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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive:  Adds void damage to attacks. Can use parts from downed enemies nearby to increase bleedout time/revive itself.


Ability 1: Shrapnel

Pick up parts from downed enemies nearby to add armor and resistance/weakness to itself. Can be recast up to a maximum of 4 times as ability levels up. The parts collected determines the type of resistances and weakeneses that can be added (and it's overall look):

(the following can be adjusted to suit)

Grineer parts: increased resistance to slow, blast and cold/reduced resistance to puncture and corrosive

Corpus parts: increased resistance to burn, slash and gas/ reduced resistance to cold and magnetic

Infested parts: increased resistance to electric, magnetic and impact/ reduced resistance to toxin and heat

Sentient parts: increased resistance to radiation, heat and puncture/ reduced resistance to electric and blast


Ability 2: Space Out/Daze

Can put nearby enemies in a daze, slowing their movement, with its void energy. The more void energy stored with Energizing Disarmament the greater the number of enemies that can be dazed.


Ability 3: Energizing Disarmament

Shed any parts collected by Shrapnel to renew health over time. Any damage taken during this time is converted to void energy and stored.


Ability 4: Detonate

Can detonate itself to do AOE void damage. The more Shrapnel accumlated the greater the damage and range of the attack. Can remove sentient resistances. Void energy collected by Energizing Disarmament can add to damage and range of this ability. Also, the type of armor used determines the additional damage type that can be inflicted:

Grineer = + Heat damage + burn

Corpus= + Electric damage + stun

Infested= + Toxin damage + poison

Sentient= + Cold damage + slow

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Considering he is the "broken" warframe i feel like his fourth ability or ult should have him explode with just raw power of the void that his body breaks apart and than comes back together it could have an area of effect like hydroids ult it could do damage to enemy's over time and give a his teammates a buff or some kind I feel like that fits the broken and distorted characteristics of this frame

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Passive - Scrapyard - Each kill that is from the warframe or a Marionette. will add charges to a gauge. As charges build up, it will increase the ability efficiency. if enough charges are built up, any ability that requires a piece of the warframe will consume charges instead of pieces. Pieces will return to warframe after a set duration.

1st Ability - Marionette - A piece of the warframe will seek out the target and possess the enemy. The enemy will gain damage based on the piece that was sent. The enemy will become an ally temporarily and will have priority aggro.

2nd Ability - Disperse/Recall - Depending on the amount of pieces remaining, one of the abilities will be used.

  • Disperse - All pieces on the warframe will shoot out from the warframe, causing all enemies hit to freeze as the piece of the warframe locks their movement.
  • Recall - All scattered pieces return to the warframe, all enemies in the path of Recall will have reduced defenses(similar to viral).

3rd Ability - Protection of the Forgotten - On hit, there is a chance that a piece of the warframe will fall off. The fallen piece will seek out the enemy and cause a radial stun/stagger. If the warframe kills the enemy that was seeked out, he will recover either health or energy.

4th Ability - Reap - Duration based Exalted. All remaining pieces will form into a scythe. The damage of the scythe depends on the amount of pieces and charges remaining, on cast. All charges get consumed. The gaining of charges is doubled during the duration of this ability.

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Passive: Gain Buffs based of what fractions body parts you stole (you can have one per Body part per ability (1st, 2nd and 3rd ability), you are able to stack the same effect up to 3 times)

  • Grineer Humans: Armor Buff
  • Grineer non Human (Rollers, Kavats, Kubrows, etc.): an Aura, lowering enemy Armor
  • Corpus Humans: Shield Regen buff
  • Corpus non Humans (no need to explain): an Aura Lowering Enemy shield regeneration
  • Infested base units: Health Regen Buff
  • Infested Ancient units: an Aura, Dealing Damage over time
  • Corrupted Humans: An Aura, increasing allied Power strength
  • Corrupted non Humans: An Aura, increasing allied Movement Speed
  • Corrupted Infested Healer: A Shockwave, discasting enemy Abilities/Buffs
  • Sentients: a Shockwave, dealing a random type of damage

1st ability: Stretch out your Hand and deal damage, to a single target, if the ability kills an enemy you steal a random body part (Arms)
2nd ability: a swift kick damaging a single target in melee range, fast recasting costs less and has increased ability speed with each consecutive kick , if the ability kills an enemy you steal a random body part (Legs)
3rd ability: a channeling ability that will neglect any healing you resieve and reduces your Maximum Shield to 0, but increases you damage, if you die you will steal the killers Body and regenerate 30% of your Max health, then the ability goes on a 3 minute Cooldown (5 minutes in endless missions)

