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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive: % chance to negate incoming damage

1: Clipping error- teleport forward, even through walls

2: Glitch- a wireframe shield that protects the player

3: Burnt pixel- reduces (several?) enemies to piles of pixels, using grendel's visual effects.

4: Reboot- AOE that produces a wireframe box and *deletes* enemies within 

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 Passive: Emits a electrical 3m field around it dealing 50+ dmg depending on it's strength.

1st Ability: Increases weapon/melee speed, movement speed, and damage, but slowly deteriorates (to match with the outer-wiring.)

2nd Ability:Summons two spectrals that fight along his/her side (spectrals are summon through the wiring.)

3rd Ability: Forces himself/herself to overcharge themself and detach all of it's limbs, unleashing a damage altering beam coming from the center of the frame depending on the target's weaknesses, but drains health as well as with energy. You guys can decide how much damage it'll do.

4th Ability: Summons an exalted weapon of any type. You can choose which exalted weapon you use in the arsenal before any mission. For example, you can either choose for a exalted gunblade, pistol, nikana, hammer, etc.

Name: Durjn.

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You can pick up unused ammo from the ground to grant up to 350 bonus armor, as well as some minor buffs depending on what ammo type u pick up, when picking up usuable ammo (lets say you are using a shotgun, then shotgun ammo is considered usuable, if u r using ammo mutation then all are considered usable) then you empty 50% of each ammo drop


ability concept#1:

Reasemble yourself to grant buffs as well as debuffs such as:

+X armor but -X movement speed

+X movement speed and parkour velocity but -X armor

+X health and +X h/s regeneration but -X shields 

+X shields +X shields recharge and +X reload speed but -X health and -X armor


Ability concept #2:

Channeled ability, you shatter yourself and attach to an enemy, controlling them, weapon mods get carried over to the enemy, you cant do manoeuvres other than sprint, companion is still active but invincible, cant pick up energy orbs or regenarate energy in any way while active


Ability concept #3:

Use some void energy to spike the ground, losing X% health and shields, but creating an aoe that constantly deals damage to enemies, slows them down and has a chance to disarm them, this ability does not require energy, has infinite duration but only 3 instances can be present at the same time

Ability concept #4:

Duration based (around 30-40 secs at max rank) uses corpses as a source, these corpses can be used to either: give buffs such as attack speed, reload speed, passive health regeneration etc (doesnt require many corpses) or create a copy of yourself that attacks enemies (requires many corpses), depending on how damaged the copy is when the ability expires, it drops a small amount of corpses (lets say one third of cast requirement max)

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Passive: Grant small amount of ability efficiency and damage reduction to nearby allies

1st Ability : [Divide] Divide its body parts by parts and flying to the selected target with high velocity. Each part deals impact damage and assemble back nearby target when every parts hits victim

2nd Ability : [Void Tendril] Hold ability key to link a void tendril to one target and absorb health/shield from victim. Victim will be stunned and unable to move when linked with Void Tendril

3rd Ability : [Barrier Siphon] Link Void beam to nearby allies and grant them status, knockdown immunity, damage reduction and receive health/shield when using 2nd ability [Void Tendril]

4th Ability : [Body Surge] Assembles your body with teammate or enemy to fire weapons and melee attack from their body. When assembled with teammate, you will receive 50% of damage taken from teammate instead. When assembled with enemy, victim takes damage over time, victim receive 100% of damage you taken instead and able to control victim but slowly.

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Passive: Scavenged Defenses

Enemies drop Remnants of their defenses on death. Walking near enemy remains absorbs these Remnants and allows "insert name here" to use them in the following ways

Grineer Remnants grant bonus base armor (Remnant Armor)

Corpus Remnants grant bonus base shields (Remnant Shields)

Infested Remnants grant bonus base health (Remnant Health)

Sentient Remnants grant bonus base energy (Remnant Energy)

(Corrupted/Orokin Remnants grant bonuses according to the bonus of their uncorrupted states)

