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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive : Recycling

The Warframe draws weapons, metal bodies and surrounding objects onto its body to form a resistant armor.

Ability 1 : False Alarm

The Warframe sets an alarm that attracts enemies, so they ignore all allied warframes. The alarm explodes after a few seconds spreading the accumulated metal parts.

Ability 2 : Thief

The Warframe can retrieve a random skill from the nearest ally, temporarily removing a piece of his suit, giving the ally a slight life curse and a bonus to the Warframe. It can also retrieve energy shields from the corpus, weapons from sentients...

Ability 3 : Return to Sender

The Warframe consumes its recycled armor and shield in a large explosion.

Ability 4 : Chaotic Garbage

The Warframe unleashes an arsenal of weapons that appear from its body to destroy enemy waves.


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Posted (edited)

Warframe Name: Glial (Image makes me think of neurons and dendrites holding things together, glial cells being the supporting structures between the frame parts)

Glial is a soft combat fighter that has stealth potential.

Passive:  Glial adopts the resistances of any enemy killed from a finisher, or with Glial's 1

1st ability: Dendrite: Glial extends an arm of void tendrils that stab and puncture enemies, if held on an enemy and they die the tendrils reach out to other enemies (drains energy)

                     (Augment) Saturate: If the button for dendrite is held, Glial will not kill, but deposit void energy into an enemy which can be then shot to explode dealing radial damage.

2nd ability: Symbiote:  Glial leaves the armor behind and takes over the body of an enemy, movement is locked to the targets speed, but the target can walk by   other enemies without drawing attention and can immediately hack terminals. (Augment (Lock) : Glial can press 2 again to leave the body in place held by void tendrils, usable as an immovable shield.)

3rd ability: Shed: Glial can shed off armor parts and gets a drastic speed buff, but is insanely sensitive to all damages as there are no shields and very very little health. (Augment (Myelin Sheath): Glial receives a 3 second invulnerability right after 3 is used.)

4th ability: Nucleate: Glial forms a spire or tree of tendrils that emits buffs for teamates within a certain radius. If enemies get too close to the tree it delivers radiation damage slowly. (Augment(Uprooted) : The tree now has roots that attach from the bottom within a certain range of the tree) 

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Pasive you can equip other warframe parts and get one ability from it with *x energy like novas antimatter particles but with 2x ernegy per use

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1st ability : Ray blast,  charge a beam of energy to desamate your enemies into oblivion | energy consumption 50 when used and drains by 1 when charging | 

2nd ability : Transport, teleport to a sace distance your looking in [distance starts 130m can be upgraded with range mod] | energy consumption is 25 , at max level, place a waypoint and teleport to it.

3rd ability : Rejuvination, use energy to heal youself and others around | energy cunsumption is 50 and drains by 5 , health gains back as fast as sheild regenerates |

4th ability : Energy Surge, empower yourself with energy to increase your power [increases ability power by 50%, at max level increases ability power by 100%] | energy cunsumption is 100 power and speed are all increased energy regenerates by 1 every 5 seconds | 

Warframe ability idea. 


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Pinnacle MartialFrame

1 -  (1st stance) Warframe exudes aura that slows enemy in $ radius, each enemy killed by this ability increases armor by $ and spd movement by $. stack caps at $( cap increase each % hp loss)

(2nd stance) Warframe stand still in the same spot and creating afterimage that counters any incoming attack for $ duration and reflects  $ dmg to enemy in  $ radius. each countered dmg uses $ life force.

2 - Warframe changes stances pose

   (1st stance) - up close and personal melee combos. each $% of ap creates afterimage for each attack.

   (2nd stance) - this stance uses life force instead of mana. each % of ap slows the movement spd.

3 -  (1st stance) Warframe buff himself giving life leech and dmg by $ duration.

     (2nd stance) Warframe jumps behind last enemy that dmg him in $ radius.


4 - (1st stance) Warframe sacrifice half of his life force and mana to create a barrier that slowly grows larger and burns enemy in process.

      (2nd stance) Warframe fires a qi missiles attack in the direction hes facing. the range and dmg attack are affected by radius and ap.

passive - Warframe stomps the floor so hard it creates shockwave that stuns nearby enemy while changing stance.

