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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Kintsugi 

Each time [The Broken Warframe] uses an ability it gains a scrap stack For each stack it gains increased health, shields, and ability damage to varying amounts depending on what abilities where used. Weather these stacks scale infinity or cap is left to the discretion of the DEV team. upon reaching a certain total, the void vines begin glowing and the body becomes more complete

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE NA im using the colored limbs to get the point across that these powers are coming from each part of it, i know that will have to be changed cause of fashion frame and custimazation

First Ability: Scarlet Shots 

From with the Red section of its body the Broken Warframe\summons a number of projectiles to its red hand. the amount scales with ability strength, they all cause heat damage and a very small explosive radius. Much like a shot from the Basmu or Acceltra. the projectiles are physical and look like their held together by scrap and void energy. the goal is to make this the frames main damage ability. The shots can be fired all at once or in rapid succsession depending on weather or not the ability is tapped or held 

scarlet shots cause the damage stack in the passive however only when it is cast, not when a shot hits IE modding this to get like 20 shots is not going to get you 20 stacks 

Second ability : Preserving Purple
Summoning the power through its purple ligaments, the broken Warframe blinks itself to target location creating a Pulse of energy that deals radiation damage to all within radius, when the foes hit by this ability are killed, they replenish a small amount of [the broken warframes] shields in addition to providing a sheild stack

Alternativly this ability may be held and turned into a a scrappy looking pulse grenade that flyes to a targer area instead, but with a smaller radius.

Note: it would be really cool if the blink felt fun and bouncy not so much like a void dash or a gauss run. 

Third Ability: Withering white

Summoning its powers from the white part of its body, this channeled ability weakens the damage and max health of all enemies in its radius, siphoning some of that, Holding this ability down again will cause extra drain, but siphon the stolen health back the [The Broken War frame] the ability eminates from the frame itself. The area could be identified by floating white scrap and seem to channel to a point on the top of its head 


Fourth Ability: The Whole is greater

[the broken war frame] consumes all of its stacks and Channels them into an AOE shrapnel damage pulse that hits for massive damage, and does a mix of the damage types in its kit.in addition to slashing

However when the frame is it at full stacks instead of an AOE pulse, it assumes it true form. its body parts merging together and the vines becoming a Kintsugi inlay. While in this form [The Broken Warframe]'s scrap stack bonuses are boosted further, However, it can only stay in this form for a limited time before it resumes it old form. While in this form. if the player presses the ult again it will detonate the form early and deal a maxed out version of its AOE instead. but this must be done within 5 seconds of it forming or else it cannot detonate

I call this junkyard Kintsugi


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Ability 1: Dissemination-  Void worms spread through the target, and bolster the broken frame's health, shield, or armor.  Press ability once to cycle between options hold to activate.  A kill strike will double the effects... 

Ability 2: Ravage- void worms reach out for bodies of the dead, and pull them closer to create a shield (physical barrier).  Use again to detonate.

Ability 3: Desolation Field- launch a void worm at a single foe, they will be paralyzed while their life is slowly drained.  During this time the body will create a 10m Desolation field which will allow the broken frame and any allies within to add void damage to any weapons used within the field.

Ability 4: infiltration- void worms reach out to the nearest dead body, and dismantles it's outer shell and fastens it to the broken frame. Disguised as the enemy, it will not be attacked by enemies of the same faction in this state.  

Passive: any enemy killed by a void worm attack will create an energy overload in the Broken Frame, that will give infinite ammo to any recharging energy weapons for 30 seconds.

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Following the concept of being a broken Warframe, my idea of abilities is that this frame could be made up by parts of different Warframes by which the player could choose.

For example, we get a general Warframe Blueprint and we use parts of other Warframes that we get on different missions in the star chart, like we could use Mag's Neuroptics, Excalibur's Systems, Nova's Chassis and Nyx' Chassis. And depending on the parts we choose the abilities will vary. In this case this warframe could be able to use one ability of each warframe that the player used for buiding it. This may result in unique Warframes per each player. 

Also, a passive could be, during battle, as the Warframe receives damage he will start loosing parts, like an arm or a leg, but he will be capable of taking enemy parts as a temporary fix using a sort of "Energy Tentacles" and reattaching them. As the warframe looses parts his max health will decrease and when he reattaches parts he will recover health but only in the amount of health the enemy has. So for example, if he gets the arm of a Nox he could get a lot of health back. But this at the cost of loosing one of its abilities as the original Warframe part was lost.

So in a much simpler way I could say that this warframe has the ability to change physically and its abilities depending on the parts it is using. It will also be a Warframe that apart from having many different combinations of abilities will be a Warframe that needs to be fixed all the time. Well, " 'cause it's broken." 

