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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive   he has a broken power gauge meter the more he uses his powers the more unstable its untill it brakes and when it does energy costs more but your power is increased by 50% for 60 sec

Ability 1 he can rip his arm off and throw it at people and stun them

Ability 2 he can glitch and teleport back to were he was 30sec ago and get all his health back

Ability 3 create a power surge that stuns all enemies and increase attack speed and fire rate for him and friends for 30sec 

Ability 4 falls apart and create a massive explosion

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Hi, this is my proposal for the broken warframes abilities, and as of making and posting this I havent read this forum so if any idea in here resembles that of another post is merely coincidence and not trying to copy anyones ideas, and also if you wish to expand on these ideas feel free to do so!
Also if some of this abilities seem to similar to existing ones on other frames, its no out of context of a broken frame made of other frame parts to have similar ways of using its abilities or have similar outcomes (at least thats what I think) Also the abilities I have think come from the context of a broken frame made of surplus parts from other frames seeking to be complete again, evolve and turn this into advantage on the battlefield, Because this frame has no name (yet) I be refering to him as "Broken" through this post, tho if I had to choose a name it would be "Pars" for "Partial" in latin. Also (3rd time geez) any numbers in this post may be suject of change.

Broken Jelousy: "Broken" gets 25% more damage on the first shot/hit on a enemy with full health

Ability #1: Asemble
"Broken" can cycle through 3 options of armor (as titanias tribute or ivaras quiver) and will consume energy to frabicate de armor (just as inaros scarab swarm). Also hold the ability key after completion of the armor at any point to shred it automaticly if desired. These armors will tear and get damaged but not from enemy attacks but as "Broken" uses its other 3 abilities, as it uses "armor bits" as aditional cost, however their full effect is retained until the armor is completely used up
The armor types are:
• Defense: hardened armor buffing the frame with: 800 armor, 100% knockdown resistance, 25% power duration
• Agility: light armor buffing the frame with: 200 armor, 20% increase in parkour, sprint sprint speed and slide, 25% power range
• Offense: medium armor buffing the frame with: 500 armor, 25% (additive) increase in critical and status chance, 25% power strenght
Power strength and efficiency affects this ability, power strenght in modifying the numers of the buffs (except of course the ones that affect power atributtes) and the numer of uses the armor gets to expend on abilities (max of 20 "for now"), and efficiency affects how much energy is consumed when constructing the armor.

Now with the types of armor out of the way we can talk about how each armor affects the other 3 abilities

Ability #2: Finishing touch
By using 50 energy at base and at the cost of 3 armor bits, "Broken" will lash out some of the bonds that hold him together to an enemy and steal its very essense, the enemy is proc with radiation and 50% of its defenses stripped, leaving confused and broken.
This is a another self buff ability, however its effects will differ on what armor you are using and what faction you are targeting (why faction? This is mean to always give you an upper hand to the faction you are currently fighting)
Also while active any armor bits costs are reduced by 2. This ability is recastable. If armor is depleted while this buff is active it will remain while unarmored or while making the same type of armor, but making a new armor will end it prematurly.
Duration at base 25 seconds
Armor buffs:
• Defense: modable damage reduction with 40% at base with max at 90%
• Agility: modable ability casting speed with 20% at base with max at 50%
• Offense: modable damage increase with 50% at base with max at 150%
Enemy specific buffs
• Grineer: all weapons can proc corrosive with their respective status chance
• Corpus: all weapons can proc magnetic with their respective status chance
• Infested: all weapons can proc viral with their respective status chance
• Corrupted: all weapons have a 60% chance to gain aditional status procs
• Sentient: all weapons do 25% more damage to enemy units
This ability is affected by power strength by affecting the % increase of the armor buffs, duration affects the time the ability is active and efficiency how much energy the ability uses for its cast.

Ability #3: Construct
By using 75 energy at base and 5 armor bits as cost, "Broken" can make a tower which makes a localize area of its #2 ability for allies to use in an area of 15 meters at base, however they only get the benefits while inside the area of effect. This tower does not poses duration but rather a health bar (which is 75% of "Broken" modded health and armor). It is possible to make up to 3 of this towers and its posible to have each type of armor tower at the same time. "Broken" can heal its towers completely by aproaching them and sacrificing 4 armor bits. Healing a tower made from a different armor from the one you have currently will transform the tower into the one of the current armor (Example: healing a offensive tower with defensive armor will transform the offensive tower into a defensive one)

This ability is affected by power range by affecting the range of the effect area and power efficiency affects how much energy is used casting it.

Ability #4: Weaponize
By using 100 energy at base and 10 armor bits, "Broken" can weaponize himself and its armor and make its exalted arm cannon "Debellatio" using his energy reserves as ammo, only consuming it while firing (acting as Ivara's artemise bow). Fully modable, this arm cannon changes stats depending in which armor it was summoned:
Base damage type: radiation
• Defense: avarage damage (350 at base), high critical (50% at base) low status (10% at base) charge type (like the larkspur secondary fire) with a high explotion radious.
• Agility: low damage (150 at base), low critical (10% at base) high status (50% at base), high fire rate type (like basmu primary fire)
• Offense: high damage (500 at base), average critical and status (25% at base) 3 meters of punch through, semi auto type with average fire rate (just like a sniper/railgun)
This ability is affected by power strenght, affecting base damage and power efficiency, affecting how many energy per shot is used.

I wish I was an artist to provide decent images on how I depic each ability, sorry about that

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Passive (Void Born) : (Frame) has no shields. As (frame) receives damage, up to 5 parts (Left boot, right glove, right shoulder piece, left leg piece, helmet) will detach for each 20% of health lost (relative to original modded max health), unlocking upgrades to (frame)'s abilities and reducing (frame)'s maximum health and armor by 20% per piece (multiplicative after all other mods or adjustments). After 2 seconds, parts may be manually recovered, fully restoring that portion of health and restoring maximum health and armor but downgrading abilities. (frame) may use abilities while downed, but not in a nullifier bubble.


1 (Puncture) (25 health, energy if downed) : (Frame) lets loose a spread of (2/3/4/5) void energy beams (5° random spread), dealing (75/150/225/300) Puncture damage over (10m/10m/15m/15m) with a (20%/30%/40%/50%) Status chance (Status Duration affected by Duration %) per beam. For each part lost, gain (75/150/225/300) 1+: Corrosive, 2+: Radiation, 3+: Magnetic, 4+: Viral, 5: Void damage.

