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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive is loot pickup, A Broken Warframe is made up of many parts so first ability would be ability to pickup objects and hurl them at enemy, everything flies at enemy for a time much like Inaros sand in face, second ability would be healing from spare parts, third ability would be magnetic making the enemy stick to whatever was near them, fourth ability would be a sheild from spare parts or barrier which can work with second ability

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this is mostly based on the idea of it being a broken warframe, and it having a innate need to "fix itself."  I can just see it wandering around trying to collect parts and pieces to fix itself of an it's broken state that it doesn't comprehend. just to lash out in it's lack of control using the junk it's collected as it's weapon.

Passive: scrap, an armor scavenging off of enimy kills gaining armor having a meter of scrap that can be used by it's abilities..

1st: shrapnel, uses a scrap shot gun out of collected scrap scaling off of efficiency and strength.

2nd: patch job, it will use some  of the build up scrap to heal the wareframe scaling off of efficiency.

3rd: hay wire, the warframe uses those tendrils to generate a barricade that can be strengthened by firing scrap into it with shrapnel also allowing it to cause damage to enimies trying to push their way through it.

4th: shrapnel storm, unleash a storm of razor sharp scrap that scales damage off of strength and amount of built up scrap, while it's range is tied to it's efficiency.

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My Broken Frame abilities based on being broken and how he can break the enemy.

1. All Seeing Eye: ability to see through objects to identify enemies.

2. Dismantle: small groups of enemies are dismantled piece by piece.

3. Break a Leg: cripple the enemy to slow them down and open them up to finishers.

4. Broken: has the ability of doing 1 of 4 elememtal massive AOE attacks Electric, Freeze, Toxin or Heat at random with a chance of combined damage types since your frame is broken.

Passive. Reassemble: pull life force from enemies close by when you're critical.

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I think the passive should be any specters or clones on the map will be buffed and gain hp regeneration and a major fire rate boost

The 1st ability should be something like shooting a laser out of their hand and it has 20m Punch through and it lights enemies it touches on fire. It also bounces off of nullifier bubbles and becomes a bouncing laser that doesn't go through walls.

The 2nd ability should be Teleporting all of the items on the floor to a few meters in front of the player and the player getting a buffed version of it for example if they picked up a health orb affected by the ability then it would give double the original amount.

The 3rd ability should be Summoning a  drone that looks like the player except has a glitching sort of ephemera. This drone would be commandable, something like moving it to a certain point on the map, but would be completely sentient otherwise

The 4th ability should be summoning a Black Hole that pulls in everything on the floor around it and every enemy within the line of sight and would pull them through the doors. this would also work for the move able barrels on Jupiter. When the ability time runs out, The black hole Implodes and anything not killed by the implosion will be tossed and gain heavy damage on impact when it lands. a broken warframe should have a broken ability

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So, I got my ideas from the base of Broken Warframe being made of others meaning it would also adapt the abilities of said wfs into itself, I guess the "Infuse" effect could be changed into another proc currently existing, but looking at how Saryn has Spores, Limbo the Rift, Mag her magnetic bubble and Hydroid, Inaros and Grendel can "consume" enemies unto themselves, I hope the Infuse can actually be doable and my concepts chosen o/


Passive: Enemies affected by the "Infuse" status effect lose their weapons after Broken casts his next ability.

1st Ability - Cracking Pellets: Allows Broken's void energy to be shot from his body towards enemies. Has a 20m radius and is dispersed in 7 proyectiles in a conical shape. Hold button to shot less projectiles with increased damage and increased chance to proc the "Infuse" effect.

2nd Ability - Strive: From and old WF that could use nets and lay traps, Broken produces a net that turns every enemy caught into it in a shield, deflecting a % of the damage Broken takes. If the enemies are under the "Infuse" effect they add 10 energy back to Broken's pool.

3rd Ability - Forgotten: From an old WF specialist in explosions, Broken sends his body parts to a targetted enemy, dealing massive damage. Enemies affected by "Infuse" effect explode and deal Blast damage to any surrounding enemies. Any affected enemy by said Blast damage also can be affected by "Infuse".

4th Ability - Remember Us: Calling to the void energy, Broken summons 3 shadows from the past and shots them in front of him dealing Blast and Radiation damage. Any enemy caught in it gets afflicted by "Infuse" and any enemy already afflicted by it gets increased damage.

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Passive:When the warframe died,if there are enemies nearby,the broken parts latch to the enemies draining their health recovering half of the warframe's life;if there are no enemies nearby,the passive will fail(one time use only)

Ability 1: discharge a barrage of energy to nearby hostiles that stuns and damaging the enemies

Ability 2: disassemble body parts to latch to nearby enemies draining their shields while giving you armor

Ability 3: creates a mini companion from broken parts to aid him(different types can be deployed:battle companion,looting companion,support companion)

Ability 4:Makes himself bigger resulting to higher damage and crit. rate in exchange of speed;every kill on this mode will heal 10% health to the warframe and nearby allies and companions(10s base duration)

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My kit is somewhat Grendel inspired but I like it a lot

Passive: Unstable Connection

The operators link to this Warframe is unstable causing Sparks of void energy to occasionally leak out and give void procs to nearby enemies.