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Passive: Fragile Code- Has a gauge that ranges from stable to unstable, stability increases ability duration but decreases ability power, instability increases ability power but decreases ability duration.
1: Corruption- Fires a Radiation/Viral proc projectile that hits enemies in a small AoE. Decreases stability
2: Disruption- Emits a channeled Magnetic/Blast proc AoE that chains to enemies as long as it is channeled. Decreases stability
3: Amalgamated Defense- Boosts status proc resistance for a duration for self and allies in range for duration. Increases stability.
4: Cries from the Void- Lets out an AoE blast of Void type damage from itself. Clears any negative status procs currently affecting the frame. Increases stability greatly

Other ideas for the first and second abilities could have randomized status procs or a way to change through secondary procs like Titania's blessings or Vauban's ball types but I figure that might be harder to code randomization. 🙂 The whole theme I was going with this is since he's an unstable amalgam of broken frames he's got a little bit of every secondary damage type/resistance, especially since void energy is the absence of it this results in its unstable nature.

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Ability 1 Glitch

When activated the frame becomes harder to hit due to it's broken state appearing as if it were not exactly where it is supposed to be (slightly off to the side, not a full duplicate).

Ability 2 Bug

When activated the frame emits a pulse of glitched energy that affects all enemies within that area causing them to “bug out”(confusion) and attack at random.

Ability 3 Patch

In an attempt to repair itself it reaches out with its tubes/tendrils at a targeted enemy, latching on and draining health while healing the frame. If healed over max it gains temporary bonus health (a smaller amount than normal healing would grant)

Ability 4 Trojan Horse

Abandons its body and infests a target with its tendrils taking control of it temporarily while simultaneously causing other enemies that can see this effect to flee in terror.

Passive Virus

Deals increased damage with energy-based weapons.

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Posted (edited)

Maybe each ability can put the warframe in a form  (like equinox in a sense)  making each form have a single passive with a single active ability.

Holding each ability key transitions into a unique form. As the artwork suggests , the warframe is built from three different kinds of parts (Red, blue and sentient like parts)

so having the warframe go into each form can be an ability of its own while the forth ability may utilize some void like powers (like the void tree things connecting the pieces)

My suggestions may include:

-1st ability - red mode- mayhem

Includes a passive haste (20% buff for movement + melee speed in an aura that lasts as long as the form is activated and stays for like 10s after switching) 

Plus an active ability activated buy taping the form ability key that applies some sort of AOE enemy debuff / allies damage buff for a duration.


- 2nd ability - sentient mode- boulder

Includes a passive sentient adaptaion (like the mod adaptation but obviously weaker maybe capped for one element up to 80% DR) lasting as long as the form is activated and stays for like 10s after switching

Plus an active ability activated buy taping the form ability key that applies an AOE armor buff for the warframe and allies.


- 3rd ability - blue mode- captivation

Includes a passive aura of 2 meters or so that knocks down approaching enemies , the aura activates upon using the form for a fixed 20s duration ( the aura effects each enemy only once so it isn't game breaking)

Plus an active ability activated buy taping the form ability key that casts an orb that CC's enemies binding them to the orb (they can still move in the orbs radious) 

The orb may gradually slow enemies over the corse of 4s up to 50% slow (starting from 10% ramping up to 50%)


- 4th ability - void tree mode- void roots

Includes a passive that buffs all the warframe's (only the player) by 10% (health / shields/ modded armor/ sprint speed / all ability stats like strength range etc.)

Plus an active ability activated buy taping the form ability key that connects the warframe via "void tree links " to up to 2 enemies ,making them buffed minions that fight along side the warframe (the ability may be channeling based to avoid being overpowered as a duration based ability.


Thank you for reading 🙂

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Passive: armor friends. for allies on the fireteam random bits of the allies frames armor get duplicated to (name) body.

1st: wire transfer: a wire steals health from grineer. Shields from corpus. Energy from infested. And a random effect from sentinels.

2nd: armor stand: armor from the allies frames creates a dummy frame 

3rd: living armor: a blast of void energy brings the armor stand to life for a short time to fight alongside you 

4th: void discharge: A blast of void energy erupts from (name) causing damage to enemies plus random effect to nearby allies 

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Ability Kit Theme:

Since it's body is made of different Warframes, it's abilities could use the not used body parts as weapons. 


