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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: 150% base attribute (Duration, Efficiency, Range, Strength)

ONE: Random Warframe number 1 ability. (random between re-rolls (see below), not on individual instances)

TWO: Random Warframe number 2 ability.

THREE: Random Warframe number 3 ability.

FOUR: Re-roll all abilities. When you press it, a real quick one-armed-bandit thing comes up (as it does at the start of the mission too, to determine starter abilities), to scroll through all the possible abilities until eventually settling upon one for each ability. (You see Warframe helmets spin past) It goes *clunk* "Frost!" *clunk* "Ember!" *clunk* "Loki!" and you can use Frost's #1 ability, Ember's #2 and Loki's #3 ability. If you get a matching set, you transform into that Warframe (even if you dont even own it - just default skinning etc) but with the base attributes set to 200% without taking into account how it's modded - so you could get become an ultra powerful Warframe, minus the Ult (#4) with abilities that should work together, instead of mismatched ones that may not... or indeed may work together a little too well...

Maybe this would be better as some kinda GamblerFrame...

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Passive - When damage is received warframe parts become damaged and start dealing 3 shock damage per second for 20 seconds.

Ability 1 - delay - take no damage for 30 seconds but take 2x damage for 15 seconds afterwards 

Ability 2 - swap parts - changes out damaged parts with one of four new ones.

Left arm - + 50% reload speed for 60 seconds

Right arm - +100% accuracy for 60 seconds

Left leg - +40% sprint speed for 60 seconds

Right leg - +40% parkour velocity for 60 seconds 

Ability 3 - detach - detaches the head and player controls it to move around with 80% less chance for enemy to see you. Re-casting will make the head auto track back to the body, unable to interact with objects.

Ability 4 - suppressing fire - leave an arm behind that shoots energy in the direction it faces for 20 seconds drawing enemy attention within 20 meters. 

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Passive: Life steal (some percent of the dmg is returned back as hp) , gains rage by getting hit and killing enemies that increases the attack speed and ability cast speed

Ability 1: Sense (reveals enemies in a radius)

Ability 2: Enters inside of enemies u can sense and bursts out of their body causing a small explosion 

Ability 3: in a radius removes a percentage of hp from enemies and gives a dmg buff based on the amt of hp stolen and increases rage based on the enemies affected  , and slows enemies

Ability 4: ENRAGE (gives dmg reduction , doubles ur dmg uses up a certain amt of rage)

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okay so for the new warframe,not sure if someone already said it but 

Passive: selective repair(repair)

so as dead enemies are on the ground and the warframe moves over them she then breaks the bits and pieces of the enemies and gives passive armour buff,but is used to give extra damage on first ability and third 

Ability 1 -tenta stop ,the warframe stomps the ground and send the small bits of tenti's toward the enemy and pierces them as in sets bleeding damage, but the amount of damage is given with the amount of armour buff the higher the better damage but consumes armour buff after use .

ability 2 - consume ,( only consumes enemies who are pierced with first ability )which the warframe will rebuild her armour with enemies and give a direct armour build up and each time it is used the warframe is in less attack speed mode.

Ability 3 - pentaburst, when used it buffs the radius of the fourth ability (on explosion)when used warframe shoots energy lines in five directions making a flower almost and when fourth ability is used inside the flower its range is increased

ability 4- eidolon shard ,puts warframe in a energy case that draws enemies close and when the count down is finished it shoots the tenti's outward dealing smash damage to nearby enemies.


BTW please make a nezha prime i am soooo a fan of it ^^

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Passive:  : Collects scraps and uses them in abilities, gains damage reduction based on scraps stored up to a max by re-enforcing his body. The max amount being determined by his current amour value. (could have a visual indicator of the scrap value similar to Nidus mutation or Atlas rock armor)

Ability 1: Shatter: sends a forcewave out infront of him that damages and breaks enemy armor and shields, dropping scraps whenever the effect happens 

Ability 2: Mend: consumes scraps to heal and gives all his attacks a damage boost for a duration, holding it will get rid of the damage boost but increase the heal

Ability 3: Claim: spends the tendrals on him to force enemies infront of him at a distance all while giving viral procs and giving him additional scraps. 

