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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Energy/Second ability or Timed ability
Broky launch one of the 3 red piece (arm, leg, shoulder) attaching them on an ally warframe which will grant a passive bonus while broky will receive a malus, new part and improved stats on ability level 1 and 2, level 3 only improved stats

  • AllyBonus: increased Rate of Fire / more Reload speed
  • BrokyMalus: decreased rate of fire / slower reload speed / weapon change


  • AllyBonus: increased movement speed / higher melee attack speed
  • BrokyMalus: decreased movement speed / lower melee attack speed


  • AllyBonus: increased shield / armor
  • BrokyMalus: decreased shield / armor - increased life


Scale on strength:

  • Bonus for the ally

Scale on Range:

  • Distance to launch the piece

Scale on Duration:

  • Duration of the part remaining attached or tick for second

Scale on Efficiency:

  • Energy cast 
  • Energy for second



Energy/Second ability
Broky will start to absorb piece of the death body (similar to Nekro’s Desecrate ability) in a certain range, granting him a bonus based on the type of enemy it will absorb

  • Corpus: increased shield (possibly not to be count as overshield) eg: for every absorbed Corpus, Broky will increase maximum shield of 30 points
  • Grineer: increased armor, eg: for every absorbed Grineer, Broky will increase armor of 20 points
  • Infested: increased health (can heal, like Fire Chroma Vex Armor), eg: for every absorbed Infested, Broky will increase health of 30 points and heal by 10
  • Orokin: increase all the stats above, but with a smaller value, eg: 6 shield point, 4 armor point, 6 health point / heal by 5
  • Infested: increase tau damage reduction, eg: for every absorbed sentient, Broky will increase Tau damage reduction of 5%, cap to 30% if scale on Strength, 75% If fixed?

Non sentient bonus may have a cap, and the overall number of body to absorb, I think that a “stack” functionality as Nidus or a Saryn Spore decay are the best options, ability level will improve stats

Scale on strength:

  • Bonus for every enemies

Scale on range:

  • Range of absorbing

Scale on duration:

  • Tick of decay (if not stacked bonus option)

Scale on efficiency:

  • cost for second
  • cast cost
  • bonus decay (if not stacked bonus options)



Stack consuming abilities (if not decaying armor value)
Create a specter that will be a base troop of the most absorbed factions that remain near to Broky and fight with him, improved stats for increasing ability level or enemy class? eg: level 0-1 Moa, level 2-3 Crewman?

 Scale on strength:

  • Specter strength

Scale on Duration:

  • Duration of the puppet specter deploy

Scale on Efficiency:

  • Energy cast



Release all the absorbed bodies bonus in one time, cause a more faster decay or stack decay launching the absorbed body away like “Flechette” abilities of Vauban but bigger that will cause impact damage at the contact of an enemy and a significant knockback, ability level will improve stats

Scale on strength:

  • Number of parts released at seconds
  • Damage of the parts
  • Distance of knockback

Scale on range:

  • Distance where the piece are throwed

Scale on duration:

  • Duration of tick of decay or stack to be consumed

Scale on efficency

  • Energy or stack for tick


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The energy reactor in this Warframe is highly unstable. He deals damage to nearby enemies but spends a small portion of health to use his abilities.


Ability 1:

He lashes out a tendril at an enemy in range. After a brief delay, energy is sent through the tendrils and causes an explosion on the enemy. The explosion’s radius increases the closer the targeted enemy is when this ability is cast.


Ability 2:

He screams in rage, causing enemies in range to be stunned for a short time. This ability can be used shortly after using his 1st ability to increase the damage of the first ability’s blast.

If this ability is used on its own, it increases the range and damage of his passive’s damage over time.

Ability 3:

He enhances his abilities by granting lifesteal to his 1st ability, 2nd ability, and melee attacks. A fraction of the damage dealt by the passive is returned as energy.


Ability 4:

He opens up the reactor in the frame, breaking the limits of normal frames at a cost. On activation, this frame uses its remaining energy reserves (minimum 100) to coat the area with volatile energy. Enemies on activation are stunned. The bubble follows the frame, increasing damage to him and enemies in the bubble relative to the energy spent. The bubble also counts as the range of the passive, decreasing in effectiveness the further effected enemies are from the frame. Over time, the bubble decreases in length. The duration is also affected by the amount of energy spent.

