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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Scrapyard - Has low health/armor/shields at base, but can collect parts from dead enemies to increase those up to a limit(Scrap Metal energy bar). Grineer parts increase armor, Infested parts increase health, Corpus parts increase shields, Sentient parts can either give a random bonus to each or add a small ammount of damage adaptation. 

1st Ability: Dismantle - Sends a shockwave forward that destroys enemy guns/slows down Infested. Generates Scrap Metal based on how many enemies it hits.

2nd Ability: Shrapnel Toss - A suddent burst of energy sends parts of the warframe flying outwards, sticking to enemies and chaining void energy between them. The closer the enemies are together, the more damage it deals. Can either be an AoE or a cone area skill.

3rd Ability: Reconfigure - Every minute, randomly gets a bonus increase to either power strength, range, duration or efficiency. Tapping the ability allows you to spend energy to skip the timer and choose a new bonus.

4th Ability: Divide and Conquer - Sacrifices a portion of your accumulated Scrap Metal bar to create small Corpus osprey-like sentinels that will mimic your abilities whenever you cast them(except for 3), but at 50% power. Up to 2-3 can be up at any given time.

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General idea: Zanuka: can go around as a  Zanuka project on all fours. One of Alad V's first projects discarded into the void and reassembled by the void.

Passive: Zanuka's abilities are different depending on the mode he is in (apart from embody).

1st Ability: Bipedal: Zanuka stands up on two legs and gains a damage buff. When on all fours gains a speed and armor buff but unable to use weapons (Uses own attack).

2nd Ability: Torment/Charge: In Bipedal Zanuka reaches his hand out and makes his enemies feel the pain he felt, forcing them to all fours (This is an active and has no duration) secondary weapons can be fired during this ability but primary and melee cannot. In Quadrapedal He leaps a certain distance and lands in an aoe, creating a ring of void energy (Another ring is created from original position and recasting teleports Zanuka to this ring). The rings decrease enemy resistance. When Zanuka teleports back to the original ring he gains a cloak which lasts a short duration (3-4 seconds)

3rd Ability: Embody: Zanuka groups multiple enemies together and turns them into one, becoming them for a short duration, making sure what Alad has done to him will never be forgotten. During the Ability, Zanuka is curled up into a ball and gains 85% damage reduction.

4th Ability: Acceptance/Calm: In Bipedal, Zanuka breaks his armor, releasing a ball of void energy, unleashing an array of corrupted allies and a sentient Mimic. In Quadrapedal, Zanuka releases continuous waves of void energy, slowly sending him into the void. (Each wave roots and reduces enemy armor and resistance by 5% (This stacks)) Once in the void, Zanuka can complete a trial to escape, granting him a massive boost to all attributes for a duration. Alternatively, he can always recast his fourth ability and leave the void without a buff. Only has a small amount of time to start the challenge.

Quest idea: killing Zanuka grants a Zanuka armor fragment. Collecting three means you can go into the void and a ball of void energy has a chance to spawn. You also need Alad V's Collar which can capture Zanuka. When the ball of void energy spawns, select a Zanuka armor fragment from the gear wheel. This attached itself to the void energy and it starts to attack you. After beating it the first time you have to select another armor fragment from the gear wheel and Zanuka attacks again but with more power. After a third armor fragment is attached, Zanuka spawns, attacking with all his might. Once defeated, Alad's Collar can be used to capture Zanuka.

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Passive Cobble together: Enemies killed drop components you can use to fill a special meter that replaces your energy.

1 Shrapnel: Use your components as a projectile. If an enemy is hit, they receive slash damage.

2 Relic: Crush your components to release the energy inside, giving a buff to your team mates.

3 Makeshift: With your components, generate a shield from those parts, that is affixed to your arm, and with more components can be broken off and locked in position to the ground. The components used are chipped away. Shield is large enough to protect a single frame. 

4 Broken body: Affix your self to the ground and release all components attached to yourself, creating a dome of components held together by the tendrils holding your body together. You may leave your body behind in a new one made of the same tendrils, moving faster, but taking more damage. Your components used will be chipped away by the enemies. You can return to your body and collapse the dome on yourself, dealing damage to any enemies inside and returning all components left. 

