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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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On 2020-04-17 at 12:42 PM, (XB1)Im Tiny Riiick said:

4th ability chaotic rift- when activated it's like a void rift except all enemies in range take a random status effect and all allies are granted random buffs like the void rift buffs 

Edit-  meant to say buffs would be like buffs when u open relics

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Tried to to build abilities that worked with the idea of Broken Frame being an amalgam of different parts of different frames while also being held together by void energy. This could mean that some of the abilities deal inherent void damage which would be good against sentients specifically but it could easily be other types of damage. So I specifically haven't specified any damage types or numbers since I don't know what would actually affect balance for the frame or general gameplay.

Taken different effects, abilities and mechanics from different frames and tried to build an amalgamation of them to make somethings that works. Realise that some of them could have easily been from frames that haven't been introduced into the game yet but really had fun trying to merge different ideas from frames that already exist in game.

(got inspirations from, limbo, garuda, mirage, wukong, excal, trinity and others)

Passive: Void Synergy. As Broken frame is held together by void energy I think an interaction with Operator. leaking void energy can give them a boost to abilities within a certain range or bump to energy regen. Or the frames abilities can be buffed when interacting with void abilities from the operator. 

1. Corral: Casts in a small area of effect locking enemies within it's boundaries. All enemies trapped will have health siphoned through void tendrils that reach out to near buy allies. 

2. Shimmer/flicker: Broken Frame falls out of phase with themselves making the connections to each part fall out of sync. This results is broken frame becoming more ethereal and therefore taking less damage with his looser bonds. it also gives a slight damage buff as the different phases result in echoes/ghosts that repeat any action taken with a slight delay.

staying in this state makes Broken Frame more unstable overtime so the ability time is limited. Staying in an unstable state would drain health as the bonds holding the parts together eventually break down. 

However this also feeds into their 3. Having ability 2 active will buff the effects of 3. The closer to the limit the 2 is the more it buffs the 3. 3 acts as a way to cancel the 2 as well. 

3. Growth and Decay: Broken frame Bursts apart, components flying in every direction held together by a spherical void energy mesh. Having to their themselves apart to achieve this, Broken Frame takes a substantial hit to health on activating 3. This sudden expansion traps all enemies within the void mesh immobile and unable to run. This state cannot be held however causing Broken Frame to immediately implode back into is default state. As their parts snap together, the shrinking of the void mesh pulls all the trapped enemies to the domes centre dealing further damage and replenishing energy to Broken Frame as well as any allies that were within the radius of the void mesh. The amount of energy recovered scales with the number of enemies caught within. 

4. Void Storm: Broken frame consumes a considerable amount of energy per second to re-enforce their void bonds. Tapping into functions from the scraps they are built upon Broken Frame themselves become a weapon(exalted). With the bonds between its parts now malleable, Broken frame is a storm of fluid and chaotic whip like attacks, using its arms and legs pummel the enemy. Heavy attacks throw a limp a set distance, acting as an anchor to teleport Broken Frame to that position. Teleport causes a radial blind/stun on completion. 

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Broken Frame is composed of pieces from 3 different Avatars forced together by void energy
Using one Broken Frame's first three abilities will leave behind a fragment of their respective Avatar
Holding "x" over a fragment after X seconds will consume the fragment filling a bar of the Passive Meter with that Avatars fragment
Charged Avatar fragments are collected immediately on pickup
The Passive Meter can hold any combination of 3 Avatar Fragments
Broken Frame gains passive benefits from the Avatars for each of their fragments added
Avatar of Determination: 
1/3: Armor increased by 200
2/3: Passive 2% Health Regeneration
3/3: 100% of Maximum Shields converted to Maximum Health and gain 40% Damage Reduction
Avatar of Zealotry:
1/3: Maximum Energy increased by 200
2/3: Passive 1% Energy Regeneration
3/3: Lethal Damage drains Energy with 300% efficiency and gain 25% Ability Efficiency
Avatar of Grace:
1/3: Sprint Speed increased by 50%
2/3: Parkour Velocity increased by 75%
3/3: Reload Speed increased by 50%, Fire Rate increased by 35%,  Attack Speed increased by 25%, and Gain 50% Evasion
Ability 1:
Broken Frame summons the armor of the determined for the next 10 seconds, when taking damage half is taken immediately and the other over the next 10 seconds
On expiration Broken Frame and nearby allies gain a health regeneration buff for 20 seconds based on the amount of damage taken while the armor is active
Will drop an Avatar of Determination fragment on armor's end
If X amount of damage is taken during the ability the armor is destroyed staggering Broken Frame and dropping a Charged Avatar of Determination fragment
Ability 2:
Broken Frame channels the zealot's fury, draining X energy a second and is rooted in place
When the channel ends Broken Frame fires forward a wave of damaging energy and drops an Avatar of Zealotry fragment
The wave is Xm by Xm, deals X damage, and travels at X m/s for X seconds, size and damage are increased while channeling
If X% of maximum Energy pool is consumed during the channel Broken Frame fires the wave immediately, is staggered, and drops a Charged Avatar of Zealotry fragment 
Ability 3:
Broken Frame goes invisible, leaving behind a spectral decoy
Decoy lasts for 20 seconds and has the same defensive stats as Broken Frame
Broken Frame's other 2 abilities are also cast on the decoy if active
Invisibility breaks when Decoy expires dropping an Avatar of Grace fragment 
If the decoy is killed invisibility is ended early and Broken Frame is staggered dropping a Charged Avatar of Grace fragment 
Ability 4:
Requires full Passive Meter
Duration of 25 seconds
All Benefits from Passive Meter increased by X%
Channeling the Avatar that makes up the majority of the Passive Meter, Broken Frames other 3 abilities gain new effects depending on the Avatar
  Avatar of Determination: Ability 1 has no damage absorb cap and while the armor is active 50% of any damage a nearby ally takes is redirected to Broken Frame instead
  Avatar of Zealotry: Ability 2 can be channeled as long as Broken Frame has energy and it's damaging wave will gain a fire, electric, cold, or toxin status proc every second it is channeled
  Avatar of Grace: Ability 3's decoy becomes invulnerable and now has aura of X meters that will attract enemies, slowing enemies as they approach putting those to sleep that get too close
If no single Avatar makes up a majority of the Passive Meter instead the void energy holding together the Avatars consumes Broken Frame
  Avatar of Chaos: Broken frame periodically phases in and out of combat, frequently executing random nova's that can either blind, lift, knock back, sleep, confuse, pull in, or slow nearby enemies
Passive Meter is reset on expiration
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Okay this ones abit weird but i feel like it fits the design for frankenframe so here it goes


Passive-the warframe has a meter over his abilities that charges with each time the frame takes damage giving passive energy from 0 energy at empty to 3 per second at near max. At maximum charge the warframe gives off an electric aoe stunning enemies around them and breaking the warframe down to pieces for a few seconds.

