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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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1 hour ago, [DE]Helen said:

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

My spin on this concept: A squad of four warframes destroyed while completing a mission. Found and rebuilt piecemeal as a new frame.





Broken Frame: khajpac

Passive: Regenerative Slam: Release a heal pulse to nearby allies (35 meters) when performing slam attacks or dropping from greath height (think rhino's passive mixed with titania's.)

1st Ability: Spellbound Smite. Hit a single enemy for flat damage. Enemy drops weapon and is radiation procced. Surrounding enemies within (radius) are affected for 25% of that enemy's health, drop weapons, and cannot pick weapons up for (duration.)

2nd Ability: Hallowed Skin: Khajpac is coated in void energies that provide (Percent) damage reduction with (Percent) chance to reflect (flat damage value) radiation damage to attacker at (percent) chance for radiation proc. Lasts for (duration,) and is refreshable
     If spellbound Smite is used while Hallow Skin is active affected enemies are opend to finisher damage for (1st ability duration.)

     If Raging Light is cast while Hallow Skin is active radius around enemy provides (strength) flat heal when entering affected area wit han additional *amount) health given over (duration) once leaving the buff area. 

     If Razorwing Swarm is cast while Hallowed Skin is active Affected enemies have (armor amount) permanently stripped.

3rd Ability: Raging Light. Target enemy anchored in place causing enemies within (range) to be slowed for (duration,) Nearby Players weapon damage buffed by (strength) for (duration.)

4th Ability: Razorwing Swarm. Summon (number) of razorflies that can attack enemies within (range), reducing enemy accuracy by (ammount) while also increasing damage enemies within (range) of razorfly by (amount.).

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Health: 650  Armor: 225  Shields: 600  Energy: 225


Passive: Gaining shields while your shields are maxed will instead increase armor, up to 225 (additive).


Ability 1: Hinder: Can mark up to 5 enemies at the same time. A marked enemy is stunned for 15 seconds, other enemies within 10 meters of the marked enemy will be slowed by 75% for the remaining duration. Can be recast. (25 energy)


Ability 2: Solder: Links itself to an ally who will gain 25% damage reduction, healing both for 10 health/second. If the linked ally is damaged, the warframe will be healed for half of the amount of damage the ally received. The link will dissapear if the warframe and ally are more than 50 meters away. Can be used on enemies to also make them fight on your side with a 100% damage increase. (35 energy)


Ability 3: Fortify: The warframe increases its own and a linked ally's armor and maximum shields by 50% for 25 seconds. Linked enemies are also replenished for 50% of their max health and/or shields. (30 energy)


Ability 4: Void Collapse: Projects a 30 meter large void aura around the warframe for 40 seconds, enemies who enter this area are damaged for 750 and are applied cold, heat, toxin, and electricity procs every 1.5 seconds. Casting the ability again collapses the projected aura dealing 750 damage once again and launching enemies outwards. The aura slowly follows the warframe. (45 energy)

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I have the perfect idea for this warframe.  With him being "broken" you can play off of the mechanical side of the warframe but also stay true to the "broken" aspect by treating it as a malfunctioning frame based on probability.


Passive - Spare Parts:

 Warframe collects surplus ammo; as warframe builds excess ammo reserves for weapons, ammo reserve can be in abilities.

Ammo reserve cap - 1000 rounds.


Ability A - Mega-Mine: 50 energy

Warframe initiates a very short animation where it places a mine on the ground (2 mines limit).  The mine does increased damage the longer it is deployed before exploding Blast, Fire, and Slash damages.  Enemies proc'd by Mega-Mine take 15% increased damage while the proc lasts.

Malfunction: Warframe tries to place a mine but instead explodes itself dealing 5x damage and causing a stagger on the frame itself.  This is automatically triggered when 300 spare parts are drained.  Otherwise, 20% chance of happening on release

This ability can be charged and charging it drains the ammo reserves.  Charging this increases all supplemental stats by a small amount.

50 ammo = +5% critical chance, +2.5% critical damage, +5% status chance, +2.5% explosive radius

Base Damage: 600 (200 Blast, 200 Fire, 200 Slash) +5% total damage every 5 seconds.  (Affected by power strength, duration, efficiency and range)

Base Range: 7 m

Base stats: 600 Damage, 15% critical chance, 2.5x critical multiplier, 15% status chance


Ability B - Repurpose: 50 energy

Warframe converts current on hand's weapon ammo reserves and Spare Parts ammo to health, armor, and shield.

