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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive ability:

In the warframe, 3 consciousnesses of the warriors who participated in the Old War coexist.
An indicator has been added that allows you to see whose consciousness dominates.
The use of different abilities strengthens the control of a certain consciousness.

Passive ability depends on whose consciousness dominates
Consciousness No. 1 (specialized in destroying crowds of enemies) - adds damage or additional effects to melee attacks
Consciousness No. 2 (specialized in weakening enemies) - attacks will impose a negative effect on enemies (e.g. slowdown)
Consciousness No. 3 (specialized in supporting allies) - strengthens the spirit of allies, slightly increasing indicators

1 ability - makes a jump in the direction of the gaze, at the end point it causes damage to everyone around.
Increases  №1 consciousness control when enemies receive damage from this ability
2 ability - creates an area in which enemies are exposed to control effects.
Increases №2 consciousness control if the enemy is killed under the effect of control from the area.
3 ability - imposes a buff on allies that increases any characteristics (e.g., health, armor, shields).
Increases №3 consciousness control if allies under a buff kill enemies.
4 ability - One of the consciousness completely takes control of the warframe.
The effect depends on whose consciousness is now dominating.
If consciousness No. 1, then imposes a buff that increases the damage done and improves 1 ability (for example, increases the radius of 1 ability)
If consciousness No. 2, then imposes a buff that allows allied attacks to impose negative effects
If consciousness No. 3, then imposes a buff that reduces incoming damage to allies and increases additional indicators (other than 3rd ability)

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Passive - is can rebuild itself when downed, but it must pull in enemies to dismantle, (similar to inaros‘s passive) 

First ability- SHATTER based on powerstrength, deals a small amount of damage while stripping armor/shields/health and pulling those parts to itself increasing its own armor/health/shield respectively.


Second ability - ASSIMILATE The frame chooses a target and surrounds them, consuming them and restoring health shields and giving an armor boost, all boosts are based in power strength.


Third ability - DISASSEMBLE the frame channels  health and creates an explosion around it, dealing puncture and blast damage to all in range, health drain is affected by ability efficiency and damage is affected by strength and channel time.


Fourth ability- PART STORM Using spare parts the frame creates a storm in which any enemy walking into it will be shredded into pieces.

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  • 1% of damage dealt from abilities heals teammates in affinity range


1st Ability - Seeker

Launch one of Brokenframe’s hands as a projectile

  • Hold ability to swap hands
  • Left hand deals puncture damage to enemy in reticle, seeking more targets with punch-through (affected by range)
  • Right hand automatically finds a target in front of Brokenframe and deals impact damage with AOE/knockdown


2nd Ability - <ability_name>

Divert connective void energy to drop a limb temporarily, providing allies with a benefit associated with that loss

  • Hold ability to swap limb, one limb loss at a time
  • Sprint speed reduced by losing a leg, but gain fire rate
  • Fire rate reduced by losing an arm, but gain sprint speed
  • Allies in ability range share partial benefit of limb loss with no negative effects
  • Limb loss duration affected by ability duration


3rd Ability - Disassembly

Release the void energy keeping Brokenframe together to restore energy to players in radius

  • Brokenframe falls apart, stopping all movement and weapons
  • Energy pulses from position as Warframe reassembles itself, affected by duration
  • Amount of energy per pulse affected by ability strength at time of Disassembly


4th Ability - Overclock

Pure void energy pulses out of Brokenframe while ability is active, branching out from enemies to others in line of sight

  • Channeled, affected by ability strength and range
  • Interrupted by knockdown (Brokenframe falls apart, already struggling to keep parts held together)
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Warframe idea submission

Theme - Broken (Old War Amalgam)


Passive - A being held together by the sheer power of the Void, you are more resistant to Sentient weaponry. Giving you an innate Tau resistance. (An extension of Umbra mods Tau resistance, making this an ideal Sentient killer with an Umbra build.)

1. Void Missile - A skill based AOE ability that should do a small amount of Void damage (And strip Sentient armor) and a damage type that the specific enemy is weak against. It should scale by a percentage of damage and not a static number so it doesn't drop off at higher levels. I imagine it being a projectile type ability with a rapid travel time.

2. (Needs name) - A quick cast AOE centered around the character. Should knock down enemies, and disarm Sentients, while providing a modest damage increase outright or provide a set amount of Void damage to weapons. Not percentage based as you could use high powered weapons and make Amps redundant as a consequence. The duration should be short enough that you have to actively make it count but long enough to be useful. Somewhere between 10-15 seconds should be a sweet spot as to balance it. Mods can amplify this on their own.

3. Purity Field - An AOE that places a static zone effect that increases either Loot chance or providing a per kill reward of health and/or energy, deals damage, and shrinks over time. It should also provide either a Void damage tick or an enemy specific damage tick so it can scale by bypassing enemy defenses, shredding Sentient resistances, and not becoming irrelevant at higher level play. With it being a loot ability, it should be a fairly sizable radius to put it on par with other loot abilities.

4. Remember Why - Infused with the powers of multiple warframes, stitched together with the power of the void, you unleash the dormant energy residing within you. This is a channeled ability that amplifies all of your, and your allies in a small radius, attacks and abilities with void energy, making you an unstoppable Sentient killer. Side note - This should put your abilities and arsenal on par with that of Amps in terms of Void damage and providing about 3/4, maybe only half, of the buff to allies, signifying your stronger connection to the Void. Consider a high initial cost with a notable drain so its not always on during Eidolon hunts (Won't be much of a difference for high level players as they have the game down to a science). Should also buff Operator Amps to an extent as you are augmenting Void damage.

Ability inspiration from proposed theme - A broken warframe is an interesting idea as it could provide a unique method of storytelling through play-ability. With the history of this frame placing it squarely in the Old War, I believed that a Tenno, separated from the rest of their kin, had to fight for themselves, risking everything to protect others. So many of their fellow Tenno cut down around them. Parts of Warframes and Sentients scattered around. Surely there must be something they can do here, and now, with what they have. The old saying of "Necessity breeds innovation" inspired this lone Tenno, in the middle of a war, to build a powerful, and unique, weapon... A Sentient destroyer... And with it, their fellow Tenno will be remembered, refusing to be erased from history like so many others.