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Passive: as long as energy is at 100%, warframe is invulnerable. If warframe goes 45 seconds without using 1st ability on enemy, energy starts to drain by 1 every second.

1: Void Siphon

E cost -25

Siphon an enemy's sheild and gain +15 energy

2: Void Lasso

E cost -50

extend a void root from your arm, wrapping an enemy (5m base) and pulling them in. deals damage (100 base). If enemy dies, adds their sheild to you as armor plating

3: Void Discharge

E cost -75

In a violent blast of void energy, expel armor plates outward, dealing damage based on each plate's HP

4: Void Conduit

E cost -100

Void Roots from warframe extend into the ground, tying you down and tying down enemies in a radius, draining their sheild. For every enemy sheild drained, you and allies gain +5 energy and +25 sheild. (lasts 10 seconds as base)

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Passive :- Due to its broken nature at start of every mission it has a random buff like extra speed or attack speed or extra Armour and more


ability 1 :- Diassembly

it can disassembles its body to form a protective shield for 15 sec duration(moddable) not extra shield but more force filed which reflect bullets and slow Melle enemies

ability 2 :- Looterhacker

it can regenerate health and shields by using the enemy drops, pistol ammo drops gives armour, rifle ammo gives health, shotgun ammo gives shield, sniper/bow ammo give energy

ability 3:- ConsciousTravel

the body parts of the frame can target one enemy and that enemy will be become ur decoy for the game and hence if u die the decoy die instead kinda like u can transfer ur consciousness. 

ability 4:- Reassembly 

this ability can only be activated when ur health is below 50% this trigger a unique sentient defect when activated it cause the him to self destruct with exaulted explosion which can go through walls and his body shards fly and track enemies and kill them only to reassemble himself back to 50% health and In turn giving   himself and a random ally a random buff and if solo to himself only

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particle reform: broken warframe changes his arm structure to one of four configurations
arm cannon : an aoe blast thaknocks all enemies down
atomic redirection: sheds his arm to converge all damage and store it in him, acting as damage reduction
puppet master: shoot your arm at a enemy to take control of an enemy while making broken warframe invincible
energy conversion: convert you arm's energy to your legs, increasing the speed of the warframe(edited)
ability 2: deadlock: increase your warframes size by 100% increasing health armour shields and damage but reducing speed
ability 3: subatomic: sacrifce your shields for increased armour, health, damage or speed
ability 4: cloned chaos: use your parts to form clones of yourself. each clone takes a certain amount of energy per second and each clone produced reduces you shields, arnour and health by a certain amount(edited)
passive: invincibility. when health is below 10% and you have clones active, the clone will merge with you giving back the lost health armour and shields with a 3 second delay
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This is GLITCH

desceiption: become part of the source code and bla bla bla

Passive: sometimes Glitch turn some of the damage received into energy

1) Frozen screen: it temporaly freeze an area, enemies cannot move in there but allies can

2) Lag:  turn enemies into 0s and 1s and make them more susceptible to damage

3) firewall: make a barrier around the warframe which blocks the damage in 50%

4) Glitch: drain energy to become 0s n 1s and get more sprint speed, the hablity to climb walls  and jump higher, press (R2: ps4) to deal damage to the enemies in your 0s and 1s area and make them become in 0s and 1s since they die

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My design theory here is based entirely on iconic glitches from gaming history, with a specific focus on interesting movement.

Passive: Its a feature - Bullet jumps go in the opposite direction you are aiming, and moving backwards on the ground is 10% faster as well

Ability 1: Wave Dash - Warframe launches in aimed direction(Either along the ground or through the air) in the slide animation leaving a trail of energy that damages

Ability 2: Ascending Blast - Warframe creates an explosion centered on its feet, dealing damage to enemies surrounding it and launching it skywards

Ability 3: Blade Drift - Warframe forms a blade of energy on off hand, swinging it, while swinging the blade, warframe and all enemies in area of effect move forwards. Like Atlas' punch this move can be combo'd together allowing the frame to move enemies where it wants, and to "fly" somewhat.