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Passive hellbent if under 50% HP gain a 30% Damage increase and movement speed 1st ability scavenge depending on the type of enemy gain armour if grineer shields if corpus and health if infested based on the amount dead in the vicinity 2nd ability onslaught depending on the amount of players are on your team deal 25% more if 1 50% if 2 75% If 3 and 100% if 4

3rd ability hound mark enemies through the wall and move 60% faster 4th ability warframe see warframe do temporarily gain another warframes ability randomly
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Seeing its concept art, i got the blob/ the thing idea


Passive: Remaining crouched for x seconds turns your warframe into a pile of parts on the floor, making slight noise to attract enemies to it, cancelled by attacking or performing an ability

Active 1, Sinew lash,  latch onto a foe and begin to absorb their life force while dealing x damage with initial impact and x damage overtime, gaining health overtime as long as the enemy is alive, if the initial impact kills, heal for x of warframe max health
Targeting a wall with this ability will latch you onti it and pull you towards it, knocking enemies away in your path

Active 2,  Possession, Target an enemy to infest your systems into them, becoming them for x amount of time, in which their allies will believe you  are on in the same side
this ability turns into purge while active and turns you into a living bio bomb, dealing x damage in an area around the frame

Active 3. body reinforcement, activating this ability causes nearby enemy corpses to be absorbed into the frame, granting (z+y) xarmor, (z+y) x health for x amount of time based on the number of corpses (y).

Active 4, Ultimate, Mass body disruption. Targeted enemy starts rapid cell reproduction, turning their body into a bio weapon which lashes out whips with tissue/flesh/metal that latches onto more enemies and spreads with a certain area dealing x damage to all enemies in the zone and x over time to those not dead by the initial blow, if anymore enemies enter the zone they join into the mass.
if done while while purge is active, do something more (double area, double damage, something something darkside)

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Passive:Collect fallen enemy parts to increase armor/health (doing a finisher on an enemy will yield more enemy parts)

1st Ability: Sacrifice the armor/health gained from the passive to gain buffs (Idk what buffs to put in)

2nd Ability:The warframe screams making the enemy dazed and open for finishers

3rd Ability:The warframe latches onto a targeted enemy or wall and pulls itself toward it

4th ability:The warframe goes on a rampage and goes on all fours (or not) gaining movement speed and new abilities based on the faction the enemy part is from (enemy parts gained while on a rampage is doubled)


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Quick note: I'm going to be calling him "Lugh" throughout this whole thing (Lugh is an Irish smithing god, and the origin of the word "lug"). I'm just calling him that, even though he doesn't officially actually have a name yet.

My idea of Lugh is that he would be a slow burn charater, similar to Nidus. As the mission progresses he gains access to more and more of his abilities. I don't mind if any of my ideas are altered in any way (especially the extreme ones) if they seem too far-fetched. Ready? Here we go.

Passive: Starting with the biggest change here. He doesn't use energy. Instead, he uses a resource called scrap, which would have some differences to energy. For example, scrap would likely drop more often than energy does. It also has the added affect of providing Lugh an elemental affect for his weapons and abilities (The element added would be dependent on the mob the scrap was dropped from, a scorch would drop burn scrap for instance). I'm not entirely sure, but perhaps the scrap could add armor to Lugh as well, though that might be a bit much. Using scrap in abilities would result in you losing those elemental effects.

1st Ability: Rampart- Summons a wall of scrap around the height of grineer blunt, can be charged to increase width and armor strength.

2nd Ability: Shrapnel Shot- Summons a large "beam" composed of tiny bits of shrapnel. It would have quite a long range and use puncture damage, in addition to the elemental scrap obtained previously. I'm not sure it this should be continuous beam, or just one shot, I'll let you guys decide that

3rd Ability: Needle Shield- Lugh curls up and releases waves of shrapnel in all directions. This can be used continuously until scrap runs out. I imagined this would be a keep-away mechanic, having only medium to short range

4th Ability: Junk Orb- This is the most ambitious, and my personal favorite ability. Lugh uses a large amount of scrap to form a ball around him, allowing him to roll around and crush his foes. Any scrap picked up in this form will increase the size and armor strength of the ball. Junk Orb can also be charged with scrap previously collected to increase it's size faster. The ability consumes scrap as it rolls, and upon reaching zero will dissolve. Junk Orb can be cancelled through player input.