First ability-the warframe punches forward launching their arm forward at a target before pulling the arm back via the energy connecting all the bits. On a hold use you use the arm to grab a target stunning them and pulling them to you.


Second ability-the warframe uses an ability to draw enemy attention while also putting up a partial damage shield around it. This is a sustainable ability and cant move while using it.

Third ability- brokenstein lays prone as what apears to be broken parts restoring health and lowering its agro to nearly 0.

Fourth ability- brokenstein pulls in out of nowhere other warframe parts as additional arms that auto attack everything around them.

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Passive: Collective: The warframe receives rotating buffs from the warframes that it is made up of with a cooldown in beetween (e.g. extra damage, extra reload speed, extra armor). These buffs are shared within the affinity range.

1st ability: Ego: The warframe alters the dominating personality, dealing a conic burst of the corresponding damage type (e.g. radiation, magnetic, blast) and applying a self-buff that alters the nature of the other abilities while its active.

2nd ability: Combat trauma: void tendrils spread radially to crowd control enemies. Broken/Collective personality - damage taken by the enemies increases the warframe's armor. Ego personalities - enemies take extra damage proportional to Strength.

3rd ability: Assembly: Broken/Collective personality - The warframe takes body parts from the field to heal itself. Ego personalities - the warframe takes ammo drops to increase its damage for a short time (proportional to amount of ammo drops and, maybe equipped ammo mutations). 

4th ability: Nightmare: The warframe shares its nightmares with the surrounding enemies, applying an increasing damage over time effect (scales with duration, strength and range) Broken/Collective personality - applies heat. Ego personalities - each personality applies its own elemental damage over time effect.

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Passive - Broken Energies

My idea for this passive is that whenever the warframe casts an ability, there is a small chance (1/4 maybe) that the ability's power will be lessened, losing 50% ability strength. When this happens, the unused energy surges back with the next ability cast, giving it the 50% lost ability strength on top of its base strength. When an ability is enhanced in this way, it doesn't have the 1/4th chance of breaking.

1st Ability - Arboraform Strike

I think that this would be a great way to tie in the arboraform that holds the warframe together. Raising it's arm towards it's foes, the arboraform within the warframe's arm sprays out in a 15 meter cone, spearing enemies within the area, and then retracting. When it retracts, all enemies hit by the ability are dragged towards the warframe and are stunned briefly.

2nd Ability - Void Shell

With this ability, the broken warframe stomps their foot, and their arboraform begins to spiral. Once it has reached max speed, a large void bubble forms around the warframe. As long as this ability is active, it will grant damage reduction (50%). If the ability button is pressed again, the bubble explodes outwards, knocking back all enemies within range, and leeching their health, turning health leached into shields.

3rd Ability - Vengeance

Using this ability, the broken warframe raises their hands, calling to the spirits of those lost in the Old War. Upon cast, ghostly memories of the lost appear in front of all enemies within range, taking the form of the dax soldiers that fought in the old war. The enemies will each attack the spirit in front of them, with their bullets or hits charging the vengeful power of the spirits. At the end of the duration, the dax soldiers draw their swords and strike the enemies attacking them, dealing slash damage to the enemy that scales with the damage dealt to them, with a guaranteed slash proc, and disappear.

4th Ability - Exalted Launcher

Re-configuring one of their arms, the warframe forms a slingshot, arboraform twisting into cord, and the metal of the frame bending into shape. As the player holds the trigger the warframe pulls a piece off of itself, placing it into the slingshot as an orb held together using arboraform, and on release launches it as a projectile charged with void energies. When the projectile contacts an enemy or wall it detonates, quickly expanding and slashing all enemies within 5 feet with the shards of the warframe, dealing a slash proc, and then implodes with the power of the arboraform to pull all enemies nearby towards the detonation point while applying a cold proc. (for mod purposes it is considered a crossbow).


Thanks so much!

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The broken warframe is made of remnants of warframes which are held together by void energy, so the playstyle is to manage and make use of those assembled body parts.
I would like to have a brand new warframe which has unique new mechanics.

(Ability name is just temporary)
Passive - Assembled Armor: The broken warframe do not have shield and energy (like Hildryn + Inaros). It has a unique meter which shows all 10 parts of his body (as shown in the concept art).
The body parts work as the armor of the warframe (similar to Rhino's Iron Skin). Each part contains a single value of armor. When player receives damage, The part with lowest armor will take damage until it runs out of armor, then the next part and so on.
When player use abilities, body parts will be spent and the corresponding armors will temporary disappear until the parts are recalled.

1st Ability - Remnant of War: Shoot one body part to an enemy and lock his movement. Other enemies will try to attack him. The part will come back when it is out of range or duration. If the target dies with the part attached, the part will gain X% of the target's health as armor and come back to player.
If the part contains armor, it will refill the armor according to the cap of previous target rather than setting new caps.
Empty parts will be used first.

2nd Ability - Unceasing Will: Launch the part with highest armor into mid air, after a short delay or use the ability again to thrust the part into the ground. The thrust will attracts all nearby disassembled parts, dealing AOE damage according to the number of parts attracted. Then create a field which provides X% ability range boost (or something else) according to the number of of parts attracted. 
Enemies grabbed by Remnant of War will be drag to the position also.

3rd Ability - Emergency Recall: Tap to recall the part with highest armor or hold the button to recall all body parts. Knock down enemies and deal AOE damage according to the number of parts recalled. If more than X parts are recalled, player gains a buff of status immune (or something else) for a short duration which is also the cooldown of the ability.

