount of Stacks of Credit. Self-Cast. Creates self-aura / links nearby enemies.  Wherein these enemies are transferred X% of damage meant for the player. Enemies killed under this effect enhance the rate of pickups for LINE OF CREDIT.


Consumes "Line of Credit." Hold the skill button down to charge this skill while consuming stacks. The longer you hold the more it consumes. Temporary immunity and pulls hate while in this stance. Collects all damage that would have been done to player to be used as a modifier for increased damage output by player for 5-10 times as long as the charge time. Enemies killed while under this effect drop Health pickups at a 50% rate.


Aim-Cast. Consumes X amount Stacks of Credits OR Consumes a slightly random small amount of credits. You toss money at where you are aiming, and enemies in X radius greedily rush over to fill their pockets with cold hard cash.

Mechanically speaking, this skill should work as: enemies in X-range rush to the point. The first 1-5 enemies there "pick-up" the money and run away with it. Every other enemy that did not pick up money then become enraged and attack those first enemies, ignoring other targets.

If this skill consumes actual credits, then enemies killed under this effect drop 5-10% more credits.


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Short Preface: I would like to ask for the team to see the abilities apart from one another as well as with each other while considering this idea. The idea of adding the synergy with other abilities was to help the team think about how the abilities selected could be combined to create awesome and interesting interaction. It would be cool if everything was selected, but I aknowledge the likeliness of even one being selected is slim to none. I hope whoever reading this enjoy the idea none-the-less.


Passive: Reassemble - After not taking damage for a short time, slowly restore health to the warframe.


Ability 1: Chaotic Tendrils - Launch a tendril (made of the void plant) at enemies, exploding and dealing either blast, radiation, or gas. Small chance for the tendril to jump to another enemy in range. While Dismantle has active reserves, the chance to jump increases a fair bit. Chance to jump to another enemy increases in power scaling. Cap to tendril jump based off of power scaling.


Ability 2: Dismantle (Channel) - Unused ammunition pickups are broken down into raw warframe parts. This would override ammo mutation mods while active. You can reserve a small amount of converted ammo to hold as backup health, or combine with Chaos Tendrils or Void's Embrace to increase the damage and improve effects to the abilities. Reserves max based off of power scaling. Must be channeling for to use reserves.


Ability 3: Void's Embrace - Release the void around you. Enemies caught in the area are dealt radiation damage and have a chance to have the status effect applied to them. While Dismantle has active reserves, status chance is drastically increased. The effect persists for a short duration.


Ability 4: Mimicry - Become a random warframe, out of a select pool of up to 8 warframes, for a short duration. Minimum 4 other warframes must be selected, unless you do not have 4 other warframes in which case it will be the pool of warframes you own. You may select the warframes you wish to use for mimicry while the warframe is unranked or higher. If no such warframes would exist for whatever reason, you get a pool made up of the three "starter frames" at level 10 with no mods equip. (Mods on the warframes would be based off of configuration A of the warframe you are transforming into in this envisionment.)

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This concept is all about the a group of warframes that had been destroyed while failing to protect their operators, returning pulling themselves together into an amalgemation in one desperate attempt to do right for those they had failed. For one chance to protect the tenno again.

A song of pain, echoing the failures and loss of forgotten Warframes. Four fragments unite for one last chance to make a difference. Their four songs guide their wielder towards victory.

Passive: Tragic Lullaby: For each ally under 25%, Eulogy deals 10% more damage and gains 20% Armor.

1 Dirge of Anguish: Unleash a large circular area where enemies are weakened, taking an additional 25% damage and dealing 25% less damage.

2 Lament of the Forsaken: Drive foes back with a powerful gust of air, knocking foes down and inflicting True damage on the targets.

3 Requiem of the Fallen: With a Rippling song, drain energy and health from enemies within a cone, granting it to allies, even reviving fallen allies within the area.

4: Victorious Anthem: Create an aura of flowing energy, granting all warframes in the area 1 energy per second, and increasing Power Strength by 25%


The actual numbers in this are up to the Devs, but I figured I could spit ball a few out.

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Passive: 5% chance on kill to generate a stack of "spare parts"

Ability 1: 25 energy cost to start/2 energy per second channeling for kills to 100%chance generate "spare parts". Spare parts increase Warframe shield linear to spare parts gathered.

Ability 2: Warframe can use stacks of spare parts (up to six placements) with a cost of 20 parts each to provide a temporary shield around a target area (once 3 stacks are used, maximum of 6 stacks, shield is in place between the points). This will lower shield of Warframe since they are using the spare parts that help build their shield. Also, the bigger the area being shielded, the thinner/less effective the shield.

Ability 3: Warframe can use half of the maximum spare parts stacks (if player has enough spare parts) to instantly revive another player, also boosting revived players shield by 10% upon revive.

Ability 4: uses half (or all) available stacks of spare parts to generate a bomb (damage based on the number of stacks used to make bomb) that detonates on enemy proximity or a maximum of 5 seconds.

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Posted (edited)

Posted on the wrong post, now I feel stupid. Hopefully this is the right place! Original post here!

Heads up; long post!

Given that we have semi-custom modular weapons and companions, this could be our custom Warframe. It is recovered in pieces, and has no abilities as you get it. I expect that this may give your programmers one massive headache, and may need to be modified greatly to be feasible. This is just me throwing an idea out as quickly as I can type.