Bonuses for Remnants can stack up to 5/10 times each, granting a balanced amount of X stat and are on a timer (10-20 seconds affected by duration) and the timer resets every time a Remnant is picked up. These bonuses would be applied to base stats and permanently increase them for the duration of the effect (similar to Chroma's elemental ward)


First Ability: Splinter

"Insert name here" hurls parts of his body at enemies then recalls them upon several hits or a certain number of bounces (this would function similar to glaives)


Second Ability: Conquer

"Insert name here" targets one enemy and removes parts of himself to influence that enemy's movement, converting them to his side. Holding this ability would bestow the targeted enemy with the currently selected weapon (with exceptions for modeling like bows or gunspears) at modded damage. This ability would make the target immune to allied damage for the duration (10-15 second base?) and at the end of the timer the enemy would be freed and take all damage that was inflicted by yourself and allies at once (similar to garuda's altar)

This ability would be capped at 2 converts to avoid the player losing all weapons

*To avoid modeling issues with certain weapons, instead of actually giving the enemy the weapon, the enemy could have an ethereal specter of "insert name here" holding the weapon inside of their model, similar to nyx's chaos effect.


Third Ability: Benevolence

"Insert name here" sacrifices half of all Remnant stacks to share all remaining bonuses to nearby allies for a set duration (20 second base?)

(This ability would snapshot the remaining defenses and not allow "insert name here" to accrue more stacks to increase the bonus for allies, only himself)


Fourth Ability: Purge

"insert name here" purges all stacks of one Remnant defense (only shield/health/armor/energy) to cast different different AoE affects

(these abilities can be cycled through similar to Ivara's Quiver or Vauban's Minelayer).

Remnant Armor Purge: Creates a swirling AoE of armor shrapnel that causes slash procs to enemies in the AoE. Enemies closer to the center take higher damage.

Remnant Shield Purge: Collapses Remnant Shields and detonates them, creating a magnetic field that causes Magnetic damage and Magnetic procs to all enemies within the AoE.

Remnant Health Purge: Boils off all Remnant Health and creates a toxic cloud around "insert name here". This cloud inflicts Gas damage and Gas procs to enemies within the AoE. (this AoE would be smaller, but be bound to the player's body)

Remnant Energy Purge: Creates an AoE of volatile energy, stripping armor of all enemies that enter the AoE up to 50% (moddable by power strength up to 90%).

These effects gain more strength and radius the more stacks of their respective Remnant defenses are accrued.

(These affects would be on a timer)


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Passive: Bullet jumping with this frame causes a visual glitch that decreases enemy accuracy for 15 seconds.

Ability 1: Break Down: The warframe attacks with fragments of its body. Tap for a focused, narrow blast. Hold for a scattered, less accurate (shotgun-like) blast. Effects vary if 2 is active.

Ability 2: Scavenged Armor: The warframe uses whatever is within range of his ability to increases defenses. If no enemies are near, all defenses are buffed 20% If Corpus/Robotic enemies are near by, their shields are stripped to increase the warframe's shields. If Grineer or Armored enemies are near, their armor is stripped to increase the warframe's armor. If Infested enemies are near, their health is stripped to heal or increase the warframe's max health.

Ability 3: Patch Work: The warframe sheds parts of itself to remove status effects, increases speed and reduce armor. Enemies walking over the fragments will take Puncture damage. When 1 is used, it will pick up the fallen fragments to increase its power.

Ability 4: Overclock: The warframe restructures itself into a properly constructed warframe and increases all its stats while active. This ability drains energy and, when depleted or deactivated, the warframe is afflicted with a debuff that reduces all its stats by 50%

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Name -Hera 

Passive when attacking with a melee it has bleed damage 

1 ability- summon a snake that follows and is like a healing totem poll if you go near the snake it can heal allies health

2 ability- a stun that hits everyone in range her beauty is blinding 

3 ability- gives toxic damage to anyone in the vicinity of her ability for their weapons

4 ability- shoots out snakes that do toxic damage, bleed damage and heal all allies nearby 

As for look, I'm not the best with designing a look but I'd imagine her as a beautiful princess medusa 

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Passive ability:

Broken Mind - Every 10 seconds, a portion of your hp, energy, armor, or shields is converted into a damage bonus. Effect does not stack. After the duration of it ends, the taken part of the bar is instantly refilled, and the cycle repeats.