Ability 1: 

"Rush down":

Sends forth a small assembled minion which does different things based on the type chosen (similar to Vaubans mine layer) 

Option 1: Explosion: 1 minion rushes at the targeted location taunting enemies and explodes after a certain duration 

Option 2: Charged: 1 minion rushes to the targeted location and magnetizing enemies in an area during it's charge and electrifying enemies for a certain duration once it reaches its destination. 

Option 3: Toxic: sends forth multiple enemy seeking minions which will viralize enemies that they touch after that they seek new enemies

Passive: the warframes passive utilizes the active option from ability 1 as an "armor":

As long as the warframe is shielded it has a elemental damaging aura 

Toxin for toxic; fire for explosion; electric for charged

If the shields are depleted it explodes in the corresponding element with twice the aura size

Ability 2:

"Lash out":

Creates a weapon to strike the area in front of the frame,

With the  explosion option active the weapon is a great sword. The strike is a jumping slam attack with a compact but strong explosion zone

With the charged option active the weapon are 2 Daggers. The strike is a fast attack in which the frame attacks everyone in front of him (similar to ash's blade storm but without the animation and electrical dmg) 

With the toxic option active the weapon becomes a whip. The strike is a wide 120 degree attack in front of the frame dealing toxin dmg to every enemy and leaving gas clouds with every hit


Ability 3: "Infusion" 

Channel ability:

The warframe charges itself with the energy of his not used warframe parts

With the Explosion option active the frame gains increased health and melee dmg at the cost of reduced shield and gun dmg

With the charged option the warframe gains increase shields and fire rate at the cost of reduced accuracy and higher energy drain

With the toxic option active the warframe gains increased sprint speed and gun dmg at the cost of reduced armor and melee dmg


Ability 4: "Instable mass" 

Abilty with a set cool down after usage

The warframe overloads it's void energy in a big energy blast dealing toxin, electric and fire dmg in a greater area

Additional all enemies hit are knocked down and dazzled (after they get on the feet) for a certain duration 

The frame explodes this ability too, causing it to self repair itself with full shields but 1 health 

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I played with the idea of "the whole is greater than the sum of all parts" to make a synergy beast. More of a DPS/One-man-army that also has some support elements to it to be a nice compliment to any squad comp. I took some inspiration from the Egyptian god Osiris, and put an emphasis on 'Resurrection', 'Afterlife', and 'Fertility'. The void seems like an afterlife in my opinion, even if it is a space between spaces.


Suggested Name: "Osiris"
The Broken Warframe

 Passive: Overclock
     Warframe is given a buff to Ability Strength, Health, or Energy Regen when Operator performs a specific void ability
     on them (i.e. void blast for Energy Regen, amp attack/void beam for Strength, void dash for Health). This buff does not stack with the others (i.e. cannot have all three going
     at once) but it can be refreshed. Buff is duration based. Note: for amp attack, I'd recommend the entire amp energy be used to activate the Strength buff

 1st     Reconstruction
         Toggle Ability. On activation, any matter (i.e. Loot crates, enemies, environmental objects)
         broken in range on the Broken Warframe will grant an armor buff based on the current base armor value. 
         At the max armor cap allowed (while at full shields) the ability charges the warframe's overshields.
         The armor buff decays over time, but when the buff is activated there is a 3 second grace period of no decay. 
         The armor buff is stackable up to a cap. The overshields do not decay, they are only affected by enemy fire.

 2nd    Defiance
         On activation, warframe will be forced into a stationary pose with an AoE around it. During this time, 
         any damage received within the AoE by the Broken Warframe or allies will be negated and stored as a 
         percent-resistance value against that damage type. Once deactivated, the warframe releases a wave of void energy 
        (placeholder value: at max rank, 2.5x the radius of the AoE) in which that percent-resistance value is distributed to
         all squad members in range, and lowers the resistance of all enemies in range to the damage type(s) they inflicted, for 
         a set time duration. BONUS: if all affected enemies are killed with the duration, energy is refunded to the Broken Warframe

 3rd    Spiring
         On activation, Broken Warframe lodges their arm into the ground, and a few moments later large transference void fibers
         (like the ones in the back of the orbiter) shoot up from the ground in a circular radius from the warframe. These void fibers (I'm going to call them spires)
         provide life-steal from any enemies within a X meter range of them. These inherently heal the Broken Warframe regardless
         of distance away from spire, but allies in close range of the spire will also receive health regen benefits. This ability 
         affects the life of your specters in the 4th ability. Only 2-3 spires appear at max rank. They can only be moved by reactivating
         the ability in another location. 