4th ability: dissemble your Body (loosing all Buffs given by the Passive), then gain 3 charges, which will be used upwhen doing the following

  • Killing an enemy with you weapons
  • killing an enemy with an ability
  • when your 3rd ability's cooldown runs out


  • Weapon attacks will gain Life steal
  • the 1st and 2nd ability will do lethal damage (obv. no Bosses or Important enemies and whatever)
  • the next time the 3rd ability goes on Cooldown the Cooldown will be reduced by 1 minute
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Passive-Discharge:  (insert name) absorbs damage dealt to him, which is visible on a gauge, once that gauge is maxed out the damage is released in an aoe attack dealing damage to its enemies near (insert name).

1st ability-dash: (insert name) launches his arm and grapples himself towards the object he grabbed. if an enemy is grabbed, it will drain health from them, and give himself energy.

2nd ability-recharge: use energy to regain health.

3rd ability-transfer: the warframe takes itself apart and enters an enemies body, and proceeds to control their actions. enemies will not know where the warframe is, and will return back to normal.

4th ability-mind destruction: (insert name) sends void energy around its surroundings and makes enemies go absolutely insane, attacking anyone around them, others who are damaged by the enemy that has gone insane will proceed to go insane as well and the process shall continue.

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Passive - In the shadows - enemies will mistake you for an ally for a short time when stepping into darkness and returning from the dead

1st corrupted arm - transform your arm into the corrupted sword causing mass damage and applying slash damage. -augment would allow use of other status damage types

2nd life bringer - steal health and energy from surrounding allies to increase ability strength and speed to yourself and teammates

3rd life ender - sacrifice health from yourself and surrounding team mates sending a blast wave from within to clear the the battlefield

4th Symbiote - ability to infect and control multiple enemies at once gaining the additional health , damage and status damage of the enemies controlled.

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Passive: Broken body, refined soul. Your armor breaks off when damage reduced by that specific limb (up to four five limbs) and you gain health or energy regen instead.This stacks up to x%, as the armor slowly or quickly regenerates, based on duration. With all armor broken off, you can pick it up for an attack speed or fire rate buff. My idea is that this is a warframe that was powerful, but will never be what he was once during the peak of the Old War.
First ability: Earth, Wind, Fire.
I've always had an idea in my head that its a shame that you can't choose NOT to use gas when modding weapons. What if you wanted to use ice to slow and fire to strip but not to use blast? There are ways to force this, and perhaps a minelayer or quiver type ability between ice toxin and fire adding damage to your abilities or weapons.
Choose between Fire, Ice, or Poison to add additional elemental damage into your further abilities.

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I dont knowbif this has been chosen yet but

Ability 1: random ability from any warframe from 1st abilities

Ability 2: random ability from any warframe from 2nd abilities

Ability 3: random ability from any warframe from 3rd ability

Ability 4: random ability from any warframe from 4th

Passive: gets a random buff every 30 seconds in the mission

This would be all about luck being able to do it all on a roll of the dice sense he has many mixed frames within him from the old war

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 -get 1 revive in mission 

Abil 1:
Latches  to enemies and siphons health of them
Abil 2: Warframe is unstable depends on duration

Abil 3: He channels energy for teamates
Abil 4: Deals periodic damage to enemies

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Hello DE and fellow tennos,

Here's my idea about this broken warframe.
My theme idea about the frame is 'broken, rage, and grotesque' 
I'll start with the passive:
'Undying rage' where the frame will get damage buff right after taking a fatal hit for a duration of time before downed.

Now for the 1st ability 'Tendril Barrage': the frame will launch his tentacle arm full force at an enemy and leave the tentacle on it. The tentacle will drain target's HP slowly and will grow bigger, attacking the surrounding of the target.   

Then, the 2nd ability 'Take a piece': the frame will debuff enemies with his energy to lower their defenses. If the targets are killed, the frame will take a piece(of flesh/armor) from each of them to bolster his max HP and armor (stackable). This skill adds 'mass' stack for the 4th skill.

The third skill 'Slither': the frame transform itself into tentacle mass to quickly move around invulnerably, the enemy hit by this skill are damaged, have their defense lowered, and add to the mass stack.

Now for the 4th skill 'Ruin Rampage': Consume the mass stack and transform himself into raging whip-armed monster who has a large AOE melee attack which its damage scales from equipped melee weapons. In this form, the energy needed for the barrage is halved while increase the slither's damage and knockdown every enemies hitted.