With the idea of the frame that it is wired/tethered together with Void energy, this should be a focal point for the abilities, reflecting its otherworldly origin. To reflect that, the abilities I have in mind should channel void energy, but not be able to outdo the Amps, otherwise they would be rendered null, and everyone would use this to hunt Eidolons and Sentients in all future events. More so to provide a secondary option to strip Sentient defenses outside of using the Amps specifically. Excalibur Umbra does this, but that's only with his Radial Howl and only strips the defenses, not providing much outside of that in the Sentient department.

Taking the idea that its not just one warframes pieces here, it could mix and match abilities from frames we already know and love, mixing in a little Void energy for flavor, and giving a unique Ultimate ability to set it apart from the rest. Making it seem as though it really is a broken warframe stitched together by the power of the void and the will of a powerful Tenno.

All values are open to suggestions as Void damage in a frame would be new and would need testing and balancing.

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1st ability: Old Hatred: Grab a nearby enemy with a void tendril and exact your revenge. Rip them to shreds and gain health/shields (as you bathe in their blood, of course).

2nd ability: Void Echoes: Create undulating, semi-transparent void tendrils around the warframe, causing the broken parts to shift upon the real and echo tendrils, decreasing the likelihood enemy shots hit you. (Fewer parts increases the % miss chance).

3rd ability: Jettison: Eject a part as a projectile, dealing damage as a target AoE attack (think staticor). Hold down for maximum charge, release to fire. (Think Mesa's 4, only instead of pew pew, it's KABOOM!)

4th ability: Old War Tactics: Cast a buff that allows you to regain broken parts from fallen enemies for a short period of time. Parts past the threshold are converted to an additional power buff. (Not so "old war" considering we still loot the crap out of our enemies today).

Passive: Whenever you revive an ally, restore all broken parts. (Like you're taking their parts). Decreases base armor rating and increase movement speed by (%) for each missing part.

I wonder why those void tendrils decided to cobble these broken pieced together... (And why they didn't do it to that flaming pile of Zanukas I killed all these years...). Functionally, this warframe shifts playstyles. At first you want to pop 4 to get a huge damage buff, then pop 3 to kill practically anything. Rinse and repeat until you remove all of your usable parts, then pop 2 for a nice damage reduction ability. You can even have the 2 buff up while spamming 1. The values are pretty self explanitory, just don't make the 2nd ability god mode at 0 parts. The 1st ability is a shoe-in, and can be replaced with any generic 1 ability. I started with the passive because if a warframe is going to break, you might as well use other warframe parts to fix it....that IS what this frame is in the first place.

Also, while I've got your attention, do away with stat-stick dependent warframes and just make them have exalted weapons. (Khora's whip, Gara's whatever, etc.)

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       Warframe Ability design
       The broken Warfrane    

Passive: Leaking carapace
    When at full shields, stealing shields will instead charge allies shield and ally energy. when at full health, stealing health will heal allies and increase your movement speed

Ability 1: Rend
    lets out a whip of void energy in a cone in front of itself, stealing shields and health of enemies. If enemies are effected with ability 3 they are stunned and restore energy

Ability 2: Heaving Divide:
    Casts part of itself in a forward arc, crashing to ground and knocking down enemies. shortly after drags the rest of itself to its the other halfs location pulling enemies in.

Ability 3: Voracious tear:
    creates a shockwave of void energy disarming enemies and reducing their defences. enemies hit will drop health and energy on death if proc remains on them

Ability 4: Leeching Cnidocytes:
    on toggle, void tendrils extend from itself in an aoe sphere and have light lifesteal. on parkour manuever, tendrils extend dealing additional dmg, increased parkour velocity on cast.


Love the idea of a broken warframe and concepting its design feels fun since we get to imagine how it would interact with things in game. I settled on this idea since it's unique channeled ult allows for a strange dps styled frame. instead of flat dmg dealing it's more about slinking around a room, pulling itself through enemies while supporting it's team and sustaining itself. It's passive also works great to synergize with other supports as remaining at full health further boosts the team. so having a squad that can hold that broken frame together will benefit a lot.

Also cheers DE for giving the community something this cool to work on 😄 saw a ton of awesome design ideas in the first round and have no doubt this one will be the same

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(this wasn't supposed to be this long, but once I started I couldn't stop)

PASSIVE: "Void Phase" On any roll, Broken Warframe breaks into pieces and reforms, rendering the Warframe invulnerable to all damage during the roll


First Ability: "Heavy Launch" A Warframe ability lost in time and forgotten by many. Broken Warframe raises his heavy left leg in the air, slamming it down, knocking down enemies in a radius and launching Broken Warframe to great heights.

Ability Duration: No Effect

Ability Efficiency: Effects ability Cost

Ability Range: Effects knockdown radius

Ability Strength: Effects stop damage and jump height


Second ability: "Bullet Punch" Broken Warframe Thrusts himself forward and launches his sharp left forearm forward by stretching his void constructed arm, piercing through and impaling enemies bodies, leaving them hanging on Broken Warframes arm. This attack chains from the first enemy hit to other enemies. Retracting the arm launches impaled enemies in all directions

Ability Duration: Affects how long enemies can be held for

Ability Efficiency: Affects casting cost

Ability Range: Affects how many enemies can be impaled and how far the arm can go to chain from one enemy to another

Ability Strength: Affects how much damage is dealt and how far enemies are launched


Third ability: "Void Acceleration" Broken Warframe roots his right leg into the ground, immobilizing himself while his void energy repairs his damaged parts 

Ability Duration: No effect

Ability Efficiency: Affects energy cost per x amount of health restored

Ability Range: No effect

Ability Strength: Affects how much health per second is restored


Fourth Ability: "Destabilization" Broken Warframe rearranges his salvaged body parts and takes advantage of their various properties, morphing into either a Quadruped, Avian or Gigantic form form. Using this ability again reverts Broken Warframe back into his original form. During these form changes: 

- Broken warframe can use his First and Second ability to jump and dash respectively while in these forms, However they will have differing effects

- Broken Warframe will be unable to use weapons or his third ability while in these new forms, rendering him unable to heal outside of his original form

- These abilities are altered differently in each form and have a reduced casting cost while transformed.

