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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Dismember. On death warframe use nearby enemies to revive itself. E.g lvl 40 grineer, tentacles would break apart limbs to use for it's own purpose 


Ability 1. Void pocket

Warframe summons a void rip and enemies get sucked into it dealing 350 radiation dmg, enemies who don't die from the ability timer will get thrown back into tile set 


Ability 2. Siphon 

Tentacles comes out of chest, links to nearby allies to give health to them, health given is via energy like 50 health for 10 energy drain 


Ability 3. Corruption 

Weapons get a boost of corrosive dmg for 10 seconds base. Allies in range will also receive this buff. Similar to saryns toxic lash 


Ability 4. Touch of the Eidolons 

Arm becomes a cannon similar to the eidolons right arm, cannon dmg is elemental dealing what ever element the faction is weak to. E.g grineer, corrosive and so on. Energy drain is 4 energy per second. When ability is turned off a magnetic pulse will emit from warframe stunning enemies.


I went for a more sentient vibe than like an error frame gl to you all tenno!

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Ultimate/4: Community

Drawing upon his various pieces and parts, he randomly casts another warframe's fourth ability every cast, copying their energy cost and using whatever stats you have currently

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Passive Flow: generats energy to nearby warframes and itself 3 per sec.                                                                                                                                 power 1: Tendral whip:  lashes and hold an enemy stealing energy 5 per sec for 5 cost 15. Press again to aim and hurl enemy via right trigger to designated location. (able to move around bullet jump cancels tendral whip while active)                                                                                                        power 2: Whiplash: Broken frame tendral arms untighten itself to attack/punch an enemy 6-10 meter away knocking it backwards/to the ground holding it triggers the oppisite effect instead of knocking it backwards it grabs said enemy and brings it closer towards melee range (special mod instant puts it into a finisher). Cost 25                                                                                                                                                                                                                power 3 Meter gauge: unbound decreases gauge by 25% to heal for 35% hold for radial cost 35% gauge to heal others for 30% cost for both 45 energy    power 4: Asunder: (If gauge is full) Frame unleases a broken minded scream and wave of energy that stuns enemies, frames body unlosen itself drastically increase dmg output  range and amplify abilitys till gauge is empty frame tighten itself and return to its form when gauge is empty.  can use this ability with 1-3 (can combine 3 with 4 but dramatically decreases gauge but increases effect estimate time 7 seconds till empty).  use of meater with 4 only will last approximately 15 seconds other ability 1-2 last 12 sec till gauge is empty. Meter fills up with each defeated enemies powerfull enemies fill gauge faster.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   warframe backstory: During the height of the old war a lone surviving tenno scavanged the wreckage of the battlefield to piece together what was left of fallen warframes and sentients alike. This broken down war scarred tenno created a frame tied together with void energy to continue the fight againt the ongoing sentient threat.

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1  vuelo de paz

Aumenta la velocidad en el aire a el usuario como a sus compañeros (similar a volt cuando corre pero en el aire)

salto reflejo

salta y queda suspendido en el aire mientras lanza luz que encandila a los enemigos . Habilidad de tiempo. 


Rebote asimétrico

el daño recibido rebota no genera daño pero infringe daños en tus compañeros y enemigos  %-fuerza de de mod. Ejemplo Rabia ciega solo infringe 1% del daño e Intensificar repele el 60% del daño . Poder de duración en tiempo 


4 explosión atómica. Por 10 segundos absorber todo daño en el segundo 0 explotas. Generas 100.000 de daño a los enemigos y una distancia de 40 mts pero mueres.

Pasiva. En el aire recargas escudos más rápidos 






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Just to add my 10 cents,



adds a small portion of enemy health and armor destroyed to frame as temporary buffs (frame was made by scavengers who allowed it to be modular to price the different parts together)


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Passive: Take parts from slain enemies and incorporate them into <insert broken warframe name>. Parts add onto a counter and create a hp shield for the broken warframe. The counter cannot be changed while this is deactivated by one of his abilities. Getting damaged by enemies will drain from this counter

Ability 1: Assimilate: Incorporate the weapon that the broken warframe is currently using into his own body. While incorporated, the weapon's functionality will change as such:

For guns: increased fire rate and small auto target zone (if an enemy if present in this zone, the shot will be a guaranteed hit), similar to how mesa's peacemakers work, but much smaller

For melee weapons: attacks have large frontal area of effect damage zones

This will be a channeled ability with energy drain when the assimilated weapon is used (similar to hildryn's 1)


Ability 2: Infiltrate: Deactivate the passive and morph into a an enemy. While active, only his 1st ability can be used. The broken warfame keeps his own weapons while in this form. The duration of this ability is based on the counter of his passive.