2 (Impact) (50 health, energy if downed) : After charging (5s/4s/3s/2s, less charge time with lower duration and natural talent) (Frame) fiercely punches in a direction with such a violent force that it deals damage to himself in the process, creating a 0.5m (not moddable) ray of void energy and dealing 50 void damage with a 100% status chance along with the punch itself dealing (400/500/600/750) impact damage. The attack will also destroy the protection of enemies, removing (10%/15%/20%/25%/30%/35%/40%/45%/90%) (Based on level and passive upgrades) of the enemy's armor and absorbing (10%/20%/30%/40%) of damage done to enemy's shields as energy to himself (and allies, if downed).

3 (Slash) (50 energy) : (Frame) detonates all detached parts of himself, dealing 20% (affected by ability strength) of his original modded max health as slash damage to all enemies within (3m/6m/9m/12m) of each detached part with a (40%/60%/80%/100%, not moddable or 10/25/40/65%, moddable) status chance. All parts then regenerate after (10/8/6/4, +2 per part) seconds but do not heal and while not existing do not provide passive upgrades.

4 (Return to Form) (100 energy) : (Frame) dispatches all his extra energy from his energy pool, restoring allied energy pools with (20%/30%/40%/50%/60%/70%/80%/90%/100%) efficiency and dealing 10% of each enemy's health plus (20%/40%/60%/80%/100%, based off parts missing, based on efficiency) of the energy spent as (33%/34%/33% IPS, 100% True if downed) damage to all enemies in range, all of this within affinity range. Damage dealt while downed is returned in full as health and revives (frame) automatically if health received is 1000% his original modded max health.

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Broken suggests the need and search for completion or fixing, to make oneself whole again. The following abilities symbolize a mental and physical journey of a once great but now broken warframe, who is stuck in a continous loop of inner conflict.

Passive) Inner turmoil - The Broken Warframe has no idea who or what he is or was. The usage of his abilities increase his state of turmoil and inner agony. After a threshold is reached the mind and body can't take the stress any longer and the warframe falls into a state of uncontrollable rage, increasing his weapon damage output AND input (or damage over time). The letter increases over time.

1) Salvage - The Broken Warframe's white tree root tentacle thingies spread out in an AOE grabbing pieces of armor of fallen enemies in the vicinity and place them on himself in an effort to make his body whole again. Grineer grant bonus armor, corpus bonus shields, infested bonus health and sentients a mix of all. If different enemies are present a percentage of each armor type is applied.

2) Copycat - Broken suggests a loss of identity. The Broken Warframe corresponds with his piloting tenno and copies a random ability out of the tenno's existing warframe arsenal as an attempt to find his true self again and fill the gaps.

3) Clarity - The Broken Warframe remembers a part of his old self (Somehow the concept art reminds me of a scientist or a scholar). He emitts frequent pulses of energy, enlightening those around him and himself. Maximum energy is increased as well as a certain amount of Power strength (not too powerful).

4) Agony - As a last resort attempt of self preservation the Broken Warframe emitts a massive explosion of energy and salvaged armor pieces, dealing damage and stunning enemies around him. Using this ability resets Inner Turmoil and return the Warframe to his basic broken state. Buffs and abilities gained by himself are reset. The cycle of pain begins anew.

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Passive; You cannot lose more than 30% of your health in one instance of damage, instead you will get short invulnerability. Meanwhile one part of your body will fly x amount of meters from you, coming close to body part will return it to your body.

For each missing part, you will be debuffed.

Head- Reduced accuracy and vision.

Hand- Reduce reload speed, not being able to use primary weapon. If both hands are removed, warframe would be unable to use any weapons.

Leg- Reduced movement speed, unable to do advanced movement.

Picking lost parts will buff you, giving you x amount of power strength and x amount of movement speed. This stacks.



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Passive ability: the ability to counter the first status effect put on you

Ability 1:  separate into pieces and travel at Great speeds

Ability 2: the ability of attracting enemy body parts in firing them as projectiles

Ability 3: combine enemy remains into allies up to two at a time strength of the allies depends on strength stat

Ability 4: can transform their hand into a cannon as an exalted weapon


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Passive-Each time an ability is cast it has a 25% chance to do 50% more damage 

1. Strangle-The warframe hits the ground and all enemy's in 30 meters get pulled to the ground un able to move dealing x dps tor 5 seconds.

2. shield-this will create a wall of broken parts that collects bullets and after desumen it will target the nearest enemy and reflect 50% of the damage it took( if enemy's die it will retarget)

3. summon-The warframe will summon 3 un completed zombie like varents of its self to attack and distract near by enemy's, last for 30 seconds(zombies will do low damage and move slowly but have high health)

4. paricite-The warframe will go inside of the enemy controlling it if the enemy you posed dies you will disassemble and not be able to do any thing for 3 seconds.

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I dont really see why you're still going on with this seeing how your owners are selling thier shares to a company that dose mobile phone apps so if you thought the Switch has data limitations try putting this game on an adroid or ios. OK back to abilities 1-4 none passive can not revive and self-desturcts at start of mission

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Passive: slowly build up parts of her increasing armor, and can be consumed to amplify abilities (to amplify hold to cast)

Claw Cast: fires fingers off in segments, piercing enemies and adds a crit spot to enemies while consuming parts.

Void Conductor: uses void roots to latch on an enemy to siphon abilities, granting immunity to status effects and builds parts faster. (Kills and builds faster when amplified)

Dismemberment: breaks parts of her to grant buffs to either fire rate (arms), crit damage (head/neck), health (chest) or parkour abilities (legs). (Cycle through each buff choice and each buff is assigned to a different part of her body as well as each buff has a different cool down time based on the part, but mods change all cooldowns by the same amount.)

Trial and Error: Consume a quarter of your parts to obtain a random warframes ability at an amplified power and cast it for a devastating amount of damage and take the enemy by surprise. (Power scales off combination of your mods and how the ability is effected) (abilities would be the same used as support in the railjack i.e. umbral howl, thermal sunder, stomp etc.)

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Passive: Instability - As you use abilities an instability meter fills. At certain percentages warframe parts will fly off and perform different actions (the arms could shoot it's fingers at enemies, the legs could kick nearby enemies away, etc.). Without the armor of your parts your vulnerable void form will take more damage.

1st ability: Forced Phase - target an enemy then target a location to phase it to slamming the target through any enemies in its path.

2nd ability: Integrate - target an enemy and teleport inside it, enemies will target the enemy instead of you as your parts squeeze the life out of it. cast again to cancel or move to another enemy.