- Broken Warframes alternate forms do not have shields.

- It does not cost any energy to return to the original form.

- If Broken Warframes health is reduced to 0 well in another form, he will turn back to his normal form with 10% of his health and be unable to use abilities for a short amount of time.


Quadruped Form

(unlocked at ability rank 1)

Quadruped form turns into a four-legged hunter, quiet on the prowl and deadly to any enemy who falls victim to his powerful jaws and slam attacks. This form moves quickly and quietly. A true hunter, an assassin.

Quadruped Primary fire: Quadruped lunges and bites an enemy for heavy slash damage

Quadruped First Ability: Quadruped form jumps into the air, slamming down on top of enemies and stunning them.

Ability Duration: No effect

Ability Efficiency: affects ability cost

Ability Range: affects how far Quadruped form can leap and the slam down radius

Ability Strength: affects the damage of the slam


Quadruped Second Ability: Quadruped form dashes forward towards an enemies, latching on and draining them of their armor. Quadruped Form cannot move while latched onto an enemy until the enemy dies or the ability is cast again (at no cost to release enemy from bite)

Ability Duration: No effect

Ability Efficiency: Affects casting cost

Ability Range: Affects how far Quadruped form with dash

Ability Strength: Affects the damage of the bite and how much armor quadruped gains, up to 40% of quadrupeds current armor


Avian Form

(unlocked at ability rank 2)

Avian form hovers through the air and can temporarily gain a height increase with the flap of his wings. What this form lacks in armor is made up for in speed. His long, sharp pointed tail allows him to pierce the thickest of armor and his vice grip talons and powerful wingspan allow him to pick up the heaviest of enemies


Avian Primary Fire: Avian form thrusts its sharp tail forward, dealing piercing damage


Avian First Ability: Avian form flies high and crashes down to the ground with talons. if Avian form lands on an enemy, he will hold them in his talons, dealing bleed proc. the enemy can be slammed against walls and obstacles to deal damage. If the enemy is still alive after a period of time, they will break loose from avian forms grip

Ability Duration: Affects how long Avian form can hold an enemy

Ability Efficiency: Affects casting cost

Ability Range: Affects how high Avian form can go, increasing the radius he can dive down towards

Ability Strength: Affects intensity of initial landing damage and bleed proc


Avian Second Ability: Avian form dashes forward, knocking enemies down. If Avian form is holding an enemy in his talons while dashing, bonus damage will be applied

Ability Duration: No effect

Ability Efficiency: Affects casting cost

Ability Range: Affects how far Avian form dashes

Ability Strength: Affects how much damage the dash does to enemies


Gigantic Form

(unlocked at ability rank 3)

Gigantic form is a massive beast with unimaginable amounts of health. at the severe sacrifice of mobility, this absolute units pure size grants an astronomically large health pool to soak up damage and dish out slow, large scale attacks.


- Gigantic forms damage resistance is calculated by the ability strength stat of Broken Warframe


Note: Enemies will target Gigantic form over other Warframe's in the squad

Gigantic Primary Fire: Gigantic Form swings his large arms, dealing massive impact damage


Gigantic First Ability: Gigantic form raises his arms and slams them down with great force, dealing heavy impact damage and knocking down enemies in a radius.

Note: The impact does not affect airborne enemies such as drones


Ability Duration: Affects how long it takes Gigantic to raise his arms for the attack

Ability Efficiency: Affects casting cost

Ability Range: Affects impact radius

Ability Strength: Affects damage of attack


Gigantic Second Ability: Gigantic form puts his arm in front of him, and rushes forward, slowly building speed and knocking anything out of the way and dealing impact damage

Ability Duration: Affects how long it takes Gigantic Form to build up speed while rushing

Ability Efficiency: Affects ability cost per second

Ability Range: Affects how easily Gigantic form can steer while rushing.

Ability Strength: Affects damage of the dash and initial starting speed


Inspirations and such:

After seeing this Warframe, the name and the brief details we are given, my mind began to race. I've thought up and scrapped at least 10 different abilities, and altered the 5 written above many times, but these are the ones I'm happy with and I would love to see them in the game :) I wrote my thoughts and inspirations below

I based the abilities of the Warframe on the premise that this Warframe is 3 in one. By looking at it, I can see that it appears to be built up of a Powerful possibly stealthy, red Warframe, a limber, hunter-like blue Warframe and a heavy white Warframe. I imagined what each originally looked like and what their abilities could possibly have been, and went with that

Passive: The Warframe has an appearance as if its been pulled together by the white tendrils, somewhat like a void poltergeist, creating a body for itself. I thought the idea of the Warframe being able to alter its structure at will would fit it's look

Ability One: This ability is both a callback to Excalibur's original ability, Super Jump,  and by looking at the different body parts on the form. The red foot and arm are larger compared to the blue counterparts, which gave me the idea that the previous Warframe to own these limbs was more built for power, hence giving him a heavy stomp and high powered jump


Ability Two: The bullet punch ability was something I thought of after seeing how the blue arm seems to only be attached by the white tendril hanging off his shoulder and seeing its limber, predator like claws. I took inspiration from Groot from Marvel, where Groot's arm goes through the 4 guys and he slams them around and retracts it, throwing them to the ground.


Ability Three: The white body parts appear to be the thickest of them all, almost like a heavy armor. I thought that having a self-repair ability is what the original warframe would have had to compliment his heavy armor


Ability Four and forms: Because I don't actually know what the original Warframes did, I was left up to speculation of what they were capable of, so I decided to compliment my assumptions of each of the 3 with the void energy idea, and give him the ability to change into different forms.


