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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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My idea is to make Eornheit a true tank in this game (compared to some of the "tank" characters).  Armor should be the highest stat. So 1,000 Armor - 250 Health - 250 Shields (Base Stats).

 Passive: Every "X" damage received, Eornheit gains "+X/s" health recovery starting at +1/s. Maxing out at "+X/s".

Ability 1 (Duration) Upgrade - Every time Eornheit kills an enemy with this ability active he gathers the remains of nearby corpses and increases armor by "+X".

Ability 2 (Energy/s) Override - Disassemble Eornheit (when below 50% health) and attach his mask to the enemy (Targeted). Leaving his body scattered and invulnerable, Eornheit can use the damage dealt by the Overridden enemy to heal his broken "spirit".

Ability 3 (Duration/Destroyed): Reborn - Turn Eornheit into an unstoppable force. Increasing his Armor "+X" Eornheit forms a solid, un-movable barrier and uses his Void energy to deal "X" damage to enemies inside the barrier.

Ability 4 (Energy/s): Protector - Eornheit gives a portion of his body and "X" Armor to the weakest (Most damaged) ally. Transferring "X%" of damage to Eornheit.

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Broken Warframe Abilities

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy.

A trio of fallen Warframes whose scavenged parts have been used to create a single frame. In the darkest hours of the Old War this Warframe emerged to help turn the tide with its arsenal of powers, standing tall in spite of its jumbled appearance.


Passive – Field Repairs

                This resourceful Warframe can use materials dropped by enemies to repair itself and other Warframes. Enemies have a chance to drop a special restorative item when this Warframe partakes in defeating them, which can be picked up by any player to restore both health and energy, with a greater effect on this Warframe.


1 – Guardian Beam

                From its left hand the Warframe channels to project a beam of energy, dealing Magnetic damage. The beam has moderate homing capabilities allowing it to bend and stick to an enemy, and as it deals damage the Warframe emits pulses that grant Overshield to itself and nearby allies. Casting Guardian Beam is considered an offhand action, allowing the user to continue firing guns while using the ability.

2 – Resounding Blow

                With its mighty right fist, the Warframe strikes the ground creating an explosive shockwave to damage enemies. Enemies around the Warframe are slowed and have reduced accuracy, and the area will be afflicted by damaging aftershocks that refresh the debuffs on enemies within. Casting this ability again removes existing affected areas.

3 – Hardlight Barrage

                Energy surges through the Warframe, erupting forth as a volley of homing projectiles made of solid light. These hardlight spears imbed themselves in enemies, detonating after a few seconds. Enemies hit take Heat damage and have Hardlight Shards imbedded in them. This photonic shrapnel reduces incoming healing to that enemy and are consumed to deal a small amount of damage whenever that enemy takes further hits.  

4 – Defiant Spirits

                The Warframe can toggle between the Spirits of the three Warframes that it is made of, and then cast this ability to call forth that Spirit to aid themselves or an ally in combat. Void energy in the spectral form of that fallen Warframe floats above the recipient, granting a buff and fighting alongside them. Only one Spirit can affect a Warframe at a time, and having no ally near the crosshairs makes the Spirit affect the caster.

                Blue Spirit – Grants Energy regeneration. The Blue Spirit fires beams of energy that ricochet between enemies, dealing Magnetic damage and draining their shields and stripping armor. While under the effect of this Spirit, Guardian Beam generates additional Overshield and fires a second beam, hitting either a different target or the same foe as the first beam.

                Red Spirit – Grants increased base Armor and Health. The Red Spirit will occasionally intercept incoming ranged attacks with a flurry of blows, knocking the projectiles back at the attacker. While under the effect of this Spirit, Resounding Blow gains additional aftershocks and aftershocks happen faster, further debuffing enemies.

                White Spirit – Grants increased Damage. The White Spirit summons a lance of light that it will hurl at enemies, dealing Heat damage to enemies struck by the blast and filling them with Hardlight Shards. While under the effect of this Spirit, Hardlight Barrage fires additional projectiles and Blinds enemies hit by the explosions, opening them up for Finishers.


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Passive- Capacity: picking up energy orbs past max capacity creates energy pickups for allies.

1st ability: Reclaim- Reclaims a part of the original frame cycling between three stacking buffs to damage, armor, and critical.
2nd ability: Repair- consume reclaimed parts to replenish hp/energy.