Ability 3: Defend: Reconstruct his body into a semi mobile turret and deactivate his passive. While in this form, he uses his guns as a frontal weapon and his melee weapon will automatically protect him from enemies that try to flank him. If he lacks one of those weapon types, he will use a weapon from a defeated enemy to substitute for his own. Auto targated melee attacks will have a small energy drain attached, while the gun usage will have energy efficiency like the 1st ability. Channeled ability.


Ability 4: Metamorphosis: The broken warframe shifts his body parts into a form of a quadruped. While in this form, he gains increased speed and agility. He forms a slowing aura around him and increases the effectiveness of his passive. Aiming at enemies will cause him to leap onto them. His attacks in this form will be based upon his melee weapon (if no melee weapon is present, attacks will be based on his current gun, but converted to shotgun with very aggressive damage falloff). Channeled ability.

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Posted (edited)

For simplicity, I'm going to call the frame Mosaic (Remnant is a pretty sick name too tbqh).

mosaic (countable and uncountable, plural mosaics)

  • A piece of artwork created by placing colored squares (usually tiles) in a pattern so as to create a picture.
  • (genetics) An individual composed of two or more cell lines of different genetic or chromosomal constitution, but from the same zygote.
  • (phytopathology) Any of several viral diseases that cause mosaic-like patterns to appear on leaves.
  • A composite picture made from overlapping photographs.

For this idea, Mosaic has a large shield pool and small health pool, similar to Hildryn, but retains their energy pool.

The concept/headcanon I'm going with:
Mosaic is comprised of multiple frames that were smashed to bits by Sentients, but their grudge was so great that the individual pieces were able to come together to return from the dead. However, despite returning from hell through sheer force of will, Mosaic was weak, broken, fragile and incomplete compared to the other Warframes on the field, but even then it was able to carve out its own niche through its ability to deal Void damage to their target of vengeance. When the Old War ended, they finally collapsed into a deep sleep, satisfied. But as the Sentients encroach on the Sol System once more, Mosaic stirs, having waited for its begrudged to return...
I wanted to brings into play the idea that Mosaic is able to form a more raw connection with the Operator due to their unhinged connection to the Void thanks to its method of construction, and is thus able to use their body as a conduit for the Operator's Void Beam in the form of Eidite Variable

Sample values: 0 (30)
Health: 115 (200)
Shield: 325 (1200)
Armor: 50
Energy: 175 (300)

Numbers that scale with stats are enclosed in <>.

Passive: Void Ocean
Woven with Void Energy, Mosaic gains 15% more Energy from Energy and Reservoir Orbs.
If Mosaic gains Overshields from something other than Reservoir Orbs, they also gain 5% of that amount in Energy.
Due to the link their Shield and Energy reserves share, their natural Shield regeneration is disabled if they has no Energy.
If Mosaic casts abilities with 0 Energy, they instead uses their shields at the cost of 400% of the ability's cost.

Ability 1: Tributary (Cast: <50> Energy)
Mosaic lunges to a target <8/10/12/15> meters away and deals <135/165/195/225> damage (20%/40%/10% IPS, +30% Emissive Elemental) to each enemy around them within <4/5/6/8> meters. Enemies that do not die are stunned for <2/3/4/5> seconds and are opened to finishers.

Ability 2: Basin (Cast: <15> Energy / Channeling: <50> Energy/s while Shields are not full)
Mosaic's Shields gain 20%/30%/40%/50% damage resist and their Shield Recharge Delay becomes 0 (Shields recharge simultaneously while taking damage).
Basin cannot be channeled using Shields.

Ability 3: Osmosis (<75> Energy)
For <15/20/25/25> seconds, enemies within <10/15/20/25> meters have a 10%/20%/30%/40% chance to drop an Energy, Reservoir, or Greater Reservoir Orb at a set rate (40%/40%/20%) on death if they were not going to drop an Energy Orb.
NOTE: This is not a loot corpse ability.
Reservoir Orbs restore 25 Energy, grant 150 Overshields, and have a 80% chance to cleanse status effects with a 2 second lingering effect.
Greater Reservoir Orbs restore 40 Energy, grant 275 Overshields, and have an 100% chance to cleanse status effects with a 3 second lingering effect.
Status immunity refreshes on additional pick-up.
Both types of Reservoir Orbs heal Warframes that do not use shields and Operators for 20% of the intended Overshield value instead.

