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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Ability 1: fractured assault,  Warframe unleashes a Volley of shattered parts of itself that pierces enemies and shreds defenses 

drain: 10


ability 2: amalgam layer,Warframe uses its excess shattered parts and energy to  increase ally armor and heal them periodically 

drain: 50

armor increase: 300

health/second: 35

duration :15 seconds 

abilty 3: chimera leash, Warframe parts separate with a mind if their own holding enemies in place near  warframe 

ability 4: coalesce, the warframe summons the apparitions of its previous selves and their weapons

drain: 25

drain/second: 6 

for this last ability I thought it’d be nice to see the former frames or some ghostly aura like a color change to indicate a change a spirit. they wield their previous bounded weapons a scythe named manticora and a grenadine launcher  named dragons breath   


passive: as the warframe takes health damage it shatters accumulation power and strengthens it’s abilities 

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Treeman looks veiny. Alright, some abilities? He's broken but pulled himself together. Inspiring! But not without some baggage. I see him as a mobile sort, maybe support. 

Traumatic Pulse: Treeman blasts out an expanding wave that gains more power the more damage it absorbs. AoE mine after set time. Upon second activation he gets sucked into the center and launched like a bullet whichever direction the ability was first activated towards. Planning! Procs explosive damage. 

Superfluous Twin: Treeman can teleport to any friend or foe. Allies he can simply look at their name and he branches out and floats alongside them like a second sentinel indefinitely. Especially useful on fallen allies where he can appear instantly to help them. Co-op! Their pace is yours. Enemies he must tag them first. If they die, it can create a warp point for more flexible teleporting. 

Downward spiral: Enemies spiked with this affliction create a miasma in their wake. The more enemies attracted to the center, the more poisonous it becomes. When used in conjunction with Superfluous Twin it becomes an explosive bolt. Pinning the live target to a surface before detonating. 

Recursive Vacuum: Treeman breaks physics. Two points are assigned and then the surfaces becomes portals to one another both pulling and pushing enemies away. The closer the two points are, the stronger the results are. Along with any associating ragdoll physics. One can't work without the other though. If enemies are spiked into an opening using Downward spiral it creates a shockwave. 

Passive. Focus tree passives are yours too. 

Some rough ideas but there you go. 


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Posted (edited)

Broken Warframe can rearrange itself to express one or more aspects of the frames it is comprised of to change it to the situation at hand. It's broken nature leaves it without shields, but the constant pain from it's patchwork nature makes it hard to impart hurt.

Passive: Every time you mutate form you restore health and gain

a temporary armour boost

1st - MADden - Bring forth a system configuration which benefits movent, attacking, or defending. Selectable, single active form overrides previous form.

2nd - All for One - BW targets an enemy and rearranges it's parts to mimic the enemy for a moderate duration. Can be refreshed, but alarming the enemy breaks disguise. AUGMENT Biometrics: Allows BW to infiltrate as per Ivara.

3rd - One for All - BW targets a squad mate and brings forth their form for a time. It switches 1st, 2nd, and 3rd to those of the targeted WF for a moderate duration.

4th - Beast Within - BW relaxes it's control in a monsterous pain fuelled rage switching between a melee and ranged forms as necessary. Expressing claws it rends and absorbs parts torn from it's enemy to heal itself. Alternately it spits and hurls parts of itself to impale and poison foes greatly at the cost of it's health.

Edited by (PS4)Ibenadar
typo and grammar

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Spectre - Ghost warframe.

The warframe would be a misty outline with armour pieces loosely held on to its head, chest, lower back, right arm and left leg.

Passive - only attacks that hit the suspended armour pieces cause damage.

Ability one - possess
Can posses any enemy or friendly Tenno. If an enemy, prevents the use of abilities or weapons. If Tenno, tenno is empowered (gains Spectres passive energy regen and armour to total).

Ability two - devastate/invigorate
While attached to an enemy, saps health and speed from an enemy over time, higher level increases devastate rate. While attached to a tenno, grants health and speed increase at the cost of energy over time.

Ability three - spectral hand
If possessing enemy - gain control of enemy, as ability level goes up gain access to ability of the enemy. If possessing a tenno, spectral hands appear and allow spectre to melee anything that comes into range.

Ability four - Ghosts in the shells
Possession spreads to everyone within the abilities range. Can be combined with Devastate/invigorate

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Passive: Composite

Being a broken up warframe, he is patched up from different parts, capable of manipulating them freely, the warframe takes parts from fallen enemies killed by his abilities, which enhance his durability (+5% max shields and armor per part, parts stack until 20 (doubling shields and health)). He uses his parts for his abilities or 5% of current health per part if he doesn't have parts required. If the player takes lethal damage, the warframe will consume all parts if the player has at least 15 parts and be reborn.