Ability 1: Scavenge

Warframe loots the bodies of the dead for spare parts which are stored in a meter, may also have a chance to look additional health orbs and possibly energy orbs with an augment. Unlike nekros this ability is a cast and not a toggle

Ability 2: Assimilate/Patch Job

Warframe uses gathered parts to patch itself healing you and granting a temporary large armor buff

Ability 3: Mimicry

Throw your voice to mimic an enemies cry for help at an area distracting them and sending them towards that area

Ability 4: Perfection

Warframe consumes entire meter of parts to become it's perfect form for a duration, gain a large speed armor and health buff for the duration as well as a bonus of a large amount of void damage on all of your weapons.

I like the idea of this Warframe being obsessed with trying to fix itself.

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Passive: rare resource drops function as both heal drop and energy orb

1: temporary boost to allied weapon, damage, and fire rate

2: burst of shrapnel dealing slash damage in a X radius

3: scatters bear traps that root enemies for X seconds and deal slash procs

4: breaks apart into multiple frame parts barraging an area with attacks from the component frames

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1st Ability : Copycat -copy the 1st ability of any frames in the squad (or from whatever frames used to build it, possibly changeable via augments) 

2nd ability: void shield - can envelope itself or others in void energy granting armour, like iron skin.

3rd ability - void siphon : siphon energy from the surrounding area building up energy to either give energy/health to squad or to build up it's 4th ability 

4th ability - void detonation: unleash all its void energy,  exploding into its various parts, dealing massive aoe damage, before reassembling.

Passive : siphons void energy from nearby frames , and can occasionally take on the passive of another frame in the squad for a short time.

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Ability Ideas: 

- Void Storm: Bring forth a powerful power surge of Void energy that disrupts the enemies it hits, and slowly overloads them with energy, killing them overtime, while crippling their stats.

- Reconstruct: Take apart and reconstruct parts of yourself and nearby objects to rebuild ancient Railjack weapons.

- Passive- Ancient Adaptation: Different parts of your body gain immunity against certain debuffs, or status effects.

- Primordial End: Harness the void within you releasing bolts of energy that home in on targets and spray them down with overloading energy. 

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1– The ability to Set up turrets

1.2– The ability to be summoned to others temporarily to help them like in dark souls.

2– The ability to hack mechanical enemies

3– The ability to open up mini-storage area on the fly like how things change when you approach cephalon suda.

4– The ability to BE another player’s specter.

5– The ability to be a Boss

6– The ability to pull aggro and attention to yourself away from your teammates to yourself.

7– The ability to summon temporary robot midget spectors. 
8– MORE abilities where you sacrifice different aspects or characteristics to empower others.

9– The ability to pilot something in the game outside of archwings.

10– The ability to increase difficulty temporarily for yourself for better loot.

11– One of the ability is one to someone someone beautiful who encourages you who buffs/ heals you- but who doesn’t fight for you.

12– More and possibly Better slave abilities- like stealing and salvaging the greneer ships in railjack.

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Passive: the passive should change base on aura mod inserted. similar to how Dark split sword works with stance mods. Some sort of bonus or complimentary effect to the auro mod would give a modular feel.

1st ability: A wave of energy that disassembles small or basic constructs like shield ospreys, maggots and the mini rollers.

2nd ability: An effect that could hurt the warframe in exchange for buffing an ally. maybe a direct exchange of health or shield points.

3rd ability: a slam or shockwave with a large radius that breaks armor and shield generators causing decreased values for enemies effected permanently.

4th ability: The warframe surges with energy and similar to its 1st and 3rd it damages surrounding enemies to take pieces from them to reassemble itself. reverting it to its appearance before being broken. and gives a buff to some stats and maybe a bonus effect like Gauss's mini missiles he gets with his 4th.

Thanks for reading if you took the time to.

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im bad with names so i let DE its name

Passive. any enemy dead generates a worn; and reach wf giving him+ health regen; and 1% ability efficent at 30%max

1. tentacles spwan from his body blocking incoming bullets; recived melee dmg its increased in its counterpart

2 Tentacles emerge form the body grabbing enemies and getting em close to you using them as shield as long as theylast; they degenerate with time

3 bullets and proyectiles (double in single shot weapons and semi automatic ones) spwan from enemies or walls hit and cleave the enemies making them unable to move(still can shot)

4 all cords(or parts that look form the WFasthat) are expanded across an area blocking all dmg of a certain dmg(each hit/damage reduces wide area becoming lesser) warframe cannot mive form its position; instead gains accuracy;punch trough;reload speed and fire rate

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Ability 1) Void Siphon-- Using the void energy that holds the Warframe together, void tentacles will seek out and latch onto nearby enemies, siphoning armor and shields in order to store up "Void points" (similar to how nidus can store up points by hitting enemies with his stomp). Costs energy. Generates void points.