I don't this is perfect, there still some issues here. One I thought of was how large could Junk Orb become before it's hitbox become too cumbersome? Perhaps it would be able to squeeze through doorways as compensation. All ideas posted here are subject to change by me or anyone else, I don't mind if any ability names are changes, or if Lugh gets a different name. Hope this gets some attention.

That being said... keep Warframing I guess.

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Passive: Salvage- They get stacks as enemies die around them (like they are salvaging from the bodies and absorbing materials into it's amalgamation of a body), gaining defence at the price of movement speed. (Could change appearance like Nidus does depending on stacks)

1: Fling: Forward-facing-cone-shaped projectile costing stacks. Can be held to make it more like a constant stream but drains stacks. Casting at zero stacks causes them to lurch forwards a short distance, knocking back enemies and dealing damage. Can't be held at zero stacks.

2: Adaptable: Self-buff. Can give their attacks an element of their choice (since their made up of an amalgamation of parts, thay can rearrange the selves as they wish). At a certain number of stacks, they get the option of picking a second buff which combines to make one of the combination elements. Element would be selected by tapping and cast by holding. Can still be cast with zero stacks for the single element.

3. Disperse: Shoots out all built up stacks in a wide area radial damage. After the initial damage, the area affected becomes littered by debris, slowing enemies and afflicting them with the elements selected on 2.

4. Voidstorm: The Warframe relinquishs hold on its form, becoming power incarnate. Void power is thrown about, targeting enemies at range at random and any that get too close get knocked about and damaged by flying Warframe scraps and body parts. The more stacks, the more damage. (More scraps flying about, more void power was holding it together) Does NOT cost stacks.

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I would call it 'Chimera', a twisted creature made up of other creatures. It's passive: it does not come with any abilities of its own. Instead, it gains access to the warframe abilities your Tenno can access. So if you have an unranked Volt and Chimera, it would have access to the Shock ability. However, if you have a max-ranked Volt and Frost, it would have access to all their abilities. The level of the ability would be limited to Chimera's own level, and just having those abilities in its pool of available skills would not let Chimera use a level 4 ability without sufficient Mastery. And the pool of abilities would be limited to the ones available for that button (on PS4, you could equip Rhino Charge, Snowball,Shock, etc, to X button, while Square would let you equip Rhino Skin, Ice Wave, Speed, etc.). Mastered 'frames would not need to be retained to keep their abilities in the pool.

Not gonna lie, I've been wanting a 'frame that lets you mix and match abilities for a while now. With the way mod balancing works (adding ability strength to X ability won't have any drawbacks to that ability, but would have a drawback to a different ability), you could create a beastly frame through mixing up abilities, but in exchange, Chimera, being the 'broken warframe', would have weaker stats than the others, so would have Health, Shield, Armor, and Energy reduced to 75 base.

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I would put it on the category of a warframe with Legionnaires of Spirits of Tenno's and Warframe killed with a super weapon that harnessed the power of the void. All the souls of the lost (Tenno's and Frames) returned, rekindled to find the ones responsible for creating the weapon that had caused the destruction of the heroes that helped to end the Old War (or died during..... whichever sounds better) and to destroy the Super Weapon before it is used again in the New War.



Ability #1) Ligament Torrent - Broken Frame will fling each of it's ligaments at the enemy with Force to inflict heavy damage. Ligaments are held from the Ethereal Spirited Vines of the Dead Tenno whose souls stayed connected to the Realm of the Void. 

*Melee attacks are enhanced with weapons like the Ankyros, Venka, Furax, Kogake...... etc.