Ammo cost - 150 (affected by efficiency)

Repurpose drains 50% from current weapons ammo reserves and 50% from Spare Parts.

Conversion: 150 ammo = +150 health healing, +150 shield restoring, +20 permanent armor buff. (Values increase with strength; ability not affected by range or duration)


Ability C - Automize: 75 energy

Warframe raises hands to emmit a 15 m aura around itself.  Enemies within range are briefly "robotized" in which they are stunned (similar to an electric proc without the FX).  During the stun, the enemies are susceptible to additional damage.  After the stun is over, enemies are granted one of 3 affects at random:

1. Destructive - +50% damage taken, enemy explodes on death dealing 100 + 80% of their maximum health as damage

(explosion causes killer a brief stagger, this is offset by any enemy set to explode having a 1.3 second ticker and audio cue)

2. Mobilize - +25% movement speed, +100% status effect damage taken

3. Rubberize - -25% damage dealt, +10% chance for attacks/shots that hit a warframe to create an ammo drop

Damage multiplier while stunned: +25%

Base radius 15 m (affected by range)

Durations: stun 2 seconds, effect 10 seconds (affected by duration)

Strength affects all bonuses except the 80% maximum health as damage.


Ability D - Disassemble: 100 energy (channelled) 

Waframe channels an ability where it's parts begin to fly warframe to nearby enemies, latching on to them, hitting in a 6 m AoE, stunning them and doing a rapid DoT that increases in strength until Warframe reassembles.

Warframes becomes a floating aura of energy as parts begin to disassemble. Once the warframe is in pure energy state, energy drains much faster but warframe is immune to damage. The last three body parts are always Head > Left arm > Right Arm. This gives the Warframe to ability to float around, aim, and shoot until the ability ends.  Once the ability is over and all that is left is your energy, recast the ability to recall all limbs back doing damage to all enemies in the way.

If an enemy dies, the limb is returned with 10 ammo and added to the top of the stack to be ejected first.  Spare Parts are used to reassemble (25 ammo per limb that is recalled).  Be careful, if you do not have enough spare parts to reassemble, you may have to manually collect each part!  Warframe movement speed and armor are lowered for each body part missing but damage is increased by 20% for each (not affected by strength).

While disassemble is active, limbs can grab Megamines.  This causes them to become mobile and launch towards a nearby enemy, exploding, and the limb still attaching to the enemy.

Damage: 200 impact AoE (no fall off), 50 puncture damage per 1/3 second that revs up over time (affected by strength)

Range: 20 m (affected by range), impact AoE 6 m (note, the DoT only affects the primary target, impact AoE affected by range)

Duration affects the speed at which the ability revs up and the drain of the ability.


The idea behind this ability set is to have a warframe that can perform a number of niche roles but doesn't have complete identity.  The first ability serves as stage control and a small nuke.  The second ability serves as a heal, as well as introduces a "permanent armor buff" that has to be managed with the passive ammo economy.  The third uses randomness but hopefully in a way that can be deemed viable, has a means of generating ammo, enhancing the new status effects, and creates a dynamic change to a match with enemies exploding after a delay that can affect teammates.  And the fourth ability can be seen as something similar to Gauss's or Garuda's but with focus on CC.




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Aighty, he looks kinda fun tho! Let's assemble his abilities in my vision.

Passive - Lovely parts
On being damaged has a chance to drop some of his parts, gaining ability to drain energy to stop lethal damage with 30% efficiency for 10 seconds (stacks up to 3-4 times, timer resets each time). On picking up his parts, gain burst of movement speed and parkour velocity (~5-15% for a few second). Can't be staggered while draining energy to stop lethal damage.

1 - Ephemereal hand
Detach your hand and throw it. The hand will fly/run at the enemy and attack them into their weak spots (dealing void damage? scales with melee mods?) before returning back. If ability is on hold for 1 sec before launching, also brings an enemy and open it for finisher (while also greatly increasing finisher damage or just stripping enemy armor by a good amount). Allies caught in radius will recieve reload speed buff (probably some funny "helping third hand" animation)

2 - Reassembled breakdown
Upon activation, warframe explode, dealing (void?) damage to all enemies caught in radius (walls doesnt matter). While destroyed in such way, can't be damaged by any means and immune to status effects. After few seconds (2-4, probably scales with duration?) pull all enemies to the warframe by dragging them with his parts (dunno, maybe void-tentacles or smthing). Enemies are ragdolled into one pile before warframe when the ability is done, laying on the ground. Enemies that cannot be dragged (walls, immunity to status, etc) take %HP damage that bypass their damage reduction (fully or by good amount, probably inflict status effects from weapons also). 