Ability 2) Void Capsule-- using the powers of the void to create a bubble of x meters (radius) where your reticle is pointed. Enemies caught in this bubble will be slowed and siphoned. If used with void siphon, the amount siphoned is increased. Uses energy. Generates void points.

Ability 3) Void corruption-- using the stored up void points the player has accumulated (small amount, maybe 3 points) nearby enemies will be corrupted with the void energy eminating from this Warframe, turning enemies into allies who will attack nearby hostiles. Uses void points.

Ability 4) Void Bomb-- using up the stored up void points the player has accumulated (large amount, 6 or more) discharge the void energy on nearby enemies within an x meter radius of the Warframe. Uses void points, deals void damage.

Passive) Void restore-- when your shields disappear and activate shield gating, immediately refresh your shields and gain 1 void point.

Only abilities 1 and 2 can be affected by efficiency mods. Ability 4 can be affected by strength mods. Abilities 1 2 and 4 are affected by range mods. Ability 2 is affected by duration mods.

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Passive: Reassemble. 

When Riven (a temporary name for this warframe) goes down, they fall into a mobile pile of parts. In this state, you can reassemble yourself by attacking enemies, filling up your energy with each enemy damaged. Upon filling your energy, you expend a large portion to reassemble yourself. 

1. Shattered Blow 

Disassemble your arm to strike a foe from range, dealing IPS damage and gaining a stack of bonus damage. This ability’s bonus Damage stacks up to 4 times, with each consecutive Shattered Blow. 

2: Sectionary Shield

Drain a set amount of health and turn it into a special shield, protecting yourself from all damage for a set duration. Reactivate this ability to turn all prevented damage into health for Riven.

3: Reaching Slam

 Launch an arching blow at a destination, dealing Impact Damage and knocking down all enemies hit. 

4: Anomalous Shape 

Extend Your body to its fullest, becoming a ranged, Tau-Shooting Tank. Your abilities become enhanced, while your weapons are replaced by the ability to launch Tau-Damage projectiles that deal area damage like Reaching Slam. This ability drains energy while in use. 

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(Note, I feel like based off of the description, the frame would make sense to have low health, and medium to high shields, as their body is physically not strong. This is just a suggestion, however, and take it for a grain of salt.)


Adaptive Repurposing -

As the warframe happens upon ammunition gathered form enemies, they can repurpose it like they repurposed their parts, to transmute it into different ammunition. (Basically, weaker ammo mutation, it requires more ammo for it to be transmuted than normal ammo mutation.)

1st Ability: Reconstruction -

Raising their arm, the warframe splinters off a piece of their body, which is utilized to reconstruct themselves and their allies. The ability would use a mechanic similar to mesa's shooting gallery, in that on cast it creates a single reconstruction shard that transfers between allies after certain time intervals. Whoever is under the effect of the shard has their health healed at around 5% per second, and it allows their shields to recharge even while under fire. (The amount of time the shard exists scales with duration, but not the amount of time it stays on an ally for. The healing per second could also be changed per balancing requirements.) (If the duration of the shard was long enough, this would allow for allies to potentially gain the buff multiple times per use of the ability)

2nd Ability: Void Spheres - 

Manipulating the void energy that sustains them, the warframe creates pulsing, unstable spheres of void energies. When the ability is cast, the warframe creates 2 void spheres, which float around the warframe. While the spheres are floating around the warframe, the ability button can be pressed again to send once of the spheres hurtling towards the crosshairs to a range of 30m away or until it contacts a wall/enemy. Upon reaching the max range/hitting an enemy, the orb will expand to a radius of around 5m, and will lash out at enemies within 10m with void spears, dealing damage over time (increase for those touching the orb) and slowing down enemy actions in it's range. (Both spheres can be used at the same time)  (both the time you can hold onto the spheres as well as the time they stay expanded scale with duration.) (The damage would scale with strength and possibly the slow would as well, but in a more limited manner.)