This will also give a different purpose to all the Warframe parts that we get while farming, which many times end up being sold for credits or a long lasting spot in the inventory.

In a related way, the base stats could also vary depending on the base stats of the warframes from which the parts are chosen. In addition, I suggest that the parts the warframe uses have a "limited time", like using the concept of weapons that with usage deteriorate, the chosen Warframe parts deteriorate and will also need to be replaced with time. For this the warframe will have a counter which tells you the percentage of part life remaining and the amount by which the stats are lowered. In order to make the fixing faster, the building times of this Warframe could be much lower than the 3 day normal Warframe building time, for example 10 minutes or even 5 minutes if it is only one part.

I know this is a really long post reply but i feel the concept should be explained clearly as the idea might be complex.

I hope the community likes this idea. 

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Passive: Fragile -- Every time this frame is knocked down, takes a hard fall, or sustains (10?20?)% HP damage, remove a limb. Detached limbs will continue to use Warframe abilities.

1) Proxy Order: Charge up and fire your fist as a projectile. Charge increases damage and punch-through, but can be fired uncharged as well. Deals a good spread of IPS, but weighted toward Slash to facilitate dismemberment. (30/30/40) The fist stays where you leave it, and will fly toward your cursor like Zephyr's tornadoes when the ability is activated again. Energy tendrils display the connection between you and your fist, as well as showing the trajectory for the next punch based on your reticle (this remains true for all following abilities). Hold the ability button to pull your fist back toward you, pulling enemies into melee range.

2) Annex: Warframe and discarded limbs all make a wild AoE swing. This vacuums up nearby enemy viscera, including that of any enemies struck and killed by the swing. If any limb absorbs 5 enemy limbs, it grows an entire body and becomes a Broken Frame Specter. Enemies contribute to the armor and shields of the original Frame and its Specters, and expand the health and damage of Specters specifically, based on the enemies' stats in life including level/scaling. The Frame itself starts with high health and no shields like Nidus and Inaros. The Frame's temp shield and armor are shown in an Atlas-style HUD element displaying a ferrite core surrounded by blue shields.

As Specters, Proxy Order changes from a punch into a shot with suitably Grineer or Corpus weaponry, based on the ratio of enemies absorbed. Infestation-based Broken Specters retain their melee focus. By clicking a Specter with Proxy Order, you can toggle their behavior between Stay and Follow at a distance. 

3) Dummy: Using HUD elements similar to Wisp's Breach Surge, teleport between individual Broken Specter bodies, gaining their current health, armor, and shields. The previously-occupied body falls to the ground and gains invincibility based on duration, before rising up and resuming duties as a Broken Specter. Conversely, allies can pick up these disabled units to gain their armor and shield buffs. If Proxy Order is charged to recall all limbs, all Specters explode for radial Void damage and become permanent disabled units which can be picked up as power-ups.

4) River Styx: The Broken Frame separates entirely and begins ramming into enemies like a swarm of meteors. (Optional: Can still use weapons) The more limbs you pick up along the way, the more damage this ability deals, with no upper limit. (Perhaps the energy drain increases too?) When this ability is released, the statistical benefit of the total enemy viscera is split between all Specters and the Frame. Conversely, if this ability is cast with a full squad of Broken Specters, it starts out with all their gathered strength. (Also optional: While in this form, you can still take damage, but each piece is destroyed when struck. The fewer pieces in the River, the higher their Evasion.)

I acknowledge that the theme here is quite similar to Moirai the Puppeteer suggestion, but I only realized that when I hit the ult, and I feel the implementation/the rest of the kit are different enough to be considered on their own merits. Even the mechanics of the ult are different.

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First of all sorry (lol) I have a unhealthy addiction to league and I have been watching a unhealthy amount of Naruto lately, so yes, a lot of these ideas are inspired from League of Legends and Naruto.

Second, Im going to refer to the frame as "broken" so I don't repeat the word 'warframe" more times then i have to.

Third: Assume every ability i mention is level 1. I'm not really a numbers person when it comes to this game, so I don't have a idea on how much damage this frame should actually deal, so I know the numbers will be changed, just don't be surprised if they are incredibly high or incredibly low. They are just numbers to give you a general idea about how the abilities should function with each other and to give DE a idea on where to start with balancing the frame.

Fourth; I'm really bad at English sooooooooo sorry if my words are misspelled a lot. 

Btw there is a General Idea and small explanation of what I think and would like to see from this frame if you happen to go with my idea by any chance. 


Passive: After each ability Broken's body increases in size by a small amount for 20 seconds, and increase his armor and equipped weapon damage for 10 seconds. Broken also becomes immune to all damage except for Slash damage during his ability casts.