Ability #2) Perilous Reach - Broken Frame calls upon dead Frames/Tenno/Sentient to reach out their limbs to grab, paralyze, and distract enemies. Some limbs can come out of the ground and attack/latch onto enemies faces and cause hysteria and fear. (Duration/Strength mods can lengthen the effect.... make like a patch of hands and limbs made by Nidus)


Ability #3) Resurrection Army (Crowd Control/Visual Ability) - Broken Frame will use its Ethereal energy to resurrect several broken frames, dead souls and sentinals to create multiple dark forms of itself to cause mass hysteria to punishing effect.

*All Forms will have an increase in power, but will be limited to the health/shields of its enemies. If enemy is a boss, the attack will call for more forms (or possibly less, stronger forms, depends), but only harbor 35% of that enemy's Health/Shields split among all the forms called!!!!

Ex. - If in Survival, 5-Forma Broken Frame sees 12 level 40 enemies, it will create 12 frames with the same amount of health/shields as the enemies in front (can be mixed). If you're using same frame to battle a Boss the likes of Vor, the attack will create between 3-8 stronger varients with 35% of Vor's health/shield levels split amongst the forms.

(Broken is the Ultimate Ultron and he make multiple weakened like-form's resembling itself for a limited time.)


Ability #4) Ethereal Sacrifice (Radial Attack, possible combination attack) - Broken Frame will use the energy it has at it's disposal and will Explode!!!!! All of it's parts will attack it's surrounding enemies while staying tethered to it's  Ethereal energies. (The Energies will then look within the soil around him for newer ligaments and body parts to replace the ones it used in the destructive attack.... will be unphased until body is fully reformed.)

*If Resurrection Army is used first, use the energy to destroy all frame clones first. If used against a Boss, the clones will yield a bonus +10% - +25% Boost in the explosive attack!!!!


Passive: Special Attacks and Clones can Be Equipped with Fisted Melee Weapons while attacking. +5% Bonus Attack (Maybe....)

*Ex. Ankyros, Venka, Furax, Kogake...... etc.



I know these ability will not be used because it already sounds a little too OP, but we are in dire need of a strong ability frame. Especially, to challenge the likes of Revenant, Harrow and Wisp who are the most powerful in idea of Spiritual Frames. Just hope some of my ideas work for those of us who are still fans  of this games

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im not good at creating abilities.  sure as hell am not good at balancing one.  but if this broken boy does not have a charge-up rayman rocket punch in his arsenal i would be sorely disappointed in all of warframe.

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Broken Warframe: When I think of broken Warframe, I'm thinking of a mix between Venom and Guyver. The Venom part would be the Void energy that holds it together, I picture it always in motion and to make this Warframe unique is the Guyver part:

Passive - The Sum of all Parts: Broken Warframe cannot equip Primary, Secondary or Melee weapons, instead, has built in weapons that you access by left-clicking for Primary, F for Secondary and E for Melee, all of these can be upgraded. Also these weapons can use all mod types (rifle, shogun etc for primary)

You can use lower damage multipliers to keep things balanced, but here's your opportunity to open up the builds by no longer always using the same mods, with one or 2 slots of wiggle room. Imagine the fun and crazy combinations that people can come up with, especially when used with it's first abilities (see below)

Not sure what the primary and secondary weapons would look like, but they're formed via the Void energy or come out from the different parts of the Warframe

Melee can be both his hands become blades (Void energy shaped as blades) every third melee attack, puts both blades together and the blade extends right in front of it (slah-slash-front attack) of course if you slide and melee, he spins the blades around him. Color of the Void Energy will be whatever the person picks as his energy 

As for Abilities;

1- Forgiven, not forgotten: Void energy envelops Broken Warframe acting as a shield, allowing the Warframe to use that damage type it receives in it's Primary, Secondary and Melee weapons for the duration of the shield

2- Lets get this party started: Broken Warframe fires its Primary and Secondary weapons at the same time for the duration of the ability

3-  Just warming up: Broken Warframe doubles the fire rate and damage of it's weapons systems for the duration of the ability

4- It's a Void out: When all other abilities are on cooldown, Broken Warframe overloads with Void energy and explodes with Void damage all around it, resetting it's other abilities


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I haven't read all the pages of ability ideas from the rest of the community, so I do apologize if I someone else has already come up with a similar idea.

