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Survival: Speed This Up, Please. (Or Save Our Stuff At Checkpoints)


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Could we find a way to keep the same amount of challenge, but yet speed the mission up?


Before, you could do a 5min survival and get decent rewards. Now, all you get at the 5min mark are credits or maybe Common mods.


The problem with Survival, is that you need to invest 15 minutes or more, before you get anything worthwhile. It isn't the challenge that I don't like about this, it is the sheer fact that without dedicated servers, the risk of either you, the host, your ISP, your electric company, or even a mere lag spike can cause you to lose it all sharply climbs each minute you spend in there.


The game's reward system is way too fragile for me to want to risk that much time in a single mission. I like quick missions -- I do a fast mission, get out, get my stuff saved. That way if I DC, or crash, or my power goes out, or my DSL modem drops the connection, I don't lose everything I spent the last 15+ minutes working on.


Maybe if we could find a way to save your rewards so that you could at least contact Support to get them back, or maybe if the game could find a way to save your stuff every 5 minutes (kinda like how Defense does at each Wave x5), then I wouldn't mind long missions.


So, ideas to speed it up:


1). Double the o2 drain rate, make prizes happen every 2:30 instead of 5:00, double the mob spawns/mob level increases. This would double the speed of survival missions, and turn a 20 minute survival into a 10 minute survival with the same challenge.


2). Speed up the first 10 minutes; make the mobs spawn faster, give out prizes at 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes and then every 5 minutes afterward.


Ideas to "Save your Work":


1). Every time you gain a new x5min reward, the game creates a "snapshot" of what you earned (all XP, resource and mod drops) up until the latest reward. For example, if you lasted 11 minutes and got killed or DC'd, you get to keep everything you earned from the 0 to 9:59 mark. You would lose the 10:00-11:00 stuff, should you DC, Host Migrate, etc.


Any other suggestions? Post em.

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I'll admit, I didn't read the entire thing.


That being said, the same problem can be said for certain Void Defense situations, in that the first 5 waves of T3 are unneeded, and it would be better in some cases to just get straight to the hard stuff. So yeah, "speeding things up" is something I personally can go for in many situations.

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I agree, these missions do start out slow. However if things get massively sped up the endurance factor disappears. Me and my buddy were farming for mag prime pieces and were always just going to 15 mins then bailing.


What bothers me is there is no incentive to go past that. We just duod to 29:44 nearly made 30 mins but I missed a pack just a second too late. Would we have gotten anything nice at 30? No. Just a few more credits which you can get doing anything really...


Out of all the survival missions I have run since the change I have noticed one significant constancy. There is no reward for going as far as you can. You make it to 30 or 40? Same cred rewards or crap from the first few points.

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...or we could just have the first 2 reward intervals be not utterly worthless crap.


The problem with this, though, is there's no challenge in 5min Survival. That's why they changed it.


I understand that... I just don't like the whole deal with having to spend so much time in a single mission, and risk losing everything to something stupid like a crash, host migration, power outage, etc.


Again, if the reward system weren't so freaking fragile, then I'd say go for it! But yeah. A stupid little lag spike is enough to make you lose _everything_ you spent the last 15, 20+ minutes working for.

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