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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Broken Warframe Abilities:

Passive: Affecting 10 enemies with an ability give a x% Ability Strength for a short duration.

Ability 1: This ability creates circular field, which range is 10m radius, that reduces incoming damage by x%. It also reduces armor and shields of enemies that enter the field to heal anyone within the field by x%.

  • Affected by Strength, Range, and Duration.

Ability 2: Sacrifice shields to activate this ability. When this ability is use it fires 5 projectiles that attach to an enemy. This cause the attached enemy to take x% additional effect from any ability(User's and allies') . 

  • Affected by Strength(Affect the # of projectiles), Range, Duration, and Efficiency(Reduces shield cost).

Ability 3: Sacrifice health to use this ability. When use, it creates a particle barrier that reduces incoming damage by x% and when damage recover x% shields. 

  • Affected by Strength, Duration, and Efficiency(Reduces health cost).

Ability 4: Health and shields (Alongside used energy) will be sacrifice. It gives out buff to itself and its allies within 10m radius that drastically boost the abilities of the user and any allies for 10s.

  • Affected by Strength, Range, Duration and Efficiency(Reduces health and shield cost)

Reasons why I made this frame ability sacrifice health and shields: Since this frame is the "Broken Warframe" I feel that it should sacrifice something to use the ability. You could say that it "glitches" out and sacrifice its health in attempt to use its third ability. Of course, I want to be sure it give amazing use to the player and their squad to compensate with the sacrifices that had to be made to use its abilities. 

Note: Sorry for the image, I'm new to using forums and don't know how to get rid of it.


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Adding more details to abilities.

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-Your shields have holes. There is a 30% chance that damage penetrates your shields
-You have 30% chance that you can ignore a damage as it hits a non functional part of your frame.
-You have a 20% chance that instead of bleedout you become invulnerable for 10 seconds with 1hp left. (You are unable to parkour or use abilities during this state, but you can heal and attack normally.) After this state is over you are left with 2hp (unless you gained some during the 10 seconds).
-Also breaking containers gives this warframe +10hp as gratification.
-You also have a 0.1% chance to deal tau damage instead of void damage. A lot of stuff was grabbed from those battlefields.

1. Broken smite
You point to a target area and release a void blast.
Right around your hand (a 1m cone in front of the warframe) enemies take a small amount of void damage
Also in a cone in front of you a ball of energy strikes enemies passing through them dealing impact damage
You also explode dealing some fire damage around you.

This ability has a combo system where you can repeatedly cast it dealing more and more fire damage (other damage is unchanged, but you explode more). Dealing 10x damage on the 5th cast. But this locks up the ability for 20 seconds.

2. Still working
Your beak away your hands. Your hands will float in the place where you left them using whatever weapon you had equipped for 15 seconds. (no energy drain) You also become unarmed.
Re casting the ability while you are unarmed lets you manifest hands of void energy so you can use your other weapons but it drains 3 energy/s. If you run out of energy you can't use your weapons and you become unarmed again.
You can re-equip your original hands and weapon by running over them, or by letting the duration run out. Or by using the 2nd part of your 3rd ability. Or by canceling the second version of your 4th with still having energy

3. Breaking point
You shatter yourself to break everything around you.
Objects and enemies take impact damage around you. Enemy weapons become jammed, and robotics become stunned.
Your fall on the ground in pieces and drain the are of energy dealing cold damage. You pick yourself up after 5 seconds.

Recast while on the ground to cancel the cold damage and rend the area dealing a small amount of void damage to enemies that have a piece of you pass through. And leaving the area charged with lightning damage/hazard for 8 seconds.

4. Your Will/Your nightmare
Manifest your will to live. You turn off your shields and you drop to 2hp (you max hp doesn't chance). Damage drains your energy with +200% efficiency.
You can maintain this form while you have energy. Similar in looks to your passive where you avoid bleedout. But you have full control over your warframe

Your nightmare:
Use your 4 while you are broken apart from your 3rd ability. You dash thought enemies draining health, shields, energy from them dealing a small amount of impact and cold damage. You also pull your pieces after you they will strike enemies dealing slash damage with a guaranteed bleed proc.
This form drains 15 energy/sec. When deactivated while you still have energy you stand fully assembled again.
If you run out of energy you finish the ability while on the ground in pieces and you pick yourself up after 5 seconds.
This ability moves at your running speed in 3d. It cannot stop, but can turn and change directions. You can also hold the fire button to go faster but it drains more energy.



