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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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ability 1 junk grenade- hurl a ball of junk that explodes on impact with an enemy or the environment. applies a knockdown to any enemy in the blast radius.

ability 2 armoured junk- when casted infuse scraps of armour collected to you and other tenno giving them reduced damage for a period of time

ability 3 junk shell- explode throwing all collected junk outwards for you and all other tenno that have armoured junk active on them.

ability 4 junk swarm- infuse junk with energy and have it fly around the warframe in a ball reducing incoming damage and damaging any enemy that comes into the sphere of junk 

passive- enemies killed drop scrapes of armour/junk ranging from 1-3 depending on the enemy. each amrour scrap picked up is added to armour counter. 

              health pick ups give some energy and energy pick ups give some health

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Passive- Completion Meter- a meter that raises as you gain "parts". Higher meter will raise max health, shield, armor and ability damage. Goes up to 100. Every 1 part of completion adds 1 percent of buff. Buffing upto 100% at level 100. The Higher your parts count the slower your movement speed is.

1- parts leach - shoot void tentacle towards your enemies and steal parts from them. Filling up your completion meter and stripping armor and shield from enemies. Either tap to target a single enemy to strike or hold to chain through enemies dealing damage to enemies oh have already been stripped.

2- junk pile - spend 10 parts on building a junk pile that steals parts from enemies healing you and your allies will harming enemies. Target with "parts leach" to destroy the junk pile and absorb the parts adding to your meter

3- spectral whip - spend 5 parts to swing a void whip that steals parts from and damages any enemies in its path aswell as healing allies it passes through. Holding down the ability will cause the whip to swing in a cyclone around you costing 2 parts per second of swinging. releasing the whip causes you to absorb all the parts floating in the whip, and the more parts floating in the whip the more damage and healing it deals. Hitting a junk pile with your whip will cause an explosion damaging enemies and adding its parts to your whip.

4- parts storm - activate to spend 25 parts to create a whirlwind of parts around yourself. The whirlwind can steal parts from enemies or junk piles and the more parts in the storm the more damage it deals. Every second uses 5 parts out of the storm. activating again adds 25 more parts to the storm. Holding down the ability will draw in all of the parts from your storm creating an ultra armour making you immune to damage but falling apart as it gets damaged. 


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Passive: The warframe Collects what the UI would show as "Parts" from the dead enemies on the battlefield by standing over them. Small enemies  collected count as 1 part and larger enemies count as more parts)

Bonus Passive: The warframe acquires a certain % More Armor/Energy/Health/Shield for each Damaged Mod he has equipped.

Ability 1 Crash: Blasting his own body parts forward the warframe fires a Cone shaped blast to all enemies in front of him dealing Impact and puncture damage. (hold to charge for a bigger more powerful version at the cost of wasting more parts)

Ability 2 Glitch: When activated the warframe will become "glitch like" shimmering and slightly jittery giving him 50% dodge chance lasting for X amount of seconds picking up energy in this mode also gives health and shields.

Ability 3 Snag: Raising his hand and channelling the warframe creates a votex of void energy pulling in all the bodies of dead enemies around him as "Parts" to increase his armour by X amount per enemy consumed dissolving them in the process. (Channelling this ability gives damage reduction and causes ammo to drop for each dead body absorbed)

Ability 4 Setback : The warframe charges himself then explodes all his "parts" stripping him of all the armour he has built up causing a huge AOE of Impact and Puncture damage with high status chance he then is able to move freely as static energy for X amount of time. Phasing through enemies will cause an electricity status proc spreading to each nearby enemy the warframe then reassembles himself after.


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Passive: Void Charge

Whenever the Warframe uses an Ability, it gains Void Charge. More Void Charge increases the Warframe’s Shields and Armor. When downed, it releases all its Void Charge in a powerful blast, dealing Magnetic, Corrosive, and Radiation damage to all enemies in the area with high Status Chance. In addition, this Warframe has no Energy meter. All it’s abilities use either Void Charge or Health. Energy orbs give one void charge. 

1: Void Tendril

An ability that costs health rather than energy. Shoots out a tendril of energy from its arm to pierce an enemy or ally. When it pierces an enemy it does a large amount of puncture damage and reduces their armor and shields. When piercing an ally it grants them a small boost to energy, and giving them some overshields. 

