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I Feel As If Phobos Should Be One Complete Sandbox Campaign Mission.


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And yes, the pun is intended. 


Phobos has that same feel of what Pitch Black (I'm a huge Rid$&*^ fan) had with its atmosphere. Almost completely desolate with the exception of small settlements, extremely hostile weather conditions, and creatures that will jump at the opportunity to bite your face off. However Phobos is limited to the same mundane mission types we've all played over and over and over and over again. Phobos deserves to be something different.


What I had in mind is a simple map layout that is extremely wide, supports the use of vehicles, has random events like a giant sand worms busting out of the ground and chasing your sand skiff in an attempt to kill you, has randomly placed objectives in Grineer settlements, random encounters with Grineer patrol units in the wastelands, and a camping system for Tenno to rest and prepare for the next operation. 


This, of course, would be a campaign type of mission. A campaign with narrative is completely missing from the game, and I believe Warframe really needs it so burn out won't be such a common issue. We need to feel like our actions actually matter. With a sandbox campaign mission layout with random dynamic events and a site-specific story line, players will have a ton more to do than just collect weapons and Warframes.



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I think MERCURY should be sort of a Tutorial area.

First time you play it, it has some special tutorial messages and cutscenes to show you how to do things...

Like after the first mission, it awards you your first mod (Redirection?), some cores and explains to you the mod system by letting you upgrade your first mod hands-on.

Then another level it gives you a Gear item as reward and explains how to equip that and use it...

Then on the boss level, when you get the cronus, after receiving the reward it shows you how to find it in the foundry, explains how to get the resources for it, gives you the needed resources and lets you build it...

It gets finished in a minute, and it explains mastery and leveling, maybe forma.

To make sure it's not annoying and exploitable, it only happens on the first playthrough of those maps.

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That would be so epic.

The thing is it could be an experinental prototype kinda game mode. They could just have phobos be the only open world area and see how it goes. They could even just have a select # of players try it to avoid rage if they dropped it, and that is me REALLY curb checking selfishness bc man i would loooove that. Reminds me of the beginner area in global agenda.

Whenever i am on phobos i feel the same way, i wanna explore and get irritated it's just another do X and Y mission

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