First ability: Snare (25 energy + 1 part, 0 recast)

The warframe fires off a part of himself, which homes in on an enemy snaring him, or can charge to consume 2/3 parts and release 3/5 homing projectiles, depending on time charged. The enemy receives puncture damage and proc., starts bleeding for the duration of the snare, every second drains small energy. Each enemy boosts  the warframe's ability strength by +5%. The warframe can recast the ability for 0 energy by holding 1 to retrieve all snared enemies' parts, dealing a percentage amount of enemy's max health and/or kill snared enemy to bring new parts depending on the number of enemies affected or killed. If the warframe runs out of energy, parts are returned, but new ones aren’t gained

Second ability: Tear absorption (25 energy/part, 0,5 part/second)

The warframe tears off a part from himself and drains it, gaining energy. Every drained part gives a temporary damage and speed boost, which stacks with diminishing returns.

Ability synergy: Snared enemies are slowed down and have their damage reduced for the ability's duration, increasing efficiency for each ensnared enemy within radius.

Third ability: Leech (20 energy/s)

The warframe leaps to the nearest enemy, encasing the enemy within himself, draining and crushing him. The warframe regenerates health for itself and allies, while dealing damage. If the enemy dies from the ability, the warframe is granted 2 parts. The player is imobile during leech.

Ability synergy: Snared enemies are stunned and also take damage relative to their distance from the warframe, also reducing energy drain if an ensnared enemy is in set distance with the warframe. If an ensnared enemy dies from this ability, he returns 3 parts.

Fourth ability: Amalgamation (25 energy/s)

When the warframe reaches 20 parts, it can activate amalgamation. When activated, it increases the part cap to 40, pulling snared enemies within and incorporating them within, as well as losing the ability to use weapons. Instead he goes berserk, constantly morphing and using his claw like hands to tear through the enemy. Each part and snared enemy within increases damage and energy consumption. Enemies killed drop parts. The ability ends when parts are below 10 or energy runs out or the player deactivates by pressing 4, parts over 20 drop on the floor.

Ability synergy: The first ability costs 0 energy and launches parts with insane force, impaling enemies while dealing great damage, the second ability consumes fatster grants strength instead of energy, consumes the snared enemies before parts and the third ability costs 0 energy, instead grabbing the enemy with his claw and draining him.

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Heres my idea, i thought it would be a good tank frame that requires good skill placement and management to reach its fullest efficiency.

Material Magnet
Warframe posesses initial evasion, taking damage to health grants damage reduction and reduces evasion chance at 2 to 1 ratio.
Eg. 30% starting evasion to 60% damage reduction after reaching 25% health (2-3s of immunity would be nice not to just die like an idiot afterwards).

1. Flak launch.
Damage skill, strength,range,efficiency affected

Warframe launches a proximity grenade that splits into smaller projectiles upon detonation.
Damage dealt in 60% puncture 40% impact, large detonation causes stagger/medium power impact proc.
Charged to increase damage and speed of the projectile.
Being a proximity grenade, thye can be laid up to 3 (scaling with strength) or 5 (not scaling) for a short duration not affected by mods.

2. Repurpose.
Buff skill, strength,range affected

Tendrils of energy binding the warframe dismantle enemy corpses in vincinity to increase warframes armor.
Enemies reaching very close proximity are disarmed and stunned for brief period.
Each armor boost has its own duration, affected by duration attribute.
Boosts suffer dimnishing returns after reaching a threshold.
Eg. 5 stacks to reach threshold, 10 to reach cap.
While above threshold, armor boost is used as a secondary resource to increase Flak launch damage (or add another damage type like heat or slash).

3. Field strip.
Control skill, strength,range,duration,efficiency affected

Binding energy seethes out of the warframe creating a pool at targeted location, ensnaring enemies.
Ensnare immobilises enemies and slows their attack speed.
Launching flak into the pool causes it to inflict puncture status effect every 0,5 sec.
Repurposing corpses in the pool applies a strong health regen buff.
Up to 3 pools can be dropped, each making a drawback of 15% base armor and 10% movement speed (since warframe releases energy binding it, meaning it gets weakened).

4. Reassembly.
General warframe buff, duration,efficiency affected.

Warframe energy core recieves a brief overdrive grenting benefits based on active skills.
Existing flak bombs return to the warframe granting 2 charges of armor boost (3 if fully charged).
Repurpose increases its range knocks down alive enemies in range.
Enemies caught in field strip have their armor reduced, corpses grant immediate health restore instead of regen buff.
For the duration of the skill armor boost grants 50% more armor, and removes field strip pool penalty.