2: Elemental Drive

Consume health to apply a percentage of elemental damage to all weapons. The damage types can be cycled through and are Radiation, Corrosive, and Magentic. The buff has a short duration, but can be toggled through before selection. The ability also provides a bonus to status chance. Cannot be stacked multiple times, with each cast resetting the ability. 

3: Reassembly 

Consume a small number of Void Charges to regenerate a small amount of health. 

4: Power Leech

Begin to consume health over time to absorb energy from enemies. Enemies in the area of effect are slowed down in a fashion similar to Nova’s Molecular Prime, lose small amounts of armor and Shields over time, and periodically drop energy orbs. A toggled ability, so you can cast your 3 while it’s active. 

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Ill try to keep the broken theme in mind and suggest something. 

passive - As kevin was broken made by void veins reconstructing him ,so he relies on enemy life force instead of energy, and veins from his body tries to attach more parts from enemies but fails and instead marks them with a void seed, enemies with void seed marked for limited time after death explodes like explosion of lenz and drops void fragments that make kevin damage scale. Void fragments stacks depends on how strong enemy is.

1st skill - send a projectile that binds enemies from energy veins makes enemy floats in his back with attached veins from bodyand use him like battery, make enemy immune to other source of damage and makes him energy source for kevin and deplete back packed enemy health with using his abilities. can only plant one and use his health like energy for limited time.

2nd skill - send a wave of energy in area around him. And marks enemy with void seed and over-shielding allies or status immunity or damagebuff them. (Cost health of enemy from first skill) Range mods

3rd skill - charges a explosion and deals aoe damage around him while consuming carried enemy life force.(Cost health of planted enemy from first skill) can be modded with ranged mods and strength mods.

4th skill - every enemy marked with void mark explodes like explosion from lenz. And chain reacts the nearby enemies. Every explosion consumes some amount of void stacks and chaining stops When stacks runs out. Stacks can be dropped from enemies died from explosion or by allies marked by void seed. Consuming whole carried enemy lifeforce.



sorry for bad English though.

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Me and my brothers came up with the following abilities.

Passive - stabilize

- at random times during the mission, your warframe will gain resistance to a random damage type.

1st ability - assimilation 

- launch an energy tendril at an enemy, chaining to nearby enemies, and leeching health from then for a short time.

2nd ability - short circuit

- at the additional cost of a small portion of health, the warframe sends a pulse of energy in the direction he is facing, dealing heavy electric damage and staggering enemies.

3rd ability - meltdown

- at the additional cost of a small portion of health, the warframe bursts into flames, giving it some additional armor and burning all enemies who melee strike you.

4th ability - void strike

- the void tendrils seen wrapped around your frame launch around at all nearby enemies, impaling them and stunning survivors.

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Passive: Tenno Use The Keys - Can open Orokin Vaults as if carrying any Dragon Key and gain a random minor version of a void fissure buff when opening lockers.

Ability: Remnant of the Old War - Can place a ghost of themselves on others. A ghostly image appears over the targets head, draining life if an enemy, and regenerating health if an ally, and acts as a specter/turret on them using the caster's weapons.

Ability: The Broken Dream - When activated this ability drains the caster's armor until it reaches zero or is cast again and then lets off a burst of void damage scaled off of how much armor was drained. Refreshes duration of his 1 when burst.

Ability: Rebirth - Instantly die. You can use one of your revives to get back up and buff yourself and allies in range with added void damage. If an ally revives you only you and them get the added void damage buff.

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1. Assimilate - gather parts from fallen enemies. Get buff based on enemy - corpus = shield/secondary, grineer = armor/primary, infested = health/melee, sentient = power

2. Rebuild - use parts to heal health/shields

3. Violent dissassemble - shoot gathered parts as AOE attack

4. Weapon assemble - use gathered parts to create faction based weapon: corpus - smg, grineer - shotgum, infested - claws, sentient - void beam (like the artemis bow etc)

Passive: Gather parts from nearby fallen enemies to rebuild yourself (similar to Inaros) 

(edit to improve readability)

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Passive: dismantle: the warframe is composed of X pieces. For each lost piece, the warframe gains X running speed and X melee speed, but loses vitality. If the warframe regains its lost pieces, it regains its lost vitality but loses its speed bonus

Ability 1: seize: tendrils of void energy grab nearby ennemies, and break them while causing them damage. Each seized enemy grants 1 new piece to the warframe. If no more pieces can be earned, heals the warframe

Ability 2: mortar: the warframe marks a zone of the map, and eject a piece of itself to cause damage in this area. Cannot be cast if there is no more pieces.