4th Ability - Void Core: Eject all body parts and reveal the void core. Player will be vulnerable to damage but will also gain high speed boost, damage buff, etc. Squad members can pick up the parts and gain the armor protection as a buff until the parts are recalled. Body parts that are attracted by Unceasing Will cannot be picked up.

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Passive: Elemental Buffer

Casting an ability adds to an Elemental Buffer that builds up as each ability is cast. The element type in this buffer corresponds to the ability cast. This buffer increases the ability strength on each subsequent cast of the same ability for a maximum of +25% at full buffer. If a different ability is cast, the buffer is consumed and that element and ability strength increase are applied to the new ability cast combining element types.


1: Reach

Cost: 25 energy

Range: 50 meters

Damage: 500 Toxin

Elemental Buffer Charge: 10%, +1% per second held

The blue arm stretches forward elongating the void tendril that holds the arm together. The arm grabs an enemy in the cross-hairs and pulls it close. This attack has native Toxin damage and charges the Elemental Buffer with Toxin. The damage is affected by ability strength. 

Tapping to cast charges a fixed amount to the Elemental Buffer. Holding to cast starts to fill the buffer the longer it is held and performs the attack upon release. If there is a another element already in the Elemental Buffer, it is not possible to hold to cast until the buffer is emptied.

If there is another element already in the Elemental Buffer upon cast, the energy in the buffer is consumed, the ability strength increase is applied to the attack, and the element in the buffer is combined with the Toxin damage. If the buffer contains Heat energy, the resulting damage is Gas. If the buffer contains Cold energy, the resulting damage is Viral. If the buffer contains Electricity energy, the resulting damage will be Corrosive.


2: Ice Shell

Cost: 50, +5 energy per second held

Armor: +250 armor

Duration: 30 seconds, +5 seconds per second held

Elemental Buffer Charge: 20%, +2% per second held

The white parts of the body ice over increasing armor of the Warframe. The armor increase is affected by ability strength. This armor slowly melts away after a certain amount of time. Recasting the ability refreshes the duration.

Each tapped cast applies a fixed amount of Cold energy to the Elemental Buffer. Holding to cast increases the duration and continuously fills the Elemental Buffer the longer it is held, but continuously drains energy while held and immobilizes the Warframe. It is possible to get longer duration from charging the ability than just quick casting. If there is a another element already in the Elemental Buffer, it is not possible to hold to cast until the buffer is emptied.

If there is another element already in the Elemental Buffer upon cast, the energy in the buffer is consumed, the ability strength increase is applied to the ability, and the element in the buffer is combined with the Cold element. If the buffer contains Heat energy, no armor is applied on the cast and instead a Blast damage attack is performed for 5 meters around the Warframe doing 2x the armor amount. If the buffer contains Electricity energy, no armor is applied on the cast and instead the same amount is applied to shields and grants overshields for any remaining amount. If the buffer contains Toxin energy, no armor is applied on the cast and instead the same amount is applied to current and maximum health for the normal duration and cannot be refreshed.


3: Reanimation

Cost: 100 energy, +10 energy per second held

Range: 15 meters, arc within 7 meters

Duration: 30 seconds, +5 seconds per second held

Damage: 1000 Electricity, +150 per second held

Bonus Damage: 300 Electricity

Elemental Buffer Charge: 40%, +5% per second held

Lightning strikes the Warframe sending Electricity out to nearby enemies and corpses with 100% status chance. The Electricity arcs from each affected enemy or corpse to one additional enemy or corpse with 50% status chance. Any corpses or enemies killed by the attack become reanimated allies for the duration. At the end of the duration, these reanimated allies burn up and are unable to be used again. These allies do bonus Electricity melee damage when attacking. This damage bonus is also applied to the Warframe's melee attacks. 

Each tapped cast applies a fixed amount of Electricity energy to the Elemental Buffer. Holding to cast increases the duration and initial damage while continuously filling the Elemental Buffer the longer it is held, but continuously drains energy while held and immobilizes the Warframe. It is possible to get longer duration and damage from charging the ability than just quick casting. If there is a another element already in the Elemental Buffer, it is not possible to hold to cast until the buffer is emptied.

If there is another element already in the Elemental Buffer upon cast, the energy in the buffer is consumed, the ability strength increase is applied to the ability, and the element in the buffer is combined with the Electricity element. If the buffer contains Heat energy, then the bonus melee damage done by the Warframe and reanimated allies is Radiation instead of Electricity. If the buffer contains Cold energy, then the bonus melee damage done by the Warframe and reanimated allies is Magnetic instead of Electricity. If the buffer contains Toxin energy, then the bonus melee damage done by the Warframe and reanimated allies is Corrosive instead of Electricity.


4: Flaming Trident

Cost: 25 energy, +2.5 energy per second while active

Base Damage: 250 Heat

Elemental Buffer Charge: 10% on initial cast, +1% per second while active

The Warframe summons an exalted spear weapon in the form of a flaming trident. It has native Heat damage applied to it. Performing a charged or heavy attack will throw the spear at the cross-hairs. Upon impact, the Flaming Trident does a radial burst at the point of impact with 100% chance to proc the native element type and will be returned to the Warframe's hand.

This is a channeling ability and cannot be charged when cast, but applies an initial charge to the Elemental Buffer and an ongoing charge while the ability is active. Other abilities can also be cast while active, however those abilities will not fill the Elemental Buffer while Flaming Trident is active and will instead consume the buffer when cast.

If there is another element already in the Elemental Buffer upon cast, the energy in the buffer is consumed, the ability strength increase is applied to Flaming Trident, and the element in the buffer is combined with the Heat element. If the buffer contains Toxin energy, then the native melee damage of Flaming Trident is Gas instead of Heat. If the buffer contains Cold energy, then the native melee damage of Flaming Trident is Blast instead of Heat. If the buffer contains Electric energy, then the native melee damage of Flaming Trident is Radiation instead of Heat. This element remains until Flaming Trident is deactivated.


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Hiya! Hope you enjoy :)

Disclaimer : 
・Frame name : "Rig"(PH)
・Values are set so abusing negative strength and duration will be an option.
・All negative effects are meant to be beneficial in a way.
・Defect, Bug, and Glitch (Errors) were initially a second passive.