A massive wall of text, yes i know but in my opinion making it a bit complicated would make it more fun to play. Still any of those skills could be implemented in a simpler for i guess if they ever get any recognition.

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Passive ability:

During a critical attack, the warframe will break apart, after which it will collect and recover with 15% health. Has a separate scale of its energy, which is used when using abilities.

1 ability : energy surge

Makes an energy impulse that knocks down enemies with damage, and restores energy to allies.For each enemy touched, a special energy will be restored. Аfter opening the second level of ability, he will spend a scale of special energy when recovering to allies

2 ability : fog of hope

Spreads fog in a certain area, in which enemies will receive increased critical damage, and allies will receive an increase in status. For each enemy killed, a special energy scale will be restored

3 ability : New life

With the help of energy, he begins to manipulate a group of enemies, obeying them.  After the end of the working time, the enemies will explode causing damage to others, and allies will receivе health. For each enemy touched will be spent a scale of special energy

4 ability : copying

Copies the abilities of allies, while spending his. Attention!  A special energy scale is used to activate the ability, but normal - be spent to maintain the ability

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Passive: Maintenance - Crouching/sliding will make you regenerate health. If full it will give over-shields.

1st Ability: Corrupted shock - The frame will sacrifice all its shields to a damaging AoE.  I.e. 500 shields=500 Aoe dg (base power strength).

2nd ability: Bolster - The frames void tendrils will sprout out of his arms, making a 100* curved riot shield he carries around. Cant use other abilities or weapons when its out, drains power  depending on the amount of damage it takes.

3rd ability: Siphon - The frame clamps onto an enemy with its tendrils, draining hp or shields. If the enemy dies he gains 75 energy.

4th ability; Tree of Eden - The frame will rapidly overgrow into a giant void tree, health and shields will double and other abilities will be half cost while he is unable to move. Allies under its range will gain 150 armour. This ability has a duration and an expensive cast cost.

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Passive: The Warframe has a gauge over his abilities, indicating the amount of armor shrapnels collected from his abilities, as well as a gauge the amount of energy used (Energy gague caps at 1000)

Ability 1 - Shatter Bash: Charge towards an enemy with a deadly punch, inflicting impact damage. Every punch creates a cone of shrapnels created from the shattering left arm, inflicting slash damage to all enemies in range. (Ability Duration extends the status duration of the slash proc. Ability Range increases both angle and radius of the cone. First enemy hit fuels passive.)

Ability 2 - Re-polarize: The right arm opens up, magnetizing enemy armor in a narrow cone in front of him. Enemy armor decreases by 13% as a base and every enemy affected flinches. (Ability Strength increases the percentage of armor shattering. If an effected enemy is struck with impact damage, the armor shatters even more, fueling the passive ability)

Ability 3 - Void Radix: (Ability Time: 10 seconds) Both arms open up, releasing the cables (roots? tendrils?) holding the warframe together. A cable shoots toward an enemy, dealing puncture damage when hit. A cable can hit only one enemy but the enemy will give birth to two new cables, automatically seeking the next target. With each iteration, the range decreases by a few percent. When the ability is over the cables pull all enemies affected to the location of the first enemy affected. (Ability Range increases the seeking range for every cable. Ability Duration increases the time where new cables can seek enemies.)

Ability 4 - Exalted Void: (Energy drains every second) Shrapnels collected are split between all teammates. Held in orbit by void energy, the shrapnels inflict both slash and radiation to enemies standing too close to your teammates. This ability lets you use the void as a weapon. Fast melee attacks spawn spikes made of void energy and the heavy attack spawns a sharp disc that deals damage 360 degrees around you. Slam attacks spawn a wave of void energy that knocks enemies away and sets them afloat in the air. The energy spent becomes a second damage multiplier. 1000 energy spent becomes the multiplier divided by 1000, which translates to a maximum of 10x damage in addition to base damage, ability strength and critical damage. Every second the ability is used, the gauge drains. (That would also mean that you cannot use this ability by itself since it would only give you a multiplier of x0.01 with an empty gauge)(Ability Duration decreases the drain of the gauge and the energy drain. Ability range increases the size of the void attacks and the radius of orbiting shrapnels.)

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Posted (edited)

Ok at first I thought this was a nidus deluxe or something. A surprise, sure, but a welcome one!

The concept art and the description makes me think more of a "puzzle with broken parts" warframe, rather than an actual broken frame. So these are the abilities, hope y'all like it!