3rd ability: Legion - press to command detached parts to fly to a location then hold to create void copies at each location. The arm copies will stay still shooting parts/energy, the leg copies will run toward the nearest enemy and engage in melee, and the chest copy will attract damage towards itself

4th ability: Void Overload - upon activation uncontrollably phase between nearby enemies dealing damage (possibly radiation to cause friendly fire) and leaving behind your pieces. when the ability has ended, your pieces fly back going through any enemies in their path. The number of targets for this ability is determined by the charge on the instability meter. Upon completion the instability meter is reset.

I tried to base the abilities around being best in chaotic situations, becoming more effective while also being more vulnerable. Also, to better fit the theme I imagine a glitch style animation to go with the abilities.

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I imagine the frame having a meter like Nidus that increases by the amount of "Scraps" the frame picks up, increasing their survivability the more Scraps they have. Certain abilities would drain the Scraps instead of energy. Taking damage would also reduce the frames Scraps, so resource management would be a thing. The Frame would always start off with a personal reserve of Scrap that can't be removed by enemy damage. The only way to remove it is to use an ability that uses Scarps while low on it. When the frame has lost all their scraps, their core is exposed. In this mode, the frame can't use any weapons but can use ability. While exposed they are harder to hit and every hit drains energy instead of health. When the frame has regained their personal reserve of Scrap they turn back to normal and can use weapons again.



1. Assimilation
The frame launches their void tendrils to an enemy slowly absorbing them into its being, gaining health and scrap in the process. Depending on the enemy assimilated, gain certain buffs.

2. Scrap Launcher
The frame launches some of their Srcap towards enemies stunning them. The longer the ability is held, the larger impact and longer stun.

3. Spit Apart
The frame strips themselves of all of their Scraps, creating a minion that will draw agro and fight for them. Drops some Scraps when the minion dies. The frame can use Assimilation to reabsorb the remaining armor from the minion. 

4. Breakdown 
In a moment of lucidity, the frame sees themselves as the monster they are and has a mental breakdown dealing damage to themselves and everything around them, including allies, with void energy. All that damage is accumulated into one final eruption that deal damage and knocking enemies down. Each enemy hit has a chance to spawn Scrap for the frame to pick up. After the eruption a healing wave of void energy is released, healing the frame and allies by a percentage of the damage done from the eruption. Enemies hit by the first waves are stunned.

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Passive.- Made from broken parts

                Continuously gain health/armor/shield from dead bodies.

1.- Phantom Walk (toggle)

                Gain speed and can walk through walls and objects.

2.- Aim Surge

                Collects parts from dead bodies to increase weapon damage to you and your allies, obtaining random stats from current setup

3.- Balance Ruin
                Aura that can be expunge from extra health/armor/shield gathered from passive to reduce % health/armor/shield to enemies

4.- P5hng Me A*wy

                Disables complete tiles-sets dropping everything into abyss (kinda like you and other need to /unstuck)

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Code Name - Asterion the Broken the Amalgam


Theme and Name (Feel free to ignore the name I just thought it would be a cool suggestion): Asterion as an allusion towards the Minotaur, who's story and look as an amalgamation of man and beast and being neither seemed like a name that could potentially work. Theme, running with 'Broken' as incomplete, the theme of Asterion runs with the idea that their brokenness is their strength and their weakness. They wish to fill their empty parts with the power of others while also passing the same dysfunction to their enemies. Not dissimilar to a virus. Abilities will be focused around disruption, adaption, control and versatility. Theme fits the sentient vibe the warframe concept art has.

Passive: Roulette


 Kills count as scans and Asterion gains a boon against the Acculturated (first ability) faction. (ie immunity to toxin (infested) or magnetic (corpus), gains armor stripping (grineer), Tau (general buffs to survivability +Hp/Armor))

Ability 1: Acculturate



Asterion is incomplete. Activating this ability allows them to gain data based on the enemies killed. Upon X amount of kills (there will be a bar) Asterion gains a spectral "arm" and leg (over the blue parts) that transmutes that data into a physical weapon. There will be one for each faction: Corpus, Grineer, Infested, Tau [Orokin can be added not sure it should count as its own faction though for this]. This can either be a permanent commitment until death (full death not downed and revived) or a temporary duration/strength based ability. Tapping it will turn it on an off, allowing for the use of weapon loadouts as needed. Some ideas for the "arm" (Think Alan Walker's arm from D-Greyman) (suggested weapon damage will be % based vs flat damage for scaling):

Corpus (The Disruptor): Energy sword and shield (think centaur). Acts like a melee weapon controlled the same with "E" for attack etc. Gains passive disruption pulse (weapon jam/shock) every X amount of seconds and the shield blocks a percentage of projectiles (can act something like Baruuk's first ability) or if too complicated can be a flat damage reduction. The weapon itself will be lower on the damage side in compensation for the increase to survivalbility and soft CC. Speed similar to default heavy weapons. (As stated with the passive this 'stance' gains Magnetic immunity)

Grineer (The Bombard): Grenade arm Cannon: Acts as a ranged weapon. Slow attack speed. Highest damaging arm. And most focused on damage. Something around Shedu speed. Can be charged for more damage. Every X amount of seconds activates a tether net (similar to the Vor pulse orbs or the Gustrag three) that restricts enemy movement. Arm can overheat if used too frequently and sends out a D.O.T pulse of energy. This hurts both Asterion and enemies around them. [If Orokin is not added as it's own faction: Double shift or ctrl can be changed to a blink] (Stance gains Armor stripping)

Infested (The Venomous): Claw arm melee. Right click and E can create a link to allies (when aimed) to send a pulse of healing & energy (at the cost of over shields more links quicker drain of over shields). Asterion is stationary for the duration. Melee attacks have lifelink. Full HP generates over shields that can be used to fuel the link heal. Medium fast Attack Speed, medium damage. Every X seconds Asterion gives a toxic pulse to nearby enemies. (Stance gains toxic immunity)

Tau (The Mimic): Five shot energy spear gun arm (it's cooler than that description sounds. Just imagine floating like spears either coming from Asterion or floating behind them like Kiana in "Final Lesson" [Honkai Impact] guided by the sentient arm). Ranged. Can be shot 5 times before needing to be recharged. 10[or 15] lances can be on the field at the same time (Charged lances count as 5). Lances stay active X amount of seconds or until detonation. Fastest of the ranged weapons. Lower damage than Grineer arm. Can charge like the Bombard for one higher damaging lance with punch through. Spears can rad proc. Can be detonated for a burst of damage with the middle mouse button. Charged lance can create spectral copies of skewered targets when detonated. Detonated spears blind nearby enemies. Spears can be placed on the ground and detonated remotely. [Other ideas: Two Charged lances can create an energy 'wall' if placed with X meters of each others restricting movement and projectiles from a specific entrance if allowed make max lances 15: 2 full charged lances (max for charged lance) and 1 more regular clip] (Stance gains +HP/Armor) Skewered targets can't move. This stance is meant to be more control and strategy-oriented.


