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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Edit: I'm just use "Eornheit" as the warframe's name in this, so replace instances of that with the official name when that comes around.

Somatic Leak (passive): Used energy will mildly replenish any nearby warframe's energy pool (10% of cost?), and buffs targeting Eornheit will spread to nearby allies (Reduced duration, strength, or both as balance dictates).

Infuse (active, 1st ability): Void energy is emanated from Eornheit's hand, infusing enemies with void energy and damaging them. Infused enemies will drop Infused Scrap upon death. Infused Scrap is bundled parts that support a warframe's systems after pickup temporarily. (Corpus units can all drop shield projectors [shield boost]. Grineer can all drop armor scrap [armor boost/ablative armor]. Infested can all drop flesh chunks [healing/health boost]. Only enemies with ranged weapons can drop gun parts [ranged damage boost]. Melee attack enemies can drop weapon segments [melee boost].)

Diffuse (active, 2nd ability): A beam of void energy spears foes in it's way. The Infused Scrap enhancing Eornheit is pulled into the effects of this ability giving it additional damage based on the Infused Scrap. (Electrical for shield projectors, Impact for armor scrap, Toxin for flesh scraps, Piercing for gun parts, Slashing for weapon segments.)

Render Unto the Void (continuous, 3rd ability): In exchange for Infused Scrap that would have effected Eornheit, Energy is produced. No benefits from Infused Scrap can be gained while this ability is active, with previously acquired benefits decaying as normal. Energy beyond Eornheit's maximum is spread to allies within range. (possible future mod is to also create an aura of void energy that damages enemies.)

Make Whole (continuous, 4th ability): The void remembers what Eornheit once was. The void knows what Eornheit could still be. Activation releases a radial Infusion, then energy is used to maintain the true form of Eornheit. All buffs on Eornheit cannot decay (Ablative armor would still be lost when damaged, but maximum health and shields will not. Infused Scrap has a reduced effect on Eornheit while whole. While whole, Eornheit cannot use "Render Unto the Void." Using "Make Whole" will shut off "Render Unto the Void."

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let me say first the design for broken frame looks great

error - radial aura that disrupts signals devices, drones, doors, air locks, hacking terminals, weapons.

this bypasses the basic hack, screaming into a device. 

[with (cultivate) you can infiltrate vaulted rooms, and use to knock out devices]

[with (latch) can disrupt special shields and interrupt specials used]

cultivate - you fall apart and become a vines that can move across surfaces and through objects and walls, attaching to:

[enemies(non drones), can control them for a duration as a vine form, before crushing them by returning to frame form]

[sentients are not the same, you attach armor to them and they become the host frame. until they die]

[eidolons become playable, to call next eidolon (via. call to mother) and fight them. basic attacks punches and randomly activating abilities]

[other warframes in party, you attach to them and become a damage buff , they take on your mods and passive. one per frame]

toggle for vine mode and attaching to target

latch - out stretching vines that grow and latch on to foes - can drag and ragdoll a room of enemies, take them with you and damage you take goes to them and you can jump and move and they will bump onto each other damaging themselves. 

[when near sentients causes disruption causing them to involuntary activate abilities for you]

[when near eidolons (can replace the lures on plains) requires the toggle to ground]

you have a toggle to grow into the ground, or to be mobile; which will limit the damage effect to: players can now shoot you to damage whatever your attached to

call to mother  - a loud shrill that stuns and disrupts surrounding enemies and can and may summon sentient friends to help.

[tandem ability for (cultivate), its a free way to get the sentient host.]

[as a (cultivate) sentient host will indefinitely will call to arms more sentients to aid.]

[with (latch) activated will increase the duration of (error), causing the attachee to cower more.]

[with (cultivate) in vine form you can surprise a room with sentient friends]

passive - built in adaptation, and battery life to weapons, and sentient damage and resist buff to party

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Being that this is a frame comprised of parts from the old war, I would think it to be fitting to be able to select abilities from different warframes altogether. Ex. Saryn's spores, Volt's speed, Excalibur's javelin, Rhino's stomp.  This would be a Huge undertaking I understand because of certain abilities revolving based around the specific frame models. IE, Chroma's 4th. (Just a concept)

Realistically here is what I imagined:

As far as passive is concerned:

Intrinsic Instability - He uses void energy as his main source of power. The more void energy he uses the more unstable he becomes (loses armor and shields) and it will regenerate over a short period of time. (1/2 rate or so slower than the operator, base energy cannot be modified with flow mods) This can also be increased with void leech to surpass the base limit up to a x2 cap and expelling a percentage of the uncontained energy every second back to the base limit.