I feel like I added a lot of numbers to these abilities. It's just easier for me to present my ideas detailed, then to present them in a more raw state.

I also ran away with the held together by Void energy theme. It might not stay. But I thought if the warframe is held together by void energy it could do some. But I added that mostly for theme.

My other theme was that the parts are held together by a will to live. That all the parts retain and able to manifest through the void tendrils that hold the frame together.

Some random notes:
If I was a broken warframe I would enjoy exploding in a ball of fire, while also being able to throw a shockwave.
Leaving some parts with your weapons in it... and being all over the place 😄
It was a broken warframe that is now held together by void energies. But it sometimes still breaks. Then it is held together again. Then it might break. And so on until the enemy is broken. Well done.
I originally envisioned a concept where managing your energy is more important then having health. This would have symbolized that as long as the wf has will it will just keep on going no matter how broken. But then that didn't seem to come together as abilities, so I ended up with this. (And that is how chocapic was made)
This also might be more flashed out then my SwoLotus idea: p can wield Grakata with twin grakata 1 Grakata, 2 Double Grakata, 3 Triple grakata, 4 Mega quad Grakata. And that is 14 Grakatas with all abilities active. Clem!
I wrote random notes above. It might be so that I added some random notes all over. Not sure. It's late. But I need to post or I never will. Wish me luck Space Mom and Space Auntie.
The breaking containers passive that I wrote sure is random. Good.

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Broken Warframe 

Passive: Uses resources picked up during missions to fill two gauges, one for mineral and one for processed components.

Ability 1: Forge- creates an aoe around himself dealing Void damage for each mineral used and slash for each processed component used.

Ability 2: Reuse- converts components into either armor or shields for nearby allies and self

Ability 3: Defense Protocol- Takes damage for nearby allies with physical damage depleting mineral gauge and elemental damage depleting processed gauge.

Ability 4: Shattered God- explodes dealing Void damage and expends both gauges to boost Weapon damage (Mineral) and Ability power(Processed) by gauge levels.

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Passive, Breakdown: the lower your health the more pieces of (name) begin to break of and float around it making it harder to hit. reduces chance of shots hitting (name).

Ability 1, Scatter:  (name) breaks apart completely and can no longer attack,use ability's for a few seconds but can still move around and is vincible for the ability's duration. when (name) reforms its body is completely whole no matter how low its health is negating the passives affect until more damage is taken. all damage taken whilst scatter is active is channeled into (names) next melee attack.

Ability 2, Fortify: For the duration of Fortify all damage (name) dose will be halved and converted into temporary armor after the ability ends.

Ability 3, Rip Apart: (name) throws out a piece of its self that if it makes contact with an enemy will rip a piece of that enemy out and and then home in on another enemy and the process will repeat until either the duration runs out or there are no more enemy's. Rip apart will deal slash damage and with each body part added its strength will increase.

Ability 4, Restore: (name) will place an orb that (name) and their team mates can interact with. if teammate goes down after they interact with the orb they will be teleported to it with half health and half shields.

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Passive: Void Soul

Being a creature of void energy,  it will receive less damage. The passive also grants a scaling health regeneration rate that eats your energy at the same rate up to a maximum cap. The second part of the passive only triggers when taking damage to health and turns off after not taking damage for a while, this also resets the health regeneration and energy leech rate. If the warframe has no more energy left, then health will decrease at an accelerating rate. If the warframe is downed, it will explode and the scattered body parts will deal a tremendous amount of damage and the blast itself will blind nearby enemies. What’s left is a noticeable void wisp that allies can revive. This void wisp is still able to be controlled by the player and weapons can still be fired like a normal downed state.

1st Ability: Void Seeker (No energy cost)

Release a tendril that goes a certain distance and deals puncture damage and have innate punch through. The first enemy hit will be reeled in and absorbed, and doing so will give a flat amount of energy.

2nd Ability:  Re-Construct

Re-assemble the warframe to adapt to the current situation. Give buffs according to the last enemy hit and absorbed by Void Seeker.

Grineer: Gain bonus armor and fire rate.

Corpus: Gain bonus shields and damage.

Infested: Gain bonus health and speed.

Sentients: Improve passive’s resistance bonus and scales down the health regeneration and energy leech.

These buffs are permanent and will only be removed by nullifiers or by re-casting the ability.

