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Damn Alphabetical Order Is Going To Make Me Want To Gahhsahfsdalkfhjskaf!


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So a long time ago I made a thread about prettifying the game's UI...



But in this thread, I just want to talk about alphabetical order.

I swear to god I'm going to kill someone because of this one day. The market is just... A jumbled random pile of mess...

Please just order them up, and make them into categories... Even the warframes and weapons... 

Please, imo I don't think this would be that hard to do but... it annoys me so much.

This is the same with everything in the game... Just please could you guys at DE do this one thing lol? :)

Awesome job btw this past few days!

Also I know you guys have lots more important stuff but... could you guys consider?



Also the rage in this thread is just purely a joke ;)

Hope you consider!




This is what I mean...


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Yes, The equipment section of the market place has become similar to the monstrosity a folder called "stuff" becomes on ones desktop. Cosmetics at the very least need their own section.



This is my desktop lol...

And I always make it so you don't see desktop icons, and the taskbar..




and these are my folders...





So technically you can still be organised.

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