Passive :
0) RNG
・Abilities 1), 2), 3) has a random chance of casting one of the three effects marked as "v", "=", or "-".
・When marks align (pair : vv, =v=, etc. / straight : v-=, =v-, etc. / flush : vvv, etc.), Rig will extend active abilities by 10s (pair) / reset duration of abilities to half (straight) / reset duration of abilities to full (flush) and gain 1 / 2 / 3 Stacks.
・Resetting duration counts as recast, sans the reroll for new mark.
・Extending duration doesn't count as recast and doesn't spawn Errors.

Abilities : 
1) Patch    [Duration : 30s]
 Modification of Grineer measures to alter undesired behaviors of their clones. May cause genetic deterioration.
v : -3% base health
= : +5% enemy speed
- : +3% chance that Errors are invisible (or draws aggro when at negative chance)
・All debuffs will accumulate (to a cap) as long as Patch is cast continuously.
・Hold to select 1)Patch, 2)Reboot, or 3)Exploit. Target ability is recasted and guaranteed to have the same mark for next roll.
・5% chance on cast for 5s of free ability cast.
・Can only target one ability at once. Recasting while Patch is active will reroll Patch's mark and overwrite it's target.
・ERROR : Has a 20% chance on cast for a hostile Grineer Latcher "Defect" to spawn. Defect will steal 20% remaining ammo of all weapons, proccs fire, and detonates in 3s. When thrown (as with Exodia Contagion), Rig gains x2 the ammo it was stolen and auto reloads. Max of 4 Errors at once (despawn doesn't count as kill).
・Patch is intended to make sustaining rolls easy, and chasing specific rolls slightly more manageable. Players are recommended to experiment or set out for several ideal rolls.
・Free ability cast is to discourage energy pad spam and have players give random rolls a chance. With Rig's abilities not having many on-cast effects, players can have fun without being OP.

2) Reboot    [20s]
 Orokin adaptation of death resistance found in evolved Infested samples. May cause minor explosions.
v : All Errors explode, dealing 300 damage each (damage type depends on Error type).
= : Vortex implosion
- : Fire proc AoE. Gain 1 Stack per enemy hit, another Stack if enemy is killed while procced.
・Drains 50 energy to stop lethal damage, grants 1s of invulnerably, and activates AoE. Has 20s / 10s / 7s cooldown per death.
・Recast by passive will reset cooldown.
・Manual recast will NOT reset cooldown.
・ERROR : Has a 20% chance on cast for a hostile Infested Crawler "Bug" to spawn. Bug will steal 50% of health, proccs toxin, and scatter. On kill, Rig gains x2 the health it was stolen. Max of 4 Errors at once (despawn doesn't count as kill).
・Animation : Single hand animation. Rig gets blown into parts, guns will be shot by one arm while the rest of his body (made of pure Void energy) gradually gathers itself.

3) Exploit    [15s]
 Experimental enhancements utilizing Copus technology.
v : Instantly kills Rig and companion on cast. Exploit also activates on expire / & has -50% duration / & auto recasts on expire.
= : +50% xp & resource drops / & On kill : 3% drop chance of 1 Stack / & On kill : 2% chance for spawning a Glitch
- : Errors are invincible / & +50% max Errors / & +20% Error spawn chance
・ERROR : Has a 50% chance on raw cast, 30% chance on cast by passive for a hostile Corpus Ratel "Glitch" to spawn. Glitch steals 30% of Rig's remaining energy and continuously proccs electricity. On kill, Rig regains the energy it was stolen and 10% of max energy. Max of 4 Errors at once (despawn doesn't count as kill).
・"v : Instantly kills Rig" by dealing 100% true damage, so death and activation of Reboot can be avoided by allies' abilities, Rolling Guard, etc.
・"v : activates on expire" means it'll activate twice simultaneously on recast, ruling out spamming and guaranteeing a downed state.
・"v : auto recast" means, with passive's duration reset and -50% duration, you won't need to manually recast as long as you have energy.
・High spawn chance of Glitch can be taken advantage of by Arcanes with on-damage triggers.
・Increased Error spawn chance to compensate for the probability of death.

4) Corruption    [1s/Stack]
 Rig emits an aura of Void energy, converting foes.
・All Stacks are consumed on cast. Increase duration for 1s per Stack.
・On entering aura, enemies have their health set to the same amount as you at the time of casting.
・Errors spawned will be friendly.
 ・Defect : needs to be manually thrown, only explodes on impact
 ・Bugs : spawns further away and goes long range
 ・Glitch : stays close and CCs
・Whenever an enemy is killed by an Error, gain 1 Stack.
・Max of 8 Errors at once, +20% Error spawn chance.
・Passive will not affect duration.
・"Bug to a feature" aspect of initial pitch. Matches with the multi-faction Corrupted theme as well.
・Animation : Similar to the conversion to the Corrupted in Fissure missions.

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Ability 4: Short Circuit

The warframe’s broken body parts separate, held together only by arcing bolts of energy, revealing its core. The warframe cannot move during this time, but can look around. While the ability is active, those binding bolts of energy will arc to nearby enemies within the warframe’s field of vision, adapting damage type to their weakness. This ability drains energy over time and leeches health from enemies based on damage done.

Ability 3: Flail

The warframe latches onto an enemy with the loose and broken cables hanging from its body. The enemy is tied up and dragged in. The roped enemy can now be used as a flail-like melee weapon with large range. The damage and damage type is based on enemy level, rank, and type. This ability lasts until the enemy dies or a fixed duration.

Ability 2: Just a Glimpse

The warfame pulls open its chest cavity, exposing its unstable core and firing a pulse of arcane energy at its target. The energy pulse deals high damage and binds the enemy in place. Tendrils of energy will slowly extend from the bound enemy and deal damage/bind other enemies that they touch. 

Ability 1: Two Is Better Than One

The warframe pulls off a piece of its self and throws it to the ground. The new piece of warframe is a spider like creature that will last for a limited time or until it is killed. It will follow you around and pounce on enemies with its razor sharp legs, dealing high damage. (This pet is more effective than other permanent ones)

Passive: Unstable Core

While any of this warframe’s abilities are active, it’s unstable core becomes exposed. The core produces an intense radiation field around the warframe, reducing incoming damage. 


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Hello, for this ability concept I will first explain my interpretation of the design made by Eornheit as well as the broken theme and description made by DE as well as the overall general gameplay that I would like this warframe to have. Then, I will showcase all of the abilities as well as the potential synergies between the abilities. However, I would like to suggest a potential name for this warframe.