Note: These may seem beefy for a first ability, but this is A) Where the majority of the passive is activated and B) is also going to dictate the play style for the mission to an extent as even if it needs to be reset multiple times for X amount of kills most missions only have 1 faction. Part of the theme idea is Versatility through Randomness. That randomness is seen partially through here.

Note: If these weapons are treated as an exalted weapon, make it 2 like Titania. One melee one Gun. These can be called like 'Adaptors' or something. Personally I think it's just easier to have them ACT exalted but leave them solely effected by ability strength. 

Note: Instead of making it duration based OR energy-based (channeled which I don't recommend with the rest of the kit) have continued use of the bar. Aka use of the arm will slowly drain the bar, but maintaining kills against the faction will replenish it. This can force Asterion players to turn it off to maintain the faction passive and use loadout weapons to get kills and maintain use of the ultimate. Especially if using a lower damage stance. Party settings can have ally kills count as either half or quarter of a stack depending on effectiveness.


Ability 2: Anabolic



temporarily bolsters their Acculturation Factor based on the data provided increasing the effectiveness (damage/clip size [if applicable]/CC Aura) X% 

of their Adaptive Arm for X seconds (scaling with duration & strength). 

While active Asterion 'glitches' giving them one of three effects:

1- Invisibility

2- Energy regen

3- Asterion Debuff (temporary negation of Acculturation boon)

These 'glitches' should take place 2x Once upon activation and again halfway through the overall duration of the ability. Order is random, but some rules. Buffs can stack 2x (aka Invis 2x during the activation of the ability and at the midway point) but this means next activation can't get that boon meaning chances in the next cycle raise to 50-50. If you get another Double stack the odds will be increased to 100% for the outlier. After that the cycle resets and all are fair game. These rules are specific towards double stacking so all variants can be had. For great boon comes great price inevitably. 


Ability 3: Catabolic


Asterion spreads a degenerative code: Duration based ability. Asterion takes a hit to their HP and converts it into a debuffing aura. For the duration enemies within X meters become vulnerable: either armor strip, shield strip, health decrease (where applicable. AKA if the enemy doesn't have armor it won't be a potential debuff. The buff selection is still randomized)  or weak point reveal (random). All Debuffs are Overtime X% per second These enemies react by becoming slowly frenzied or slowing down. When Asterion's Acculturate is active the effect can be spread further through kills/damage done with the adaptive arm. Debuff lasts X seconds from activation. Anabolic is active overtime effects are doubled.

Ability 4: Metastasis


The data collected from the acculturated faction has allowed Asterion to more quickly spread his code. To the very ground Asterion roots themselves and from their peg foot spreads a web of immobilizing circuity (Base X Meters).While channeled Asterion gains HP and Overshields (or immunity) while damaging those stuck in their web.The longer the channel the further the range and more energy it consumes. The Channel can be broken at any time leaving those ensnared by Asterion's web Hard CC'd in place for X seconds. This ability can ONLY be activated AFTER achieving Acculturation of a faction. and deals either toxin/slash/radiation damage (randomly) on top of X base damage. Enemies will be drawn towards Asterion like moths to a flame. (Taunted). If Anabolic is Active Metastasis will detonate any remaining caged enemies when duration has run out and spread the Adaptive arm effect (ie blind/shock/tether).

And there we have it. A frame mostly focused around adapting to scenarios to complete itself while providing CC with a hint of damage always with the wonder of whether the next glitch will be a boon or a curse. This idea centers around synergy of ideas in a way that hopefully promotes multiple different ways of play mission by mission, while also hopefully not being an overwhelming power house in all accounts. Players will have to juggle their Acculturation Factor, debuffs, and buffs to both themselves and enemies with enough CC (hard and soft) to promote a more strategic playstyle for players who don't want to just press 4 and nuke a room.

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Name = ROMU, finnish for scrap

Passive- being held together by the void has provided a passive energy regeneration and uses a resource "scrap"  which provides damage reduction but more scrap decreases the amount of passive energy regen.

1st ability- DISMANTLE- lash out with a tendril of void energy stealing a % of enemy protections and turning them into scrap, to be used a against them.(affected by strength, range,and efficiency mods) 

2nd- DISARMING DASH- tear yourself apart and dash forward as you steal the weapons and ammo from your enemies before piecing yourself back together. excess ammo will be turned into scrap.(affected by range, efficiency,and duration for dash, ammo stolen affected by strength)

3rd- JURY RIG- (two modes channeling ability, toggle for activation/deactivation, hold to switch modes) offensive mode: channel your scrap and energy into the weapons of yourself and  your allies within reach providing a % slash damage boost due to the shrapnel of scrap. defensive mode: channel scrap and energy into the armor of your allies providing a % of damage reduction, if allies take no damage for 3 seconds will start regenerating health. (affected by strength, range, efficiency, and duration mods.)

4th- METAL STORM- "using the parts you have collected rain hell upon your enemies." launch 50% of remaining scrap like seeking missiles  in 2 ways. Tap: radial attack knocking enemies off their feet with lesser damage. Hold: focused directional attack with greater damage but lesser aoe. (enemies killed by this ability drop scrap. deals ips and blast damage)(affected by range and power strength, can be further enhanced by offensive mode)

"A truly versatile frame with a broken nature that is filled with both brutality and empathy"





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My idea for this is that the Frame itself is not really able to properly convert Void energy into regular abilities; it has abilities that are more like corrupted versions of other abilities. For example, plenty of Frames have a point and cast damage ability on 1; this Frame also has a version, but instead of converting the Void energy into a fireball or magnetic wave or lightning bolt, it has to lash out with the Void energy itself. The other idea I had for this 'broken' Frame is that it hasn't quite got Transference sorted properly either, and some of that power can be channelled into a mutable ability, like how Chroma's Passive works. I've tried to get some common playstyle between the abilities; this iteration is intended to be mainly a support/utility Frame, with some survivability added in so I can continue supporting without needing round the clock protection.


Passive: Scavenger - Gain a temporary armour boost from pickups

1: Void Lash - Lash out with a tendril of Void energy, briefly stunning an enemy and dealing damage. Heal for a portion of the damage dealt.

