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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!


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Passive - corrupting spirit - has a chance to turn enemies around him into corrupted forms (note, these are not his allies, just corrupted like in void fissures)

1 - leeching resolve - attaches dead enemies bodies near to him to give him extra armor (like rhinos iron skin). Heals lost health before it creates armor.

2 - energising roots (duration) - void roots travel towards 3 enemies and drain there health in return for energy to him. If they dont die before the abiity ends, they are put to sleep.

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pasiva: eliminar enemigos genera piezas de "repuestos" al obtener una cierta cantidad es posible activar su cuarta habilidad "forma definitiva".

primera habilidad: nombre: lanza y escudo: su brazo izquierdo genera un escudo de energía del vació (360 grados) que lo protege del daño (este escudo tiene vida y una vez llega a cero desaparece)
su brazo derecho se transforma en una lanza la cual arroja a los enemigos. los cuales están al estar bajo un x% de vida sean ejecutados.

segunda habilidad: nombre: doble filo: puede potenciar "algo" a cambio de perder otra cosa. ejemplo: gana fuerza a cambio de perder armadura.

tercera habilidad: nombre: esferas del vació: despliega esferas provenientes del vació que regeneran la salud de sus aliados.

cuarta habilidad: viejas glorias: al llegar a un número x de "repuestos" el warframe obtiene su antigua forma la cual potenciara todas sus habilidades, pero gastara "repuestos" los cuales al llegar a 0 pueden que pierda su forma definitiva.

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Passive Ability: Gravity Manipulation -  Warframe is less effected by gravity by about 50%.

1st Ability: Gravity Override - Wherever the character is looking is where the ability will appear. This results of this ability is a sphere, which has no gravity inside and therefore disorients enemies and incapacitates them.

2nd Ability : Gravity Deflection - Some shots taken against this warframe will be deflected and others will be taken as ammo for the currently equipped weapon.

3rd Ability: Gravity Bomb - Similar to ability one in the sense it works the same way, except it creates an area of extreme gravity, deals damage to those in it, and incapacitates those who walk into it.

4th Ability: Warframe can slam into the ground dealing damage to those around him, and creating extreme knockback to those effected by this ability.


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Oh boy this one seems pretty awesome to me. I love the broken Warframe concept because to me that says one thing... ELEMENTAL SHAPESHIFTER. He looks very much like he's made of other Warframes - including some of my favorites.

Passive: Shared Strength: Gains ability strength for every ally within Shared Affinity distance.

1) Shattered Blade (Air): Transform into a living blade for X seconds, reducing movement speed by XX%, becoming invulnerable, and performing a whirlwind of strikes against nearby foes.

2) Magma Armor (Fire): Become a living volcano - For XX seconds, each time you are struck, reduce damage from that type by 10% until you hit 100% of any one type and release a burst of Magma, dealing Fire and Blast damage equal to XX% of the damage dealt to you.

3) Like A Stone (Earth): Turn to stone for XX seconds. If lethal damage is dealt to you during that time, regenerate to 100% health and deal XX True damage to surrounding enemies within XX.

4) The Kraken (Water): Grow XX tentacles attached to you for XX seconds, each arm holding a copy of your current weapon. They will consume XX% of the normal ammunition cost and attack independently of your Warframe and each other in all directions.

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Since the frame is "broken" had basically has parts of other frames, I think a more of "jack of all trades and master of none" approach is good.

Goals: Ability to stack and combine other abilities to create "combos". Easy to learn, more challenging to master; combos explained at the bottom

Passive: Construction Knowledge
- Allows triple stacking of abilities with the exception of the fourth. The fourth is used to be as a "confirm" button.

Ability 1: Glitching Fury
- Basic beam of energy that shoots out to your direction
- Cast up to 3 times within a certain window to increase damage; Energy cost per cast: 8

Ability 2: Shielding Guard
- Creates a small healing field. Anyone who is inside the field will gain some sort of buff (healing, speed etc.)
- Cast up to 3 times within a certain time window to increase AoE of the field with increase effectiveness of the buffs; Energy cost per cast: 8

Ability 3: Glitch Bound Influence
- Cast on a single enemy to slow them down. Cast on a single ally to give them a speed boost
Cast up to 3 times within a certain time window to increase slow on enemies or speed on an ally; Energy cost per cast: 8

Ability 4: Power Construction
- Acts as a "confirmation" button to be used with combos. 
- Increases power strength and range for the combo cast.

