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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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How about a Warframe that alows you to pick your fist ability from any warframes fist abilities only. Same with second, third and forth ability. Also able to pick any passive abilities.

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Passive - Broken Shield Generator - Shield regenerates half as fast but it can turn into an overshield. Once the overshield reaches 500, it gets converted into 30 - 50 energy.'

Ability 1** -  Costs 25 energy -Lash out with a tentacle that extends 10/15/20 meters (affected by ability range) and spears every enemy in the way.  For every enemy speared, there is a 50/50 chance to restore either 50/75/100 shield or 10/25/50 health (the values are affected by ability strength). Whether you get health or shield is rolled per enemy (If you spear 3 enemies, you can get something like 200 shields and 50 health). This attack deals a percentage of the enemies maximum health. The percent is also augmented by ability strength. Each enemy hit by this generates a 5% boost in damage that stacks up to 300% buff and a 20% efficiency boost. This buff can spread to other allies with halved strength. The duration to the buff is 10 seconds and it cannot be affected by duration

Ability 2 - Costs 50 energy - The Broken Warframe extends its tentacles to pick up fallen enemies weapons and armor. It will bring this armor to itself to give itself health based on the amount of stuff picked up. It also adds slash damage and procs to the first and third abilities. This ability has a health pool like Rhino's Iron Skin

Ability 3* -  Costs 50 energy - Entangle an enemy with tentacles that spread to 15 enemies at most. The tangled enemies have damage dealing tentacles strung in between them. Enemies that pass through the tentacles are stunned and take radiation damage. They are also proced with radiation. Each enemy hit with the tentacles provides shields to you and your allies. This ability deals DOT  to entangled enemies. When this ability ends when the last one dies.

Ability 4* - Costs 50 Shields Summon a tentacle whip with multiple jagged parts attached that deals primarily slash and consumes shield. The whip grants shields and overshields when a status effect is proced. The warframes passive is disabled and can have the regular overshield cap. The weapon also deals more damage and has a longer range as more overshields are gained.

*Thought of by Bananabird101

**Tweaked by Bananabird101

There are no written records of the conversation with Bananabird101 because this was written during a direct conversation with him


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Edit #1 Credit/Sources Edit #2 Reworked ability 2 and tweaked abilities 1 and 3 to be unaffected by duration
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Passive : electricity dmg +15%

1. Corrupt void : Aoe  knock up and strike em with void blast dealing 100/150/300 dmg  (number of enemy scales with  %ability range) 

2. Broken Resolve : sacrifice 10% current health to become invulnerable for 1-3 second (hold down keys button) while charging up  team armor up to 450%

3. Void Energy : stores up enemy dmg taken 

4. stormeater : transform into a storm titan that can accesed to a new ability. cost (50,45,30 energy/second scaling with ability level)

sorm eater ability :

1 .  void crush : deal the stored dmg to an enemy in a cone shaped area 

2. stormflies : telport into targeted area and explode into a rubble to stun the enemy

3. Crosscontagion : deal mixed dmg of any element 100/250/300

4. retransform : retransform to original body

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Hmmm.  I only have one real idea that I think would be interesting to throw in somewhere. 


Not specific at all,  so it has some flexibility for creative artistry.  


We've seen exalted weapons added,  and abilities that add interesting variants,  such as flying,  shooting,  ect. 


How about an ability that transforms the frame you're using,  and possibly even the abilities that are being used by the Warframe? Like a full transformation? Like perhaps it transforms the frame into a vehicle,  or creature of some kind even? Food for thought. 

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Passive :     can sense any nearby enemies with it void mind and self health regeneration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ability 1: void control.: a ability that can transmit void energy to a partners warframe wich gives him more health and gives more damage too teams weapon 

Ability 2:void travel. An ability that you cause to travel faster when your teams need help you do is press the button and you there with your teammates.

Ability 3: crest. A ability that can make the frame fly with its void power  and can shoot void rockets while flying.