Ability Cores are used to give a Warframe it's power, and are hidden deep within a usual Frame's body. Unfortunately, this one was not finished, and as such has none. Because modern Tenno do not have the same level of technology, this frame's cores are significantly larger, and have to be retrofitted into their back, clearly visible. Cores can represent each of the four primary elements - fire, ice, lightning & poison. Cores are either a reward from missions which can be fused together (like an Arcane, you get them at level 1, and combine them in increasing quantities to reach a higher power.), or can be purchased with excess affinity earned by the frame itself. They can then be able to be inserted into one of four slots on his back. Slot one is his first ability, slot two is his second, and so forth. They represent different methods of applying their abilities, such as a direct projectile, area attack, defensive or crowd control or self/team boost. The usage of four elemental cores gives players the ability to mix and match elements as they choose gives the player a greater degree of customization, making the Warframe feel more unique and also making the frame ideal for anti-sentient combat without encroaching too heavily onto Ember, Frost, Volt or Saryn.

Ability 1:
Ability 1 is a direct application of the first core in the form of a projectile.
No core: The frame releases a directional shock-wave of similar size and range to an Arca Plasmor shell. It deals a small amount of impact damage, and pushes enemies back. Good for getting enemies away from a defence objective.
Fire: The frame projects a fireball which deals initial blast damage, then sticks to a surface or target and leaves a small burning patch which continually deals fire damage. Good for dealing lots of damage to enemies passing through a choke point.
Ice: The frame projects a shard similar to Gara's crystal lash ability, projected from the palm of the hand. Contact causes ice and puncture damage on a direct hit, striking a solid surface causes it to shatter into small ice projectiles with semi-random trajectories. Good for dealing huge amounts of damage to a single target in one shot.
Shock: Similar to Volt's primary ability, but is a continued channel, similar to your typical villain lightning hands. It will slow the movement of the casting frame, but will continually shock the victim, and can chain to others over a small distance, with metallic targets (MOA and Grineer in metal armour) being more susceptible to arcs. Good for isolating a door, but is energy hungry over prolonged usage.
Poison: Launches a globule on an arc similar to the tar MOA projectile. On a flat surface, it will leave a sticky toxic patch, slowing and poisoning enemies. If it sticks to a ceiling, it will drip corrosive damage down onto the targets instead. Good for slowing down crowds or bypassing shielded enemies, with the acid rain perfect for stripping armour.

Ability 2:
Ability 2 is a radial application of the second core in an arc or ring centering on the frame position.
No core: The frame releases a radial shock-wave, like an amplified version of the respawn pulse. Enemies are knocked over and repelled slightly, flying enemies fall out of the sky.  Enemies are also briefly concussed, slowing the rate they get up at. Good to provide a few seconds of peace during a hectic wave.
Fire: Releases a burst similar to an Exmius wave. Enemies are ignited and knocked over, taking fire damage. Good for dealing a fair amount of damage to a crowd of attackers, and giving you a second to escape.
Ice: The frame places their palms on the floor and huge shards of ice burst from the ground in random positions, dealing puncture and ice damage. The spikes remain for a couple of seconds before fading, acting as obstructions similar to Atlas' bulwarks. Shard placement is semi-random, meaning not all shards will hit. Good for hitting hard to get enemies, and obstructing paths.
Shock: Applies an energy spark in orbit around the target, or to a surface. Within range, every pair of sparks will link with beams of electricity, dealing continued damage to any targets that make contact. Arcs will also leap small distances from sparks to enemies. Sparks have a charge level which dissipates when conducting. At zero, the spark disappears. Ideal for carving through crowds, especially with teammates and companions which can carry sparks.
Poison: Vents a cloud of poison gas which will follow the frame, dealing constant Gas damage to all close-quarter enemies. Good for slipping through crowds of enemies.

Ability 3:
Ability 3 is a self, team-based or supportive application of the third core to boost allies.
No core: The frame rapidly regenerates shields when channeled. At maximum, the frame is a beacon for enemies, drawing their fire, and reflecting a small portion of the damage back. This does not interrupt movement or weapon usage.
Fire: The frame sets itself ablaze and gains boosted movement, reload speed and parkour velocity. Slam attacks also leave a small fire vortex. This ability can spread to allies on contact.
Ice: The frame kneels down into a small chrysalis of ice which prevents them from taking fire. During this time, they build up "glacier armour" and "shards". Glacier armour is effectively an additional health-bar similar to iron skin which enemies must chip away at, and shards are loaded into the player's weapons in place of ammunition, dealing boosted ice damage. Allies close to the glacier gain armour and shards, but at a slower rate than the caster. The frame cannot move or use weapons when in the glacier, but can move normally after the glacier channeling has stopped.
Shock: The when making contact with the floor, the frame is "grounded." Grounded frames can slide further, melee faster and move slightly quicker. When in the air, the frame is "live". Live frames gain significantly faster movement, longer aim-glide times, receive a shield regeneration boost and gain a significant velocity, radius and electrical damage boost to slam attacks. This does not interrupt movement or weapon usage.
Poison: The frame rapidly regenerates health when channeled. At maximum, the frame vents a healing gas for allies, healing them instead. This does not interrupt movement or weapon usage.