Ability 4: Scumrender (Cast: <50> Energy / Primary Fire: <50> Energy/s & 50* Operator Energy/s / Alt-Fire: <100> Energy & 75* Operator Energy)
Mosaic coalesces scrap from the battlefield to construct the Sentient slaying Eidite Variable, a unique Archgun Amp.
For the first 0.5/0.75/1/1.25 seconds of Primary Fire, it deals <?%/?%/?%/?%> Void Damage in addition to its Emissive Elemental damage, and consumes 50 Operator Energy/s during this time. Afterwards, it loses its Void typing until firing again.
Alt-Fire also applies <?%/?%/?%/?%> Void Damage in addition to its Emissive Elemental damage.
* If there is not enough Operator Energy, the Void component of the attack is not applied.
Eidite Variable gains bonus stats depending on the components of the Operator's equipped Amp.

Eidite Variable (Archgun Amp):
While an Exalted Amp in function, Eidite Variable is an Archgun in engineering, and uses Archgun mods. The weapon's default elemental damage follows its own Emissive colour.
Primary Fire: There is a <1.25> second wind-up/charge time before firing an Elemental energy beam. High status chance.
Alt-Fire: Lobs an arcing energy explosive shot. High critical chance.

That's it for my idea, thanks for reading.

Edited by Sprain
had a number in brackets that wasn't supposed to be, and clarified other sources for the passive, changed some reservoir orb numbers and added some specificity

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Passive have a jury rigged moa companion which has tenno tech 

Ability 1 redirect power

Agilty power boost-speed

Strength power boost-melee damage 

Endurance power boost-health/armor

Ability 2 glitch 

Invisible but your only able to use melee when active

Ability 3 system shock

Nearby allies gets a percentage of energy the closer they are to the frame as enemy's get stunned and shocked but during ability use you can't move or your movements are slowed

Ability 4 transform 

Take form of a finished frame while buffed while your energy is heavily drained because the frame isn't fully built but the buffs are significantly increased 

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6 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

Broken warframe: amalgamation of warframe parts held together by void energy: Amalgama

1st ability: gather and rebuild, parts from fallen enemies or enemies in its vicinity and absorb life energy and convert to void energy which fuels itself or your operator giving it 2x the amount for itself or the operators abilities

2nd ability: Deny life, corrodes armor and drains health every second to itself and the vicinity of enemies. Granting increased pulses for the third ability.

3rd ability: Void scream: pulses void energy like the teralysts and causes stun and knock back effects.

4th ability: Wrathful Penitence increases size and transforms with rage, boosting its allies with void energy, increases speed and defensive skills. 

Passive: As you use your melee, it fuels its frustration and anger causing it to increase its transformation and attack speed. 

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1st ability- A percentage based armor strip (Single target)

2nd ability- A armor boost that affects nearby players as well as yourself. This ability slowly drains your energy.

3rd ability- Increases crit damage 

4th ability- An exalted claymore drains energy over time and is crit based

Passive- Sprint speed is increased while using the claymore

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Passive ability: Every stack of scrap gives a small amount of armor, shields and health, enemies have a chance to give scrap stacks on death

1st ability: (salvage) can be cast on dead or low health, executes/consumes them to give user some number of scrap stacks relative to enemy strength and ability strength

2nd ability: (scrap shield) consumes some amount of scrap stacks to give bonus armor to allies (similar to frost's icy avalanche augment)

3d ability: (self destruct) expends all scrap stacks in an explosion damage and range scale with number of scrap stacks.

4th ability: (salvage engine) Rips armor, shields and weapons from nearby enemies to gain stacks of scrap (Low range percentage based drain, not instant armor stripping)

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These ideas mainly revolve around the concept that after the warframe was assembled from destroyed warframes bits that it kept adding bits and pieces to itself to make itself better and to try and become whole.

Passive: Even the smallest bit of scrap has its use, sometimes when picking up scrap (or sometimes even other drops like ammo) you get back a little bit of energy or health, etc.

Scavenge: The warframe pulls in nearby scrap from fallen enemies gaining bonuses to armor (grineer/robotic), shields (corpus) and/or health (infested).