Ability 3: phase: while channeling, the warframe becomes intangible to ennemy attacks and can passe through ennemies, its remaining pieces floating around, dealing damage to touched ennemies. Seize gets bonus tendrils and bonus damage, but loses its healing ability

Ability 4: expel/assembleexpel all the pieces composing the warframe, in all direction, dealing damage to ennemies in the area. If the warframe has no pieces left, this attack return the warframe to its original solid state, stunning enemies in the area for a small amount of time


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Passive: Those Left Behind - Damage to shields leaves behind shards of energy in the air, dealing void damage to the next enemy, or granting shield to the next ally to run into it. Damage to Health leaves behind shards of the warframe in the air, dealing slash damage to the next enemy, or restoring health to the next ally to run into it.

1st ability: Vengeance - Receives a buff to damage and attack speed that increases with damage taken during the duration. Strength increases the maximum buff, duration affects the length of the buff, unaffected by ability range.

2nd ability: Compromise - Heals the user but grants a damage over time effect instead of costing energy. Can't be recast while the debuff is active. The damage can trigger "Those Left Behind" and "Vengeance". Strength affects the healing but doesn't impact the damage over time, unaffected by duration, unaffected by ability range, efficiency reduces the time on the debuff.

3rd ability: Despair - Activates an aura of despair, enemies in range take increased damage, deal decreased damage, and are unable to grant status effects. Strength affects the damage taken increase and damage dealt decrease, duration decreases cost per second, range increases area of effect, and efficiency decreases cost per second.

4th ability: Gratitude - The warframe builds gratitude whenever it's health is restored, including when being revived by another player. When activated creates an aura that heals and grants energy to allies while damaging enemies, consuming gratitude instead of energy. Strength affects the healing and damage, duration decreases gratitude cost per second, range increases area of effect, and efficiency decreases gratitude cost per second.

Concept: the 5 stages of grief

  • Those Left Behind - The warframe is unstable and easily broken apart, but the fragments refuse to accept they are once more lost and instead insist they still serve some purpose.
  • Vengeance - The anger of the fallen warframes manifests as a desire for vengeance.
  • Compromise - The warframe makes a deal, just wanting to sustain itself a bit longer, pulling itself back together but knowing it's only a temporary fix.
  • Despair - the warframe turns it's depression outwards, forcing enemies to deal with the despair the fallen warframes have felt.
  • Gratitude - They have accepted  that they have suffered, but are grateful to be alive here and now. The warframe strives to pay back the kindness it has been shown by helping allies and harming enemies.

Game play: The passive combined with ability 1 grant the general concept of high aggression with rewards for taking damage. Ability 2 serves to trigger the passive and ability 1 while building gratitude for ability 4. Ability 3 serves as a panic button. Ability 4 is a payoff for losing and regaining health. While it doesn't directly reward losing health, you can't regain health while at full HP.

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Basing on the art I think it have 2 different stance that could take over.

The BLUE can be Slash/Puncture kind of thing because it is sharp and thin and it makes the warframe faster and agile. There's a skill that you could choose whether you want to be blue or red and I think it could be the first skill like equinox. and the 3 skills could be depending on the color, if blue "2nd" would be much cool if it could have a glowing tentacles that would form a imaginary weapon basing on the slash/puncture idea it could be short duration skill for it wont be too OP. "3rd" would be speed you could think of what to buff with it. "4th" would transform the warframe to a fully transformed blue kind of thing and would ravage the circling area with a sharp thingy thing like a super saiyan.

The red can be Armored/Impact/Stun/... etc. I'm not still used to know all the buffs is there in the game and thats make it the best because it have too many different status in the game that manipulate fighting. if it was chosen to be red then the "2nd" skill would be a random imaginary weapon that may base on the highest status on the mod you put on there like if it has higher impact then the imaginary weapon would be weapon that could form and fight like it. "3rd" would be armor like the blue one but vice versa not offensive but deffensive kind. "4th" would be like the first 4th skill i mentioned but it may differ to be a stomping kind of thing and it makes the ground pump and make mobs fly and another swing for the damage a lil bit of a casting so that we may feel the heaviest impact there is to damage the mobs with a one swing at the ground. 

