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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Okay lets see.


Passive: [Salvage] Running over a dead enemy grants a small amount of a resourse that degrades over time, armour for greneer, overshield shields for corpous, max health for infested

1: [Vital Syphon] Rams/leaps into target and stabs with arm tubs for piecing damage. If target killed gain some health, robotic enemies grant some shields from drained ichor or energy.

2: [Pressure Rupture] Tubes burst open leaking gas and liquid that deals damage around the frame and has a chance of knockdown.

3: [Failed Puppetter] Breaks up into parts and flys at targeted enemy burrowing into them and reforming bursting them open. Survivors expelled and stunned.

4: [Network Juryrig] Channeled ability. Draws on surrounding warframes and integrates a small portion of their power and leaking back into other nearby warframes. Gain and share a small thematic bonus to health/armour/shields/speed/elemental damage/etc from and based on surrounding warframes.
Broken Warframe shares a diluted version of it's passive with teammates
If solo gain a bonus based on pet/companion.
Channel Drains Health instead of energy based on number of frames in range.

For example:
A nearby Ember grants a small amount of fire damage to all damaging warframe abilities, Frost would do the same with cold. Similarly Rhino would grant some armour, Grendal health. Mirage could even potentally grant some multishot.

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Passive - Broken Chain

When one hit kill chain passes 25 kills and is broken, receive a damage buff of 15% for 12 seconds

Ability 1 : Weave

Loose 10% of your health to weave together the bodies of the last four enemies killed to create a fighting companion that lasts for 30 seconds or until it dies. ( Melee only companion) 

Ability 2: Broken Containment 

When activated collecting any unused ammo drops around the ground for 10 seconds builds up an antimatter charge at a rate of 25%/35%/45% (depending on warframe level) of the melee attack and discharges after the 10 seconds as an antimatter blast coming from the chest at a blast arc of 160 degrees 

Ability 3: Fixer

Shoot out nanite tendrals from your arm into an enemy-

Level 1 attaches to one enemy and absorbs their health and shields, adding an additional 5%to your warframe health and shield

Level 2 attaches to 2 enemies and adds 10% to your shields and health

Level 3 attaches to 3 enemies and adds 15% to your shields and health

Ability 4 : Re-enforce

Warframe body explodes out into a nanite web, re-enforcing all allies shields, health and attack for 15 seconds and all so damaging or killing enemies trapped inside the nanite web

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My idea is simple, fix Vuban and get rid of vector pad, buff photon strike, and rework overdrive.


1. Vector pad is an ability that I never really understood the purpose of. Hence why I believe it could be thrown out and replaced with something more useful. I think a minor healing or energy regeneration ability that could take in enemy damage as say a shield and when it runs out gives health or energy based on the amount of damage its hit with. The other idea is a shield ability that could be stationary if thrown on the ground or mobile if thrown on a player or other living entity. Finally a tether that attaches to players and and could combine the health pool of players and enemies, an energy pool between players, or armor pool between players and enemies.

2. Buff photon strike so that is blinds or stuns enemies while stripping armor.

3. Rework over drive to where you either throw it on the ground and it has an area of effect where if you stand in you get buffed damage to weapons but not abilities, gotta keep it balanced right.

That is my thesis on how to fix Vuban's less useful abilities.

Nyx is an old warframe that has lost it purpose over the years and has been replaced by other frames with better abilities and I think its time we bring her back to the title of mind control queen.

1. Mind control could become an ability like ash's 4th where it targets a group of people on a toggle that use energy while it's on and build up people that would be under the players influence and have a counter on the side. 

2. Change Psychic bolt so that the people who were put under the player's literally just explode doing a proc of some kind and stuning the unaffected enemies around them.

3. Link chaos to the first ability but instead of killing the enemies it turns them into an army to aid you at cost to their health making them weaker as to balance them 

4 Absorb is fine for now 

This is the end of my Nyx overhaul thesis.

Banshee is the sonic temptress who could pack a bigger punch and actually burst some ear drums.

1. Buff sonic boom to do more damage and scale a little more for higher levels or stun them opening up to finishers.

2 Make silence actually open enemies for finishers.

3. Buff sound quake to do more damage and reduce enemies speed by half.

This is the end of my Banshee fix list

Ember's rework hurt an amazing frame nerfing her dramatically and was a bit too much.