3rd ability: Shrapnel- all reclaimed parts explode in a rain of shrapnel and destruction, dealing massive damage to all enemies in the blast zone based on how many parts you reclaimed. 

4th ability: Return- you become whole, this gives you great armor and a sword of pure energy to slash at foes with but it drains your energy quickly, while whole you are critically leaking energy and leaving energy drops for allies for every (x amount consumed).

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Passive:(Blade dancer) using swords and other blade like weapon significantly increases Your attack speed and movement speed 

Ability 1:(Brother’s guard) Increases shield of you and all allies in range for a short time

Ability 2:(sword of the past)summons a sword in your hand and strikes all enemies in front of you

Ability 3:(revenge)The amount of health that you lost will be converted into attack damage in your next attack(The health lost will be in half converted into damage)

Ability 4:(Vengeance blade)Similar To exalted blade this will shoot projectiles that will pierce through enemies but the more enemies you kill extends the duration

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Ability 1: Spring loaded punch

Using it's cord, the Warframe coils up it's dominate arm, much like a snake, and releases it's punch to any target in front of them. The reach is about 2 meters. The ability can be charged up to Max impact power for higher impact and knock back. 

 Draws back is that the arm has to be rewinded. 

Ability 2: Snatch

Using your wiring like limbs you can reach and pull a target close enough for melee hits. Any enemy who are close to death are pulled and executed. 

Ability 3: Grapple hook

Honestly for this one it's more of a mobility mainly used to give the warframe a speed boost.

Ability 4: The Puppeteer

The Warframe disassembles itself and with the tentacles (the white cord) it wraps or manipulates the targets limbs and motions causing the target to be your puppet who bends to it's master's will. The ability lasts until either the puppet is killed or energy runs out.

P.s. first time I contribute to this mainly because I'm that creative and great when it comes to wording of said creativity. 

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Passive : reduce enermy armor every time when warframe cast an ability by 6% (max 24%)for 5s 

1st ability : quarry mark
Target an enemy  that become  our mark target warframe will be in ghost mode and increase speed by 20% ( another enemy will not see warframe and reduce warframe armor by 50% and marked enemy will do more damage with warframe increase by 50%) for 10s deactivate this ability to teleport to the marked enermy 

2nd ability :disruption wave
 make all enemy in the cast range stun for 0.5s and can not use skill for 5s 

3rd ability: vex protection 
 make barrier around  warframe that protect warframe and ally from enemy nulifier,shockwave,and grineer fire wave
for 18s
4th : shield disruption
Steal all enemy shield  in cast range shield by 50%
(Cannot be added) and the shied that stole will become oversheild  And increase 
Cast speed by 20%
Speed by 10%
Status damage reduction by 8% for 25s

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Passive: Each attached limb provides a health/armor/shields buff. Detached limbs slowly return to the warframe due to the void energy binding them, reattaching when the warframe and limb meet.

1: launches his arm in a sweeping attack with huge range, dealing moderate damage. Comes with a chance of detaching the arm. Missing an arm reduces primary weapon accuracy.

2: Overloads his legs, allowing him to jump high and come crashing into the ground, stunning enemies around and dealing moderate damage. Chance for each leg to snap off, reducing movement speed.

3: Snaps one of the exposed wires of his back, covering him in electric energy. Provides a defensive buff and enemies that attack you will be electrocuted. Having a broken wire reduces max energy.

4: Void energy surges from the warframe, pulling all detached limbs and fixing the broken wire on his back, instantly return him to full capabilities and provide him and all nearby allies with a regeneration buff, which scales with the number of things repaired on the warframe.

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Hello all, I thought I'd give a wack at this, I hope you guys get a chance to check this out!

Passive: Void Reconstruction. Every time they are damaged parts of him/her fall off based on the damage taken reaching a threshold, by quarters lets say.  When this happens a part of them falls off, not just on the directly on the ground but it gets flung a few meters. (ex. lets say he/she losses 1 quarter of health a arm falls off.) Picking up the body part restores a small amount of health and energy as well, if you don't pick the body piece backup it regenerates after a little bit it. This could work well if they didn't have shields and only health much like the frames Nidus and Inaros.

