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Warframe: Garuda


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Just a concept idea I thought of while driving home from school. It's a big wall of text so here's a very very watered down version first:


Female wind element Warframe that is based on supporting allies, but can transform into an offensive Warframe


4: Garuda’s Fury: (Toggle skill that saps more energy the longer you use it)Transforms Warframe into Fury mode. This is a purely melee range form (no weapons) that also makes her tankier. When using this skill, her 1, 2, and 3 skills do different things.

1: Gust: Pushes enemy back a short distance and suspends them in the air for up to 1 second (low damage skill). When in Fury mode, she creates an aoe vortex that sucks enemies closer to her, dealing more damage the longer the enemies stay in it (low damage skill, but deals more damage the closer they are to Garuda).

2: Wind Shroud: Creates a shield on all nearby allies. When this shield pops, it knocks enemies back and deals moderate damage. When cast in Fury mode, it shrouds herself with wind that deals moderate damage to nearby enemies every second.

3: Cyclone: Creates a cyclone that knocks enemies away and also deals damage per second to enemies inside (low damage per second when inside). This cyclone will persist where it was cast. It will also ricochet bullets, has a chance of knocking enemies out of it when they try to approach the edge, and slow enemies in and around the cyclone. When in Fury mode, instead of pushing them out, it sucks them in like Gust. It also deals more damage per second when in this form and knock enemies back inside if they try to leave (not 100% chance).


Current concept:





Health: 75

Power: 150

Armor: 50

Shields: 100

Sprint Speed: 1.0



Garuda’s Fury//Toggle 10 Energy per second – 10 energy is depleted immediately for casting (this is to prevent toggle spamming)

This is actually Garuda’s 4th skill, but I place it here first because it would be confusing to read the other skills without knowing this one first.

Garuda enters into her Fury mode. When in this form, all of her skills have different effects. Garuda loses the ability to use primary and secondary weapons (no ranged weapons), but she takes reduced damage and does more damage with melee attacks. Garuda also cannot be knocked down or staggered in this form. When using her charged attack in this form, Garuda whips around to hit all nearby enemies.

Damage reduction: 15%/25%/35%/45%

Increased melee damage, range, and speed: 8%/12%/16%/20%

Movement speed bonus: 5%/8%/12%/15%



When not using Garuda’s Fury:

Cast in front of Garuda in a 90 degrees cone. Knocks enemies back a short distance and suspends them before they fall.

Suspense time of .5/.5/1/1

Deals 10/20/35/50 damage every .5 seconds that enemies are affected by this skill.

When using Garuda’s Fury:

Sucks enemies towards Garuda. Enemies further away from Garuda will be sucked in slower than those that are closer to Garuda. Garuda is not invincible when casting this, but cannot be knocked down or interrupted by enemies. Enemies closer to Garuda will take more damage.

For both skills:

Range of 8/10/12/15

Deals 10/20/35/50 damage every .5 seconds that enemies are affected by this skill. This increases by 2x when enemies are within 50% of her maximum skill range.

Cast time: 2 seconds


Wind Shroud//50

When not using Garuda’s Fury:

Forms shields around nearby allies that absorbs damage. When the shield pops (not when the duration ends), it knocks back nearby enemies a short distance, and deals moderate damage to them. Multiple casts of this skill only resets the shield.

Absorption: 150/225/300/375

Range: 10/15/20/25

Damage dealt: 100/125/150/200

Duration: 8/12/14/16

When using Garuda’s Fury:

Shrouds herself with wind that deals damage to nearby enemies (small range).

Damage per second: 100/125/150/200

Duration of: 8/12/14/16



When not using Garuda’s Fury:

When cast, creates a persistent ring around the area where it was cast. Enemies inside of the area where it was cast are knocked out of the ring. Enemies that come into contact with the edge of the cyclone will be dealt damage and knocked back. (Thus, enemies that cannot be knocked out of the cyclone will not take damage because they did not come into contact with the edge). Enemies inside of the cyclone will be dealt continuous damage. Projectiles fired into the cyclone from the outside have a chance of ricocheting in random directions. Enemies attempting to enter the cyclone have a chance of being knocked back out. Enemies will also be slowed when in the general area of the cyclone. (30% slow at all levels)

Range: 6/8/10/12

Range of slow: 8/14/16/20

Damage from the edge of the cyclone: 50/100/150/200

Damage dealt to enemies inside of the cyclone: 5/10/15/25 per second

Chance of richochet/knockback: 20%/35%/50%/65%

Duration: 9/12/15/20

When using Garuda’s Fury:

Instead of knocking enemies out of the cyclone, enemies will be pulled towards the cyclone. Enemies closer to the cyclone will be pulled in faster and those further will be pulled in slower. Enemies will not be knocked outwards when they come into contact with the edge, instead enemies will be knocked inwards.

Range: 6/8/10/12

Damage from the edge of the cyclone: 100/175/250/300

Damage dealt to enemies inside of the cyclone: 10/20/30/50 per second

Chance of richochet/knockback: 20%/35%/50%/65%

Duration: 9/12/15/20


The idea around this Warframe is to keep enemies at bay when she is in her normal form. Her skills will be able to defend and protect allies with ease. For example, Wind Shroud will be able to save allies from melee ranged enemies since it gives them a shield and knocks enemies back if the shield is popped. Cyclone will also make it easy to defend points, or ressurect allies that have been killed and are surrounded by enemies. At the same time, Garuda’s Fury will act as her offensive form that allows for a new melee-viable Warframe. (I say this because it’s sometimes hard to go melee things on squishy Warframes when they can knock you down and constantly wail on you). When in this form, her various skills will allow her to pull in enemies to effectively wipe them out with aoes. At the same time, she can use this form to pull enemies away from allies or defense points so she can potentially retain her utility in this form. When combining these two skill sets, it opens up many interesting possibilities and combos such as casting Cyclone in both forms in different areas (but near each other) to bounce enemies between the edges and deal massive damage or just CC.


While she does have almost two sets of skills, she gives up tankiness and damage in her normal form. At the same time, when using her Fury form, she will not have the ability to use any weapons, and have high energy costs because her normal skill costs in conjunction with her toggle skill that saps 10 energy per second will add up quite nicely, thus preventing you from running around smacking things in Fury mode forever. To make this form more melee-viable, she gains damage reduction (remember that her base health and armor stats are very low), and also knockdown immunity.


Rough draft 1:


Edited by Aisille
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Thanks for the feedback! I think the Fury system, or something similar should be looked into at least for new Warframes. It would provide versatile Warframes and allow for many more playstyles. I also updated some of the skills and grammatical errors. If anyone has tips on what big bird should look like, let me know! Planning on picking up paper and pencil this weekend.

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i like the idea, but the main move (ultimate) kind of ruins the concept (no offence meant). the idea of the tenno is that they are humans in suits, and the fact that they can transform just says F**K physics. i like the effect though, and especially the idea of a fury mode. (i think there should be a mod for that)

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Decided to redesign the Fury mode concept into something more human-like. Went with an unleashed theme where her armor cracks open during Fury mode and her energy seeps through her armor. Also going to redesign her helmet + armor from the first draft, and possibly change her name/general theme.

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