I know that it is a lot to make it happen but it is in my head just to letting it out. I played your game 3 months ago straight everyday I thought that this game doesn't exist but here I am addicted and imagining if I could help 

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Passive : Defective tissue : When health is damaged,he will release void orb that deals minimal damage to enemies.


1st Ability : Pry : He will uses his void energy to disassemble any robotic and weapon of his surrounding restoring his health and (probably) shield. (Affected by ability strength,range and efficiency) 

2nd Ability : Immolate : He will sacrifice 50% of his health to increase nearby allies bonus power strength for their ability. (Affected by ability strength,range and duration)

3rd Ability  Permeate : He will absorb nearby void orb to increase and restore his health ,and gives nearby operator bonus strength and energy. (Affected by ability strength,duration,range and efficiency)

4th Ability : Replica : He will uses his void energy to turn into any warframe randomly for a certain amount of time. (Affected by ability duration,efficiency, and (depends on the frame he will get) strength,range)

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[Warframe] is an amalgamation of many broken Warframes, held together and melded in mind and suffering with void energy. Together they, as if from a hive mind, sing the song of the void, and spew their pain on anything that dares move, their shambling body leaking different powers from their vestigial parts.

Passive-From the Void We Gather: [Warframe] saturates with interaction to void power: Being in range of an operator (multiple operators stack) increases their ability strength and range (the void veins on [Warframe]'s body swell) while decreasing its speed and max health.

[Warframe] also has a void meter that is filled and depleted with the use of abilities.

1st Ability-In Whispers We Speak His Name: [Warframe] slows down and starts whispering discordantly (the lights on [Warframe] start shining brighter), causing those in range to randomly be either confused, lose their damage resistances or slow down. This builds void energy for [Warframe]'s void meter.

[Warframe] slows down more, slows down their enemies more and wipes more damage resistances the higher their ability strength is, and effects a larger radius the higher their ability range is. Every enemy in range is affected in one of the three possibilities. The ability does not have a duration and relies on energy drain to work. Can be used while the 2nd ability is active.
2nd  Ability-Chanting We Curse the Golden: [Warframe] starts chanting broken words (the void veins on [Warframe] start rattling) and sacrifices some of their maximum health and shields to generate an aura around them that procs everyone (allies included) in range with toxin, electricity or heat randomly. This builds void energy for [Warframe]'s void meter.

[Warframe] sacrifices more health and shields, and procs status effects more often the higher their ability strength is, and effects a larger radius the higher their ability range is. Every enemy in range is affected in one of the three possibilities. The ability does not have a duration and relies on energy drain to work. Can be used while the 1st ability is active.

3rd  Ability-With Howls We Pray for Absolution:[Warframe] slows down to a walking pace and starts screaming in a blood curdling tone (An animation similar to that of Chroma's 1, but in walking pace). In the range of a cone in front of [Warframe], enemies are staggered with an impact proc, and either their health, their shields or their armour is siphoned and taken by [Warframe] in random order. This drains void energy from [Warframe]'s void meter.

[Warframe] siphons more health, shields or armour the higher  their ability strength is, and affects a wider cone and a farther ranger the higher their ability range is. Every enemy in range is affected in one of the three possibilities. The ability does not have a duration and relies on energy drain to work. 

4th Ability-Onto the Void We Give: [Warframe] opens their arms as their void veins swell and golden light permeates the environment. A number of enemies determined by the fullness of their void energy bar is staggered as void lightning shocks their bodies, leaving them corrupted and permanently confused. When used around the Sentients, they permanently lose their adaptation instead. After use, the void meter is fully depleted.

[Warframe] corrupts more enemies per void meter point the higher their ability efficiency is. The enemies closest to [Warframe] are corrupted first, and the reach of the ability arches out from there infinitely as long as there is enough void energy from [Warframe]'s void meter to sustain it. [Warframe]'s void meter scales in the max amount the higher their ability strength is.

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Seeing how this Warframe is tied to The Old War and The Sentients, having been formed of what is left of fallen Warframes sewn together by Void Energy, maybe this would work..