- Cast cost 30

Combo Explanation:
- Warframe can combine abilities with other abilities (cast within a time window frame). Then use the final ability as a confirm:
- Example: cast ability 1 -> cast ability 2 -> cast ability 4 (last cast always has to be 4) = New ability is cast

Proposed combos (All the below are following a certain cast order): 

Ability 1 + Ability 2 + Ability 4 = Failed minion: | Total cast cost 8 + 8 + 30 = 46

  • "builds" (summons) an npc that attack enemies with ability 1 (weaker)

  • allies near npc within a certain radius gains shields.

Ability 2 + Ability 3 + Ability 4 = Bound Field | Total cast cost 8 + 8 + 30 = 46

  • Creates a field around you that gives some healing, and speed to you and your allies
  • Enemies that enter the field will get really slowed down 

Ability 1 + Ability 3 + Ability 4 = Corruption | Total cast cost 8 + 8 + 30 = 46

  • Creates a sustaining beam (similar to wisp's sol gate) that you aim and control
  • Enemies hit with beam will be damaged and slowed down 
  • Allies hit with the beam will gain speed

Ability 1 + Ability 2 + Ability 3 + Ability 4 =  Ability Overload | Total cast cost 8 + 8 + 8 + 30 = 54

  • Within a large field around the player, Summons a number of weaker Failed Minions equal to the number of enemies within the field. 
  • Enemies will be slowed and allies in the field will gain a damage boost
  • Failed Minions summoned like this cannot leave the field. 

There are a lot of combinations possible since there are a different number of permutations



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Out reach- can stretch its arms forward and knock down enemies 

Meat Shield- hold a knocked down/immobile enemy in one hand while using a secondary in the other, damage taken goes to enemy held 

Backfire- damage taken when without meatshield active is increased but when meatshield is active hostage shield increases 

Jungle- can entangle enemies in veinlike wire keeping them immobile for a time, if meat shield is active the enemies entangled can be used and take damage from random gunfire

Passive: Damage to knocked downed enemies is increased by 10%

*Any changes r no bother to me 😄 Thank you for your time 

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(Passive) Junkyard: as it moves it gains more trash or random items from the ground giving it a buff in defense or an over-shield (the opposite of Volt's static)  stacks up to a 1000% but as it gets damaged the amount drops by one with each bit 

As the frame moves it gains a layer of extra defense in either armour or shields. It's capped at 1000 to make it not get shredded instantly. 

First ability: using the roots on it's arms the frame launches it's parts towards an enemy in a straight direction. If held down the roots stay hooked on the arm but does an arc attack. 

Click- launches and arm at enemies in a straight line

Hold- extends the frame's arm in a arc, like gara's 1

Second ability: the warframe can shed off some of its accumulated junk or over-shield and give a damage buff to itself and surrounding allies

Third ability: The frame disassembles a part of itself, as it and a section if it's void vines make a dome of void energy and junk around where the player aims. Any projectiles which pass through can recharge the junkyard. 

(Basically it's a defense bubble around an object. Like frost's snow globe or limbo's bubble)


Fourth ability: the warframe immediately stops in place as it roots into the ground, rapidly growing until it becomes or creates a tree. It's roots and vines will grab, and attack with its limbs and vines. 


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Passive: Gatherer

- Gathers a part from a dead enemy; only one part per enemy may be gathered. 

Ability 1: Shattering Blast

- Shoots out gathered parts using void energy; dealing damage to enemies within a small radius around the player, Lowering enemy defense. 

Ability 2: Bolster/Assembled Power (switchable) 

- Spend parts to increase Health and Defense but lowers speed. 

-  Increases damage and overall speed for a duration. (lowers defense)

Ability 3: Fragmented Usurpation 

Shoots out gathered parts to seize control of an enemy (or multiple enemies) for a short duration; seized enemies will kill themselves (or be dealt with massive damage) after the duration ends. 

 Ability 4: Broken Eminence 


Use collected parts to boost the whole squad's stats while dealing damage to surrounding enemies within a medium ranged circular radius around the warframe (movement speed drastically lowered). 