Ability 4: makeshift doomsday device: exalted weapon: uses his arms as makeshift guns that fire scraps, consuming them, to send them out as fast, flaming, explosive projectiles that let him gain scraps if they successfully kill an enemy


Honestly I would love to see the tendrils on his design play some part and him using them to collect materials to try and "fix" himself seemed like a way to accomplish it. And finally seeing a sort of exalted weapon designed to have a fire rate similar to the Grineer stationary machine guns would be an awesome thing to try.

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To try to keep with at least some idea of this warframe being a somehow useful despite broken thing barely held together by its metabolized Void energy; I would figure taking the scavenger/Frankenstein route.

Passive: Necrossimilation - Warframe can take body parts by walking over defeated foes and add them to its body mass gaining small boosts for different factions and acting as tokens or currency for some moves.

1. Riven: Rends at targets in front of the warframe tearing away at enemies while leaving body mass on the opponent doing damage over time while removing some assimilated corpse body mass instead doing a boosted effect if enough is spent.

2. Twisted: Attempt to forcibly fuse a target and nearby fallen into a single organism. Boosts the target based on the bodies amalgamated this way. Enemies so boosted will have drop chances boosted while allied targets are healed and boosted by a percentage of the fallen's stats.

3. Alchemical Furnace: Activate to Consume stored body parts and those around the warframe to fuel the Void energy and flare it to life, boosting damage for self and allies in the area but causing damage per second until deactivated as the Technocyte form is not quite able to safely contain the surge of Void energy.

4. Suture Without: Instead of Flaring the Void energy within the body, the warframe pushes it outward dealing damage to enemies nearby dealing damage further boosted by the charges built up by Necrossimilation.

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Passive : glitch : causes enemies affected to put away their weapons and roam around or emote replicating a glitch in their functioning.Effect lasts for a duration.glitch duration will be capped and not affected by duration mods only Warframe level (ex Max level duration will be 10-15s)

Ability 1 : corrupt : the Warframe will fire a corrupting blast in a cone in front of it which induces the passive glitch to enemies in the area.

Ability 2: paradoxical aura: for the duration of the ability all incomming damage is converted to health and energy for players in a small radius

Ability 3: invasive breakdown: the Warframe sacrifices some of its health to extend it's tendrils to enemies in an area making them fight for u for a duration similar the more enemies controlled the more health sacrificed over the duration.these enemies will deal the same amount of damage before possession.enemies corrupted by glitch will explode if they come in contact with the tendrils dealing aoe damage

Ability 4:breakdown glitch: all enemies affected by glitch will emmit a pulse in a small radius causing enemies in the radius to be affected by glitch.by recasting during the duration the Warframe sacrifices health to blow up a fixed number of glitch affected enemies it can only be recast during he abilities duration.(eg 5 at Max level affected by strength mods)

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Passive: I think his passive should be that because he's held together by only void energy, he passively leaks void energy all the time, maybe dealing void damage to people within a small, maybe half-a-meter radius, resetting the damage resistances of sentients in that small radius, and buffing energy regeneration and/or strength of operators.

Ability 1: Reckless Discharge

He bursts with void energy, dealing big void damage to all enemy units around himself, as well as buffing his passive by like 2x

Ability 2: Break

He can cast this on an enemy by tapping the button or himself by holding the button. If cast on an enemy, the effect will spread to nearby enemies on initial cast much like Titania's 1st ability, shuffling their stats i.e. their armor becomes their health and vice versa. If cast on himself, he will shuffle his numerical stats so armor becomes health and shield become energy with their current numbers for a set duration, with a 1.2 or 1.1 multiplier on all the stats. He can recast to refresh the time, as well as use the next combination of mixed stats so second recast will always be armor becomes shield and health will be energy.

Ability 3: Separate

He can detach one of his hands (the left), which will float around chasing enemies, disabling them and dragging them into passive range. If the player has a dual wield weapon currently equipped, the hand will instead follow around the warframe more closely and use it to shoot at different targets with like aimbot and 'ak' secondaries, or he'll use a melee weapon to attack them at close range.