Name Suggestion




This name is based upon a race in D&D called a Horologermus, which is a treant like creature with mechanical parts which is believed to come from the power of nature seeping into machinery. Source : https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Horologermus_(5e_Race)


Since the Horo in the name of the Horologermus name relates to the clock face of the race, it is replaced with “Coro” to relate to the word Corruption as to relate to the corrupted as well as its broken nature.


Overall Design

From the design given by Eornheit, it can be clearly seen that this warframe is composed of the parts of 3 distinct warframes. I have classified these three warframes as :

  • Red Warframe = Warrior/Knight Esque Warframe (as shown by the arm and leg shape)

  • Blue/Purple Warframe = A Caster Warframe with dark powers

  • White Warframe = An aerial assault warframe (as shown by its foot that resembles gauss’s foot, as well as a thruster like piece on the warframe)

Which is most likely some of the abilities that this warframe can use.


While from the broken theme, it can be inferred that some of these warframe abilities are somewhat defective and not performing as they should or not as effective as they should due to the lack of other parts, etc.


While from the description made by DE, this warframe utilizes void energy to keep itself together, which infers that this warframe can use void powers.




  1. Thruster Charge (25) :

Corolog charges in a direction that travels in an arcing path due to his thruster being only on his left leg, dealing an AOE damage upon impact (scaling dmg/scales with melee mods). (imagine a combination of gauss’s dash with atlas landslide) (this is also essentially a shoulder bash)


  1. Shadow Siphon (50):

Corolog channels dark energy from his left arm and fires a bolt that bounces onto nearby enemies  and allies draining a percentage of the enemies health to corolog and healing his allies over a period of time. Unfortunately due to damaged parts, only a portion of this ability can be active at a time.


Theoretical Values :

Drain Dmg = 10% of max HP

Healing = 15 % of max health / second

Duration = 10 s 


  1. Indomitable (75) :

Corolog creates a protective wave giving him and his allies Armor/Dmg Reduction + Power Strength, due to the damage on Corolog’s right arm, allies only obtain half effectiveness of this buff.


Theoretical Values :
Self :

Armor = 500 (1000 max) / Dmg Reduction = 35% (50% max)

Power Str = 20% (40% max)

Allies :

Halve of the values from above

Duration = 25s 


  1. Rampant Spread:

Corolog extends void tendrils from his body piercing all enemies around him, pulling them in as well as stripping them of their defenses (around 50% base) while giving him additional health and shields.


  1. Passive :

Void Overload :

As Corolog uses his abilities, he builds up void energy, which after a certain point he creates a burst of void energy increasing all of his damage output for a short period of time. (meter builds up based on the ability used)


Potential Synergies :

The first ability pairs well with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th ability as you can utilize the dash to quickly re-position to a more favorable spot to use your other abilities. Besides that the 1st ability can also be used as a follow up after the 4th and 3rd ability as with the damage reduction and power strength from the 3rd ability you can easily get into the fray of enemies with little to no worry, as well as dealing more damage to your enemies which the 4th ability also facilitates with its defense stripping properties as well as its pull to damage more enemies. While the 2nd ability coincides with the 3rd ability most as with healing and damage reduction, you can easily sustain yourself against higher levels of enemies. The 3rd ability besides having synergies with its other abilities, it also provides your allies with a buff combination that is not often found in the game. The 4th ability's synergy has been said through previous explainations. The passive not only benefits his entire kit and damage output, this passive is also a bit of an homage to the effect that you receive when you get 10 void traces during void relic runs.


End words :

For those who read through the entire post, I thank you for your time as this is a really long post. Also hopefully you would pick my idea as this warframe's ability kit as well as good luck to the other participants.

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1 - Disjoint
Single target immediate damage with a stacking damage over time effect. Each DoT refreshes the timer of the whole stack. The initial damage causes the target to stumble. This could also possibly have a small area of effect around the initial target.

- 50 energy

- 5 seconds

- 100 damage

- 10 * (enemy level) damage per second

Max Stacks:
- 10

2 - Error Propagation
Place a field on the ground that has a chance to apply a copy of any debuff or stack of debuffs on any enemy within the field to any other enemy within the field. The field has a chance to proc individually for every enemy within the field once a second, as well as on an individual enemy when it enters and exits the field.

Enemies keep any debuffs they may have acquired from the field when leaving the field.

- 75 energy

- 20 seconds

Propagation Chance:
- 25% per tick

- 10 meters

3 - Error Accumulation
Increase all outgoing weapon damage by 1 percent for a period of time. This skill has no cooldown and can by rapidly cast at any time. The effect can stack, but a new instance does not reset the time on an old instance.

- 25 energy

- 10 seconds

4 - Buffer Overflow
Immediately sacrifice a portion of your health to start rapidly draining energy over a period of time. When energy reaches 0, it "wraps around" to maximum energy and continues draining.

This is effectively infinte energy for the duration of the skill

- 50% of your max health. Cannot be used if your remaining health would be less than 2
- Increased efficiency decreases the percentage of health (minimum 25%)
- Decreased efficiency increases the percentage of health (maximum 75%)

Energy drain:
- 10% max energy per second
- Increased strength increases the percentage of energy drained (maximum 20%)
- Decreasted strength decreases the percentage of energy drained (minimum 5%)

- 20 seconds

P - Unstable Capacitors
Transfering back into the Warframe has a chance to temporarily grant extra energy to the Warframe.

The energy only lasts for 3 seconds before dissapearing, but any ability that costs energy will use the bonus energy first. If Buffer Overflow if active, the extra energy can "wrap around" and result in less total energy.

After transfering back into the Warframe there is a 10 second cooldown before Unstable Capacitors can have another chance to activate.

One thing I'm not happy about with this passive is that it's doesn't do anything until you get the Operator.

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Passive (scrap concept): Killing enemies and dealing damage to large enemies drops scrap parts collectible by passing over them or casting 2. For every additional scrap part collected, Broken gains additional armor. For every missing body part, Broken gains 25% Powerstrength. The highest bonus reached lingers for 5 seconds before dropping to current conditions.