Red is the quadruped. This form is based on power and stealth of what I imagined the original red Warframe having. It can move silently across terrain with its four legs while using its powerful jaws to take down enemies

Blue is the Avian. The appearance of the blue Warframe is small and hunter like, with sharp pointed fingers, it gives the impression that the original Warframe was similar to Valkyr, but lighter. the knuckles reminded me of hawk claws and the blue sides of the helmet reminded me of wings, so I thought avian was a good match

White is the gigantic. The armor on the white portions of the warframe is noticeably larger and thicker, I imagined the original warframe being a large, shining white tank. so why not compliment that with a massive monsterous tank?


I realize that there are technical challenges to my ideas, I scrapped a few ability ideas because of that, but I do hope you take my ideas into consideration :) 

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Here's my idea

Passive: Insatiable hunger

"Feed." The frame continuously absorbs parts from it's enemies to replace it's own.

Every kill generates parts (via a meter) which will boosts the armour / provides an over shield to the frame. Damage to the frame will chip away this armour/ over shield, thus draining the meter.


Ability 1: Corruption (single target attack skill)

"Yours is mine." The void energy holding the pieces together longs to gather more parts to "complete" it's body.

Cast on enemies to latch on to it and drain armor/shield/health. Enemies are unable to attack during Corruption phase. Works in tandem with passive skill and will also fill up meter.


Ability 2: Ground Shatter (AOE skill)

"My floor, no stand." The Frame amasses it's parts on both hands and smashes the floor below it.

Casting this skill will cause all enemies within the affected area to be knocked down and stunned for a predetermined duration of time.


Ability 3: Marionette 

"Game, we play"

Void tendrils lash out at enemies and gain control of enemies (1/2/3/4). Controlled enemies will attack it's former allies, enemies will also prioritizes controlled enemies.


Ability 4: Fragmentation 

"Meet friend, is me"

Once the meter from it's passive is full, the frame can fragment (hold to cast fragment), thus splitting into 2 copies of itself. Clone is able to cast Ground Shatter.

Aim and cast the ability again will send the clone to cast Ground shatter in the designated area. It will also attack enemies within the immediate area until the meter runs out, upon which the clone de-spawns. Higher skill level increases clone stats and duration.


I hope this helps~ 🙂

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Warframe that is composed from other ones should use shields, health and energy as a cost of different abilities. 

Name: Configuration
Choose 10% bonus to certain stat in mod selection menu (duration, efficiency, range, strength)

Ability 1: Costs Energy
Using void energy temporary consumes body parts and enhances you and your allies(near you).

Ability 2: Costs Health
Grow roots in the body to create void radiation behind while moving, deals dmg. Can be hold to increase health drain and DMG of the ability.

Ability 3: Costs Shields 
Drain shields get life steal (can combo with 2 ability while active) also slow down nearby enemies 

Ability 4: Cost ?
Roots from the body expand into the ground. In contact with enemies stuns them and increases dmg dealt to them.

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5 hours ago, pepsipanda said:

I like the idea of using those energy tendrils in his abilities. The ones that seem to be holding him together.

For example 1 ability could be Tendril, and you lash out with and energy tendril stretching from somewhere random on your body and deal damage to the enemy closest to you, at higher levels more Tendrils are loosed attacking more enemies for a maximum of 4, or if there aren't enough enemies in the area, multiple tendrils attack a single target in order of closest to furthest (say there are 3 enemies it'll attack the closest one, second, third, then the closest again).

Another ability could be called Restitching and is a healing ability, hold the ability and you'll grab parts from corpses or broken items around yourself to heal with, click it on an ally or companion and you'll do the same but for them (obviously parts and / or allies would need to be within range of you).

Another ability could be called Detach, and you elongate the tendrils on your arms to allow you to reach things far away, pushing the button will simply throw your arm forward, grab something, and pull it towards you, holding the ability allows you to grab it and throw it at something else (for example, grab like a bombard or something and throw it at a group of incoming butchers, or you could combine this with Restitching and grab far away pieces that you need for healing).

An ultimate ability could be Loss of Self, where you cast off your broken pieces and become almost pure energy, during this phase you're like a rolling mass of void energy tendrils, you can't use any weapons, it costs health to initiate and you gradually lose health over time, but you have increased speed, become harder to hit, slowly gain energy and have a buff of some sort to your warframe abilities. In order to cancel the ability you need to cast Restitching in order to rebuild your broken pieces (hence the slowly gaining energy). You would attack normally using your tendrils, the best way I can describe it would be like a whip melee weapon, but you have more than one whip, in addition to using your other abilities in conjunction.

For a passive I would say that his mind is so shattered from the constant breaking and reforming that its powers impose upon it that some of it spills out onto nearby enemies, causing enemies in a radius around him to have reduced accuracy (there are already mods that do this if I'm not mistaken so I don't see any reason why his passive can't either).

Of course, I'm no professional when it comes to designs like this, and the ideas above were simple the first that came to mind. And if these abilities are used their names or even the order might be switched around as I didn't really think about which ability would go where. Still though, like I said above, these ideas are based on the tendrils keeping him together, which I thought looked like they could be much more significant to any lore about the warframe than the exact broken parts that make up the body. Kind of like a Mimikyu from pokemon I suppose, it could've dressed up as any other pokemon, that's not really what determines its powers in any capacity (at the very least, that I'm aware of)

The youtube comment under Anime Otaku lists further explanations as I can't edit my post here but it seems people had thoughts and or confusions about my ideas. I don't change anything, only further explain (both ability mechanics and a little of what I'd like to see lore wise) but I didn't think that'd go well. 

This is a link to the video with the further explanations in my comments.