Ability 4: Integrate

The warframe, in a fit of rage, attempts to complete itself using the parts of its foes, draining life from every enemy unit in front of him in a cone (maybe like how garuda's four is used) with void tendrils, dealing both void damage based on power strength as well as percent damage, and gaining damage resistance to the types of enemies being integrated, as well as giving its weapons the elements that counter those targets, maybe sapping their stats like health and shields too. I really like this move concept.

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For the First ability name it will be 

Master of All : the warframe will be able to copy the passive of other warframes when in a squad in solo the last warframe got his passive coped will still be in until the warframe use his first ability again

For the 2nd ability 

Self sacrifice: the Warframe will sacrifice 25% of Health to charge his energy by 50%

3rd ability 

One Man Army:  the warframe will summon a copy of him self with each copy of him self he lose 25% of his health with maximum of 3 copys and the copy will have 25% of his health

4th ability 

All for One: the warframe sacrifice his copys to restore his health and shield but lose all his energy and also he will get all the buffes that was on the copys

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Passive : Short-circuit - Frame has a % chance when being hit to get % ability power.

1st ability : Fail safe - frame channels huge amount of energy in it's right arm to shot a powerfull beam shot, but when it firest it explodes instead dealing aoe damage.

2nd  ability : Rooted - frame sticks arm into the ground and the root-like things snare nearby enemies - and can damage them as well.

3rd ability : Leech - Sticks arm in an enemy target and the root-like things go into the target transfering life to the frame

4th ability : Last Stand  - the frame grounds itselft with the root-like things getting loads of deffensive stats and some ability power but can't walk. Then he channels the power from the eath to deliver a huge aoe explosion.

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Passive: Unfinished Calibration - every mission start, the Broken Warframe's base health, armor and shield values are set to 0.8x - 1.5x randomly. Spy and Interception missions grant one additional reward (one every 3 rotations for Interception).

1st ability: Faulty Wiring - The exposed wiring on Broken Warframe causes an electric shock to pass through an enemy. If the enemy is a robot, they are automatically hacked to be on the side of the Tenno for the next 5/10/20s. AUGMENT: The affected enemy releases a small electromagnetic pulse after 2s which hacks all affected robotic enemies to be on the side of the Tenno. Duration +200%, after which the robotics explode.

2nd ability: Make Me Whole - Broken Warframe seeks to complete itself at the expense of a chosen enemy unit. The chosen enemy's biomass is drained to become Broken Warframe's bonus armor. AUGMENT: The affected enemy is automatically scanned into the Codex.

3rd ability: Need More Energy - Broken Warframe spreads its tubing out across a wide area, constantly draining all present enemies' shields and preventing them from regenerating as long as the ability is active. Every 30/20/15 drained enemies trigger an influx of energy that deals minor area of effect Magnetic damage to enemies while boosting allies' shield regeneration by 250%. AUGMENT: Allows the shield regeneration to create overshields for the Broken Warframe and its allies.

4th ability (Ultimate): Zekti Omega Cannon - A part of the Broken Warframe's body fuses together into an immense plasma / laser cannon, (possibly serving as an Exalted Weapon), knocking away nearby enemies on activation. Movement speed is reduced by 50%. Damage increased by 200% when standing still for more than 5/4/3s. Primary Fire is a stream of energy with innate punchthrough, while secondary fire lobs enormous balls of destruction towards a chosen area. If Broken Warframe possesses Overshields, they will be used instead of Energy until drained. AUGMENT: Every enemy hit by Zekti Omega Cannon will be briefly charged by its energy (charge persists if the attack kills them), allowing them to be drained by the 3rd ability again. Each enemy can only be affected by this once every 5 seconds. (The idea is to create synergy between Omega Cannon's overshield usage and Need More Energy's overshield generation).

First attempt at this, sorry if it's weird. Thanks for reading!