 4th    Resurgence    
         On activation, warframe energizes and explodes radially with bright void energy (brief CC). The strung together components
         of the warframe are ejected from the body, and each piece phases into creation a unique ethereal specter with a custom weapon
         specific to that specter. At max rank, 3 specters are generated (one for primary, secondary, melee). Your broken
         warframe is now a bundle of void fibers floating around like a spirit at this point (i.e. wisp type movement), and
         must siphon life energy from enemies to sustain the specters health (imagine the reverse of the Shield of Shadows augment, with Inaros' downed Gravestone mechanic).
         Warframe void spirit is invulnerable during this phase, but cannot attack enemies. Only hover near them and siphon their life.
         It can, however, posses one of the specters to control and fight, at the risk of running out of life energy to sustain
         the specters. The player can willing posses and deposes the specters whenever, and almost hop between specters. At the
         end of the ability, all specters collapse and release different CC AoEs (as an example: Fire proc, Cold proc, Toxin proc)
         at their current location. The pieces of the Broken Warframe that these specters generated from then come flying back to the warframe
         (think Iron Man 3 suit up sequence) and rebuild the Broken Warframe to continue the fight. 
        NOTE: while in your 4th, you cannot activate your other abilities. However, the effects of your other abilities 
        still proceed. Meaning, if I activate the 2nd and 3rd ability before activating my 4th, those ability effects are
        still in play and are not interrupted. 

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only health frame. no shield

Passive: Dismantle - the more damage he takes the higher the speed/damage buff he gains.

1:Teleport - he can disassemble himself at his current position and reassemble himself at the point he looks at ( maybe teleport trough walls?)



4: Yhorm: Absorb enemies around him and transform into a giant Golem. Each attack makes him smaller/ duration over time. He gains a speed nerf but a heavy damage,range and armor buff.

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Posted (edited)

1st Ability: (Void canon) He channels the void energy in his into his hands and blasts enemies with the energy similar to the tenno's void blast but with a bit more of a kick to it. 


2nd ability: (Burst) He expels the void energy from his body and puts the energy inside the target enemy. He then calls the energy back causing the enemy to burst from inside. 


3rd ability: (Battery) He uses the energy he's gathered to boost the energy and attacks of nearby war frames by 50%.


4th ability: (Meltdown) He gathers up the energy around him leaving himself vulnerable at the same time. After releasing the energy he uses the void to explode enemies in a wide radius.


Passive: (Nuclear) The more damage he takes the higher the damage buff he gains.

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Posted (edited)

I know this isn't relevant but DE its a perfect opportunity for the Arbiters to have a quest of their own. This is an old-broken frame we're talking about. And the Arbiters are all about history. At least make them play a good part on this.

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Considering that he's broken and held together by void energy should have high shields and low health/armor.
Concept art and theme reminds me more of a void-construct somehow elastic thing than an actual warframe so my abilities concept are based on this.

Passive - Unstable
Upon taking lethal damage he becomes staggered in place for 2 sec instead of being downed and emits a burst of heavy radiation damage in X radius. (Affected by mods)
He will restore half of his health and 25% of shields (not affected by mods). Can trigger once every 30 sec, if on cooldown he will be normally downed. (A collapsing-like downed animation would be so cool)

1 -  Tangle  25 Energy
Tap to burst void tangles from your hand with repelling force, knocking away and damaging all enemies in a line in X metres (single-handed action) (scales with melee mods)
Hold to extend your arms with the void fibers covering you, then pulling together enemies and damaging them in X metres of line of sight with a clap (two-handed action) (scales with melee mods).

2 - Void Repair  50 Energy
Emit a burst of energy around you that violently consume fallen enemies (% drop chance of energy orbs), repairing himself with more shield recharge for each body consumed and damaging nearby enemies (scaling damage idea based on dead enemies).

3 - Resiliency  75 Energy
Toughens your void fibers for X seconds, granting you X% of damage mitigation and storing up the evaded damage.
At the end or by reactivating it, will convert the stored damage (with a conversion formula) in a pulse that you can cycle between power strenght or health regen for you and your allies for X seconds. 