Shrapnel Attack - Converts a part of your total HP into a mechanical parts, which then can be shot using a shrapnel launcher. The more time you hold the ability buton, the higher the drain, but higher the damage and multishot bonus. The more enemies you hit with it, the higher the health regeneration.

Oil Puddle - Creates the oil leak in your warframe, which then spills on the ground. The oil puddle slows down the enemies, and can get all status effects applied to it, to create a deadly trap. The effect lasts for one minute. 

Repair Armor - Gives increased health and shield regeneration to allies in the radius of 20 metres from you. This effect lasts for 30 seconds.

Awoken Remains - Summons a random specter to assist you. Every time it is hit, you restore a part of your health and shields. After it dies, you get the damage bonus and a portion of your energy back..




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Passive - Helping Each Other: when reviving an alley (or if an alley dies, whichever is more on theme and balenced) gain a buff based on their Warframe. Examples: volt, gain a shocking aura, Atlas, gain big armor buff, sayrn, additional toxin damage on melee.

1-void tendrils- extend a void energy tendril from arm to strike in an arc in front, dealing the same damage type as an amp (ie resets sentient adaptations).

2- scrap metal: consume % armor to heal % health

3- overclock: toggle on/off, while on, have increasing "entropy" in which the Warframe becomes less stable (reduce % movement speed over time, reduce accuracy, reduce armor) but deal massively increased damage while on (say 1000% for the sake of numbers, can be negotiated for balenced purposes of course) if left on too long, causes "burn out" in which the Warframe is immobile, unable to use weapons or abilities, and transference is barred for 5-7 seconds. Toggling off decreases entropy overtime.

4- Witness the Void: Warframe becomes immobile, the Warframe opening up, and becoming vulnerable (reducing armor), but can fire long range projectiles of void energy, dealing AOE damage on impact.

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(I wasn't sure in which topic to reply as the first link sent me to the "Be Part of the Next Community-Created Warframe" thread. So repost here:)


Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

Community artist, Eornheit has completed the official concept art based on the Broken Warframe theme submitted by eaterofstorms! With art to inspire us, we're ready to begin designing Abilities. Check out the Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas! We look forward to seeing your ideas come to life in-game.

My idea is a little outside the box perhaps. But since the theme of this warframe is that it's assambled from parts and held together by Void energy, this could work and make it really special.

I'll only suggest one incomplete ability.

4th ability: Exoskeleton Mode

Your operator uses the warframe "parts" held together by Void energy to create an exoskelton for herself/himself. Ability-wise it could perhaps use your amp (incl. amp arcane element settings) to scale stats or determine elements.

The idea is to of course blend your individual operator with your warframe. Which would be unique,

As far as gameplay mechanics this is open for interpretation.


Here's a quik (and bad) doodle to show what I mean. Like this (but good and aesthetically pleasing!),


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this kit has the broken frame theme in mind. 


passive- New War Ready: when going into "operator mode" the broken frame opens up as a floating armor surrounding and protecting the Tenno. (you get operator mobility, actions, amp, but with the warframe armor, shield, health and resistances.) (as will be seen ahead this might not be a great buff if he doesn't use his 3rd first)

1- loose canon: his arm falls in the ground... but not alone, it has your secondary weapon with him and it shoots approaching enemies with surprising precision!! (it can only use your secondary, if you have it equipped when casting you automatically switch back to your primary. if no primary is equipped you switch to your melee. if you only equipped a secondary you are disarmed!) think of it as a stationary turret and it works for a duration. when finished the arm lies there immovable. you have to go back and get it like if you had been disarmed... no pun intended. Also you can't reload your primary for it's duration. and the arm also can't reload the secondary so extending duration might not be a good idea but it can be interrupted early by recasting. and you also might want to loadout yourself with larger magazine capacity guns. (for dual secondaries it drops with just the one, but deals the full damage normally and has all the "both clips", like when you are carrying something)

2- fake death: the frame falls apart on the ground in pieces like it was defeated. for its duration he is totally imune even to nullifers. the idea is that he shuts himself down. so it's a single cost ability based on duration. if nothing is done for the duration, at the end the broken frame just gets back up. but during it the frame can aim and recast. if within range the targeted enemy is instantly killed and drained by a bolt of void energy. the broken frame steals the target armor, shield, health and resistances. (since he is totally squishy this is how he manages to be viable. this effect lasts indefinitely or until he switch it by stealing from another target). you can "ditch your arm" (use your 1st) and go into fake death. to become imune while your arm dishes out sone damage and cover your back!