3rd Ability: Anomaly Burst

Once activated, the warframe’s structure will destabilize and emit bursts of unstable void energy around it that reduces the resistances of enemies. The reduction of resistances has a cap, and if an enemy is hit by Void Seeker and has reached that cap, Void Seeker executes them regardless of health. Does not work on bosses though since it will be overpowered.

4th Ability: Hands of the Void

Can only be cast once health begins to deplete from lack of energy. Become invincible and burst out gigantic tendrils of void energy that captures every enemy in a large area around the warframe. The tendrils deconstructs them and assimilates their body parts into the warframe, giving health, and energy, and resetting the scaling of the passive. If an enemy has reached the reduction cap of Anomaly Burst, they are executed (again does not work on bosses) and will grant bonus effects based on Re-Construct. Doing it this way however, will grant stacking effects that will last for a duration.

For example if the warframe has been Re-Constructed to face Grineer, then executing Corpus with Hands of the Void will give their respective buffs for a duration.

Note: The ability cast will give invincibility, but the health decay will keep going so it is possible to die while casting this ability.

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Passive: Husk - Resistant to knockdown (visual effect where frame falls apart in direction of knock back effect, void form remains standing and mobile and frame shortly reassembles over void form)

1. Soul Snatch - launch void energy at an enemy. If enemy does not die on impact they will be consumed in void energy and draw aggro from their allies.

2. Hopeless Beacon - for duration, broken frame receives a resistance to status effects buff and enemies killed by soul snatch or by their allies during the effect will become beacons. They emit a 5m pulse every second that does void damage to enemies and buffs allies with the same resistance to status effects buff.

3. Imbue - broken frame temporarily draws power from fallen enemies around it. Receives a buff for duration depending on majority of fallen foes; Grinner = armor, Corpus = gains shield (assuming that shield doesn’t work on a broken frame), Infested = health, Corrupted = increase orb drop chance by nearby foes, Sentient = resists status effects entirely. Enemies in effect radius effected by Void Anchor will instantly die and become hopeless beacons. Creates a visual change (like nidus) depending on enemies you look like a transformer but using enemy appendages and apparel.

4. Void Anchor - slam fist into ground, all enemies in a 5m radius become immobile and attack their allies while you drain their health (ignores shield). Melee enemies will draw aggro. Looks like multiple void hands grabbing at enemies ankles.

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For simplicity's sake I'm naming this Warframe "Frankenstein" so I don't have to refer to it as "Broken Warframe" or "Ability user". Also refusing to gender this frame off the sole basis that the collected parts seem to be a bit of everything.

The description and art gave me a reanimated/zombie vibe, so here goes with that theme as well as using the Void roots that stitch them together. Also gave them no specific party role. Due to different parts from different Frames, they're a bit of a Jack-Of-All-Trades with abilities inspired by, but altered from, other Frames, as well as each ability being able to improve the one(s) that came before. One consistent theme is them being as hard to stop as many intelligent undead from Fantasy, myths and RPG games.

Bold values in abilities are affected by relevant mods.

Passive: Whenever Frankenstein takes lethal damage, rather than go down, they break apart, scattering their pieces across 20 metres. Frankenstein can use their Void roots to move around and collect their pieces to self-revive before their Bleedout Timer expires. Collected pieces add to their revive meter to allow for easier revives. (Inspired by Inaros' passive, but allows for an easier self revive for high level solo play. For effect, if a player starts reviving them, have the pieces gravitate towards the roots.)

Ability 1, Cast-Off: Frankenstein rapidly bursts their bulkier parts off themself for 10/15/20/25 seconds, stunning (Impact/Blast proc or a blind effect should suffice) and damaging enemies within 5/7/10/12 metres. While Cast-Off is active, Frankenstein's armour is reduced by 40%/35%/30%/25%, but their speed is increased by 50%. Allies can pick up pieces of the shed armour to receive an armour boost until Cast-Off ends. If Frankenstein themself picks up every piece, the ability ends. (Inspiration came from Valkyr's Paralysis and Chroma's Effigy, like some sentient undead shedding unneeded body parts to increase mobility)

Ability 2, Shell: Frankenstein encases themself in the armour of fallen enemies within 12/15/17/20 metres, increasing their armour by 40%/45%/50%/55% of the collected armour until it breaks (Similar to Rhino's Iron Skin, allowing the undead to improve themself using parts from nearby bodies). Cast-Off ends this ability early, but doesn't affect Frankenstein's own armour or speed, and allies can't collect pieces for buffs. (Allows easy recasting of the ability in case the health pool of the ability is getting low.)