Abilities next:

1. Void Leech - Absorb what little void energy there is in enemies, replenishing his void energy, causing damage, as well repairing him a bit (health).

2. Fiendish Lurkers - Blast an enemy with void energy that swells inside them and slowly turns a flat damage amount into effective damage based on enemy type. If the enemy is killed, void "Lurkers" spawn from foe and attach themselves to other enemies dealing significant over time damage based on how long the first enemy was affected. (One time spread) If the first ability is cast it will rip the energy out of the foe and give to him as bonus health, shields, armor, and energy depending on how long they were affected.

3. Sundering Grasp -  Risking movement to damage and slow enemies, he latches onto enemies expelling void energy through tendrils beneath them, slowing them and keeping them within a set distance of the tendril. If held, energy will dump into the ability to deal increased damage that scales. He can move but at a slower pace and is rooted to the ground. (Strength affects distance enemies can travel)

4. Broken Armada - Taking the energy of the void, he unleashes a void field that buffs allies with energy and spawns warframe parts from the old war that seek out enemies in the vicinity. If held the ability will drain double amount of energy and spawn incomplete frames to fight with him. While the ability is active the void energy inside him is drained to keep the broken armada alive. (Wukong type clones)


Hope you all like it!

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Passive: Full Metal Jacket.

Ammo drops give (name) 20 armor for 10 seconds (stacks to 400)


? Detatches his left arm and puts it on his right arm to swipe at a crowd (hold to whip forward)


? Sacrifices some of their health to heal another ally/provide armor/give overshields

3:void magnet

? Grabs an enemy with void tendrils and rips the armor off of the enemy to heal themselves and give bonus armor(temorarily disables shields for corpus, damages infested, and resets sentient resistance)


? Splits in half to create a splinter sacrificing half of their max health, splinters take your melee and do increased damage(hold to withdraw the splinter)

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The warframe "breaks apart" with its parts connected by the void roots and tethers enemies to itself, absorbing armor, shield and health values from them debuffing them in the process, with power strength determining the percentage of armor/shields the enemy loses

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Passive (Broken): each of his body parts will slowly fall of base on how low of his HP pool. The more body parts fall of the ground the more tricky for enemy to hit him. Each of the fallen body part will have 7s cooldown after cooldown it will glowing and he can pick it up to regain your health back.

1st ability: (Separate) he explode and then use half of his body part to make another clone the clone will also have the same passive but can not regain health. 

2nd ability: (over taken) control one of his body part or the clone to rush into an enemy and take over them. Activate again when you near it so you can consume it to gain armor and max health if you don't near it the enemy will explode (only work if the enemy beeing over taken by his clone)

3th ability: (flow) his body release an mist of energy and then slowly cover him fixing his shield.

4th ability: (immortal) all of his fallen body part will return to him immediately no cooldown if there are enemy body part near him he will using them as a shield cover around him.

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Here are my thoughts on the broken Warframe

The official concept art says this Warframe is assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the old war and held together by void energy. We all know there are 4 parts to any warframe we build, the neuroptics, chassis, systems, and finally a blueprint. There are also 4 abilities to every warframe. What if this Warframe received its abilities from the parts used in its construction. Meaning if you choose say Whisps chassis, Valkyrs systems, and Mirages neuroptics you would have Reservoirs as ability 1, Warcry as ability 2, and Eclipse as ability 3 and a unique 4th ability and passive given to this frame by its own blueprint. 

Want whisps Breach Surge, Valkyr's Paralysis, and Mirages Hall of Mirrors instead. select Mirages chassis, Whisps systems, and Valkyrs neuroptics.

Basically the abilities break down as follows.

Ability 1 would be 1st ability of  Warframe who's chassis is used. 

Ability 2 would be the 2nd ability of the Warframe who's systems is used

Ability 3 would be the 3rd ability of the Warframe who's neuroptics is used.