Ability 4: Get Down - Warframe poses twice in place before sending out a wave of energy that causes enemies to be lift up into the air, spinning in place flailing and ragdolling.

I think this is a reasonably fun and balanced kit, but I'd like to go into what the references in each ability are.
For the passive, both are clear speedrunning references, the backwards long jump from Super Mario 64, and Link's backwards strafing in Ocarina of Time.
Ability 1 comes of course from Super Smash Brothers, the wave dash! Turning an air dodge into a sliding dash.
Ability 2 comes from a lot of sources these days, but who can forget the classic rocket/bomb/explosion jump?
Ability 3 has a special place in Warframe because its a reference TO warframe. Who remembers the old days of coptering? I do. Its also designed to emulate Excalibur's flying glitch too, so sort of a mix of two of our own history's biggest glitches.
And lastly Ability 4, which is probably the most obscure of all the references. In Goldeneye 007 for the 64, you could tilt the cartridge just right to have Amusing Results.

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make him have an exalted form/weapon  on the form of sparring or fist and is affected by range..so whenever he attacks he also extends his arm/legs based on the amount of range mod he has...visually I could compare it to Zac from LoL...

one ability could be he could flail his arms around damaging around him

another ability I could think of is drain..after selecting a target he will extend his arm and attach it to the target draining it for health(if flesh) or shields(if robot/corpus)

teleport? - dunno sort of he deconstruct and those tendril will auto teleport/travel to the target location while visually dragging its parts there then will construct again after arriving (actually still thinking it could be like Zac's E xD)

sort of modular hands(or kind of a mod) maybe? before the mission the player could choose among the 4 arms he could have..one that adds more health, other for shield,  extra melee damage or lastly extra armor..

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His ult: those void tendrils build up energy inside him then he explodes sending his pieces flying and hitting into ememies then the recovery animation is the void tendrils pulling all of the parts back up from the floor.

Ability: channelling ability where the tendrils pick up pieces of armour etc when you walk over dead bodies. Pick up shield walking over corpus, pick up grineer armour walking over grineer, pick up aloy armour walking over sentiants (if thats what they have i forget) and pick up symbiotic flesh walking over infested (heals the host) pick up energy cells and small armour from corrupted (small energy that doesnt count as a pickup to keep it from making the frame overpowered with growing power or arcane energizer and a bit of armour).

Dash ability: using tendrils flings half of his body forward then drags the remaining parts using inertia. Does impact and puncture damage to enemies....this would send all built up armour etc from the previous ability flying doing crazy damage to nearby enemies (damage would scale with enemy level because armour, etc would be collected at a rate relitive to the enemy level. Dash also has i frames.

Ability: frame kneels and causes void tendrils to go into the ground like roots to gather energy from the ground. All enemies currently in the area of effect around the frame become captured by tendrils that come out of the ground. Depending on the class of enemy (such as heavy gunner) they can break free faster. The ability uses more energy per person captured as well as gains less energy from the ground per enemy captured because the tendrils are on the enemy instead of gathering energy. Root like tendrils are visible to team mates and they can stand on the area to gain energy regen while protecting their vaunrable team mate that is channling the ability. Tendrils holding enemies remain for a few seconds after the ability is released so the frame can get away. Also the tendrils could do damage to the incapacitated enemies like chocking them or something. Or the ability could strip armour from them while restraining them

Passive: due to the void tendrils making up part of the frame he is able to launch him self further with bullet jumps and when wall latching the tendrils quickly dig into the wall from his feet making him able to wall latch longer (or maybe untill his shields are broken by enemies? So we can do wall latch challenges effectively but not overpower the frame with wall latch damage mods?)

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Passive: the user's melee and ability range increase scaling with the amount of health missing. (Example: If the user is at 50% health, then range increases by 50%).

Ability One [Dismantle]: The user breaks a piece of their body off and drops it on the ground. When an enemy walks by the dropped piece, it detonates and flies back to the user.

Ability Two [Repurpose]: When the user is near a spot where an ally died, the user creates a spector of the fallen ally.

Ability Three [Recycle]: Assert control over unused ammo and fire a wave of bullets that act like they were fired for the gun they are ment for.

Ability Four [Void Tether]: The user distributes half of their available energy that regenerates divided among allies in the area for a limited time. During this time, the user gains access to any passives for warframes that are affected by this ability.