First Ability 1 (Binding)- Broken lifts himself in the air (The cast for this ability should look similar to the respawn animation) and emits energy from himself in a circle around him, any targets caught by this have their legs swarmed by broken void energy. They will be tethered to Broken and follow him wherever he goes for the duration of this ability. After he tethers any targets in range he comes back down to the ground and the ability will start its duration effect. 

In addition while this ability is active the control to "ping" or add a mark for your team will only be visible to you and will make all the targets move to anywhere you ping within a 50m radius.

,The targets effected will not turn into his minions like Revenant or Nekros, they will still damage Broken and will only attack him.

Target effected by this ability will deal 70% less damage and become immune to all damage except for Brokens ability and weapon damage for 10 seconds

(If ability duration mods are used for this ability then the Armor and Weapon buff from his passive will also receive the increased duration)


Second Ability 2 (Executioners Scream) - (Broken Uses "Howl"s ability from Excalibur Umbras kit,) All enemies in range will be blinded and after 5 seconds of the blind a surge of void energy will implode from the targets executing them.

This ability won't kill anyone under 40% Hp, and won't deal much damage if the targets are above the thresh hold

[My original idea for this was for a clone of Broken to walk behind each target and stab them in the back]


Third Ability 3 (Hand of Fate)- Broken extends his hand out and detaches it from his body, massively increasing it in size and hovering it over everyone in range then swiftly crushing all targets under it.

This ability will only deal damage according to this and these numbers are effected by armor:

At 100% HP: Deals 50% of their max hp.

80% to 99% HP: Deals 40% of their max hp.

60% to 70% HP: Deals 30% of their max hp.

41% to 59% HP: Deals 20% of their max hp.

40% HP and below: 0 Damage 

[Originally this ability was supposed to be in the (1) slot, it was supposed to just increase the size of the hand and push all enemies in front of Broken to the side dealing a set amount of damage, but honestly its kinda boring compared the other ideas i have in this post]


Fourth Ability 4 (Released Binds) - Broken massively increases in size and releases all energy he has and engulfs himself in it all of his body parts will float inside the energy, all the energy he emits will damage all targets around him and will be damaged based on how far away from the massive amount of energy. The closer the more damage the farther the less. All enemies inside the massive amount of energy will heal Broken for a set amount of health. 

(This ability should be similar to Valkyrs ult, where the longer the ability goes the more energy it uses)



General Idea and explanation: I want the new warframe to be unable to contain the massive amount of energy it has inside it, which is why I want it to look like the frame itself is going to implode each time it uses a ability; This is what I mean by "increase in size" for reference.

If I play him I wanna see the muscles almost explode because of the sheer amount of energy being output by it. I want each ability to be a hint of another warframes abilities while massively increasing the power of the ability instead of adding its own unique spine on things. I want the unique style to come from the sheer power each ability has. Which is why I want each ability to have its own cast time and animations to further drive how much power it really has. I'd like the idea that this frame has the power to completely annihilate everything in its general area in 1 swoop.

I think the play style of the warframe should be like herding sheep which is why I mentioned a tether in the first ability and include only AOE abilities.


Other Ideas I've thought of for the warframe since originally posting:

This Frame should be similar to how Umbra was released, giving us new lore about how warframes function, we can be given a explanation on why our warframes moved on their own during the Second Dream dream quest (hint hint). There's still a few things that are unknown about them, for example; 

 Why the #*!% they can move while they are dead? What are the deciding factors that give them their abilities. Is there a special way they can be manipulated to give them set abilities or is it completely random? If its random then is there a preset list of abilities that warframes get? Or is there a everlasting list of abilities that we can never actually know the extent of?  What determines the shape and body style of the warframes? Are there sort of "common frames" if so is  a frame like Excalibur the most common frame? If there are "common frames" like Excalibur then what is a frame like Octavia; Would she be a extremely rare frame? 

I dunno I guess im just over questioning it but I'm curious about it, if a frame like this is going to be released it brings these questions to mind because he'll most likely be made of other warframes parts, and other warframes abilities to some degree so i wanna know if a frame like Excalibur is a sort of "common" frame then how did whoever put the frame together get their hands on super rare piece like a "Octavia Prime arm" or something similar.

I don't think a standard 'Go around to certain places and get the blueprints with no memorable lore" similar to Nova's (?) quest works here. (I honestly don't even remember anything about the quest besides going to 3 separate places for blueprints and the lotus saying something about being unable to revive her because it was just that boring and mindless.)

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Passive: "Patchwork" - Pickups generate small bits of armor (also suspended by the tendrils), increasing armor value

Ability 1: "JerryRig" - Replenish some health, shield, and ammo value by consuming one unit of armor from "Patchwork"

Ability 2: "Salvage" - Tendrils shoot out from the Warframe, stripping enemies in range of some armor, while adding to "Patchwork" armor stack

Ability 3: "Broken" - Shed your old corporeal body! Return to your unstable void tendril form and latch onto a target for some upgrades! (Corpus grants extra shields, Grineer grants extra armor, etc...)