Ability 4:durendal. A void blade that he can out out his chest and the blade throws void phatoms.

Hope you like my ideas really hope one of these can be on the and yeah.:)

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Passive: Energy cost slightly decreases withthe more enemies you kill.   (150 enemies cap) (10 energy discount)

(Ability 1) Snatch: Strands of the void that hold it together pull enemies towards the warframe that stuns the enemies affected and damage delt by melee weapons is increased by 50% for 5 seconds and isnt shared with other players.

 (Ability 2) Tremble: Summons energy from the void that disperses around the warframe pulling enimies towards the ground dealing decent damage that can be scaled  up with the more enemies affected and also replenishes 25% of the sheilds maximum health.

(Ability 3) Outlive: An orb of void energy forms around all allies making them immune for 5 seconds and the damage delt to each individual orb is added to the next melee attack made. (players will be able to move around but at a slightly reduced speed)

(Ability 4) Surge: The frame covers the floor with sharp spikes of void energy impaling enemies making them drop their weapons and forced to their knees allowing the warframe to behead or kill enemies in any way.

The names may not be the best but i hope you think well of the warframes abilities.

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Im sad that this won over the bastion concept but i figure even a scrap frame has a base much like valkyr became the frame it is rather then being made that way. So some of my idea pays homage to the bastion concept by CursedPhoenix or Adam Burn. (hope i credited the right person)

Passive : Enemies drop shield components and armor fragments when killed. Frame collects these components to use in its abilities. Other players can also pick them up to add to damaged shields and armor/health. component inventory is lost when downed

Ability 1 Bastion's gate: take stance with An exalted sword and shield with a twist both are broken. Blade snaped at the hilt and shield cracked and shattered. Takes no enrgy to cast or maintain 

Ability 2 field fortification: Usiing parts colected from fallen enemies he reinforces himself and his equipment with optional upgrades

use sheild components to make a energy paladin shield with a powerful shield bash  that drains his shields and scales with shield mods, an energy blade for the sword that does additional heat and electricity damage or build sholder mounted generator pauldrons that double your sheild and provides overshields to nearby allies. (If shields deplete all shield upgrades are lost)

with  armor fragments construct a iron hoplit shield that loses durabilty as it takes damage and can be thrown like a glave. If thrown near its breaking point it shatters sending fragments out that strips enemy armor. Use armor to craft a blade that stripes armor at the cost of its own durability and does increasing slash damage. Near its braking point use an optional finsher that stabs an enemy before breaking the blade off in the enemy. the broken blade causes its host to bleed and slow till death. And has added tox damage for every enemy killed prior to breaking . Armor can also be added directly to the frame or fashioned into plates that allies can pick up (all armor crafts have durability)

Ability 4 Aquisition/Relinquish: If you don't have components equipped use tentacles to quickly strip living enemies for components or detonate yourself stripping your upgrades to create an explosion that strips armor and or shields depending on the combination of upgrades equipped at the time. If you are downed with enough energy to activate this ability activates automatically emptying your component inventory and outputing damage based on how much you have.

Ability 3 : Trojan : Create an explosive device disguisedas an high ranking enemy, enemies tha rally around the trojan recive damage buffs when detonated all enemies near  it and all enemies who rceived a buff die instantly and detonate aswell regardless of level. (leaders, bosses and other large or "non fodder" enemies are unaffected by trojan effects but take damage from resulting explosions, nullifiers detonate buffed enemies ) 


Side notes/ideas. A deluxe skin could be made later down the line i homage to Adams visual concept 

Augment mods could "unbreak the frame" like a mod that gives him unbroken exalted weapons with more damage but cant be buffed by his 2 

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The weird Warframe:

(I speak spanish, sorry if I have an error)

-Passive: The warframe has a 25% to make a void electro hit when he is attacked.
This percentage increases to 50% if your life is low. (It's a white lightning bolt that comes out of your body and hits an enemy)


-1º skill: The warframe takes a piece of its body and charges it with explosive damage energy to launch it like a grenade. The skill has cooldown to get the thrown part back to its place.