When i say "armor", "health", "shields" of the warframe and its "things" i mean Tenno shields, health, ecc. since when Warframe Revised came out, there has been a difference between enemies stats and warframes stats. Just sayin' so no one gets confused.


Passivedead enemies drop "pieces" of themselves that, if collected by this warframe, will give it damage resistance against that certain enemy, up to a cap (scales with ability power).


1st Ability - Delay: after cast, any action the warframe performs (except hacking terminals or completing objectives) will be followed by an image of itself that mimics the previous action with a short delay of 1.5 seconds. The copy lasts a fixed amount of time, scaling with duration, and does only 30% damage, slightly scaling with ability power. It cannot mimic abilities or gear use. BASE COST: 35


2nd Ability - Eruption: launches a projectile of void energy that deals no damage, but slightly stuns the enemy hit. After 0.5 seconds, void tendrils will erupt from the enemy body, dealing low puncture damage to its surroundings. The other enemies will attacks their ally, which is now referred such as "tendril spawn". The tendril spawn has no shield, 10% of the warframe's health and 5% of its armor (tendril spawn's health is a percentage of the warframe's base health, and armor is based on the warframe's current armor). The tendril spawn lasts forever, but as anyone can see, it is very easily killed. BASE COST: 40


3rd Ability - Fragmentation: the warframe shatters, leaving behind its "warframe parts" and becoming a mass of void tendrils. The mass moves at 110% speed, but it cannot sprint, jump or do any action besides walking. If the mass is near an enemy it can start "eating" it, dealing damage. When eating, the mass can move to another enemy, lowering its speed to 60%. The mass will stop eating an enemy when it goes too far from it. If the mass starts eating a tendril spawn, said spawn will grow into a "void tree", stopping dealing damage and tripling its health. The tree (which is now called "resevoir") will radiate healing energy in a small area, slightly slowing enemies. If the mass is near a resevoir, it gains +20% movement speed. The resevoir quiclky loses health over time, but the warframe can "recharge" it by 50% by casting the 3rd ability on it and spending 60 energy, regardless of what form the warframe is in now. This ability drains energy over time when in mass form, increasing the cost by 1 energy/s for each enemy the mass is eating. BASE DRAIN/S : 2


4th Ability - Void Arbalest: the warframe adjusts all the parts of its body do become a living turret, that shoots massive void bullets that do void damage. Each beam shot costs energy (like, a lot of energy). This ability can be cast agin to return to the original form. During the time it is in "turret form", it can olny move at 30% speed annd it cannot do anything besides walking and shooting. Shooting at resevoirs or tendril spawn makes them explode leaving a small pillar of void energy (similiar to one of ember's old 4) that deals void damage. A resevoir makes a slightly bigger pillar. Pillars last for a fixed amount of time that does NOT scale with duaration. ACTIVATION COST: 30    ENERGY REQUIRED PER SHOT: 100

Edited by Lory5761
Changed 4th ability name. After ichanged that into "void cannon" i literally saw the one after me that called one of its abilities as such. Not it's called "Void arbalest", a little bit of fancy has never hurt anyone, am i right?

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1) Roller: The warframe transforms into a roller and moves around as a ball, when at the desired position press the ability button again to explode dealing void damage to all enemies within the radius

2) Take-over: The warframe runs up to an enemy and falls to pieces and then attaches all his body parts to any enemy (with except of bosses etc) and can control that enemy including abilities for X seconds -- this also works for other warframes, with the exception it puts a piece of armour around them instead instead of taking over (excellent use when reviving)

3) Void cannon: the two arms transform into powerful twin cannons on either shoulder and allow the warframe too fire void blasts at enemies (The warframe will be unable to move or use any other weapon during its activation) -- this mode also works during wall latch for less vulnerability

4) War mode: The warframe calls to the void to be completed (The whole warframe connects together completing the old warframe look and shines with void energy), any enemy that comes into melee range will get void damage, it increases speed and extra 20% status chance, and heals the warframes health over time while using the ability -- this ability drains void energy and normal energy

Passive: Mercy kills will also gather void energy. This will be used for war mode.

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(If the name is up for debate, since the design is feminine, I would go with a name of Electra, the Pleid that disappeared in grief after the destruction of Troy)

Before deliberating upon abilities, it is important to focus on what each of these frames could have been.

White- Bulky, top heavy profile. Digitgrade feet. Most likely a stationary weapons platform? Snipers, BFGs, etc.

Blue- Slender, like a ballet dancer. Dark tone that could meld with shadows. Espionage?

Red- Super-soldier #264091431. Guns with large magazines that go brrt. Possibly punching and kicking too.