Ability 4: "Boomstick" (Exalted Weapon) - Pieced-together rapid fire flak cannon (shotgun), with a massive alt fire that consumes a unit of armor from "Patchwork".

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(since the name of the frame is not known, I will be referring to it as Bob)


Passive: Repurposed materiel. When Bob is full on whatever thing a pickup is supposed to be used for, he will use it for something else. Energy, ammo, and health pickups can all be substituted in this way.

1. Ravenous reconstruction. Bob's ramshackle construction demands frequent repair, this ability reaches tendrils through the void to entangle an enemy and begin stripping them for parts to restore Bob's health.

2: Hasty Upgrade. Bob has had to get very good at bolting things together in a hurry. Target an ally or enemy with this ability to add properties based upon the target's weapon to Bob's current weapon for a limited time.

3. Sundering Tendrils. Bob is quick to locate structural faults in his surroundings. With tendrils boring through physical matter and the nightmare of the void with equal ease, Bob wreaks havoc on a wide area by cracking fuel lines, breaching power conduits and generally turning his surroundings in to a hellscape of workplace safety violations.

4. Rapid Rebalance: Shields, health, energy. What's the difference, really? While this ability is active, Bob combines these in to a single pool that serves all three functions.

Bonus: Like Garuda, Bob is never truly unarmed. If his melee slot is left empty, his right forearm can be extended on void tendrils to be used as a whip.

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Passive: Damage dealt with this frame's abilities creates stacks of "Void Empowerment" buffing Operator Void Damage, The longer you are in Transference you gain "Void Enhancement" stacks buffing the frames ability strength for a short time


Ability 1: Release

Void energy exits a chosen limb and manifests into a ball of void energy and flies to the targeted area exploding and creating a lingering Area of Effect that deals damage. Stepping into the lingering area grants a buff depending on which limb was chosen (Arms: Reload Speed increase, Legs: Speed Increase, Chest/Torso: Armor increase, Head: Health Regen over time)

Ability 2: Overflow 

The unstable nature of the frame leaks with void energy coating the frames body and creating a protective armor. Taking damage generates stacks of "Void Empowerment"

Ability 3: Mind into matter

The vague memory of the previous frames that each part once belonged to allows the frame to create a specter of its former self, each specter belonging to its corresponding chosen limb. (Creating a specter drains a fixed amount of "Void Empowerment" and only one specter is active at a time)

Ability 4: Intertwine

Consuming all stacks of "Void Empowerment" and "Void Enhancement" create a large aura of energy damaging enemies inside, damage dealt with this ability creates stacks of "Void Empowerment". Standing in the Aura buffs ability strength and Operator Damage. Allies within the aura gain increased armor and slowly regenerate energy (ally armor values and energy regen scale with ability strength









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Passive: % of damage recieved gives broken warframe sentient like attack buffs and resistances as though the warframe was a sentient


Ability 1: Void charge  warframe becomes invulnerable charges up to release a shockwave that gives the warframes passive ability to nearby team mates remain invulnerable if solo for 10 upto 30 seconds depending on level.

Ability 2: Final assembly. Draw in nearby enemies attaching them to the broken warframe with void gravitation as if in orbit around him to drain health and create a temporary shield, casting void charge will send all enemies hurling outwards which explode on impact.

Ability 3  sentient cannons. Call forth twin shedu cannons at a cost of all energy to last upto 30 seconds when ability ends the cannons send out a radial blast to knockdown all foes in a vast radius dealing damage equal to warframes current health remaining

Ability 4. Last resort. When health is low casting last resort wil cause all limbs to detach and explode, if damage is dealt to enemys which causes death it restores life depending on damage dealt, if no enemys are hit it causes death (hence the name)


A new mod could be added to orokin vaults or the factions called tempted fate, gives upto 50% chance to ensure ressurection upon casting last resort

Another could be elemental roulette where casting sentient cannons will grant a random elemental buff, for void charge there could be gracious charge, where recievers of void charge also gain temporary invulnerability, and for final assembly have assembly projectile, grant the ability to fire one enemy at a time 



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*I'm not very good at English, so I use a translator.
There may be a mistake in the sentence. I'm sorry.

Passive: Clumsy Restoration
This frame, which uses void energy to maintain its body, has endurance levels that vary depending on the amount of energy remaining.
He has a habit of collecting unnecessary parts, which he makes use of in various situations.

- The armor value varies depending on the amount of energy remaining.
- When you kill an enemy, five "
Armor Shards" will be dropped, and they will be stored when you collect them.
- There is no limit to the number that can be stocked.