1st: Void Blow [Unnamed frame] shoots out a projectile that hits enemies and does moderate damage but they also suffers damage as they are removing the void holding them together. The damage taken is not effected by his passive

 Empowered Void Blow  Void Blow does increase damage to entangled enemies and chains between enemies in the same entanglement but also increases damage taken                                

2nd: Void Armaments On activation the void energy holding them together blossoms out surrounding their form and protects them by reducing damage taken by 25% and becoming immune to all status effects.

3rd Void Drain [Unnamed frame] lets out void roots from their hand at a selected enemy or enemies and drains their life and a small amount of hp while also siphoning the enemies health until the ability ends or they die. Targets that are linked can still move and attack.  

Empowered Void Drain Draining entangled enemies take increased damage and heal for more.

4th Voids Maw [Unnamed frame] breaks apart swirling around the void energy holding them together while the void energy coalesces into a manifestation of void energy letting out void vine like roots in a radiant blast in a entangling enemies and linking ones in close proximity together like a daisy chain and damaging them. Enemies that are entangled are stunned and take more damage from his/her abilities.

The basis of this was synergy between all their abilities so that one dosn't out shine the rest, I hope you guys like it! ❤️ 


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Passive: [Broken Warframe's Name] can change various parts of itself to parts of owned Warframes (Primed Included) and gains either a buff or an ability based on a Warframe's part used (ex. Gauss' Mach Rush with 2 Gauss Legs equipped and Inaros' Undying passive for the...chest? Dunno)


1st Ability: Ejects one part of the Warframe at high velocity to smash into an enemy, taking permanent health from the Warframe for each part ejected. Must recollect the part to get the lost health back (Reasonable I think).

2nd Ability: Select between ammo, health, and shields. Has a chance to negate the depletion of whichever one is active (Cannot activate the other two whilst ability is active).

3rd Ability: Has a chance of a random boost (Exp, drop rate, etc) for a small amount of time.

4th Ability: Dissassemble/Assemble: [Broken Warframe's Name] disassembles itself, allowing for stealthy movement so long as enemies do not see them moving. Should an enemy step on [Broken Warframe], you have the option to reassemble itself around them, causing  the enemy to take damage over time, but also having a much higher energy drain. Possibly allowing the Warframe temporary immunity until the enemy it's on dies?

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1- the rings of hell - the frame creates a ring of a random element and it spreads through the enemies in the area and enemies in the area will have the effect infinitly as long as their in the ring and will take the full duration as soon as they leave

2- death barrier- the frame starts to glitch and spread apart a little but if the frame is touched the enemy will take damage and if the enemy is killed they will be violently ripped apart

3- uncontrollable the frame becomes an ai ripping apart anything that it comes across and if it cant be killed easily it is violently thrown

4- rage - the frame harnesses the void energy and creates a mini-gun / lmg that has high dps but drains energy fast the frame is highly resistant to damage while this is active

passive- the frame has a %  to absorb incoming projectiles and turn them into a random ammo type

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Since I'm not entirely sure what the white threads/vines/worms are that thread through [Broken Frame]'s body, for clarity's sake I'll just refer to them as "threads" here. On a sidenote I think it would actually be cool if they were called threads officially rather than worms or tentacles. We already have tentacles. However the concept of them working a lot like worms or leeches is cool.

Passive: Any enemy that attacks [Broken Frame] gains a more sewn-up appearance with white threads appearing all around their body. These threads do not disappear unless [Broken Frame] goes down, [Broken Frame] uses their 4th ability, or the enemy dies. Using [Broken Frame]'s 1 and 2 will leave threads on enemies once the effect's duration has passed.

1) Untangle/Unwind: Pointing at an enemy and using this ability locks that enemy in place with white threads coming out of the ground/surrounding areas, stunning them and preventing them from attacking any further for a limited time. The enemy's health/shields/armor isn't drained/damaged in any way, and they are not invulnerable during the ability, so they can be killed at any time. Any enemies that come close to the target within an AOE gain threads going through their bodies as though affected by [Broken Frame]'s passive, it's a hallway thread-spreader! 

If used on an ally, they gain [Broken Frame]'s passive for a limited amount of time. Make them mobile thread-spreaders!