4 - Maelstrom  100 Energy + toogle
Suddenly detach your limbs in a violent explosion around you and extend your void tangles at your max limit (can move 50% faster but cannot jump, roll or slide). For the toogle duration you furiously unleash waves of void energy in a radius from your moving limbs that suspends enemies on air damaging them overtime and making them ragdoll in a circle exposing them on increased damage from allies.
Allies inside the Maelstrom will benefit of Resiliency damage mitigation. On deactivation your limbs will reconnect and enemies will crash at the center of Maelstrom with a Magnetic proc.

Not going into details on what depens on duration, range, strenght, etc but these are my ideas for this kind of warframe. More like a collector void beast than a scrap warframe. Hope you like it as much as i do. :clem:

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Okay we’ll ever since I’ve played this game I wanted a Warframe that really felt powerful. One that has super powers kind of like anime powers. Also, since the warframe is made from other warframe parts I think it should have some abilities that are similar to other frames in game

Passive Ability: While an ability is active, it heals allies 0.4 a second. Just something that helps his teammates

Ability 1: Void Counter

This ability lets you be immune for let’s say 5 seconds and the damage that would’ve been done to you would be dealt in a blast of energy. Basically press your 1, take damage, press the 1 again, you blast the damage to enemies

Ability 2: Observation Instinct 

This ability can slow down time of enemy projectiles and enemy movement for let’s say 5 seconds. Goes with the first by using your 1, wait til you take a lot of damage press your 2 to slow them down, then press your 1 again to unload the damage

If you don’t like the slow idea you could use a teleport ability. Just something that could increase survivability

Ability 3: Judgement Day

This ability let’s the warframe control all void energy in the air and sends spikes of void energy from the sky and falls to destroy enemies similar to Ember’s ability. (It should be stronger of course)

Ability 4: Second Stage

This ability channels void energy inside of him that  buffs your power for a massive decrease in energy and can last over lets say 20 seconds. Buffs all damage you do as well as movement speed. This also gives him two corrupted swords from the Old War costed in void energy. Basically a high risk high reward ability. Use it wrong you're left without energy and no damage, use it right you could potentially be a killing machine





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so since the warframe is broken and well it looses bolts and so on i've been thinking of using that disadvantage into and advantage.


1st abbility:    Trow bolts and other sharp objects from the frame onto the ground slowing and damaging enemies.

                              (costs 5 health per second) 

2cond ability: call on spare parts in the area to assemble a a mine that will suck in nearby enemies when triggered and leave a pile of scrap when they die while under this effect. 

                             (10 energy/s)


3th ability:     gather nearby scrap metal and assample them as a plate around you, making you inmune from damage and staggering attacks.


4th ability:    your warframe falls apart when taking damage and limbs seek out nearby enemies and latch onto them, taking control of them till death. Damage dealt by those controlled restores health and energy based on the amount of damage done. Activate again to reassemble and blast the controlled enemies, damaging any nearby for 20 damage for each 5 secs of control.

                            (cost 150 energy)



ps: i'd like to apolegize if it is hard to read and for the many gramar mistakes, i am not english from birth.


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Reassembly: The Broken Warframe seeks to Reassamble itself and thus collects Parts and Armor of enemy combatans he has slain - he repurposes their "essence" to fuel his abilities, instead of costing energy.

The maximum Essence is 250

One killed enemy provides him with 1 Essence and 5 armor.
Enemies killed are Dematerialized (as if shot by something like the Arca Plasmor) and then added to himself. (VFX effect/paticles)

1. Ability : The Makers Idea

The Broken warframe Targets an area and creates a cone-like explosion by letting one of his arms expload.
(This Explosion is castable with one hand, thus does not cancel reloads etc.) The explosion makes enemies Stumble and knocks back enemies close to you.
The exploaded part gets replaced by an energy version of the part that exploaded.

The splinters from the exploaded armor-piece can be recalled, staggering the enemy again and inflicitng a bleed proc on them - in the process, reconstructing yourself.

Cost: 10 essence

2. Ability : Repurpose

Upon activation the broken warframe fluidly disassambles itself and reassambles itself on a target location, replacing the targetet individual with itself. 

