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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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The first picture "broken warframe" reminded me alot of INK..so I'll put that as my theme

PASSIVE: 15% chance of applying blindness on enemies attacking it

1: PIERCE. Creating a liquidish spear made of ink and throws them towards its enemies with a chance of blinding some enemies

2: INK SWAMP. Creates a layer of ink on the floor slowing down the enemies and slowly hurting them. Allies and its self walking on that floor might get extra attack damage

3: INK SPLASH. Splashing a wave of Ink on enemies faces blinding and hurting them. does 30% more damage on enemies walking on the INK SWAMP

4: SHADOWS. Creating clones of its self made out of ink(max:3) with its primary weapon and have a chance of blinding and slowing down the enemies with their shots

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I would go for a warframe made with 3 different set of parts (Red, Blue, White parts coming from a warframe focused on melee/tankiness, abilities/status, guns/speed respectively) as in the concept art. Each warframe has their own short names that combines into the name of this warframe. for simplicity (and to avoid naming them) I'll refer to them as Red, Blue and White

Passive - Ammo conversion, every third picked up energy orb releases a wave of energy that briefly staggers enemies and opens them up to finishers, picking up health orbs also restore shields

1) Swapable (like Ivaras arrows or Wisps reservoirs) and Energy drain ability : Channel the expertise of Red / white to gain additional armor and health regeneration  / fire rate and reload speed. Taking damage / dealing damage fills up a meter that increases the effect further. When the meter is full you gain additional melee damage / gun damage.  You are only allowed to use melee weapons / primary and secondary weapons while this ability is active. Switching aspects causes you to loose half the charge in the meter. 

2) Channeling the powers of Blue, you target an enemy for x seconds thats tracks status effects that the enemy has. When the affected enemy dies or the ability ends, the target bursts with energy and all enemies around x meters of the target gets affected by all the status effects on the target. If the ability ends with the targets death it also deals damage based on the maximum health of the target.

3) RedBlueWhite disassembles and moves with increased speed as a ball of void energy for x seconds. During the ability it is invulnerable. Coming into contact with an enemy deals a small amount of damage and any sentient enemy hit gets their adapted resistances reset.

4) Energy drain ability: RedBlueWhite disassembles and each of them gain their original form through void energy (like floating body parts that is completed by energy into a silhouette of their former self) Red and White is AI controlled and you control the Blue. Red uses the energy version of its trusty hammer and White uses the energy version of its high accuracy, high crit semi-auto rifle or its high fire rate, high status machine pistols. As Blue, you shoot an unstable energy beam (kind of like Wisps 4th ability but single target) with your left mouse button. The beam itself deals moderate damage but crackles periodicaly with elemental energy when in use and inflicts status effets in a cone in front of you. While this ability is active you can use your first ability to make Red taunt enemies x meters around it or make White switch weapons. If both White and Red or Blue is destroyed the ability ends and RedBlueWhite reassembles.


And something I had in mind for its story but I don't know if it fits the lore:  3 friends, 3 warframes. All destroyed and 3 tenno is forced to defend themselves. 2 of them (operator of Red and white) dies fighting. Standing among the dismembered parts of their warframes and surrounded by sentients, the operator of Blue pulls together the parts of the warframes and binds them to his/hers void form and turns into the warframe to defeat them.

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I like this theme. :)

I didn't read every idea here, but I hope I doesn't suggest that, that has be suggested.
And I'm sorry if something is hardly understandable, English is not my native language.

Passive : Broken Parts - Every 10th enemy killed, project a missing part of body, giving you a set amount of Armor/Health/Energy_regeneration. Every part disappears after 20 seconds. Max stacks : 5.

First Ability : Binding Void - Bind an Enemy (Doesn't work on Bosses/Assassination targets), deal a constantly void damage till time is out, or victim is killed. Use it as host to create a small creature. Can't have more than 1 summoned creatures. (A creature/An animal (or something) from the past. It have 0.5x HP of the warframe). (It turns the soul of it's victim into something else, like it was tearing about, screaming and crying. Just to let this "something" out.)

Second Ability : Unbearable Darkness - Toggle ability. Cast an area of horrid void energy. Enemies within trying to stand against it, yet sometimes they start to scream. They get small amount of damage every second. If enemy is killed right in the area of Unbearable Darkness, they got consumed and grant small amount energy to nearby warframes.

Third Ability : Crumbling Turret - Use 2 Broken parts to create a turret that have health constantly going down. It deals void damage to one random picked enemy. Only 1 turret can be alive. (He's trying to project the old memory, which is not bad, but also not good. While trying to protect something... Something precious from someone... )

Fourth (Ultimate) Ability : Nasty Memories - Channel void energy for 1 - 10 seconds. Summon an abomination. Size, Health, Armor and other stats are based on time that was channeled. (This warframe remembers something from the past, horrific yet he can't fully remember, mixing his memories from random times.)