How about it?

I know the actual concept might not be similar to what I've just shown, but I'm glad I get to use my imagination with the game I love!

May the warmth of our space mum be with us.

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In order to give some context I'm going to list abilities as they were 'intended' to function or appear in-lore, then provide their actual function in-game. In order to fit with his mish-mashed broken concept:

Passive: Whenever Broken Frame is inflicted with a negative Status Effect, he gains a positive side effect: Example: If inflicted with Slash, he 'bloodlets' any other negative proc off of himself. If inflicted with Blast, he himself will explode and harm enemies too. If afflicted with fire, he will gain a damaging fire aura, and so on.

1. A power originally attributed to an unknown 'Chronomancer' Warframe: It would have created a void cage around enemies within a certain radius, originally intended to lock enemies within a time field. Originally functioned as a AoE Lockdown.

Broken Frame has corrupted it into: a field that drastically accelerates space time inside, aging organic enemies many years and reducing robotics to rust bins, making them frail, slower, and more prone to damage. Lost its original function to completely hold them down, however. The corruption has turned this power into a AoE debuff instead.

2. A power originally attributed to an unknown 'Botanist' Warframe: It would have harnessed the power of nature to instantly grow an area of rejuvenation & boons, healing its allies, restoring energy, amongst other benefits. Originally functioned as a Buff Field for allies.

Broken Frame has corrupted it into: A field of alien-like twisting, thorny vines, horrific carnivorous plants, with toxins and poisons abound. Like an Earth forest out of an interdimensional hell, with small remnants of its once beautiful exterior peeking through the surface. This version has enemies inside feel its wrath, and very little of its original intended 'pacifistic' benefits remain. Though it may still have some small benefit for team mates that was miraculously left intact such as a small boost to max HP. Now functions as a DPS field. Can be combined with the Corrupted Chronomancer field to hasten the damaging effects of the plants & speed up their attacks.

3. A power originally attributed to an unknown 'Shadow Bender' Warframe: It would have taken control of the very shadows that enemies casted, and caused them great anguish by twisting and molding their own shadows, both causing pain and morphing their absences of light into terrifying apparitions. This power would have originally caused mass panic in enemy groups as their own shadows played tricks on them, crushed their bones, and their hopes. Acted as a CC~DPS hybrid tool

Broken Frame has corrupted it into: An impossibility: a bright & vivid shadow; a mixture of light & dark: quite beautiful in it's own paradoxical way, radiates from 'Broken Frame'. A blessing is found within this unexpected creation; this so-called 'light' grants buffs to Broken Frame's allies, though said buffs cannot be directly controlled, as each cast will pick between various improvements such as movement & attack speed, energy regeneration, or damage boosts. The corruption has turned this power into an Caster Centered AoE Buff.

4. A power originally attributed to an unknown 'Mechanist' Warframe: A channeled weapon of precise destruction, this power summoned a deadly arm cannon onto the Mechanist and allowed him to shoot all kinds of deadly munitions at his enemies, from simply bullets to devastating rockets. This power originally functioned as a DPS Channeled power.

Broken Frame has corrupted it into: What can only be described as a 'hose of chaos'. Broken Frame channels what little remains of the once masterfully crafted weapon, but said weapon does not fire mere lead; all sorts of internal corruptions are fed into the cannon. Broken Frame cannot directly control this weapon, as it fires out whatever it pleases. One moment, it can be firing out deadly thorns & vines similar to Broken Frame's hellish fauna. Another it can be shooting out blinding shadows towards enemies. From beneficial buffs for allies, to bits of scrap metal for enemies. From acid, to literal pure void energy that strips resistances of its victims. The epitome of this frame's mistaken existence is felt within this artillery. This power now functions as a 'Wild Card' power.

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Passive: forms (Broken.Incomplet,[early acces],One with the VOID)

1st Override: He can override enemy robotics in a radius. Overrided robotics gain attack speed from his ability strenght. 

2nd Void chain: Void chain can casted on ally entitys.When ally take damge Broken take it instead.

Prevents wounding give bonus armour to broken based on normal armor.


3rd Spare parts : Broken take droped enemy weapons and destroyed robotics and gain more parts for his complet form.

4th Disamble: He can disamble it's self and go back to the last form he reached.When hi disamble it's self make a massive blast with VOID energy.