Suffering for the Fallen:  Let out a dreadful wail, releasing a Well of Void Energy into the surrounding area and showing enemies the agony and pain of all the Warframes who were lost during The Sentient War. All who perish to this horrible scream have their souls frozen in void crystal as their physical forms fall to shambles. Those who survive are forced to watch and endure the unbearable suffering of the fallen.



My idea was that this Warframe would still carry the memories of the fallen Warframes that make up it's structure, a physical memory if you would. It would know everything from the last known missions and directives to the pain of being torn apart. This sort of "Physical Memory" would only be amplified and adopted by the void that held them all together, urging it to fight and let this pain loose upon the world as a Harbinger through the command of the dead warframes and their will to complete their mission. I guess like Revanent but tied to the void as opposed to utilizing the power of an eidolon which could potentially be seen as an opposite.

I have no idea if this will end up being the case and I never finished Mask of the Revanent but I thought it would be a fun and chilling idea for a 4th ability to add a darker narrative to the frame and it's abilities. Not to mention the possibility of this being one of (if not, THE) first frame to have a Damage ability primarily focused around Void Damage.


Ps. I wanted to offer up an ability that sounded somewhat poetic but I am no poet so I'm not sure how well I did on that part.

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Though i cant think of names for some of the abilities, i thought these would be cool.

Ability 1: it breaks into little golem like things and they wander around and attack enemies. The frame will become skinnier, faster and weaker (in terms of defense)

Ability 2 (Fusion): Things lying around like ammo, dead enemies, etc, can help power up the frame by giving it extra strength and defense or health/shield.

Ability 3: after using fusion, press to go in attack mode (all defense stats from after using fusion go into attack and speed) or hold to go into defense mode (all attack stats from previously using fusion go into health/shield or armor making the frame tanky like rhino) kind of like equinox

Ability 4: the frame could take pieces of its body (i.e chunks of its legs), mini golems if the first ability was used as this is activated, remnants lying around like ammo or dead enemies and transforms them into big gauntlets. If in attack mode, rhe gauntlets do more damage. Defense mode does not affect the damage.

Passive: damage resistance to projectiles and some percent of projectiles heals the frame (like rejuvenation)

(For the passive, i was also thinking something like inaros where when knocked, it eats enemies to get revived)

I haven't read other submissions so i do not know if someone else has the idea but thank you for looking at my submission. I hope you take it into consideration.

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Passive: enemys that melee attack have a 50% chance of being stunned for three seconds

Ability 1: knock down, it will shoot out an infested tendril towards an enemy knocking it down and bypassing shields doing 500 points of damage. 25 energy

Ability 2: grab, it will raise an infested tendril out of the ground grabbing any nearby enemy and throwing it at an enemy creating a little shock wave. 50 energy

Ability 3: teleport, the broken Warframe will teleport to wherever you're looking at, 10 energy

Ability 4: fierce wall: an infested wall will appear in front of you and shoot any enemy in a nearby radius doing 100 damage per shot, the wall will last for five seconds or explode after all 500 points of its health is gone. Full auto. 100 energy

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Well is made out of void as well so I also wrote void abilities xd


When his health drops to 0, his armor breaks leaving his soul alone, which is inmortal for 2 seconds. The soul has to rebuild the broken armor standing near it before bleeding out to revive himself. On this mode the soul has the same health as the warframe but doesn't have shields. Cooldown of 1 minute.


1-Shadows of the void:

The warframe makes a zone where void clones of himself emerge from the ground and travel along the map, making the enemies shoot them. They can't be killed but they also can't shoot. All the projectiles near 1 meter of the clones are absorbed by them. Lasts for 20 seconds at rank 3. Duration of the clones can be increased with mods, but the number of clones is capped at 12 (rank 0-> 4; rank 1->4; rank 2->8; rank 3-> 12).

2-Spectral bomb:

Shoots a part of his body that explodes covering the place on a thick smoke made out of void with a 10 meters radius. The explosion blinds any enemy in range, (doesn't open to finishers). Allies inside the smoke can't be seen and the warframe turns invisible for the duration of the smoke if is in range of the start explosion. Duration and range can be increased with mods.