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Passive: abilities automatically deal corrosive damage (from being disregarded/trashed throughout the years)

Ability 1 / scrap turrets: Summon 1 (Lv1) -3 (Lv30) turrets out of the ground (made from faction scrap metal) to defend for you

Ability 2 / deterioration: Slam the ground to temporarily remove enemy shield/armor for 30 seconds(Lv1) - 2 minutes(Lv30)

Ability 3 / rusty servos: Slam the ground to immobilize enemies with scrap wires for 30 seconds(Lv1) - 2 minutes(Lv30)

Ability 4 / restoration: Pull scrap metal from the ground to make repairs to self and temporarily buff armor

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16 minutes ago, IceLightOne said:

Passive: As broken parts have yet not been uncovered, the 'broken warframe' can find his remains randomly across the world ( in any mission, eventually) gaining additional bonus armor during the respective mission as it he/she collects itself


4) Shattered Potential: the broken warframe dissambles him/herself for as long as the energy level allows and a freely energy(/void matter) form o the warframe walks around absorbing enemies souls ( dealing damage around itself, basically) 

1) Zoom Punch: as the BW (broken warframe) helds itself by it's own will, it will extend one of it's arms into a powerful momentum-full punch, if no target is been hit, little bits of him will jump out of the fist, creating a shotgun-like spread shot effect 

2) Collective Talent: Creates a (weak) shield armor around itslef, press again to explode this armor into nearby enemies provoking damage as much as stealing life from the unfortunate foes

3) Together: shoots a straight line energy beam that heals allies and damage enemies (depending of who's been hit, can do both at the same time as the beam doesn't stop in one target) ( time affected ability)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     meow meow, lol

Yes, 1) is a JoJo reference

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Posted (edited)

Okay, let's see...

The passive could be something like another external resource (like Atlas' rubble or Nidus' stacks) in which the frame picks up pieces of a dead enemy's outfit and uses it as his own, with either the shields or armor getting buffed based on what kind of enemy was used. I'll call this resource "scraps" for this example.

Ability 1: Throws a scrap at an enemy (or multiple if you hold down the ability button), dealing... i donno, around 500 damage with the damage type again being based on the type of enemy that scrap belonged to. If you have no scraps at the time, you will instead throw a part of your body which you will have to pick back up. 

Ability 2: Rearranges its body into three different togglable forms. (only ca think of one form though)
- Gets on all fours and creates a large cannon on its back which launches balls of void energy that explode on impact. Can't move in this state.

Ability 3: Latches onto a nearby ally (sorta like Nidus' parasitic link) which both buffs that ally's health/power strength and copies one of its ally's abilities (most likely their 1). When not aiming at an ally, the broken frame can use the copied ability for a duration of about 30-45 seconds. 

Ability 4: Exalted... flails? The broken frame would stretch out its arms, grouping a bunch of scraps around the fists and swing them around like maces, performing multiple lashing and slamming attacks with the stance. This would slowly drain scraps when in use, and cannot be used without the scraps.


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Passive: Upon knockdown 50% chance all limbs explode with void energy blinding enemies around and dealing 700 damage

Ability 1: Dismantle- Drops to the ground (like hydroids undertow) and his/her body parts scatter and enemies that walk on dismantled limbs are open to 25% extra damage .

Affected by range, strength, and efficiency mods

Ability 2: Mending Limbs- Obtain energy from the void creating extra limbs that heals teammates, while giving a percentage of damage buffs for the health missing. Hold to pull enemies to a marked location jamming weapons

Heal rate and damage buff affected by strength

Pulled enemies are stunned for 3 seconds can be changed with duration mods

Ability 3: Void Bubble- Places a bubble of void energy. When shot through with operators, amps receive an increased void damage with primary fire and increased critical chances with secondary fire. Frames gain extra status chance

Bubble can be affected by duration, range, 

Ability 4: Dark Void- Tears a void hole on a surface luring enemies in to it. Enemies inside that get killed uses limbs to increase armor for a set duration. Each enemy uses energy 0 ENERGY TO CAST

Affected by duration, efficiency, and strength mods


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To keep in line with the Broken theme, all of his abilities should feel Disparate. If all of the bodyparts are from different frames then all of the abilities should feel like they came from different frames as well. I know getting them to share synergy whilst also making them radically different from one another will be a challenge, but it's the best way I can think of to sell the idea of a Broken Frame. The only clear idea I have at the moment would be for Abilities 1, 2, and 3 to all feel disconnected until you activate the 4th, binding his fractured sections together and permitting them to act as one. 

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Unsure on abilities but for a passive perhaps from extra loot on the ground e.g ammo that doesnt work for your gun or from any pickups gain a mild portion of health, possibly this could be simplified to a passive called self repair, (when stationary gains 5% health/second) 

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Passive - intermittent bursts of taking no damage, which could normally happen if the game breaks

1st ability CONFUSION - causes enimies to be confused and unable to interact with terminals, sound alarms, forget to attack   

2nd ability NULLIFY-  breaks all enimies abilities including nulliers

3rd ability FRACTURE- breaks enimies bones, makes them stummble and fall over, really cruel

4th ability BREAK- ability to break enimies weapons including melee, if we could see their swords bend or break in half that would be really cool, or see their guns fall apart

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Posted (edited)

1. Reconfigure - "The warframe swaps internal connections and re-initializes." - 25 Energy

Swap between Health, Armour, Shields, and Energy modes. In health mode, the warframe has +150 base health and regenerates 5 health per second. In armour mode, the warframe has +300 base armour. In shield mode, the warframe has +150 base shields and -0.5s shield recharge delay. In energy mode, the warframe has +50 base energy max (stacks with passive) and regenerates 2 energy per second. Warframe is locked in a vulnerable "rebooting" state before the new configuration comes online. Reboot animation takes about 1.5-2s, during which the warframe hunches over in a low-power state and void tendrils can be seen moving in and out of various pieces of the warframe's individual parts.

This ability is based on the idea that a warframe made from parts never meant to be connected to one another could be connected in a multitude of different ways, which might affect the performance of the warframe. Since the art shows the warframe being "wired" together with tendrils, swapping those "wires" around would provide a great visual cue that the warframe is transforming internally somehow.