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Well they kinda look like a sentient so maybe his passive could be like when you shoot a sentient it will become immune you could do that for this frame but a resistance instead a immunity. For their 1 they do a dash by disassembling themselves and flying forward doing tau damage to any enemies they run into. For their 2, they could copy a teammate's 1 or 2. For their 3, they could apply the resistance that they have onto teammates. For their 4 they could make different weapons out of their self that they can cycle through and pick. Like one can be a scythe which has slash and range, a staff which has impact and range, a sword which has slash but short range and high attack speed, and finally a one-time use cannon which shoots a rocket that explodes when it hits something, this could be used to clear out a bunch of enemies.

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Passive: The more materials meter built up, the more ability efficiency you get. This applies to Accumlation also.

1st Ability: Vines (better name pending)

Effect: Shoot vines into the ground that stay for x amount of secs to trap x # of enemies. 

# of enemies that can be trapped scale with Abilitiy Strength

Range of the vines scales off of Ability Range

Ability energy cost scales off of efficiency

Duration effects how long they last and the more duration, the quicker the ticks of damage are.

Reason for the vines is that the warframe art has vines holding the frame together. Also provides a good CC to the Frame

2nd Ability: Deconstruction 

Effect: Disassemble enemies in vines to store up a material meter.  Deconstruction deals true damage or slash procs . Effect can happen to more than one enemy at a time. Also heals you x% (1-5%) hp/sec for x secs (Deconstruction casts stacks the heal timer up to a max that is unchangeable like harrows penance). The heal stays after all enemies are discombobulated for that amount of time but is paused when >5 enemies are in vines. As you gain more materials you gain more armor to a set max. 

# of enemies affected  scale off of strenght

Range is unlimited, only requirement is that they be trapped by a vine.

Efficiency lowers cost

Appearance: As you collect more materials your frame becomes more clumped together by materials. Based off of you color pallet.

Reason constant healing would be a great for survivability but not so much you are unkillable. Also builds up your materials meter.

3rd Ability: Tree of Void 

Effect: Put vines into the ground to create a tree of void. This tree periodically drops seeds that give teamates and you large energy over time, and acts a larger vine trap. Seeds have auras give energy to other allies. Seeds effects can stack up to 2x times the energy rate when standing near other allies with it

Range of tree/seeds are affect by ability 

Strength slightly increases the energy per tick.

Efficiency greatly increases energy per tick and reduces cost of ability.

Reason allows you to be a energy support with great CC and decent damage.

4th Ability: Accumlation

Requirements: materials meter is maxed. 

Effect: Disassemble your material armor around you body (leaving just the broken, vine warframe behind), and assemble it into your own army of ai based on what you accumlated. This army will go out and path their way to other enemies trapping them and becoming vine traps. A max of about <40 to not break peoples fps/games. Your AI army has a speed of 300x or even more. AI will follow you till they find an enemy and become a vine

Reason: This may seem like just an another CC but these AI will spread vine CC which damages enemies over time and can be used to deconstruct more enemies. 

Number created is based on strength and efficiency. 


Thank you for your time, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.




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Just abilities of other warframes based on the parts you choose to create the parts of the new warframe, (eg. you choose Volt's neuroptics for crafting broken warframe's neuroptics, Ember's chassis for the chassis, and Frost's systems for the systems, and then one random part for the actual broken warframe blueprint), resulting in the 1st ability being the 1st ability of the warframe whose part you have chosen to create the neuroptics, the 2nd ability being the 2nd ability of the warframe whose part you have chosen to create the chassis and so on. probably would be kinda op though.

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Extend - Able to extend the roots and their arm so they could attack from a distance.

Broken wave - Able to detach parts of itself and the detached parts would go around following enemies and damaging them, the more you use it the more health you lose. After a while the parts come back and you gain that health back aswell.

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New Warframe (don't know the name) abilities- adaptation

Ability 1- once activated,  tendrils reassemble the frame and (like equinox) changes between an armoured and unarmoured form. While in the armoured form he gains increases to shield, health and damage but decreases in attack speed and reload speed. While in unarmoured form he gains increases to movement speed, attack speed and reload speed but decreases in shield and damage

Ability 2-once activated, while in armoured mode, absorbs any incoming damage for five seconds and changes it to shield. While in unarmoured mode, increase attack speed for yourself and allies for 5 seconds.