3 - Past mistakes
On/Off ability
While it's toggled off, passively store % of incoming damage, dropping heatlh/energy orb after reaching "breakpoints".
When toggled on, take extra damage but also convert 90% damage taken on health to energy. Also moves faster. When health and energy reaches 0, instead of dying you deal all stored damage in small radius (multiplied by power STR mods and probably some innate multiplier). For the next 3 second you can't move, and are invulnerable, but your next attack will deal extra damage equal to all stored damage (probably flat-out increase in raw or true damage). If you kill the enemy with that attack, you gain 50% of your total energy back and gain health regeneration for 6 seconds. Cooldown 6-9 seconds (depending if timer goes down with 3 "standing still" second or not).

4 - Call to remembrance
Grapple anything with anything.
If grapple an enemy, fastly drain his health in % and restore same amount to yourself (50% damage reduction while ability is active). If you cannot grapple an enemy and therefore drain health, energy cost is reduced by half and said enemy is "locked down" for a few seconds, unable to move, shoot (and think). If you kill an enemy in such way, you deal bonus % damage to all enemies with matching faction for duration, while also taking less damage from matching factio (can't reach 100% tho)
If you grapple an ally that's not downed, give him damage reduction and store all damage he deal in your "past mistakes" pool. If an ally was downed, revive him with increased speed (unique animation! WOOHOO!) and give him benefits of all of your mods installed (including only warframe? everything? a lot of coding, but will be cool).

♦️You can throw your 1 while in 3 to make it deal extra damage

♦️Your 1 will focus nullifiers drone on top of bubble and killing it instantly

♦️If there's no enemies around and you use your 1, it will follow you around until you pick it up or until it sees an enemy

♦️You can throw your 1 on consoles! The hand will hack it for you.

♦️If you throw your charged 1 while aiming at datamass or fuel cell, hand will pick it up and carry it for you while following, until you pick it up.

♦️Reassembled breackdown is great to avoid instant-deaths or dangerous status effects, and you also immune to energy-leeching while in it!

♦️If you grapple an ally with your 4 during your 3, you will be revived instantly and your ally will recieve 50% of his energy pool too. Don't worry, you wont kill him! 

♦️You can grapple sentients with your 4 and remove their adaptation to damage types during drain.

♦️You can pick up your "lovely parts" by rolling over them or by using "interaction" button. 

♦️You can pick up your "lovely parts" with your 1. That will also grant you benefits of your 1 (reload).

Well that's kinda it. I don't think that this abilities are perfect, but they sounds fun and kind fitting (mainly hope that my 1 will be chosen, cuz i wanna see this little adorable hand running around choking enemies to death_


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So if the theme is Broken Warframe, the original forum post said "Epitome of a bug becoming a feature"...

Passive: Dead Man Walking - Upon reaching 0 health, the Broken Warframe has X seconds (maybe like 5?) where they receive a damage and speed boost (going down in a blaze of glory style). They can't restore health, and when their seconds are up they WILL go down into the bleedout state. This allows them to position themself into a better position for their team to revive them. This is based on an occasional bug where your Warframe will be in a bleedout state but still move around but also takes inspiration from the Swan Song ability from Payday 2.

As a extra effect to the Passive, similar to Garuda when no Melee weapon is equipped the Warframe can attack with their fists as in during the Escape mission following being captured by a Zenuka Hunter. Why? because...

1 - Surge - Similar to Ivara's Navigator, the Warframe casts this ability then the next time they perform a sliding melee attack, they gain a larger weapon range and also launch forward at high speeds as they perform the attack. Yep. Coptering rises from its grave plus I think it provides a fond remembrance of when melee weapons used to go through walls. Provides a useful movement ability and some damage. Synergises with the passive as a means to cover ground very quickly to get to team mates

2 - Field Repair - Scavenge parts from the environment to heal the warframe. The Warframe sends out a wave of their void energy - making them more vulnerable to damage during this time - which will find three major things in the environment: Breakable containers, Enemies, or Allies. Breakable containers get broken, and their contents drawn to the Warframe slightly and add a basic increase to the amount healed. Enemies will get staggered / stunned with some minor damage, boosting the healing and temporarily boost its armour as well. Allies will also receive health while in range and refund the cost of the ability.