Ability 4 would be unique to the broken Warframe. Since the broken Warframe is a bunch of parts held together by void energy perhaps the 4th ability would allow the broken warframe to shed these parts in an explosion dealing damage and returning the Warframe to an ephemeral state. In this state the Warframe would take less damage from physical attacks and have access to a void whip(tied to melee attack) and void laser(tied to primary weapon fire) but would not have access to any other weapons or abilities (any abilities that have a duration or are toggled would stay active when in this state). Upon recast the parts previously blown off would reassemble themselves around the core of void energy dealing damage to any enemies they pass through and granting this frame access to its full power set and artillery once again.

Passive could be when idle or in operator mode the Warframe pulses with unused energy granting near by allies bonus energy and extra damage for any void/sentient abilities or weapons including operator amps.

I think it would be neat seeing what different combinations people would come up with to cater to their play style.

I also think it would be neat to see a re-playable quest or mission tied to this character in some way. I am thinking this mission would be a great way to assemble and test your Warframe before committing to a build and taking it out into the world. It can also be a way to sacrifice a part you don't like and replace it with something new. Ultimately though as long as we can get multiple copies of the blueprint so we can have different versions of this frame I'd be happy.

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Vision: The broken Warframe would be a jack of all trades (yet master of none) that would be highly adaptable and be able to both round out a squad as well as flex a particular strength of the Warframe.

Passive- Receive the passive (where applicable) of the last warframe you ulted into (see 4th ability)

Some passives will not be applicable (like Baruuk) and should give some mild shield/armor/health/energy boost instead (i.e. Baruuk's passive would grant the broken warframe bonus armor)

1st Abilitiy - (something with some dmg.)

2nd Ability - (something with some defensive or elusive capabilities)

3rd Ability -  (something with some supportive abilities such as shielding or healing or lifesteal)

4th Ability - (Channeling ability) - Change into a fellow warframe (or perhaps one of your warframes - stored in a specter-like fashion?) and use their abilities, rapidly draining your energy as you can now use their abilities. Reset your passive to the passive (where applicable) of this warframe. 

You retain your own weapons. I'm not sure if the broken Warframe should actually change cosmetically in to the morphed Warframe, or if they should just gain the ability to use their abilities. (and yes this was inspired by The Morrigan in Smite)

I don't know exactly what cool interactions would be feasible between the 3 normal abilities, but I thought the ability to convert into other warframes would be cool


Perhaps the 1-3 should be the broken warframe shedding parts of themselves for the damage/defensive/supportive purposes, leaving the void energy form in its place while cast. (i.e. giving allies a HAND [hilarious] for bonus dmg.)



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Mostly using my other idea, cause I really want an active support frame. And this sort of fits the theme.

- Bilnds in a wide cone in front of him

- Can channel a revive from within affinity range and resurrect the little companion drones

- Strong targeted heal from any distance that leaves a regen (can apply just the regen to self when solo)

- Absorbs some amount of damage from nearby teammates (and adding a bit more to this one) that gives a damage boost relative to how much damage was taken (Just increases your damage taken when playing solo)

Passive: Some amount less damage taken (I dunno what seems appropriate) and regens 1.5% of health a second

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8 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

Picking up on the "Broken" and the random nature of "Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed"; Here is my idea that I think it would be fun to play and implement. 

To me a Warframe that stitched together like that will have an identity crisis due to severely fragmented memories resides in the parts; While the void energy helped held them together, it also inadvertently throttles all of these memory fragments and taking hold of the Warframe for a short period time until other bits of memory surfaces, constantly overlapping each other fighting for dominance for the body.

  • Ability 1: Called "[Place Holder 1]" - Random 1st ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered.
  • Ability 2: Called "[Place Holder 2]" - Random 2nd ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered.
  • Ability 3: Called "[Place Holder 3]" - Random 3rd ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered.
  • Ability 4: Called "[Place Holder 4]" - Random 4th ability of any Warfarme you currently owned and had mastered.
  • Passive: All abilities are rerolled every 5 minutes you spend in any mission. 
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Passive: Adhesion

Each time you use one of ability 1-3, you lost a portion of your warframe's parts' binding (With a indicator starting at 100, which is full). When binding is lower than 30, the effect of your ability change. You gain additional armor and maximum health per binding. Binding will recover each time you pick up a health orb and over time. When binding reach 0, your ability cost health instead of energy.