Ability 3, Siphon (Channelled): Impaling an enemy on a Void root, Frankenstein begins draining 5% the victim's health per second to replenish the health of themself and nearby allies within 15/20/25/30 metres. Health is divided equally among all recipients. Casting Shell while Siphon is active begins stripping the victim's armour and adding it to the pool of collected armour, able to replenish it without recasting. (Inspired by Garuda's Blood Altar, increasing range of healing and duration of ability in exchange for possibly weaker healing depending on how many people need it)

Ability 4, Stitching: Slamming their fist into the ground, Frankenstein sends Void roots to impale enemies  within 7/10/13/16 metres, incapacitating them for 4/6/8/10 seconds. Casting Siphon while Stitching is active drains any survivors of health, as well as armour if Shell is cast afterwards at an increase of 50% Siphon's drain per second for each affected enemy while they are impaled. (Inspired by Nezha's Divine Spears, at a lower range and duration with the upside of buffing his own abilities)

Damage values and types are up to you for Siphon's initial impaling and Stitching, but I feel like because they're Void roots, Void damage might be an option. A Warframe that can output a damage dangerous to the very enemy they were made to fight feels needed. Other values are definitely open to be edited as well, trying to create something balanced and fun that isn't bad is rather difficult.

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Passive: reassembling- enemies killed drop their armor parts which can be picked up to grant armor and a meter is displayed on the side that shows the amount of parts u have.  

1st: sleight of hand- his hand extend held by the void energy to strip armor and drop parts in a cone shape area. 

2nd: rend- he creates a whip with his parts to lash at enemies which then explodes and loses parts cause sound barrier or thermal energy things.

3rd: piece- parts are consumed to launch a projectile with varying effects that depend on energy color like throwing cards but deadly. 

4th: war ender- his parts continuously explode off of him and ricochets while he gains a speed boost 

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Passive: chance for bonus loot when hitting enemies with abilities, no shield. 

1st ability, body chain: launch an arm, attached with various other body parts, punching through enemies and immobilizing them. If both arms are launched, reactivate to smash enemies into one another, knocking loot from them and dealing impact damage. 

2nd ability, disassemble: break down into parts, becoming invulnerable. Reduced movement speed but generate health. Nearby enemies toss loot onto loot pile. 

3rd ability, grinding gears: emit an odious grinding sound, causing enemies to come sprinting at you to kill you and you alone in order to stop the awful sound. Any enemy withing 5m of original burst of sound is immobilized. 

4th ability, build clone: construct a dummy version of yourself that, when shot at, explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies and dropping bonus loot. 

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Passive: enemies drop scrap pieces of armor when slain that is reshaped by void energy for abilities.

1: (disassemble) shoot out armor bits as a shrapnel blast 

2: (engulf ) link to a friendly warframe, damage that would hit your link target instead hits you. upon taking lethal damage the link is broken and you are left with 1 hp.

3: (reconstruct) use scrap armor bits to repair applying a healing affect.

4: (sap) latch on to enemies in front of you channeling energy to deal void damage 


my thinking is that this warframe would be a semi tank. the names for abilities that i use are probably not that great.

 i specifically would love to see #2 or a similar concept in the game 😄

thank you for taking the time to go through the submissions there are a lot of them XD

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Honestly I have a bit of a weird idea. A customizable Warframe power loadout. 

Passive: Modular Pieces: You can swap out this warframe's components in the Arsenal to switch up his/her abilities, and also alter their appearance. (For true Fashionframing) There are 3 pieces for each component that you can swap between. Head, Chest, Left Arm, and Right Leg. Each controlling a different Ability slot. 

1st Abilities: Arm. Controls active abilities. 
- Energy Beam: Fires a continuous energy-draining beam that damages enemies. 
- Blast Wave: Fires a quick shotgun-like blast of energy that knocks enemies back. 
- Void Bomb: Throws a chargable bomb of void energy that deals massive damage but is more costly the longer you hold it. 

2nd Abilities: Leg. Controls positioning abilities. 
- Warpdash: Launches the frame towards the cursor in a teleporting warp, upon exiting they create a blast of void energy that damages and knocks back enemies. 
- Foothook: Launches a kick that sends the foot of the frame flying to a target, warping the user to that location if it's an object/ally, or swapping and damaging if it's an enemy. 
- Voidblock: Stomps to create a wall of void energy in front of the user, slowing movement speed but granting a frontal shield for the duration. 

