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Greyish Default Color


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I mean I get the whole gold colors on prime but why do we have it on normal frames. It just makes certain color pattern ugly and well. . bleeeh. 


Can we just color it? 






see it destroys color pattern.






as you can see, both nyx and excalibur have the same problem.



I get the whole gold color, by why cant we color the back?



This is a good example on how prime frames should be, the only non colorable*I dont know if its even a word* part are the gold coils of mag prime, no default grey/white colors. (we should also be able to color mags coil since its not a prime frame)





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Nekros also has that uncolourable grey on him as well. I'm wondering what if there is a reason they keep putting that on frames, but regardless I'd prefer full colour control.

The other frames seems to not have them, the new ones that came out (nova,Nekros) has :l

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