2: Glitch Step - Teleport a short distance; if you re-materialise inside an enemy, deal damage, knock them down and open them up to ground finishers.

3: Transference Blast - Unleash the power of your Focus Path with a blast centred on the Warframe. Ability changes depending on equipped School, and affects allies and enemies, but not the Warframe that casts the ability:

Madurai - Allies hit receive a damage boost; enemies are hit with a burst of radiation damage (with proc) and knocked back

Naramon - Allies hit receive bonus combo duration; enemies are stunned, opening them up for finishers, and take viral damage (with proc)

Unairu - Allies hit receive an armour buff; enemies are knocked down and hit with corrosive damage (with proc)

Vazarin - Allies hit gain health and shield regen; enemies hit are dealt first cold then toxin damage, both with procs

Zenurik - Allies hit gain energy regen; enemies are suspended and take magnetic damage (with proc)

Note: all effects are intended to be temporary, and depending on which buffs also not particularly long (lookin' at you Madurai and Zenurik).

4: Unshackle - The Void tendrils holding the Warframe together begin expanding into the environment. Become rooted in place and send out Void tendrils to stun and leech enemy life. Reactivate to cancel; the longer it is active the greater the tendril reach, but the energy drain also increases.

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Passive Ability: [Broken Frame] is healed by a % amount whenever a detached part is returned to him. Short cooldown period before the same ability can trigger this effect.

1st Ability: [Broken Frame] launches his right gauntlet, ricocheting between enemies (similar to Nezha's Chakram), damaging, and linking them together, causing them to take a percentage of the damage inflicted on their allies as extra damage. [Broken Frame] can call back his gauntlet early by activating the ability again.

2nd Ability: [Broken Frame] detaches his back plating, causing it to hover in place and drain [Broken Frame]'s energy over time when he is outside of its small radius. Allies within the radius are given armor, while killing enemies within the radius will grant small amounts of energy over time (only to the ally doing the killing, not dependent on whether they are near the radius or not).

3rd Ability: [Broken Frame] detaches his right shoulder plate, which follows him for a duration before reattaching. This shoulder plate emits a fog that lowers the accuracy of enemies by increasing amounts, until eventually blinding them. Accuracy debuff increases faster depending on proximity to [Broken Warframe]. (Note: Fog is not affected by energy color, for everyone's convenience)

4th Ability: [Broken Frame] infuses his armor with Void energy (or whatever explanation) and gains damage reduction, while unleashing powerful radial void blasts whenever his armor is reattached. While this ability is active, [Broken Frame]'s abilities are amplified in specific ways: His passive ability gains increased healing, his gauntlet blinds enemies, his back plating traps enemies entering its radius, and his shoulder plate emits fog at a greater distance.

A lot of my inspiration came from the Warframe being created from the parts of destroyed Warframes, and being held together by void energy (Space Glue). Because this frame seems to have been made by three different frames (those being the three different colors), it seemed fitting to give him abilities that would fit three very different frames (offensive ability, supportive ability, and deceptive ability, linked together by a void-based ability).

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   Actually seeing the frame itself does wonders for imagining what a broken warframe would actually be. It looks like it's bits and pieces are held together by the Orokin power tree thingamabobs seen through anything Orokin made. Going by that, the theme lends itself well to a frame that should be broken to pieces but is held together by void energy. It also opens the idea to abilities that follow how Orokin Towers and Corruption operate, or seem to operate. It also kinda, sorta, maybe makes sense that if an Orokin Tower is sentient and when left alone ends up like the Derelict... that it might cobble something together from 'leftovers'.

   Before abilities, I think it is important to note that as a 'Broken Frame' that is also held together by what is essentially living power cords... the frame should reflect that in health, shield, and energy stats. I think 100 health, 100 shield, and 300 energy base that then upgrades to 150 health, 150 shield, and 500 energy at max rank would work. With the various mods, arcanes, and one of the abilities included, it would probably work quite well. As for armor, it shouldn't have much. While I don't expect those exact numbers, they're the general idea I had when I thought of the abilities.

   The passive could be that on bullet jumps, the Broken Frame unleashes a small void-esque arc at the closest enemy within 25m, that only does as much damage as the bullet jump would do if you had used it up close. Some light modding is already available for this in the elemental or IPS bullet jump mods.

Ability 1:
   A holdable ability that sill cast as long as it is held, and put up a warp field in front of the frame. Any ranged attacks or projectiles that hit the field will be absorbed in a shimmering portal and reappear elsewhere in the field aimed back toward the crosshair of the player. Strength could add a multiplier to damage, Range could add to the area that the field covers. As long as it is held, energy should be drained, and movement slowed. There should be a really short casting time to allow for skillful spot casting to reflect larger attacks. This ability would vaguely mimic the corruption idea, in that it corrupts enemy projectiles and sends it back at them.

Ability 2:
   A toggle ability that doesn't use energy in its upkeep, but converts damage taken to shields/health into damage taken on the energy bar. The use of this ability would open up decision making into whether you want to or are able to take the damage on the extremely low health/shields, or if you would rather that damage hit the energy bar instead. Keeping a balance of which bars you can afford to use as HP would be a focal point of surviving and ability use. It could be a combination of efficiency and strength determining how much energy gets taken per damage point.

Ability 3:
   A setable teleport ability. Something that is similar to the effect when Corrupted warp in to a fissure mission. The first cast would set up a point at the current location, and a second cast would set up a second point that connects to the first. Teleportation can be done from either point to the other point, and any later casts would replace the oldest point. ANYTHING should be able to use the points, whether allies or enemies. Casting each point should cost energy, and there should be a small upkeep cost as long as any point is open. There should also be an energy cost every time something teleports through the points. Holding cast should remove all active points. Using a teleport should also add a 15 second or so debuff that prevents what went through the point from teleporting again so it can't be spammed.

Ability 4:
   Fissure. One of the most enjoyable moments in the game is when you're cracking relics, and a fissure buff pops up allowing you to go absolutely nuts with whatever it happened to affect. A castable fissure as a 4 would be amazingly fun, even with its random nature. To limit it, the buffs would have to last 5 to 10 seconds base, cost a full 100 energy, and be unable to be overwritten. It could further be limited by only affecting one unaffected random squad member per cast.

   Overall i tried to include abilities that would be really handy for support of squad mates, but also fun for solo play. As a play style, I feel it would excel at supporting mobility between set locations, allowing parts of a group to stay at long range or move up to short range as needed. Allowing enemies to also use the teleport would open up interesting uses. Given the cost of the 4 ability with the style of the 2 ability's damage management, it would be a frame focused a lot on risk versus reward.