Ability 4:
Ability 4 is a massive release of elemental energy, differing greatly between core types.
No core: The frame begins to build up a huge amount of energy, releasing it on a second cast; knockdown or death as pure Void damage, and also blinding or stunning opponents, opening them to finishers.
Fire: The frame sets itself and huge explosive fireballs burst from the chest, firing on a heavy arc towards the cursor. The player can direct the fireballs, but cannot move for as long as the ability is channeled.
Ice: The player generates a large swirling blizzard. Enemies inside are slowed and take constant cold damage.
Shock: A continued lightning bolt strikes the frame while channeled, with small arcs flying in random directions. While channeling, the ability builds a stored power meter. At max capacity, the stored power stops increasing, but the arcs become significantly more frequent. Upon release, the lightning bolt explodes outwards, dealing the stored ability to all enemies in range. The player is reduced to a slow walk while channeling.
Poison: The frame initially releases a large pool of toxic water onto the floor at their feet, and then small trails of poison drip from them during the ability channel. Enemies touching the pools or in the vapor clouds a small distance above take toxin damage, and allies within the pools are immune to status effects and are slowly healed.

Passive Effect:
The selection of a fifth "heart" core provides a boost to itself and all allied frames. This can initially be based on the choices made in a quest, or found as a rare drop. There are more cores than the four elements, and have positive and negative effects. When ranking up, the positive effect is boosted, and the negative reduced.
No core: Health and energy orbs are slightly more potent.
Ignition: Movement speed is increased. Damage taken is slightly boosted.
Glacier: Armour is increased. Movement speed is sightly reduced.
Capacitor: Fire rate is increased. Reload times are increased.
Toxic: Slight health regeneration. Health and energy orbs are slightly less effective.
Greed: Enemies have improved item and resource drop rates. Ammunition drops are less common.
Arsenal: Ammunition regenerates rapidly for the held weapon. Ammunition drop rates are slightly reduced.
Compassion: Companions gain a boosted maximum health and heal rate. The frame has slightly reduced health if the companion dies.
Hatred: Damage output is increased. Damage taken is greatly boosted.
Shadow: Weapons are silent, the frame is harder to detect. Maximum health is slightly reduced.
Vampiric: Dealing damage heals the frame. The frame slowly loses health when above a maximum of 100.
Pure: The frame deals boosted damage against sentients, Assassination targets and the Stalker. The frame deals reduced damage against all other enemies.

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Passive: Error 404 - Has a 5% chance of avoiding damage from an enemy. When damage is avoided regain health based on the damage that would have been dealt

Ability 1: Retry - Creates a link between frame and up to 3 nearby enemies which sends 50% of damage taken to linked enemies. Costs 60 energy.

Ability 2: Guru Meditation - Frame submerges into the floor draining 20 energy a second and regains 20 health a second while submerged. Is invulnerable while using ability. Use ability again to cancel submersion.

Ability 3: Logout Failed - Forces enemies in a 3 meter radius from target into a stasis which siphons off 5 health a second per enemy for 5 seconds. Enemies are invulnerable while they are in stasis. Reusing the ability will cancel the current stasis bubble. Cost 75 energy.

Ability 4: Blue Death - Summons a blue screen and pushes it 10 meters in the direction that the frame is facing dealing electricity damage to all enemies that is hit and knocking enemies down. Costs 100 energy.

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Posted (edited)

Key Concept for the following abilities.

  • self-milling "deck".
  • Ejecting, reloading and utilizing parts.
  • this Warframe's passive and active effects are affected by how it is built using other Warframes' parts.

(note: the focus is on concept and the order/tier/magnitude of abilities are all open to change)

Passive Ability: Greater than the Sum

  • When building the Broken Warframe's Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems, another Warframe's Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems respectively are required. Some damage resistance is granted matching the parts used.
  • The Broken Warframe has a custom resource of composite Fragments based on each of the three parts from the other Warframes used to build it. A custom UI displays each Fragment “loaded” one after another, in a queue like a “magazine” with a size up to 9 (Neuroptic-Chassis-Systems-...; or 1-2-3-1-2-3-1-2-3).
  • Fragments may be Ejected in sequence by abilities and inherent its damage type/properties. (ex. using Ember Neuroptics when building the Broken Warframe’s Neuroptics will add a Heat damage type and effect to the first of the three Fragments, and to Abilities that Eject or use that Fragment.) When abilities Eject a Fragment, the next part is instantly loaded in sequence.
  • Any time a Fragment would be picked up, reloaded or otherwise regained, the Broken Warframe recovers a portion of its health and energy. Then that Fragment is loaded at the end of the queue or “magazine”.
  • Taking sufficient damage to health causes the next Fragment to be automatically Ejected and triggers briefly uninterruptible shield recharge.

Active Ability: Jettison

  • After a brief delay, emit 3 explosions every second and Eject 1 Fragment for each explosion toward the closest enemy. Enemies hit by the explosion, and the Fragment, are dealt damage and are more vulnerable to the damage type of this ability for a time.
    • When holding to activate this ability, implosions are caused instead that draw in Fragments and enemies. Enemies are damaged and made vulnerable on each implosion and Fragment they collide with.
    • When used without Fragments loaded, the hold effect is used instead.