3 - Ceasefire - Tap to send a wave forward, hitting Enemies makes become passive, and start walking in circles rather than targeting the player. I've seen this bug occur and it always got a chuckle out of me. Helps slow them down to line up a good Surge so there's synergy there. Hold down to target a specific enemy and make it follow the player around based on duration but not firing on players or allies. Enemy becomes coated in a glow to help indicate it is following. A reference to the bug that gave rise to Clem all, and allowing the player to keep at least one enemy around at all times with a range of uses such as having one handy for the Trinity to EV for example.

4 - Glory - Warframe overcharges the Void energy holding itself together, starting a timer that will detonate the Warframe's energy (reducing health to 0 and triggering the passive), the more health they have the bigger the damage. Dying while the timer is active will trigger it early but vastly reduce its damage. Killing an enemy during this time will transfer the charge onto that enemy, the type of enemy determines the damage type of the explosion - Armoured enemies deal puncture damage as their armour turns into shrapnel, Shielded enemies make magnetic as the kinetic shields burst, and Flesh enemies make heat with their boiling blood (which in turn makes them more effective against members of their own faction). Enemies with multiple types of health will deal multiple damage types split evenly.

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Passive: Armor applies to shields, but not to health. Health orbs give a random amount of energy between 1 and 75 and energy orbs give a random amount of health between 1 and 75.

Stack overflow: Every x seconds, gives a x% boost to either health, armor, shields, damage, fire rate/attack speed, or reload. These buffs stack. Deactivation consumes all energy but you keep 10% of the buffs received (unmoddable) and transfer it to your teammates. These buffs last until the end of the mission. In order to deactivate you must have at least 3 buffs or run out of energy.

Transfiguration: Randomly chooses and consumes x amount of health, shields, or reserve ammo into x energy.

Host migration: Leave your body behind and manifest yourself within an enemy (teleport to enemy). All enemies within x range of your new manifestation will have a random debuff applied to them (take x% more damage, do x% less damage, x% less accuracy, x% less fire rate, etc.)

Corruption: Drain your health, energy, and shield to increase the strength of your buffs and debuffs by x%. This will also create an aoe aura that leaches health and shields from enemies to you. Transfiguration is disabled while this ability is active and must have full energy to activate.

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Passive - A Bonus armor algorithm based on the enemies around the Warframe. Maxed at 20 enemies. Giving them a boost per enemy 50 -100.  It scales on the highest enemies armor. 

First Ability - 

What it does: The user will have the ability to shift between the few variants of shots. Similar to Ivara, and Vaubans ability wheel. 

1.  Vital Leech. - It will turn the users primary shots into a clip of viral status. With this being said, it can stack with what status weapons the user is equipped with. Such as; Torid. Switching Despells it.

2. Magnetic Grasp - It will turn the users primary shots into small vortexes. Similar to the Simulor. Except this pulls enemies into the place it was shot. Depending on the user's Strength + Range, will calculate what will be bound inside the said spot. Timer caps at 20 seconds at max duration. 5-10 meters for range.

3. Icy Gaze. - This turns the users bullets into frozen puddles/statues. Similar to how Baruuk uses Lullaby. First the enemies will be stunned, then finally frozen.
Second Ability - "Blasted Blinding"

What it does - The user can cast its emp, which can both blind/ and armor strip the enemies around. The blast will look like an orb similar to Nova's Antimatter. Except with a different effect. Duration effects this, but it does 0 damage. Except for the armor stripping.

Third Ability -" Ragnorok"

What it does: with this ability , it deals with Duration , and Strength. The warframe will use the armor from the passive, stacking it to a sentient like thickness. Statuses will be stored , and the warframe will be protected from the type it was attacked from. Maxed at 60 seconds for the duration. The Abilities strength depends on how many statuses are consumed , and prevented.

Fourth Ability: "Gatto"

What it does: This will be the users Exalted weapon. It will be similar to the sword, and shield except! It will be a Secondary, and Shield! If no secondary is equipped it will bring out an exalted pistol which fires with PUNCTURE, & CORROSIVE! OR ! VIRAL & SLASH! Each shot is consumed by energy. The darker energy color will be based on what you will be equipped with! Such as; Dark colors this will go for the Corrosive. Light colors will go for Viral.