3rd Abilities: Chest. Controls buff abilities. 
- Rageheart: Increases the warframe's attack speed and damage for a short period of time, but increasing damage taken. 
- Fastbeat: Increases the warframe's movement speed and jump height/distance for a short period of time, but decreasing damage dealt. 
- Ironpulse: Increases the warframe's shields and armour for a short period of time, but slows movement speed. 

4th Abilities: Head. Controls Ultimate Abilities. 
- Exalted Arm Cannon: A powerful head-mounted but arm controlled arm cannon that fires high power precision blasts. 
- Devoid Form: Coats the Warframe in Void Energy dramatically increasing defenses and speed, while generating a damaging aura. 
- Fallen Wings: Extends a pair of wings behind the Warframe that are held together with Void Energy causing flight and a damage+AoE buff to weapons. 

Admittedly I haven't had the time to put a massive amount of thought into this design, but these are just some concepts that I thought could work with the idea. 


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Here is an idea, Prototype: the Begining

Passive- Start Up: Prototype takes a bit to get to his full potential, but it builds up like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill the longer they are in action

1st ability- Backlash: Prototype is a very unstable and unpredictable frame and as such messing with it carelessly is a bad idea. While active Prototype sends back any damage they took to enemies in a radius at far greater damage

2nd ability- Unstable Connection: Prototype's wires are fried beyond usability, however they still function despite everyone saying otherwise. Prototype becomes immoblie but cannot be brought down below 10 hp, however enemies around them start losing 5% of their health every 3s while Prototype gains half of it in health, 10% any excess is turned into energy

3rd ability- Unresponsive Sensors: Prototype was thought to be invincible, until a few seconds later when the frame was shown to be full of holes. For a few seconds Prototype delays all damage and healing to themselves

4th ability- Invalid Command: Even though Prototype was a killing machine, they forgot to put in an off switch and thus was scrapped. Prototype goes on a rampage disregarding their weapons and other abilities, but can be directed towards an enemy dealing increasing damage the longer Prototype is turned to focus on it

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Posted (edited)

Passive: Torn - The lower on health they are the more separated their various parts become, giving them evasion chance since bullets and melee strikes sometimes go through. Death results in a pile of limbs with the hand holding secondary sticking out

1 - Broken mirror - 1 handed, channeled - makes enemies see themselves in their broken figure, giving them a chance for excruciating pain (stagger) every time they move or attack. Requires line of sight

2 - Helping hand - 2 handed - detach their left hand and throw it at a teammate to provide strategic buffs for a time or to revive them if they are bleeding out. Slower reload speed, cannot use 2-handed abilities or primary weapons for the duration + some re-attachment time. Buffs: recoil reduction, casting 2-handed abilities 1-handed, faster reload, wider melee blocking, faster parkour, increased wall latch duration. Revived Tenno do not receive buffs or receive decreased values since the hand exhausts itself, the duration needs to run out the same
Casting on self transfers hand to right side, buffing secondary reload speed and fire rate. Cannot use 2-handed abilities or primary weapons for the duration + some re-attachment time
Ability has to expire on its own
Aiming at a fallen Tenno will result in a visible marker like wisp's 3 on her eggplants

3 - Sum of the parts - switch - 2 handed 
Holding on - Normal
Outreach - make themselves vulnerable in order to reach out. Lower resistances, increased damage
Self care - cling to themselves becoming more survivable, but at the cost of damage
Cannot be changed while 2 is active or cooling down. Starting state depending on energy color

4 - Breaking Point - 2 handed - an exalted shotgun that is breaking at the seams. Instead of a channeled ability it works till it breaks (number of shots). As it becomes more broken with every shot void energy has an increasing chance to leak creating an AOE pulse damaging/blinding/confusing(re-set aggro) enemies around (effect depending on 3) and stripping some sentient resistances
Cool-down before re-casting that can be somewhat shortened by picking up health orbs at maximum health (up to a limited % of the whole cool-down, there is only so much medicine can speed up healing)



Edited by Derpetrator
Added bold text, changed pronouns to they/them

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I would like to state that for the purpose of this concept I went with the idea that the frame only has health because it's so broken that it didn't have anything to generate shields

Break(passive) - Due to some incorrect parts this warframe can attempt to charge their abilities, but due to their parts being poorly connected they break under the stress. Charged abilities cast break which blind enemies in a small radius and increase a power stat by 15% for 20s. The power stat improved depends on which ability was charged. A charged ability will also cost 25 energy instead of the normal cost