2. Scavenge - "Clad in the battlefield itself, this warframe pushes on where others can not." - 50 Energy

Sends out a pulse which pulls enemy equipment and resources into the warframe similar to a weaker but more versatile version of Mag's polarize or Hildryn's pillage. Armoured enemies and objects lose pieces which are turned into new visible plates of armor, shielded enemies lose some of their shield generators which can be seen on the warframes body glowing and causing the warframe's shields to shimmer with energy, granting the warframe overshields. Infested and unarmoured enemies have some of their essence pulled into the warframe, healing it, and ammo pickups, health orbs, and energy orbs are pulled into the warframe. The visual effects for this could be awesome, seeing the warframe clad in pieces of storage crates, grineer armour, and corpus tech, or they could all be reforged into a more universal armouring visual effect.

Since the warframe is made of disparate components, why not integrate even more components on the fly? A recast could add the ability to jettison your current scavenged components, allowing you to take better ones from the environment, or scavenged components could be damaged by enemy attacks causing the player to need to re-cast to take in replacement or repair materials. Any way this ability is implemented would allow for interesting gameplay decisions.


3. Blast Pulse - "Harnessing the power within, the warframe smites its foes with a powerful void pulse." - 75 Energy

Exalted explosive weapon which fires an instantaneous beam that deals damage on contact, and also immediately explodes at the point of contact dealing area of effect damage. Can stagger the warframe like other explosive weapons.

This is the core of the warframe's utility. Mods and the current configuration of the warframe should give it well enough survivability, but this big damage source is what it can best contribute to a team lineup. I'm intending this to be a massively powerful weapon which costs 75 energy every time it's fired, but it could be very easily be changed to a normal equippable exalted weapon with a drain at the cost of less powerful base stats. Either way I think it would do great to show off the new Warframe Revisited changes to have an exalted weapon with a large blast radius, and it works well with the rest of the warframe's kit described here. In the arsenal I figure one of the warframe's "hand"s should be used as the weapon itself.


4. Void Flood - "Consumed by the void, the warframe is overrun with unstable energy." - 100 Energy, 3/s drain while active 

Visually, the pieces of the warframe grow farther apart, and the gaps between the parts are filled with glowing and crackling energy. The health, shield, armour, or energy benefits from the current configuration are doubled, the damage done by Blast Pulse is doubled, and beam weapons used by the warframe (primary or secondary) do 1.5x total damage and fire with the warframe's energy color rather than their own. Consumes a dangerous amount of energy, leaving the warframe vulnerable to being destroyed, but also grants great power.

This ability's large energy cost and additional drain, combined with the increased motivation to cast Blast Pulse should greatly reduce the warframe's current energy reserves, which when combined with the passive, make it uniquely vulnerable. The increased configuration benefits make this less dangerous, but still dangerous nonetheless. Like overclocking your PC to the point where it could run games which haven't been released yet on Ultra but it might blow up at any second. Visually, this ability highlights the monstrous nature of the warframe's construction. With the components strung apart from each other, it would look more like a grotesque puppet than a normal warframe. Distorted sound design could make this even more unnerving. This ability would work without the buff to beam weapons, but I thought it would be interesting to have the warframe interact with a specific class of weapon, especially since that class of weapon is visually similar to the warframe's exalted weapon.

Passive - "Bound by void energy, this warframe wields greater energy reserves, which must be totally drained for it to be truly destroyed."
+100 base energy max, drains energy to prevent lethal damage with +300% efficiency, cannot be downed.

Quick thinking and gladiator finesse can not be equipped on this warframe, when taking lethal damage the warframe falls apart instead of going into a downed state, forcing the player to use one of their revives to continue, at which point the warframe will reassemble before giving off the usual energy pulse and being restored to life.

This passive is really what binds together this whole kit. I believe a warframe which is supposed to be reconstructed from damaged parts should have some unique behavior with the core game mechanics of warframe, rather than just playing like any other warframe. Falling apart into pieces again when destroyed would probably be hilarious, but it would also make the player think differently about the risks of being downed, maybe ask them to be more strategic with what configuration they use and what components they need to scavenge rather than ignoring their survivability since there's little risk when a teammate can just revive you if you make a mistake.

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Posted (edited)

1st ability void soul blast - radial soul push knocks all enemies in range out of there bodies after return to body void static and confusion 25 energy 

2nd void soul collection combined with 1st ability before lapse souls collected heal tenno in range depending on amount of souls collected 10 second hold time boosted with mod healing soul grab 3x amount of healing/ energy dispersal aoe knock back 10m range / turns void seperated bodies in to temp amalgam pet / void crush small damge holds enemies down 20 seconds cc ability. 

3rd summon void creature team energy refill with visual lines 

4th void hole suck all enemies in range into black hole they take damage from hiting solid items in area and from hitting each other over time dying makes a sucking pop noise adds 10% drop rate to rarer loot list items mod void exchange adds 45% loot chance to all loot items

Pet shambling veil blocks direct sight attacks [wall of limbs]. Void phase temp phasing ability to tenno or spy/hostage all physical damage passes thru tops 30 seconds. Energy beast mode bypasses armored targets to cause damage. 

Passive +25% to void armor to team


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He looks like he is being held together by the roots of the tree's in the void, but overgrown like in the derelict so I'm thinking his abilities should be themed around those. like he is able to infect enemies with the void tree and the energy it produces.

Passive: Enemies who are void infected drop energy for everyone.

1. Spiked Growth: A Void Root sprouts from his hand reaching out in a straight line for a distance, arcing new root around it to pierce enemies doing Puncture damage and knocking them down.
2. Seeding: Plants a Void tree into a dead target infecting it with void energy causing the target to revive hostile to everyone including allies, every kill this seedling gets gives health to everyone, using this ability a second time will cause the seedling to explode doing impact damage to everything around it with void energy, enemies hit with this are infected with the void.