3- piggyback ride: if aimed at another player the broken frame attaches himself to it's "back". while there the "host" gets  bonus armor, shield, health and resistances equal to his. (since he is squishy that won't be good buff unless he uses fake death first to steal someone else's stats) while there the broken frame is imune. from there he can still aim and fire his weapons all around the host. or just block with his melee protecting just the back of his host. this is a sustained drain ability affected by duration and efficiency. it can be nullified.

think of it as the iconic C3PO on chewie's back but with aggressive fire power. and makes up for some fun co-op interactions.

if casted on an enemy he rides the enemy's back while imune and able to shoot all around. the enemy has a permanent radiation proc effect where it attacks and is attacked by other enemies. since it is a drain ability it may last till the host is killed or interrupted.

while in piggyback hide you can still "ditch your arm" (use your 1st). using your 4rth from an enemy's back destroys him, doing so from another player's back just pulls you apart.


4- Void Beast mode- the broken frame lashes out! enveloped in void energy and with void tendrils lashing out from him all around! he moves on his fours at increased speed. "bulldozering", killing and dragging enemies on his way. think of it like a smaller version of Hydroid's "tentacle swarm" but all the tentacles come out from him and he can move while latching enemies, dragging and damaging them. and they are void tentacles. you can't shoot or melee in this mode, but pressing melee juggles your tendrils more violently. recast at a new cost to collapse into yourself in a void implosion insta killing everything you latched. with a negative void visual effect flourish. it works on duration. strength increases damage and number of tentacles. range increases tentacle reach.

(cast fake death instead of recasting to blow yourself up with it! doubling the damage but also the energy consumption, and entering the fake dead state in the sequence.)


Well that's it! hope you all like it! can't wait to play him! ^ ^ however he might end up.

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Will refer to Broken Warframe as BW for simplicity 🙂 

Passive ability: "Reconstitute"

-Similar to Atlas's Rubble mechanic;
-The BW will attempt to scavange enemies' corpses to piece itself back together; 
-Different enemy types will have different effects (i.e. Corpus= increase in Shields; Grineer= increase in armour; Infested= increase in HP; Corrupted= HP, Armour & Shields);
-This buff will decay overtime.

Ability 1: "Appropriation"
-Similar to Banshee's Sonar, will prime the targets with void energy, marking the enemies' body in certain places.
-Targeting these areas will increase damage as well as the ammount of "Reconstitute" stacks gained upon assassination;
-Unlike Sonar, this ability will mark enemies in a cone in front of the BW.

Ability 2: "Grasp"
-Similar to Mag's Pull, however, it will only work on all targets previously primed with "Appropriation".
-This ability will viciously pull the void energy woven into the various targets back into BW, dealing damage to all affected enemies and healing BW in the process;
-Using this ability will burst the enemies, removing the effects of "Appropriation";
a) If the targets die, the death will give BW the full effects of "Appropriation" (i.e. the extra "Reconstitute" stacks);
b) If not, bursting the void energy will grant BW a smaller ammout of stacks per burst (i.e. half a stack).

Ability 3: "Radial Rejection"
-Similar to Excalibur's Radial Blind
-This ability consumes "Reconstitute" stacks, priming the targets with void energy, forcefully staggering them and inflicting different effects depending on the kind of stacks consumed. 
a) Grineer Stacks: Sends a burst of void primed shrapnel, dealing puncture damage and reducing enemy armour;
b) Corpus Stacks: Sends a burst of void primed shield energy, dealing impact damage and reducing enemy shields;
c) Infested Stacks: Send a burst of void primed spores, dealing slash damage and inducing viral;
d) Corrupted Stacks: Send a burst of void energy, dealing IPS and inflicting reduced versions of all the previous effects;
-Enemies hit by this ability can be hit with "Grasp", however, they will not grant the damage bonusses of "Appropriation".