1. Change Fire ball to sea of fire so that when you charge it determines the size of the sea of fire that makes the ground do damage to enemies.

2. A lower energy drain on Immolation could be lower 

3. Fire blast cool down ember more and do a bit more damage or base damage off the heat more.

4 inferno is fine.

This is the end of the fix list for Ember.

Garuda is the blood user in warframe who could use more range.

1. Fix dread mirror to block more damage and give her 10% damage reduction when using it.

2. Give more range to the health buff from blood alter.

3. Better conversation of health to energy on bloodletting.

4. Buff the durations or damage to seeking talons. 

This is the end of the fix list for Garuda

Grendel needs some energy tweaks and could use a system similar to Nidus 








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1. : pull enemy with left hand and carry him with right
2. : ground slam pulled enemy with right hand
3. : rip apart pulled enemy for buff
4. : transform  into pure void energy (gain sparring stance) 

Passive: get stacks from ripping enemies apart (multiply damage for 2. or 4.) 

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Passive: Junk Repair:  Every pickup restore health, if full grants shield, if full grants over shield.  They type of pickup, the amount you pick up, and it rarity affects how much health or shield you gain.

Ability 1: Launch a body part at the terrain and be pulled towards that location

Ability 2: Launches a body part at a enemy causing damage.  Recast it to retrieve it costing no energy.  It sends out a void tentacle to retrieve it.  It causes void damage to any enemy it passes though.  No abilities can be used until body part is retrieved.  Can only use secondary and melee weapon until body part is retrieved.  (Like when carry the data mass in mobile defense missions)

Ability 3: Collapse into a pile of parts.  When a enemy comes near void tentacles burst out and take control of the enemy.  Only works on generic enemies.

Ability 4: Explode sending your body parts in every direction.  Those caught in the explosion are dealt blast and void damage.  Those hit by the body parts are damaged.

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im thinking along the lines of a a.o.e for hes first a sommoning type thing for his second a trap for his third and his forth a gun that will slow down the target while disintegrateing them

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Passive fatal heal: will heal after killing an enemy for a set percent, id say 5% 

Ability 1 broken shield: will add armor to the warframe (scales with power strength) up to +100% armor

Ability 2 damaging blind: the warframe will burst and launch its body parts at enemies blinding them momentarily and adding slash procs to them 

Ability 3 (you guys decide on name): will give allies armor only up to 25% of your broken shields armor, this will not take away armor from broken shield when you use it on your self

Ability 4 Exalted (sword and shield): the warframe will pull out a sword and shield form inside their body and will inflict toxin and puncture damage


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Passive: instead of downing you enter your operator form and your warframe loses its void energy and can be re powered by your amp, requiring 3 full charges to fully revive

1: Burning Rage: Dash forward and punch the first enemy encountered with your right arm dealing Impact damage along with heat damage over time for 8 seconds, damage increased by 4 damage resisted 

2:  Chilling Agony: Send an ice shard from your left arm dealing Puncture damage and slows for  8 seconds, damage increased by 4 damage resisted 

3 : Seething Strike: Leap to a targeted location and deal % health damage to all enemies in the area and to yourself as Slash, damage to self reduced by 4 damage resisted

4: Ancient Fury: Passively gain stacking resistances to damage(like a sentient) Active expend all resistances and deal Void damage to enemies in a 50m radius based on how much damage you resisted and leaves your warframe more vulnerable to damage for 3 seconds after casting 

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Passive: as he takes damage or uses abilities he leaves shards on the ground          

1: shrapnel: when cast sends shards hurling in that direction maiming any hit, holding causes all shards to return to him shreding any between him and the shards

2: fragment: He leaves behind a fragment that draws enemy fire and will explode sending out shards when it expires

3: ?

4: shatter: He forms as many shards as he can into a halberd each hit shreds into enemy armor turning a percent of their armor into shards, on slam all shards are pulled to the slam location 

Names are just place holders feel free to change them as you feel, for clarification shards are fragments of him that break off or that he rips off but always return, forever a part of him

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1: "Thread" The Warframe uses his void energy "stitching" to grab an enemies with a constant tether, dragging them along with you where-ever you move. Enemies may or may not rag-doll depending on their size/strength. Does damage over time as long as the threads are in. Amount of enemies you can thread to you is dependent on the ability's level, and possibly other factors. Drains energy.