-2º skill What makes us :

Have 3 rotations:

speed cannon: The warframe launches with great forward speed, collapsing against the first object to hit.

super jump: Old Excalibur reference. He make a GREAT jump.

rest: The warframe falls to its knees exposing great weakness but allowing the void to heal its wounds.


-3º skill Exsalted VOID :The warframe tries to summon an exalted weapon but it gets out of control and generates a large blast wave that stuns enemies causing radiation


-4º skill Assimilation : The warframe generates a harmonious zone where enemies are confused before the trails and white lights of the void.
Tentacles in turn emerge from the warframe grabbing certain enemies to merge them with it.
This generates an increase in life, shields, and overall damage.


I enjoyed contributing ideas ( ^ ^)

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Passive: Shatter Shield - Envelops Broken Frame in a barrier of energy, reflecting back incoming bullet damage.

1st ability: Spores - Inflict a target with a pox of Corrosive spores. Spread spores to nearby enemies by destroying them or killing their host. The longer the Spore spreads, its damage will increase.

2nd ability: Reservoirs - Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Broken Frame and his allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies.

3rd ability: Vex Armor - When Shields are hit, Broken Frame and nearby allies' Armor grows stronger, when Health takes a hit, Weapon Damage increases. Active for a limited time, maximum increases corresponding to rank

4th ability: Peacemaker - With intense focus, Broken Frame draws his Regulator pistols, shooting down his foes in rapid succession.

Recast Energy Discount: 50%

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Passive: Upon killing an enemy, strips some of the enemies armor to add to his own for a very short period.

Disclaimer: Following abilities are not necessarily in order, they're just all the best 4 i could think of.

Ability idea 1: (no name ideas sorry) Strange whispers distract enemies and direct their attention towards wherever you aim when casting.
Augment idea: drains energy per second, causes whispers to instill fear in enemies within a (growing?) radius around player (or maybe around the place you aimed) and attack whatever they see. moving cancels fear effect.

Ability idea 2: (also no name ideas) Void tendrils lash out from broken warframe's body at a number of enemies within a set radius, draining energy to refill his own, but quickly kills them in the process and you cannot move while ability is in effect (as there would be little holding him together). maybe more tendrils as he ranks up?
Augment idea: you can move, but rolling or bullet jumping will cancel ability, and ability radius and/or number of tendrils is reduced.

Ability idea 3:  (Void fissure) Broken warframe explodes with a short burst of void energy (or perhaps aim to cast?), making allies within range invincible for 3 seconds and granting a buff of your choosing: ability duration, ability range, ability efficiency, or increased melee, holster and reload speed. Cannot recast to stack buffs or multiple buffs. Also knocks down all enemies within a set radius.
Augment idea: Broken warframe can recast to stack buffs or multiple buffs, but costs exponentially more energy per cast (gonna leave values blank) and drains health after energy.

Ability idea 4: Broken warframe rearranges his parts into a very fast and agile animal-like form. cannot use weapons while ability is active but has powerful teeth and claws
Augment idea: moves a little slower, but kills slightly refill his energy.

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I have only one ability idea.

Shatter :-  All the body parts of Broken breaks apart and target nearby enemies. Sorta like heat-seeking rockets. Increasing strength can either increase the number of body parts becoming rockets OR Number of consecutive attacks those parts would do. When this ability is active, Broken will exist in Ghost (like vomlyst) form completely immune to damage.