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Broken Warframe: "It's obviously not put together correctly and it's pretty much the epitome of making a bug a feature." Submitted by eaterofstorms

/\ When I saw this idea, I immediately remembered a post on reddit that might fit for the frames passive. \/

Karma: +100% Damage for every mod in the wrong polarity slot.
Posted byu/MatoWakan

This could be reworked to fit the theme of the frame, something like % Power Strength* for every mod on the wrong Warframe polarity slot. It could even be a running theme through his kit, the more wrong he is, the more right be performs. How one would go about this without it feeling awful to play - as it turns the normal conventions on its head - I don't know, but I'm sure it would be a fun challenge for DE to tackle, and result in something much more unique than usual.


*PPS could obviously be swapped around for some other benefit or what have you... the point being that he core of the idea is 'wrong polarity' not necessarily the buff itself.

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Passive: Killing an enemy gives a stack of "Parts". upon health reaching 0, if the frame has enough Parts it will instead consume ALL stacks of parts and return to full health. Any stacks of parts consumed in excess of the base cost will be turned into stacks of "Completeness" (e.g. 100 parts - 20 for cost of revival = 80 stacks of Completeness) that gives small temporary buffs per stack. e.g. +Damage% +Move speed +cast speed, +damage resist, etc. The Completeness buff will last for a small base time such as 10 seconds plus an additional amount of time based on the number of stacks.

   I wanted the passive to resemble the Broken theme, and opted to double down on the theme of rebuilding itself and scavenging for parts. Because, unlike Nidus' passive, this frame consumes all stacks on 'death'  it is highly vulnerable in the time shortly following. The Completeness buff is a way to give some breathing room to build up more Parts and to encourage constantly building up your Parts instead of being satisfied with the cost of revival. I am hoping that the Completeness buff will make the frame feel very powerful for its duration, encouraging players to keep searching for the 'missing pieces' to make themselves 'complete'.

Ability 1: Reassemble - Frame will break itself apart and send its pieces flying for a split second, doing damage in a radial explosion, before reassembling itself. Has no energy cost but consumes ALL Parts stacks (ability will not activate without a minimum number of Parts), giving the Completeness buff without cost of revival, plus additional duration for the buff based on duration mods. (100 Parts consumed = 100 stacks of Completeness, if base duration buff is 10 seconds, the Completeness buff will last for base duration + 10s + time from number of stacks) the explosion will deal damage affected by strength mods and have range affected by range mods as well as number of Parts consumed. The explosion will deal damage equally split between impact puncture and slash, and have a status chance directly affected by the number of stacks consumed e.g. 1 stack = 10% status so 100 stacks = 1000% status chance explosion and will deal 10 procs to each affected enemy.

   This ability is primarily to offer a way to maintain the Completeness buff without needing to kill yourself, as well as adding some crowd control from the IPS procs.

Ability 2: Scavenge - Frame will shoot its hand forward and grab the weapons of the enemies in front of it, returning them to the frame as Parts. Each enemy disarmed = 1 new Part. Enemies without weapons will instead be staggered or ragdolled and return 1 Part regardless. Only 1 Part can be gained per enemy. Ability affects cone in front of frame, cost: 25 energy. Affected by range and efficiency. Ability is 1 handed action with quick cast time.

   This ability is here to offer indirect survivability, as the only direct survivability comes from the passives, as well as an alternative avenue to stock up on parts. I also felt disarming your enemies was an interesting mechanic, and it's a shame it's only been used with Loki so far. This one is a directional quick disarm rather than a large area disarm, so as to not impinge on Loki too much.

Ability 3: I truthfully don't know what ability 3 should be, but it should involve collecting parts in some way. The primary gameplay loop of this frame would be to deal damage when you are 'complete' (with the completeness buff) and scavenge for resources when you are 'broken' and I don't believe the parts received for killing or disarming enemies will be enough on their own to maintain this playstyle.

Ability 4: Consummation - The frame will operate at full capacity and inch ever closer to perfection. It cannot maintain this state for long. Upon using this ability the frame will be granted a base number of Completeness stacks, as well as receiving a certain number of additional stacks per second, both affected by power strength. e.g. if base stacks is 50 and you gain +10/sec using Intensify will bring it to 65 + 13/sec. This ability will consume a base number of parts in place of energy as activation cost (affected by efficiency) and an increasing amount of energy per second that will soon become unsustainable, much like Valkyr's 4th ability (affected by efficiency and duration) as a channeling cost. The stacks of Completeness gained through this ability do not persist after the ability has ended, either by re-using the ability or running out of energy, but do persist for the total duration of the ability itself. - I might suggest an additional effect here to make it more interesting or visually stimulating but the mega buff is the core of the ability so I'll let someone else figure out the rest.

   Do keep in mind when I say consummation I mean the "making perfect" kind not the marriage kind. Anywho, because you spend most of your time trying to get a really good Completeness buff, why not make the ultimate ability a buff you could never practically hope to achieve through normal gameplay, because that sounds like fun and that's what this is all about.  Also, this frame probably wont be very energy hungry so you need something to sink all that energy into.

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Passive: at 50% hp +5% regeneration at - 50% hp +10% slash damage.

1.Zoom Punch: ________ shoots of his arm into an enemy dealing dammage and stunning them.

2.Ride Behind: _______ shoots his arms out at enemies legs and drags them behind him with his tentacles for added length.

3.deployment: ________ detaches his arm and gives it a secondary weapon to act as its own turret.

4.dismantle:_______dismantles himself for added speed and enemies have minus 10% accuracy (reforming upon recast)


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Left most numbers as X because I know nothing of balance. This is more an explanation of the direction to go with the abilities rather than what the ability descriptions should read as, for users in game.

[P] _ Short Circuit - Upon losing 25% health within X seconds, emit a series (x number of) of static blasts which briefly blind surrounding enemies.

(Each blast occurs X seconds, has X range, if you lose 25% health multiple times within X seconds, the number of blasts emitted stacks until depleted)  

[1] _ Personality Matrix - Project a personality core which detonates radial waves of a random status / element around itself. Walk over the core (similar to spear guns) to re-attach and refund X energy per enemy killed (killing blow) by the core, up to a maximum of X energy. Only 1 core can be detached at once (perhaps future augment). This ability can be charged for X seconds to increase the radial range (and / or damage) by X per second charged. 