Ability 3-once activated, while in armoured mode, set up a circular shield centered on yourself which stops any projectiles from entering or leaving, while in unarmoured mode increase projectile speed, attack speed and ability speed (where applicable).

Ability 4-once activated, the two forms combine and gain the advantages of both forms without the disadvantages. This form lasts for 15 second and in this form his teammates also gain half the effects he gains.

Passive ability- the tendrils that hold this frame together absorb (undetermined)% of incoming damage and transforms it into health for the Tenno and their allies


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Passive  - " Absorb mass " -  Info: Absorb the mass of a downed enemy using the tendrils from your body to gain a passive ability and a skill depending on the enemy type and Faction

Skill 1 - "Identity Theft" - Depends on the absorbed enemy: needs to be recharged - max 3 charges(limited by frame rank) - overcharge: can use all charges at once to increase potency)

  • Corpus - Passive - Heavy enemy/light enemy - Increased hp / Increased Shield - Skill : Fire Large energy beam from the hand that can pierce enemies /  Shots energy bolts from the hand that stun enemies : Overcharge - Size of the laser / Size of the energy bolt
  • Grinner - Passive - Heavy enemy/light enemy - Damage absorption / Faster reload and fire rate - Skill : Shot a volley of rockets from the back / Summon a rifle on your shoulder that shots the same enemy as you or the closest when not targeting ( Overcharge - Number of rockets and dmg / Number of riffles summoned )
  • Infested - Passive - Hp regen / Melee and movement speed - Skill : Spew acid on the floor that slows and damages enemies / Shot spikes from your body stunning enemies around and inflicting bleed proc ( Overcharge - Larger Size and damage / higher aoe radius and larger bleed proc
  • Sentient - Passive - Chance to resist damage(*using the operator breaks the passive and need to be reapplied) - Create an sentient arm cannon that damages and disrupts sentient abilities ( Overcharge - increased damage depending on the number of resistances on the target )

Skill 2 - "Long arm" - Throw your arm at an enemy taking full control of him / Used on consoles, auto-hacks them ( cannot use primary while skill is in use ) 

Skill 3 - "Overclock" - Overclock your systems giving you higher shield regen and speed ( bypass shield delay )

Skill 4 - "Rebirth" - Use absorbed mass to bring your warframe to its former glory, increasing Shield/HP and changing your first skill (duration depends on number of charges)

*Skill change - Plasma cannon - shot a large ball of slow moving plasma energy that burn enemies at a wider range that increases the more is goes. (**No Overcharge)

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Passive-Vines will explode when passing capacity due to instability for 1,000

Ability 1• Vines of void energy attach to target(s) up to a max of 5 targets with a vine range of 20m

Ability 2• The vines drain life force from foes and restore 50 health and 10 armor to add to caster and connected frames

Ability 3• Vines will worm its way in making any warframe ability 50% stronger

Ability 4•Plant void trees that each cast the first three abilitys every 10 seconds. Trees explode for 1,000 when energy is depleted.

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Due to the unique nature of this kit and its synergy with customization, [name] is acquired with one Universal Polarity in his first Mod Slot.

Passive: A Fractured Whole This warframe's mod slots are not unified.  Each regular Warframe Mod slot has a unique name and corresponds with one of the eight Fragments that it can produce.  The effects of an installed mod are lost upon losing its corresponding Fragment.  However, lost Fragments will confer their Mod benefit to all allies (including this warframe) within a certain radius.  Fragments have an in-mission tooltip HUD showing what mod they correspond to to help with recognition.

1: Fragmentate Upon activation, the warframe screams as it tears off a piece of its body, which takes maximum health and a mod slot with it as it drops to the ground and remains as a Fragment.  As [name] fragmentates, he loses armor, but gains a stacking buff of speed and evasion as his ethereal form underneath is slowly revealed.  Moving over a piece will pick it back up, restoring the warframe's maximum health, armor and mod slot.