Passive: Parts - Similar to Atlas' Rubble passive, the Broken Warframe accumulates Parts through his abilities up to some cap of N stacks (does not lose stacks over time). At 0 Parts he gain bonus damage, but as he gain more Parts, the damage bonus is converted into damage resistance (max dmg bonus at 0 Parts but no dmg resistance; max dmg resistance at N Parts but no dmg bonus).

First: Steal - The Broken Warframe deals damage and steals Part(s) from a target enemy in the form of armor, shields or infected flesh. Additional Parts are gained if the enemy has more than one of those factors (ie: An enemy with both shields and armor grant the Broken Warframe two Parts). Steal is a targeted, one-handed ability.

Second: Lend a Hand - The Broken Warframe's hands detach and float above him wielding his holstered weapon similar to a sentinel. The Broken Warframe would still be able to use his active weapon but he would hold it with those void energy tentacles that hold him together. Hold the ability on activation to deploy his hands in a stationary turret capacity at a target location. Land a Hand is a two-handed, tap/charge ability.

Third: Corrupt - The Broken Warframe throws a void energy grenade that explodes after connecting with a surface or enemy and "corrupts" enemies hit by the blast. Corrupted enemies take more damage from all sources and when a corrupted enemy dies, the Broken Warframe gains one Part. Corrupt is a one-handed, projectile ability.

Fourth: Discharge - The Broken Warframe launches his Parts at nearby enemies, dealing void damage and stunning anyone affected over a moderate duration. The Broken Warframe spends one Part for each enemy hit by Discharge so he can only affect a maximum of N enemies. Discharge is a two-handed ability and is affected by LOS.

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Well lets make the concept more interesting. Perhaps the frame is not all these frames in one but parts held together by the ethereal frame within? As such I am thinking along the lines of a possessing poltergeist of a frame who was made to hold together the scraps and let nothing go to waste, rather than simply void energy holding it together the actual warframe is holding the parts in place. So I would suggest that the appearance be malleable as parts move to rearrange to the purpose of the frames ability.

For lack of a name right now Ill use Broken when referring to the frame.

Passive: Instability- Broken must concentrate to keep all of its parts together but as Broken takes damage it begins to fall apart, it's pieces becoming further separated as it does so. This fuels an Instability Meter which powers other abilities but also provides Evasion and  to a certain degree as Broken's meter reaches critical levels as hitting a part that matters becomes harder with it all falling apart. If Instability is not vented in some way and reaches 100% Broken will explode with X damage in an AOE and be stunned in pieces on the floor for X seconds. For X amount of time after Broken will not generate Instability and will have no shields. X amount of time with no damage will reduce Instability at a rate of X per second after X seconds of no damage. 


1st Ability:  We Are One- Broken reaches out to an ally or enemy, within X distance and while within X distance breaking if further, and connects to them becoming part of the whole. Broken receives half the damage that an ally would take while sharing its own generated buffs without the negatives. If connected to a foe instead they receive no buffs and 10% of the damage Broken would receive. 


2nd Ability: Tithe- Apply health regen for X seconds to your tethered partner (perhaps partners? Not sure how strong) in exchange for 20% of their health transferred to Broken. If Broken is connected to an enemy 5% enemy health is gained. (ill be honest Im not sure what numbers would be best here) (If this seems like something that could be trolled too much perhaps the other player gets a prompt? I just felt some way of obtaining health back since he would require taking damage, was needed in an interesting way) 


3rd Ability: Repurpose- Broken see's potential in the left behind bits of its foes. for X instability Broken charges the corpses of his foes within X radius with unstable void energy and pulls them to himself leaving behind a  mass of parts connected by the void ready to blow on contact. Another press and the more will be added to the mass while holding it down will move the mass swiftly to the new spot. 


4th Ability:  Call of the Void- Broken leaves its corporeal behind gaining flight and increased speed for X(remaining) instability and last for X seconds. During this limited time every foe Broken passes through is hit with crippling cold if they survive the damage taken and a few moments of confusion. Damage is based on Instability level and strength. 