Repurpose: The warframe uses scrap they’ve accumulated to further enhance themself. You can cycle between different buffs like Scrap Shot (Multishot), Scrap Shield (Damage Mitigation) or Scrap Fuel (Energy Regen) with the buffs effect and duration increasing based on the amount of scrap used.

Conduit: The warframe can create scrap effigies which collect scrap within their radius and draw enemy weapon fire. Allies within the radius gain the buffs the warframe currently has from ‘Repurpose’. Holding the cast button causes them to detonate releasing their accumulated scrap.

Scrap Bomb: The warframe compiles and then violently discharges all of their collected scrap creating a shrapnel bomb dealing damage to enemies based on how much scrap they had.

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Posted (edited)

Passive Ability: - Broken Body - All of the Broken Warframe's abilities cost a % of your maximum health instead of energy. Additionally, whenever you cast any of your abilities, a piece of your Warframe dislodges itself from your body, and lands on the ground somewhat near you. You can pick up these body parts by walking over them, and when you do you regain a % of your missing health, as well empowering your next ability cast.

First Ability - Shatter - Send a wave of jagged pieces of your Warframe outward, damaging all nearby enemies. If this ability is empowered, deal additional damage and apply Slash to all enemies hit.

Second Ability - Reassemble - Teleport to a targeted location by disassembling your body, then reassembling at that location. Enemies in your path take damage as your parts fly through them. If this ability was empowered, you also stun all enemies you pass through.

Third Ability - Acquire - Void energy immediately pulls pieces of nearby enemies and terrain towards you and sticking them to your Warframe's body, damaging and staggering any enemies affected. You temporarily gain increased shields and armor, increasing for each piece you take. If this ability was empowered, you also restore a portion of health per piece.

Fourth Ability - Fragmented Cloud - (Toggled Ability) At the cost of health per second (and the loss of using your weapons), the void energy holding your body together disperses, and you become a chaotic cloud of swirling bits and pieces. You gain omni-directional movement with increased movement speed, 50% dodge-chance for all weapons, and enemies you pass through take damage-per-second while allies in your sphere gain increased resistances. If this ability was empowered, your cloud size doubles.  (You can still activate all other abilities while in Cloud-form, which can hit all enemies inside your cloud as well as in it's specified range outside of your cloud)



Hopefully this kit sounds fun, I really liked the idea of having the Warframe constantly falling apart and having to put itself back together with it's abilities. I know I would also have a lot of fun with a Warframe that was more skill-intensive with decision making, such as paying attention to where your pieces are, and deciding whether or not to play around them depending the situation.

Edited by Roquill
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Alright. 2 abilities. I can't really think on the spot.

Adaptation - Switch your abilities to a more defensive playstyle, focusing on trapping your enemies while hosing them down with deadly attacks, alongside converting shields into armor.

Radium - Deploy a short-lived bomb that explodes into energy flechettes capable of knocking down hostiles. With adaptation, you deploy a landmine that traps a singular enemy while hosing them down.

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Ability 1: Path Of Scowl | A crowd control ability where he void pushes back enemies around him

Ability 2: Seeking Path | The frames body collapses and Turns into a void like monster and unleashed terror on enemies (because of the void energy that it has)

Ability 3: The Calling | The frame turns into a void ghost finding enemies and devouring them  with a little steal of health

Ability 4: Path of Souls | The frame uses its void energy to create an army of souls brutally attacking enemies on sight

Passive | When bullet jumping near enemies, it emits a void pulse and stuns enemies for 3 seconds

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Posted (edited)

Broken warframe ability idea:


Now that I’m looking at her she seems like an amalgamation of three or two different warframes she should have a kit that reflects that. And since she has all those icy tendrils that remind me of the ones in the orokin towers her abilities should also have a bit of a void theme going on.


Since all the recent female frames have been in some way support oriented I feel like she should be a dps frame. She has all these clashing parts so I’d like to imagine that she’s highly unstable.


Here’s my kit idea

No shields

High health

Low armor

High energy

Passive: upon death, sacrifice up to 100 points of remaining energy to be reborn with a maximum of 25% more power strength.


Ability 1: [] conjures an aura of Electricity around herself that causes enemies to take 100% more damage from elemental status effects. (This’s effect chains to enemies close by simultaneously slowing them down)


Ability 2: draw enemy attention while Increasing armor by 50 points per enemy slain

(effect can stack to 1000 points of armor at base power strength)

Drains energy per second.