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hello, im loving the concept of a broken frame and i think i can propose something that could work with that concept

being broken, Eornheit's warframe cannot use his abilities anymore, instead it can pick up warframes parts in order to have access to others frames abilities. 

it can be made in two possible ways :


1) fully customisable in the artilery : you repair the warframe progressively, equiping parts of other frames allowing this frame to use the powers of thoses frames . If we choose that path then we have to put 75% (instead of the 100% native) efficiency/str/range/duration in order to not completely outshadow every other frame in the game.
2) abilities used by your allies leave a piece of junk on the ground. if you pick it up you can use this ability until you pick another one that could go in the same spot.

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Passive - Spare Parts: Fallen enemies drop broken Parts of their weapons and armor that can be picked up.  The warframe regains a small amount of health for picking up a Part and the Parts are stored, granting armor based on the amount stored.

Ability 1 - Scrap Harvest: The warframe draws in all Parts within a certain range, and has a chance to draw extra Parts from corpses.  The Parts travel directly toward the warframe, dealing Slash Damage to enemies they collide with while traveling.  (Uses Energy)

Ability 2 - Junk Armor: The warframe spreads stored Parts across their body to defend and repair themself.  The warframe gains increased bonuses to armor based on the Parts they have stored and passively regenerates health while the ability is active.  (Uses Energy to activate and passively drains energy to keep active.  Parts will slowly be drained only while the warframe is regenerating health)

Ability 3 - Void Rupture: The warframe causes void energy to burst outward, dealing Void Damage to all nearby enemies.  The button to activate the ability can be held during activation in order to also cause all stored Parts to burst outward as well, causing the ability to deal additional Slash Damage based on the amount of stored Parts (this causes the warframe to lose all of their stored Parts and scatter a percentage of them across nearby areas.  The Parts can then be drawn back in with Scrap Harvest if they are within range).  (Uses Energy)

Ability 4 - Voidic Manifestation: The warframe focuses the void energy holding themself together in order to wield it as a weapon, causing their body to break apart and fall to the ground.  While the ability is active, the warframe becomes pure void energy and cannot be damaged, though also must remain within a certain distance from their body.  While in this form, the warframe can continuously fire beams of Void Energy at targets by holding the fire button.  Stored Parts will also float nearby the warframe, allowing them to still use their abilities, and the warframe's abilities that deal damage deal extra Void Damage.  When the ability ends or is ended, the pieces of the warframe's body are drawn to your current location and reassemble there.  (Uses Energy to activate and passively drains energy to keep active)

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Passive: randomly changes between a speed + parkour increase and a defense buff every X seconds  (due to unbalanced form)

1 - Strange void energy leaks out in an AOE around the frame, causing enemies to be afflicted by random procs. Possible charge mechanic to increase range slightly/stacks of procs.

2 - Buff your weapons (and allies in range) with unstable void energy that deals +X% blast damage. Charge before casting to add a bit of a crit buff as well.

3 - Draws power among the warframe's varied parts to generate a strange-looking energy wall that moves slowly forward, causing enemies hit to stagger and take damage; however, this power has a X% chance to fail due to somewhat unreliable frame parts. Charging this ability makes the wall move much faster, do more damage than uncharged, and enemies hit will pushed about (or heavy stagger); however it has an greater chance of failing than uncharged. (damage may be a mix of IPS damage; failing to cast results in an explosion that knocks the frame over, the blast damage is minor to enemies and frame in the blast)

4 - With a slow start-up, the frame over-draws power from it's varied parts and void energy to send out a flurry of wispy projectiles with random elemental damage that seek some targets out, while others hit terrain and have a randomly small or big AOE. After the firing out all the wispy projectiles, an explosion happens in the frame resulting in a loss of maximum health and shields for a duration, and the frame falls over.





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Ability 4 - The Warframe splits up and latches onto an enemy, becoming armor for and taking control of it. It's an energy drain ability that deactivates when the enemy dies or the energy runs out.

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Passive: My idea for a passive would be a energy cache that gains X energy a second and can be claimed to gain all energy in it, this passive would have a X second cooldown and would be shown in the bottom left of your screen (shows current energy saved up and current cooldown).


Ability 1:A buffing ability that gives a different buff depending on how many enemies you have killed since activating the ability, ending ability gives the buffs, this can be given to allies .


Buff 1:   5-14 kills this would be an ability strength buff (can’t think of a fair amount) that would go to you and allies within X metres for X seconds base. 


Buff 2: 15-19 kills would give all ability’s for you and allies within X metres a X decrease in ability cost for X seconds base. 