Ability 1: Cripple
Grab the legs of the enemy with void energy.

- It consumes 25 energy.
- Binds one of the closest enemies in front of you.
- Killing a bound enemy within the effect time will chain it to the two closest enemies. The effect time is not reset.
- Killing a bound enemy doubles the number of "Armor Shards" you can drop.

Ability 2: Fragment Shot
It turns old armor into shards and sends them flying with energy, slicing through the enemy.

"If you don't consume the armor shards.
- It consumes 25 energy.
- It flies countless small-sized shards with piercing and cutting damage in all directions, centered on itself.
- The shards penetrate the enemy.

"If you consume the armor shards.
- It costs 15 energy and 25 Armor Shards.
- It flies several large-sized pieces of impact and cutting damage in front of itself.
- The shards do not penetrate the enemy, but they always knock back when they hit.
- When you kill a Cripple affected enemy with a large shard, it will drop 15 Armor Shards.

Ability 3: Armored Repair
Remove the old armor and install the new armor.

"If you don't consume the armor shards.
- It consumes 75 energy.
- As with normal abilities, they consume energy.
- Restores a small amount of shield and health and increases armor value for a short time.

"If you consume the armor shards.
- Activates when you have at least 75 Armor Shards in your stockpile.
- It does not consume energy to activate, but instead consumes all of the Armor Shards in its possession.
- Restores a large amount of shield and health and increases armor value for a long time.
- When triggered, all status abnormalities are reset and the player is no longer affected by status abnormalities for a short time.
- There is a repair motion and you can't do all the operations while in motion.

Ability 4: Scrap Blast
It explodes void energy, scattering shards around it that explodes when touched.

"If you don't consume the armor shards.
- It consumes 100 energy.
- A small explosion around itself sends a small amount of shards flying. Explosions deal damage to the enemy, while shard deals cutting damage to the enemy.
- The shards continues to remain in place after being landed. When an enemy touches a shard, it deals impact and explosive damage.
- Its own armor value for a short time is increased to 1.

"If you consume the armor shards.
- Consumes 85 energy and 100 Armor Shards.
- It causes a massive explosion around itself, sending a large amount of shards flying. Explosions deal great damage to enemies, and shards deals cutting damage to enemies.
- The shards continues to remain in place after being landed. When an enemy touches a shard, it deals impact and explosive damage, unleashing fragment shots around it.
- If an enemy takes damage from shards, it loses its armor value for a short time.


It occurred to me that this frame, made from the wreckage of a destroyed frame, should also change the endurance of the body as the amount of void energy holding it together fluctuates.
Therefore, I made the energy and armor value related, and made the energy management more severe than other frames.
I also wanted the frame to be based on the armor value motif, so I came up with an ability with armor value and armor as the main focus.
I think it's an offensive frame that is self-contained. I hope you will be hired.

Thank you for reading :D

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Just a single ability for immediate area crowd control, I'd like to see this character shove their hand in the ground and grab multiple enemies (say around about 5 enemy units) in a ring around the player, the vines from the warframe envelope surrounding enemies.

The enemy with the highest damage resistance such as a heavy gunner will have the warframes arm attached to it.

If you were to shoot the surrounding enemies the vines that were holding the weaker enemy units then wrap around the stronger one, increasing the damage dealt to them after. (We could say the vines tear off armour or create more openings for damage)

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This is my first post ever ... so here it goes:

Passive Ability:  Status Effects of element type reduced by a percentage based off energy color.  Broken Warframe, has many parts that may or may be resistant to certain types of damage, why not take advantage of the intrinsic resistances of each part of the new patchwork frame. 

1.) Imprint - In group settings this ability copies the first ability of the team member closest to you in a defined radius for a set period of time.  In solo missions this applies a resistance to the last damage type received from an enemy in that mission for a set period of time.

2.) Gravity - Broken Warframe has components from a frame that could create gravitational force.  Upon casting this ability a defined number of enemies would be pulled in within melee range.  Enemies that are pulled in with this ability will provide additional boost from Somatic Overcharge listed below.

3.) Somatic Overcharge - Multiple somatic fibers extend from the frame to a set number of enemy targets extracting a buff for the frame and allies within a certain range.  Buffs could include overall damage boost for the frame, additional overshields, elemental damage for the team based off of Broken Warframe energy color, or resistance to certain status effects for the team based off energy color.  Perhaps even a smaller percent of a combination of boosts, after all he is stitched together from many parts from multiple frames.

4.) Void Cannon - Drawing from the very void energy binding him together, the broken frame channels that energy into a cannon that emerges from the larger right arm.  Similar to the pistol ability of Hildryn's Balefire but a primary weapon this time.  Sentient fighters could be inherently vulnerable to this weapon by a set percentage due to the void energy emitted from the weapon. 