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Ability idea: Warframe's arm forms into a gun that seems to shoot parts of this Frame's own body or void energy, thereby costing some hp per shot, could be a one-time energy cost to activate and can use ability again while active to cancel; could also have an option where if you hold the ability button to cast it will go into a large single shot mode that gives you one shot at a higher cost of hp, that deals a higher amount of damage

Passive: regains hp when he collects materials like alloy plates. "Rebuilding"

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Passive: Reform
When health reaches 1, Broken explodes, scattering parts of their frame and damaging nearby enemy, leaving his ethereal void form. In this form they're immune to damage for 30 seconds before being downed for real. Passing through enemies will stun them and regenerates energy. They can revive themselves while in this form by reforming a new frame, costing energy.
Ability 1:Void Wave
Send a wave of void energy from broken frame parts in front of them, and randomly inflict Heat/Cold/Elec/Corrosive/Radiation damage and status effect on them (based on Ember/Frost/Volt/Saryn/Oberon power)

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  • Ability 1: Vacuous Grasp
    • 360 degree pull towards the warframe. Does not knock over enemies, but stuns them for the normal period of recovery.
  • Ability 2: Images of the Old War
    • Radial stun and low DoT as enemies are accosted by horrific images of the past, bypassing all defences.
  • Ability 3: Become As One
    • Radial void tethers shoot out of the warframe, dealing damage and absorbing 25% of the maximum health of those killed.
  • Ability 4: Legion
    • Creates a warframe amalgam from enemy parts that acts as a spector equal to the Mastery Rank of the player.
  • Passive: Vengeful Spirit
    • 1% health drain that blocks regen mods after 20 seconds without a kill. 2% energy gain from every kill
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Passive: killed enemies can drop pieces of themselves that can be amalgamated to the frames body increasing stats such as shields and armor. Pieces should be manually picked up and provide bonuses based on enemy level. Max (5) 

Ability 1: destroys armor to increase maximum health relative to the amount destroyed. Maximum bonus scales with power strength. 

Ability 2: lower maximum health to gain a damage multiplier like the first ability it scales with amount drained and it's cap is determined by power strength.

Ability 3: create a golem out of enemy pieces it cannot be healed through normal means, once you have collected the maximum number of enemy pieces it will begin to pick up leftover pieces automatically to provide health,damage, shield, etc.. (it scales with level of enemy drops). Every few seconds it will scream terrifying nearby enemies and providing bonuses to allies. If killed it can drop a part that's better than average. 

Ability 4: sacrifice pieces you have collected to give their bonuses for 30s to all allies in range and can be used as a form of double stacking buffs for a temporary time frame if the player can kill enough enemies. It can be stacked once only though as you'll have the permanent bonuses from the collected parts and the ability buff, but it cannot be recast multiple times for a sort of infinite survivability. 

I sort of went with a self buffing tank, but thought it'd be more fun to make it buff the hell out of people. Sorry I normally don't make frames that I think would be annoying to program, but it's a special occasion. I also has a concept for a chemistry frame I wanted to use like it's abilities would be generic, but the traits and effects could be made by the players. Seemed a bit way too hard to make though.

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Passive-the armor buffs would be 50% better on hím,and depending on nearby allys armor his own armor would increase too 

1.st ability-fall apart-the frame would fall apart and would turn into a pile of "junk" that would deal dmg depending ön how much enemy are nearby,ön reactivation or when the duration is down hé would reassemble.

2.st ability-depending ön his Mode,in assembled Mode he would force nearby enemy to attack him and comsume the incoming dmg to turn it into armor,when he is desmanted hé would form a shild around a ally of choice.

3.rd ability-separation-this ability would make the frame form a  metal ball around himself that would block bullets whit a 50% chance and it would be in áll direction.

4..th ability-metal storm-this would be dependant ön the mode too.When Falken apart hé would attach to nearby enemys to creat a high dmg shild that would deal continues dmg and would reduce the enemys outgoing attack spead and attack dmg.while being assembled he would depending on his armor amount make a wall of steel,but the allys behinnd it would be resiliant to corrosive dmg since the wall would become smaller and smaller depending on how much times it was used


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1- Broken Howl 

Frame screeches in pain, causing a confusion CC that lingers for 4 seconds base. All effected enemies also have a higher chance of dropping Fragments that tie in with passive and 4

2- Anomaly's Rage

Duration Ability , Broken Frame becomes enraged and gains Crit chance and movement speed buff for herself. However during this she slowly begins to fall apart, once she has completely dismantled, she rebuilds herself back together , during this time she is more susceptible to damage however on rebuilding she heals scaling with PS

3- Dismembered Disarray

Frame re-assembles herself to change her stats. In her first state, her armour and health is increased. In her second state, Ability Range and Duration is increased but Armour and Health is decreased. 

4- Bone Bellow 

The frame disassembles herself and becomes like a hydriod puddle however during movement she collects all fragments that have been dropped by enemies, after 6 seconds all fragments that she has collected scale into a high damage blast that kills and confused enemies 


Passive- Fragmented 

Enemies have a 10% chance to drop a Bone Fragment, this adds to her 4 Damage blast OR health if picked up when not in 4. 