1) Entangle - Void roots grow around enemies in line of sight. Said enemies have trouble moving and shooting. When killed they restore small amounts of energy and health. (break increases power duration)

2) Live wire(channeled) - Broken frame grows several void roots that pulse constantly with energy. When brought within range of enemy's they latch onto them and sap health. when in range of allies that don't have full health, the roots latch on and give health. (break increases power efficiency)

3) Exalted failure - Broken frame attempts to summon an exalted weapon but before they finish summoning it they explode dealing massive damage to enemy's and restoring energy to allies. (break increases power range)

4) Growth malfunction - Broken frame suddenly grows a large patch of void roots. Enemies that walk inside get entangled. Broken frame and their allies get covered by the roots which gives them a 50% dr buff that lasts for 20s after they leave. (break increases power strength)

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Hi all i have thought about some abilitys and a passive let me know what you think ^_^                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Passive - increase status chance and duration per 5 kill max x3 resets after 25 seconds                                                                                                                                                 Ability 1 Concede - Has 3 types of buffs that gives to squad. Reload speed. Amour. Status duration. This slightly decreses the warframes reload speed, amour, and status. Instead of using energy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ability 2 Patch - He uses an x ray to scan enemys and this gives back amour and shield to the frame and procs radiation damage. The longer its used the more energy drained. On enemys death they drop energy for you and your teammates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ability 3 Lag - All enemys are slown down when hit by any weapon this can render enemys still when hit enough this also procs impact damage. When the enemy dies small aoe to near by enemys which slows them down too.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Ability 4 - System Failure - Lose all sheilds and amour become huge mass of void energy increasing hp and dealing massive radiation damage to anythin near you. Anyone killed increases energy which will go down very quickly. This includes a new warframe weapon called skull and bones a long sharp jagged bone and a skull shaped shield dealing huge slash damage and stun combos.  

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Posted (edited)

Held together with void energy, and built with parts from destroyed warframes. Eventually integrated with a virulent combat AI residing within a neuroptics part. 

Passive :

"Deep Learning". AI learning has paid off!

AI maximises enemy weaknesses. Random spots on enemies in vision can be shot for 2x damage. Encountering and killing same enemies gives 1% bonus total damage for each enemy of that type killed, up to 40%.


"Logic Plague". Upload advanced malware to enemy combatants!

AI inserts into enemy battle network at target location. Causes blindess in enemy visors and scopes, shuts down enemy robotics and machinery, while removing friendlies from vision of infected enemies. Spreads to enemies and friendlies nearby. Affects neural connections of infested for similar effect.


"Field Installation".  Harvest the technology and advantages of your enemies!

Target an enemy. If target is killed, take on their damage resistance percentages (ex. alloy armor and proto shield damage reduction added to base health and armor), together with any special effect (sentient - damage resist, eximus - can gain arctic eximus barrier or guardian shield regen, can target and kill leech eximus to become immune to energy leech effect). Can cycle to accept enemy damage values (kill an enemy to boost up damage). AI can translate 75% of bonuses into allies if near.


"Salvage Command". Take enemy durability and add it to your own!

Toggled ability. Enemies killed contribute to health regeneration of 10/s, up to 100/s. Enemies with shield contribute to a faster shield regen with lower wait time (up to 35%), armored enemies contribute higher armor value to warframe. Enemies without either armor or shield contributes to a greater health value (up to 30% max health), and gives flat heal equal to quarter their total health. Is affected by power strength. 


"Rampant Harvest". Do it all!

Casts "Field Installation" in 10 meter radius around warframe. Casts "Salvage Command" starting with 50/hps regen. and increases "Deep Learning" damage bonus by 50% for 10 seconds, also increases the damage bonus permanently by 1% for each cast, up to 15%. 

Thats it. Have a nice day.

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Refining passive ability meaning, identifying ability interactions against some unmentioned enemies. Flavor text to passive and abilities

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Just a single ability/ exalted weapon

    Rocket Fist: Energy Cost 50 of 75

        - Warframe fires its Fist and when it makes contact the fist explodes. Also to re-use the attack you have to go pick it up like when you throw a Javlok or something similar.

        - You can mod the Fist like an primary explosive weapon.

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Passive: Corrupted - All of Warframe's abilities may have little chance of harming himself.