1st ability (lost parts): casting shoots collected parts. Parts pierce enemies and get stuck in surfaces. Holding down Broken fires his own bodyparts, legs first and arms second over up to 1.5 seconds and can be stopped at any point. Every bodypart lost reduces max HP, drains Energy per second until reclaimed and causes energy tendrils to lash out at nearby enemies. Losing both legs allows Broken to fly (akin to hildryn 4th) at high speed. Losing both arms disables weapon usage while allowing Broken to lash out with powerful directed lashes (exalted weapon).

2nd ability (retrieve): Retrieves bodyparts and scrap around him to rebuild his body, healing for each part collected. Parts can hit enemies on their way back to Broken causing 1st abilities effects. Holding down will activate automatic collection. Costs no energy

3rd ability (repurpose): Casting starts consuming scrap to refill ammo directly to the magazines of primary and secondary weapon. Every full magazine refilled this way consumes 1 scrap. Can be canceled by recasting. Holding down uses a set amount of scrap to construct 2 additional arms for a set duration. These arms use secondary or primary weapon to fire at targets in your aim. Amplifies armor passive for the duration

4th ability 🙂 Violently explodes into a pure form of energy and shooting all bodyparts and scrap towards nearby enemies. Creates additional Power from passive due to losing head and torso and damage immunity. Drains a high amount of energy while granting the effects of the first ability on higher than normal maximum intensity. Touching enemies leeches them for energy to sustain this form. Recast 4 to release disintegrating explosions of void energy. Cast 2 to regain all bodyparts and nearby scrap. Automatically reforms on 0 energy. 


Damage oriented concept that can focus on Casting (efficiency, strength, duration with 1, 2 and 4 usages) or weapon usage (Strength, duration, efficiency with passive and 3rd with 4th to reposition in clutch situations and 1 for mobility form) or a weaving playstyle (Strength, efficiency, duration with all abilities and weapon usage used together). 

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1. - Void Bomb: If pressed, releases a beam from the frames chest. If held, Charges a orb of energy that it thrown at the target.

2. - Leeching Tendrils: Tendrils are released from the frame that grab nearby enemies and leech shields while they are attached, replenishing and adding to your over-shield. 

3. - Self Sacrifice: Drains all shields from the broken Warframe and converts them into armor.

4. - Remnant of the past: Consumes 1 stack of Aether to release a ghost a long fallen Warframe in a forward path, pressing 4 again will cause the ghost to explode where it is dealing aoe damage. Holding 4 will consume all stacks of Aether summoning ghosts in a ring around and sending them out in all directions.

Passive: Using your void abilities grants 1 stack of Aether up to a max of 10, Aether grants over-shield capacity per stack.

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Here's my shot a this! I've been thinking it over for a while and deliberately didn't read the other entries so I hope this is somewhat original 😆



I'm using "BWF" as shorthand for "Broken Warframe" since he doesn't have a name yet.

Ability power modifiers are (str) = Strength, (dur) = Duration, (ran) = Range, and (eff) = Efficiency.



[Passive] Richochet - When in the air, BWF can generate a small void pad that will bounce him once off the ground, wall, or object by holding the jump key. Velocity vector changes but momentum is conserved.


[1st Ability] Miscalibrated Shot, 25 energy (eff) - BWF fires a powerful shot/orb for 600 cold damage (str) + proc that is badly aimed and travels 50m (ran). However the shot returns directly to BWF and can hit its target on the rebound!


[2nd Ability] Glitched Warp, 50 energy - BWF teleports to a random location within 50m (ran). Upon emerging, he emits a 15m pulse (ran) of radiation and magnetism for 600 damage (str) and 50% chance of procs (str). Alternatively, hold the key to make BWF teleport directly to the cursor, but proc himself!


[3rd Ability] Puzzling Contraption, 75 energy (eff) - BWF drops a janky contraption with random output every 3 seconds (dur). It can A) emit a 10m (ran) pulse of any element with 350 damage (str), drop a consumable (energy/health/ammo), or drop a resource (e.g. rubedo, morphics, credits, pyrol, etc). Lasts 21 seconds (dur), and explodes for 300 blast damage (str) and 300 electric damage (str) upon expiration or when another contraption is placed.


[4th Ability] Reconfigure, 100 energy (eff) - BWF breaks into two pieces. Each piece transforms into a half-scale clone of himself, the first controlled by the operator and the other independent (AI). Each clone has 50% of the original health (str) and 50% shields (str). Casting again momentarily recombines and re-breaks BWF into 3 copies, each at 33% scale and 33% health/shields. Continue casting to create up to 8 clones each at 12.5% scale. Any clone taking fatal damage or holding the cast key reunites the clones and restores 50% of BWF's original health.





Overall I really wanted to focus on the "bug becomes a feature" aspect of the Warframe, so I hope that comes through. I also tried to use functionality already in the game and not invent anything requiring whole new systems.


Richochet - Honestly movement abilities are just super fun and I'd be happy to have bouncing on any frame.


Miscalibrated Shot - I wanted this to fit the theme by having atrocious accuracy, like a sniper rifle with Heavy Caliber! However with skill you'll be able to hit enemies on the shot's return trajectory, and the cold proc will help land subsequent shots.


Glitched Warp - Here I like the tradeoff; either you can use it as a really good escape button, but don't get to to control your destination, OR you can pick exactly where you exit but suffer some nasty procs as a result. I don't want it to be too inferior to Nova's Wormhole so it's a bit cheaper and has some AOE effects. The game already has logic to keep demolysts on the map so that could keep BWF from going out-of-bounds too.


Puzzling Contraption - I've reworked this a number of times because Protea's new energy/health dispenser is pretty much exactly what I wanted. So I'm the least happy with this one. I do think it's hilarious to have a box that could spit out anything from neurodes to nitain to fish! Hopefully the randomness and pulling from a droptable keeps it from being exploited. It can be used as a CC mine by deliberately detonating it. I also like the idea of giving BWF some blast damage somewhere since other frames lack it and the concept is "high entropy", but of course blast needs to be reworked with a better proc effect to be useful.


Reconfigure - For this I wanted to take Wukong's Celestial Twin, his first ability, and make it into a ridiculous 4th ability. So we get more clones, just smaller! This one has potential for very cool animations as BWF breaks apart and recombines. Of course there's risk with the diminishing health & shields on each cloning. Having 6+ little copies run around with Opticors or such sounds like fun to me and would provide crowd control of a sort.