Passive: Fractured Unity

When at maximum energy, health drains slowly to 50%. When at maximum health, energy drains slowly to 50%. 

Ability 1: Dissenting Finesse

White and Red have two different doctrines of combat. Blue probably deals with enemies without firing a single shot.

Duration ability. While in effect:

  • Weapon fire rate will increase with every miss up to a cap, but accuracy will decrease. Like a combo counter, will reset after a duration. (Think Slash Dash, Landslide)
  • Weapon accuracy and crit chance will increase with each hit up to a cap, but fire rate will decrease. Like a combo counter, will reset after a duration.
  • Evasion will increase while not attacking up to a cap, but when attacking you will attract the attention of enemies attacking other teammates. Like a combo counter, will reset after a duration.

Ability 2: Tenuous Links

Channeled ability. While active:

Taking damage will cause the attacker to be hit with void damage and raise your speed slightly. Stacks up to 10 times. With each stack, the Warframe will grow ever more erratic, the void membranes crackling with more energy. The Warframe will move faster, but actions other than moving will become more difficult. Then at 10 stacks, the void links will discharge, causing mild damage to the Warframe and a massive area of effect 'impact' stun on enemies with moderate void damage.

Ability 3: Splintered Whispers

CC ability. Enemies in a large AoE around a target point will be less accurate, move faster, be more vulnerable to all forms of damage, deal less damage and need to reload less often. Does not alert enemies to the Warframe's presence.

Ability 4: Aberration's Gambit

Massive Explosive AoE damage. Hold '4' to set the fuse. The Warframe gains additional speed for a few seconds, the length of which depends on the energy investment of the fuse. Then, after the timer ends, the Warframe splits open at the seams, dealing massive damage to itself and all enemies around it. At this time, the Warframe will be reduced to 1 hp and cannot go lower until the ability ends.  It will gain health back for each enemy killed in the next 5 seconds, up to 300% above its typical maximum value.


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Passive: Added void dmg to all equipped weapons
Ability 01: Flow of void energy rise out of the ground and holds enemies in place 
Ability 02: Warframe collapse to the ground stealing health from nearby enemies on release cause a huge AOE explosion dealing more dmg
Ability 03: When active randomly glitches in(Takes and deals dmg) and out(Invincible/cannot deal dmg) of existence causing increased energy regen for you and allies with a massive penalty to warframes health (for the duration of the ability)
Ability 04: Assembles an arm cannon that shoots out projectiles that has adaptive dmg to enemy weaknesses

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Posted (edited)

To me the little light blue lines keeping the warframe from falling apart look like they are those void tentacles, the light blue cold-looking tree branches. So I'd give this warframe the abilities

Broken guard: warframe has a 40% chance to burst parts of itself out towards enemies nearby when hit

Ability 1:
Entangle: The warframe uses the void branches and pierces them through the ground grabbing enemies by the legs and making them staggered for [blank] amount of seconds

Ability 2:
Arm shot: The warframe shoots their left arm towards enemy units and uses their void branches as a replacement arm until they get their arm back, if the arm is already shot they will shoot their right arm if the ability is used again.

Amalgamble: The warframe hits every nearby enemy with parts of themselves, giving them a chance to get hit with the part and let it return, or the part gets stuck and they get extra armor from the part. 

Ability 4:
Hiddo (or Hidden) Void: The warframe comes apart and forms a big ball of void energy and branches while using their parts as some sort of enemy seeking projectiles, hitting them and moving onto the next enemy. The warframe itself can move a lot faster and hurts enemies with a lot of damage while pulling them in the ball of void energy.


Edited by Hiddio

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Okay I know this is off topic but but maybe the name of the broken warframe should by destrui as the description of the warframe states he was assembled from the remnants of  warframes that were destroyed during the old war and the name of translated from Latin to English is destroyed so I thought maybe this could be his name

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Passive: Screw Lose – The warframe drops a part of himself on the ground after performing a malfunctioning action. Recovering the part removes the penalty and grants a buff for a moderate period.

Malfunction actions can be stuff like the following with the part recovering buff being:

·         bullet jump: boost all movement related mechanics, putting it on par with Mirage and Titania’s passive;

·         ability cast: cast speed and energy efficiency increase, this could even allow cast without using energy;

·         ranged weapons use: recoil, accuracy and reload speed decreased;

·         heavy melee attack: heavy attack multipliers boosted by 0,5x;

·         parazon use: enemy/loot radar;

·         drop under 50% hp: Armor buff;

·         depleted shields: status immunity.