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Since this frame is made with other warframes parts, my idea is that this Warframe has no unique abilities, and when you craft it's only an "esoskeleton"

But as a passive you can in the arsenal mount on it parts  of other warframes, and it gets the ability of that specifical part of the Frame installed on him 

(Example, the chassis gives him the first ability of the frame, and so on)

Or in alternative, considering the fact that the parts that are required for a frame are 3 (Chassis, systems and neuroptics), he can get only 3 abilities from other frame, and for ultimate he can detach the parts, parts that get imbued with energy and start wandering around becaming a weaker specter of the warframe that they belong, and those specters can use their ability periodically or on command like the wisp "3 in 1" ability


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Broken warframe abilities ideas
Maybe this frame survied by adapting and stealing abilities of others
passive: being knocked down gives you a stacking buff knockdown resistance + speed increase (parts fall off you become more agile)
1: Copy Target frame's last used ability hold to erase
2: Copy Target frame's last used ability hold to rease
3: Summon random spector from gear wheel without using gear 
4: become copy of spector including frame abilities and equipment loadout (you take over the spector)(only your spectors)

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1. Hookshot 

Can go on any surface and hook any enemy even go underabove walls or ledges the hook shot costs 50 mana to cast and deals slash dmg 

2. Big hand

He grow his arm to be as big as he can but he uses his legs to do it to he can only stand still with really long range

3. Recyclé 

Hé recyclés dead enemy's to make his ultimate stronger stacks upto 100 stacks and adds hp and attack 

4. Armor mode 

He changes his hole frame to replace to another ally frame and attacks with his big hands within the other frame so the ally frame got 4 hands instead of 2 

Passive. Rearm if he's In armor mode he can cast big hands and recycle and hookshot in de allys frame and can help stacking allys frame ability 

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Passive- Glitch in the system - The warframe is a being that's not supposed to be thus enemies outside of a 10m radius don't register its presence, unless attacked. (Kind of westworld's hosts going "Doesn't look like anything to me"), enemies within 10m suffer radiation status (due to excessive void energy emanating from the frame.) Heals % health while within 1st ability zone.

1st ability  - Corruption - Launches a remotely detonated projectile that creates a spherical glitch zone, enemies within it suffer randomly cycling elemental status procs (breaks passive). Projectile can stick to enemies/ objects/walls

2nd ability - Fragmentation - Disparate parts of the warframe loose cohesion, making it ignore non-aoe damage by certain % 

3rd ability - Integrity Failure - Enemies affected by 1st ability spread corruption zone radius by certain % and have their elemental resistances reduced by certain %

4th ability- Critical Overload - Void energy containment is lifted, trapping/slowing enemies in a radius and dealing massive void damage, while boosting ally warframe strength and efficiency. Ability is activated at cost of health.

Basically a warframe that introduces chaos within the battlefield, allows for self and allies to find greater damage output through taking advantage of aoe status procs, and can offer a more engaged playstyle. Banks on recent status changes but not abusively. Hopefully also keeps with the lore/theme.

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Passive: When the Warframe shield is depleted it releases a burst of energy that causes a radiation proc and lowers casting cost of the next ability. It also has a stability meter. When the meter is high, it gains more armor and movement, but if it’s low, it doesn’t gain any benefit. Casting its 1 and 3 lowers stability while the other two increase it.

1. Rewire: The Warframe is poorly held together, allowing easy adjustment to its systems. It can cycle three buffs that come with a debuff.

1a: Motor: gain increased movement and parkour velocity but shields are halved and suffer a increased delay to recharge.

1b. Weapon: gain increased dmg but increased reload. Reload debuff is dependent on magazine size.

1c. Vision: gain the ability to see enemies through nearby walls and gain increased dmg to weak spots but become louder and draw more aggro. 


2. Maintenance: The Warframe repairs damaged components. It gains a small amount of health regen and  dmg reduction. 15% to its stability. If cast with Meltdown, it gains a reload buff. 

3. Unstable Surge: the Warframe crackles and rumbles as void energy tears the area apart. Enemies take increased dmg and the warframe’s weapon gains ammo regen to the weapon magazine. it’s an aura that follows the player and lasts for 15 seconds.


4. Meltdown: The Warframe becomes unstable and begins to burn away void energy at alarming rates. During meltdown, the Warframe gains armor and enemies are pulled towards him if in line of sight. Enemies nearby are dealt fire and blast procs that apply more rapidly the closer they are to the Warframe. If Rewire is cast during this time, the negative affect is reduced. If Unstable surge is cast during this ability, it gains a larger radius. Gain 40% to stability. 