(Similar to loki´s Swap, but instead of swapping, the target is assimilated)

Cost: 30 essence

3. Ability : Deconstruct

[Toggle] upon activation parts of the armor disassamble themselves into a "grey-goo" which proceeds to rotate around him in a stormlike fashion - enemies hit by the Goo will slowly be stripped of their armor, the damage and range scale with the ammount of essence SPENT on this ability. Essence cost is influenced by Power 

Cost: 1 Essence per second up to 4 Essence per second

4. Ability : Whole Again

[Only usable on Full essence]
The Stored Essence is used to "Repair" the broken Warframe and forms an outer armor made of the "grey goo". His ability Damage is drastically increased during this period.

Makers Idea can be cast infinite times and the range is drastically increased, holding down thhe cast button pulls back all the splinters

Repurpose now is used as an AOE Targeter and can Target up to 5 enemies around the initial selected enemy to be converted into the broken warframe

Deconstruct has a drastic increase in range

During the Active time of Whole Again Essence max is uncapped

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Passive: Verification

-You gain a % amount of total health and shield per each warframe and companion in your squad. 

Ability 1 : Digitalize

-Your warframe becomes pixelized, granting him transperancy and phasing through walls, objects, enemies, and structures. If phasing through an enemy, they gain the shocking/magnetic status effect. (Excluding locked and otherwise unaccesible rooms) 

Ability 2 - Mimic

-Your warframes programming was never complete. He has learned to mimic those around him. Using on a team mate will turn this ability into the target warframes #4 ability once upon your next use. 

Ability 3 - Salvage

-Once activated, your warframe gains stacks as enemies die around him. When used again, those stacks are converted into a magnet pulse dealing X amount of damage around him, and healing X amount of shields.

Ability 4 - Magnetic Pulse

-Your warframe pulses of magnetic energy, drawing enemies into him as they take shock/magnetic damage, leaving your warframe unable to move. After 5 seconds, he reverses the energy, dealing massive damage and knocking back all the enemies within his pulse.

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Passive - 

Void overflow

periodically gains a random void buff to one of the equipped weapons or itself and increases the duration of void buffs recived by relics

(30 seconds for the random chance, +50% duration on relic void buffs)


1st ability - 


Summons a Specter of itself at the user's cursor. The Specter lasts 30 seconds and when destroyed / expired /recasted , it explodes and leaves by a energy cloud, dealing damage to enemies inside it.

When Buffed, the Specter gains one of the manifest's weapons and now can move around. 



2nd ability 


The warframe explodes and turns its apendages into deadly shrapnel, piercing walls and dealing damage to enemies. deals the most damage at the epicenter and loosing damage farther away. 

Re assembles itself soon after.

When Buffed, the shrapnel deals double damage and killed enemies explode aswell, but with 50% less range.



3rd ability


The warframe mainfests 1 of 3 weapons that use the player's energy over time. when buffed, summon them all, so allies can use them, free of cost. or the player can just cycle to the one they like. when allies use the weapons, energy loss over time is reduced. 

            - Laser that deals damage to enemies caught in its beam (damage is increased the longer the trigger is held)

            - Cannon that shoots exploding projectiles. The projectiles are affected by gravity, making it a hard weapon to use but with a massive payoff  

            -Charged sniper that deals massive damage when charged. 

4th ability

True Potential 

The warframe Gains massive stat boosts and gives its abilites increased potential. 

+ + Ability strength, duration and range.

+ Armor 


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A cool ability to consider regarding this being a broken frame held together may be some type of teleport. It could work as leaving a part or limb behind and taping into the energy keeping it together to go back to where you left that part/limb. This could also be helpful for climbing obstacles or locking down objectives.

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Posted (edited)

General Idea - Scavenger frame. Abilities work on nearby enemies, using them against themselves. Corpses can be repurposed. The ability rotation would be 1 - 2 -> 1 - 3 - 2 repeating, with 4 thrown in whenever you need/want. The 4th ability allows you to convert from a up-close frame to a long range frame by creating guns from the collected scrap resource.


PASSIVE - Using 'Repurpose' will create a new resource "Scrap" that can fuel the 3rd and 4th abilities, adding effects to them. This resource is also passively gained as enemies die around you. This passive resource gain will not contribute to the armor buff provided by 'Repurpose'.

  • Passive Range: 3m - not affected by range mods
  • Passive strength (gain from dead enemies) - walking near a fresh corpse will restore the resource by 0.5%. Not affected by strength/efficiency mods.
  • This resource will degrade slowly if not used or replenished.