2: Bane & Boon Tap to cycle through available Fragments (Fragments currently attached the the warframe).  Hold to create a Fragment and send it to attach itself to an allied warframe or enemy.  When attached to an allied warframe (max 1 Fragment attached per warframe), the ally gains increased maximum health, armor, and the perpetual effects of the Mod attributed to that Fragment.  When attached to an enemy, they gain a debuff depending on the Fragment Mod -- Strength reduces damage, Range reduces awareness, Duration reduces speed, Efficiency and Energy Max destroy enemy use of their own Abilities, Health, Shields and Armor reduce their corresponding values, and all other effects add an extra chance at ammo, health and energy drops.  The fragment drops to the ground and continues to confer its effects for its duration if the attached actor dies.

3: Reconstruct Recalls all active Fragments, which fly through and damage enemies as they travel back to the warframe and grant their benefits (maximum health, armor, Mods) while stripping the warframe of any bonus speed and evasion.

4: One With Nothing The warframe sheds all currently attached Fragments and becomes its ethereal form for a duration, gaining maximum speed and evasion as well as the use of all of its Mods regardless of Fragment attachments.  In this form, All Fragments are always accessible by Bane & Boon, and Reconstruct becomes a new ability, Ascend.

Ascend (only accessible during the duration of One With Nothing): Propels the warframe into a more perfect state, granting a stacking multiplier to the positive effects of its currently equipped Mods.


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I know technically I put in 2 passives but I think it rounds off the warframe nicely

Passive: Collects void energy from killing enemies. Once the warframe is downed half of the energy is released in a circle radius(not dome radius). IF the warframe is revived by a friendly player he retains half of the energy if the player is solo or dies the remaining energy is released in a dome radius explosion with a bigger radius then downed explosion also scattering warframe parts around the area of death
Collects scrap from enemies killed via melee while also collecting void energy

1. Recompensate
 Uses scraps and energy and heals the warframe
(2-7 scrap per killed enemies or nemeis type on melee depending on levels 
50 scrap for 5% health)

2. Rough and Ready

5-15% Void energy 30-70 energy and 150-325 scrap
Uses Void energy, energy and scrap to creat and a drone that overloads nearby enemies shield
can be wind up for using more scrap and void energy to do more damage to shields in a bigger range(also works on eidolons from PoE since it does void damage)

3. Appendage detachment

Uses 10% Void energy and 80 energy
Detaches parts of legs and arms to make a static turret that deals void damage using passively collected void energy stops working once its health is depleted or the player runs out of void energy or disables the turret
Energy is only used  when making the turret
While the turret is active max health is taken down by a third and movement is 30% slower

4. Reassembly
Uses scrap and void energy and void energy(80% of scrap, 40% of void energy and 120 energy)
armour is tripled while shields are double uses energy once created 
to reconstruct a warframe in a bigger mech like warframe 
(warframe becomes bulkier higher and bigger) can NOT use any equipped weapons 
but different Mech "abilities"

punches with fists (light/normal melee attack)

backhand(heavy melee attack) knocks enemies back,

Stomp(done by crouching and doing a heavy melee) a short wind up and a mech deos a big one leged stomp

can also be done by jumping and doing a melee attack wich also creates a big knockback wave(20m radius)

rocket arm (rockets and arm with void energy and an explosion once it hits an enemy or a surface)
this makes the male damage become halved and the male attacks slower by 40% for the next 30 seconds in which time it uses 5% scrap to regrow the arm
if both arms are lunch in few seconds space player can only use stomp

Spead is slower but warframe moves over a bigger space with a single step
70% speed but double meters per step

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Constantly in a state of falling apart. Has a gage (0 to 100%).A certain percent per minute ticks off the gage, abilities add/ subract to gage. Under 50% reduces ability strength.50% over is 100 percent strength to abilities, 75%+ increases abilities strength of broken frame and nearby allies. (possibly affinity range)

1. Converge: focused blast of void energy - lowers cohesiveness when used.

2. Depredate: wave of void energy bursts free from broken frame, damaging enemies and returning to repair cohesiveness. enemies effected by this suffer random procs (puncture, slash, impact).

3. Overflow: channeled ability -Broken frame uses cohesiveness to project a front facing wide cone of void energy. enemies caught in it get overcharged with void energy, stripping armour/ knocking off percentage of health based on time in energy cone, plus random puncture, slash and impact procs. Subtracts from cohesiveness gage.