2) (Idunno the name): Send out a barrage of threads to leech energy off a small group of enemies for a limited time. [Broken Frame] and nearby allies gain energy/s based on the amount of enemies caught in this ability. Enemies caught in this are threaded to one another, not entirely in an AOE but the ability will affect the closest enemy nearby at the time of casting so theoretically it is possible to get 10 people in a room if they are all within a certain distance to one another, but it is highly unlikely. Think Equinox's Rest augment. 1 enemy affected will refund 50% of energy used on this ability, 2 will refund 100%, 3 will give 150%, so on so forth. Amount given back scaled with efficiency similar to Garuda. More energy used= more energy given back, only allies get some % of it too, if not all of it, as long as they are within range, but it is a fairly small range. 

3) (Idunno the name): Removes threads off enemies to produce an armor buff/energy regen/damage reduction (not all 3 but something from it) for you and your teammates in an AOE around [Broken Frame]. The number of enemies affected is cannot be altered with mods but the amount of armor given back depends on the damage dealt to the enemies and scales with efficiency and power strength. Cannot be used without threaded enemies and completely removes threads off affected enemies after use.

4) Fragmented: Deal damage to every enemy afflicted by [Broken Frame]'s threads in any way, from his passive and abilities. Damage is dealt on a % based on their health and scales with the amount of enemies. The % damage can be increased/decreased using strength/efficiency mods while [Broken Frame] and nearby allies gain bonus shields/armor/health based on the enemies affected. Enemies with armor will provide the team armor, enemies with shields/overshields will provide shields/overshields, enemies with only health will give (bonus) health. For example, a Grineer with a yellow bar will give armor, but a Grineer with a red bar will only give health at that point.

Affinity range for allies, unlimited range for attacking enemies, and [Broken Frame] can see the number of enemies that can be affected by this ability at any moment like how Saryn can see her infected enemies. Using this ability destroys all threads off enemies with the only exception being anyone affected by [Broken Frame]'s 1 and 2. 

More Strength= More armor/damage on 3, more damage on 4.

More Range= All abilities benefit from higher range except 4.

More Duration= 1 and 2 last longer. Take your pick.

More Efficiency= More armor provided from 3 and all abilities besides it cost less, 4 has a higher damage %.

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I felt that "sacrifice" is too strong a word for the 3 and leads to the assumption that the ability straight up kills enemies when it doesn't, so that was changed to simply "removes".
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Base Stats: 50 energy, 50 health, 50 shields, up to 75 each at rank 30

Passive: has one, but it doesn't work, so who cares what it says.

1: kills himself, and comes back with 25/50/75/100% of health, shields and energy. This is so that if his companion dies/he goes into a bugged state, he can get back out of it. Cost: free, costs a revive to come back

2: puts himself in a bugged state, in which no other abilities work (except his 1), he cannot fire guns, if he is knocked down he cannot get up, he cannot take damage, and cannot pick up anything. lasts until he uses his 1. Cost: 69 energy

3: doubles (affected by strength) the health, armor, and shields of all enemies within affinity range, so that veterans can 'have a challenge'. Cost: all current energy, shields, and all but 2 health, and prevents healing, transference, and energy gain for 5/10/15/20 seconds (Affected by duration, higher duration means longer time)

4: all enemies in line of sight have their damage and movement speed multiplied by 10 (affected by strength) for 5/10/15/20 seconds (affected by duration), all enemies not in LoS instantly die. Cost: 250 energy

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I’m not sure about the order of abilities in terms of potency or balance, but here goes:


“Found drifting at the edge of the system, this survivor of an ancient battle with a Sentient has left it barely intact, its powers changed dramatically from those it once possessed.”


Passive - Void Static: A constant leakage of Void energy distorts the fabric of reality around the Warframe, reducing the accuracy and duration of powers and attacks aimed at it.


1st Ability - Assimilation: A piece of the Broken Warframe shoots out to strike a target, integrating itself and stealing a fraction of the target’s abilities, transferring them to the Broken Warframe. Gain a percentage of the target’s strong traits (Grineer = Armor, Corpus = Shields, etc) for a period of time or until the target dies.


2nd Ability - Shard Rush: The Broken Warframe disassembles and surges forward in a straight line, striking all foes along the path of travel and damaging them with Slashing/Piercing/Impact damage.


3rd Ability - Leeching Cloud: The outer layer of the Broken Warframe molts off and surrounds them in a swarm of tiny pieces. Any foe that enters the cloud will have some of their Health and Energy drawn away and funneled into the Broken Warframe.


4th Ability - Void Flare: A massive fluctuation of Void energy bursts from the Broken Warframe, damaging all foes within range (damage is split between all damage and element types).