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To me, a broken warframe is, in a way more terrifying than Nekros, who is supposed to be warframe's one true edgelord. 
The warframe is unhinged, unpredictable, and chaotic. If I had to describe it, I would imagine this warframe to walk slowly and crookedly,
suddenly rushing enemies with surprising speed like fiddlesticks from his rework trailer. He would also emit ominous 
droning sounds, not unlike the striders from Half-Life. 

Passive: Harvester
This warframe can dismember enemy arms and legs without killing them through his first ability.

killing enemies will also drop limbs for collecting. enemies without arms attempt to melee, enemies without legs attempt to shoot,
and enemies without both are permanently disabled for life.

Your HP depends on the number of limbs you have collected. Initially, your base HP is 50 before mods at level 1.

If you die, you will automatically reassemble if you have collected enough limbs, consuming them all. 

This warframe has 100 base energy.

 Collecting enemy limbs grant the following buffs:

-Grants a fixed 75 HP for each limb collected, up to a maximum of 400 base HP. You cannot restore HP by any means except by collecting limbs. Your HP is
permanently lost upon taking damage, capping out at base HP (when you reach base HP, you take regular damage).
-Increased movement speed with each limb collected, up to a maximum of 225% base walkspeed. (this warframe initially starts with 0.7 walkspeed)
-Increased armor with each limb collected, up to a maximum of 400 base armor. (this warframe initially starts with 50 armor)
-Fixed energy regeneration for a finite amount with each limb collected. Collecting more while this is in effect extends it's duration.

Ability 1 - Disassembly line (25 energy) (Single-target)
-This warframe grabs an enemy, forcibly disassembling them and collecting all their limbs in the process. 

Ability 2 - Dismantle (0 energy)
-This warframe dismantles itself, becoming a scrambled mess of parts. Your movement is set to base speed, but you become highly evasive to
all attacks and you gain increased range for your first ability. 
This warframe looses limbs over time while in this transformation (Will not lose limbs if you have none collected).
Recast to turn back into your regular form. 
(I know this type ability has been suggested several times, but I think it's different enough to be considered my spin on it.)

Ability 3 - Hyper extension (0 energy)
-The warframe propels it's arm forwards like a whip, bashing enemies for heavy void damage and applying a void DoT. If a melee weapon is equipped,
the void damage is added to it as the warframe makes a wide slash before him with extended range. 
-Can be rapidly spammed like Exalted blade, but consumes limbs. 
-Void damage scales with limbs collected.

Ability 4 - Chaos theory (Energy-Consuming) (Channeled) 
-The warframe's chest cavity opens, sending a violent barrage of lasers forwards with a large, random spread. Enemies hit are quickly 
disassembled and dealt void damage over time. Cannot be used in dismantled form. 

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Unstable Motion (Passive): Dodge rolling, bullet jumping, and parkour "blink" the warframe in the direction of the movement, causing them to partially phase through most hazards and gunfire (Effect: % damage reduction during affected movements)

Chaos Lash (Ability 1): Target enemy explodes with adaptive void energy in a small AoE, providing random debuffs and a chance to spawn "salvage" (see ability 3). Damage type determined by enemy weaknesses and / or randomly selected from a predetermined list, strong chance to inflict status.

Entangling Void (Ability 2): Void tendrils surge out of the warframe and overgrow the target location in a wide AoE, rooting enemies in place and leaving them incapacitated. Using Chaos Lash on any of the ensnared enemies spreads the effect to all enemies within the Entangling Void. Possible cap (similar to Strangledome) for affected areas?

Reconstruction (Ability 3): Burst heal followed by a strong but short health regen buff for the warframe and nearby allies. Picks up ammo drops and "salvage" in a radius around the warframe to enhance the healing and health regen.

Entropic Anomaly (Ability 4): Two phase ability.
- Phase 1 creates a life drain AoE centered on the warframe, causing attacks against enemies within the radius to have % life steal. Chaos Lash deals bonus damage during Phase 1.
- Phase 2 generates an armor/health buff for all allies within the radius based on the amount of "vitality stolen" during Phase 1, with a cap on the increase. Incoming healing is doubled.
- Throughout both phases, warframe pulses out random status procs to all nearby enemies.