4. Amalgamate: nearby enemies are violently drawn to broken frame - channeled ability - void energy strips them of health, repairing broken frame and nearby allies while damaging the enemy and adding to cohessiveness.

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Passive - Non-Sentient humanoid enemies are dealt 20% more damage by this frame, and will avoid melee combat, opting for grenades or maintaining a distance due to the fearsome appearance of the 'Broken Warframe'.

Ability 1 - Deconstruct - Cost 20 energy

The Broken Warframe disappears in a sentient like manner (The same style particle effect with which the Murex spawns Sentients) and reconstructs in a targeted enemy when this ability is used (aim mouse, use ability). The health of that enemy is then lent to sentient particles, that spawn out of the corpse as it disintegrates and fly in the direction of any enemy's head. They are effected by Warframe strength and should scale. This ability is limited to basic enemies and doesn't function on Bosses i.e. Jackal, Orbs, Eidolons

Ability 2 - Void conversion - Cost 45 energy

15% of damage dealt by any enemy or ally within a zone becomes void based. This scales with warframe upgrades. This would be be beneficial as it gives incentive to use the broken frame for taking down eidolons, and means they aren't 'exclusively' requiring operator use.

Ability 3 - Drones - Cost 65 energy - 40 to recast with missing drone.

The 'Broken Warframe's' shoulder and thigh armour deconstruct from the frame, and turn into sentient style drones. The first offers a regenerating barrier of 200 shields that scales with shield mods. The second drone provides an assault drone armed with a grenade launcher. This drone remains within a 20 metre vicinity but can hunt down enemy targets and engage. it's health scales, but the grenade launcher drone represents a glass cannon. The drone returns to the warframe if the barrier is depleted.   

Ability 4 - War Machine - Cost 200 energy, disables shields, increases armour and health by a 2x multiplier. Lasts 20 seconds base, can be increased by duration and efficiency. Using this ability inhibits use of Drones. If used with Drones active, Drones reattach to the Warframe and ability deactivates, activating the War Machine.

The War Machine allows the Broken Warframe to complete it's transformation into a devastating weapon of war. It's right arm converts to a long range, high damage, automatic sentient arm cannon that deals primarily impact, that converts to a low range flamethrower if not aiming. The left arm converts to a sizeable melee blade that deals equally devastating puncture and slash. These weapons would be exalted and due to the heavy energy cost should be very effective. The increase of armour and health is compensated for by a loss of half sprint speed.  

If the War Machine achieves something (I'd suggest a few kills) energy is maintained. If the War Machine fails to get any kills, all energy is depleted. 

Thanks for reading my concept!

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1. Breakdown - sacrifices health / armor, shoots part of himself at the enemy, making him vulnerable to critical / elemental damage.  After the death of the target, a cloud is created that has 50% efficiency, as opposed to a direct hit.  Costs depend on the strength of the ability.

2. Field repair - detaches the part from the enemy, causing damage and restoring or increasing the amount of armor / health.

3. Imperfection - sacrificing all shields creates a wave overturning / confusing enemies within a radius of N meters, replenishes the shields of allies and allied devices in the spent amount.

4. Full mending - detaches parts from enemies within a radius of 15 meters, regenerating and increasing armor for themselves and allies in the radius of synthesis.  Provided that the opponents survive, Breakdown begins to act on them with an efficiency of 80%, without the subsequent appearance of a cloud.

Passive - With a 15% chance, restores ammo for the main weapon when taking health damage.

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Passive: Rebuild - As the warframe takes damage to health the void empover its defences by rebuilding its orginal armour, giving more damage reduction the lower the health is.

1st ability: Hand of the void - Your void empowered arm is used as a grappling hook that can pull enemies closer.

2nd ability: Empower - Use the void to empower you weapon, for every strike/shot against one foe another random nearby foe will be hit by a echo from the void.

3rd ability: For the void - Every kill rips void energy out of dead enemies, returns health from kills for X seconds, maintains the damage reduction from the passive as it was when ability was activated for X seconds

4th ability: Overload - tap into the void and superpower the warframe causing a burst of void energy doing damage to alle enemies near.

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