3. Slashing Burst: you burst outward with intense void energy causing slashing and impact damage to all enemies around you knocking them down and causing confusion as they become infected with void energy causing them to shoot at everything including themselves and their allies.

4. Void Tear: you cut the fabric of space opening a tear to the void void tree roots grow rapidly out from the tear holding all enemies in a radius in place and infecting them with void energy. enemies held by the tree causes the roots to grow further by a small amount meaning the more enemies held the larger the radius gets, those held by the roots have their health siphoned over time eventually killing them.


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Passive: Due to the fact that is broken, this warframe cannot withstand the void power of the operator thus becoming unstable over time. A meter will fill up while the operator is using the warframe, which will contribute to later abilities. The meter will decrease while the operator is transferred out (the warframe is plugged out, so to speak).

1st ability: The "orokin tree" veins that hold the warframe parts together can extend, allowing the warframe to punch an enemy at a distance if you tap 1 or bring an enemy closer if you hold 1 on a target. 

2nd ability: This is an energy drain over time ability. Energy waves will erupt randomly out of the warframe having the shape of the sun's coronal loops, of irregular amplitude and dealing damage directly proportional with the value of the meter described in the passive ability.

3rd ability: If the meter reached its maximum, the player can choose to activate the 3rd ability to reset it or can opt to let it over-saturate for the 4th ability. The 3rd ability will use all that unstable energy to grow out the orokin tree veins exponentially, increasing the size of the warframe to that of a Teralyst for a certain amount of time,allowing for some devastating no weapons equipped exalted melee attacks . (I'll let you figure out how this will function in tight spaces 😛)

4th ability: This would be the first "involuntary" ability in Warframe. This ability will go off no matter what if the meter gets saturated. The warframe will explode, instantly killing every enemy on a radius, leaving only a core and the operator behind. Following this explosion the warframe parts will be scattered through out the map (marked). To reuse the warframe the player using the operator, with the help of the squad or solo, will have to gather the parts and bring them back to the core to revive the "Broken Warframe".


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Posted (edited)

Passive: Enhanced defence against incoming Sentient damage.

1st Ability - Void Mark:

  • Random part of the warframe detaches which seeks out for an enemy, stunning and draining the target's health for X amount of time.

2nd Ability - Dissipate:

  • The Warframe falls apart on itself; his parts scattered around everywhere, making him untargetable and able to move around while in that form for X amount of time. Which also grants him the ability to latch onto an enemy and drain its health in order to gain energy.

3rd Ability - Consume:

  • Activating this ability grants the warframe to absorb all incoming damage (which he still takes damage from but with a reduction), reactivating this ability again will convert the taken damage into an armor/health buff.

4th Ability - Roots of the Void:

  • The Root-like void energy starts to grow/extend out and round of the warframe behaving like tree roots which immobilize enemies (and the frame) caught within its range and start to overload the enemies caught within with radiating void energy until these burst/explode.

Ability Synergies:

  • Using Void Mark while Dissipate is active will make each part of the warframe seek for an individual target.
  • Activating Consume while your parts are still on your victims, will use the absorbed damage making each part explode dealing damage to the latched on targets and surrounding enemies and afterwards reassembling yourself back into your original form.
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Passive: Emergency Protocol - depleting health causes self destruct. Reassemble yourself by gathering your parts as the operator

Abilities use health instead of energy

Ability 1: Transference Malfunction - operator is ejected from warframe. warframe and operator are invincible for the duration and removes any status debuffs. upon re-entering Warframe void damage is added to your attacks

Ability 2: Void Tendrils - Tendrils of void energy
stretch out and grab enemies pulling them towards you and steal shields and armor

Ability 3: Improvised Weapon - Pull off arm and use as melee weapon. Both arms are a separate weapon, hold to cycle

Ability 4: Core Detonate - Self destruct dealing massive damage to all enemies in range. any additional armor is expended as shrapnel

Exalted Weapons: 
South Paw - Faster slash based weapon
Mauler - Slower impact based weapon

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Well, being based on a bugged character I suppose we should aim at not only being bugged but to become the bug itself
Passive "Data corruption": each enemy who strike you get a fair chance (1% per bullet or 10% per melee strike) to get "bugged" inflicting a random status between freeze(electric proc), confusion(rad proc), misplacement (impact proc), weapon jamming or explosion


Ability 1 "Bugwave": The bugs swelling inside you, unleash in a radial wave (dealing 150 / 250 / 450 / 650 impact damage) that knock back all enemies (within 0,5/1/2/3 meters) around you. Unleashing this wave set your body free from the bugs for a while will experience an upgrade until the bugs keep piling again(speed, melee speed and fire rate increase by 10/10/15/20% for 10s)

(Damage is affected by ability strength, radius is affected by range and buff duration is affected by ability duration, buff itself does not increase)

Augment "Missing comma": A number of enemies (up to 2/2/3/3) killed by the ability will be converted in friendly holograms for 3/6/10/12 s  (dealing halved damage or even a quarter of it)

Ability 2 "Void infusion": Aware of the various parts its body is composed can start absorbing the energy from the void gaining (a 10/15/20/25%) void damage bonus (short press) or reducing (by the same amount) any incoming damage (long press) while it's active (for 15/20/25/30 s)

(Buffs are affected by ability strength, duration is affected by duration)

Augment "Void hermit": On cast all allies within a fixed radius will gain 20/30/40/50% of the buff

Ability 3 "Trojan horse": The warframe start to glitch leaving an hologram behind, and than teleport within an enemy, controlling him for a while, enabling him to get behind enemy lines.