Ability 3: summon an ethereal circle that freezes enemies in place upon entering.

If killed within the circle enemies will each give 5 points of energy to [] and her allies.

Up to three circles can be summoned.


Ability 4: channel the void into ethereal dual wielded great-swords that slowly drain health when the ability is active. Charge attacks will send blades of energy through the air which explode on on impact. Charge attacks also speed up health drain while executing. (These are mainly status based weapons)


I want her to scale just like nidus 



Edited by (PS4)i7081277

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Posted (edited)

I feel as though the broken frame should be broken in its abilities think about this it is just a mashed together amalgamation held lightly together by void energy so why should the abilities work properly?

Passive. Abilities used too often break and change to something unfamiliar like the void ever shifting the warframe will also change in appearence slightly like nidus body opening it will instead look more broke or partway appear missing consumed by the void or has 5% innate tau damage to weapons

Ability 1. Targeted low tau damage attack that has a small explosion on impact maybe 4m like a laser blast BUT used too much will change to a ally support skill that gives 5% max shield/health/ammo in a 8m radius could have a 3rd form breaking further negative that maybe knocks allies back but not down or removing 5% max shields of caster to continue using

Ability 2. blue shield bubble similar to frost allowing enemies in and reduces incoming damage like the moa pet bubble while inside you and your allies shots are enhanced with alittle tau damage BUT use the ability too often and it breaks such as becoming red no longer reducing damage you take but damages enemies who enter per tik and increasing fire rate instead of adding tau damage the bubble moves with caster like nullifer 3rd form breaking further bubble that increases enemy movement speed and bullet speed like speedva builds

Ability 3. An AoE that like equinox's pacify/provoke only thing is it drains energy constantly to bolster allie damage with alittle tau damage maybe 5% BUT if too many enemies get inside the ring it overloads breaking the ability to instead boost fire rate/reload speed of allies 3rd form breaking further making enemy armor alittle tougher

Ability 4. Something like fixing your abilities taking them and your allies abilities off cooldown/unbroken states and removing the enemies bonuses that you have applied within an area and boosting ally shield/health/armor by 15% or it could also break like a low chance it will instead spawn a sentient of player/enemy level that is also broken that will assist or be hostile depending on how bad your state is

Side note just thuaght it was time tennos could use some tau damage XD if not still a good idea

Edited by (XB1)Zinger5k
I didnt properly read guidelines before doing my original post I am sorry I have read them and made said changes 2nd edit was for errors was gonna add text at bottom but nvm

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Passive: Reanimate

You explode when you die. If you have a certain amount of parts still alive (the companions) then you can revive yourself

Ability 1: Broken Fragments

Summons 2 parts. Parts of the Warframe work like companions (similar to Titania's razorflies) they grab onto enemies and disarm and confuse them. They last until they die. Holding the ability button will explode the parts.

Ability 2: Disassemble

Disassemble yourself and reassemble yourself at a target location

Ability 3: Void sleeve

When cast, infinite ammo in your primary weapon. This ability drains energy whenever you shoot your primary weapon if the ability is active.

Ability 4: Void flood

When cast, numerous parts come out of a void hole in the ground and flood the floor of the surrounding area. The parts do status damage based on your weapon

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Posted (edited)

passive - attached victim gains all the frames defensive and offensive stats  (power strength range armour health shields ect) and attached to a enemy will adopt its armour 

ability 1 - grabs a enemy with tendrils and slowly enters the body of targeted enemy/warframe (ally frames can remove them self from broken frame by pressing a button) can also leave at will (host death will result in the death of broken frame)

ability 2 - activates a all damage boost at the cost of health drain (can kill the host)

ability 3 - on active gives 50% damage reduction and consumes health to 95% damage reduction (can kill host)

ability 4 - enemy's in sight will have a tendril shoot out at them and drain the life by 5% till death all life stolen will be given back to broken frame and who ever he may be attached to 

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Passive: Can use 1st ability of each warframe in squad. Abilities are cycled through similarily to wisp's reservoirs ability. If no other warframe is present or only broken warframe is present, activation of the 1st ability lowers energy cost of other abilities. Stat scaling identical to present warframes' abilities.

1: Mimicry/Reallocation: Use 1st ability of any warframe in squad OR lower energy cost of squad's abilities by 10/20/40% and increase their strength/duration by 20/30/40% if they're casted within 1st ability's duration period and range.