Ability 4: "Back together"
-Similar to Baruuk's Serene Storm.
-This ability can only be used when BW's "Reconstitute" stacks are concentrated at 70%;
-For the duration of the ability, "Reconstitute" stacks will be consumed at a significantly slower rate and provide higher bonuses;
-However, BW's unstable complete form will slowly drain its health untill the ability has reached the end of its duration;
-During the duration of "Back together" all of BW's abilities will be empowered (i.e. increased damage, range and stronger side effects);
-Upon canceling (or the end of the duration of) the ability, BW will detonate, releasing the remaining "Reconstitute" stacks as a burst of Void damage as an AoE effect;
-Returning to its natural state will give BW a small burst of movement speed, regenerating some of its missing health and energy.


I attempted to make a kit that synergised with itself and in which you could see the various components of the various warframes that went into this broken monstrosity. I hope you come to consider my suggestions.
Thank you for your time! 🙂

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Ok he or she looks more robotic than all the other warframes almost like a beaten discarded prototype and if you think about it none of the other warframes really have any robot esque abilities. So it would be cool if the new warframe was more mechanicle than the other ones you know because thats what it looks to be. So i think the new warframe should be more of a slightly disfunctional robot ill have a name and abilities below.

Warframe name K.A.R.M.A.     acronym for Killing.Articulative. Machine.Alpha.  Alpha because hes a prototype

Passive name shock.     passive ability. Chance of shocking anyone who deals damage to him due to fualty wiring.

1st ability name wrist rockets     1st. Ability ejects little missiles from his wrists into oncoming enemies.

2nd ability name shield/health osprey .   2nd ability ejects a tiny shield osprey that gives him 1200 sheilds for 5 seconds or 500 health. Added for 5 seconds

 3rd ability name EMP.             3rd ability EMP grenades that take out enemies shields

4th ability name self destruct protocol .       4th ability overloading his systems until he explodes but as long as there is a tiny shard of him. He will almost instantly regenerate just as he was before the detonation.


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Passive: "Power Overload!" Periodically pulsates electricity damage around the frame every 5 seconds, after 10 seconds the pulse doubles in radius and doubles its damage turning to heat awhile slowing the frames movement by 25%(slow does not affect aim gliding or bullet jumping) this passive resets after 15 seconds. This passive is only active during missions and free roam.

Ability 1: "junk smash!"  the frame begins to channel smashing the ground in a large frontal cone consecutively, increasing damage out put by 10%. once channeled for 5 seconds increases  energy cost to channel by 1 for each second after the 5 seconds until no longer channeling.

Ability 2: "junk brigade!" the frame increases armor by 75% for 5 seconds during this time the frame is immune to knockdown, if the frames shields are depleted during this time the frame falls into a scrap pile for 2.5 seconds becoming immobile and unable to deal or be dealt damage, during this time shields recharge is increased by 50%

Ability 3: "scrap simulcrum" after a short delay the frame begins to rattle and emplodes out wards pushing enemies away and causing knockdown to airborne enemies.

Ultimate ability: "junk barrage!" after a short channel the frame rises into the air disassembling itself into a mass of sharp shrapnel, similar to revenants ability to become mist and move through enemies.._dealing medium damage upon collisions and causing panic.  

P.S. A good name would be FORD because hes broken and ford tough.

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Passive: can reasemble itself from death, what ever kills the frame gets "merged" with the frame and the frame gets a bonus, but too many bonuses will get the frame to killed, Think like wukongs passive but visuell feedback when a buff is on the frame. killed by grineer = more armor/bigger shoulders. Killed by the corpus = more shield/more robotic look on the frame or some kinda energy. Killed by the infested = more meat on the frame/melee buff or something added on the legs. 