(The core will project the same elemental / status effect each wave, the random element is which status / element is chosen to be detonated upon ability use) 

[2] _ Assimilate - While active, enemies that you kill (killing blow) will drop a Spare Part. Walking over a Spare Part adds it to warframename. Gain X increased damage per Spare Part. You can have X maximum Spare Parts. Drains X energy while active. [Drains X increased energy per active spare part?] 

(Spare Parts count could be visually represented similarly to Index Points, and also similarly to Wisps' flower count on her 1 in the bottom right)

[3] _ Recycle - Consume all Spare Parts to gain X amount of shield, armor, or health regen depending on the chosen buff. Cycle through buffs to receive by tapping, hold to activate. Buffs are personal, not granted to allies (perhaps future augment)

(it's entirely possible that 2 and 3 could be swapped i.e Assimilate's spare parts count could grant X defenses, whereas Recycle's cash-in could grant X dmg increase per spare part consumed)

[4] _ Void Fusion - Overload the void energy fusion which powers warframename and fuse it into your Operator. Warframename will continuously emit Short Circuit blasts whilst your Operator is ejected to Transference and empowered by the void energy.

Amp abilities (Void dash, void blast, void mode, and all of your Focus tree additions minus passives) and Void Beam have their effects, durations, range and damage increased by X / X / X / X respectively. During overloaded Transference, the Operator has X increased energy regeneration (and/or X reduced delay until energy regen begins) This overloaded Transference lasts X seconds.

Upon expiring, the Operator returns to warframename which will emit a blast wave around them for X damage per point of Amp energy spent during overloaded Transference. 


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recycle  dead warframe allies drop spare parts picking up spare parts gives an efficiency an power strength buff for a duration collecting x amount of spare parts gives the warframe a free revive every 50 enemy kills gain a spare part 

ability one: 

tendril arm  extends the warframes arm to push or pull an ally/enemy pressing one cycles between push pull allies receive a armor/shield buff when pulled but receive attack speed an movement speed when pushed enemies that collide with walls or other enemies are knocked down/stunned an lose 10% of there armor/shields


ability two: 

void warranty  leaks void energy boosting shields an shield regen for a duration after the duration shields are depleted an don't regen for a duration but the warframe gets a damage an movement speed buff an enemies killed during the duration drop health orbs 

ability three: 

spare parts  passive form: when picking up ammo drops there added directly to the clip  when picking up health orbs gain 5% damage reduction taking damage loses a stack of this bonus when picking up energy orbs gain ability efficiency  when pciking up spare parts trigger active form: replace the passive ability with a random ability from any warframe for a duration 

ability four:

 third dream  warframe disassembles an falls on the ground ally can press x to assemble the frame around themselves gaining 75% of the broken warframes stats added on (armor health shields power strength etc!!!) the host warframe is locked into melee with the broken warframe able to cycle threw there own guns an the guns of the host warframe. host warframe has control of player movement an there own warframe abilities  broken warframe is locked out of there own abilitys but both players still recieve the bonus from passive form spare parts



i'd love a job at DE if there a was a position open where i could contribute to this amazing game  hope you like my idea 


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Ability 1 Self Restoration: Uses some of the materials you have collected in the mission and energy to repair itself restoring health and sheilds.

Ability 2 Power Switch: Press to temporarily move more Energy to Arms & Torso increaseing melee attack and sheilds. Hold to temporarily move energy to legs and head increasing speed & accuracy.

Ability 3 Shattered Blast: Shoot out a energy wave that randomly deals Heat, Cold, Electricity, or Toxin damage.

Ability 4 Self Destruct: Cuts Health & Sheilds in half and deals 1/3 of that in blast damage.

Passive: Increased material drop rate.

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I can't wait to see this frame in-game! Some ability ideas:

Passive: REFORMAT - % chance to negate a / all applied debuffs or procs once every 5 seconds

ABILITY 1: Yank - extend arm tendrils towards the enemy to haul them towards you, range and number of enemies grabbed are determined by range mods (similar to Larva, but forwards range only, anything in the path of the arm up to its end point is grabbed). Enemies grabbed are knocked over, but not ragdolled.

ABILITY 2: Void Splinters - attacks from equipped weapons deal Void damage and reset any Sentient Resistances.

ABILITY 3: Mangle / Jigsaw - Shed parts / armour to gain a temporary movement, attack speed and strength buff (similar to Molt) but be vulnerable to damage and / or lose a % of health as a reduced cap. Cast Mangle again while Mangle is still active to cast Jigsaw - replace your parts in a flash for a brief armour buff and / or small shot of HP regen. Enemies in close range of Jigsaw suffer a small stagger.

ABILITY 4: Can I Borrow That? - Temporarily copy the ability of a squad member, cycle between ability slots - 1, 2, 3 or 4 to choose what ability is copied. Stats and copied ability cost determined by personally equipped mods. Ability does nothing without at least one squad member.

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Passive : ASSIMILATION (Passive Buff)

The Warframe assimilate the corpses of his victims, gaining a temporary stats based on the assimilated enemy faction.

Grineer = 1 Armor
Corpus = 1 Shield
Infested = 1 Health
Corrupted = 1 Energy
Sentient = 0.2% Tau Resistance

*max cap of stacks - 200

*When died, All stacks will be lost.

1st : DISMANTLE (Single Target)

The Warframe dismantles the targeted enemy. gains 2 ASSIMILATION when target is killed.

(Strength / Efficiency / Range )


The Warframe creates a zone of hazard that electrifies enemies that steps inside the zone.

(Strength / Efficiency / Duration / Range)

*Enemies inside the HAZARD ZONE will be affected by the DISMANTLE.


The Warframe detonates the dismantled corpses around him. dealing small AoE damage.

(Strength / Efficiency / Range)

*Using FULMINATE inside the HAZARD ZONE will increase damage and range of the explosion.


The Warframe began to merge all of his assimilated victims,gaining a new body. 