See ya'll in game ... O_M

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passive-for every 10 hp the broken frame is missing it gains a bonus to damage reduction.

arm stretched- using the sentient energy broken frame can extend its arm to strike an enemy from far way

flicker step- can blink to a point you can see (the distance alllowed to jump forward is based on ability range of course) after doing so invulnerable for x seconds

-broken frame becomes unable to move and attaches itself to allies with in x meters. as long as this is active allies gain a bonus to ability str and allies gain hp per second. while in this you take double damage

sacrifice- hold the ability and drain HP when you release you deal damage = 10xhp fed into ability. cant drain hp lower than 1. this will make enemies vulniable for x seconds and remove sentient resistance. any healing is prevented while this is being used

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Passive - Shambles: Every 1% of health damage he receives drops a piece of himself on the ground. Regaining 1% of his missing health removes a piece from the field. These can be picked back up after taking no damage to health for 5 seconds, restoring up to 50% of the health he lost up until they were recollected and removing debuffs.

1st Ability - Scatter Punch: He throws a punch that launches a piercing projectile, dealing damage to enemies in melee range and dealing half damage to enemies further away. Any loose pieces of him resulting from his Shambles passive are also launched in the same direction, dealing additional damage to enemies in their path.

2nd Ability - Rebuild: Tap to switch between 3 different self buffs: a weapon damage boost and ammo replenish, an Ability Strength and Range boost to the next cast ability, and a shield capacity and armor boost. Hold to grant the currently selected buff. This ability automatically collects a quarter of the pieces dropped by his Shambles passive, ignoring the "take no health damage for 5 seconds" component of the passive.

3rd Ability - Metal Storm: Tap to toggle a cyclone around him, using the pieces generated by Shambles to lacerate enemies. This ability only costs energy on the initial cast and will gradually remove Shambles pieces from the field over time without restoring health. The more Shambles pieces are on the field, the more damage this ability will deal.

4th Ability - Unite: Gather all pieces dropped by his Shambles passive together without restoring health and fire them off in front of him like a shotgun, dealing heavy damage to enemies. Any pieces that come into contact with an ally (including companions) while traveling to him grants a portion of Shambles' accumulated health restoration to them and increases Unite's total damage. Allies are also cleared of any debuffs when a piece comes into contact with them.

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Passive - rolling will cause you to fall apart and reform, taking no damage in the process 

Ability 1 - amalgamate the enemy nearest to you, causing this ability to use one of the amalgamated enemy's 

Cost: 25 energy

Ability:2: channel the void holding you together to reconfigure yourself, gaining one of three buffs (allows you to choose)

Buff 1: more shield and faster shield regen 

Buff 2: moment speed boost

Buff 3: damage and fire rate boost

Cost: 50 energy 

Ability 3: fling your bits and pieces at enemies, bludgeoning them and and stabbing them

Cost: 75 energy

Ability 4:  take the discarded parts of the fallen around you, gaining their resistances and generating shields and heath for you and your team

Cost: 100 energy

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Just a single ability for immediate area crowd control, I'd like to see this character shove their hand in the ground and grab multiple enemies (say around about 5 enemy units) in a ring around the player, the vines from the warframe envelope surrounding enemies.

The enemy with the highest damage resistance such as a heavy gunner will have the warframes arm attached to it.

If you were to shoot the surrounding enemies the vines that were holding the weaker enemy units then wrap around the stronger one, increasing the damage dealt to them after. (We could say the vines tear off armour or create more openings for damage)

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ability 1- cycle between 3 emotions joy, sadness, and anger. Joy will support be supportive abilities, sadness will be defensive abilities, and anger will be offensive abilities.

ability 2- this will effect the enemies. Joy will weaken their defenses, sadness will slow them down, and anger will lower their damage output.

ability 3- this will effect your warframe. Joy will boost your health and/or shield regeneration. Sadness will boost your armor, health and/or shield amount. Anger will boost your damage output.

ability 4- will do the same as ability 3 but effects your teammates instead of you. 

passive- there will be a different passive for each emotion. The joy abilities are boosted with each teammate around you, sadness abilities are boosted with less teammates around you, and anger abilities are boosted by the amount of enemies around you.

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Passive: flinch - enemy’s will flinch and cower at the sight of the mashed together warframe for a short time until ready to attack again

1st: cool down - a large jet of gas is released from the warframes many connector tubes to jet in a faced direction which could add distance on top of the regular bullet jump

2nd: death stare - warframe will stare into enemy’s and will stun and drain health as long as in view

3rd: life support - warmframe will connect time allies with a light harpoon and will share health and shield as long as connected, could also be used to share buffs

4th: dissociate - warframe will erupt into its different warframe parts and from them will produce spectres of each warframe made into one, you could be able to control one of the spectres until energy runs out then all parts will violently come back to the controlled spectre and cause damage when doing so

8 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.