2 or 3 Ability: Humming of the Void - Creates an aura around Warframe that reduces the accuracy of enemies, and periodically fears them. Corrupted Effect - Often: Decreases the accuracy of shooting. Rare: Causes sound and graphic distortions.

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4 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

Due to a lack of name, I'm going to refer to the frame as a whole as Broken, the red and blue remnants as Red and Blue respectively. In my head canon, the white remnants, its name long lost, are the source of the Void energy holding Broken together. While designed as a kit, these abilities don't all need to be chosen if only one makes the cut.

Passive: Reassembling
Though never again complete, the Void energy keeping Broken together will ensures that it stays that way.
Broken has one (or two) fewer revives than other warframes, but regain them at a rate of one per 1-3 minutes.

Ability 1: Remnant Lunge
Broken's less-than-rigid composition allows for fast, unorthodox and highly volatile maneuvers.
Broken loosens up its binding energies and lunges forward as a fast torrent of body parts, passing through and damaging all enemies in its path, lowering their defenses. Once it collides with terrain, it reforms anew.

Ability 2: Energy Burst
In a pinch, the Void energies flowing through Broken can double as an offensive tool.
This ability costs a percentage of your maximum Health to cast, affected by Efficiency. Broken unleashes a radial burst of Void damage (with a chance to inflict its status) that coats affected enemies in energy. If Broken or an ally kills a coated enemy, they gain Energy.

Synergy: If Broken hits a coated enemy with Ability 1, all enemies hit by the lunge afterward get coated as well.

Ability 3: Tactical Field - Red/Blue
Little remains of Red and Blue, though Broken possesses just enough to serve their past roles as bodyguard and spy.
Channeled ability, and cycled a la Vauban's mines. Broken inactivates its shields to deploy one of two spherical fields around itself, lasting until deactivated. The fields aren't the largest but follow Broken around, like the MOA companion's Stasis Field.

Tactical Field - Red creates a protecting barrier to guard himself and allies. It has Shield-type health, making it regenerate when it's not under fire.

Tactical Field - Blue creates an invisibility field not unlike Ivara's Cloak Arrow, with the caveat that it ceases to function for a while if an enemy enters it. A good tool for going unnoticed, as long as one's wary of their surroundings. TF - Blue is affected inversely by Range mods, decreasing its radius the more Range you have.

Ability 4: Divided We Stand
Though all but fragments are long gone, Red and Blue's spirits live on within Broken.
Channeled ability. Broken separates itself into the specters of Red and Blue, using Void energy to form the ghosts of their missing pieces. Red gets an exalted Status-focused shotgun, while Blue gets a Crit-focused SMG. (Or some other exalted weapons. Alternatively, they use the player's loadout.)

The player takes control over one specter, while AI controls the other. While separated, the player can press Alternate Fire (or hold the ability if there's no exalted weapons) to switch which specter to control, continuing the battle from the other one's location. (If Alt Fire is used, holding could order the specter to hold position from afar.) (For appearance, either add the white parts to the player controlled specter, or some to each as the source of the Void energy.)

The specters share an energy pool, but have individual Health/Shield pools. If the player runs out of energy, or either specter dies, the ability is cancelled.

The player can hold Ability 1 to make the AI specter lunge to your crosshair, passing through all terrain. (A fancier teleport to relocate the specter, while also dealing damage along the way.)

Casting Ability 2 makes both specters perform it. Specter kills on coated enemies recharges your Energy.

The specters are limited to their respective version of the Ability 3 field, though they can occupy each others and thus stack them. The player needs to activate each field individually, and they remain activated until the player deactivates them.


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Passive: Shattered Remains - +20% damage reduction and +10% movement speed as long as no ability is active

1st ability: Reroute to Neural Implant - +x% Damage buff, +x% fire rate, -x% shield capacity, -x% shield recharge speed. Energy drain of x per second

2nd ability: Reroute to Systems - +x% movement speed, +x% percent shield recharge speed, +x% shield capacity, -x% fire rate, and -x% accuracy. Health drain of x per second

3rd ability: Reroute to Chassis - +x% armor, +x% health, -x% movement speed, and -x% Damage. Shield Drain of x per second

4th ability: Mass Overload - Warframe shatters for x seconds and becomes unable to move/damaged, after the initial cast it can be recast (or at the end of the initial x seconds) to re-assemble itself gaining 1 of the buffs at random with a 2x modifier to said buff for x seconds, at the end of the ability cause a radial shockwave that knocks enemies down while also causing a vulnerable status on Broken Warframe (-40% damage reduction)

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1 - Null Wave - If pressed the Warframe will throw out a thin horizontal line of void energy. If held the Warframe lets out a prolonged shriek as a wave of Void Energy emanates around it. Deals pure Void Damage.