2: "Tear" The Warframe will violently attempt to tear apart any enemies that are currently "threaded" using the void threads. Small bursts of void energy coming from enemies currently being ripped apart will also damage nearby enemies.

3: "Sew" The Warframe will use the void energy threads to sew enemies who are "threaded" together, as a sort of CC. Same damage over time from Thread will apply. Timed ability.

4: "Frankenstein" The Warframe will lash out the void threads, gathering any bodies and currently threaded enemies to the Warframe, who will then reinforce himself with each body/enemy: adding individual "body shields" with the dead enemy's health/armor/shields, acting similar to Plains Thumper's knee shields, while also using all of the gathered enemy's choice weapons simultaneously with your own (though all these factors are slightly weakened/dependent on ability strength). Visually, the Warframe looks like a Frankenstein of whatever was dragged in. Drains energy, but the ability can also end if all gathered enemy parts are externally destroyed.

P: "Spare parts" The Warframe, similar to the fourth ability, will occasionally pick up leftover "parts" from dead bodies using the void threads, and add them to the main body. These parts add a little bit of defense, acting similar to the Plains Thumper's knee shields.

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Passive: Scrapheap
A stack of parts the warframe is made up of (something like 5 or 10), in the form of a counter. Using the stack makes pieces visually fall off, revealing skeleton, and results in armor reduction.

1: Oil Leak (costs energy)
Warframe consumes energy to spray a pool of corroding oil that sticks to enemies that pass over. The pool makes enemies' parts loose to be collected as scrap (proc). Can only set 3, dissapears after certain number of enemies are affected. Reduces enemy accuracy.

2: Reinforce (costs scrap)
Consumes all scrap for radial buff; bonus armor (only for teammates), energy regen, (and when 3 active) resistance to enemy's primary damage type. duration based on scrap consumed.

3: Reverse Engineer (costs energy)
Absorbs scrap on enemies (replenishes counter) to study enemy weakness; applies damage buff in the element the enemy is weak against to 4, adds buff to 2, stuns enemies affected. Duration based.

4: Scrap Cannon (costs scrap)
Fires scrap forward like a shotgun, dealing physical damage (and when 3 is active bonus elemental damage). (Maybe moddable like an exalted weapon?)

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Name: Marionette

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy, Marionette can control enemies and reconfigure herself into a terrifying Maw.

The core idea is that Marionette is the tendrils you see in the picture, not the parts. The parts just give her structure.

Passive: Marionette deals extra damage for every different faction whose weapon she carries. Carrying a single faction's weapons (eg Grakata + Twin Grakata + Atterax) provides no bonus, carrying two factions (eg Grakata + Plinx + Galvacord) gives her 1.15x damage, and carrying three factions (eg Dera + Akstiletto + Pupacyst) gives her 1.3x damage. This damage is multiplied at the end of damage calculations similar to faction damage.

1. Ragdoll: Marionette sends out the Void Tendrils from her left hand and grabs the targeted enemy. The enemy is pulled to her and held in front as a shield, absorbing incoming frontal damage until the ability expires, the enemy dies, or the ability is recast. The enemy is thrown towards the crosshair when released. Marionette can use one-handed weapons while holding a Ragdoll.

2. Puppet: Marionette leaves behind her collected Warframe parts on the ground and enters the enemy grabbed by Ragdoll. This enemy becomes her Puppet and can be remotely controlled.

  • Marionette uses the enemy's health pool instead of her own.
  • Marionette can shoot the Puppet's gun, which inherits her applicable weapon mods.
  • The Puppet takes 2% health damage per second.
  • The Puppet does not need to complete hacking minigames when using consoles.
  • The Puppet will not alert other enemies unless it attacks an enemy or breaks a container.
  • The Puppet will eject Marionette at 5% health and becomes open to Mercy Kills.

When exiting Puppet, Marionette will not have her parts or weapons with her for a short duration as they Iron Giant their way back to her. Until her parts have returned she has no Shields or Armor. This takes some amount of time depending on the distance she is from her parts.

3. Strings: Marionette anchors herself to the ground using her Void Tendrils. While anchored she cannot leave the ground and moves at a reduced speed, and she cannot be knocked back, knocked down, dragged, staggered, or otherwise CCed. Enemies within the range of her roots are grabbed and cannot move.