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Broken warframe 



An old unrecognizable frame that dates back to the orokin wars. One of the first tenno who was strong enough to control and fight alongside their frame. Together they were unstoppable. In a pivotal retreat both tenno and frame stood their ground and fought to buy time saving countless lives. In their success both were ripped to pieces and the tenno laid to die on their only friend. The tenno life blood pouring over the now broken frame. Left to rot the two slowly became one. Years later they pulled pieces from their fight to make themselves whole, yet not the same. 


Passive - junk collector - fallen enemies drop parts to collect. Each part collected buffs hp, armor, shield (maybe energy regen and shield regen but don't want it too powerful) Creates the unique resource, part stack


1 energy tendrils - launch tendrils to do hp damage and steal parts. Add to the passive part stack per enemy hit.


2 part of me - sacrifice some part stacks to create a junk baby based off of what you have collected from. (sentient parts grineer parts corpus parts etc) can make multiple 


3 unbreak - consume some part stacks to temporarily heal allies, buff damage, and damage resistance


4 Broken is good - your junk babies catch on a sentient fire (color based on aura color) doing aoe damage for a short time and greatly increases their attack and movement speed. After a short time they explode in a hail of flaming parts. The parts attach to enemies and burn them over time. 

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Made out of pieces from broken warframes and held together with void energy. So abilities should have something to do with void energy and broken parts from warframes. 

Passive: Undying - uses collected parts to prevent from dying, Gain armor the more parts you collect

Ability 1: Uses energy to pull parts from enemies and damage them with void energy

Ability 2: Uses a small amount of parts to do damage to surrounding enemies and temporarily stunning them.

Ability 3: Uses a medium amount of collected parts to heal himself and/ or surrounding allies.

Ability 4: Uses a large amount of parts to bring broken warframes from the ground for support. They don't have abilities but they carry a primary, secondary, or melee weapon. They drop parts when destroyed, or when the ability cancels out, or when ability 1 takes parts/health from them. The more enemies they kill, the more parts they will drop.

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Passive: Scrapper- If enough unusable ammo is picked up, the Warframe will be able to revive only an extra time per mission. Alternatively, the ammo can be used for its fourth ability.

Ability 1: Latch- Shoots out one of its wires that holds its body together. It spins in the air into up to 4 enemies at max level and clumps them together. This leaves the enemies immobile for a short period of time. Enemies not killed will break free.

Ability 2: Hammer- The Warframe leaps forward and disassembles only to pelt enemies with many metal scraps. When it reassembles, it gains health from the enemies it has hit.

Ability 3: Sheer- The Warfame leaps forward and spins mid-air, shearing through enemies and inflicting slash with sharp metal bits.

Ability 4: Shatter- The Warframe pulls back its hand and tosses all the ammo accumulated by its passive as a giant ball that ensnares enemies, finally exploding upon contact with any surface.





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Passive: damage scales for every increase in enemy level e.g. damage stacks by 10% per 10 enemy levels, so 60 - 80 that's plus 20% 

Ability 1: possess- destroy shields of an enemy to take control of their actions e.g for corpus you can knock the shields of the jackal and physically take control of it. And for grineer and infested you can bring down the health by 50% before possessing. This will have a cool down to prevent spamming.

Ability 2: enemy and friend - open up a void portal bring out an opposite race e.g corpus or infested, if you are doing a grineer mission so they fight each other while you can focus on the objective. And you can fight both of them for extra loot(like an invasion but when ever you want)

Ability 3: heal your entire team with 1/hp per second which scales with your combo multiplier for 30 seconds or smth ( duration should increase with mods! Don't khora this.)

Ability 4: instant army - create clones of your entire team, just like wukong's(as in the damage multiplier)but, if you have a wukong on your team then you clone the clone, kyvats? Clone them as well, companions ? Clone. Ofcourse for a duration of 40sec with atleast a cost of 120energy. If your team has 2 broken frame then you both activate your 4 to double the clones 

(My 4 feels like its gonna butcher the game programmes and break it so my 4 idea still stays unless it's too broken and can't be done. This frame will be an eidolon/ interception and defensive beast)

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Passive- In his eternal quest to complete himself, the Broken frame has a passive resource, "components". He gains these components from using his powers and/or killing enemies and/or picking up loot from enemies. Collecting "Components" heals the Broken frame, and grant a passive armor bonus.