3rd Ability: Divert Systems -

Shifting their parts and energies, the warframe causes itself pain to harm it's enemies further. (This ability could maybe involve a shift in the warframe's appearance to show this.) When activated, the warframe sacrifices it's health to gain additional damage on it's weapon attacks and ability damage (maybe 25% max health reduction for the duration of the ability for 25% increased damage for the duration). (Buff duration scales with duration) (Max health reduction and increased damage both scale with strength, so you can pump up the damage, but it is risky)

4th Ability: Void Lash -

Breaking their form apart to channel the pure fury of the void, the frame fires out a powerful beam in the direction they are facing, briefly channeling the force of the void. When the ability is activated, after a short animation (to allow the player to face in the direction the want the beam to fire towards) a beam shoots out from the swirling pieces of the frame, starting from the ground at their feet to up to 50m away. (One of the best examples I have of this kind of beam is when the Ambulas boss does its vertical beam attack.) The beam deals damage to all of those it contacts during the casting, and leaves behind on its path charred earth imbued with the power of the void. Enemies who walk on the scorched earth take further damage, and some void spears similar to those from the second ability fire out from the charred ground for a short duration as well, slowing enemies they hit.  (The damage is affected by strength, and the time that the scorched earth and void spears are present for is affected by duration.)

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Passive Ability: Rebel Signal: Auto-turrets in a 50meter radius turn on their masters 

Ability 1: One Man's Trash: A piece of the Warframe is whipped on a long tendril to the targeted foe, dismantles their armor, and adds it to yours.

Ability 2: Nothing but Air: Warframe explodes and pieces float in the air.  Warframe becomes much harder to strike and enemies in 10m radius are blinded.

Ability 3: Upload Sentient Virus: Robots in a 20m radius are infected with a virus, turning them into seek and destroy bombs.

Ability 4: Law of Division: Warframe tears itself in two and you operate the top half.  The lower half attacks enemies and assembles a top half amalgamed of enemy weapons armor, etc.  The more enemies the top half destroys, gives more speed and armor.  Cancel the ability to cause your legs to reject the gained parts in a radiation explosion and recombine.

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Passive idea #1: when downed, explode in pieces but doesn't die, consume X amount of energy (or something else as "sacrifice") to recompose. Like Inaros or Wukong

Passive idea #2: when when the shield drop to 0 (if it ends with him having one) loses a piece of his body that can be found around him and picked up to reattach; due to less weight to move around it becomes X% faster or invulnerable (or both you think of it) to look for the lost body part. (i suggest to make an animation where those parts keeping him together grow and take the part and reattach it, would be awesome).

Passive idea #3: same as #2 but uses enemies parts to compensate the lost ones(?) if there's enemies parts around him that have been slashed why not use them?

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I don't have ideas for the passive but I do for the rest, which are.

Ability 1: Energy Trail, Broken Warframe will slam his arm into the ground that will deal damage to any enemy standing on it, hold to increase the size of the trail at the cost of more energy spent.

Ability 2: Void Tendrils, press to extend the void tendrils and for that matter the arm to grab any enemies in front of the Broken Warframe while stunning those enemies for 5 seconds, or hold the ability to keep the tendrils and hand extended to continuously damage enemies while stunning them, but the Broken Warframe is kept in place.

Ability 3: Warlord, Broken Warframe will extend all of its tendrils and armor pieces becoming slightly bigger, this will increase armor and damage but at the cost of taking increased damage, any allies near the Broken Warframe however will receive a damage buff, this effect can be brought down by using the fourth ability

Ability 4: Energy Scavenger, Broken Warframe will extend his tendrils into the ground and scavenge 5 energy orbs.


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Passive: Mending Darkness - slowly regenerate health while in dark areas. Being in the dark, grants a 10% dodge chance for incoming attacks. While invisible, deal 10% more damage.

1st: Rending Dash (25 energy) - {warframe} enters the wall the cursor is pointing at, and will remain inside it for 1/1/3/6 seconds. Being inside the wall grants invisibilty and 50% damage reduction for the duration. Time spent inside the wall is not affected by ability duration. Cast again to jump at an enemy and deal 200/300/400/500 slash damage.

2nd: Void Orbs (50 energy) - Press to generate 1/2/3/6 floating orbs (for 3/6/9/12 seconds) around {warframe}. Orbs will seek nearby enemies and stun them, making them vulnerable to finishers for 5 seconds. Hold to make the orbs go into allies and grant them 5/10/15/20% movement speed and dodge chance. Dodge chance does not scale with strenght, movement speed does. 

3rd: Omen (50 energy) - transform an enemy into a void omen for 6/8/14/20 seconds, while granting {warframe} invisibility and 10/16/24/30% bonus slash damage to its weapons. Omen has 500/800/1300/1800 health, granting buffs while it is alive, (or until time expires) and within affinity range. Allies benefit from the slash bonus as well. While Void Orbs is active, the omen will receive the same number of orbs as {warframe} has at the time of casting.

4th: Night Eternal (75 energy)- {warframe} uses the powers of the night to engulf an area of 10/16/27/35 meters in darkness (for 5/8/13/18 seconds). Enemies inside will become confused, and will be dealt 100/200/300/400 slash damage per second. Activate again to half the remaining duration of the ability and deal the slash damage twice as fast, consuming an extra 2 energy per remaining second.


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