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Passive ability: Unstable Agglomeration

Broken Warframe copies the passives of other warframes that is in its squad. If Broken Warframe is not in a squad or has team mates with unique passives that are related to the abilities of that frame (Nidus, LImbo etc.) Broken Warframe instead gains bonus stats.

1st Ability: Xerox Shades

Broken Warframe is composed of three different sets of warframe parts. Red, blue and white. Broken Warframe manipulates its void energies to spawn a void shade composed of void energy and one set of its warframe parts. The shade acts as a specter and the player can make them hold their position. A maximum amount of two shades can be spawned. Broken Warframe loses one set of parts for each shade. Hold ability button to make Broken Warframe whole again.

2nd Ability: Impetus

Upon activation Impetus will cause 3 different AoE effects. One for each set of warframe parts. If a shade is spawned then the effect related to the set of warframe parts that the shade has will trigger at the shade

3rd Ability: Transference Swap

Transference Swap lets the player swap control between the shades and Broken Warframe. If you swap to a shade then that shade becomes Broken Warframe and the previous warframe set parts that was left behind becomes a new shade. Swapping also triggers an effect depending on which set of warframe parts that the player swaps into.

4th Ability: Sundering Void

Activating Sundering Void will produce a ultimate effect depending on which sets of warframe parts that are currently on Broken Warframe. If Broken Warframe has all three sets on itself then Sundering Void will trigger three different effects but their intensity is only 1/3. If Broken Warframe has two sets then two effects will activate but their intensity is 1/2. If Broken Warframe has one set then the effect from that set is at full strength. Sundering Void can not trigger on Shades.

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Passive: Gather - Surrounding enemies leave Void parts on death (area based on affinity), up to 6 parts can be gathered in order to cover the whole warframe's body (two pairs for arms and legs, one part for the torso and another for the head). If the warframe is in possession of all 6 parts, enemies won't drop more parts until consumed, and on fatal damage, it will disarm itself and enter inmunity status while recovering all health (3 minute cooldown).

1st Ability: Release - Launches a body part forward within a 5/10/15/20 meter range, up to three times dealing 100/200/300/500 each, consuming up to 2 Void parts for each hit and dealing double the damage and impact status.

2nd Ability: Restructure - The warframe switches the gathered parts around, granting one of three different buffs for itself for each Void part, and double the final amount if all 6 parts are switched: 

  • Consistency grants 2%/4%/5%/7% Damage reduction (can't be enhanced by mods).
  • Massify grants 5%/10%/15%/20% Increased damage.
  • Flexibility grants 2%/3%/4%/5% Increased fire rate and attack speed.

The current Restructure buff enters a 4/8/10/15 second duration when a Void part is consumed, until recast.

3rd Ability: Redistribute - Release all possessing Void parts in all directions to form a circle of fast rotating Void energy in a 5 meter radius around the warframe, reflecting all projectiles and repelling enemies for a 5/10/20/30 second duration. If the circle gets hit with explosions 6 times, it will break. The warframe can gather all 6 Void parts when Redistribute is active, and recasting the ability will relocate the circle around the warframe's current position.

4th Ability: Void Breaker - Gathers all Void parts in the area up to 15, including the ones in possession and from Redistribute (consuming them), and forms a moving cyclone that deals 100/150/200/300 Slash damage in a 5 meter radius, after 6 seconds, breaks out dealing Explosive damage around a 10 meter radius, with damage being increased based on the amount of Void parts gathered within the cyclone. 



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To keep with the theme of the Broken Warframe, I think it's appropriate to build it around stealing parts from enemies and sewing those parts to itself or others with Void tendrils to provide various buffs and effects.

Passive - Patchwork Warframe: Ending a mission with a stolen part adds that part to a special customization menu that can be equipped to the Warframe’s Assimilate before starting a mission.

1st Ability – Assimilate: Holding down 1 will deal constant Void damage to a single target in close proximity. If the target dies from the ability, a part is ripped off and then sewn to the Warframe’s body to provide a permanent buff to base stats and a passive depending on the type of enemy and body part currently active. While all permanent buffs remain active at all times, only one passive can be active at a time. Tapping 1 switches between the 3 different types of body parts (arms, legs, torso) activating that part’s passive. Using this ability to gain a new part will discard the one already equipped in that slot.

Permanent Buffs:

Corpus Buff: Small increase to base Shields.

Grineer Buff: Small increase to base Armor.

Infested Buff: Small increase to base Health.

Orokin Buff: Small increase to base Energy.

Sentient Buff: Tau Resistance.

Note: Corrupted versions of enemies provide the same passives, but different permanent buffs as they are apart of the Orokin faction.

            Example Passives:

Ancient (Arms) - Activating this long tentacle arm increases range and damage for all melee attacks.

Moa (Arms) - Attaches a Moa’s primary weapon to the Warframe’s shoulder that automatically fires at enemies in front of the Warframe. The damage type is dependent on the type of Moa assimilated.

Heavy Gunner (Arms) - Increased falloff range and damage for all firearms.

Symbilyst (Arms) - Equip a powerful sentient beam weapon that uses the Warframe’s energy as its ammunition. Can’t use any other weapons while this passive is active.

Raknoid (Legs) - These additional spider-like legs make you immune to knockdown and allows you to wall latch indefinitely.

Osprey (Legs) - These boosters attached to your legs increase jump height and allows you to aim glide indefinitely.

Charger (Legs) – These additional legs increase movement speed and you allow you to knock down any enemies that you sprint through.

Sentient (Legs) - Resets bullet jump after performing an aimed glide.

Nullifier (Torso) - Gain the effect of the nullifier bubble buffed by mods. While this passive is active, ability energy cost is increased for all abilities.

Ancient Healer (Torso) - Grants an aura that provides damage reduction to nearby allies only. Damage done to protected allies heals the Warframe. This passive cannot affect other Broken Warframes with the same passive active. While this passive is active, ability energy cost is increased for all abilities.

Nox (Torso) - Grants a large amount of damage reduction to the Warframe and emits a constant aura of Toxin damage. While this passive is active, ability energy cost is increased for all abilities.

Note: These are just examples and are not meant to be the only passives available. The general idea is that the arms provide an offensive bonus, the legs provide some kind of movement bonus, and the torso provides a powerful defensive bonus at the cost of energy efficiency.

2nd Ability – Entwine: Throws out a ball of entangled Void tendrils that grabs any enemy in its path and sews them into a death ball that explodes after hitting a wall or traveling a certain distance. The damage of the explosion is based upon how many enemies the death ball grabbed (insert Katamari theme here).