Not recovering the part could either give a debuff representative for the buff, like slow debuff for speed buff (making the buff feel more impactful), or no negative and feel like just another power fantasy mechanic.

This ability should not make the warframe feel slow, or too annoying so having the passive limited to a 1 or 2 lost parts at a time feels the most natural.

Ability 1: Red Button – The warframe explodes and reattaches himself on the spot pulling enemies to melee range

Ability 2: Nothing to see here – The warframe detaches and mimics his death animation resetting all agro and calming enemies (no sleep just remove the alerted state). Moving would deactivate the ability

Ability 3: Helping hand – Press: Throws a(some) part(s) to the enemy dealing dmg and attaching to them. Hold: pulls the enemy to target location (a bit like Mag’s Pull)

Ability 4: New parts – The warframe would throw its head to a pile of trash, discarding his body and reattaching a new one where the head landed. This ability could only be used where there was “a lot of trash”, this being either dead enemies and/or containers destroyed.


Other random Ideas: Lost part is now mine - Enemies have a chance to drop a part: an arm, a leg or even a head, … or simply a weapon, a helmet or a part of the armor… Picking it up would boost resistance/survivability.

I personally like these ideas of mine, but don’t see ALL this as a perfect warframe concept, more like random ideas. So, if just one is used, that would be more than enough.

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passive: rubbishman-frame cannot stand messes and is enraged. gains power strength the more litter (ammo, resource, orb pickups) there is around him.

1. reduce: targeted ability. strips armour and shields of target in a small aoe around target. if target loses all armour or shields, slows significantly and applies slash proc. stripping and slash proc scale with power strength.

2. reuse: enemy kills are much more likely to drop orbs and ammo. duration or channeled? (didn't want to clash with nekros or other loot abilities, so if affects loot tables, this whole idea can be binned)

3. recycle: enemy corpses/slashed bits are stripped for parts and grant armour and health buffs to self and allies. hp/sec heal for allies not at full health. if at full health, grants allies +% boost to existing (modded) hp. grants allies +% boost to existing (modded) armour.

4. collection day: power strength bonus from passive applies when ability is first cast. sucks in all pickups in a moderate radius around rubbishman-frame. grants a small amount of energy per pickup regardless of type to rubbishman-frame. all allies in a large radius gain a long-lasting power strength boost equal to passive buff and a damage boost proportional to this. any orbs sucked in will be applied to allies (no arcane procs).

so the main idea is: 2 to accumulate pickups which buffs passive. 4 to make use of drops and passive buff. 1 to kill more enemies. 3 to use bodies for healing/more survivability. sustained all-rounded support. sustained orb pickups as opposed to trinity energy burst, trinity should still have role with her blessing. role might clash a bit with oberon/wisp?

to-do: think of better name than rubbshman-frame.

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Passive: depending on how much HP is lost, increases critical chance to any weapon.
Skill 1 Convertion:
-Broke: deals additional damage to the whole team and himself depending on how many enemies are close to the user.
-Eater: gave the lifesteal weapon buff to the entire team nearby for a while.
-Link: Bringing together all the tied team energy pools and minimizing energy use for the whole team.

Skill 2 Ghosting: spawn clone for each team member with 50% damage within a certain distance for a few moments.
Skill 3 Undying: delaying death for 10 seconds for the Link bound buff team and himself.
Skill 4 Sacrificial : turned into a flying snake monster and ate all the enemies in front of him at the cost of the Health Point.

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Passive: Can have 4 possible passive, one selected randomly per mission:

Purity: Grants Health regeneration to its allies in a radius of 30 meters.

Blitz: Does 10% more damage with its weapons, but recieves 10% more damage from all sources.

Chrono: Enemies in a radius of 25 meters from the warframe are slowed.

Void: Grants Energy regeneration to the warframe and its allies in a radius of 30 meters.


1 - Antyllus: Uses the parts of Antyllus to heal its allies (strenght base) and grant a regeneration buff to its shields (strenght base) for a time period (duration base).

2 - Crixo: Uses the parts of Crixo to charge to the enemies, doing damage (strenght base) and grants overshields for each enemy hitted.

3 - Huygens: Uses the parts of Huygens to petrify enemies (duration base). Enemies petrified has a hugher change to drop loot (strenght base).

4 - Voided: Unleashes the void energy that it's holding the warframe together to grant energy and overshields to its allies, as well as damaging and blinding enemies (strenght and duration base) at the cost of an amount of the warframe's shields.


I base this abilities and passive in the design, parts of 3 different warframes holded together by void energy. I imagine it having no health and only having a high amount of shields, with its armor values affecting the shields instead.