Strings can be cast while controlling a Puppet, in which case nearby enemies will become hostile to the Puppet.

4. Maw: Marionette reconfigures herself into a Maw. In this form she has increased survivability, movement speed, can burrow, and has a powerful melee attack. The Maw's jaws can be modded from the mod screen. In this form Marionette has significantly increased aggro and will alert all nearby enemies to combat. Her other abilities are changed:

  • Ragdoll's Duration is reduced, and grabbed enemies are continuously chomped at by the Maw before being thrown away.
    • If Maw is cast while grabbing an enemy with Ragdoll, Maw will begin chomping at the enemy.
  • Puppet reforms the Maw around the grabbed enemy, using the enemy's health pool instead. The Puppet still takes the health damage per second, and casting Puppet again will throw away the currently-consumed enemy. Grabbing a new enemy with Ragdoll and then recasting Puppet will swap to the new enemy.
    • If Maw is cast while controlling an enemy with Puppet, the Maw will form around that enemy.
  • Strings does not reduce the Maw's movement speed and stabs at enemies that have been grabbed.
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Ok so its pretty hard to put this in words as It is a complicated concept

Theme: Basically he is a warframe that is made out of more warframes but wants to find out who he REALLY is( think twice from mha) aka what piece of him really was him

Passive:Picks one of four choices: offensive, defensive, cc, supp(placeholder names)

Each "Class" has different effect on their abilities with the first one being different all together

Also I thought the warframe would have lower stats in general so that the second part of the passive would go like this:

Offence +hp +power strength Def + Armor + P Duration CC +Shield + P Range Support +Energy +P efficiency

1.O:Cone ability that also has a dot effect(a void wave)

D:Aoe taunt + damage resist, toggled(the void energy becomes a circle around you with some kind of vortex effect toward the player_

CC: Flashbang (void grenade)

Support: Chain heal between players(basically the same void ball as in the cc one but this time bouncing between players)

2. Elongates his arm to catch an enemy having different effects

O: Drags him and smashes him in the ground for aoe damage(first target takes more damage, also deals damage based on target's health)

D:Pulls him In and uses him as a meat shield while draining his life( kinda like grendel but the the target will get all the damage, also it has a set duration)

CC:Grabs him and starts spinning with him staggering nearby enemies( main target will be thrown and disarmed after the ability ends)

Support: Grabs health/ammo/energy/drops from the enemy and automatically gives the drop to an ally if it is in range(limited to one cast per target)

3.The warframe turns his feet into some kind of springs(those tendrils on the warframe) and jumps having a different effect when landing

O:Nearby enemies take bonus damage from the next ability from this frame

D:Armor buff

CC: Creates a void mirror image that draws fire for a set duration

Support: Gives energy to nearby frames

4. Void storm(aoe storm that deals damage and  has different anomalies) Offensive anomaly: void implosions that also strips armor

Defensive anomaly: Allies in the storm have a chance to reflect the projectiles being thrown at them CC anomaly:black hole slowly drags enemies inside the storm, enemies inside the storm are slowed Support anomaly: Killing enemies in the storm drops energy/health orbs

Well that was the concept also on a visual effect I would put emphasis on a specific part/color of the warframe based on the class(it has 4 main parts: the red one the blue one the white one and the tendrils) I would like to add that the passive bonuses symbolize what would be good to use on that class strength duration range or efficiency. Also I tried to show that this warframe has a concoction of all our existing warframes' abilities thrown into one warframe to better show the theme.

Hope this makes sense and I sure do hope you guys like this idea.



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Passive: underdog- his abilities work off his health and enemies  drop piles of parts that increase his health slightly( effected by power strength) he has no shield.

ability 1: shattering blow- he throws his fist at an object or enemy ending in an AOE explosion and it drops a frame part on the ground. if it does not hit an enemy or object it does not do damage. 

ability 2: junk siphon- it makes a health siphon out of the frame part that sucks a small amount of the enemy's health. Upon recast it does and aoe explosion that heals allies. 

ability 3: suck- it sucks up all the junk that enemies have dropped and makes a radial stun incapacitating the surrounding enemies.

ability 4: implode- He hovers in the air and explodes his body parts every where and damages enemies while this ability is active his torso remains in place and can take damage.The longer the ability duration the longer his parts take to reassemble.