Buff 3: 20+ kills would give a buff that would give you and allies within X metres a lifesteal buff lasting X seconds at base


Ability 2:This ability would overflow the void energy holding the warframe  together making him get more durable. This ability would give a X% boost to armour and a X% boost to health for a base of X seconds


Ability 3:this ability would drain armour and multiply it by X, to create a force field made of void energy around all nearby allies(It would distribute it equally so the less allies nearby the better it would be). armour for each shield would be restored after broken 

Ability 4:this ability would give all allies a damage type depending on your emissive colour, it would give X% _____ damage and would last until user ends ability this ability would work off both emissive colours so you could make other elements. E.g.Radiation,blast... (if emissive colour is not any of the specific colours it will just choose closest colour)


White =cold







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Passive- When Broken kills an enemy, they drop spare armor/parts (or something similar) which he can use with his abilities (like with nidus or sayrn) maximum of 1000

1. Repair. uses parts to heal himself ( 5 parts per 10 health)

2. the Yeeter. extend an arm and grab an enemy paralyze them with void energy, and pull them back toward you. at this point you can either 1.) use the enemy as a shield but your limited to secondary and melee weapons. energy is drained while holding on to the enemy or 2.)press and hold 2 again to fuse spare parts with the enemy then release to throw the enemy to deal damage in a AoE. the more parts on the enemy the more damage that will be dealt.

3. Arm Blaster. uses spare parts to basically turn on of his arms into an opticor. the longer you charge it, the more damage it will do. uses 100 parts

4. Hodgepodge Monstrosity. (500 Parts) Uses spare parts to modify his body into a monster. he can still pick up parts and can either use them in his other abilities (which will receive buffs when he is in this form) or he can put more on him to increase the strength of his monster form. (kinda works like Valkyr minus the invincibility, healing, and does more damage). He can still use regular weapons. primary and secondary are mounted on his shoulders, and melee is replaced with his huge claws.

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Passive-when picking up his body parts he regains Heath.

1-breaks off his arm and throws it with the power of void over penetration (like rhinos charge ability sucking enemies with the shock, sticks in the floor and can be picked up for health most amount of health as the biggest shard of himself.)


2- all ‘metal’ pieces of him surround in a vortex (like gara but don’t do slash just impact damage) but in this state he takes more damage as his inner workings are exposed. (When finished all of the pieces fall to the ground around him so he can pick them up.)


3- with the connection to the void he expands it  in a shockwave outwards form his body. With his second ability the shards expand outward with the shockwave doing more damage scattering the pieces. (the players will be made to find his pieces of him for health)


4- form his origin in within void he creates a tear to the void where his body was made. The shattered remains the where in the void spill out  . The flux of the void makes the pieces fly towards the enemy and corrupt them and fight the other enemies.


(as a foot note can we have a pure void based warframe that can do more damage to sentient as the war is coming. And as the Tenno need to arm themselves with a weapon that is extremely deadly to them.)

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Ok imma just say this out right, we need another warframe with a unique exalted weapon. We have 9 frames with an exalted weapon. Maybe give him a rifle like exalted weapon. We still don't have anyone rifle primary weapon. But if it were to be melee again, just make sure it's a weapons that hasn't been used yet.

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No Shields, Only health.

Passive - Scavenger: The lower your current health vs your maximum health the greater the chance to find Health, Energy, and Ammo drops.

1st Ability - Agonizing Lance: Fire a lance of your parts through your foes. Holding down the key will convert health into additional damage. Effected by Strength and Range. (Think of Groot firing his tree arm through all those people in Guardians of the Galaxy)

2nd Ability - Self-Sacrifice: Press the key to cycle between 3 options. When you take damage, their is a % chance of a piece of your frame breaking off into a useful item for your team. Effected by Efficiency and Strength

1) Health Orbs

2) Energy Orbs

3) Ammo

3rd Ability - Material Integration: While aura is active, all ammo and energy picks are converted into health pickups. Effected by Range and Efficiency.

4th Ability - Assimilate: Emit an aura that collects and assimilates any weapons or abilities from fallen foes. Weapons fire at any enemies within range and any abilities trigger for a short time before disappearing. Effect by Duration and Range.