The idea of the resource is that bits and pieces of the enemies will be used to damage other enemies. I think it would be a bit cumbersome to have a trail of body parts following the warframe around as part of the resource, (lots of visual noise there), but that is the concept.

Ability 1 - Void Tendrils

The frame will lash out its right arm / tendrils from its right arm and pull a group of enemies to the warframe (think similar to the infested ancient). Hold to pull yourself to the target enemy instead.

Ability Stats:

  • Radius 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 2.5m  around target (affected by range mods)
  • Target range 10m / 15 / 20 / 25m from warframe (affected by range mods)
  • Some damage, but this would be a utility thing so damage can be small.

Options depending on implementation:

  • If enemy pull is near-instant - When pulling the enemies to you, they enter a very brief debuff state similar to Loki's Switch Teleport.
  • If enemy pull drags them across ground (similar to if an enemy pulls you) - One Handed action.
  • Enemies will be wrapped in void tendrils during this ability, s they cannot attack while under its effects.

Augment idea: The puling yourself to the target could be the augment (this Is my preference I think, so it has some variation, or so its not an indirect of Valkyr RipLine). Or the augment could add en effect such as the debuff state / knockdown group of enemies when you pull yourself to them.


Ability 2 - Repurpose

Warframe will repurpose nearby corpses, gaining a defense buff from them. Nearby corpses will be turned into armor for the warframe, acting as a 'meat shield', similar to Rhino's Iron Skin. Buff can be stacked, with each stack having a timer for when it falls off. Casting again will not refresh the entire stack, only add a new stack. (Idea here is that corpses are great meat shields, but are only viable for a short period of time before they are useless for that purpose). Similar to Nekros, each corpse is treated seperately (that means just like Nekros can desecrate each half of a corpse that was cut in 2, this will also repurpose each half of that single corpse - synergize with 3.)

Unlocking this ability will also generate a new resource, as described by the passive. Casting 'Repurpose' will fill the resource meter by a percentage per enemy corpse, this is in addition to the passive's resource gain.

Ability Stats:

  • Radius 5m (affected by range mods)
  • Meat Shield added per corpse - 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 (affected by strength mods)
  • Meat Shield Stack Duration - 15 / 30 / 45 / 60s (affected by duration mods)
    • Note that each cast of the ability will have the duration applied, the duration is not per corpse. So if a cast were to grant 1000hp, then whatever is left of the 1000 hp will fall off after the stack has completed.
    • The stacks are damaged in a FIFO fashion, so the oldest stack will take damage first. That way the player isn't screwed over by new stacks being depleted by enemy fire at the same time an old stack times out.
  • Resource added per corpse -
    • Base value of 1.5% of the meter
    • Minimum 1% gain, even with <100% strength
    • affected by strength mods + efficiency mods
    • This is in addition to the 0.5% per corpse the passive provides, so I wanted to keep it in a range where killing enemies is still required, but gain can be accelerated.

Augment Idea - Exilus Slot - Casting this will also replenish ammo

Ability 3 - Corpse Storm

This ability works on nearby enemies, damaging them in a radius around you.

  • Cost - 75 energy
  • Expends 25% of your gathered Scrap.
  • radius 5m (affected by range mods)
  • Duration - 10 / 12 / 13 / 15s
  • Damage (affected by strength mods)
    • Initial Damage amount - 100 / 200 / 300 / 400 (added to help with fodder enemies in low levels)
    • Sustained Damage for enemies stuck in the storm: 1% of current enemy health per second
      • This damage will be modified by the amount of Scrap.
      • A full 25% of your bar (assuming that it was at 100% when you cast it) will double the sustained damage from 1% to 4% of current hp.
        • If you have only 50% of your Scrap filled when you cast, this will use 25% of that, meaning 12.5% of a full bar. Since this is half of the 'full requirement', then instead of going from 1% to 4%, it will go from 1% to 2.5% enemy current health.
        • This will keep the damage in check for people that cast this ability a lot, while rewarding people who use it less often with a more powerful cast.
        • The % hp per second is also pretty low, so killing enemies will require work on top of this, while still remaining viable for long missions.


Ability 4  - Animate Scrap

Infuse your scrap with your void tendrils, animating it to fight alongside you. This counts as an Exalted Weapon, and can be modded as such. On ability activation, equip your exalted weapon. Scrap you have acquired also becomes infused with your void tendrils holding the frame together, spawning additional weapons that fire on your command.