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Passive: Parts Disengaged or reconfigured with his abilities will increase attack speed and fire rate.

First: Shift: Reconfigures his parts into a exalted secondary that deals Void damages and takes the form of one of the 4 types based on which is set, beam weapon, shotgun, rapid-fire, railgun.

Second: Palisade: Reconfigures his left arm to summon as a personal shield of void energy and can have allies shoot through it, he can only use secondary while active. After a set amount of damage the shield will break and return as his left arm. Can use Shift with this ability.

Third: Allocation: Disengages Parts that attach to allies to give bonus armor and minor energy regen. Similar to the amount from energy siphon.

Ultimate: Reqiem: Fully Disengages his parts to unleash void energy in a AOE before reassembling himself.

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Passive: Passive health regeneration whenever an enemy is killed within 6 meters (increases with melee weapon range mods)

1) Gravitational Reversal: Tap to activate: shoot enemies upward X meters (or until they hit an object) in a Y meter radius (Y affected by ability range mods) of where you are targeting, enemies already in the area are quickly shot downward X meters (or until they hit an object).  Enemies colliding with objects or other enemies take Z damage as impact damage (increased by ability strength mods).  Hold/charge to activate (additional energy per second consumed): enemies continue to move up or down until you de-activate.  Enemies already in contact with a surface/object will remain pinned against that object.  Minor enemies are ragdolled and unable to fire their weapons, major enemies (Nox, Bombards, Bursa...) can continue to fire and utilize abilities while being suspected in the ability's charged/hold state.  All enemies affected are staggered in the Tap-to-active state. (yes, you can tap over and over again to send enemies up and down in the air or against surfaces assuming you have the energy to do so)

2) State Switch: Status and CC switch on weapons: Activate/toggle to switch the status chance and critical hit chance with each other on all your equipped weapons.  Activate again to revert changes.

3) Assimilation: Activate within melee range (base dependent on melee weapon's attack range, increased with ability range mod) of a humanoid target, warframe disassembles and then re-organizes around target for X seconds (affected by duration mod).  While in control of the target, incoming damage is redistributed: 90% to assimilated target and 10% to frame. Affected target will fire it's weapon independently (AI remains but acts as if it's under a rad-proc basically) at other enemies.  Re-activate to disengage from target.  If the target takes lethal damage the ability will automatically deactivate and the warframe will re-assemble itself.  When a non-humanoid target:  Sentient's: 100% void status proc, target takes void damage (affected by strength mod), other enemies within 5 meters take half that damage (affected by range mod).  Robotic: Target takes void damage (mod strength) and if not destroyed immediately, becomes deactivated for 6 seconds proc'ing electrical status effect during that time (works on bursa's).  Shield Osprey's: Destroyed by the ability and the Warframe steals the Shield Recharge ability for several seconds (affected by duration mod), can have multiple instances of this applied if you destroy additional Shield Osprey's.  Ancients: Ragdolled and lose which-ever ability they have, Warframe gains that ability for several seconds (affected by duration mod), if Ancient is still alive after that duration it regains the ability (status immunity, health regen, damage reduction....); if the ability is used on another Ancient prior to ability duration expiring, the new instance will override the old one.  Other infested: All non-ancient infested enemies within melee range of the Warframe take a percent of their health as damage and heals the Warframe Z% health per enemy affected.  If used on an enemy under the influence of Gravitational Reversal (hold/charge mode) then Assimilation cost's zero energy to activate.  

4) Void Flux: Fixed duration affected by ability duration mods.  On activation adds void damage (increased with strength mods) to your weapons and allies' weapons who are within 20 meters (increased with range modes); Increases reload speed of primary and secondary weapons in range at activation; If Warframe has Assimilated a humanoid target when this ability is activated damage distribution becomes 100% assimilated target and 0% to Warframe; resets the ability duration of any ability you may have stolen from an enemy with Assimilation until Void Flux deactivates .  While active halves the energy cost of both modes of Gravitational Reversal.

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I'm going to keep it simple for the sake of more complexity in the ideas of more damage potential.

Passive Ability: Grants damage resistance to all damage types received recently, stacking up to 50%. 

1st Ability: Gathers energy surrounding itself to cloak yourself in an Void energy shield. This shield will nullify all void/tau base attacks, however can be wearied own by other status effects if their damage exceeds that Void Shield cap. 