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Passive: Fix: Kills drop Health and Energy Orbs

1st Ability: Root Crash, player designates a zone and a tendril spawns to lash out at enemies, keep pressed to use as Melee weapon, keeps using energy while on this state

2nd Ability: Glitch Walk, allows the user to walk on any wall or roof

3rd Ability: Error Area, produces a field or a Wave that procs enemies with Radiation effect

4th Ability: Assimilation, uses a tendrill to hit enemies, enemies will grant modifications on the Warframe, such as increased shields, armor, health, energy, power strength, or overall damage, depending on enemies hit or type of enemy, and for each enemy hit, they can provide parts on the warframe, for example, a Corpus helment, a grineer mask, MOAs head-gun or Ospreys on shoulder as auto targeting buff, Corpus or grineer Jet packs, etc etc

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I think that this Warframe could be tied to the Duviri Paradox when that releases. I am referring to this warframe as "the player". I think this could be a fun warframe to play. It would require strategy, but also allow players to mess around with their size. Size Limit would have to depend on where they are, Railjack might disable Giga. It would be strong against Sentients because of the new found embrace of the void.

Passive: Shards of the Old War

When the player takes physical damage, it is absorbed turning it into excess void energy(positive). Energy damage increases void energy's negativity. The player uses void energy in order to cast abilities. At the start of a mission, void energy is equal to {armor value} multiplied by -1. Void energy decays progressively and becomes more negative allowing the player to cast abilities whenever, but if void energy becomes positive, the 4th ability activates. Void energy acts in a way similar to gravity. Negative Void energy causes the remnants of the old Warframes to become closer together therefore increasing armor. Positive spreads them out decreasing armor, but increasing health. Energy is converted directly into armor. There are a total of 50 remnants(base) that can be obtained upon acquisition of them all, the player becomes invulnerable to damage for a set duration and then the size of the player scales based on the damage they would have taken.

1st Ability: Gravitate: adds 50 void energy(VE)

Enemies around the player are pulled towards the player and become remnants of the old warframes. This allows increased armor and makes the player increase in size.

2nd Ability: Loophole :Adds 10 VE upon cast and 20 VE per second

Nearby teammates gain massive amounts of energy while near the player during this toggle ability, but allies cannot cast abilities in the radius. Additionally if a nearby ally is low on health, they are healed by 200 and gain 300 armor, but the player loses a remnant. Once detoggled, the player gains bonus weapon damage and void energy goes up based on how long Loophole was active. Upon toggle, the player is unable to cast "Leeching Pulse" but gains the ability Giga. This lasts for x seconds and then ends.

^ 3rd Ability: Giga: does not affect VE

The player can hold down 3 for however long and it will cause them to become bigger, and faster. Size limit is up to developer discretion. As size increased, remnant max is increased up to a maximum of 300(placeholder). The size increase is permanent until "Annihilation" is casted. If Loophole duration ends during channel, the point at which it ends will be the max size.

Base 3rd Ability: Leeching Pulse: adds 10 VE

The player reaches its void tendrils out grabbing enemies and using them to replenish their health.

4th Ability: Annihilation: Uses -100 VE and -2.5 VE per second it cannot be turned off.

Only castable when Void Energy is positive, The remnants of the old warframes drop to the ground the player becomes pure void energy. Transference cannot take place during this ability. The player causes all enemies in range to take MASSIVE void damage. Each enemy death causes Void energy to go down by 300. Upon the end of duration the void spirit wanders gathering enemies to become a part of it again. Only the 1st ability can be casted in the Void Spirit State. Upon Cast, the void spirit is the size of a Kuaka/Pobber, and void spirit has no armor. Upon growing back to "normal" size all abilities, aside from Giga and Annihilation, are castable.

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Passive: Recycleeverytime  frame kills enemies his health, shields and ammo slightly restored and raise his recycle meter. 

1Ability: Disassemble, his arms and legs disconnect from his body allowing him to negate 80% of incoming damage, mana drain base ability

2 Ability: Imposter, frame diassamble itself and insert into the targeted enemy controlling that body(its like invisibility), if targeted on other frame he mirrors some ability which is random. 

3 Ability:Rearrange , frame rebuilds one of his leg to act like a third arm which automatically will equip your secondary weapon and start blasting😂🔫, but will reduce movement speed

4 Ability: Last stand, frame consume recycle meter which significantly increase his damage, health and shield but also increase incoming damage


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Passive: Share - damage to health gains shield recharge rate, damage to shields regens hp.

1: Sentient Blade - shoot out a sentient blade to impale all enemies in a line into a wall.

2: Conversion - swaps current health and shield amount for 10 seconds.
If you were at 500 hp and 0 shield, it would swap your hp and shields so you would be at 1 hp 500 shield.

3: Ravine - throw out a line of sentient energy that pulls nearby enemies into a line, removing % armor for every target pulled.

