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Khimera's Art Corner Thing


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This is where I shall be posting up further art I've made when I make it since I don't want to make a new thread every time I get inspired to draw a new piece. For notice: I won't put up 'No Initiates Allowed' here until I feel like it just yet. It's got its own thread, comment there if you like it right now.


Without further ado...I give you...Grand-Master Crowley:



In case it wasn't clear I draw in pencil in a sketchbook and I have no intention of changing that until I have the free time and money to learn to use a tablet. This may never actually happen in my lifetime so please don't complain.


The picture above is of my Nekros, who is aptly named Crowley (Or Mister Crowley to my Nova and Grand-Master Crowley to those privy to certain information.) and this is him calling up some poor Grineer soul from the afterlife.


This may require a little explanation, so please read on if you're interested. Crowley is, in his character backstory, ancient even by Tenno standards. His lack of aging is because he is permanently bonded to his warframe, a practice only performed under most solemn vow and ceremony by the old Nekros order. This can be further explained upon request since it has little to do with the actual drawing. I have him completely colored in the Ice Palette so the shading varies by color mostly for him, darkest blue being darkest shade and lightest blues being lightest shades.


"But Khimera, why isn't he wearing a helmet?"


I have long since had an image of Crowley's face in my head and desired to bring it out. Normally his hair is far better kept but in his timeline he has only 'recently' come out of cryo-sleep as it were and returned to Tenno life and combat.


"What's the huge thing on his back?"


That, my dear inquisitive-types, is Lunasos. Lunasos is an ancient relic from the Orokin era sealed away and given only to the Nekros who holds the title of Grand-Master of the Dead, something not lightly given or easily obtained. (No, beating Crowley in a one-on-one duel would not make him relinquish the title so do not ask about that.) The Relic Idea is something I came up with as part of his backstory and it makes a certain modicum of sense. Vast in power, they will destroy an unworthy wielder that cannot meet the requirements to even hold it. Lunasos in particular holds the power to call upon the Legendary Tenno dead by invoking powers of past warriors that the Grand-Master has personally tended the funeral of. Such activation costs the Grand-Master dearly in energy and and life-force, something that regenerates slowly once devoured by the scythe's power. Each inscription on the Scythe bears the name and power of a different past Tenno.


On a side note, Lunasos may be referred to as "The Lunar Scythe" if you wish.


For further information on Crowley and his backstory go to: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/114952-fan-fiction-gold-crimson-azure/?hl=%2Bgold%2C+%2Bcrimson%2C+%2Bazure

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