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Passive: 40% of damage to health converts to energy

Ability , lightless wave: Releases a wave of darkness which kills everyone in its radius and those who are remaining have armor stripped

Ability 2, shadow step: Turn into the darkness itself and rom the area without being detected and a slow pace

Ability 3, swarth spear : Creates a dark spear that covers an area and protects it from enemy fire, and those who enter are damage with a dark aura. 

Ability 4: Wicked synth: Brings out a long synth that is used during battle and launches waves of darkened on heavy swings.

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Playing off the idea of this Warframe being scrabbled together out of parts of other frames, I had this thought:

Perhaps the Broken warframe channels the abilities of those warframes it is created out of.

First ability, 'Recall': Activate once to gain the abilities of another random Warframe in the second and third ability slots. For example, you may activate this ability and roll Mesa's Shatter Shield and Shooting Gallery or Titania's Lantern and Tribute as your second and third ability. Activate the first ability again to dismiss these abilities, giving you a buff, and allowing you to roll new abilities after a short cool down.

Fourth Ability, 'Ressurect': Sacrifice the abilities you've inherited to summon a Specter of the Warframe they originally belong to. The specter is dismissed if a new one is summoned.

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Void dash. Bullet jumping does a void dash instead. 



1-  deconstruction: Weaken enemy armors, making them fly off in several directions (picking them up will add layers of additional armor onto the frame, taking damage will slowly degrade armor)

2- shrapnel: explode all of the picked armor off off you, making your warframe a walking grenade

3- Voided shout: an AoE emits around the frame, full of void, enhances health regeneration of alleys and buffs damage of frame. 

4- void beam (name can be changed): fire off a large beam of void energy, draining energy the more is used. The longer its held, the more unstable it becomes, slightly increasing damage and hard to aim with. (The player is pushed back slowly, the beam or camera, moves directions slightly)

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I have an idea maby that's more than abilities. What if you may give the gamers a special option to building customizing there own warframe from the ground up. With many abilities and styles, decals, designs, weapons to choose from. Giving the player to have creator control just to make at least one creative warframe to there own liking. Option should be available after completing quest storyline. 

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Passive: collection - this frame claims salvaged parts from its enemies and saves them until needed (stacks are built as salvage is collected)


1: shrapnel - the frame releases a ball of shrapnel at an enemy that staggers on impact at the cost of salvage or health if salvage is depleted 

2: rebuild - when cast this ability allows for health regeneration (15seconds) that is extended by 5 seconds for each kill while active (stacks up to 5 times)

3: decayed - when cast this frame releases a wave of shrapnel that causes corrosive damage to be applied to all surrounding enemies 

4: from scraps - this frame rebuilds itself with salvaged parts and goes into a bezerker like state with guantlets covered in sharp shrapnel this lasts until this frames sheild is broken (this ability consumes all collection stacks and scales with the amount consumed)

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since he doesnt have a name yet im going to call him/her ''broken''. 

Passive: Broken has a stack meter similar to nidus, and gains stacks for each enemy dismemberred (1 stack if grineer/infested, 2 for corpus/sentients).

each stack adds 5% damage resistance and 3% damage output. (max stack is up to you )

Ability 1: broken detaches his/her arm and uses it as a whip to sweep enemies infront of him similar to gaara's 1 when held. if the enemies are killed they are dismembered and absorbed(gain stack)

ability 2: broken consumes the parts absorbed to gain 1 of 3 buffs(3 stacks consumed per buff) : 1-Damage buff for 30sec 2- energy regen for 15 sec 3- health regen for 10 sec

ability 3: since broken is an amalgam of other warframe parts , he can dig in his parts memory or whatever and is able to use an ability from the 3 starting frames (excal, mag, volt)

ability 4: broken self destroys causing immense amounts of damage of void energy before reconstructing himself back .

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hace 1 minuto, (XB1)Danish Chief dijo:

Passive: Elasticity
The wires holding the Warframe together extends and upon using a melee weapon, rewarding it extra range. 

Ability 1: Burrow (25 energy)
The frame shoots a wire into the ground, which burrows under the surface of the tile and follows the player around attacking nearby enemies. 
Stats at R3: 2000 electric damage per attack, with 100% status chance. 60 second duration. 30 meter range of attack. Movement speed of 4x the warframes sprint speed.

Ability 2: Loosen (50 energy)
All the wires connecting the frame loosen up while still retaining his strength, giving him a further melee attack range boost, as well as a significant sprint speed boost.
Stats at R3: +3m melee attack range.+50% sprint speed. Increase incoming damage by 100%, due to being less compact.
Cannot be used while tighten is active.