This warframe does not have shield, but it has high armor and health.

When downed, it turn into a pile of parts instead of fall like other warframes. You can still crawl around.

1st ability: Condensed Blast

When binding is above 30, charge to form a single projectile with deadly accuracy using parts from your warframe, the longer you charge the more damage and critical chance it has. Deal puncture damage, have a innate punch through. Cost 10 binding per shot.

When binding is below 30, the projectile turn into a volatile sphere, instead of charge and fire, it will be thrown. Deal blast damage, damage and AOE area increase with lower binding. Cost 15 binding per shot.

Exalted weapon: condense blaster. Hybrid sniper rifle, high critical chance in single projectile mode and high proc chance in AOE mode. 

Damage multiplier scale with ability strength, binding and energy/health cost scale with ability efficiency.

2nd ability: Reformation

When binding is above 30, deconstruct yourself and charge to the direction your camera is pointing at. Deal slash damage to all enemy you go through and knock them down. Cost 15 binding to start the charge and drain binding over time.

When binding is below 30, activate to give yourself a 30% damage buff, each enemy killed while you have the buff will recover 10 binding for you. Cost 25 binding.

Damage, Damage buff and binding recovery scale with ability strength, buff duration scale with ability duration, charge cost over time scale with ability range and efficiency, binding and energy/health cost scale with ability efficiency.

3rd ability: Synchro

When binding is above 30, target an ally and give the target all buff you half with 30% strength. Cost 20 binding per target.

When binding is below 30, target an enemy and warp to its location, pillage armor and health. When targeting a sentient target, also pillage its damage resistance. Recover 20 binding.

Buff strength and armor/health/resistance pillage scale with ability strength, ally buff duration scale with ability duration. warp range scale with ability range, binding and energy cost scale with ability efficiency.

4th ability: Void Storm

Deconstruct yourself and became invulnerable, form a storm of void energy that expand and deal more damage over time. Enemy affected by the storm will be slowed. When you run out of binding or manually cancel, all parts retract and reconstruct, pull all enemy within range to your side. This ability will make you unable to move and drain binding. When the ability end with 0 binding, you gain 50% starting binding back.

Damage, damage increasing, enemy speed reduction scale with ability strength, radius of the storm scale with ability range, expansion speed scale with the maximum range of the storm orb, starting energy and binding cost scale with ability efficiency, cost over time scale with ability efficiency and duration.


These skill design focus on the fact that this warframe was forged from broken parts, therefore the first concept is how it is held together, not how it falls apart. However, as the result of using parts of different warframes, compatibility will be a problem. That is why I designed the binding system to represent how this problem affect this warframe's combat. When binding runs out, that means the compatibility between each parts are starting to fail, so when you cast an ability, it take health instead of energy.

The 1st ability should look like throwing a punch when binding is above 30 and throwing a grenade when binding is below 30; another exalted weapon should be fun, just like Hildryn. More over, it is a hybrid weapon, which brings more fun. First exalted primary and first exalted hybrid!

The 2nd ability is like a combination of Cloud Walker from Wukong and Tidal Surge from Hydroid when using with more than 30 binding, sort of a different Rhino/Gauss charge but run through enemy. When you have less than 30 binding, you detach some parts of your warframe and use them as boosters on your weapons. You are already almost broken at this point, so why not?

The 3rd ability works like Parasitic Link from Nidus, but it can be cast to all 3 of your teammates (or 7 if you give us the law of retribution back!), it copy all buff you receive and give some portion of them to your teammates as a independent buff. This should give it a important role in most team work situation. When binding is below 30, it give you a way to recover binding faster than just sit and wait, also grant you additional armor and health recover.

The 4th ability, just imagine all parts flying around and releasing violent void energy. It works similar to vacuum imploder or void hole on rail jack. You explode into a area of chaos, tear everything within apart, then return to yourself and siphon everything to your side. 


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Passive: Unstable. Move faster and increase ability strength as health is reduced, but move slower as you gain armor.

Ability 1: Salvage damaged equipment from your foes, replenishing small amounts of health by dealing damage for a short time. Melee attacks and abilities replenish more health. Amount siphoned scales with ability strength.

Ability 2: Blast nearby enemies with void energy as you disassemble, dash forward and through enemies, then reassemble.