1 ability: can hook enemys to you and attach them to you, maxed lvl you will have like 5 enemys attatcht to you, scales with power strenght. ( think like the puppeter frame concept a couple of years ago)
2 ability: can detach one arm/leg as a temporary ally, like wukongs clone but shorter and the arm/leg explods on impact or the frame can throw the arm/leg like stubbs the zombie
3 ability: maybe som kinda ragdoll anti aggro ablitiy, think saints rows insurance fraud but the moment you ragdoll, you lose aggro from enemys and maybe gets a buff if your limbs are on their own little adventure xd
4 ability: you explod and kills yourself, here is where the passive comes in but when you reasembel yourself, the enemys you have killed will get you the buffs dependet on what you killed, so if you get a grineer, corpus and an infesten with you when you detonate your 4, you will come back without using your death passive count, but will come back with more buffs then if you would have just died to something.

simple concept but can be very funny and interesting with later levels, dependent on your playstyle etc. 

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Passive- Fragile: Lethal Damage Causes Warframe to Lose Scrap.

1st Ability- Juryrig: Enemies killed while this ability is active add to this Warframe's Scrap total. Each piece of Scrap consumes energy upon being added to the Warframe.

2nd Ability- Upgrade: Improve a Warframe using Scrap collected from fallen foes, increasing melee and reload speed. Can be used on allied Warframes.

3rd Ability- Scuttle: Consume a large amount of Scrap to unleash a wave of void energy. Enemies affected are stripped of armor, allied Warframes gain a regenerative buff.

4th Ability- Assimilate: Using a massive amount of Scrap, the Warframe melds with an enemy, using their own technology against them. Fusing with a Grineer enemy results in a Toxin enhanced Warframe, a Corpus enemy results in a Radiation enhanced Warframe, an Infested enemy results in a Corrosive enhanced Warframe, and fusing with a Sentient will result in a Tau resistant Warframe. Energy is consumed to maintain the fusion, and nearby ally Warframes gain small buffs based on the fusion.

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Passive - "Broken" has been broken and takes extra damage from all sources by 300% and cannot increase it's armor. All damage taken is used as a resource.

(very large health pool)

1 - attach a piece of your warframe to a friendly player/pet and absorb 30%(base) damage taken to them redirected to your warframe.

2 - all damage types taken in the past 10 seconds are applied to your weapons for 30 seconds with 100% status chance but every attack/projectile drains 3% of your maximum health.

3 - Duration buff - constantly convert damage taken into energy and health (base 3%)

4 - release 10% of the damage taken into a 20 yard range around your warframe, and attachments.

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The comparissons to revenant are inevitable, still this is really interesting!. Here goes nothing...

Passive - Discombobulation. On bleedout, the warframe explodes in a set of 4 pieces floating around. An spectral body remains and its able to pick the parts while under the timer to raise itself. If the player fails, they die but leave a pickable protective mist for their future self or team mates. There is no traditional bleedout mode. (timer is affected by bleedout modifiers, capped at 1.25 minutes maybe)

1st Ability - Emanation. The warframe shoots an AoE laser projectile that pushes enemies with heavy impact dmg. The enemies then receive extra damage from all weapons for the duration. Hold cast to cause an energy pulse giving damage reduction to allies and itself (40% and higher cost than tap cast)

2st Ability - Scintilla. The warframe channels its energy to consume the bodies of dead enemies, creating a flock of void cells which shoot at the crosshair when aiming and grant shields when using melee. (max 20 cells, duration for the whole stack divided evenly, shield recharge consumes entire cells, each cell has a "magazine" to unload before they banish)

3st Ability - Caleidoscopy. On cast, the warframe will atune itself to the elemental damage of its equiped weapon, making that elemental damage stronger for its duration. This is not a channeling ability, switching the weapon will not apply any buff unless the elements matches. (does not affect IPS damages. the buff is multiplicative but capped at 45% requiring something like 270% power str.)

4st Ability - Delirium. All security mechanisms on the spectral self are released, draining the health of the warframe to corrupt all surrounding enemies with void energy and leaking the energy reserves of the warframe to gain health from all damage dealt to enemies (healing only on kill, not per damage instance. corrupted enemies damage each other and drop more resources)


I get that it looks ambiguous on purpose but if I may suggest a name based on this kit I would call it  Amok

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Adapt: based on the map you are playing it gives you different boosts.