Shoots a void beam that has an area of effect of 2.5 meters that deals 4000 void damage (rank 0->1000; rank 1->2000; rank 2->3000; rank 3->4000) which can be charged to duplicate the damage, also makes enemies turn into stasis like with rhino's 4. Being a void attack, also resets sentients resistance. Damage, range and stasis duration can be increased with mods.


The warframe overloads himself with void energy, breaking his armor and turning into a massive void beast (that has more or less the same size of Atlas' titanic rumbler with around 300% power strength). This beast has exalted claws and can shoot big void projectiles. Has 25% more sprint speed and his health is the combination of his shields+health multiplied by 5.5 (doesn't increase with power strength). This health is appart from the warframe (so can't use arcanes like arcane grace or guardian), has the same armor as the warframe and if the health drops down to 0 returns to normal and drains all the energy he has left. When he returns to normal, he gets a 1 second of inmortality while he's transforming. Consumes 5 energy per second. When you hold "e" on an enemy he grabs him with one hand and drains 10% of the enemy's health per second and 50% of that health will become energy to the warframe (doing this does NOT heal the warframe, only brings more energy). On this mode he can't use any other ability. Also when he's using this ability the beast doesn't have the hard fall animation, can't be knocked down and when he lands from a high place, makes a small shockwave of 2 meters that stuns and has a chance of knocking down enemies. The beast is NOT status inmune.


This are the stats of the claws and the projectile with 100% power strength and range:


Stats of the claws (jut the basic ones because is no that important the rest of the stats):

Attack speed: 0.85

Critical chance: 35%

Critical damage: 2.5x

Range: 2.00

Status: 35%


Impact: 50.0

Puncture: 25.0

Slash: 200.0

Void(?): 100

Total: 275.0 (with void 375)

Stats of the void projectiles (can be shot using the fire mouse button spending 15 energy per shot):

Accuracy: 100.0

Charge rate 0.30

Critical chance: 45%

Critical multiplier 2.4x

Fire rate: 1.2

Status: 20%

Trigger: Charge


Void: 175.0

Total: 175.0

-Radial attack

Falloff: 75%

Range: 7.80

Void (if not void then blast): 675.0

Total: 675.0


3D concept of the void beast. Grineer provided by Nymkoon


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Passive: Rebuild

When this Warframe would normally die, instead it breaks apart into multiple pieces and drops aggro from all enemies. You take control of a single piece that must move around and reconnect the pieces of your warframe within a time limit, after which you will revive with a small bonus to health, shields, and/or armor, based on the number of pieces you picked up.


Ability 1: Recquisition


What's theirs is yours, Tenno. You lash out a tendril of your body parts at an enemy and steal their power, dealing ability damage and gaining bonus weapon damage based on enemy type.


Ability 2: Restrain

You toss a tendril laden part at an enemy, temporarily binding them in place and disarming them, and dealing damage. The tendrils will then spread to other enemies based on proximity. This effect will repeat a number of times to a number of enemies based on ability charge time and ability level.


Ability 3: Remote

Assuming direct control. You fire a tendril laden part at an enemy and temporarily take direct command of them. This enemy gains bonus health and weapon damage while they are under your direct control. Using this ability again will instantly deal massive damage to the controlled enemy and end the control effect.


Ability 4: Reforge

Ascend, Tenno. You lash out with tendrils at nearby enemies and allies. Enemies take damage, have armor stripped, and are weakened, dealing less damage. You gain bonus damage, health, and armor based on the number of enemies hit. Allies gain half this bonus. Allies that have died in the radius of your tendrils are revived if you hit an enemy.

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Passive: killing enemies gives metal that boosts your armor.

Ability 1: Cycle through different buffs that cripple like corrupted mods. (Buffed>Nerfed) Strength>Efficiency> Duration>Range>Strength (We took all the best parts and smashed them together but i don't think that's how this works...)
Ability 2: Break off a piece of you that attaches to an enemy. Drains health and mana out of that enemy and gives it to you and teammates. Enemies killed with this drop more metal. Must recall part before using any other ability (Hey, can you hold my hand for a second?)

Ability 3: Drop some of your metal in a spot and enemies who walk on it take damage. They also have chance to "trip" which will make them take more damage. (who left all this stuff on the floor? Someone could hurt themselves!)