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18 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

Passive: Contact with Sentients release a burst of void energy that sheds sentient adaptations and blinds them. Deals 10% more damage against sentients. 

1st ability: Flawed Blade - summon an exalted blade for a short duration, which deals true and void damage. (Based off exalted blade)

2nd ability: Cracked Stasis - Stops enemies in their tracks for 10s. (Based off limbo)

3rd ability: Gunslinger - Use a deadly pistol that deals void energy. (Based off Mesa)

4th ability: Reaper - Become invulnerable, and go to the void, where you regain health and energy, once 10s are up you return to your location, and cast a wave of force against all enemies in a small radius, leeching even more health for you and your teammates. (Based off rhino, limbo, revenant and Garuda)


Well, you said this frame was made from Warframe parts. Also please add back Excalibur Prime, maybe as a prime access?

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Those who haven't done Second Dream and War Within, do not read after this line. Spoilers ahead.

This concept of mine revolves around incorporating Focus schools with this warframe abilities. This idea is a bit controversial as the grind needed to master all schools are steep. But still, this might make DE consider the concept and do it in their own safe way.

Passive: United - Upon receiving fatal damage, Broken Warframe ejects Operator and uses its broken bodies as a supportive exoskeleton for the Operator. Gives bonus health, armor and energy to Operator. Operator can Void Mode to self revive, or wait for timer for the Broken Warframe to self "boot" itself. YOU actually die when the Operator also receive fatal damage.

1. [Entangle]


Broken Warframe launches forward a part of its Somatic Fibres, entangling enemies and constantly channeling Electric and Heat. Like a whip, move mouse to ragdoll around enemies. Pressing primary fire key will buff damage with increased energy drain. Pressing ability key again stop the ability. Holding ability key will make Broken Warframe to cut the fibres and let the ability to change to a less effective duration-based ability. Press to focus damage, hold to focus CC.

2. [(Hot)Fix]


Broken Warframe will mark an area and automatically launch Somatic Fibres and target enemies and allies in AoE to steal its health and armor, or its shield and heal allies respectively. Duration based ability that can be manually deactivated upon pressing ability again. Upon deactivation or ability end, Broken Warframe will immediately retract the fibres and mass knockdown will be dealt to surrounding enemies upon all fibres retraction.

3. [Split]


Broken Warframe will sacrifice a part of its body to allies to enhance them. Debuffs Broken Warframe related to the body parts used while buffs Broken Warframe's other stats that still remain attached to its body. Arms will buff/debuff reload and melee speed, legs will buff/debuff sprint and parkour speed, torso will buff/debuff health and armor and neuroptics will buff/debuff energy and shield capacity.

4. [Rearrange]


Broken Warframe assembles its broken body into a quadruped form, forgoing its weaponry and enhancing its abilities. Increased movement speed with attacks from all paws (moddable separately like Exalted weapons). All abilities get faster animation and damage changed to follow Operator's primary Focus school.

Madurai - Heat and Puncture

Vazarin - Cold and Impact

Naramon - Toxin and Gas

Unairu - Corrosive for Armored (Grineer), Magnetic for Shielded (Corpus), Viral for Health (Infested)

Zenurik - Electric and Slash

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Passive- Violent Deconstruction: the more damage the frame takes, the more pieces are torn from it, lowering enemy accuracy by up to (30%?) (low health = pieces being broken from the frame/ a more torn up look+ less incoming damage) as the frame heals, new parts are formed out of void wire twisting into shapes and hardening


1- Livewire: Enemies that come within 3-5 meters recieve a random status effect as a tendril reaches out to slap them (lower range for channeled ability or higher range for single cast)


2-Improvement: mark one enemy and attempt to kill them within a small duration to recieve a buff

buff will depend on the enemy type and the frame will 'steal' a piece of the dead enemy to wear until it is depleted and the piece breaks or is otherwise removed from the frame

-grineer will grant armor, while letting the frame wear a grineer chestpiece (shatter effect when depleted)

-corpus will grant a small shield charger that sits on the lower back and breaks upon refilling the shield to a cap (small explosion when depleted)

-infested will grant improved melee attacks and cover the frame's wires in infested growths like nidus' mutation (shrivels and disappears)

-sentient will grant an immunity to eximus auras and nullfiers and strap a smaller version of a symbolist shield on a forearm (snaps in half)

-wildlife will just heal by a static amount (15-25%?), maybe cover the frame in loose feathers or fur (small cloud of feathers or fur)


3- Anomalous source: A wave of volatile energy rips outward from the warframe, engulfing the area with strange and contradictory effects