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1st most we never did finish each Faction with a Quest Frame:

Red Veil: Rell - Chains Of Harrow (Harrow)

Cephalon Suda: Octavia's Anthen (Octavia)

Perrin Sequence: Glast Gambit (Nidus)

New Loka: The Silver Grove (Titania)

even Cephalon Simaris: New Strange (Chroma)

Ostron has Mask of the Revenant (Revenant) & Saya's Vigil (Gara)

Baro Kiteer: Sands of Inaros (Inaros)


Fortuna/Vox Solaris/Vent Kids/Solaris United: Might seem odd unless they pull a had this in hidden story going on like with Perrin Sequence

Steel Meridian: Might be great for a Grinder/Lich/Kuva themed Quest in the future (Thought we would have gotten Grendel Quest)

Arbiters of Hexis: could make for a decent themed Quest

Conclave Tenshin: Would work great for a Themed Quest utilizing fragments from either the Old War or from when Tenshin was oblinging the Twin Queens ... leading to another quest renew ways of old

Syndicate Quest request out of the way...



Broken Warframe:

The Concept Art of the Broken Warframe reminds me of Naked Jehuty.

Passive: Void Evolution Gate

Armor Stat is 0 and instead Warframe has built-in Sentient Damage Adaptation Gate 

First gate: 25% of Total Health Lost
Second gate: 45% of Total Health lost
Third gate: 65% of Total Health lost
Fourth gate: 80% of Total Health lost

25% at full Shield+health
20% between 75% & 55% of Max HP
20% between 55% & 35% of MaxHP
15% between 35% & 20%, after which there is no limit for Health gating.

Adaptation of damage type resets after 15 secs unaffected by mods.

Base Shields of 75, base health of 50


1st Ability: Disperse -  Release Void Energy in a 360° knockback in 10m radius (Like when Paralysis used to be a 360° variant of Banshee's Sonic Boom)

Knockback strength and pushback velocity scale from damage mods; Ragdoll Environment damage like from days of old.


2nd Ability: Retool - Weapons are converted into a Lunaro and Arm forms into an Arcata (Void tendrils becoming the scoop) Stats of attacks are services from which ever weapon is equipped Arch (Heavy) Gun, Primary, Secondary, Melee. Uses Lunaro stance; if Void Ball is lost alt-fire regenerates a new Ball via ammo conversion.

(Works even if Melee, Sniper, Secondary, Rifle, Shotgun only)*

3rd Ability: DeGauss empowerment - 25m AoE Status Cleanse conversion. Number of Status effects cleansed from self and allies/companions converts to 15% status chance per status type removed applied to allies that were cleansed. Even if they are now out of the 25m cleanse wave. Status chance percentage scales with Powerstrength.


4th Ability: NM Admonishment - When cast there is a 5 sec delay of Aura effects 

A random NN effect is applied to allies in 10m range, Aura effects warning Showing Symbol for NM status effect debuff

No Shields, Vampire Health Drain, Vampire Energy Drain, Low Gravity, Enemy death detonation

Allies in Aura range receive 300% Damage buff.

Channelled ability drain with ramp-up similar to Valkyr Hysteria

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Not my personal preference, I wanted an Asura/Beastmaster frame instead of a derp/meme frame but whatever. 

For a passive : Energy Tendrils latch onto enemies to leech life and energy/Bits of frame/tendrils swarm the frame as a shield while launching automatically at nearby enemies to damage and cause random debuffs which depletes the swarm visually until you reset with one of it's abilities.

1. Lariat> An energized large tendril/arm extends into a devastating frontal sweep with energy steal/swipes with an an energy sword with a wave of damaging void energies. 

2. Gungnir> The arms/tendrils become spear-like and launches you into a hurricane of spinning death while the body morphs into serrated edges, useful for clearing distances and shields/tough armor.

3. Chaos Control> The channeled void energies in the tendrils all over it's body light up and cycles an aoe set of debuffs that jump to a new enemy every time an affected one is killed up to 10x.

4. Void Overture> 4 Cannon-like arms morph from the tendrils making him a fortress, his melee become Exalted energy blades with 2 extra tendril arms and his Primary becomes an exalted beam cannon as his 4 cannons bombard with aoe blasts and passively with covering fire when using melee.