Ability 4: Equip exalted throwing knives that use collected metal as ammo. Each knife that passes "ability 3 spots" will take some of the metal to boost the knife's damage which will then explode on impact. (What do you mean it became unstable?)

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Passive: Field Repairs: Dead enemies and loot boxes have chance to drop additional parts increasing health,shield, and armor capacity

Ability 1: Dead weight: Launch additional parts in all directions, scaling damage on how many parts you have. Chance to stun and or knock enemies. Augment: Sturdy Parts: Parts have chance to not be destroyed in process

Ability 2: dispersion: disperse warframe to nearby enemies, and lose alarmed state for enemies. When this is done, you change into tendril form. Tendril form cannot trigger alarms unless you attack enemies. When deactivated, it bring all enemies with warframe parts to tendril location, and you re-enter warframe mode. Enemies effected with this ability are stunned on impact. Augment: Shattering Impact: Enemies affected by this ability lose armor, while you gain some.

Ability 3: Scraping: Sacrifice additional parts for health. Augment: efficient scraper: Scraping has chance to drop health and energy orbs for teammates

Ability 4: Unmasking: Your warframe breaks, leaving the tendrils. You change into the tendrils, being able to attack enemies. While in this skill, you can pick up additional parts for when you re-enter warframe mode, or you can use you 1,2, or 3. This is an exhalted, so it can be moded.

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1- An extension of yourself

Currently selected weapon fuses with warframe, causing you to be unable to swap weapons for the duration. Gain increased magazine capacity, reload speed and reduced recoil for guns, increased attack speed, reach and movement speed for melee weapons. Bonuses are increased the more weapons equipped in your loadout.  

Augment - Dual boot - Allows you to fuse a weapon to each hand, giving no bonuses and disabling alt-fire and heavy attacks but allowing you to reload each weapon independent of the other, or attack with melee while reloading. 

Being comprised of several different warframes, the line between weapon and part becomes blurred

2- time-Space

Any damage that you would deal within the duration of this ability is instead stored. When duration runs out, the damage explodes out of the warframe in the form of void energy.

Augment -Corrupted Time- Status effects are now stored along with the damage

The void energy holding the warframe together occasionally affects space-time in strange ways

3- Faulty joints

Launches a body part which embeds itself in either the terrain or an enemy, dealing radiation damage and status effect to enemies in an area around it. A spectral limb takes the place of the expended body part, reducing stats based on whether the body part was an arm or a leg, decreased reload speed and increased recoil for arms, decreased move speed and jump height for legs. Could either select the limb randomly or in  a set order. Limbs can be picked back up by walking over them or holding the cast ability. If used in conjuction with 1st ability, the damage of the ability is compounded by the damage of the weapon currently fused, with melee weapons gaining guaranteed crit(crit level is increased if a yellow crit was already guaranteed by weapon stats) and guns empty current clip into target. 

Augment - Incombatible Organism- Limbs now explode on contact with an enemy, dealing increased damage but returning to the warframe instead of lingering and dealing radiation damage

The problem with being comprised of several different warframes is that the fit isn't always perfect. So things sometimes...detach

4- New Feature

Using void energy, you rip a part off nearby enemy, merging its limb/armour with yours. Gain increased health and armour from organic enemies, increased shield and an automated version of the enemies weapon from robotic enemies. Instantly kills enemies below 20% health and gives double(or just increased) bonuses and duration. (Not usable on bosses, obviously)

Augment - I am the feature - Now merges you with the enemy, gaining the enemies stats, as well as their armour or shield but keeping your health. Abilities are locked(aside from cancelling New Feature) and only the enemy's weapon can be used. If your heath hits 0, your warframe is expelled from the enemy and you are staggered/stunned as your body parts start to reassmble themselves. (Still not usuable on bosses)

I'm already made of random parts. I can handle a few more

Passive - Void shock- Upon transference out, the warframe falls to pieces, violently, dealing a small amount of damage in an AOE, then the pieces lay invulverable and ignored on the floor, being reassembled upon transference in.

The only thing keeping me up is sheer willpower. Oh, and the power of the void

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Passive. From the void:

The void energy that hold the warframe together becomes so strong, that enemies around him gets effected from this power, they take damage each second. This area damage can grow stronger  if the warframe kills an enemy with a mark. Stacks up to 10 times. slowly decays after a while.