Active Ability: Auto-Cannon

  • Eject a Fragment as a damaging, high-velocity projectile toward your crosshair. For the next X seconds, this Warframe vents a powerful stream of gas that damages enemies near you continuously and greatly reduces their accuracy. (Multiple streams can be active at once.) During the streaming effect, this Warframe moves faster and is invisible to enemies further than X distance from you. Additionally, using this ability in the air causes you to quickly launch this Warframe in the opposite direction. 
    • When holding to activate this ability, this Warframe is instead pulled toward the closest Fragment from your crosshair.
    • When used without Fragments loaded, the hold effect is used instead.

Active Ability: Conversion Armor

  • While active, all damage taken by this Warframe is converted to match the damage type of one randomly chosen loaded Fragment and that damage is instead taken as damage-over-time. (Only one Fragment and damage type is chosen at a time.) Whenever the chosen Fragment is Ejected, that damage-over-time is wiped and grants a matching damage bonus that decays over time. Shield recharge is also triggered after a successful wipe (brief and uninterruptible).
    • Taking sufficient damage without Ejection causes a Fragment to automatically Eject, briefly staggering your Warframe.
    • When holding to activate this ability again while active, the conversion is shifted to another Fragment.
    • Damage taken after a part is Ejected is then, again, randomly converted to another single Fragment’s type.

Active Ability: Composite Storm

  • Briefly become a flying, fast moving storm of composite parts, damaging and staggering enemies continuously. (May also cast other abilities.) All currently Ejected Fragments are consumed and create multiple projectiles that seek out enemies dealing massive damage when they explode. Your path leaves a trail of small composite parts that stagger and blind enemies, destroy enemy projectiles, and lingers for a long duration after this ability ends.
    • After this ability ends, completely reload all Fragments in their original order.
    • May cancel this ability early.
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Passive: Makeshift - Broken Frame uses whatever is available to fortify himself. Each kill will generate one stack of Parts, up to a cap. Depending on which faction is killed you gain a bonus per stack:

  • Corpus: +10 Shield, +1% Impact Damage
  • Grineer: + 10 Armour, +1% Puncture Damage
  • Infested: +10 Health, +1% Slash Damage
  • Corrupted: Gains the bonus of the uncorrupted version.
  • Sentient: +10 Energy, +1% Void Damage

(Ideally the Warframe would change how it looks depending on the part types he's gathering, and there would be a widget showing the stacks).

1 Skill: Discard/Integrate: Tap (Discard) - Explodes the stack of Parts for Damage depending on the part types (Same damage type as bonuses).

Hold (Integrate) - Integrates the parts into the Warframe healing the warframe, and adding part of the bonus until the end of the mission. (Reduces stack to zero, and permanently adds 10% of the stack's bonus to the warframe, until the end of the mission).

2 Skill: Dissassemble: Suspends an enemy and slowly drains his health for [Duration], healing himself, and gaining extra parts on kill.

3 Skill: Repair/ Enhance: If ally is damaged, drain stacks to heal him, 1 stack per 10 health. If at full HP, Gives the stacks to ally to give the same bonuses as he'd get.

4 Skill: Scavenge: Roots the broken frame for duration of the skill, sends tendrils that immobilize enemies in range (determined by ability range), dealing damage over type proportional to the number of stacks available on cast (damage determined by the stacks as well). When ability ends, integrates the original stacks, sending a healing pulse, and recovering stacks equal to the number of enemies killed x2.



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Passive - Breakdown

The Broken Warframe has a Stability Meter, as it is still partially assembled. The Stability Meter starts full, is consumed when using abilities, and taking damage; and is regained by using certain abilities and picking up health/energy orbs. When the Stability Meter runs out, or the Broken Warframe runs out of health, it goes into Breakdown. Breakdown gives the Broken Warframe unlimited ability usage, with no energy cost, at the expense of a death timer and no access to weapons. If the Broken Warframe is unable to regain the Stability Meter before the timer ends, the Warframe dies.


1. Hex - 25 Energy, ~5-15% Stability Meter, x seconds

The Broken Warframe applies a curse on an enemy. The cursed target deals x% reduced damage, takes x% increased damage from all sources, and procs additional effects on the Broken Warframe's abilities. Casting Hex on a target already affected further increases all effects of Hex, up to a max of 4 stacks, with 4-? times the effect. When the target is killed, the Hex explodes, spreading to enemies around the target, applying Hex and dealing x Void damage over x/5 seconds. Similar to Revenant Thralls, the Hex lasts as long as the initial duration on all targets.


2. Repairs - 50 Energy, 15-35% Stability Meter, Immediate

The Broken Warframe pulls from its void energy to make repairs to itself or an ally, immediately charging shields, health, or both, and a brief invulnerability period. While in Breakdown, Repairs required armor pulled from Disintegrate to cast, which then increase the Stability Meter. During Breakdown, Repairs cannot be cast on an ally.


3. Disintegrate - 25 Energy + 10 Energy per second, 20% + 7.5% Stability per second

The Broken Warframe takes root and channels its void energy to disintegrate enemies in front of it, slowly pulling enemies towards it and dealing damage per tick. Does Adaptive damage in a cone/beam in front of the Broken Frame. Enemies affected by Hex drop x% armor, which empower the Broken Warframe's next Repair cost in Energy, Stability and shield amount. Can cast Repairs and Hex while Disintegrate is channeling, where Hex is applied to all enemies that are currrently being pulled by Disintegrate.