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Passive - Corpses are collected and visually added onto the frame (Corpus restores and buffs shields; Infested restores and buffs health; Grineer restores and buffs armor; Sentient provides ability strength bonus). Being near Void Tendrils provide energy regeneration to allies.

1 - Amalgam, Broken Warframe spends incorporated parts to create a Void Amalgam which provides a 60% damage reduction to Broken while alive and fights alongside the squad

2 - Neural Mind/Protector/Symbiote - The Amalgam can be instructed to be a Neural Mind, infesting enemy units that provide auras when able. Protector will rapidly intercept a percentage of enemy projectiles and attempt to throw them back, Symbiote will bind the Amalgam to Broken and periodically radiate damage that acts as enemy weaknesses

3 - Void Fusion, incorporated parts are upgraded with Void essence, snapshotting their current effects and allowing them to be used for Amalgams without loss.

4 - Voidmind, Broken dissolves into Void energy. Nearby corpses are incorporated into Broken's body, increasing the range of a Electric/Radiation aura. Active Amalgams become a Void shield around the Void energy, reflecting damage.

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Passive: When taking fatal damage, he will break apart into a pile on the ground. An ally can get them up or he can start rebuilding himself costing energy. 

1st Ability: Creates a grenade of scrap metal and chucks it. 

2nd Ability: He can teleport to a location by transferring all of his broken parts to the location. Any enemies in the way will be hit by the parts and take damage

3rd Ability: he takes off his head and puts it on an enemy. This grants him control over the enemy to do whatever. He can use it to make other enemies shoot at it sort of like a meat shield. 

4th Ability: He absorbs the metal around him to make him larger (Kind of like a reverse Titania). While in this form, one of his arms would turn into a shrapnel gun. Or if a melee weapon is desired, he will resort to his fists. 

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Since this is a "broken" warframe, I was thinking maybe it shouldn't come with ANY abilities of it's own.

Instead, it's passive would be that it can copy (only using the Arsenal, not mid-mission) the abilities of any other frame that you own. To prevent players from loading up on all #4 abilities, the abilities could only be copied to the same slot. So it's #1 could be set to any #1 ability of frames that you own. It's #2 could only copy #2's of frames that you own. Same with #3's and #4's.

Players would have to select Abilities carefully. For instance, if they choose one Ability that requires max Strength, then it means Abilities they take that require max range and/or duration could suffer. This concept would make this frame one of the most unique frames in the game (and possibly in any game ever) and result in some interesting load outs and game play.

Edit for clarification: There would have to be some restrictions. You could not, for instance, copy abilities that make use of an Exalted weapon or abilities that require the original frames passive in order to be used.

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Making a warframe changing each shard is kind of annoying on playing this frame.  Something just shattering him into a different pieces. and that should be some reason.

What if he is not actually one frame but just different parts combining together?  Maybe one or two conscious is trying to control these pieces into a final form. Just different with Equinox.

Sometimes it reminding me how Orokin exist and how it falled.  Sentient is a variant  according to Ballas's technology. but before they  create a sentient or a frame ,it should be something it already was.

If you depend on a playing style will making you more completed as a form . Feeling specially on a few minutes but you still need to being the original form you used to be.


Passive ability : when Warframe taking damage he increase his armor , as long as he making damage  this  effect will reducing every second. and storaged into his unique energy bar(1).

1 ability :  charging Warframe's energy into a purify specter  fight with him.  ability duration make the specter exist even longer.  this specter can not move just like a clone.

                 As this specter taking damage  he will increase his targetable in the battle .  

                 After the specter disapeared . it will returned the energy you costed and storage a unique energy(1) according to how many damage it takes. 

2 ability :  Warframe reproduced his original weapon  he used to use. this weapon has indefinite form using according to his unique energy .

                as his energy charged , the energy bullet will fired as a beam or a cannon.  and storaged the another energy bar(2) he use to have after costed this attack.

                this energy bar will be attenuation each second just like saryn losting her spore.   but during this secondary energy charged.

                it gives him a additional elemental damage(electric and radiation) and shield reduation.

3 ability : using his synapse to do something

4 ability : according to which energy bar he restored .it give warframe a chance to transform into a new frame for a few.