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All I want is for him/her to have an exalted spear made from broken parts for the 4 the ability. Exalted spear name “ spear of Destiny “

Some sort of chimera passive ability that allows it to copy the ability of any Warframe on its squad or past squad if solo

the abilities1-3 would be based of the chosen abilities from the passive and would be different every time you went on a mission 

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Being made up of scraps essentially this could be a good loot frame.


%chance to resist any incoming damage when hit, triggers for *seconds

Ability 1

Turns into a pile parts that cannot be recognized by enemies and allows broken Warframe to regenerate health and be somewhat stealth.

Ability 2

Uses spare parts to gain additional armour (similar to rhino's ironskin) the more items (mods and loot) that are picked up results in more armour. Loot of higher rarity gives more armour.

Ability 3

Uses knowledge of recycling to double all loot drops in the area (helps with 2 as well) 

Ability 4

Breaks apart completely and does a radial explosion throwing his parts all around him into his enemies causing slash and blast damage.

Augment for ability 1

While in a pile can move around and remain unseen by enemies.

Augment for ability 2

Even picking up ammo gives a small addition to the armour.

Augment for ability 4

Gain extra loot drops when an enemy is killed by 4th ability.

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Ability 1: /unstuck

Press to disassemble from current location to be reassembled at desired location within range and line of sight; Hold to reassemble at closest ally (no range limit)

Ability 2: Overflow
The void energy starts bugging and sending parts of random waframes at nearby enemies randomly, dealing damage and random effects based on the warframe parts thrown.

Hold for a mass overflow causing him to explode, launching parts in an area and reassembling soon after.

Ability 3: Bug into feature

Cleanses teamates of any negative effects and buffs based on the effects removed.  Example: removing radiation procs would make friendly fire to heal instead.

Hold to remove enemies buffs instead and apply a debuff for each buff removed.

Ability 4: Reassemble

Press to reassamble into the parts of a random warframe for a limited duration. All his active skills change to that warframe for the duration with an added bonus, but any active buffs remains.

Hold to reassamble into the last warframe you had previously reassambled into during that mission.

Passive: Red text

Grants a major buff to him and his party when red text shows up and for 15min after the hotfix was applied. Buffs may include increased mod and resource drops, increased affinity gains, bonus to ability range, eff and str of whole party

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Passive Health Regeneration 15%                                                      

First Ability  Slash in front debuff the enemy

Second Ability All dmg he recive in 20sec  it send back to the enemy, same amount dmg to all

 Third Ability Dash to the front doing Bleyblade spin with a energy radiation sword causing 7% of dmg to the enemy 

Fourth Ability  Summon Giant Sword slam it in the ground it stay stuck there causing dmg in area over time if the allies are close to sword  they recive 75%  dmg 

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The player keeps , other frame neuoptics , chassis and systems from other frames. Each part containg an ability , The Operator then could then pick and choose what ability they wanted to give said frame. It could all be interchangeable. The passive would change depending different combos the operator chose. And the Broken Frame name would tie into my idea. Imagine rhinos iron skin with Ember‘s damage reducer. Or, Sarins spores with Embers abilities then making gas. 

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Since its a broken warfare how about its like 3rd or 4th ability be something like this. It falls apart scattering itself within a 10 foot radius or something and when a enemy steps on you you absorb it and it has chances of dropping Energy, Health, Or just anything rare so its not just killing a enemy its killing it for extra rewards.


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Passive:It is allways seeking to rebuild itself. It takes pieces of fallen enimies and applies them to itself.Depending of the type of enemy he kills he gains a(stacking up to 5 times per) buff that either increses health(infested) shields(Corpus) or armor(Grineer). This buff increases with power strength and duration. (with a base of 50)

1:Doom:Exposes the targeted enemy and nearby enemies to the void, damaging them and knocking them down for a slightly longer duration then normal. If used on allies it increases the regen of thier main attribute (Health/Shields. whichever one is bigger)

2:Mind Bend:Puts the target enemy into stasis.Similar to titania's 1 in which they are disarmend but they dont float around but stand there unmoving.allies(including yourself) that go near the Mind bent enemy will be given bonuses to damage output by a percentage(undecided and i dont know how to do balencing so that one is on DE or other people for the percentage)

3:(dont have a name. requesting names from other people): This ability takes all enemies in range(base range 10 meters) and chains them together with void energy. when activated again this ability tears that chain apart, shredding at enemies(slash proc maybe?) and dealing heavy damage. Allies that walk though the chain/beams of void energy have a small ammount of energy restored. enemies can move while chained but at a slower pace.