4. Conflagration - 100 Energy, x duration, 30-50% Stability cost

The Broken Warframe brings foes into the depths of the void. Does x% Radiation damage per second, scaling with the Stability Meter. The lower the Stability Meter, the higher the damage. Plants a "Void Sprout" from enemies who die from Hex while Conflagration is active, which grabs enemies and slowly pulls them, dealing constant True damage (like Hydroid ultimate but more stable). Heals the Stability Meter for x% amount of damage dealt.


This kit is focused around casting abilities, debuffing and dealing medium amounts of AOE damage, while managing the Stability Meter to deal more damage and survive through tough situations. I thought it would make sense that the Broken Warframe would have a mechanic where it can physically break, and has to repair itself in combat. I also thought it would be cool to have abilities with multiple synergies with themselves.

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[Warframe Concept - Calamity]

The Broken Warframe design is Visually constructed from the parts of three separate warframes, threaded together by void tendrils, that look not unlike those that void structures or are running along the walls of the transference chamber. This overall design suggests to me that each frame that was cobbled together for this warframe, is really being manipulated by the void tendrils to operate as though they were part of a male body plan. With that idea in mind, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine seeing the frame sometimes having difficulty controlling how it directs its energy when using abilities and managing a consistent way to organize all of its parts.

The play style of the frame then should seem a little rigid, there is only so much that a player can control when using its abilities. Infrequently, energy used to cast may run along a different path and accidentally charge one of the other warframe parts attached to the tendrils, charging it and partially activating a latent ability of the warframe the part once belonged to. The void tendrils could also have another issue, leaking power into the environment, and subsequently causing havoc everywhere it went. The tendrils could even model its behavior of the environment, emulating torrents of confusion and feeling dread that the frame’s pieces carry. The frame feels like a disaster, and thus acts like one.

Passive - Void Incandescence 


When the warframe is exposed to a void energy source (void traces, void fissures, Operator Abilities, Amp Void Damage), the frame becomes over charged with void energy and begins to radiate an AoE void damage field with a 2.5 m radius for 3 secs, that deals void damage to all enemies at an amount of 1% of the enemies current Health/sec at a rate of 20 ticks sec. 

Any of the frame’s abilities cast while Void Incandescence is active will trigger both of those ability’s side effects, and end Void Incandescence.


1st Ability - Plume of Splinters

Type: Single Press Cast
Duration: 2 Sec


The “white” warframe parts are charged with energy from the void tendrils. The frame then heaves its white shoulder forward, towards the player's aim reticle and projects two damage cones one that opens at 10% from the player that deals puncture damage, one that opens at 45% that deals gas damage. The first cone fires projectiles similar to the Tigris shotgun's spread pattern and range. The second is an AoE with a high status chance, and lower total damage than the first cone.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “red” frame parts are charged during the casting phase, increasing Ground Slam Radius for 10 sec.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “blue” frame parts are charged, during the casting phase, decreasing casting time for 10 sec.


2nd Ability - Scalding Typhoon

Type: Single Press Cast
Duration: 15 Sec


The “red” warframe parts are charged with energy from the void tendrils. The frame then stops its red foot, causing an eruption a boiling geyser of fluid while also swinging its red forearm away from its body, appearing to create a swirling coriolis out of the geyser pushing it 3 m out from the frame and quickly growing into a 7 m diameter typhoon.

The typhoon pulls enemies that make contact with it along for a meter in a rag doll state, before they become stopped. The enemy remains in a prone position until the typhoon dissipates, receiving a small amount of heat and slash damage continuously while inside. Any projectiles of AoE damage that enters the typhoon from any source is redistributed evenly to each enemy within it.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “blue” frame parts are charged during the casting phase, increasing melee attack speed and ranged weapon reload speed for 10 sec.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “white” frame parts are charged, during the casting phase, decreasing duration effects on self for 10 sec. 


3rd Ability - Putrid Surge

Type: Single Press Cast
Casting Time: 4 sec
Duration: 6 Sec


The “blue” warframe parts are charged with energy from the void tendrils. The frame winds up a full body pushing gesture with the blue hand and forearm. When contracting, a shallow pool of toxic fluid fills 12 m long, 5 m wide in front of the frame, as a 3 m storm surge swells near the frame. Any enemies inside the pool continuously receive a small amount of toxic damage and have their movement slowed. 

After 2 sec of swelling, the frame completes the pushing gesture and directs the storm surge to roll out towards the end of the pool. On impact with an enemy, the surge deals impact damage equal to an amount of base damage + the current total of damage dealt by the pool at the time of impact. Any enemies that make contact with the surge are rag dolled and carried by the wave all the way to the end of the pool, piling them in a central zone when the pool dissipates.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “white” frame parts are charged during the casting phase, increasing the melee weapon’s follow through by 0.5 and all ranged weapons’ punch through by 0.5 m  for 10 sec.

Side Effect - 25% Chance On Cast - The “red” frame parts are charged, during the casting phase, creating a knock-back procc any enemy that makes contact with the frame for 10 sec.


4th Ability - Seismic Step

Type: Channeling


The whole warframe begins to radiate out energy, damaging space and time along its path, leaving cracks around the ground along behind the warframe. Enemies that come in contact with the cracks hit by low damage from all 3 damage types, and are subject to a knock-down procc.