2nd Ability: Create void blades that can remain on standby around you to keep enemies at bay from direct contact or use blades as projectiles that attack enemies from a range to strike enemies. The sword limit at max will be ten. 

3rd AbilityAn ability that creates a replicate of yourself. Use your either shields to create a blue specter of yourself that is granted armor & increase weapon damage from your own weapons that will fight by your side against all enemies by fighting any enemy that come within ten meters of you. The second is using your health to create a red specter of yourself that is granted health & increase ability strength that will aid all your allies against all enemies with your first or second ability.

4th AbilityAn exalted dual split-sword that, if changing its stance after unlocking it at Rank 10, either creates an sword that can attack an enemy as you use any hit in your combo when using the dual sword melee or has more slash damages when kept in it's heavy blade stance.


Hope this is taken into consideration and just ignored because it doesn't seem viable. Thank you for your time, stay safe, and enjoy the rest of your day.  

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Passive: Antipode
Gain 100% elemental damage to all weapon attacks. Every 5 seconds this elemental damage type changes to a different one. You can change which elements it rotates to using your energy color similar to Excalibur's Exalted Blade. You pick two energy colors, every 5 seconds it swaps from one to the other. Can also include black and white to be impact and slash or something like that.

1: Spire
Drops a piece of yourself on the ground and attaches a void tether to it. You cannot move or be moved outside of a certain range away from this Spire. You can press this again to instantly bring the part back to you and allow you free movement again. While you are tethered every enemy killed in your area is dragged to your Spire. When it is fully charged, the Spire will untether itself automatically and you will be free to move. This Spire remains as a permanent fixture on the map and each time you die the Spire is consumed instead of a revive. Each Spire also Reduces damage taken by all allies in the area while it is up. Even without enemies, the Spire will slowly charge itself up to full. You can hold down 1 to consume the nearest Spire and whatever excess charge it has will recharge your energy and a portion of the energy of allies around you.

2: Repair Charge
Toggle, for every enemy you kill you restore a percentage of health. For every enemy killed while health is at 100% you increase your damage output by 1% and gain temporary shields. This damage buff remains until your shields reach 0.

3: Sidearm
Toggle that augments your armor to turn into extra arms to fire your other weapon at enemies around you. If you have your secondary equipped then the augmented arms will fire your primary weapon in short bursts. If you have your primary equipped then it will fire your secondary in short bursts. If using melee weapon, it will alternate fire between your primary and secondary.

4: Fusion
Use void energy to reform your original warframe. Gain two Exalted Weapons. Gain increased fire rate and increased armor. Gain holster speed. Reduce movement speed. Gain damage reduction. Toggle and continues to consume energy while on. All other abilities are still able to be used, only the stat changes and your primary and secondary weapons change.
Primary becomes a huge sniper rifle that innately has 200% of your combined elemental selection added into it. Does a normal enemy hit and damage that has innate punch through. If no trackers from your secondary are up, it will simply fire straight. If trackers are up then you can use alt fire instead to unleash a bloom of energy beams that pierce every tracker. Multiple trackers can be placed onto a target and be hit with multiple beams.
Secondary becomes becomes a fast firing weapon that shoots out adhesive trackers. Has a 30 round clip that recharges ONLY when holstered. The trackers are hit scan and do very little damage. Each enemy hit by a tracker is slowed by 50%.

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I use Broken Warframe, or short BW, as a shorthand for whatever name he will eventually have.

Passive: Void Instability

BW has no shields, and his body is leaking Void energy. Upon receiving damage, an unstable Void Spark is released. Each spark flies fast on a chaotic (non-homing) trajectory, and detonates if it comes into proximity (read: melee range) of friend or foe. When hitting on a foe, it does a 5% of the damage that triggered the spark, the damage type is chosen at random. When hitting another Warframe, it regenerates 5 points of energy instead.

1. Ability: Touch of the Void

BW focusses Void energy on a single target, and only one target can be affected at a time; recasting it erases a previous mark while putting a new one on the selected target (if the same target, the duration is merely refreshed). The ability is a DoT that does damage of an element that is randomly chosen for each tick, and has a 20% status chance. If the target dies during the effect (from any cause), the mark will jump to the closest enemy. Any instance of damage that the target receives (including the DoT itself) spawns Void sparks out of the target, like BW's passive does for him.