Grineer = BULWARK - Gains 10%/15%/20% Damage Reduction from projectiles for 10s when attacked by enemy fire. (Strength / Duration)

Corpus = RECHARGE  - Increases shield regeneration by 15%/20%/25%. (Strength)

Infested = LIVING ARMOR - Regenerates 5/10/15 health every 10/9/8 seconds. (Strength / Duration)

Corrupted = PARAGON - Regenerates 5/10/15 energy every 10/9/8 seconds. (Efficiency / Duration)

Sentient = RESILIENCE - Gains 10%/15%/20% damage resistance when health is under 50% for 10/12/14 seconds. (Strength / Duration)

*The Warframe's transformation and his new passive ability will be based on highest assimilated enemy faction. (In case of crossfire missions)

*When died, the Warframe returns in his "Broken Form".

*During transformation, his ASSIMILATION buff still remains (Only the accumulated stacks). Stacks won't increase further after transformation.

*The Warframe's passive will change based on his "Broken Form" and "Fixed Form"

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Passive: 15% chance for enemies not to hit [Warframe Name]. Every hit avoided grants 5 energy.

Ability 1: Glitch Step

[Warframe Name] glitches 15 meters in any direction, stunning enemies within 10 meters of him and opening them up for finishers for 5 seconds. Scales off Range and Duration.

Ability 2: Glitch Mode 

[Warframe Name] becomes 60% harder to hit and 30% less visible for 10 seconds. Scales off Duration and Strength.

Ability 3: Glitch Entomb

Glitches all enemies within 25 meters for 10 seconds, making them unable to move. Scales off Duration and Range.

Ability 4: Glitch Surge 

Deals 2000 damage and a random status effect to all enemies within 30 meters. Enemies under the effects of Glitch Step's stun or Glitch Entomb will receive extra damage. Scales off Strength and Range.

Well this is my take see if yall like it

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Using parts of its own body, [INSERT NAME HERE] controls a one of a kind “scrapper” sentinel, when destroyed [I.N.H.] may summon them back with use of the “Kitbash” skill 


1 Bounder - [I.N.H.] lobs a bouncing hunk of scrap metal that explodes sending out scrap metal shards that shred anything in its way:
Bounder explosion radius X meters,
Max number of bounces: 4
Shrapnel count 4.0*
Damage X*
(affected by mods in scrappers weapon)


2 Kitbash -
Kitbash: when “scrapper” is destroyed [I.N.H.] uses spare parts to reconstruct its “Scrapper” at the cost 100 Health, 90 secound cool down
When “scrapper” is active [I.N.H.] buffs or heals “scrapper” based on the buff chosen: 

overclock +X% fire rate, for x seconds

Overload: cause an X meter electrical pulse. 

Repair: “scrapper” heals X% over X Seconds

3 Jury Rig:
[I.N.H.]  scrambles together a moa or roller from spare parts that explodes on death
Damage 500 blast
Radius X meters

Moa +50% move speed
Roller: +50% radius


4 Haywire- [I.N.H.] releases a disruptive energy pulse that causes massive havok in the area
Robotic enemies go berzerk while explosive ordinance becomes highly unstable, other weapons misfire the next shot.
Radius: X Meters
Weapon blow-back: X00 damage
Robotic berzerk duration: X seconds
Infested are subject to “electrical burns” (electrical and heat proc)

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For clarity:

Scales with Power Strenght

Scales with Power Range

Scales with Power Duration

Scales with Power Efficiency

Passive, Component Salvage: When near enemy corpses, consume them after a few seconds, despawning them, and generating a Salvage pickup. Restore health when gathering Salvage, and if health is full, then fill a Salvage gauge which increases armor and fuels his abilities. Damage to health drains the Salvage gauge and the bonus armor gained.

1st Ability, Deconstruct: Target a cone in front of you. Throw a lash of Void energy, dealing Radiation damage to all enemies in the cone and strip armor. Restore energy and charge the Salvage gauge for every enemy hit, and charge additional Salvage for every enemy who lost armor through this effect. 

2nd Ability, Disassembly: Toggled ability. Expend Salvage and enter a 'Disassembled' state. When disassembled, increase movement speed and grant a chance of dodging enemy projectiles (capped at 30%). When disassembled, all Salvage gains are stored in a buffer instead of the Salvage gauge. When the ability is deactivated, Salvage stored in the buffer is added to the Salvage gauge. Drains Salvage per second to remain active.

3rd Ability, Violent Integration: Expend Salvage: lash out at a target, absorb it, and gain up to 100% of the target's Health, Armor and Shields for a set amount of time. The target is progressively dealt Radiation damage over the duration of the power. When the ability expires, the target is released. The ability also ends if the target is killed

4th Ability, Salvage Storm: Expend all Salvage accumulated and grant a 'Storm' buff to all allies within range (this includes Defense targets) for a set duration that scales with the amount of Salvage expended, with a chance of also granting a 'Salvager' buff. Allies under the 'Storm' buff gain up to 95% incoming damage reflection. All enemies killed by allies under the 'Salvager' buff will automatically restore a fixed amount of Salvage.

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Passive: Im/Proper Management

Being rebuilt comes at a price.

- Abilities cost shields and health instead of energy.

- Abilities change some small properties depending on if it costed health or shields. (Color coded in abilities description)

- If shields, abilities deal extra void damage.

- If health, abilities deal extra slash damage.


Ability 1: Maintenance

At the cost of others it will fix itself

- Sends a orb of void energy and pieces flying forward, after a small delay it returns to the Warframe.

- Once the orb returns grant extra health/shields for every enemy hit by the orb.

- The extra health/shield will be gradually lost when consumed by the passive.


Ability 2: Un/Protected (Toggle Ability)

Broken doesn't mean fragile

- While Active pieces start flying around the Warframe, dealing some damage around it.

- While Active, increases armor/increases damage dealt by this ability.


Ability 3: Last Resort

Use with caution

- For an amount of time enter Instability state, Abilities cost both Health and Shields, granting both effects at the same time.