2: Siphon (channeled): Use ammo from reserves rather than from magazine. If reserves are depleted, magazine is used. If both are depleted, uses shield/health as ammo. Ability cancels upon depletion of energy or when warframe has 2hp remaining. Melee receives 10/30/50% combo efficiency (less combo loss on heavy attacks) and 2/3/4x combo multiplier (player can overclock melee combo beyond 12x).

3: Mod share: Link with 1/2/3 players within 15/30/50 meters for 10/20/30 seconds, 4/6/8 equipped mods' effects are applied to you and/or linked players. If some/all equipped mods are identical (for example: you and linked player both have [Vitality] or [Umbral Vitality]), effects stack only by 25%. Cannot choose which mods are shared (some may be warframe, some weapon or even sentinel/pet mods). Mods which are parts of a set, just like umbral mods, have their base value taken into account, dependant on the mod's rank. Ignores arcanes.

4: Stat-swap: Swaps all players' warframe stats with one's own for 20/30/40 seconds in 20/30/50 meters. If multiple players are present, their stats' average value is calculated and then applied. Aura mods, which alter stats like [Power Donation], are not considered in calculation.

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Posted (edited)

Im not so sure about the abilities but it looks like it is made out of 3 broken warframes fused into one so it would be nice if the 3 first abilities would be from the different frames and the last one from the amalgamation of them all. Each broken frame would be different, one focused on damage, support and crowd control

First ability - Bind an enemy in strings if pressed or mark an area, if an enemy would enter the area it would get trapped in strings. This ability belonged to a frame that manipulated strings but was destroyed and assimilated to the broken frame

Second ability - it would be something like a nulifier bubble, a shield that would shrink when damaged that would protect anyone inside or even deflect projectiles like bombard missiles. The ability was from a technic frame like vauban or protea that was also destroyed and assimilated by broken warframe

Third ability - an exalted spear, a spear is a generic weapon so the frame that the weapon belonged could be anything like a knight frame but was destroy in the old war an made into a part of broken frame

Fourth ability "Chimera"  - broken frame own ability it would lose its form and become something like an abomination of parts and tendrils that would pursue the enemies and assimilate them growing bigger with each new part (enemy) added it maybe upon deactivation it could be self destroyed and deal AoE damage with each part

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Passive : Old War Siphons - Gain Energy when near enemies (Amount scales upwards based upon lvl, Eximus or not, and how many.)


Ability 1: Of The Void - Lash out with (a) void tendril(s) from the frame that will latch onto an enemy leeching Health from the enemy, giving the HP drained back to the frame and, providing a stun on affected enemies (Amount of Tendrils and Drain Amount scales with Rank)

Ability 2: Surge - using the exposed void energe overload enemy weapons, preventing them from firing for X Time

Ability 3: Echo of the Past - The past can be a terrible thing, when used this ability will summon 1 (Unranked), 2 (Rank 1), 3 (Rank 2), 4 (Rank 3) Dax Specters to fight alongside them (Dax Damage/HP Based of Power Strength and/or weapons)

Ability 4: Unstable Void Storm - This is an ability that when used produces a growing area of Void energy that grows more dangerous the larger it is and the more enemies that enter it. Enemies that enter the storm begin suffering Void damage that scales up the longer they are in it.



Just gave this my best shot.

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Disclaimer: Any Numbers or Stats I use are my Interpretation of how strong and potent the ability should be. These Abilities are Designed by me, my Clanmate Michi and my close Friend Claudia.
(If I Format the Numbers in the following Way: "10/15/20"  this is when I'm reffering to the Stats based on the current Level of the Broken Frame. Aka Level 10/20/30)

Passive - Strength of the Void

The Broken Frame leeches his Enemies and Buffs himself an his nearby Allies. Every Leeched Enemy takes 20% increased Satus Damage from all Incoming Sources and are 100% more susceptable for getting Status Effects afflicted on them. (aka double Chance to get a Status effect applied wheneever one does.) This can be increased by Power Strength
Whenever the Broken Frame has any amount of Enemies afflicted by the Strength of the Void, he and his (Affinity Radius) nearby Allies (Teammates, Companions, Defendable Objectives) take 25% less Incoming Status Damage. This can be increased by Power Strength
Up to 10/15/20 Enemies can be simoultaneosely afflicted by Strength of the Void.
The Base Duration of the Strength of the Void are 10/18/25 seconds. This can be increased via Power Duration.
The current amount of Stacks of Strength of the Void is Always shown big on Screen, much Like with Nidus'.