Ability 3: Disarm nearby foes and turn their weapons into temporary armor. Armor gained increases per enemy affected, and enemies may retrieve their weapons from the ground around the warframe after the effect ends. If used during ability 1, any health that would be restored for the rest of the duration is instead converted into armor.

Ability 4: Explode with void energy and shed off armor, improving movement speed for a short time and dealing blast damage in an area. The damage scales with armor and ability strength. Ends the effects of ability 3, due to obtained armor becoming ejected from the warframe.

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OK, I'll be running with the assumption that the "Frame" is more the tendrils within rather than the pieces attached. I'll also be using Eornheit's name (Shortened to Heit) in place of whatever the frame's name will be.

Passive: Replacement - When Heit takes fatal damage it loses its outer 'shell', heading to the nearest enemy affected by Tendril Embrace and taking control of their body, ripping it apart and reshaping to its usual form. If no enemies are affected by Tendril Embrace Heit goes into the bleed out state.

Initial Ability: Siphon Tendril - A bit self explanatory. Heit reaches out with one of it's tendrils, dealing moderate damage and siphoning health for itself. Something simple for the 1st ability, as all initial abilities should be.

Bravo Ability: Tendril Growth - Heit plants one of it's tendrils, forming a tree with a healing aura. 

3rd Ability: Tendril Embrace - Heit sends out some of it's tendrils, attaching them to enemy nervous systems and creating allies out of them. Or attaching to allies and boosting their shields and attack damage.

Fourth Ability: Unstable Core - Due to the instability of Heit, it's core may overheat, creating a damaging AoE around it, causing Heat Damage to both itself and all enemies within range.

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I'd love to see (his/her/their/gender.exe has crashed) move kit to be based on software manipulation. For instance:

Ping: Sends a packet forward that adds the effect "pinged" for a short time. Pinged allies will get buffs, pinged enemies will get debuffs, etc. If an enemy is killed before the pinged status effect expires, they drop more ammo/energy/health and the packet shifts to a nearby target if possible. Holding the cast gives the packet priority to target an ally. (And dare I say... An augment that scans pinged enemies if you have a codex scanner available?)

Passive: Less likely to be targeted by turrets and other robotics, can pass through laser barriers without penalty.

(Hacker voice: "I'm in!")

and just to add to the ever-growing meme pile:

Force_Crash: Data packets erupt from the player and every "Pinged" target, which seek out and bounce between enemies. Even the most rudimentary targeting systems are violently borked, causing script errors (for them), reduced accuracy, and even hardware malfunctions such as overheating, exploding batteries, coolant ruptures, and misfires. (See: heat, blast, cold, and electricity procs. Really just a smorgasbord of procs.)


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Passive: Last Standing

After Self Revive increase Strength,Effeciency, Duration and Range by 10% and HP by 150 Points for each Revive that has been used (cap at 3 times)

1st Ability: Sacrificial Strength

Sacrifice your Parts (50% HP permanent as long as the Ability is activated) to increase Strength and Armor Value by 20% (Toggle Ability, cost 5 Energy/ Sec.) Value Buff Cap 30%

2nd Ability: Void Storm

Transform yourself into a violent Storm of pure Void Energy destroying everything in your way. It also resets Resistance Meter of the Sentients. Default Damage Value would be 3000 scales with Strength of course.(Toggle: 12Energy/Sec.) Radius 10m

3rd Ability: Void Domination

Let the Void Energy flow outside your body to invade the enemies bodies and strip their Armor/Shield by default 30% of max Enemy Armor/Shield Value. Radius 12m. Armor/Shield Stripping Debuff capped at 95%

4th Ability: Void Revenge

Summon a Void Cannon (build out of your parts) and become invulnerable for 8 sec (fixed value) absorbing all incoming Damage and add it to your Cannon which lasts for 15 sec. (Duration capped at 30sec.)

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This is the perfect backstory for an idea I've had for awhile.  Since it's built from multiple warframes, give it skills from multiple warframes. Players select one ability for each tier.  Limbo's A, Nova's B, Ash's C, and Baruuk's D for example. Skills available would be limited to Warframes that you own and have raised to 30.  Exclude exalted weapon skills, for obvious reasons.  Abilities available would expand as new warframes are added.  This would provide incentive to expand your Warframe arsenal and most certainly to add Warfame slots as you'd need to currently possess the frame to use its abilities.  This would open the door to hundreds of build/configuration possibilities.                        