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I like the concept of having a frame that makes a more in depth use of the death mechanics already in the game like Inaros does. Going off the theme of being almost like an automaton warframe, I think the idea of having it be modular and breaking apart so to speak is really a fun opportunity to play with. I would like to see the parts of the warframe really speak to fulfilling a utility role on the team and a Swiss army knife of abilities to really fill some gaps or really unique things to add to a team. 

Ability concept ideas in no particular order:

- Warframe on death (health at 0) goes to a broken state instead of being downed (waiting for revive), warframe can cast X ability and use X energy to "reassemble" and return to combat. Alternately the ability could be used similar to Hydroid or Revenant as an escape/relocate for re-positioning when not downed. 

- Warframe dismembers one of its modular hands/arms, said arm is then able to be use as a turret, taking the players secondary weapon while draining energy/seconds. Upon reaching zero energy/seconds, the arm returns to the player until recast. 

- Warframe dismembers one of its arm to perform X command wheel tasks, i.e: Hack console while player is in combat, revive teamate remotely, ensnare targets.

- Warframe detonates to violently disassemble all of its pieces dealing X damage and causing slash procs on enemies in X range, returning to an assembled state after several seconds. 

Personally I like the idea of a warframe that feels disposable like a test dummy that throws itself into combat with violent disregard for safety because it knows that destruction is just a regular occurrence for it. Playing on the idea that the death mechanics in the game are already pretty generous with revives, creating a warframe that essentially was made to die on purpose, over and over again, while using its disposable nature as its weapon for relentless sustainability. 

Alternatively one could also treat the warframe like a chimera and give it a jack of all trades role in just having a random assortment of unusual abilities that mirror existing frames as if pieced together using spare parts.  Maybe even trying to mimic other frames already on the team and mirroring some of their abilities? 

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Broken Frame Concept Ablities

1. Cyber Shot


Damage 200

Draw energy from the surrounding area for one powerful shot from his right hand.(Hold down button for more damge at the cost of energy.)



Summons a tentacle spear to manifest on his left arm to do a massive 3 hit combo ( Hold to increase combo and damage)


Damage- Impact/slash/punture- 300

3 Ward

Summons a flimsy ward of energy to protect his allies and himself(Hold to increase health at the cost of user's health)



Health drain- 2 per second


4. Bastion

Focous his will to dawn armor,Sheild and Spear, offers full protection against enemy but can at 25% of oringal speed(Sheild scales with armor rating)



Damge Impact/slash/puncture/ 300

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Broken Warframe abilities




System override: Upon pick up of a warframe part gains a single use level 1 ability of the corresponding warframe (e.g Nova neuroptics = level 1 molecular prime) overwrites the ability for a single use


Ability 1: Rusted parts- mechanical parts become rusted and enemies are slowed and unable to reload guns


Ability 2: salvage parts: uses picked up resources to repair self and squadmates


Ability 3: System meltdown- Detonates warframe energy core causing a mini nuclear explosion in an AOE. Enemies not in AOE are blinded by explosion. Can be used in conjunction with Exo armor when ability is active.


Ability 4: Exo armor- broken warframe equips itself onto its host as a full suit of armor


If equipped on an enemy, the enemy loses mobility functions and damage. All health, armor, Shields is added to broken warframe and broken warframe gains I ability of enemy. Enemy gains all damage until broken warframe self destructs and host is killed. Broken warframe pieces itself back together with 1/2 heath and Shields


If a warframe: player loses mobility to host player. Broken warframes health pool becomes visible host player and displays as overshields. Broken warframe is able to assist host player/ warframe with shoulder mounted turrets and Syandana blades that attack enemies at the back of the host up to 180 degrees under broken warframe’s control. When health of broken warframe is depleted, it detaches and pieces itself back together with full health and Shields.

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First of all, huge thumbs-up to eaterofstorms and Eornheit - absolutely loving the concept and look of this frame!

Now, to the abilities:

Passive: Boot to the Head - Increase to all damage output that scales based on how many boots you've got in your inventory from failing at fishing (sort of like Quina's "Frog Drop" from Final Fantasy IX).

Ability 1: Lost and Found/Stop Hitting Yourself - (single target) Broken Warframe seeks out spare parts to repair himself by tearing off a target's limb and trying to attach it to himself. When it inevitably fails, they beat the enemy with it.

Ability 2: Unstuck - (channeling) While active, % chance for Broken Warframe to phase out of existence for a moment upon taking lethal damage, avoiding death. Has a cooldown.