Any side effects that are activated from other abilities while Seismic Step is active will remain active as long as Seismic Step is active.


I hope someone enjoys this.

Thank you and listening and good luck.


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Deals more damage to enemies with a higher health percentage than yourself

Movement Ability:

Sliding disassembles the warframe's entire body to slide across the ground, making yourself harder to hit by enemy fire  


1: Decompose

Fling a mass of worms at an enemy, dealing damage over time. Can also potentially stun lesser enemies


2: Burrow

Disassembles the warframe's body to travel below the ground, making the warframe completely immune to attacks


3: Host

A melee attack that takes control of an enemy with a lower health percentage than your own. If the enemy dies, they drop a health orb and you are released. Activating this from a burrow or slide turns it into a leaping attack. Activating from burrow eliminates the health percentage requirement.


4: We are Legion

Send worms out to control all enemies in an area as your body parts fall to the ground. Direct control of an enemy is given to you randomly. Additionally, if extra controllers are connected to the console, split screen mode is activated and direct control is given to additional enemies. Once all controlled enemies are dead, the worms return to the body parts.


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Passive: Broken Warframe is highly dependent on the Operator for stability and optimum performance.


Energy Leak: On transference out, lose 30% of current Warframe energy.  The lost amount of energy is absorbed by nearby ally Warframes.

  • Energy is emitted in a radial wave centered at the position of the Warframe where the transference occurred.
  • Energy emitted falls off linearly over 9 meters, after which it falls off exponentially over 6 meters.
  • The sum of the energy gained by allied Warframes cannot exceed the energy lost by Broken Warframe.
  • Increasing Broken Warframe energy with Flow or Primed Flow will affect this passive ability. Similarly, it will also be affected by Sorties with energy reduction modifier.
  • Channeled Warframe abilities do not block energy gained from this passive.
  • Does not trigger if energy level is below 15% and the energy is not lost.
  • Does not trigger Arcane Energize or Arcane Eruption.

Somatic Overload: On transference in, spend 70% of max Operator energy. For each 7 points of energy spent gain 0.8 second of 200% Warframe energy regeneration from all sources.

  • Does not trigger if Operator energy is less than 70% and all the energy is lost.
  • Does not trigger if Operator lost all his health during transference out.
  • This buff is lost on transference out.
  • Operator energy regeneration is slowed to 20% its speed for the duration of this buff.
  • Each stack of transference static debuff reduces this buff strength by 25%.
  • With max rank Zenurik Void Siphon this buff will last for 15.2 seconds, and without it, it will last for 8 seconds.


[1] ?????: ????????


I could not think of a complete idea for the first ability. 😞

I was thinking of something like the Replicators from Stargate-SG1, that will collect flesh and armor from nearby corpses  and build a bigger spider 🤔,such that, the more they collect, the tankier the spider will be.


[2] Gimmick: Summon a machine that emits ultrasonic frequencies to attract enemies and reduce their aim accuracy. (30 energy)


Broken Warframe summons a machine in front of him that emits an ultrasonic pulse every 2 seconds over 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 meters radius dealing 20 Blast damage. The machine have 250 / 300 / 600 / 1000 health and 100 / 150 / 250 / 600 armor and lasts for 8 / 14 / 20 / 26 seconds or until destroyed.

  • Pulse status chance falls off with distance:
    • 100% status chance up to 3 / 6 / 10 / 15 meters from the machine,
    • 30% status chance at the end of the range.
  • Damage is not affected by mods.
  • Pulse range and status chance falloff is affected by Ability Range.
  • Status chance is not affected by mods.
  • Health and armor are affected by Ability Strength.
  • Machine duration is not affected by mods.
  • Pulses interval is affected by both Ability Duration and cast speed.
  • The machine has increased threat level, making enemies rush towards it.


 [3] Mimic: Scan an enemy and take its appearance, or hold to fuse its parts into Broken Warframe. (Tab cast energy 25 initial + 2 s-1. Hold cast energy 100)


Broken Warframe extends 2 tendrils from his back to grab an enemy target 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 meters away and pulls him in melee range.