The damage is based on the enemy damage, but with a formula like damage=(wf level/30)*(ability strength)*(enemy output)
The speed, fire rate and all the other stat are based on the enemy controlled (not affected by any warframe stat)
The ability is a continued energy draining, increasing slightly the drain depending on enemy level, but is reduced with the ability level (for example a level 3 enemy will drain 10 energy per sec, while a level 100 will drain 40 energy per sec)(Ability efficiency and duration can decrease those stat)
The enemy has a chance of guessing something isn't right with your controlled enemy if near them and once they guess what's going on they start attacking. The chances decrease with distance like the damage of a shotgun and is decreased with the level of the ability  (but not affected by any stat)
If the enemy is killed or energy is emptied you get kicked out from the host.

Augment "Internet explorer": Once out of your host, it will be stunned for  7,5/10/12,5/15 s (so that he won't be aware of you for that time)

Ability 4 "Physical firewall": Fully aware of its own composition and functionality he can rebuild the body with the nearby enemy. On cast he unleash a radial explosion of tendrils, which will strike (in a 10/13/16/18 meter radius, maybe up to a capacity of 5/6/7/10) enemies piercing them and then pulling them around you, making them your own meat shield (the position should be around the frame, moving with him, like the artic eximus bubble, but getting destroyed like gara mass vitrify)

The radius is affected by ability range, the number of enemies is affected by the ability strength and energy drain should be based on the number enemies hanged.

Augment "Healing firewall": 12,5/25/37.5/50% of the damage absorbed by the Physical firewall is converted in health healed for you and nearby allies.

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-broken needs to kill enemies so he has "scrap" with the scrap he can use the 3rd and 4rd ability.
-when dying broken explodes, enemies in a 20mt ares take damage (using the damage from the 3rd ability) from flying debris of broken parts. if they kill 5 enemies broken reasemble again to keep fighting.

1st ability: Broken chest parts goes to the arms allowing him to punch enemies and spreading shards of his body around nearby enemies with slash damage. (strenght and range)

2nd ability: Broken mele attacks steal enemies guns, crushing them and spreading the parts to him and the other allies guns improving primary and secondary attacks with a max of 340% with maximum strenght (like ivara empowered quiver). use duration and drains a lot of energy, the percentage grow with every hit broken does

3rd ability: Broken launch his arm like a canon ball with a lot of shards inside of it exploding in the moment of impact or when you press the 3rd ability again. damage (5000 base) scalates with strengt doing slash, explotion and impact damage to nearby enemies, (strenght and range)

4rd ability: Broken launch himself to the skies and beyond dismantling himself in the process, in a stasis state being only void that is left in his body he levitate giving armor to close allies by 600 base and cleaning the status effects from them  (including pets and sentinels) . in this state broken consumes scrap, is inmune to all damage and can traverse long distances super fast (efficiency, strenght, duration and range)


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String theory- (since it looks like there are mainly 3 different warframes similar to equinox) all 3 forms have different buffs (red is damage types) (blue stealth) (white survival/health, armor etc.)

Ensemble- a form of Teleportation kind of like raden from mk, but if they teleports into a enemy they can control them for sometime based on build?  Red for damaging purposes (group control like nyx), blue for stealth purposes (single enemy), white can be for health, armor, and shield draining (group draining like revenante).

Shadows- the other 2 frames not in use brake off to individual specters doing different things red aoe damage, blue stealth kills and retreating ammo/mods, white healing and tanking and taking damage for player

4th depending on what first form you pick (red, super nova- like a dying star it implodes sending out massive heat or damage but let's gravity win and sucks up everything to him ammo, mods, enemys etc).  (Blue, covert- she becomes the void invisible to the enemies and allows for stealth kills multiplying the strength of the melee weapon equipped). (White, world tree- spawns a beautiful white tree dropping white petals and spawning void roots connecting everyone from friendlys to enemies it drains them tieing down the enemy with void roots from the tree within radius and healing all Friendly's) 

(Passive united when other forms are not in use team gets minor bonuses red minor strength buff, Blue stealh kill damage, white minor healing)

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Posted (edited)

Warframe name: Kosmos.

character design is based on the idea of a universe that creates and destroys everything from time to time before the earth even existed. The ability designs are more about increasing resources and destroying the enemies at the same time. Therefore, the abilities should give buffs that allows the players to get more loots, energy, while dealing some AOE splash waves that can cause a stunning status effect to the enemies surround. Think about Big Bang theory.

Passive (Roots of the Balls): If you hit the target with melee, each hit gives your energy back 1%. If it kills, the enemies have up to 50% chance to drop an additional loot.

Ability 1 Balls of Bond:

Shoot a ball toward the enemy in front of you. If it hits an enemy, deals damage on him. If it kills, it splits into 2-5 balls flying toward the other enemies nearby the dead target. If each of them kills the enemies, each ball splits into 2-5 balls again up to 3 times. However, each time it splits, it deals 25% less damage.

Augment Ideas
Each time it kills an enemy, heals your HP and your teammates’ HP by 10% each.

1st hit > 100% dmg
2nd hit (1st split) > 75% dmg
3rd hit (2nd split) > 50% dmg
4th hit (3rd Split) > 25% dmg

Balls of Bond ability can be affected by Strength, Range, and Efficiency.

*Similar to Oberon 1st ability, but as either Impact, Puncture, or Slash damage type.


Ability 2 Balls of Strength:

When used, create a flying light ball floating beside/around the character. Can stack up to 3 times with a different kind each time you use. One is in Red giving Damage Buffs, One is in White giving Armor buffs, One is in Green giving Speed buffs. If you spam 3 times in a row, you can have them all active at once.  Drains energy over time.