Ability 1 - Void-wire Pull

The Broken Frame extends his Arm(s) Forward, spiking out his White Void Tendrils, latching onto the Targeted Area / Enemy.
If the Broken Frame hits an Enemy, then he deals a small amount of Impact Damage shortly leeches the Power from the Enemy, Increasing his "Strength of the Void" passive by 1.
If Broken Frame does not hit any Enemy or specificly targeted the Ground / Wall, he will give that Area the buffing and debuffing Effects of the Strength of the Void for all Enemies and Allies passing through for the next 6/8/10 seconds.
The Base Range, Power and Efficiency can be modified with the respective Mods.
The Cost for casting this ability is 25 Energy. This can be reduced with Power Efficiency.


Ability 2 - Defenses of the Void

 The Broken Frame jumps upwards, Spinning in a full circle while grasp-channeling the void Energy around him to then Slam into the Ground, knocking enemies over and increasing his own defenses.
This ability does not cost Energy, however it Costs 3 Stacks of Strength of the Void to be consumed to cast. Which cannot be improved by Power Efficiency. (this will remove the debuff from the last three entities, be it teammates or enemies)
The Base Duration is set at 12/16/20 Seconds. This can be improved with Power Duration.
The Broken Frame gains 100% Status Prevention while Defenses of the Void is Active. This means, no Knockback, Slash, Toxin or any other Status can be procced. The Broken Frame also gets a Health and Armor Boost of 175% to help with survivabilty.
Since it does not cost Energy but rather the Stacks of the Passive Stength of the Void, I have to specify, that this Ability is recastable at anytime, but no matter the remaining Duration, the Ability will Always require 3 stacks to be cast again.


Ability 3 - Grasp of the Void

The Broken Frame reaches out with his Hand, aiming at the Targeted Area and Lifting his Hand upwards, clenching the Fist and summoning Multiple Void tendrils, Ripping off any ranged Weapon from Enemies and devouring them, retreating back into the Ground. This changes the affected Enemies into Melee Combat Units.
This ability has a Base Radius of 6/7/8 meters outwards from the casting Point. This can be Increased with Power Range.
The Cost for casting this ability is 75 Energy. That can be reduced with Power Efficiency.


Ability 4 - Void Demon

The Broken Frame channels his inner Void Demonic Powers and turns into a nimble Void Kavat, the All-devouring Space Demon from Voidhell.
Becoming smaller and having a smaller Hitbox (much like titania). He gains the ability to run 150% faster than normal (modifiable by increasing sprint Speed), jump height is also increased by 100%
While being in the Void Demon Form, the Broken Frame can use the Alternate Attack Button to target an Area, a Single Target or Enemygroup to jump to, up to 20/25/30 meters. This can be used for traversal but it can also Proc the Passive Strength of the Void Buff on any Enemy hit by the leap. The Base Range of the leap can be Increased by Power Range. Using this Costs 15 Energy on Cast.
The Primary Attack is a fast, Forward-dashing attack, capable of dealing Slash Damage on hit. The Secondary Attack is a heavy Pound, dealing Radiation Damage in a small Area.
The Damage can be Increased by Power Strength Mods and Sprint Speed mods (to help the attack Speed)
While the Broken Frame is in his Void Demon Form, he still has Access to his other 3 abilities. Activating his 4 again or running out of Energy will return the Broken Frame back into his Normal Warframe.
The Activation Costs 25 Energy, the Void Demon itself drains Energy by 5 Energy per Active Second. Which can be modified by Power Efficiency.


Rank 30 "base" Stats:

Armor 200
Energy 125
Health 300
Shield 75
Sprint Speed 1.10

(Duration, Efficiency, Range, Strength 100% )

Inspiration / Ideas
I really hoped for a void Frame, which I can turn into Cataclysm, but still interlock the ability with tha passive and the kit. I'm intending this Frame to use his Defenses of the Void, to help with survivability, however instead of just plain Survival boosting, I want it to be connected with the first ability, the passive and the rest of the kit if possible. My friend reminded me of Nidus and his stacks. So the best implementation is to have a buff, which you can build up and spend for survivability.
Now I also had the Idea of Holding the abilty button to cost twice as much but doubeling the devensive buff effectivity. This would however most likely be to strong, so i left it out.
I also want the kit's abilities to Play into eachother, so it's not another 4frame again.