- ice maps give you an higher resistance of physics damages

- desert maps give more armor

- infested maps give a resistance of elemental damages

- ship maps give you more health or shield (it depends of what kind of faction you are fighting, health with Corpus, shield with grineer, both but less with infested)

- void maps give more speed and parkour agility


1 ability:

Energy cost: 35

Mirror of past: divide yourself in two parts that makes you with half life but if you die you switch with your half copy.

2 ability:

Energy cost: 50

Disassembled: launch all your body parts in a small radius and steal the health or the shield from the enemies you hit, while you launch your parts you became immortal for a bunch of time but you can't use other abilities.

3 ability:

Energy cost: 80

Fury of the Fallen: release a large radius void energy impulse that makes all enemies blind and drops energy spheres.

4 ability:

Energy cost: 100

Energy cost per second: 6

Final Revenge: every part of your body summon the original warframe owner of it and starts fighting for you while you are in a void mode that makes you invisible but unable to use other abilities and to parkour.

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Passive: Traversing the battle field allows the Broken Warframe to collect the pieces of the fallen increasing the frames durability, at the cost of speed.

1st Ability, DISLODGE: take a part forcibly from an enemy and use them as your own.

2nd Ability, Have My Back: Attach a collected component to an ally boosting an ally's defense's temporarily. Can be applied multiple times. (only works if there are parts attached to warframe)

3rd Ability, Whats yours is Mine :Gains an ability based on the type of component that is being used. Can cycle between the different abilities if more than one type of armor is present.  Only one ability can be active at a time, cycling disables the current effect for the new ability. Parts only have a limited effect, once the part has been drained of its use it falls off the warframe. (only works if there are parts attached to warframe)

Corpus: Augmented Shields, increase the output of shields further increasing the warframes base shield

Grineer: Creates a clone of the warframe. Grabs enemy agro.

Infected: Temporarily allows the warframe to communicate with fellow infested. This allows the warframe to call the infested to come to their aid and assist in combat.

Void: A blast of void energy

Sentient: Gain resistance to damage types similar to that of a sentient.

4th Ability, DISASSEMBLE:After a short channel all attached parts are expelled from the warframe damaging and staggering/knock down enemies. (only works if there are parts attached to warframe)

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1st ability send plague of worms that have special status type. Could spread across enemies dealing damage and lowering accuracy

2nd ability draw worms from her body making worm-like shield for her self. Receiving damage increase a chance to get hit meaning that worms across your body take a bullet for you.

3rd ability draw all worms from the enemies slashing their armor/shield and increasing ability strength based on the amount of dealt dmg by worms

4th summon a giant worm that could protect/attack/defend (you can control it like Venary circle). Consume dead bodies/limb parts to increase it's hp/attack speed/size

OR use her rib bone as a melee weapon with special properties. Activating it also deal damage over time.

Passive: critical chance proc a worm on alive enemy (Healthy Touch would be a good name for it) OR consume a limb/body restore health

I interpret broken warframe as once dead one which managed to recurest itself. And it's broken in a way that she's able to use maggots as a biological weapon.

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As a sentient looking being, I believe it would make the most sense to have this Warframe behave like a sentient. To that end:

Passive: Adaptive Matrices - Taking damage results in increased damage resistance (on a much smaller scale from, but stackable with, Adaptation.) Damage resistances could only apply to damage from sentients to be more flavourful.

1.) Item Mimicry: The warframe transforms into a random item (locker, resource drop, terminal, etc.) If enemies did not witness the transformation they are confused and stop pursuing the Warframe. Sentients are not so easily fooled however and will only be confused for a few seconds (upgradeable by ability duration) before figuring out which item doesn't belong. Health regenerates in this state but shields do not. No other abilities or attacks may be used with Item Mimicry. Companions vanish (the same way they do in Archwing mode on Orb Vallis/Plains of Eidolon) while in Item Mimicry.