Augment Ideas

Each ball shock the enemies nearby and stun them for a limited of time.

Balls of Strength ability can be affected by Strength, Range, Duration, and Efficiency.



Ability 3 Balls of Companionship:

When used, summon a gigantic ball floating still in the midair with an eye in the middle (Similar to Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Ring.) shooting an explosive ball dealing AOE Damage and Stun the enemies nearby that comes closer for a limited of time.  

Augment Ideas

Create a small barrier 3 meters surround the eye turrets. Nearby teammates and friendly objectives such as an extraction within the barrier will take 50% less damage and heals HP over time as long as the turret is still active.

Balls of Companionship ability can be affected by Strength, Range, Duration, and Efficiency.



Ability 4 The Ball of the Universe:

Explode a gigantic ball effect like a Big Bang explosion to every direction with a great distance and deals a lot of damage. Can hit through walls. Consumes a lot of energy when used.  (Works similar to Rhino 4th ability)

Augment Ideas

The enemies that survives, will be stunned for a few seconds. The enemies that die, will drop an additional loot up to 50% chance.

Ball of the Universe ability can be affected by Strength, Range, and Efficiency.

I can help on the character look design if the idea is chosen. Pls let me know.

By: TKidostmaster

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so these abilities are not gonna be in any order but are just gonna be ides of things they could do.

1. The warframe could maybe explode and then send it's parts flying out around it and then the void energy that holds it together then re-assembles it.

2. The warframe could throw its arm/leg/head (whichever would be easier to make for the devs) at enemies and it could either richochet around them or maybe release a net that traps a group of enemies or becomes some sort of sentry turret/drone.

3. The warframe could maybe use void energy to ball up a bunch of enemies into a ball (similar to how the warframe is held together) or maybe turn it into a big enemy made of enemies.

4. The warframe could disassemble and then re-assemble into something else (warfames! transformers in disguise).

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Ideas: I was thinking that this frame should be more or less be a wildcard-esque frame as he's composed of several other Warframe parts and therefore, can inherit some of the abilities of his parts. His Void based passive ties into the fact that his parts are bound by void energy.


Passive: Void Soul - In true Void fashion, this passive shifts between a few different ones at the whim of RNG. Every buff lasts for 1 minute then changes to a new one. All passives have a 1/5 chance of triggering and can be triggered more than once. As he is a Broken frame made of several parts, most of these are from or based off of other warframes.

Void Torrent - +5% Damage increase to all weapons

Void Regen - +3hp/s regeneration

Void Illusion - Enemies have reduced accuracy when targeting this frame

Void Burst - Triggers a random arcane effect at Rank 3 (excluding 'on pickup' and passive arcanes, such as Nullifier and Energize) Although arcanes often trigger instantaneously, another passive cannot be rolled until 1 minute has passed

Void Burn - +10% Parkour Velocity and Sprint Speed


Ability 1: Assembly - Pulls in nearby objects to add to his own body, increasing his armour by X with each thing attached to him, but slows him down with every part attached. Assembled parts fall off whenever he gets knocked over or sustains X damage.


-Casting the ability pulls in objects or items within a small radius, affected by range

-Holding the ability key will drop all objects attached. If dropped on an enemy, it will deal damage depending on the object (Most of it impact, ngl)

-Armour Buffs and Speed Debuffs are unaffected by mods

-Aside from the initial cast, this ability costs no energy when armour is attached

-Once armour is dropped, it can be picked back up provided it doesn't fall out of bounds or get despawned


Ability 2: Void Puppet (Channeled) - Shedding all of his parts and leaving his Void core, [Name] invades the body of an enemy and uses it as his own.


-Casting this ability drops all of the armour built up by Assembly

-Taking control of an enemy grants access to their armour, health, shield, weapons and abilities

-Bosses are immune to this ability

-Running out of energy or ending the ability prematurely kills the controlled enemy and summons the frame in the position the enemy was killed in.

-While taking control of an enemy, said enemy gains a damage and armour multiplier, affected by power strength

-Energy drain is affected by Duration and Efficiency


Ability 3: Self-Destruct - Supercharging his Void core to the point of instability, [Name] charges into his enemies for a deadly blast.


-Self-Destruct's explosion damage and radius are affected by ability strength and range

-Casting causes a timer to countdown, at the end of which the blast takes place. This can be ended prematurely by casting the ability again.

-Every object added from Assembly adds to self-destruct's blast damage

-Regardless of how much Assembly armour is built up, during Self-Destruct, run speed is restored and is multiplied by 2

-Once the blast occurs, all Assembly Armour is lost and shields are completely drained


Ability 4: Broken Blade - From his own parts and strung together with void energy, [Name] summons his exalted weapon.


-Unlike other exalted weapons, this has no stance and instead comes with a stance forma'd empty stance slot. This stance slot determines the type of weapons this ability summons and uses that stance's combo set (eg: Blind justice - Nikana, Cleaving Whirlwind - Heavy Blade, Reaping Spiral - Scythes, etc.)

-No matter the form the weapon takes, most stats will remain consistent, aside from melee range


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Passive  Void Rage:  Void Rage  build up  when getting hit .When maxed all the abilities can be  amplified.Casting a amplified ability will drain 100% of the meter.