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The Broken Warframe


Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy…

The Broken Warframe is a mechanized amalgamation of incompatible Warframes parts fabricated by the Orokin and forcefully stitched together with somatic fibers as a conduit to channel void energy. This unstable creation was the Orokin’s ultimate fail-safe, yet ironically, it was a haphazard attempt to combat the Tenno uprising before their untimely end. This was the Orokin’s last ditch effort and perhaps…their greatest mistake…

[“The Broken" will be a placeholder name just for the sake of the ability descriptions listed below.]


As an unstable fusion of incompatible machinery, The Broken experiences malfunctions every 15s that randomly and temporarily increases one of his Warframe modification stats: Ability Strength, Ability Duration, Ability Range, or Casting Speed.

Ability #1Void Ki

-         The Broken siphons Void energy from deep within his somatic fibers and then fires a dense, Void energy blast.

-        The blast has a chance to “fail” in which case the blast will instead store a charge. The next time the blast successfully fires, the blast will expend all charges dealing the corresponding damage for each failed charged.

-        The blast possesses innate punch through and will deal void, heat, or electric damage.

Ability #2Somatic Leech

-        The Broken perform symbiosis and somatically links with a targeted nearby enemy.

-        Enemies that are linked will be marked by The Broken. Marked enemies provide a flat increase to his maximum health on kill, up to a cap.

-        The link persists if The Broken and his target remain in range of each other, lasting for the entire duration or until it is manually deactivated.


Ability #3 – Anomalous Detonation

-        The Broken self-destructs sacrificing a portion of his current health to deal damage to all nearby enemies.

-        The amount of damage dealt from the explosion is proportional to the amount of health sacrificed at the time of the cast. The damage can be further increased with power strength modifiers.

-        There is a chance the detonation will “fail.” If the detonation is unsuccessful, The Broken will still sacrifice health, but he will also produce a speed anomaly in which all units (enemies and allies alike) will gain increase movement speed and fire rate.


Ability #4 – Fail-Safe Rifle

-        The Broken conjures an Exalted ethereal rifle composed of Void energy that can fire elemental projectiles as its ammunition.

-        Every 5 shots, the rifle will fire a random elemental damage type consisting of one of the following types: Radiation, Heat, Electricity, Magnetic, Cold, or Void.

-        The Broken can expend some of his health per shot to increase the damage output of each bullet.



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Broken Warframe (“BW”)

  • Passive: 10% for damage done to “BW” to be reflected back toward assailant as puncture damage


  1. Subsume

    • Description: “BW” attempts to reconstitute his original form by temporarily siphoning off armor and/or shields from a targeted enemy and adding them to his own and his allies’.” 

      • If target lives before timer runs out, armor is returned to enemy at 75% of siphoned value, shields are restored to enemy, but not increased or given overshields if previously restored.

      • If the target dies before the timer runs out, then the remaining time is restarted, refreshing the buff.

      • Can be recast at any time

        • Augment Concept: “Incessant Subsummation”

          • Remaining time is doubled, sustaining the buff potentially for longer than the buff initially lasted for if the targeted enemy is killed before half of duration has passed.

          • Passive: Base duration increased by 75% 

    • By R30…

      • 25s Duration (Moddable)

      • 20m Range (Moddable)

      • 20 energy cost (Moddable)

      • % of armor and increase in total shields T.B.D.


  1. Sunder Bomb

    • Can plant bombs that can be remotely detonated by either holding the 2nd ability button or by “BW” hitting the bomb

    • Up to 4 bombs can be placed at any given time and all are detonated when ability button is held, but when damaged only the bomb damaged will detonate unless it is within range of another, setting off a potential explosive cascade

    • Tapping the ability button when aiming at a Sunder bomb will connect the bomb with all nearby bombs, aiming towards the insphere of the resulting polyhedron at 90 degree wide angles

      • i.e. 4 bombs total would at most create a tetrahedron, so aiming towards the polyhedron’s insphere unless the amount of bombs is less. If so they just explode generally towards one another

        • Augment: Thunder Bomb

          • Instead of generating 4 bombs consecutively, can charge (on first button tap) one big bomb worth the strength of 4 at maximum charge. 


  1. [unnamed]

    • takes an amplified portion of “BW”s current armor and throws it as a damage dealing spike

    • Can be recast repeatedly, costing less with each cast and increasing damage up to 8 times within a combo timer


  1. [unnamed]

    • Rips armor and shields from surrounding enemies, transforms and amplifies it into damage and blasts it back out either as a radial attack or as a forward facing cone of damage.

      • Shields transform into Impact damage and armor into Puncture damage

      • Deals moderate puncture and impact damage at base with no enemies nearby to amplify the damage


-Subsuming a Sunder Bomb or bomb cluster, transforms the bomb(s) into “chip damage” style armor that reflects damage done to the armor back towards enemies in the form of blast damage until either the armor wears off, the buff runs out, or the buff is restarted.

-Subsuming a Thunder Bomb would turn “BW” into a walking warhead that could detonate on command or when the buff runs out

-Subsuming an enemy before casting the 3rd ability gives each subsequent cast of the 3rd ability a 3m/4m/5m AOE puncture explosion on impact increasing in size relative with ability combo multiplier 

-Subsuming an enemy before casting the 4th ability doubles the final damage of the 4th ability

-1st, 2nd, and 3rd abilities all interact together, amplifying the damage of the 3rd

-Casting 4th ability onto sunder bombs within range doubles range of sunder bombs

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Bonus Shield on Corpus tilesets
Bonus Armor on Grineer tilesets
Bonus Health on Infested tilesets
A small bonus to all of these on Orokin Tilesets

1. Adapt & Overcome
"Scan" a target and get a buff depending on what type of unit they are.
Not duration based, but can only have one buff active at a time.
Heavy unit - Max Health and Armor buff
Melee unit - Melee damage buff
Ranged unit - Weapon damage buff
Beasts / Robotics - Movement Speed Buff

2. Portable Collector
Put down a destructable beacon that will slowly consume pickups in a radius and gradually transfer them to you.
Health orbs / Energy orbs / Ammo pickups will be sucked into the beacon and slowly fill your Health / Energy / Ammo.
If you're already at full Health / Energy / Ammo, the beacon will store upto a certain amount of it.
(No Energy Cost, but has scaling Health depending on how far into the mission you are and what mission you're playing, recast to pocket your collector but lose 50% of what it had collected, its health regenerates over time while pocketed):

3. Rocket Punch:
Shoot out your arm with a tremendous amount of speed to a location or an enemy.
Does AoE damage when it hits and sticks to surfaces and enemies. Recast to either detonate your arm or pull yourself to it.