2 - Draining Gaze - When activated the Warframe will latch onto an enemy and drain their life while replenishing it's own Energy. If aiming at a team mate the Warframe will transfer energy over to them. This ability costs shield and will not work once drained.

3 - Cadaverous Recreation - After charged by killing mobs and activating the Warframe splits a portion of it's body off which grows into a shambling mound of Lua Roots. The mounds fire Void shards at enemies. 5 mounds can be active at any time with a base duration of 30 seconds before they violently erupt.

4 - Eldritch Abomination - The Warframe will lean back as long roots burst from it's body and lash at nearby enemies. While the ability is active the Warframe moves at 50% speed and primary fire becomes throw-able Lua Roots which act as detonators (Castanas). Deals Slash and Void Damage.

Passive - Blessings of the Void - At full Energy gain a buff that lasts for 60 seconds, only one buff may be active at a time. Blessing of Death increases melee damage and ability strength by 150%. Blessing of Life gives 50 hp regen per second and increases ability duration by 100%. Blessing of Sight increases drop chance and loot radar. Blessing of Thought increases affinity gain and ability efficiency by 100%. Blessing of Void enemy resistances are ignored and increases all void damage by 300%.

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30 minutes ago, Ribbon1 said:

I think this could be the perfect opportunity for a 'Kitframe' taking advantage of the 'cobbled together from parts of other frames' theme. Delegate abilities from other warframes to their selected parts (I.E Wisp 1 is on her systems) and when crafting together 'Broken' or whatever his name may be, the designated parts you use translate to it's moveset, perhaps with some buffs/nerfs here and there so it's, pardon the pun, not too Broken. 

This is the same thought I had about the broken warframe. I think maybe lorewise it could be something where ordis uploads himself into the frame and uses "memories" or "essences" of other warframes including the passive. And Maybe even the look of the frame would play off this as well. My thought was for it's 1 it would have to be another warframes 1 and not 2,3,4. and once you chose a warframes ability that frame would be locked out from being able to use another of it's abilities.

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Passive- When this frame is in the void (or any missions dealing with the void like relic opening) it’s abilities’ strength is doubled 

1st Ability-The frame uses its connection with the void roots to grab surrounding enemies and turn them into energy generators.

2nd Ability-The frame creates a sapling that increases other frames ability strength and range dramatically, but increases energy used by 25%

3rd Ability-The frame uses any enemies caught from the first ability and over charges them to the point of exploding. Keep in mind the more enemies caught by the roots, the more energy used to explode them

4th Ability-The frame over charges the void energy within it, causing the roots to grow and spread until its shape has shifted into a larger form. In this form the first two abilities are boosted and changed to be more offensive.

yeah most of these abilities do with how the frame is held together by the void roots. I will make edits if it seems that I have another idea, but for right now this is it.

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Ability 1: "reform" (insert name here) takes himself apart and rebuilds himself a different way, changing his stats to accommodate his new look (speed form, Attack form & Defense form)

Ability 2: "armor crack", sends out a powerful punch attack that can break a single target's armor / shields, giving it to (insert name here)

Ability 3: "deform", (insert name here) falls apart and writhes on the floor, grabbing any enemy that gets too close, dealing slash damage & procs.

Ability 4: "unleash" (exalted Blade & Whip), (insert name here) sheds the broken pieces of its body (showing only its void tendrils) and slashing at anything from a great distance. But because they shed their parts, they have greatly weakened defenses.

I'm imagining something like the end of "The Radiance" boss fight from hollow knight, breaking off his outer shell and showing the raw, untamed power sleeping underneath.

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Passive: resistance to any damage and gains a random passive ability or buff

1st ability (haywired):Arm breaks apart and transforms into a flying sentinel energy gun and gains a random weapon

2nd ability(void armor):coverts damage into health and gains a void charge that allows the broken frame to revive themselves like the sentinels do.

3rd ability(overload):the warframe explodes sentinel energy causing the frame to break apart and use it some of its body parts to seek out nearby enemys and eliminate them. then come back to gether again

4th ability(Void specter) The broken frame brakes away from its body an turns into a being of sentinel energy that uses it's body parts as a exalted weapon while flying across the battlefield.

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