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I think it would be cool to have the first ability be a void harpoon that pins people to walls and if charged in adds punch through and grabs multiple enemies, ability strength would dictate damage  and range would dictate enemies grabbed and duration would change how long the spear would hold surviving enemies.

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Passive - Unstable Body: The Warframe leaks deadly energy when broken apart, losing health and armor but deals searing damage to nearby enemies and gives energy to nearby allies.

  • When the Warframe breaks a body part off, it loses a portion (eg. 20%, up to 80% by the skills) of its maximum health and a quarter of its armor, prevents the user from regaining health past the lost portion.
    • The body part gains as much health and armor the Warframe loses.
    • The Warframe regains lost armor, "ungates" the health pool, and heals for the amount proportional to the body part had when it returns.
      • Trivially, if the body part did not lose any health, all costs are refunded.
      • If the body part loses all of its health, then the body part will teleport back to its rightful place, refunding a minimum amount of health.
  • Power Strength will increase the health cost required to cast abilities that require it, but will also increase the amount of health each body part will have. Health refund is proportional to health cost.
  • Health will also increase the amount of health each body part will have, since the Warframe is dislocating its own body parts.
  • Abilities that cost health will be disabled if the Warframe is at critical health by convention (eg. Garuda's 2, Inaros's 4, etc.).
    • Abilities that cost health can still be cast down to critical health even if the Warframe lacks enough health for a proper cast, provided they have the energy to do so.

1 - Dislocate (Health cost): Warframe can break an arm off (up to two) and send it to a target surface. The arm becomes a controllable turret (hold the ability down while aiming at an arm and move cursor to desired area to plant and re-aim, and tap to fire), and fires at enemies using its own health as ammunition.

2 - Tackle (Energy cost + Health cost, lock on): Sends the torso of the Warframe at an enemy, dealing damage and opening it for finishers. The legs remain in the previous position for some time until teleporting back. If the Warframe performs a melee attack, the legs will kick, dealing damage in an area around it. 

3 - Recall (Energy cost): Sends target dislocated component back in a straight line to the Warframe at high speeds, dealing Impact damage to every enemy in its path and a little bit past the direction the body part was travelling in. This ability goes through walls, and has infinite range.

4 - Paradox (Energy cost): Sheds all body parts at current position, and moves as a being of pure energy (energy vines?) while being able to use your weapons and abilities. Gain some damage reduction during this mode (since the warframe will have 0 armor then), and enemies remain aggro'd to the armor for a moment to allow the user to move a short distance away. After a short time, the Warframe returns to the position.

  • Tip: The user can cast Recall before the ability ends to reintegrate at the user's current position instead.


  • Strength: Passive, Dislocate, Tackle, Recall
  • Range: Passive, Dislocate, Tackle
  • Duration: Tackle, Paradox
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I'll contribute an Ability an a Passive, sure, why not?

Passive : "Scrapyard Surgeon" : Every enemy killed by this Warframe or any nearby allies, the enemy will drop Scrap, you may hold up to 50 Scrap, and Scrap is automatically consumed, if applicable, on any ability cast to increase the effectiveness.

Ability ? : "Junkyard" : Toggling the ability will begin to place reticles on any enemy you hover over, which can stack up to 5 times per enemy. Pressing the ability key again will then begin to shoot out some of the built up Scrap to attach to enemies, applying Damage over Time for several seconds and refunding Scrap if the enemy is killed while under the effect. For every reticle where you do not have enough Scrap, you will instead use 10 Health.

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Passive Ability: Broken Compatibility

mimic based set of abilities, they can carry any ability in each segment. However, conditions must be met. The conditions are that the abilities must be corresponding with the slot. For example, Oberon's smite can only be in the first ability slot, Octavia's AMP ability can only be in the 4th slot, and so on. The other condition being that it must only use abilities from a warframe(s) the operator owns, and cannot take more than 2 abilities from a single warframe.(Figured would be good for balance)

All Warframes/Spectres (excluding a broken warframe spectre/frame) in the party with matching abilities get a buff to said matching ability.