4. Copycat
By default, this ability would be an empty slot.
On ally cast: Tap to "Scan" target ally warframe, tap then any ability key to copy the target's ability associated with that key.
For example: aim at ally Rhino - Tap 4 to scan him, tap 2 to copy his Iron Skin - Tap 4 again to use Iron Skin

Copycat will also Include any augment(s) the ally has equipped.

On Enemy special units (Eximus / Ancients) Gain their buff.
Fire eximus - release their heat shockwave
Cold Eximus - generate their "frost bubble" around yourself
Ancients - Copy their Debuff / buff aura.
*Visuall the SFX will have your energy colors.*

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Mechanic: Fragments - the Broken is made out of various pieces that can be deployed independently. There is a maximum number of Energy, Shield and Health Fragments, and deploying one of the latter two permanently sacrifices part of the maximal Shield/Shield Recharge or Health until the Fragment is called back, which can be done by ending its duration or long-pressing the cast button on it (the Broken can't deploy the last Fragment of each type). Fragments can be deployed onto the same spot to combine into Clusters.

Passive: Asynchronous - The Broken's parts function independently of each other, making its complete destruction difficult. If lethal damage would be done to health, redirect it to shields and/or energy instead (split evenly if both are available; the latter affected by bonus efficiency from Quick Thinking and Gladiator Finesse).

1st ability: Conduit Leak - Deploys an Energy Fragment, regularly stunning enemies in its range with a small chance of temporarily corrupting them to the Broken's side.

2nd ability: Preventive Defenses - Deploys a Shield Fragment to intercept attacks. All attacks from enemies in range of the Fragment lose a percentage of their damage, unless the enemy is corrupted by an Energy Fragment.

3rd ability: Vital Recycling - Deploys a Health Fragment, which converts a portion of damage done to enemies in its range to heal the Broken and any other ally in range of any Health Fragment. Additionally, the damage that is reduced by a Shield fragment also heals, and corrupted enemies gradually leak health into it as well.

4th ability: All-Out - the Broken wields its core as an Exalted Glaive. Hitting a Cluster with at least one Fragment of each type in it instantly relocates the Broken into it, leaving the remaining Fragments in it former place.

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I think it'd be great to see this frame embrace his brokenness rather than focus on trying to mend it. Also, a “broken” Warframe definitely seems like it would come with a high risk/high reward sort of play style, ya know? Since you're playing something that's broken? Here's my ideas on how to achieve that!

Passive: Abilities have a chance to fail/work at half the effects. A malfunction causes the next cast to work at twice the effects.

1.) Stretch his energy at the shoulder/elbow to shoot a fist forward. Tap to push enemies away, hold to pull them in.

2.) Your entire body screams out, attacking the psyche of enemies to debuff them in some way.

3.) Tears his chest apart to release energy to shoot out and pull a cluster of enemies towards you.

4.) Reaches inside of himself to pull the entire Void Energy skeleton out. Enter this skeleton-like form to attack your enemies. Melee and shooting could perform attacks with your empty body parts.

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"Trion" is my chosen codename ( not good with naming , so will stick to it for now ) for broken frame.  He is assembled from 3 frames with Aboroflora Tendrils , also known as Transference Tree or Void Roots. Despite being made of fragmented hollow shells , Trion can invoke their powers and use abilities from each of them. 

Blue Remnant - Energy / Ranged
Red Remnant - Close-Combat
White Remnant -  Tech / Ranged

Rank 30 Stats 
Health : 375
Armor : 550
Shield : 300
Energy : 300
Sprint Speed : 1.0


[Void Renewal] - Trion gains 2 health regen per sec for each 10% of his missing health.
[Void Surge] - Trion gains 1 energy regen for each 25% of missing energy.

[Aether Grasp] [Energy Cost : 25]

Trion sends an energy orb that becomes gravity well in range of 5/6/7/8 meters when in contact with target or terrain, deal 100/150/200/250 damage per sec , lifts enemies ( causes lifted status ) and pulls them to center of well for 10/12/13/15 sec.

[Infuse] : Lifted enemies are infused with void energy.

[Havoc Strike] [Energy Cost : 50]

Trion leaps forward and slams into the ground with Red Remnant's power-fist and summons impaling Aboroflora Tendrils. Deals 250/300/350/400 scaling puncture damage in 6/8/10/12 meters and impales enemies for 3 sec.  Trion is healed for 10% of his missing health for each impaled enemy.

[Detonate] : Infused enemies burst void energy when damaged or killed by this ability and deal 200 random elemental damage + ( 10% of target's max health ) in 15 meters radius.

[Radiant Salvo / Barricade] [Energy Cost : 75]

[Tap]: Trion fires a swarm of 10 seeking energy missiles from White Remnant's shoulder-cannon to all seen enemies ( enemies have to be in field of view ) within 8/9/10/12 meters. Each missile deals 250/300/350/400 scaling blast damage in 3 meters with 50% critical chance, 2.0x critical multiplier.
⦁    Prioritize nearest enemies.
⦁    Damage scales with enemy level.
[Detonate] : Infused enemies burst void energy when damaged or killed by this ability and deal 200 random elemental damage + ( 10% of target's max health ) in 15 meters radius.

[Hold]: Trion creates an 8 meters wide and 5 meters high barrier infront himself to block and reflect damage for 16/18/22/24 sec. Maximum of 3 barriers can be placed.

[Infuse] : Damage reflected by Barricade infuses enemies.

[Champion of Void] [Energy Cost : 25 , 20 e/s]
Trion unleashes void energy around himself, reduces damage taken by 75% , silences enemies in 9/10/12/15 meters radius and grants abilities void infusion & detonate effects.

Silence effect - Prevents enemy from using ability or auras for 3 sec. ( unaffected by duration )

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