2.) Void Prison - The Warframe targets an enemy and banishes them into the void. This has the effect of the enemy disappearing for a set duration before returning with one of the following effects:

If an uncorrupted enemy was banished, they return as a Corrupted version of themselves.

If a Corrupted enemy is banished to the void, they return with greatly reduced health/shields/armour and with a higher than average chance to drop rwactant (void fissures only.)

If the enemy is a Sentient, they return dead on arrival.

Higher levels of this ability would allow larger/more powerful enemies to be banished.

3.) Void Resource - The Warframe once more calls on the power of the void, ripping a random resource out of it and dropping it at the Warframe's feet. Higher levels of the ability allow rarer resources to possibly come forth. (This ability could be limited to resources that are found either in the void or on the planet the ability is used on.

4.) Enemy Mimicry - The upgraded version of Item Mimicry. The Warframe transforms into a recently slain enemy (or one that has been fully scanned.) The Warframe cannot use abilities of the copied enemy but gains all of their standard attacks and weapons. If enemies do not see the transformation, they treat the Warframe as one of their own. Sentients will fall for this ability longer than item mimicry, but will still see through it eventually.

If unseen, the transformation will allow the Warframe to pull off stealth finishers. Enemies (both Sentient and non Sentient) who are subjected to multiple transformations will 'get wise' to what's going on much daster than fresh enemies.

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Let me put a little theme on this.

I imagine this Warframe is trying to be made whole again and has issues like when a human gets a transplant and the body rejects the organ.  Also, Frankenstein's Monster, collection of other left over pieces.

Passive: Stablize: Killing enemies cause other abilities to become more reliable.  Benefits from Survival Missions and Missions that last a long time (since most missions now can be played for a long time.  Reduces the upkeep of the fourth ability.

First: What's Yours is Mine: Replaces slots 2 and 3 with a random Skill from other Warframes (Possibly frames in the same mission if able) or based on enemy type.  May fail and provide skills that sacrifice health for damage or shields for energy.  Using it again releases the skills and reattemps.

Second: Borrow: Random First slot skill from other frames.  Longer missions go for the more stable the skill is, and the lower the energy costs/more efficiency.  May result in a failed bond and provides a neutral skill like Sacrifice Health for Damage or Shields for Energy etc.

Third: Gained: Random First or Second slot skill from other frames.  Longer missions are more stable as seen above.  May fail and give you sacrifice health/shield etc.  Can stack for more effiency.

Fourth: Alive!: Locks down the failure rate of previous skills and grants them a boost to effiency.  Channeled SKill.  Dropping the Channel may "scramble" your skills to something else.

Suggestion on the Frame itself.  Make it Modular.  Interchangeable parts.

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Passive ability : 
Every cast ability yourself take life % . The lower the health the stronger regenerate.
When shields are broken activate a large nova blast to stun enemies and buff yourself and allys for X sec.

Abilitys :

1. Echoing pain. -  If the marked enemy will cause you pain the take twice for other near the target.

2.  Become as one. - The enemy become as your part of your body and he takes damages from protecting the owner. Can be combine with Echoing pain.

3. Empowering Agony. - When your health fall below 50% you can cast this ability. This ability increase your abilitys power,range and duration. But you sacrifice heal gain 50% and regenaration.
4. Statue of Torment. - You become statue. Enemys cannot run from fear and every feared become slowly tortured. In this state you can 
stronger variation abilities : 

Echoing pain : Can be cast on tortured enemy. The enemy damages near other enemies.

Become as one : The tortured enemy can give you health from how much left.

Empowering Agony : Can be cast instantly but once XX seconds without penalty.

Im not good with english or making this idea for new warframe,but hope so is good idea...

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Being a broken frame he needs to be able to be made by parts of other frames and inherit their abilities. 

A base passive no matter what combo is used could be when an enemy is killed their body is used for spare parts and this gives him extra power strength along with health, shield or armour.

Any neuroptics give that frames ability 1

Any systems gives ability 2

Any chassis gives ability 3

And the additional blueprint gives ability 4

All of these based on the users choice are used to make broken frame and determine his abilities. (Kinda like a zaw/kitgun but with a Warframe)

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