Ability 3: Tighten (50 energy)
All the wires connecting the frame tightens, rewarding it high damage reduction at the loss of its passive, and a loss of sprint speed. 
Stats at R3: +50% damage reduction. -25% sprint speed. -Passive. 
Cannot be used while loosen is active.

Ability 3: Expand (25 energy cast, 5 energy/sec)
Wires shoot out from all sides of the frame and into the ground, leaving it immobile. The wires will have the same stats as Burrow. 
Stats at R3: 10 wires (Unchanged by mods). 2000 electric damage per attack, with 100% status chance. 60 second duration. 30 meter range of attack. Movement speed of 4x the warframes sprint speed.

That's just a Jolyne kujo warframe

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[PH]Remnant, remainder of the Old War.
An amalgam of Warframes, [PH]Remnant channels the power of the Tenno within directly and without the traditional restraints all Warframes have as a default.

Passive: Direct line.
1/3 - Relies on Tenno Void energy to cast abilities, sharing the Tenno's energy pool directly; it's own energy pool is used for something else.
2/3 - If shields go down, this Warframe will emit dangerous, wild Void energies that will harness energy from nearby enemies. Energy is spent on healing the Warframe, and keeping it's shields charged.
3/3 - Does not relocate to Operator's present location due to the method of linking to it being different to typical Transference.

1: Dash/Shock/Pull/Rayze.
1/4 - A crude and unrefined Slash Dash variant, hurling a lazy wave of Void energy towards a foe after speeding to meet them; the sheer force of this massive 'blade' will carve most foes and things in half.
2/4 - A flicker of Void lightning comes from everywhere on the body, transmuting damage done to shields into damage output atop the raw energy being expended. Deals a hybrid of Void and electric damage, with a 100% chance for a stun/heat proc due to the sheer amount of raw energy hitting them.
3/4 - Weaves raw, invisible Void energies to close the gap between your Warframe and everything, pulling enemies close, and their weapons closer. Works on Kuva Guardians.
4/4 - Rayze; fire an Exalted Void beam, alt-fire is a knockback blast that suspends enemies; other enemies hit by floating enemies are also suspended.

2: Barrier/Blinding pillar.
1/2 - A solid-state energy barrier appears. Interacting with it returns it to you as energy. 
2/2 - A pillar that frequently blinds enemies in an area upon initial sight. Effects diminish in duration/effectiveness on repeat observations as the enemies become permanently blind, and attack based on sound, occasionally attacking their own allies by accident. The pillar also can be drained by others for energy in exchange for it lasting for less time.
Only two of these deployables can be present at any time for every one of this Warframe.

3: Fissure infusion.
1/3 - Infuse [equipped weapon] with Void energy, using your Warframe's energy reserves to grant the weapon bottomless clip. Melees get bonus to range. All affected armaments also deal Void damage which stacks with other elements affecting the target.
2/3 - Infuse your Warframe, or a nearby Warframe, with Void energy, amplifying the range/damage/efficiency of their abilities.
3/3 - Infuse the are around you with 'instructed' Void energy, Corrupting nearby enemies. They will follow your Operator.

4: Madness.
Your Warframe splits into two random Warframes you own. Using Operator mode, you can Transference between them. They however lack their third ability (replaced with 'Sanity', which restores [PH]Remnant) and some of their customization may be absent or randomized in this case.

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Passive – Summoning - summons a sentient much like Venari has set abilities and health.  Sentient can heal, attack, guard and use void beam as a stun/hold  much like when sentient curls into a ball and shoot out circular damage

Ability 1 – System Failure – can result in AOE damage to x radius enemy’s (using elemental damage to be determined i.e. electroshock / void beam)

Ability 2- Void Retraction – causes frame to banish itself into the void for a period of time based on duration stats cannot take damage and can walk through lasers has a % of failure to occur to bring it back into normal space

Ability 3 – Misfire – causes primary or secondary weapon to discharge all ammo in one large burst radiating in a 180-degree arc to the side and forward of the frame

Ability 4 – Catastrophic Failure – frame explodes throwing body parts in 360-degree arc causing damage to all enemy’s within range, sentient to retrieve parts and reassemble you or magnetic allows your parts to gather and reassemble over x amount of time

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He can gain scrap armor by picking up junk that other enemies drop 


Junk throw

throw away all of your scrap armor at an enemy to deal damage equal to the amount throw


He falls apart into a pile of scrap on the floor where enemies won't target him but he snares them in place if they walk too close


Loot enemies in the area for ammo and extra junk armor


Warframe blows up to deal massive aoe to nearby enemies, he takes a second to rebuild himself afterwards

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