Up to 5 effects of any single-target warframe abilities are applied to any enemy in radius. I.E. 5 random single-target warframe abilities such as volt's shock, equinox's rest, frost's freeze, ember's fireball, limbo's banish can be applied to any enemy in range


4- Freakish Friends: a memory from a past life...is somewhat marred by time
Summon up to 3 abominations (kubrow/kavat hybrids) to your side. They have a shared health pool that splits as more are summoned (I.E. 1 will get 1000 health, 2 will get 500, 3 will get 333, scales with duration), and each have a random kubrow or kavat ability (no duplicate abilities and they cannot be healed) (they have an amusing despawn animation, such as a stickynote hybrid turning into a cloud of paper/confetti, a kavat with wierd legs curling up into itself, etc.)


let me know how you think of these, i wasn't considering so much a specific playstyle as just things that seemed like they would fit together only on this one guy.

I hope the hybrid idea goes over well, at the very least

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Passive: System Failure

When Broken Frame is hit with Volt’s speed boost it is negated and instead gives of an aoe blast knocking all enemy targets off their feet. Applies to all frames within affinity range including volt.

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Passive: Prototyping
Description: Grants passive damage towards the faction Eornheit is currently aligned to and siphons their energies while nearby.
Function: gives a passive 3% bonus damage (like bane mods) towards the faction the 1st ability has aligned him to.
Extra ability base durations cannot be increased by mods, but when near enemies the void siphons their energies, dealing small amounts of damage and restores Eornheits health/shields by % of siphoned amount while extending the duration by +0.2(?)sec per target every they're in sec they're in range, passive scaling with range/duration mods(?)
Only siphons targets of the aligned faction normally, siphons all factions while 4th ability is active.

1st: Data Sampling
Description: Yoink a fragment from the target from a distance, restoring health and granting an faction alignment based on the target.
Function: Single target ranged ability, steals health from target and makes them stagger forwards (damage scaling on hes own health+power strength?)
and grants him alignment towards the targets faction, having an indicator in the bottom right for current faction alignment.

2nd: Field Testing
Description: Temporarily locks in the current faction alignment, granting themed buffs
Function: Locks in the current alignment for 40(?)sec,buff depends on alignment ("holographic" visual indication would be nice):
Corpus: +1000(?) Shields (And extra shield gating?)
Grineer: +600(?) armor
Infested: Increased Melee damage (Big increase to damage, maybe a tiny, tiny bit to speed)
Sentient: Stacking damage Reduction, ("adaptation" mod issue/stack/combine?)
(Corrupted: Same as original faction, trigger orokin energy plates like a prime) <-might not be necessary
(health and shield numbers imagined for a modded,"typical" build)

3rd: Frame Remnants
Description: Utilize the remaining energies found in Eornheits parts
Function: Ivara/Titania/Vauban/Wisp-style hold-to-toggle,press-to-use ability, (damage scaling with enemy levels like flechette orb plz)
1.Release a frontal cone of flames (Reminiscent of Embers 360 fire wave)
2.Release large quantity of radioactive orbs in all directions, explodes on impact (reminiscent of Oberons 1st ability)
3.Shoot a quick-moving, slightly homing orb that releases a large EMP blast of magnetic damage where it hits (Was supposed to be Mag inspired but seams more like a quick but basic Nova orb now)

4th: Void Implementation
Description: Utilize the void to enhance Eornheits every aspect
Function: Eornheits energy tubes visually flares up while active,
granting a small AoE effect to hes first ability (but still only takes alignment indication from the primary target),
the 2nd ability grants all faction bonuses for the duration,
and the 3rd ones gets a visual enhancement and mixes in some Void damage in their original effects (void damage % of original scaling with power strength).


Idea behind this kit design:
Eornheit Gets weak base stats with near to none shields/armor(or actual none) and then uses hes first 2 abilities to test and "complete" himself, and granting him the stats he lacks at base.
Since warframes are just weapons made to fight the sentients, my imagination of Eornheits theme is that hes broken so he partially tries to complete himself, but also partially tries to improve it to become a perfect weapon, so i went with a layered, well-rounded approach where he tried to utilize what he has (3 and 4th ability) but also gain the enemies strengths (1st and 2nd) to use against them. and then with the passive incorporate a bit of the "hes broken, but held together by void energies" by "breaking" how duration mods work on him and will make him quite unique.

Final note:
I'm unsure if the 4th ability adding void damage to the 3rd is even ok or if that's exclusive to operators since Revenant only does regular damage types despite hes theme (granted Tau/Sentient damage probably came after him if i remember correctly), but i felt like trying to merge the 3 ability together would easily be very convoluted.

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