3rd Ability – Harvest: A cone of Void tendrils radiates out from the Warframe attempting to tear apart anything in front of you dealing constant slashing damage for as long as you hold 3. When released, a slash proc is applied to enemies depending upon how long they stayed within Harvest’s effect. Enemies killed while under the influence of this ability have some of their parts sewn to the Warframe and any allies within affinity range, providing a temporary buff depending on the type and number of enemies killed.

Corpus – Shield regeneration.

Infested – Health regeneration.

Grineer – Armor.

Orokin – Energy regeneration.

Sentient – Adaptive resistance.

4th Ability – Chimeric Genesis: While active, Void tendrils move out in an aura centered on the Warframe dismantling and reconstructing any enemy that dies within its influence into an amalgamation of random body parts (Chimera) based off of what material was available at the time. Chimera created this way move with the caster and attack any foes they can see. Once the ability ends, any existing Chimera immediately falls apart. If an enemy dies within the aura and there isn’t a free Chimera slot, their body parts are then added to any existing Chimera, healing them and upgrading them.


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Added names, messed with with the layout, and clarified some descriptions.
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Passive [Jagged climbers] allows for longer wall latch/grab due to the frame being lighter and more rough.

1st ability [Hiatus] allows up to three short bursts of  teleporting for 40 energy that leaves a cloud of dangerous void energy behind [scales with strength and duration & efficiency].

2nd ability [Re-charge] allows the player/frame to lock enemies in place charging the frames abilities makeing them more leathal [scales with strength].

3rd ability [Scrappy] allows the player/frame to pick armor scraps off defeated foes makeing the frame take less overall damage [scales with strength and duration].

4th/final ability [Blackout/Voidout] the player/frame claps twice and void energy causes all lights to go out blinding foes with darkness causes them to shoot thier fellow squadmates and to trip over themselves leaveing themselves vulnerable and boosts criticals and crit chance for the frame and other frames for a set time while all enemies in the abilities radius are blinded [scales with strength and duration & efficiency and range/radius]

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with the new war and all going on and his appearance being kinda sentient-esque i thought why not cash into what sentients are known for, adaption

1st ability: Recurse, aim at an enemy when casting and it'll give the player and those around them a damage buff for whatever type the enemy's weakest against, say gas if you chose a charger or a 50/50 shot at corrosive or viral for lancer. To make it kinda balanced the buff's dmg will be percent of w/e the total damage of the effected weapon (not to an enemy but just total) and won't give/affect procs. oh and the percent increases with ability strength 

2nd ability: Ceti Gate, enters an invisible state, kinda similar to Limbo's rift with taking no damage but being able to use weapons at the cost of energy and sprint/parkour speed.

3rd ability: Helminth Pause, cuts down health, armor, and shields with increase of ability strength (yes, less of those three with more ability strength) but on the flip side drastically increases weapon DPS (be it through reload, damage, speed, status, critical, etc), also increases passive buff's reduction per hit gain and cannot be used with the 2nd ability. this one's kind of a weird one but imo it'll make some more lore sense than just broken warframe, it's broken cause yes, but say a sentient that got infected with it and could partially explain the fleshy roots if it's still converting. the virus lets warframes take the abuse that they do so if the infection's paused it would make sense that they'd be killed easily in the downtime.

4th ability: Tau Shift, summons a slightly customizable (kinda close to like a swapable zaw link) exalted rifle or sword that deals pure tau damage. It's kind of a shame that we've got an arsenal of sentient weapons yet none of them do tau damage so it might be a nice choice even just as a way for tau to get to other weapons later on.

Passive: Decaying Armor, builds up damage reduction with each hit, up to 90%, like sentients do but starts decaying after 2 (4 with 3rd active) seconds of not being hit by that damage type. decay will pause if the timer's refreshed once decay has started 

passive's probably pretty similar to any other sentient themed ability lists but i think this ability set's unique enough for people to want to at least try the frame out and it kinda fits into the new war plus is pretty lore friendly i think

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This may be a gross over simplifications, but what if instead of preset abilities, this frames passive is the ability to take 4 abilities from other frames you own, so instead of having any abilities you just select from a list of 1st slot abilities for the 1st slot and so on so if you wanted to have Saryns spores for the first ability, Harrow's Penance for the 2nd slot, Nekros' Desecrate for 3rd and Trinity's blessing for 4th slot perhaps with reduced power scaling compared to the frame the abilities originally came from

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Not sure if the name has been decided, but if not here is a name, and the abilities. Also, i do understand numbers are subject to change, but i put numbers in anyways for use of as an examples. (EDIT!! Just wanted to add names for each ability. The name will be in brackets. That is all.)






Health: 345

Max Lvl Health: 1560

Shield: 25

Max Lvl Shield: 175

Armor: 550

Max Lvl Armor 650


Each ability and their numbers will be considered at max level (level 30) for better understanding of said abilities.


Passive: Each kill drains 5% health


1. [Blood of Ol] Toggle/drain ability: (Activates the same way you activate Excaliburs exalted blade)

Description: The Warframe will stab itself to heal itself, rendering it, as a weapon all foes should fear.

Energy cost: 50 per second

Reverses the passive. (Instead of each kill drains 5% health, each kill replenishes 2.5% health.


2. [Void Adrenaline] Activates: (similar to how you activate Lokis invisibility)

Description: The Warframe will scream out, and slam its own chest, to feel the adrenaline flowing through the void into him.

Energy cost: 65 energy

If ability 1 is active, reload speed, fire rate, and attack speed slow down 25%. If ability 1 isn't active, sprint speed, attack speed, and reload speed are increased by 35%


3. [Poltergeist] Activates:

Description: The Warframe will slam it's hand against his head, to figure the ways it can torment its victims.

Energy cost: 100 energy

If ability 1 and 2 is active, increase base damage by 65%. This will not affect ability 4.

If ability 1 is active, but 2 isn't, decrease base damage by 25%. This will not affect ability 4.

If ability 1 isn't active, but 2 is, increase shield and armor by 65%.


4. [Voids Wrath] Toggle/drain:

Tendrils of the void start spewing from the ground beneath all of your foes. Void Tendrils will shoot up from the ground in circular radius of where the player is, each time a Void Tendril deals damage to an enemy, it takes 20% of the enemies weakness. If deals damage to a sentient, the damage will be increased to 35%.

Augment idea for ability 4.

If Void Tendrils kills ant enemies, those enemies will be reborn as void ghosts dealing 65% damage of the power of your melee weapon. The void ghosts will not be affected by power strength.