1. Broken Wrath

The warframe shoots a void projectile to an enemy. The enemy takes damage and this projectile pulls the enemy to broken warframe. The enemy gets marked. If it dies while this mark is active, the passive ability grows stronger.

2. Void Death

The warframe creates a void explosion around him, dealing damage to enemies. If an enemy gets hit while there is a mark on them, they create another explosion, dealing damage to enemies around them and causing the enemies to get marked.

3. Re-assembling

The warframe steals the stats of an enemy with a mark, making the enemy weaker and grows the warframe stronger. This can stack up tp 5 times. If the warframe reach max stack, he can use this skill again to convert these stacks to a beam of void light that shoots from his chest, dealing massive damage to enemies, but making the warframe lose health. The stacks decays if the enemy is killed.


4. become the void

The warframe needs 10 stacks of passive to use this ability. The void fully consumes the warframe and makes him invulnerable for 10 seconds. Also, all his abilities drains half the energy they used to in this period.

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Being that its a broken waframe and made up of parts from other warframes.The warframe can contain a sentient inside it. That sentient is the heart of the tree. Would be cool to have another warframe like umbra.. Make it a moon quest. It looks like tendrils of the lua tree holding it together. The 4th ability casts the tendrils of the tree roots that reach up and grabs enemies and pulls them down into the depths of the void.  Ability 3, tree spirits ( ie ) druids or imp spirit, different warframes that pass through enemys removing shield armor and health giving it to the warframe.  Ability 2, summon a void rip that emits radiation energy like a wall that enemys pass through. Like indiana jones arc of the covenant scene . Ability 1, a spirit lash which grabs enemies and slams then into the ground turning them into spirit energy for the warframe. The passive ability is an orb of radiation shield around the warframe when the operator exits. The warframe will follow the operator emiting radiation void damage. Lotus hid the tree in the depths of lua trapping the spirits of the warframes. Im the founding warlord of a warframe clan. Would be a fun warframe and quest to play.                                                                              

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If the frame is built from pieces of previous frames, the theme could be somewhat of a split personality, with varying elements/effects.

Passive: Rebuild.
upon taking a lot of health damage, a piece of them falls off, and lands on the ground. this can be picked up and reattached, regaining some hp

1st ability: Reshape.
They reshape, taking a different form. This changes the element of the second and third abilities, cycling between fire, cold, toxin and electric. This would work similar to metamorphosis.

2nd ability: Disassemble.
They split, turning into pieces on the ground, that can roll around and proc element on enemies that step on them. This ability is channeled, and they will reassemble when deactivated. They aren't noticed while disassembled, but if they proc elemental the enemy will notice and can shoot the parts. 

3rd ability: Attach:
They attach a piece to an ally, who receives a buff based on the element:
Fire: Damage up
Ice: Armor up
Toxic: Small area-of-effect toxin with a chance to proc nearby enemies
Electric: Shield up

4th ability: Self Destruct:
the warframe detonates, dealing strong damage to nearby enemies, and parts go flying. you control one part, and you move like in disassemble. the parts must gather together, which takes time, but it can be sped up by moving to the chunks.

I hope you like my ideas! :)

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Passive: in a attempt to bring it self to a complete warframe it will within X radius gain strength shields health or Armour depending on allies nearby(a nearby chroma would add strength, a nearby inaros would add health or amour) can gain up the affect 3 times once from each ally, 

Ability one,(toggle) Shattering his arms disabling all weapons currently equipped, while arms are shattered it enhances all other abilities

Ability two, (channeling) Energy leaks out doing dmg to nearby enemies and granting nearby allies extra energy regeneration rate, Shatter arms passive bonus any dmg taken will release pulse back out to nearby enemies and allies thus increasing the rate of dmg and energy gain

Ability three, Further breaking down increases dmg taken but decreases accuracy on the enemy towards you and any allies nearby, shattered arms bonus The more health you have the higher the debuff on the enemy is, so having 100 percent hp would increase it to the max(example base would -30 accuracy on enemy at 100percent hp it would increase to 50 percent)

Ability 4- Target an ally to gain a random ability from them, shattered arms bonus gain  20 percent strength efficiency and duration of the target ally ability(skill does not end till the previous ability effect or channel completely  ends, so if used saryns ult you can not use it again until the all ticks of the ult is gone) 

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