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Passive - 
- The % of the damage received from gunfire is absorbed as shrapnel and has a % bar that fills up
- The more % you have the more defensive you are ( idea )
- Damage will consume % (shrapnel bar) 
Or - The % of the damage received from gunfire is deflected back at the target ( can be 5% to 15% ) 


1st Ability - Knock out knee                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     The user short dashes forward bashing the enemy with a fierce knee jab! 
(Can damage enemy armor and adds shrapnel to the % bar of it's passive ) 

2nd Ability - Frag out                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The user blasts all the shrapnel around it away damaging enemies caught its range and disorients them for x Seconds ( depending on the %l of shrapnel used )
(Can proc bleeding depending on the % of the shrapnel when used ) 

3rd Ability - Roundframe Kick
The user spins frantically knocking and damaging enemies in it's path
(Can be used to move around quickly or crowd controlling )

4th Ability - Frame Sentry
The user enters into his most powerful form becoming the protective weapon used in the old war by the orokin
deploying a canon from it's back and can fire shots with explosive outcomes
( While in this form the user is immune to damage and knockdowns but cannot move )

My thoughts on this warframe idea

So i had this 1 or 2 ideas merged together into this soldier kickboxer Warframe.
a ancient build used way back during the old war and tweaked a lot during battle to fit the needs for victory.. the old user of this old warframe saw carnage and death during that dark period and was eventually put to rest and now it's time for it to be restored into fighting conditions.. like and old tank vet giving his life for the cause yet again. haha

Hope you all like this little idea <3 Love you all DE 
P.s. give banshee some sick ghostly screams!! >:D haha


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Passive: status chance for all attacks increased by 30% for the player and all allies 

1: Additional assimbily required- when activated at an object or dead enemy, the Warframe graples the object with it's void tendrals and adds that object to it's body for a set duration. Depending on the object, different buffs are applied. Standard enemies: armor buff, explosive or freezing barrels: cold or blast aoe, mod pickup or dropped loot: random stat buff, item locker: additional loot drop chance. Can hold up to 5 buffs. (Does not work on live enemies)

2: connection error: enemy accuracy dropped to near zero for set duration

3: rewire: when casted on an Allie, the Warframe rewires the other warfrme, removing all negative status effects, and any additional status effects gained within a set duration will be positive instead of negative. Hold to cast on yourself

4: extra parts: the Warframe splits its parts into 3 groups with 2 being ai and the player controlling the 3rd. Each copy will have either your primary, secondary, or melee. Swapping weapons instead swaps which copy the player is in control of. The 2 ai copies are capable of using all previous abilities with 50% of their original power. Hold while pointing at a location to have the 2 copys move to that location or if aimed at an enemy, attack that enemy. 

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Passive- Broken Heart: When enemies are being kill, broken warframe would absorb body parts and gain extra health stacks up to 5 stacks with each increasing 250 Health

1st ability- Broken Arm: Warframe gets the ability to change their arm into a type of weapon, from melee, rifles, and Cannon 

2nd ability- Broken Roar: Warframe Roar in an Aoe range which Stuns close enemy while disarming the rest further away costing 1 stack of broken heart 

3rd ability- Broken Soul: consuming 1 stack of broken heart to empower broken arm abilities, melee get a huge slash, rifle attack damage and speed increase, Cannon get a strong blast 

4th ability- Broken Body: Consuming all the stacks of broken heart and create a explosion that does damage to large radius of enemies and stun the ones that survived the blast

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Sprint speed-1.00         

Passive-Energy leakage- The Warframe leak energy to itself and its allies depending on how low its Hp is (100% Hp = 0.5 energy per second in a 10m radius, 50% Hp = 1 energy per second in a 25m radius, 25% Hp = 2 energy per second in a 50m radius)

 (know this is a bit of a stretch and a lot of work but hear me out)