1st Ability  Wormhole : Mark 2 places on the walls to create a wormhole that allow you to travel through. 
                  Amplified : Allies that travel thought the wormhole have increased movement speed and damage for a short duration

2nd Ability  Reinforcements: While  the ability is active  any fallen enemy will be sent to the void .Activating the skill again with summon the fallen to fight for you for a duration .
                   Amplified :Summoned fallen enemies are more durable and deadlier .     
3rd Ability  Judgement : Cast a large aoe that attracts enemies inside .Once fully charged you can activate it to deal  damage and leave any survivor open to finishers.
                   Amplified : Enemies are being pulled instead of being attracted .Deals extra  damage. 

4th Ability Salvation :Gives invulnerability to self and allies for a small duration  . 
                 Amplified : Boosts  movement speed and heals to max hp  all affected allies.

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Passive - name-frame armor - when using operator the frame’s broken parts go over the operator to form a suit of armor which gives more tanky stats and also enhances damage based on the last chosen adaptability , also extra health and energy orbs are converted into the void pool storage when picked up by the operator , when the armor hp is depleted the warframe has its shields drained and the health is halved when you go back to warframe form  


1st ability- name-adaptability : has 4 parts to it , basically the frame changes element or damage type based on the chosen body part (the body parts have different abilities cuz they were once part of another frame) this kinda works like ivaras 1 where you can cycle, and the ability it self is creating a aoe effect that inflicts the corresponding damage type on enemies but the amount of damage is low to compensate it buffs the damage on the affected enemies when they use the same damage type 


2nd ability-name-void synergy: this ability stores damage taken and also damage dealt by other void sources in a pool which you can then expend on a number of targets (the number dev team figure out) and the damage type is void for the most part but also does slight amounts of ips damage (based on the body part , lets for example say hand is slash , leg is puncture , body is impact , and head or tentacle energy is just more void )this ability can be activated to multiply the accumulation of the pool but it also passively converts damage taken into pool recourse 


3rd ability-name-natural instinct: based on the energy color the frame can use a random set of abilities from existing warframes or kuva liches and this also happens when your knocked down or when your downed the ability used when you're down and knocked down are predetermined (dev team you guys can figure that out? , like an example can be radial blind or something when you are downed and when knocked down bonus armor or something like that )


4th ability-name- curse of the void : this ability is a channeled one which constantly drains health and energy from the surroundings and stores it but the more you store it deals damage to yourself and all that damage along with the void pool from the 2nd ability and also the adaptability type all together enhance this ability’s damage and do a huge wide area energy shockwave which does that damage as the wave travels , this wave doesn’t go through solid objects and terian so use it wisely 

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Please note i've spent hours typing this, so if anyone has posted ideas before mine that are really similar, it's not been my intention to copy anyone, i was just too flipping slow. thanks 😄


1st Ability - W.I.E.L.D:

The Warframe can cycle (tap ability key) through a selection of 3 augments that modify combat abilities and playstyle significantly. Holding the ability button would activate the currently toggled augment, just like how Ivara's arrows and Wisp's mote buffs are selected and used. I am picturing parts of the warframe physically transforming when it comes to these augments configuring after casting the ability, e.g. having a 1 second or 2 second long animation on casting to let the frame transform the arm(s) etc, during which you wouldn't be able to swap to your conventional weapons. I thought this would make the decision to cast one of the augments more important to consider, because if you commit to a transform out of cover while taking heavy fire it would be a risk. On top of that it sort of plays into the theme of Warframe in general that i love, which is the 'right tool for the job' approach, knowing when to use which augments would be an aspect of mastering this frame in particular, just like Ivara's arrows mentioned earlier.

W.I.E.L.D stands for Weapons Integration and Experimental Loadout Disposition, and is just a nickname scheme given by the Orokin creators (or whoever is responsible for creating this frame, as i'm not sure if it's supposed to be from the same exact origins??)

I imagined the 3 augments to be as follows:

- Sword: right arm is re-shaped slightly to accomodate a large blade, that begins at the elbow/forearm and extends outwards, to be used like an exalted weapon. Fairly simple but could expand on it in terms of special features that would make it worth using over an actual equipped melee weapon; like Valkyr's talons or Excal's blade, some niche use would make it more exciting (even though i already think a sword attachment arm is exciting on its own..) this augment would drain energy while active.

- Shield: right and left forearms retract slightly to reveal 2 shield generating conduits in place of hands. While held out in front of the warframe, an energy/void barrier is channelled between the two, creating a convex disc that provides unpenetrable cover while draining energy. It could perhaps extend past the warframe on either side by a metre or so, so that teammates can be protected by it as well. While actively being channelled the frame cannot use the rest of the loadout i.e. your standard weapons. Can be deactivated by re-casting this augment or by selecting a different one. Synergises especially well with the next part of the ability:

- Sunder: both forearms, propelled by the same sort of void energy as the Shield, rocket away forwards, but with the left arm curving to the left slightly and the right arm curving right slightly, to form a cone area in front of the warframe. The rocket propelled arms explode on contact with an enemy or a surface dealing substantial amounts of damage in an AoE radius, the latter of which would be modified by adding Range to the frame's build, and the former Power strength. If Shield was active at the time of casting Sunder, the entire channelled void barrier is blasted forward, covering a much larger cone of effect, with the void energy ripping through multiple enemies instead of detonating on the first contact. This is a powerful reserve that would use a lot of energy comparatively, due to channelling the Shield in the first place, and then casting the Sunder attack. Enemies that are not killed by this explosive surge would be knocked down either way. The damage should be high, & maybe scaling up the longer the Shield is active, to make it a tactical decision based on a build up with a bigger reward for doing so.