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Alright I have 4 abilities and a passive. I understand that some of these might be busted 😳

Just to clarify, "walking over the Debris" doesn't mean you need to be walking lmao running over it still gets the job done.

Terms that are in brackets are values that can be affected by mods. Naturally, all abilities are also affected by efficiency mods. Debris costs will be marked with brackets if applicable as well. ALL OF THESE ABILITIES DO HAVE ENERGY COSTS! But the base cost is the same for every frame so I didn't bother including that lol


Passive: Hoarder/Debris

Walking over corpses and destroyed containers will give the frame varying amounts of Debris, as the frame scavenges for broken parts. Kind of like how the Eidolon roams the Plains to look for more parts. (Corpses: 1 Debris from enemy's armor, Containers: 2 Debris. As this passive only picks up the corpse's armor, the corpse can still be affected by Nekros's Despoil. And yes, "Nekros's" is grammatically correct.) Corpses and containers can only be scavenged for Debris once.

Picking up Debris will fill up a Hoarding meter. It is capped at 200 Hoarded Debris.

At 100 pieces of Debris, the frame will receive a free, automatic revive when downed. Any pieces of Debris picked up after the meter has been filled will heal the frame (20 health/1 Debris). If at full health, pieces of Debris will instead increase the frame's armor (2 armor/1 Debris), and this extra armor will be visible somewhere on the HUD. Hoarding extra Debris will always prioritize healing the frame, and armor isn't lost upon taking damage or not having picked up a piece of Debris in a while.

Scaling of this passive is, as always, unaffected by mods.

However, hoarding too much debris is detrimental! After hoarding 100 extra Debris that goes to armor (+200 armor), the frame receives a significant movement debuff (maybe loss of ability to double jump? + lower sprint speed) until the extra extra Debris is shed, and cannot pick up any more Debris until it's shed. (When shedding armor Debris, the frame will also lose the armor buff. This Debris armor is visible on the frame)

There are ways to lose Debris! Dying (not downed) will always reset the Debris meter. Activating abilities such as [Discard] and [Toss/Throw/Ability 2] will also decrease the amount of Debris held. Read on for details.

Also speaking of getting downed, it'd be cool if this frame breaks to a pile of pieces when downed or killed lol just a thought.


Ability 1: Discard

The frame, not wanting to part with the solidary Debris it has hoarded, violently discards half of it's Hoarded Debris in a [radius] spherical volume around itself, and does [damage] to all enemies hit by the debris. Damage dealt is greater towards the center of the blast.

This discarded debris cannot be picked up again. This ability does NOT require Debris to be cast, but does increased damage if it does use Debris.

This ability is an upper body cast.


Ability 2: Toss/Throw/idk i'm sure someone can think of a better name

The frame throws a piece of itself. This, alongside energy, also uses a certain [amount] of Debris. If no Debris is currently being hoarded, or not enough for the cast, the ability can still be cast at no extra energy cost. Just to be clear, if this costs 20 Debris and an energy cost, but you only have 10 Debris, you can still cast the ability, it's just that the ability will take all 10 Debris, and only return 10 Debris later. 

Pressing the key will toss it [distance] away, but holding the key will scale the distance accordingly. Reactivating this ability will cause the frame to fall apart, and the tendrils of void energy from the thrown piece to magnetically(???) attract the fallen pieces. As the parts of the frame fly towards the thrown piece, if they fly into enemies, they will take a little [damage], and the velocity of the pieces will factor into how much damage is done. Faster it's flying, the more damage is scaled. However, the damage part of this ability is not the main focus.

The [time] it takes to move all the pieces to the thrown piece is pretty fast, fast enough to be considered a teleport, but can take slightly longer if the piece was thrown especially far away.

Picking up the thrown piece by either teleporting (is that even the right way to describe this) or manually running over and walking over the piece will return the [amount] of Debris that was used for the cast.

Only one piece can be thrown out at a time. The pieces don't have an expiration timer on them. A piece of the frame will be visually missing if the piece is thrown.

This ability is an upper body cast.


Ability 3: Expansion(??? im really bad at naming abilities ok idk what else to call this)

When activated, the void energy's grip on the individual pieces weaken, causing the frame to visually uhh... the pieces float a bit away from each other? idk how else to explain it.... think of entropy, and so the pieces want to get away from each other because so many mismatched pieces together as a single frame is Not Right but the void energy is the order that forces the pieces together... so when the order loosens its grip on the pieces, the pieces give into the entropy and are kinda floating with more distance between each other...)

This causes the frame to have [increased evasion], and decreased gravity. However, the frame's hitbox is also increased. Carrying more Debris will increase this hitbox further.

During this state, the frame stores all the bullets it has been hit by. When the ability is deactivated, the frame pulses out void energy that applies some defensive buff or heal. The bullets stored [convert] into how much healing is done or the duration/strength of the buff.

If [Toss/Throw/Ability 2] is reactivated while in this state, the frame will instead explode for a certain amount of [damage] upon arriving at the thrown piece. This synergetic burst will automatically deactivate this ability.

This ability is an upper body cast. It is also a channel ability.


Ability 4: Reawaken/Reanimate

This ability can only be used when the frame has collected enough Debris for the extra revive (100 Debris), and if it's in an [Expanded] state.

Using this ability will kill the frame, meaning that the Hoard meter will reset, the armor given by extra Debris will reset, health will reset, and energy will also reset.

The void energy in the frame escapes its construct! The broken pieces of the various frames used in its cruel machinery fall to the ground, and the shining mass of void energy is free.

For a [duration], the player controls this ball of energy. It can fly through enemies, dealing [damage], and can fly through walls. During this time, meleeing will cause the void energy to stop in place and explode, doing [more damage] and lose some of its mass.

Mass can be regained in this state by staying still and not attacking. Taking damage will, however, also cause mass to be lost.

Losing too much mass will cause the void energy to dissipate, which will forfeit the free revive.

After the period is over, the void energy does one of two things, depending on how much mass it has lost. 

If it's lost over half of its mass, the energy is weak, and will be forced to return to the broken pieces, where the frame will reanimate with a diminished movement speed that scales depending on how much mass the void energy has lost, as the void energy is more focused on recovering its mass than moving fast. Once recovered, the movement speed debuff will dissipate.

If it's lost less than half of its mass, then the energy is strong enough to recall the broken pieces, so the frame will reanimate where the player currently is.

This ability is, for obvious reasons, a full body cast. During this time, players are also locked out of operator mode.


Thanks for reading lol :))

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