1st ability-Reconstruct-The Warframe will have three different forms. Red will be Assault mode. Blue will be a Tanker mode. White will be Life mode. (Colors as based on concept will change if you change them) You can tap the ability to rotate through them in, Assault->Tanker->Life then back to Assault. Holding the ability will rotate the opposite direction allowing to switch from one form to either of the other two

Drain-25 energy

2nd ability-Name pending-This ability is targeted AOE that’s has three different affects them. In Assault mode it deconstructs enemies. For armored enemy’s it will reduce armor by 50%. Shielded enemies will have shields reduced by 50%. Those with neither will have Hp reduced by 50%. In Tanker mode it builds up ally defense. This will also do scaling damage based on enemy level Will give allies hit by the blast a 50% damage reduction. In Life Mode given regenerative property’s regening 15% of hp per second. The ability can be held for a large blasted centered on the player.

Drain 50 energy

Range 30m

Radius 8m

Charged radius 12m

Debuff duration 25s

Buff duration 18s

All buffs and debuffs scale with strength

Armor and shield debuff cap at 100%

Health debuff caps at 75%

Damage resistance caps at 80%

Health regen caps at 50%

3rd ability - Name Pending-This is a toggle ability. In assault mode while active your sprint speed is increased +0.20 and you and allies gain 25% damage, fire rate, and melee attack speed boost. In Tanker mode you gain 200 more armor and you and allies gain adaptation (works like the mod does at max level and can stack with the mod) In life mode you gain 100 extra shield and Hp and you and allies gain 3%

Drain- 25

Drain per second 2 (0.5 extra drain per ally, only players things such as pets and specters are not affected though the life steal will heal companions of a player)

Buff radius-12m

Buff duration 6s (allies that leave the buff radius will keep the buff for a short while unless the ability is toggled off)

Stats boost and buff increase with power strength

Power strength makes it so adaptation gains more per hit Ex. If base is 10% then 200% strength makes so a hit gains 20% reduction


4th ability -Ultimate Being-This is a toggle ability that does not drain energy. While in this mode you will look like the concept art does now.  While in this form you get the benefits of all three modes when you cast your 2nd and 3rd ability but they cost three times the energy to cast

Drain-75 energy



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Passive - Biologic integrity

Health, armor, and shields scale from the amount of assimilation counters you have (capped at some point for balance)

1st ability- Deconstruction (free of energy cost): The Warframe disassembles into it's deconstructed form, becoming invincible for the duration of the ability. Being in your deconstructed form will allow you to activate your 2nd and 3rd ability, as well as allow you to trigger your 4th's deconstructed variant of the ability. While in you deconstructed form, you are unable to use any part of your arsenal (weapons, gear, archgun, etc.) or go into your operator form. Turning into your deconstructed form removes one counter from your Assimilation counter. When the ability expires, you return returned to your Warframe form (you do not gain the benefits of your 3rd ability if you let this ability expire)

2nd ability - Assimilation (free of energy cost): while in your deconstructed state, you can target an enemy and absorb them by latching onto them with your tendrils.  When they get pulled into your core, they get deconstructed and added into your bioenergy, adding one unit to your Assimilation counter as well as giving you energy. When they are connected to your tendrils, they struggle to get out and will not fire their weapons. 

3rd ability - Reconstruction:  While in your deconstructed form, activating this ability will rebuild your Warframe, restoring your health and shields to full as well as give you a temporary speed, melee dmg and health regen buff (make this scale based off your Assimilation counter)

4th ability - Mass Conversion:  the Warframe latches on to multiple enemies in an area around it.  If Mass Conversion is cast while deconstructed, it pulls all latched enemies to the player and assimilates all of them (behaves like the 2nd ability but at a larger scale). If it is cast in Warframe form, all latched enemies will have a surge of energy sent to them, causing them to erupt into 1-3 energy orbs each. This ability consumes either no energy when cast while deconstructed, or all of your energy and Assimilation stacks if in your Warframe form. 