2nd Ability - Shiver:

The Warframe's adaptive armour takes a continuous snapshot of its surroundings, to provide a chameleon style cloaking effect. While this augment is active, hacking consoles are automatically breached 100% of the time. This invisibility would not be immune to lasers like Ivara's Infiltrate, instead the focus is on the frame's ability to disrupt and assimilate the technology around it. Casting any WIELD augment would break the cloaking due to the reconfiguration of the frame, but using silent weapons, melee would be unhindered. If the frame has already cast the Sword augment before casting Shiver, then the cloaking will apply to the frame as it is currently configured, meaning it's possible to roam around invisible with the Sword augment at your disposal.



3rd Ability - Unbound:

While targeting an enemy, tapping to cast - or holding to cast on your own position - this ability will cause the warframe to violently shatter its body into pieces. Any enemy nearby will be staggered by this initial cast. The void energy that was previously holding it all together is now unbound, sweeps toward the target and begins swirling around, creating an AoE effect that stuns any enemy trapped in its radius. This sparkling void cloud can be controlled/directed by the player during the few seconds this ability is active (not too different, mechanics-wise, to Inaros' tornado thing) in order to relocate or simply gather and stun more enemies. If the ability wasn't cast on a targeted enemy and instead the button/key was held to cast on self, then the void cloud would start at the position the frame was in rather than heading towards the target automatically, so the player has full control over its direction from the start. The scattered, shrapnel-like remains of the warframe - which were primed at the point of shattering, and fused during those few seconds - now detonate, potentially with a very large area of effect depending on where the ability was first cast (or potentially very small if done in a corridor 🥴.) From the post-explosion void mist, the warframe materialises again, pulling various fragments from the surrounding materials, enemy armour, robotics (thematically i mean... i don't think that would be a reasonable mechanic to have to implement somehow...) This ability would work well as a get out of jail free card; due to the instant nature of the cast, the potential for large crowd control, and the even bigger potential to 'room clear' if done in the right place and time. The trade off would probably need to be a significant energy cost, akin to Stomp / Divine Spears, but i think this ability would be a lot more interesting than those ones... if it is even possible to do. It would be even cooler if the amount of shrapnel / explosions was affected by the frame's passive ability; with those buffs being discarded via casting Unbound, and every 'tier' (+5% bonus to either Shield, Health, or Armour) counting as an additional piece of shrapnel. 😱 (Passive ability is at the bottom of this list btw!!)



4th Ability - Hunt:

Time to be totally reconfigured. This ability revolves around a far more dramatic transformation. The Warframe should take cover before casting as this ability would take a few seconds (and some extremely impressive animation work, or some sort of void magic to cover the transformation up) to convert the humanoid warrior into a 4 legged mecha-beast, reminiscent of Alad V's Zanuka. (Could be inspired by that, if it needed an explanation story wise?) I think that realistically it would have to work on the basis that your warframe's attachments, syandana, etc, are not attempted to be mashed together weirdly. Instead, the beast form would be a standard-ish model that uses its own customisation and colours via the Arsenal/Loadout screen, just like customising Hildryn's weapon and so on. You'd have access to it at level 10 of course. I think that would be super cool.

The recompiled beast form is faster than its humanoid counterparts, has the ability to wall-run and wall-latch much more effectively, and can attack two ways: using its front claws with the melee key/button, or firing a void laser from inside its maw (which can be aimed and fired using default aim/shoot keys/triggers.) While in this form the frame's passive ability can still work. The energy drain would be substantial without modding into Efficiency as expected. But a good reason for making sure you have plenty of energy left over is that you can still cast the Unbound ability from this form. Doing so will mean that after the explosion, when the Warframe re-materialises / re-combines, it has returned to its 'normal' humanoid form. Instead of re-casting Hunt, or running out of energy, which would involve a slow transformation (potentially punishing, if caught by a nullifier or you happen to run out of energy in the middle of combat) - instead you can chain directly into your CC / offensive skill, keeping you actively in the fight.


I came up with most of these skills based on how they interact with each other, with a heavy focus on the possibility of chaining abilities in ideal circumstances, which is something we don't have a fully fleshed out vision of with the current roster, and the idea that this broken warframe has an incredibly complex connection to the void, which enables these extreme ways in which the physical frame can be augmented, destroyed, and re-combined, all bound by a thinking, tactical, void 'soul'.


Passive ability:

All ammo types can be picked up by this warframe, regardless of the equipped weapon types in the player's loadout. Picking up ammo will provide stacking buffs to base armour, health and shield, with a relatively short duration and a maximum effectiveness cap. However, each buff can be endlessly refreshed by consistently collecting the corresponding ammo types off the ground, so this passive would reward active combat but quickly trail off to nothing once away from the action. The types could be chosen in any way so for an example let's say Shotgun ammo grants bonus Armour, Rifle ammo grants bonus Shield capacity, and Pistol ammo grants bonus Health.

This would mean that the buffs are more likely to be in play (and successfully maintained) during sustained fighting with large waves of enemies, rather than in stealth missions. It would have the feel of an adapting mechanism, using battlefield scraps to re-inforce the frame under pressure.

As a quick example, something like a +5% increase per pickup, for 30 seconds, maximum value +20%. If I were to pick up 1 lot of Shotgun ammo, 2 lots of Pistol ammo, and 4 lots of Rifle ammo while moving across the map, I would have 3 active buff icons, denoting: +5% Armour, +10% Health, +20% Shield. Each to be displayed as an icon, along with the usual countdown timers underneath to signify how much time remains on that particular buff. Like this (i know the text should be white on dark background but i just did this in Paint quickly before this forum thread gets too old):


So these would work like any other (well, most) buffs in the game in terms of how they are displayed. Health bar and Shield bar themselves would also modify as expected, purple shield bar colour while buffed as well etc.



Thanks very much for reading 🙂

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