Scaling is straightforward, power strength increases damage of the DoT itself (the release sparks are identical to his passive and thus scale with incoming damage), duration increases the duration of the DoT, and range the maximum distance that the mark can jump to reach another target.

2. Ability: Sacrifice

BW immediately sacrifices a percentage of his health. Enemies within a certain radius suffer the same amount as a percentage of their health (may need to be a fraction of that percentage for balance reasons), spread as 5 ticks over 5 seconds (effect does not stack for one BW, but does stack between multiple BWs in a team). Allies within the area of effect are likewise healed by the same percentage of their health, spread as 5 ticks over 5 seconds (same stacking rules as for damage on enemies). BW himself regains 1 point of energy for each tick of the DoT or HoT on each affected target. While not stacking, it can be recast to refresh the duration within the area of effect, or affect new targets that have come in range.

The percentage of sacrificed health scales with power strength, the range of the AoE with power range, power duration has no effect on this ability.

3. Ability: Corruption

Like a Void fissure, BW corrupts enemies in a small radius around the target location (aiming with crosshairs, like Limbo's Cataclysm), all enemies caught within the AoE become immediately corrupted. Affected enemies will attack anything that is not corrupted by this ability, but not each other. BW is healed by a percentage of the damage they deal to other, non-corrupted enemies.

Power strength increases the amount of healing received per point of damage dealt, power duration increases the duration of the corruption effect, and power range increases the radius of the initial AoE.

4. Ability: Sever

BW severs his link to the Void, and collapses to his knees. As the Void reaches for him to regain connection, you gain control over it. During this time, BW himself becomes immutable, similarly to the effect of Transference. The Void energy you control is a dark sphere that emits pulses around it, staggering enemies but dealing no damage. It can be steered and fly similarly to Titania's Razorwing. As time progresses, the Void sphere grows stronger (technically gaining stacks of Void energy), increasing the range of the effect. When you cast the ability again (or the maximum duration of the ability is reached), the Void energy snaps back to BW, moving in a straight line to his body's location. Enemies that the sphere touches in its path now suffer true damage, and when the sphere reaches BW, it also releases that same amount damage again as an AoE around BW. This damage scales with the amount of Void energy stacks built up while the connection was severed.

Power strength increases the damage per stack, power duration increases the maximum duration, power range increases the radius of the final AoE damage as well as the staggering energy pulses.

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This isnt my idea, it's from a comment in a warframe group I'm in, but I dont think he posted it here.

Craft it with parts from 3 different frames, and give 1 ability from each frame. So like, the frame for the neuroptics is the 1 ability, the frame for the chassis is the 2 ability, the frame for the systems is the 3 ability. Then for the 4 ability, use another frames blueprint as a part. And allow the player to choose which parts they want to use, so every one of these guys is different.

Then its passive:

Something unique, maybe when he knocks, his parts fly everywhere in an explosion, then come back together giving him 1 revive a mission? 

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1st ability, yeet, you launch a body part as a projectile dealing damage a equal to your sheilds

2nd ability, root, you make yourself immobile and unflinching, nothing can knock you back or pull you, while in this state any enemy that comes near you becomes rooted to the ground but is still able to shoot

3rd ability, self destruct, blast all your parts off dealing damage equal to your armor plus 20%

4th ability, body switch, drop all parts the warframe has on and becomes walking void tendrils anything you use a finisher on you gain control of, using the 3rd ability while hosting will make the enemy explode 

Passive, falloff, your for ever missing warframe part you gain 15% damage increase but lose 15% sheilds for each missing part

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  • Passive
    • Fragmented. 
      • When enemies are defeated, they drop “Fragments” that can be picked up by “The Broken Frame.” When picked up, they regenerate a portion of Broken’s health, Increases its Power Strength AND Armor for 25 seconds, picking up more resets the duration. Max Stack is 50. 
      • Each Fragment adds 1.5% Damage reduction and adds 15 health
        • 75% DR and 750 Extra health at 50 Stacks