  • Tabbing the ability key will scan the grabbed enemy over 4 / 4 / 3 / 2 seconds to create a hologram of his image around Broken Warframe. While this ability is active you will receive 400% / 350% / 300% / 250% increased damage.
    • Scan duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Received damage multiplier is not affected by mods.
    • Can only be cast on humanoid enemies.
    • Getting damaged will disrupt the hologram for 3 seconds and consumes 5 energy per hit.
    • Bullet jumping, wall dashing, wall latching, aim gliding, and sliding will disrupt the hologram for the duration of that action and an additional 2 seconds.
    • Jumping, double jumping, sprinting, crouching, rolling, and back flipping will not disrupt the hologram.
    • Using alarming weapons will disrupt the hologram for 3 seconds, and using silent weapons or melee will disrupt the hologram for 0.5 second (in addition to melee swing animation time).
    • Reloading will disrupt the hologram for the duration of the reload.
    • Casting abilities will disrupt the hologram for 3 seconds.
    • Hologram disruption duration is not affected by mods.
    • Enemies of the same faction as the scanned enemy will perceive you as a friendly while the hologram is not disrupted.
    • Sentinels and companions will become invisible and will not attack enemies.
    • Using the Parazon will not disrupt the hologram.
    • Comba and Scrambus disruption auras will disrupt the hologram for 5 seconds.
    • While active and not disrupted, Corpus Security Cameras, Grineer Sensor Regulators, Grineer Motion Detectors, and Orokin Spectators will not detect you.
    • While active, Corpus Laser Barriers, Grineer Sensor Bars, and Grineer Motion Lasers will detect you wither the hologram is disrupted or not.
  • Holding down the ability key will absorb the grabbed enemy into Broken Warframe over 3 / 3 / 2 / 1 seconds, adding its damage resistances and weaknesses on top of Broken Warframe own damage resistances and weaknesses, and take its passive abilities and aura. This ability lasts 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 seconds.
    • Can be cast on all enemy types except bosses and Simaris Synthesis Targets.
    • Absorbing duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • Duration is affected by Ability Duration.
    • An aura taken from Eximus enemies will affect enemies and provide ally Warframes immunity from the same aura type while in range, this includes Energy Leech aura.
    • Aura range is the same as aura range of Eximus enemies, and is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Passive abilities that can be taken: Shield Osprey, Mine Osprey mines, Arctic Eximus snow globe, Arson Eximus fire blast, Guardian Eximus increased shield amount and regeneration, and Leech Eximus life steal and increased health and shields.
    • Some passive abilities taken will have a cool down period and a condition for triggering, e.g. Arson Eximus Fire Blast on melee heavy slam attack, Mine Osprey mines on bullet jumping, Arctic Eximus snow globe on crouching without moving for 4 seconds, etc.
    • Deactivating this ability before the duration expires will consume 50 x (Duration Remaining / Total Duration) of energy. This happens even for falling out of level bounds or entering a Nullifier Crewman bubble.
    • Must deactivate the ability or wait for it to expire before absorbing another enemy.


[4] Implant: Infect a target with a radioactive larva that slowly converts its body mass into explosive material. (50 Energy)


Broken Warframe shoots a radioactive larva that burrows into an enemy target within 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 meters and converts 30% / 40% / 50% / 60% of its body mass into explosive material over 15 / 13 / 11 / 9 seconds which explodes on death in a 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 meters radius with a 50% status chance.

  • Cast range is affected by Ability Range.
  • Body mass conversion percentage is not affected by mods.
  • Conversion rate is affected by Ability Duration.
  • Explosion radius is affected by Ability Range.
  • Explosion falloff is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Explosion status chance is affected by Ability Strength.
  • Explosion damage is not affected by mods.
  • Explosion damage depends on the amount of body mass converted before the target’s death.
  • Body mass is the sum of Armor, max Health, and max Shields.
    • Converted Armor will deal 70% Impact and 30% Slash damage.
    • Converted Health will deal 70% Heat and 30% Corrosive damage.
    • Converted Shields will deal Electricity damage.
  • Armor, max Health, and max Shields will reduce with time as they are converted.
  • Infected enemies will be disarmed and have a permanent Radiation status proc.
  • Can be recast on infected enemies
  • Each additional larva on an infected enemy will double the conversion rate and add a 10% chance of infecting 2 enemies that survive the explosion.
    • Infection chance is affected by Ability Strength.
    • Number of enemies infected by spreading is not affected by mods.


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Posted (edited)

Passive: Scrap Yard- Ammo not picked up will produce a certain amount of scrap, depending on ammo type

1.Multi Tool- Nexus has a tool for every situation they might be in (enemies hit will drop scrap)

Rank 1.Rocket Punch- Send your fist rocketing into enemies to send them flying or aim at the ground to cause a shock wave (Holding increases damage)

Rank 2. Rocket Drill Punch- Spin your fist to pierce enemies (Holding increases number of enemies pierced)

Rank 3.Whip- Grab enemies and whip them around or grab onto surface for a quick recovery or when in a pinch

Rank 4.Taser bomb- Enemies bothering you from afar or to close? No problem, Just fire/lob a ball of electricity to stun them  

2. Reconfigure- After collecting scrap choose from four different buffs for a limited time (damaging enemies while using a buff will cause more scrap to drop and depending on the buffs allies and companies who pickup that scrap will gain the buff. Note:picking up the buff will not reset the buff time limit to full it will only will up scrap meter)

Rank 1.Damage Increase

Rank 2.Weapon Fire Increase

Rank 3.Speed Increase

Rank 4.Armor Increase

3.Critical Overload- Override your enemies weapons/gear (in a radius)

-Overload enemy weapons causing them to blowup in their faces/enemy shields causing them to electrocute enemies (since some enemy weapons are energy based)

-Combined with Reconfigure will either increase or extend the use of the current buff

4.Void Buster (Anonnited Weapon)- Why use a gun weapon can turn fire energy straight from the void?

-Turn Nexus's arm into a cannon that shoot energy straight from the void annihilating his enemies 

-Single fire causes a vortex to suck in enemies dealing damage/ Charged shots if you just want to end things quickly

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Better lucky than late, so here we go.

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. “, I interpreted this description to mean that the white tentacles are the roots of a void tree that have grown to the point of pulling said Warframe remnants together and seeding new life.


Abilities: note that I do not consider myself a smart man and will therefore not be providing numbers/costs.