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Passive - Power Supply

Press x on allies to get energies. Allies can press x on this broken Warframe too to get energies. Every 5 second ** energies converted to ** health (self repaired)

Skill 1 - Rusty Oil Domain

Enemies surrounding mov speed & attack speed -50%

Skill 2 - Electrical Wire

Use broken cable to slap enemy around. Enemy will stunned for ** second. If Rusty Oil Domain active, enemy within the domain get electrical damage per second and stunned until the domain ended.

Skill 3 - Hazard Old Steel

Incoming damage +25% but enemy that attacking this Warframe got rusted (incoming damage to the enemy that attacked +50% damage)

Skill 4 - Self Destruct

This Warframe sacrificed 5% hp/sec to scatter the parts of his body to surrounding area and damaging the enemy



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Passive: each time shield is destroyed the Warframe emits 3 waves that stun nearby enemies and heal allies

First ability: the Warframe emits an aura in a circle around it. Enemies inside the circle receive 50% of incoming damage from the warframe. Allies that are inside of the circle receive 25% shield/health (basically the more damage the Warframe receives the more support for allies and the more damage enemies inside the circle receive)


Second ability: the Warframe absorbs 30% of a targeted enemy and it becomes overshield. If used on an ally this will damage the Warframe for 30% it's hp and buff the ally with an overshield. The absorbing stacks and each stack can be used for the 3rd and 4rth ability


Third ability: the Warframe assimilates a stack making it visually look gross (Akira movie like) but for each stack the damage/shield/health are improved for certain amount of time.


Fourth ability: the Warframe uses it's stacks as explosives with each stack the explosion is bigger and more powerful. Making a stack explode will instantly cancel any buff of the third ability 



For the look of the Warframe I would dare say it feels like an assimilator basically an Akira movie monster Warframe that takes and assimilates it's enemies to become grosser and stronger 



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Passive: Unstable Undying Core - Upon receiving fatal damage the warframe breaks apart, detonating in a massive void energy blast, before the core then attempts to pull the parts of the frame back together, pulling in resources such as ammo, energy orbs, health orbs etc to recharge the core and revive the frame.


1st Ability: Malfunction - The warframe sends a void wave forward, damaging enemies and causing their equipment to malfunction accordingly to what they wield.


2nd Ability: Jury-rigged Defense - The warframe attempts to repair itself by pulling in parts from slain enemies to repair and heal itself, receiving a specific bonus from the faction of enemy it is stealing parts from. (Adds Armor from Grineer, Shields from Corpus, Steals biomass (Health) from Infested and Adaption Armor Parts from Sentients.


3rd Ability: Unstable Construction - Pieces of the frame break off and start orbiting the frame, damaging and stripping defenses from those that get too close while the pieces store the stripped armor and parts, tap the ability again to blast the pieces in an AOE damage scaling depends on how much you stripped off an enemy or hold to send the parts in a focused forward blast for increased damage but less of an area of effect. Alternatively you can use your 2 to pull the pieces back onto you and add the armor and parts to the frame.


4th Ability: Core Vent - Opening the chest of the frame reveal the core, emitting a void radiation aura damaging all enemies in its AOE, receiving damage in this state causes the core to get unstable increasing the output of radiation but all draining the frames shields and then health, if frame is downed while this ability is active the passives strength and range is increased.

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Passive: Electrical interferance: Enemies around the player have reduced accuracy

Unleashed: Enemies within an additonal, smaller, radius have their weapons jam


Ability: Copy: target an ally to use their first ability or an enemy to copy their weapon for a short time. (doesn't work on bosses obviously)

Unleashed: target an ally to become a copy of them (except for 4th ability)


Ability: Reassamble: while active, pickups restore health to the player

Unleashed: Pickups instead increase damage (up to a cap) and can be launched as a projectile with alt-fire.(this removes the damage bonus)


Ability: Salvage: Destroys enemy weapons in a radius. Destroyed weapons grant an armor boost that decays over time.

Unleashed: Enemy weapons are drawn to the warframe, activate again to send the weapons flying as projectiles.


Ability: Unleash: the warframe parts fall away leaving a being of void energy. Moves quickly and uses beams of void energy to attack. Other abilities become "unleashed", more powerful versions. On deactivation warframe parts are drawn to current location, damaging enemies in the way.

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(All passive/abilities unnamed for now)

General Idea = Tank/Tactical hybrid

Passive: Similar to the Adaptation mod, the broken warframe can learn from enemies’ damage types and take less damage the more they are affected by the same status. 