Ability 3: Copypasta - Cycle through squad allies' abilities for Broken Warframe to cast (similar to casting Warframe abilities on the Railjack). If solo, duo, or trio, the remaining slots are filled by abilities from the starter frames (Excalibur, Mag, Volt).

Ability 4: Somatic Link - (AoE) Broken Warframe extends its roots through the ground, tripping and damaging all enemies that dare tread on them.

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The first warframe to face the sentient threat. Once thought lost to us. Instead of succumbing to his wounds, he abandoned his broken parts and pieced himself back together from the sentients he managed to kill before being struck down.  Now rise as the sentient slayer. Part warframe. Part sentient. Slayer of all. Bane of all who oppose him. The killer of adaptation. The broken.


Passive - unbroken will- every 1 health lost rewards double the ammount of armor

1 - Broken weapon - breaks down your current weapon to change damage type to weakness of targeted enemy.

2 - transference broken - transference disrupts from the frame and shifts to take control of targetted enemy to force control of enemy until duration ends or targetted enemy dies. During ability, warframe falls apart broken on the ground until abilty ends.

3 - Broken psyche - creates x dark copies of yourself. The more you manage to fell creates x times multiplier of your current armor passive. Dark copies summoned and multiplier depends on power strength. Ability time determined by duration.

4. Broken like me - sacrifice 10% of your health as well as 10% of health of all frames within affinity range to give damage bonus to all weapons and abilities based on total health stolen so you may fight until the last breath.


Edit:  Forgot to copy text from origin dialogue.  Hope everyone likes this idea.  I'm super passionate about this game and the concept of this frame.  Enjoy!!!!

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8 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

So, an amalgamation of pieces like frankenstein? Nice. 

I'm thinking of another no shields, all health frame. They forgot to add a shield generator when re-assembling him. Personally I want to avoid RNG here. I get enough RNG when I play Hearthstone and I don't think I can handle any more of that in my life. Also, no mimicking the abilities of other frames. That's just no fun.

Note: X is a number that I don't trust myself to balance. I feel like putting a number there without being able to test it myself would be hard.

Passive - Start each game with X armor. Every time you are shot, there is an X% chance that the Broken Warframe drops a piece of scrap, reducing their total armor but increasing their speed. Scrap interacts with Broken Warframe's other abilities. Picking up a health orb regenerates some armor.

Authors Note: The more that BW's armor is removed, the more their appearance changes, and the more speed they gain, and vice-versa. Once BW's armor hits zero, they stop dropping scrap. This "armor" would technically be capped at a lower value than normal armor, for the sake of balance.

1st Ability - Reassemble: BW regenerates X% armor during a quick animation. If there is scrap nearby, BW recalls the scrap pieces to gain extra armor and apply a short lived "thorns" buff. Allies who make contact with the scrap as it makes its way back to BW gain a shorter version of the thorns effect.

Authors Note: This ability is simple enough: regenerate BW's armor. If there is scrap nearby, it gives a thorns buff, dealing damage to attackers that hurt BW for a short period of time. This ability also causes the scrap to physically roll it's way over to the feet of BW, and climb onto them as armor.

2nd Ability - Restrict: BW makes use of the tendrils holding together their body. BW fires forward X tendrils that home in on enemies, prioritizing larger threats. Enemies hit are constricted for X seconds, taking damage over time. Enemies killed while constricted drop scrap and spawn another tendril that seeks out another enemy, causing the process to repeat.

Authors Note: A simple CC ability that spreads. At first, I didn't want to make it target higher threat enemies, but I think it would actually see consistent use if it did.

3rd Ability - Reverb: BW releases a pained void shriek, damaging nearby enemies and providing some shields to nearby allies. This ability reverberates off of scrap, essentially recasting the ability at the spot of the scrap.

Authors Note: A good AOE ability that would be even better when BW's passive nears it's peak. The damage would have to be good enough to not be useless at high levels, but not too powerful to wipe rooms on its own. Perhaps if it caused an additional affliction?

4th Ability - Reconfigure: After a short animation, BW reconfigures into a Lycan/Zanuka like form on all fours. In this form, BW takes reduced damage, can crawl along walls and can only attack with melee attacks unique to this form. BW can also tap the 4th ability button while in this form to let out a pained roar, giving all enemies a fear status and causing them to run away. Additionally, while in this form BW's void tentacles sprout out from their back, automatically performing strikes against nearby enemies. This is a channeled  ability.

Authors Note: I think this would be a fun and unique ability that fits in with the idea behind BW. I don't think it would be too powerful, as it requires the player to get close to enemies, but I believe it could work under the right circumstances and most certainly could be balanced by someone a lot smarter than me.


And that's that.

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Small detail for Reconfigure.
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