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Mastery Rank 9 Test Tips



So after failing the test twice, Once because of black screen, and once because I wasn't patient, are there any tips or suggestion you can give?


Someone suggested ash because his shurikens are silent. 

Someone suggested I use mag and pull everything (Not sure if'll set enemies off in the next stage or whatever)


I'm thinking about using mag because her pull can go through stuff.

Any other suggestions are helpful. 

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My suggestion is to use Loki, and if you've got it, energy siphon.

I didn't know what the test would be at first, but I was betting on a parkour map, so I brought Loki, lucky me.

His invisibility is invaluable, just use it once per set, there are 3 sets, let your energy recharge between sets and do stealth attacks.

You've got no time limit, so take your time, though I suggest using a quick stealth-killing melee weapon like a dagger.

(I'm not sure what weapons stealth kill the fastest.)


I could help you get Loki if you'd like, I'll be on shortly. (My friend says I've got good luck getting parts.)

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You don't even need Ash or Loki to get through it. Just be patient and take it slow. The enemies are pretty nearsighted (I'd say you can probably walk like up to maybe 5 meters in front of them), but to be extra safe, just wait for holes in the patrols so you never walk directly in front. They're also level 1 unshielded Grineer Lancers, so any charge attack will one-shot them.

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