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Performance Boost


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Hey guys i was reading some tricks how to boost performance on the warframe wiki




does anyone has try this?


  • Core Performance Boost: RAM

Start --> Run --> Type: regedit --> Enter --> Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management -->  Open: "DisablePagingExecutive" --> Change value to "1" --> Close registry editor and reboot. ONLY USE THIS TWEAK WHEN YOU HAVE 512 MB OF RAM OR MORE!

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Also, people, editing the windows operating system registry files is VERY risky. Only do it if you're confident and know what you're doing. You can really mess up your system if you do something wrong in there. Although this might be something other users use, I do not recommend altering registry values.

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One of the 548982 worthless tips on the internet. You will not gain a single fps more if you follow them all.

(This one is from 2000/2001, btw)


If you feel the need for better performance, upgrade your rig or buy a new one.

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