4:(also need a name for this one):You unleash some of the void that is holding you together, slowing and weakening you(25% slow and armor reduction? maybe health reduction)but creating a large area of effect (base 30 meters) that damages enemies (maybe the first frame to use void damage?) any enemies that are caught in the original burst from the ability are teathered to you and you drain thier health

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Ok, here's my serious suggestion:

Warframe: Blitz

Stats: Health 80, Armour 100, Shield 230, Energy 60+40, Polarities two vazarin and one madurai. Aura, madurai. Sprint speed: 1.0

  • Passive: Energy orbs generate 5 biofuel each, excess biofuel is automatically uesd to boost shields by 50 each biofuel (affected by power strength).
  • Ability 1: Biofuel (Kills increase Blitz movement speed by 2% up to a maximum of 100%, this decays at 1% a second but is effected by effiency and duration mods. Kills also have a 10% chance to generate an energy orb. Blitz also rolls 300% further and knocks down enemies that he rolls through. Recastable) for 34 seconds (Uses 10 biofuel)
  • Ability 2: Manic (Increase melee attack speed by 2% and fire rate by 1% for every kill up to 50 kills, for all allies in range) for 28 seconds (uses 20 biofuel)
  • Ability 3: Flash (Blind enemies within 30m with a bright flash of light, enemies killed while blind have a 25% chance to drop an energy orb) for 16 seconds (costs 40 biofuel).
  • Ability 4: Blademaster (Increases deflection radius of melee weapons to 180 degrees and amplifies damage of relected shots by 300%, also autoblocks status effects. Every 100 damage absorbed also boosts Blitz power strenth by 0.5% up to a maximum of 50%), costs 2 biofuel per second.

I can't really draw very well, I'm more of a 3d modelling type, and I'm not going to spend days modelling it for free, but I imagine him a bit like a large spider robot (a bit like a cross between grendal, mesa, chroma and valkyr in appearance).

Oh and his accompanying melee weapon, would be a Nikana Wakizashi combo. (High Status, reasonably high critical. Like, 50%, 25%. 0.93 attack speed and 3 range. Inate 5 second extra combo duration when used by Blitz)

Secondary: Tomahawks (Single throwing axe in each hand. Fire rate 1.7. Reload 0.6 seconds. 100% faster reload when used by Blitz)

Primary: Pathfinder (Silent railgun that launches a giant guidable steel ball. Causes huge impact damage, but low puncture and medium slash. Ball also returns to player. But ammo is limited to 1! Ball is guidable while left trigger is held.)

Also Augments: Regenerative Biofuel (Kills have a 10% chance to drop a health orb), Tireless Manic (Reduces casting speed of Manic and makes it recastable), Exploitative Flash (Blinded enemies have a 100% chance to drop additional loot), Blademaster Bodyguard (Blitz automatically dashes between enemy shots and allies within a 3m range to protect them).

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1 ability:
a field appears around the warframe that
makes enemies freeze in place.
2 abilities:
a warframe allows his hand to go for a walk, which jumps on the enemy’s face, thereby eating his brain, and when that enemy dies, his hand jumps on the next enemy until the energy runs out on the warframe.
3 abilities:
summon tentacles (what surrounds it)
to which enemies are attracted and take damage (not like a hydroid, better than nidus :))
4 abilities: within a certain radius, raises opponents into the air and turns
enemies inside out.

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"Bolded words in (parantheses) are not made for in-game view."

Passive - Considerably noticeable increase to operator abilities and amps.

Ability 1: Element Blast - Fire energy using chosen elements dealing high damage.

Stats: Increases with mods.

- Two elements chosen by warframe energy colors.

- 650 Impact base damage. (Elemental damage)

- 725 base void damage. 

30 Energy

Ability 2: Salvage - Strip armor off of enemies you attack to add armor to your warframe for a maximum of 100%. (increases maximum with mods.) (Melee weapons are included) (Armor is added per attack upon an enemy)

Stats: Increases with mods.

- 0% Start (5% armor increase)

- Strips 3% armor from enemy

- Armor decreases with each shot received. (-2% armor decrease each shot received)

- 14 second duration.

40 energy

Ability 3: Tear - Send out void tentacles from your warframe that leach energy and slowly (but surely) tear apart enemies around you.

Stats: Increases with mods

Range - 8 meters.

Void tentacles - 8 (cannot be increased)

35 energy (5 energy drain per second)

Ability 4: Defy - Using energy from the void, you gain status immunity as well as your damage and speed are increased for a short period of time.

Stats: Increases with mods.

- 100% Base damage

- 100% Base speed

- 7 second duration.

70 energy

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