  • Abilities
    1. Tether – Uses Energy
      • Broken Latches himself unto allies granting them 25% of the effects of the Fragment stacks and empowering their weapons. 
        • Increases the status chance.
        • Increases fire rate/attack speed.
      • Enemies killed by allies that Broken is latched onto drops extra Fragments. 
    2. Distortion Field – Uses Energy
      • Broken unhinges some of its parts to create a field around itself. The field increases Damage and Ability damage of you and your allies.
      • Deals damage to enemies within the field while restoring health to allies.
        • Type of damage changes based on enemy weakness
      • Enemies killed by allies within this field drop extra Fragments.
      • Enemies killed within this field drops extra Fragments.  
    3. Deconstruct – Uses Fragments
      • Broken unhinges itself, turning into nothing but pure void energy for a set duration. While deconstructed, damage taken will be shifted to energy instead of health and you are unable to use any other skills.  
        • You CAN cancel this skill.
      • Costs 25 fragments to activate.
      • Increases Damage, Reload, Movement Speed and attack speed.
      • Drains energy while active.
        • If skill isn’t cancelled before energy is done then player will lose 99% of their health.
      • While in this state, able to bypass ALL lasers.
    4. Assimilation – Uses Fragments
      • Unlike Valkyr, Baruuk, Wukong, etc, Broken doesn’t have an Exalted weapon, instead, he has an Exalted FRAME! 
      • Consumes 50 Fragments to activate 
      • Broken turns into the Warframe you selected in your arsenal. 
      • All stats are drastically increased. 
      • Energy costs of the abilities are significantly reduced.
      • Consumes 2 Fragments of Myself Stacks every second. 
        • NOT affected by drain
        • While transformed, you will NOT be able to pick up any fragments. 
        • When Fragments have been drained, the Assimilation will end.




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Passive: Deconstruct

Every time you use an ability, the warframe loses a part of his body. Each deconstructed part will cause a chance for bullets to pass through him and grant a small speed buff. Both of these buffs stack higher with more parts deconstructed. At max parts broken off, a (example) 30 second timer starts until the passive restarts. With less parts deconstructed, you have higher armor.

Ability 1: Shattered Limb 

Shatter part of your warframe releasing the broken mess forward pinning all enemies in frontal vision to the nearest wall. If no wall is present, enemies will travel a set distance until being knocked to the floor 


Ability 2: Void Tear

Create a tear in the void where the ability is activated. Each tear that is created will leak a random element (toxin, fire, electricity, cold) in the area, affecting all enemies nearby. If two tears are in close vicinity they will mix elements (Ex: Cold and Toxin creating viral) and affect enemies will the mixed element


Ability 3: Ransack 

Break all parts of your body off activating the passive immediately. All broken parts will seek enemies around you and connect with each enemy slowing them on impact. Activate the ability again to recall all parts back to your Warframe. When parts are recalled, enemies have their armor reduced by 25% and their current health reduced by 25%. A small portion of those stolen stats are given to your warframe depending on how many enemies were affected (Ex: bonus healing/health and armor) 


Ability 4: Anarchy

When toggled, the warfare mentally breaks, the ground starts shatterering/cracking/glitching nearby and your warframe is infused with chaotic void energy. Every enemy that is killed by you will explode into their own broken shards that seek out nearby enemies. When an enemy is affected by dead enemy shards, they take constant damage, strips armor slowly, and has the flailing effect (similar to Inaros or heat proc) this universal effect takes place until the ability is toggled or you run out of energy



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Passive: shooting the warframe in operator mode gives 50 energy per mission to the warframe

First ability: void cannon - morph his hand into a void cannot that fires a strong homing void beam, it can hit multiple enemies if they stand one after the other, if the enemy foes not die, he gets stunned for 2 seconds

Second ability: void hole - target and area and form a void wormhole that sucks all near enemies in a radius that can be amplified with ability strenght and does damage over time, enemies fallen into the wormhole get spit out after they die and have a chance to leave energy and health drops

Third ability: void wave - stands still and releases a wave from it's body that drains enemies of health, healing nearby allies in the process (operators too), the warframe is invulnerable for only 2 seconds after casting the ability, wich is a continous cast, after the invulnerability period he can be damaged

Fourth ability: void walls - target an area, the area becomes a trap of void energy surrounded by void walls, if casted with void hole it can effectively become a prison, the enemies inside the trap are more affected by melee damage and operator damage, the trap deals damage over time healing the warframe and nearby operators with a small amount of health

I think it would be a warframe that helps operators a little

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