Acquire- Rushes to targeted enemy and rips off a piece, adding it to himself. This does damage based on ability power and staggers the target for a few seconds.
Grants "Components" based on level of enemy

Integrate- Attempt to complete yourself with bits of nearby dead enemies. (draws from a rotating roster of the last 10 enemies that died near the Warframe)
Each type of enemy and level thereof gives different buffs, Grineer-Armor, Corpus-Shields, Infested-Health, Corrupted-Damage, Sentient-DR, with bigger numbers from higher level foes.
Grants "components" based on levels of enemies integrated with.

Symbiosis- Add your systems to nearby allies, boosting their abilities while draining your own. This dipserses your body parts and leaves the Warframe a skeleton wrapped in Energy, with very High DR but no powers. Drains energy based on number of allies being buffed.
Grants additional "components" based on number of allies buffed over time.

Shed- Consumes "Components" from the passive resource, regenerating life and energy to himself and all nearby allies. While Shedding, his damage resistance, ability strength, and weapon damage are all increased. Does not consume energy.


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Broken Frame -

"Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy."

Void Jitters <passive> - Phase's (like a glitch) to avoid a random hit. When sprinting, sliding or rolling on the floor enables the frame to slip/phase through it instead of running into the wall / object. (The distance it can phase through an object is based on how fast it is moving, Works 9 and 3/4 of the time)


Remnants Echo - Activates an Ability based on a frame part - Tapping the ability cycles the selection -

  • 1/ Based on Mag's Pull - Flings out its arm at a target but is still connected by Void tethers, to grab them and activates a radial Pull towards the target and retracts
  • 2/ Based on Revanants Enthral and Reave - Gestures with different arm and shoots out energy like Enthral but instead Reaves the target stealing health
  • Made 1 and 2 by guessing on what frames the limbs looked like they were from.

Void anomalies - Glitches enemies targeting UI markers, so they will randomly attack friends, foes, objects, the floor or run in circles. (lol based this on Bugged markers in game)

Mitosis Repair - Toggle on / charging - causes healing to go towards charging this ability instead, Activation - spawns a specter with one of your random loadouts or mimics another squad members loadout. Frame is linked to specter by a tether either slowly leaching health from the specter or healing it when the frames health is full 

Transference Bleed - (Charges up similar to Baruuk's 4th, but based on Affinity/focus points instead of Restraint) - The Void energy that holds the frame together takes on the appearance of the Operator within the frame.

  • Crouching activates Invisibility, like Void Mode
  • Bullet Jump becomes a Void Dash
  • Heavy attacks release a Void Blast
  • Tap press the ability while it is still active will release the leftover energy in a Void explosion, while Holding the ability will focus a cone of Void Beam from its chest.
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Passive (Stability) - The more you uses your abilities, the more "unstable" you become. The more unstable you become, the more shots from enemies miss but the more damage you'll recieve. Your stability regenerates over time once you pick up an energy orb or you don't use their abilities for a while.

1 (Unstable Fragments) - Lay down a fragment of yourself that explodes in 3 seconds. You can lay up to 3/4/5/6 bombs at a time. Fragments also explode if they're caught in another fragment's explosion.

2 (Primed Fragment) - When looking at a fragment, press to pick it up. Press again to throw it, causing it to explode upon impact for a smaller explosion radius but increased damage and guaranteed Blast proc. The lobbed fragment's explosion can also detonate other fragments.
- A potential augment could allow them to pick up and use non-boss enemies like impact explosives when thrown.

3 (Corrupt Armaments) - Enlarge your melee weapon (think Zenistar with the Dominion Heavy Blade skin), granting it greater range, higher status chance and the ability to manually detonate your fragments by hitting them. The size the melee weapon grows to is relative to your Ability Strength or Range.

4 (Crash) - Start a countdown that causes you to explode in 5 seconds, damaging enemies caught in your explosion. Your explosion also cases bombs to explode.

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*affected by the relevant statistic(s)


passive - disfunction()

Enemies around you randomly have their weapons malfunction and break, disarming them. //gara's passive but happens a bit more often. Just reuse code from loki/mag for the effect itself.

1 - step()

25* energy

Teleport 10* meters in the direction of the cursor. //basically Itzal's blink slapped on a warframe. If any frame deserves it, it'd be this one.