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Passive: Broken Hitbox: has a chance to ignore Damage

1st ability:  Glitched Arsenal: breaks the arsenal of the frame. On guns ignore reloads and for melee faster charge attack wind up for a duration 

2nd ability: Broken Geometry: Places wall similarly to atlas's but enemies when the walk into the wall they will get stuck on it for a short period doing damage to the wall and the enemy  and then pass through it. 

3rd ability: Some movement one people on this thread already have great ideas

4th ability: Blue Screened: "crashes" all enemies in a large area around the frame for a bit the enemies cant move but after the crash there is a small "reboot" time where they are slowed this attack does no damage

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My abilities ideas for Broken Warframe.    
PASSIVE- The Warframe when moves release a rust or mold that weakens enemy amor over time.

Ability# 1- The Blue side of the Warframe release a sparks of electricity but not to much strong.

Ability#2- The Red side of the Warframe release a gas that fills the hole room and by combined with the first ability between gas and sparks ️ of lightning makes a explosion 💥 that clear the entire room.

Ability#3- When the Warframe is nearby enemy’s his bones came out from his body stabbing them and the same time protecting him from incoming fire.

Ability#4- The Warframe explode into pieces dealing heavy damage after he explode he rebuild himself but with lower health and shield 

I hope you guys like my 💡 

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Since from the art he seems sorta like a Broken Golem with orokin plants, I was thinking this.

1. Piercing Roots, sends out a cone of damaging roots from his hand, can be recast to pull enemies towards him.

2. Creeping Vines, similar to Baruuk's sleep, only instead of sleeping it locks enemies in place.

3. Fragmented, the vines holding his body togeather tighten giving him bonus armor and health regen.

4. Void root, absorbs void energy to rapidly expand his roots. Basicly becoming a rumbler that smashes and looks like swamp thing with armor.

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Passive: Energy is life. Energy is what keeps the frame together (shown by the tendrils) so it has no life. Just some average shielding, and pure energy. It has a natural regen of 3.5 energy a second. (Death animation can be the warframe falling to pieces).


1 Void Lash:  (increased area, and damage by charging up). Enemies hit leak energy, and shield power in a radius determined by power range. Rate of leech by power duration, and amount leeched by power strength. Enemies killed give X% of what they would have given for the rest of the duration.

Visual: Right arm does a whipping motion similar to Khora's Whipclaw (in case you want to recycle some animations) shooting out the void tendrils.

Lore reason: Prototype energy vampire from an old version of Trinity.


2 Void Blink: Teleport in the direction you are looking (hold to see a targeting circle). Enemies within the radius are pulled in by a void tendril orb that spawns slightly in front of the frame.

Visual: The warframe quickly kneels (pointing the left White/Red leg in the direction of the teleport direction) then there's visual flash with tendrils trails trailing through the distance travelled.

Lore Reason: Prototype archwing teleport. Too unstable for the wings.


3 Void Enhance: Cycle through 2 different augments. Void Hand allows each hit (double value with melee) to strip global enemy defences based on Power strength (removes adaptation). Void Acuity improves parkour speed determined by power strength (preferably something better than an arcane).

NOTE: We have sprint frames, but no real pure parkour frames other than some relatively ok passives.

Visual: Void Hand (left arm) - Saryn toxic lash animation. Void Acuity (right blue leg) - Glowy leg with some trailing light.

Lore Reason: Void Hand - Last remnant of an anti armor frame. Void Acuity - Pieces of a generic assassin frame.


4 Into the Void: Blast enemies within a 150 - 280 degree radius (based on charge) for X True damage. Void Lashed take double damage and if killed unravel violently into void tendrils in a radius determined by power range. Enemies hit by the unravel are Void Lashed. If enemies are close enough they consolidate making larger void tendrils.

Visual(s): The crystal on the head piece begins to glow while charging (negative light), and the camera will go full fish eye similar to Mesa Peacemaker upon release an extremely fast cascading wave of light will be shot out (like mag polarize with a trailing color change on the surrounding environment with).

Simple version of the unravel is just an enemy pop with a small flash of light and 3 tendrils spiralling out in a circular fashion. More complex version is the same but the enemy is turned into pure void tendrils first growing out of them (could use basically another layer on top of the Atlas petrify effect).

Lore Reason: Corrupted warframe. Sent to the void due to its dangerous instability. It found comradery amid the refuse and forged itself the body it was owed.

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