               Or we can say depending on orokin's technology ,it automatically turn the frame back to the frame it used to be like.

              (1)the first energy bar transform him into  no shield form  but with lots of healing .

              (2)the socend energy bar transfor him into a frame with overloading sheilding protecter.  


So the point on this Warframe transforming  or not is my purpose on playing this warframe.

the first energy bar shows up his first part of his component.  A bloody berserker but didn't be publish  in this war and oblivion.

the second energy bar shows up his second part of his component.  A protecter with electricity  and patient.



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How about this? The word "Broken" can mean many different things. Something could be physically broken, emotionally broken, spiritually broken, or mentally broken. Something could be considered boken if it doesn't work or it could considered broken if it's over-powered.

Passive : Empathic aura

Nearby enemies drop pieces of armor and weapons on death that can be collected. Max stack of 50.

Ability 1 : Malfunction

Target enemies shield malfunction and turn off for a duration.

Ability 2 : Cripple

Injures nearby enemies, slowing movement speed.

Ability 3 : Re-assemble

Uses 20 stacks of broken armor to augment the armor of you and you allies within a certain radius for a duration.

Ability 4 : Jury-rig

Consumes all stacks of broken weapons to create a powerful rifle. Breaks after a certain duration.

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Passive: Pieces provide a very slight weapon damage bonus to players within their area of effect. Stacks up to 4 times.

1: Split Off: Sacrifice some health to create a Piece. Piece AOE scales with range.

2: Scavenging Pulse: Pieces grant weapon and ability lifesteal within their area for a short duration.

3: Power Surge: The Broken and Pieces emit a radial damage pulse that increases in damage, scaling with the number of Pieces within the area. Same range as the Pieces.

4: Become Whole: The Broken fills with void energy, increasing maximum health, maximum shields, movement speed, and ability damage.

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It's really simple pick abilities and passive from mastered warframes.  Make it limited like the 1 is 1 etc. but you could build your own broken frame. put some lore behind it and you can have several kit frames.

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Passive: Void echoes: Corrupted enemies second guess firing upon him, believing him to be one of their own. Effect last until enemies see them attack  

Ability 1: Void Grapple: Frame takes arm without weapon and grapples onto a surface or enemy and pulling frame towards surface/enemy Energy cost: 50 Scales off Range Can melee slam to cancel for surface grapples. Can shoot at or perform finishers while grappeled to an enemy.  

Ability 2: Illuminated Vines: Uses arm to stab through enemie(s)  and surges them with void energy, dealing massive damage. Energy cost: 100 Scales off Strength/Range 

Ability 3: Split: Frame uses void energy  to move body parts to dodge bullets. Doesnt work against Corrupted. Energy cost: 50 Drain: 5-10 Scales off Duration/Strength 

Ability 4: Triangulation: Use a Random ability of an allied Frame. Energy cost: 175 Drain: 50 Scales off Duration/Strength

This is what I cold think of... I hope at least one of these makes it in I think they would go well with the direction the game is going... Something like these abilities would combine some abilities that people really love... Like Saryns 4th or Hydroids tentacles or Valkyr grapple (I dont remember if she has a grapple...) and something unique... Either way these seem like theyll be a lot of fun :)

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I can't really think of names for abilities but:

1st Ability: it's first ability could rip apart its enemies.

2nd Ability: While another ability picks up their severed limbs and uses them as projectiles to emphasizes how broken it is (amount of projectiles depending of the amount of void energy gathered. Kind of what Ember or Nidus has)

3rd ability could be a defensive form with a cool down where he can dismantle for a certain amount of time to avoid damage.

Its 4th ability could be where he can shoot out a void tendril from its hands, grab an enemy, and spin them around in a complete 360 (dealing AOE damage) and lets go which can cause damage to any enemies you hit (Like Mario does to Bowser in 64). You can movement is slowed during your 4th ability and throw of enemy can depend on where your camera angle is pointing to. Also depending on the amount of void energy gathered from 1st ability can determine how much AOE damage you inflict when you let go of the enemy. 

Passive: Void related mission or fighting against Void enemies inflict less damage on the warframe or more armor buff?


You can get a second revive if warframe can pull itself back together. 

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