2 - breach()

50* energy

Rip a 5 meter wide and 15* meter long rift of void in front of you. Deals 2000* void damage with 75*% status chance. The rift lasts 10* seconds. All allies standing inside the rift are invisible and immune to status. //main defensive feature. Noticed we didn't have a stationary invis buff frame so might as well. Immune to status is optional. Might also add damage ticks for the enemies. Who knows?

3 - retort()

25* energy, 2* drain

While this ability is active, every time you are hit, one random enemy within 20* meters, for every 10 points of shield lost from the hit, takes 5*% of their combined health and shields as true damage. //I don't remember if true damage bypasses shields anymore. If it still does, replace combined health+shields with just health. Either that or rip the hp drain code from Revenant's Reave. This is meant more for endurance runs. Especially with all the fun shield gating you can play around with now. 

4 - harvest()

100* energy

All enemies within 15* meters are stunned for 10* seconds as they are infused with void energy. When an enemy stunned by this ability is killed, all allies (within affinity range) gain 10 energy, 75* health, and 75*shields. //Void fuel pinatas! Technically you can use 3 to get into a feedback loop for invincibility, but good luck keeping the area clear so the random targetting doesn't pick a nonstunned target. Besides, Revenant does the "I can't die" thing more reliably.

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Eornheit, the Broken Frame. Specializes in armor, he can be lethal in stripping the enemy, or useful in strengthening allies.

Base Stats (Max Stats):

Health: 75 (300)

Shield: 75 (200)

Armor: 300 (600)

Energy: 100 (225)


Builds up Armor from resources picked from crates, lockers and enemies up to a limit, can be used similarly to mutagen stacks (Nidus) when casting abilities. At certain thresholds, speed may decrease to promote use as opposed to stacking Armor.
(Does not use resources though, just the stats built on pick up.) 
*For example will use 200 for base limit, possible to increase with level
1st Ability: Shrapnel

Eornheit launches parts of his armor at the enemy/s to reduce base armor. 
Strength: 1/2/3/5
Range: 5/10/15/25
Armor Cost: 1/3/5/10

2nd Ability: Disassemble

Eornheit drops excess weight to increase attack and movement speed for a duration, at the cost of armor.
Speed: 5%/10%/17.5%/25%
Armor Cost: 5/10/15/20

3rd Ability: Assembly Line

Eornheit will loose armor to encase nearby allies in parts of his body, increasing their base armor for a duration.
Armor Cost: 10/20/30/40

4th Ability: Encase

Eornheit engulfs an enemy and creates a hybrid frame that uses a melee with respective damage

  • With Corprus can use Magnetic Melee, possibly a staff or blunt weapon
  • With Grineer can use Heat Melee, possibly cleavers, machete or sword and shield
  • With Infested can use Slash or Gas Melee, potentially claws or sword hook/dual swords
  • With Sentients can use True Melee, can be something unique with laser secondary/heavy etc.

Duration: 20s/30s/45s/60s

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I didn't add many variables like specific damage, range, or duration because whenever I try to balance things, I always make them too weak, or too strong. If some or all of my ideas are chosen, feel free to change, add, or remove pieces of an ability to make it more fair.


Passive: Residue

Taking health damage has a chance to drop miniature fragments that explode when stepped on or when deployed for a few seconds. The fragments deal slash and toxin procs (Tetanus) that scale inversely on how much health you have. [Less Health= More Damage] Ghere would also be a cooldown in between fragment drops to keep another Pre Old War Ember situation from happening.


1: Combustion

Costs 25 energy and deals 25 electric damage to user with a guaranteed proc, both scaling with Efficiency. (The white energy noodle constricts, sensing friends for buffs or enemies for debuffs.) If enemies are closer to you in a certain radius, you deal a temporary debuff to them. If there an ally close to you or nobody at all, you (and those allies) gain a temporary buff. The increase and decrease in stats could be about damage, armor, health, shields, movement speed, or attack speed. The ability is spammable, but the electricity damage should prevent extremely heavy usage. Even with spamming, you can't get the same buff or debuff twice, and you can't kill yourself with this ability.


2: Overcharge

Costs 50 energy initially. (The energy noodle glows a random color and starts weaving through the various parts, beginning dim and slow but getting brighter and faster as time progresses.) You're given a random primary or secondary element for this ability. You gain proc resistance to that element and gain added element damage on your weaponry. Once every two seconds the extra element damage percentage increases, but so does the energy drain. Once the ability is turned off, there is a cooldown before you can use it again, which would be half the amount of time it was on (1 minute active : 30 second cooldown).