4: Rend - Send a wave of energy that pulls each Blade dealing finisher damage. Every enemy killed refunds energy.

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Passive: Kills on enemies provide bonuses
Ex. Corpus bonus shields, Grineer Armor, Infested health, and sentients tau resistance

1: Transference Blast, connection between the operator and frame is unstable use this to deliver an explosive blast toward a group of enemies

2: Shed, Choose between shields, armor or health to buff it while decreasing the others

3: Detach: Split into two use your lower half as an ally that assist in missions, slower movement torso crawls on the floor while still wielding your weapon

4: Mimic: Target an enemy to steal essential abilities from it to use against their allies

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Passive: If you die you will automatically (if you have enought energy) use Reconstruction (third move), but this passive has a cooldown of 180 seconds so you can get revived once every 180 seconds.

First move: Hand of Control
Cost: 25
Duration: 20s
When you use this move you will remove your left hand from your body and stick it on an enemy, the hand will take the control of the enemy hand with the weapon and will help you for all the duration of the move. You can control only one enemy at time and while you control it you can't use dual weapons like dual sword or dual guns.

Second move: Convert
You can convert your Healt with your Shield.

Third move: Reconstruction
Cost: 75
Duration: 15s (Decreases with Continuity or mods like it)
If you're low healt you can destroy yourself and rebuild yourself regenerating all the healt and shield. While you do it you're immortal.

Fourth move: Decompose 
Cost: 10 
Energy per second: 1.5 
You can chose an enemy and decomposing yourself and sticking your body on the target, take the control of him.
While you're in his body all the enemies will consider you as an ally. You can also bypass locked doors, laser, scanners or traps. But if you attack one of them and someone see you he will attack you but he won't start the allarms.
With an augment of this move you can take the control of a friend or a specter of a frame and use his abilities. (Note: When you use the move on a friend, him will receive a request that if he clicks [insert key] he will accept the body control)

Sorry if i did some grammatical errors, i'm still learning english.


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I took the angle of the Broken Warframe as a scavenger and a user of raw void energy.


Passive - Scavenger 

  • Each enemy killed randomly applies a 5% buff  (stacking up to 40%) to armor, melee & reload speed or power strength for 20 seconds. (receiving the same buff refreshes the duration)

1 - Shattered Arm

  • Launches a tendril of void energy and metal, damaging enemies and triggers Scavenger (passive) for every 3 enemies hit.

2 - Void Pull

  • Draws in nearby enemies and pickups, triggering Scavenger (passive) for every 4 enemies affected.

3 - Reassemble

  • Consumes all Scavenger (passive) buffs and increases maximum health, maximum shields and shield recharge rate for a time proportional to the total percentage of buffs consumed.

4 - Crack the Void

  • Creates a small void fissure, converting nearby enemies to the Tenno cause and buffing their damage and decreasing their armor for a short time. Triggers Scavenger (passive) for every 6 enemies affected.


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Passive: Whenever this warframe is damaged, buts of itself will remain on the ground and can absorb back its pieces if it uses. Its 3rd ability and can create smaller, weaker clones if it uses its 4th ability on them.


Ability 1 - rearrange

The warframe breaks of pieces of itself, and goes to an enemy in order to control what they do. The enemy would be empowered similiar to nyx mind conttol but you would be able to select the the controlled enemy does, such as defend a spot, follow you, or support you. When I say support I mean thr pieces slowly break away at the enemy giving you health back. This ability can also be used on allies to give them damage reduction. This move will remove a percentage of max health. This decreases Mass Gauge.


Ability 2 - Turmoil

The warframe leaves parts of itself on the floor which holds whatever weapon it was holding, including melee weapons. This stays in place and fires at nearby enemys. The player will also be able to attach this to an allies warframe or defense objective. This decreases the Mass gauge.


Note: All of the warframes abilities remove max health until the ability is over.


Ability 3 - Configuration

The warframe stands still and absorbs all damage it takes. Any damage it takes will be added a slight armor bonus and a reduction of damage to whatever damage type hit it. The Mass gauge fills up a bit for every BULLET. Allies cannot shoot it.

Ability 4 - Assimilation (I'm bad at. names)

The warframe shoots out 10 pieces of it self to hit enemys and when it does it stuns them and increases the "Mass Gauge" further. If this ability is uaed when the mass guage is maxed then the broken warframe will summon 4 clones for a limited amount of time. The clones will be much stronger than the original, maybe through multipliers, and the clones can be increased.

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