Greetings from Michi, Claudia and me to yall ^^

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Here an idee, i hope my English will not be to horrible to read.

Passiv : « Scraps Harvester » :

1-      The ennemies drops the ressources call « Scraps (or Debris) ». When the frame picks them up, he obtain adaptative ammo for is weapon and obtain money that he use to augment the level of some of this skills the "Scraps".

2-      This frame doesn’t have shield (but better armor and health than average frames)

First Skill : « Parasite Vine » :

1-      He projects a parasitic vine on an enemy from is hand. At impact, it deals x adaptative physicals damages (changes according to enemy resistances) with 100% proc.

2-      Then, the parasite deals y damages over time for a determined duration (without any proc chance)

3-      If the enemy is killed when parasitized, then the parasite will look for another target brought to and repeat the 1- and 2-, with 100% of the remaining duration. The enemy drop more ammo, and he become a “Junk Strain” (it collapses on itself) for a long duration.

4-      Longer the parasitic rest on one enemy, more “Scraps” it will be generated.

5-      (Augment mod proposition : the parasitic vine will jump to an enemy to another without waiting that this one die (up to 4 other ennemies) will not deals D.O.T. anymore, but will augment the chance to proc additionals physicals status effects on them during all the duration of the skill).

Second Skill : « Debris Surgery » :

1-      With a short press it can choose between three modes: Offensive; Defensive and Support. With a long press, he gains a shield on which damage is reduced. As long as he has is shield, he buffs himself depending of this mode choice:

2-      With the Offensive mode, the frame reverts more “Reds Parts” on his armor and it increases its attack speed (all weapons) and its recharge speed (for primary and secondary weapon).

3-      With the Defensive mode, the frame reverts more “Whites Parts” on his armor and it increases this damages reduction (and Health/Shield regen? -> to test).

4-      With the Support mode, the frame reverts more “Blues Parts” on his armor and it increases this mobility (and Health/Shield regen? -> to test).

5-      When the shield is exhausted, it generates “Scraps” base on this maximum.

6-      (Augment mod proposition : share the buff, not the shield, to allies around him)

Third Skill : « Rusty Culture » :

1-      He transforms the “Junk Strain” around him in "Metal Culture”. They are turrets who dealt equilibrate physicals damaged (with medium attack speed and low proc%). They can be upgrade by using “scraps” (by pressing x for each one). They dealt more damage, have more health and more armor.

2-      According to the selected mode (not the active one, the selected one) they obtain an additional permanent buff:

3-      With the Offensive one, the level up turret become more aggressive and haves higher critical and status chances.

4-      With the Defensive one, the level up turret become more resilient and is surrounding by an area shield who prevents critical hits and suppress status effects on allies.

5-      With the Support one, the level up turret become more precise and she can generate health and energy orbs when participating to enemy eliminations.  

6-      When a « Metal Culture » collapse, she drop « Scraps » base on his maximum health.

7-      (Augment mod proposition : Change the weapon of the turret, base on the augment use).

Fourth Skill : « Petrol Press » :

1-      Use a skill According to the selected mode (not the active one, the selected one). When you press longer the button, you will strengthen the skill and use scraps.

2-      With the Offensive one: Releases a barrage of small guided missiles in front of torso, from his back. They deal blast damage and adaptative physicals damages (changes according to enemy resistances).

3-      With the Defensive one: Release many guided mines around him (like a circular shock wave) with his right leg. They stop at a determined distance. All enemy who are hit by the mines will take electrical damage and adaptative physicals damages (changes according to enemy resistances). They can’t use their weapons (infested will be slow down) for a determined duration.

4-      With the Support one : Release many guided drones around him from his back. That deal radiation damage to all ennemie hit and adaptative physicals damages (changes according to enemy resistances). The drones follow him for a fix duration, and will attack the targeted enemy (right button). The ennemies will lose armor and shield.   

5-      Status procs chances augments with level of the skill too.

6-      (Augment mod proposition : augment the chance drop of the ennemies kills under this skill effect, in fonction of how many sraps have been spent (hup to a maximum)).


And here is finish my proposition for the broken frame. Just to help to understand my vision of this frame, I imagine him destroying is surrounding to continually rebuild and adapt himself. The design of the frame inspired me the aspect "vine" / "vegetal" part. One more time, I hope my English doesn’t suck to hard (if that the case, sorry).

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