3: Log Out

Costs 25 energy with longer than average duration. (The energy noodle reaches for a target, leaving its scrap body behind.) The scrap metal armor falls to the floor as you jump to an ally or an enemy. Wrapping around an ally gives both you and them damage reduction. While wrapped to an ally, you can still aim and fire primaries and secondaries, but you cannot use melee. If wrapped on an enemy, you can use their weapons or special abilities for your own personal gain, while getting a small portion of shields and/or armor. The strength of their weapons, abilities, and stolen armor & shields scale off of power strength & the enemy's level. The ability ends when the duration runs out, or when you take lethal damage while wrapped around a target. If the latter happens, then you get gain some shields back to help you survive a little bit longer. Most bosses and most 


4: Unity

Costs 75 energy, 4 energy per second (At least for a brief moment, the energy noodle feels whole.) All parts of the warframe disassemble into groups: The arms, the legs, the torso, and the head, to make a sort of catapult. they are launched out of the catapult one by one, dealing heavy damage, but balanced by a slow fire rate, and extra damage taken in this form.


It is REALLY late at night at the time of writing, so please excuse any signs of sleep deprived ramblihg.

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How about a warframe caled squishy

You'll have to defend squishy because your all squishy

The more more you defend squishy the stronger you all become 

The more damage she takes the weaker you become 

The less damage the stronger you beceme 

It can work on opposites so so when you use her buffs you weakon her

Abbilites:run and hide 10 seconds invincibility 30sec after invisiblity

.               Not going yet:strengh to buff warframe ability 1(used less quishy, not used more squishy)

.               I'im hurt so are you:link players,they recive your damage but give more damage output

                This is gonna hurt:usebuilt up strength to damage tagets or area and weaken herself in process

.               all above charges a bar damage took and damage received  the team get sqishy or stronger  

                                                   Just an idea after a few little beers jimbo74uk

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Seeing as there are three distinct colors, I propose that this Warframe is literally 3 Warframes in one. I will refer to them as Azure, Crimson, and Ivory. The crafting process would involve collecting 3 items called remnants (Crimson Remnant etc.) to make the Chassis, while the Neuroptics and Systems would require unconventional resources. I also assume that there will be 3 signature weapons; a primary for Azure which is an ordnance weapon, a secondary for Crimson which is a trickshot weapon (bullets bounce on terrain and seek out the nearest enemy), and a melee for Ivory which is a warfan.


Passive: Working Together

Having no melee equipped increases critical strike chance. Having less than 2 guns equipped increases reload speed. Having no guns equipped increases melee attack speed. The relevant signature weapons count as having nothing equipped in that slot.


Ultimate Ability: Triplicate

Split apart to create three specters. Azure holds your primary gun, Crimson holds your secondary gun, and Ivory holds your melee, or a copy of their signature weapon if nothing is equipped. They receive all effects (including your passive) as if they were actual Warframes, and look almost fully-built (except the large gaps filled in would be glowing). You maintain control of a void energy being if all 3 are active, leaving you invulnerable to damage but with no weapons. If less than 3 are active, you become vulnerable to damage but get the relevant weapon back. Your primary way of contributing is through the use of the other 3 abilities. These three specters stay active if you switch to Operator mode.


First Ability: Azure Mark

Mark the targeted enemy with smoke, which incapacitates all nearby enemies, and slows down resilient enemies. Affected enemies lose resistances to the damage types dealt by your primary weapon (or that of the signature weapon if none is equipped). If Azure's specter is active, Azure targets the marked enemy until it dies.


Second Ability: Crimson Shot

Fires an energy shot at your target, which attempts to pierce through a number of targets on the way based on boosted ability range and ability rank (like Atomos but in reverse). Deals the same damage types as your secondary weapon (or that of the signature weapon if none is equipped) and has 100% status chance. If Crimson's specter is active, Crimson lets loose one shot at each enemy damaged, ignoring ammo and fire rate.


Third Ability: Ivory Grace

Gives yourself a buff that increases nearby allies damage resistance to the damage types of your equipped melee weapon (or that of the signature weapon if none is equipped) and has infinite range for affecting Azure, Crimson, and Ivory. If Ivory's specter is active, Ivory teleports to you while performing a heavy slam attack.

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