Passive: [Fresh Blood]

When [Broken Warframe] is downed killing an enemy will revive them as if revived by a team-mate, this ability has a cool-down.

Ability 1: [Nutrient Grasp]

[Broken Warframe] targets an enemy binding them in a cocoon of white roots, while bound the target is steadily drained of health restoring energy to [Broken Warframe] and nearby allies, other enemies can free the target by attacking the cocoon with melee attacks being the most effective.

Ability 2: [Lay Roots]

[Broken Warframe] embeds its feet in the ground becoming unable to move but gaining two Boons, Boon 1: heavy resistance to knock-back, Boon 2: strong but not fast health regeneration, this ability has a cost to both activate and deactivate.

Ability 3: [Gift of the Void]

[Broken Warframe] blesses an ally’s weapon with Void energy increasing its damage and making it more effective verses sentients, however the weapon blessed is random, [Broken Warframe] can hold the ability to bless itself.

Ability 4: [Spirit Grove] or alternatively [Yggdrasil]

[Broken Warframe] summons an intangible and semitransparent Void Tree that continually summons specters of [Broken Warframe] equipped with weapons from your current load-out, each new specter costs a small-ish bit of energy, all specters disappear when [Broken Warframe] cancels the ability.


And there we go, hope these abilities sound as fun to you as they do to me.

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"Together we stand strong"/ "divided I destroy"

passive: [broken] has a bar with unity at one end a purity on the other. As abilities are cast depending on the selection it will more the bar one way another as it moves towards unity [broken] will gain health/armor/shields, power duration and power range at the cost of power strength, power efficiency and movement speed and visa versa. all ability have two forms that tend cost energy for the unity version and a mix of energy and health for the purity version. (this can also work as a parts counter with similar buffs and debuffs and an parts cost to unity abilities)


Ability 1: Adsorb/Divide:

      Adsorb: take an enemy corpse or [broken]'s turrets/minions  and add it to [broken] this gives a significant boost to unity and give and (a probably flat) armor/heath boost

      Divide: take a part of [broken]'s and set it up as a turret/minion

Ability 2: Suppress/Yield

     Suppress<channeled>: [broken] crates an arena that debuffs enemies that go trough it and causes them to be prioritized by [broken]'s turrets/minions enemies that die in this zone grants some armor/health to [broken] at the cost of some energy (giving energy to the killer is an interesting idea)

     Yield: [broken] taunts the enemy using some armor to reduce the next couple of attacks

Ability 3:Give/Take

     Give: [broken] gives a buff (and energy)  to an ally (or maybe target if the drain is high enough) that gives a temporary drain of health/armor to boost [broken]'s health/armor (could overcharge turrets/minions to high levels to break afterwords)

     Take: [broken] leaches energy from target enemy at the cost of health/armor

Ability 4: Compact/Unbind:

     Compact: [broken] releases an implosion that damages and draws enemy (loot, probably not) closer and gains some armor/heath depending on the number. Allies in range cascade this effect but they gain the buffs and [broken]'s turrets/minions have extended range but less recovery.

     Unbind: [broken] rush trough an enemy causing a small explosion of half its armor dealing massive damage.

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Passive: When the Warframe dies, It will drop it's physical body. When this action is complete, the void energy will explode and damage all surrounding enemies with blast, radiation, and impact damage.

Ability (1) Arm of War- 

Warfame will shoot it's arm at the desired target. The arm will follow the target until it either runs out of time (5 seconds), or explodes on impact. Thus making blast/impact damage. Can start the explosion early, by pressing the button again.

Ability (2) Dash of War - 

Travel afar with this ability by increasing your speed by twice the amount of it's original state. Warframe leaves it's physical body and travels in it's void form. Travel lasts 4 seconds. When this action has expired, the warframe will pull objects from the ground to rebuild itself.

Ability (3) Amour of War- 

Pull the enemies helmets off and make a set of armour around yourself. This will heal your shields, any over healed shields will be converted to over shields. This ability can be stacked up to 3 times.

Ability (4) Typhoon of War-

Float in the air in style while using the enemies' weapons spin around you and your allies for 7 seconds. You are invulnerable for 3 seconds and enemies around you are blown away from you, and your allies.

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Base Health: 75

Base Shields: 200

Armor: 100

Energy: 125

Sprint Speed: 1.15


Passive – Adaptive Armor: He fills his Adaptive Power Bar by taking and inflicting damage to enemies. He gains up to 90% damage reduction by filling the bar.

Ability 1- Shockblast: briefly stuns and reduces resistances of all enemies in a wide cone in front of him. The blast deals impact damage and if his bar is above 75% it deals adaptive damage instead.

Ability 2 - Syphon: Extends his energy tendrils to an enemy to syphon their Health and replenishing his own shields by a max percentage. (can generate Overshields) The Adaptive Energy bar is being drained while this ability is channeled, and he gains damage immunity.

Ability 3 – Armor Charge: Fills the Adaptive Energy Bar for 25% over the course of 10 seconds. Gains a movement speed and attack speed buff which decays over 10 seconds. (charge time is effected by duration mods. Charge time effects Adaptive Energy Bar percentage gain.)

Ability 4 – Adaptive Discharge: Completely empties the Adaption Energy bar to deal damage in a radial explosion. This damage changes depending on the enemy’s weakness.

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