1: The broken warframe sacrifices one of its body parts to momentarily give to an ally, buffing their attack and giving them moderate healing over time. If casted twice quickly, the broken warframe instead pulls surrounding material from the ground to give itself an armor boost for a period of time (dictated by duration and can be cast multiple times). 

2: The broken warframe leaves its current body behind (much like going into operator mode) and takes over an enemy, literally controlling it from first person. The broken warframe can use the enemy’s guns, melees, and any special abilities associated with that enemy (i.e. tar mutalist moa’s AoE spit, arson eximus’ fire ability, hyekka master can spawn hyekkas, etc). The power of those abilities will be dictated by the level of the enemy that is being controlled. Other enemies will not be alerted to the broken warframe’s presence inside one of their own until the broken warframe uses that enemy to attack them, or after a certain period of time (which can be extended through duration, making it useful for spy missions). The amount of time spent in the enemy will drain the player’s energy over time. ***This ability will only be able to cast on to a certain degree of enemy (i.e. no bosses or boss-like enemies)

3: The broken warframe enters a state where their inside energy lights up and automatically releases energy tendrils that latch on to enemies. Enemies are pulled in and crushed, filling in The exposed insides of the warframe that reduces damage by a higher percentage the more enemies pulled in, beginning to “complete” the broken warframe. Cast the ability before 100% is reached and release a stunning AoE whose power is dictated by the current %. 

4:  If the 3rd ability reaches 100% (i.e. a new skin/shell is created), the broken warframe can pull up a menu with the glyphs/names of all other players in party and turn into a selected warframe for a period of time (affected by ability duration). The mods that other players have on their warframes will not transfer over (except for augments which will), so the mods used by the broken warframe will dictate the stats of the new warframe. If playing solo or if choosing to select oneself instead of a party member, the broken warframe “becomes whole” for a period of time and gains attack speed/fire rate boosts, reload speed boosts, movement speed boosts, and jump boosts. 

- Jamez4401

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Passive- When taking damage to health will gain armor boost

1st ability- dissambles itself and leaves a dropped piece that laches onto enemies and takes control of them while draining their health to heal 

2nd ability- can detonate fallen off pieces and deal blast damage while shedding enemies armor 

3rd ability- reassembles itself and builds up damage during reassembly to emit a shockwave dealing radiation damage

4th ability- completely takes itself apart and reassembles itself using fallen enemies to duplicate itself

Sorry if it doesn't sound good

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Basing this on the roots throughout the frame 

Passive: Grounding- The frames roots dig into the ground after standing still for a few seconds, increasing armor and health regen while still. This affect nullifies knockback/knockdown

1: Limb bash- The frame extends it's roots from its arm up into the air. The frame then swings it down in front of them dealing bludgeoning damage to all targets in a line

2: Irritating barbs- Thin tendrils make their way under the armor of enemies in a cone in front of the frame, dealing piercing damage and drawing enemy fire to them for the abilities duration.

3: Root- Starting from a point the frame is aiming at roots emerge from the ground in a circle, rooting all enemies in place for the duration.

4: Sanguine Siphoning- The frames roots explode out in all directions, dealing piercing damage to all enemies in range. This damage is then converted to a balance appropriate amount of armor and health regen via Mathamagic.

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1st: Reactor breech: Warframes reactor breaches, causing a jet of superheated plasma to propel the warframe forward, until it strikes a wall or enemy, which causes a blast/radiation damage. 

2nd: Energetic Cannon: Warframe manifests a cannon as an arm and fires a charged shot (think megaman charged buster shot) at crosshairs. Small AOE, and electric or magnetic damage. 

3rd: Fall to pieces: the warframe violently expels its physical form in a radius around it, leaving a ghostly void essence behind knocking prone enemies that get hit. The essence is a ghostly form of the warframe under the armor and can move and jump faster and higher than normal for a brief period of time before the pieces of its armor rattle back to it as if recalled, and assemble themselves back to the ghost essence. 

4th: Scrap Storm: The weapons of enemies killed are pulled into a whirling vortex around the warframe and shoot wildly while spinning in the vortex until their ammo is depleted. 

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