- Abilities' Cost is split 50/50 between Health and Shields.

- When Activated Heal Max/50% Health and Replenish 50%/Max Shields.

- If Shields are depleted while in this state, all abilities are treated as when a normal Warframe has no energy.


Ability 4: Way of the Old (Exalted Weapon(s))

The remains of the original Warframes that form it

Reconstruct the arms to take the shape of Dual Daggers/Shuriken.

- If Activated while 'Last Resort' is active, Exalt a Gunbalde that shoots Shuriken instead, and keeps 'Last Resort' active while the weapon is exalted.

- All 3 Exalted Weapons share the same Mod Configuration (melee mods).


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Seething Void: No shields, % of energy spent becomes a void barrier enveloping the frame protecting (damage reduction or "shield") the frame for as long as it is active (health/resource pool). While active deals provides a buff granting melee weapons an Exalted Blade effect and primary/secondary weapons buff that causes projectiles to explode on impact dealing void damage, upon expiration of timer grants the primary weapon a supercharged void shot (giving X/% damage bonus as void damage).

Ability 1:

The Void Reaches Out: Opens several rifts enabling arm-like figures to reach out from the void and pull enemies to the ground dealing X damage to them. No Closer to Home: If done while in the void (ex. inside Limbo's ability 4) certain enemies will be instantly killed. Applies Passive. Knockdown -> duration, Damage -> strength.

Ability 2:

Gift from the Void: (Broken) lends its powers to its allies in hopes of receiving even more. Transfers % of Seething Void's bonus to each Player within X distance. If the shields expire within the same distance, they provide X times the strength of void shot (up to 3x strength). % Transferred -> strength

Ability 3:

Formless: (Broken) embraces the void and leaves behind its physical aspect inside the void. Becomes immune to knockdown and physical damage, can still take elemental damage and is vulnerable to Tau damage and is still able to attack as if normal. Disables abilities 2 and 4 while active. Uses remaining Seething Void's duration as its own duration and Ability 1 no longer costs energy.

Ability 4:

Resurgence: The void is the key to what was once whole. Grants the ability to reform (and swap between) the frames that combined to create (Broken). Acting much like Equinox's Metamorphosis, (Broken) is able to manifest the forms of its originals through the void and gain a different set of abilities depending on the current selection (suggesting Broken is made up of 2 or 3 frames). For example, Abilities 1,2 and 3 of the first frame could be Chimera Abilities 1, 2 and 4 as suggested by "AVSManfred"

The idea by AVSManfred is merely a suggestion fort the abilities and not for my benefit or personal use.

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Passive: (Broken) You are held together by the void, and can be put back together by either walking into your dropped remnants, or wait till they come back (maybe 30 second respawn time for the parts)

1st Ability: (Replace) while looking at a enemy, you dash towards them. After reaching them you start clawing at any armor, or gadgets they may have on them and gain some a buff by doing so- (Grineer will give a armor buff, Corpus a shield buff, Infestation will give a health buff)

2nd Ability: (Shrapnel)  Sacrificing parts on you and reducing the armor you have, NAME shoots them towards a group of enemies, making a blast radius of void energy. (If you have parts of enemies on you (from the 1st ability) you sacrifice them instead to do damage.)

3rd Ability: (Repair) While using energy to amplify the void holding NAME together, you may repair the damage done to the parts on you, or use more energy to focus healing on another Warframe over time.

4th Ability: (Unstable) You can't hold yourself together anymore. While quickly draining energy, the void holding you together is released and a sphere of the void energy and the parts on you is shooting around you creating a area of effect, constantly doing damage to enemies and ripping parts and other useful things on them to do more damage over time. (You will be stuck in the middle of it as a glowing figure freaking out, or panicking trying to grab the bits and pieces you lost)

(Side note. I tried my best sticking to the broken topic, and I honestly think it went well, thank you for reading and keep up the good work!)

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Passive 1: Have a dedicated UI to pick abilities and a passive from any of the warframes owned (can mix and match, can only select an ability from its respective slot on the other warframe - example: exalted blade can only be the fourth ability, saryn's spores can only be the first ability). Can change the setup only outside missions. Can mod for said setup.

Passive 2: Selected Passive

Ability 1: Selected ability
Ability 2: Selected ability
Ability 3: Selected ability
Ability 4: Selected ability

The idea is that because this warframe is a representation of the game's constantly broken and messy yet vastly high potential, we keep it tied to the game to keep evolving.New warframe = new passives and abilities for our broken frame. New balance fixes, apply to both the base frame and our broken frame.

But on the flip side if one's worried that the broken frame will trivialise the game, please notice how i suggested that it can take abilities from a frame owned. So it will have a bigger pool the more frames one has. If one's also worried that it is broken (which is the point), it can be made it so the frame actually takes some effort to get. Not the Khora kind of effort. This will make it so players use some if not most of the warframes before getting to the broken frame. Lock our broken frame behind MR 20 or give it to players when they have about 35 warframes or something or the other if it makes you happy. If this idea makes it in, might i also suggest not putting this frame on the in-game market.

Coming back to it being broken because it can cherry pick abilities:

1. Meta: He can become a meta, but only at very high levels due to the constraints set in. Decide said constraints yourself. It's about time the game gave the experienced players a frame they can modulate as they see fit. New players can also enjoy it if you so wish it.
2. Overshadowing all other warframes: This means balance fixes. YKWIM *wink wink*. You can do base ability fixes or abilities taken by our broken frame. Maybe you can scale the stats of abilities taken based on the MR of the player. etc. In which case you can give it to new players the second they finish the new introductory quest.
3. Difficult to execute: Yes, adding a UI, maintaining the frame, adding abilities as new frames come out etc. isn't going to be easy. But like i said, this frame is warframe's state manifestation. IF the frame is fully functional (perfect even), i am absolutely sure that the game would be headed in the right direction. One may even use this as a metric to define the game's state. Also, apparently ambition has never been a problem for the developers of warframe. 

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