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1 Void Seep: opens x area around him to void influence, enemies influenced by the void can be stunned, take damage, or occasionally transform into a lesser corrupted unit of the same faction. Ex: Shockwave moa --> Corrupted Moa. All are "marked" by the void. Holding the ability drains more energy, while growing the corruption. NOTE: This void corruption would persist for a significant amount of time, making it useful for defense, interception, etc,  but only affect units who enter them for the first time.

2 : Void Spawn: Spawns x amount of friendly Fallen warframe Specters per x amount of energy chosen to be expended. These units are significantly stronger in void Corruption. These units explode upon death, seeping the void into the units around them, with the same effects being applied as ability one.

3: Void Sacrifice: Immediately explode all friendly Tenno Spectre units- much like in ability two, giving yourself and other teammates in the void corruption extra armor and health for each enemy marked by the void in this way.

4: Void Sanctification: The broken warframe calls upon the spirits of the Tenno who once utilized the warframes he is built from to enact their revenge, causing every friendly Tenno spectre unit, as well as every "marked" enemy unit to explode in a blinding blast of light, enemies around these explosions burn, and are disoriented. All enemies within the void influence are blasted out of it's radius, taking burning damage, and if killed, drop energy orbs.

Passive: Shared Essence: The bolstering abilites (Volt's speed ability, Valkyr's Warcry, etc.) of other warframes are x% more effective on the broken warframe, due to his many diverse parts being able to connect uniquely with each of his teammates warframes.


The idea here is that the Broken war frame would grow the corruption as fast as possible, marking as many units as possible, and then sanctify them for more energy to do it all again. If things go south, Void Sacrifice can be used as a last ditch effort to save from being downed. The broken warframe and his team having to manage where the corruption is to reap it's rewards adds another layer to the chaos of battle, and would synergize well with many other frames. thanks for your time :)

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passive-dislocated each time hit by the enemy it armor stipes the enemy 

1st abilty(GliTch) phases through all enemy attacks for a short period of time and able to teleport 5m

2nd ablity(Loop) all enemies who dare to touch him will get blinded and half of hp will be taken

3th abilty(ChEat) uses void energy to give him and his allies 90% crit dmg 85% health or 100% armor

4th abilty(DELETE) creates a aura that slowly decay the enemy body gives extra dmg per enemy 


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Theme: "broken" as in "glitch between Warframe and sentient"


Passive: Unfinished Design

Broken Warframe becomes more unstable as he uses his abilities. He has a meter at the bottom right, that fills up with energy used. When at at least 100% meter, the next gunshot, melee strike or held down ability 1 fires an overload-burst fast projectile at the aiming recticle, that explodes on impact for X amount of Void damage in a X meter radius. The meter can be charged up to 300% with every 100% granting one projectile. A projectile fired from 300% charge deals double damage and has 50% increased radius.

Ability 1: Joint Barrage

Broken Warframe releases a barrage of X amount of Void missiles from the links between his body parts, that autotarget  enemies.

On tap: selects random enemies in a radius of X meters.

On button hold: instead shoots all projectiles at the nearest target to the aiming recticle, amplifying the damage by X% (plus the passive projectile, if at at least 100% charge)

The passive projectile has autotargeting as well, if fired this way.

Ability 2: internal Anomaly

For the duration of X seconds, Broken Warframe artificially overloads himself, charging up the passive meter at a rate of X% per second with increasing speed. The connections between his body parts are also strengthend, granting him X% damage resistance and X health regen per second.

Synergy with Void glitch: while Void glitch is active, the passive charge rate is doubled.

Ability 3: Sentient Plated Armor

Every different body piece of Broken Warframe is covered with a sentient alloy, that negates the damage of the next incoming attack to that body part. The plating of that part then brakes, granting X% passive charge. Reactivate to refresh all armor.

Ability 4: Void glitch

Toggle Ability. Broken Warframe temporarily glitches over to his sentient side, converting all damage he deals with weapons into Void damage and amplifies it by X%. Additionally, he has reduced gravity, allowing further jumps, longer air time, and faster airborne movement. The energy drained by this ability fills the passive meter.