This ability is an exalted weapon to allow for easier balancing of the power this ability provides.

  • Cost - 100 energy
  • Consumes scrap every second, effected by efficiency + duration.
    • Firing the weapons consumes scrap faster.
    • 0.5% scrap per second while ability is active
    • Firing the weapons uses 5% of the scrap bar per second of firing them.
  • Does not require reloading / does not have ammo clip - This is supplied by the scrap resource.
  • Cannot cast "3" while this is active, but can cast 1 + 2 to help replenish your scrap bar.
  • Scrap Weapons created: 2 / 3 / 4 / 4 (Not affected by power strength)
  • Damage:
    • Each weapon will fire at your target (similar to how Mirage clones work).
    • Main exalted weapon will deal full damage of the modded weapon.
      • Each additional scrap weapon will deal a % of the total damage. (EX: If each one deals 50% of the weapon damage, then at max rank you will have 200% additional damage due to 4 weapons @ 50% each)
    • Weapon Stats are to be determined, but this should work similar to Mesa's guns.

Augment Idea: Have each scrap weapon deal its own base elemental damage, total damage converted to that type. (One shoots 100% fire damage, one is toxin damage, etc). Base weapon is normal for how it is modded.

Edited by Robbery525
Original post idea had 2 ideas for the 4th ability. Prior to posting I deleted the less-formed idea, but forgot to delete the "Idea 2" tag i left on the remaining ability.

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his 4th ability should be to change into other warframes since this is a frame constructed from other warframes.

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Okay, here goes.

Passive: Survivor- Those who last the longest in war are the most resourceful: Health Orbs and Ammo are more likely to drop from nearby foes when they die.

Instead of bleedout: the Broken Warframe enters an untargetable state, loses 30% movement speed, the ability to bullet jump and several body parts. Collecting these missing parts will allow the frame to regain movement speed, and if it can collect all its missing pieces and escape to an area with few or no enemies, it can repair itself and return to life. All this occurs under a slightly longer than standard bleedout timer.

Ability 1: Guerilla warfare- The Broken Frame knows that fighting fair doesn't pay. Attack and knock down one enemy, then pillage a "dirty" buff. If the attack kills the enemy, a burst of void energy knocks down the enemies in a radius around the original target.

                      "Dirty" buffs: From the Shadows- breaking line of sight with the enemy and crouching while this buff is active gives the Broken Frame active camouflage and allows for a set number of Hidden Strikes, which are counted as unaware melee kills. When this number is expended or the buff ends the active camo disappears.

                                           Disorient and Divide- While this buff is active, any reactivation of ability 1 causes a flashbang effect that blinds enemies and makes them stumble. Blinded enemies are vulnerable to finishers. This can only occur if the ability cast does NOT kill the target.

                                           Lucky Shot- Sometimes, surviving comes down to good fortune. While this buff is active, any critical hit has a chance to increase the critical damage of the weapon by a set amount (50%-150%)


Ability 2: Weapon Maintenance- A good soldier knows that his weapon is his best friend on the battlefield. Activating this ability will improve the active weapons stats, boosting fire rate/attack speed, crit chance and crit damage for a time. This ability can be reactivated to "overclock" the weapon, gaining even more of a buff, but setting the weapon on cooldown afterward and making it unable to be used for a set amount of time.


Ability 3: Pitfall Trap- Even the environment bends to the Broken Frame's will. Activating this will rig the area in front of the Frame with snaring traps that immobilize enemies and have a chance to disarm.


Ability 4: One Man Army- When it comes down to the wire, survivors know there can be no holding back. Activating this ability causes the Broken Frame to go into a stance, lose 50% movement speed and dual wield his primary and secondary. The weapons will auto target enemies in range and use their primary fire. Every few seconds, the Broken Frame will lob Void Grenades into the fray, temporarily removing the secondary weapon fire until the animation of throwing completes. Any Pitfall Traps set off while this is active will perform a radial blind and proc a heat status.

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1.Shockwave attack (staggers enemies)        2.Bullet deflection (Deflects a certain amount of ballistic damage to source)           3.Poisonous tether (More enemies that are tethered will do more damage)          4.Peicing judgement (Spawns spikes above user that has a simular lock-on to Ash)           Passive. Critcal reload (Achieving a critical headshot has a chance to reload current weapon.)

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