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When i think of a broken warframe of this calibur I think of a warframe variation of Zaws and Kitguns. And that hed use a certain warframe parts when building and rebuilding him that would justify whose abilities and what specific abilities hed get to use. I.E a saryn neuroptic get her first ability, nova chassis get second abilitie, rhino system get 3rd ability, and his ult would be something crazy but balanced like hed give everyone on the team a temporary exalted weapon to use that utilizes the essence of the warframe parts his body consists. In terms of cosmetic functions of having other body parts hed have a base form and his body would change slightly with the last warframe power he used. Its just an idea. Not really even a good submission just pitching that idea out is all.

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Passive - Has a pet sentinel that flies around and shoots void lasers

1. Creates placable turrets that shoot void lasers
   Rank 0 - 2 turrets

   Rank 7 - 3 turrets

   Rank 14 - 4 turrets

   Rank 18 - 5 turrets

2. Creates an aura that boosts the damage of your and ally’s sentinels and moas. (Revives moas or sentinals if dead)

3. Creates wave of energy that clears positive status effects on enemies, and clears negative status effects on allies

4. Overclock - boosts attack/reload speed and damage of all ally sentinels, moas, and turrets. Also boosts attack/reload speed and damage of your primary and secondary

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1st: He Pulls a Buff from a enemy, removing from such enemie ( example, steals armor from grineer, or shield from Corpus)

The affected enemie will have his spirit broken and stay still and unable to fight for a little time


2nd: He opens his body showing his true self, braking the will of the enemies in a radius around the warframe. He then leaves a copy of his true self in the position where he activated the abilitie. This copy will stay still, and break the will of any enemie that enters the copy radius, for some time


3rd: While active, enemies killed near the warframe will have their body parts broken and pulled into the warframes body, covering part of it. The more body parts it has, the more damage reduction it will have, but its speed will decrease as well. This abilitie drains energy over time


4th: The warframe blows himself up in a radius. All enemies in the radius will suffer direct life loss, ignoring shields and armor. As the warframe reassembles himself, the damage dealt to enemies within the radius, will convert into health for the warframe. All affected enemies will have their wills broken.


Passive: Enemies whose wills where broken, will take extra damage from all sources, and have higher chance of dropping life or energy orbs

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Ok Hopefully my ideas get picked for Design or even if one is useful I'm happy I contributed here they are 

(1. Cell Shift: Using the Parts on the "Broken Frames" Arm on one hand The parts morph into a Melee Weapon and on the other arm It morphs into a Primary Weapon you would need to Use a Ability Swap Wheel like the one used on Vauban and Grendel To shift between Weapons)

(2. Void Burst: Using the Void energy in the the "Broken Frames Body" it summons Void energy and imbues the CELL SHIFT Abilities with Void energy Like An Opperator Amp or If CELL SHIFT isn't activated it Uses a Powerful Void Beam That Latches onto enemies and Drains There health And Transfuses into Energy for the Frame)

(3. Lost Divide: small Parts Disassemblefrom the "Broken Frames" Body and enlarge into 3 Clones of the Frame like mirage but they are Sentient Like Excalibur Umbra or Wukong and they provide support with Each weapon you are holding or they Use CELL SHIFT to manifest weapons)

(4. Perfection: The "Broken Frame" Becomes Whole For 1 Minute OR 1 Minute 30 seconds and all Stats Health Shields Armor act and Abilities are at Full Power And A 25% Buff of all Stats apply to All Teamates in range BUT if "Perfection" isn't Activated All abilities and Stats are at Half Power seeing as hes not a Full Whole Frame he's Broken)

Passive: Opperator Gets a 20% Boost to Health on Transference and a 10% Damage boost Seeing as The "Broken Frame" is made of Void energy

I hope DE Takes a few of my Ideas into Consideration 


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