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Paris Prime Bugs Out And I Can't Use Main Weapons


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Hey! So this keeps happening to me (just today). I was in 2 t3 survivals and an orokin derelict exterminate mission and this happened each time: as I am aiming with Paris Prime I start to glitch (arms start spazzing) and then suddenly I'm not holding the Paris Prime at all and my hands are free (though the bottom right corner still says I have it equipped). When I switch weapons, the corner says that Despair is now equipped, nothing changes. I just stand there with my hands free with no ability to use my primary or secondary weapons. I can still melee and use my powers, but that's it. It's happened every mission I played today. I also had Warframe crash on me in two other missions, but I'm going to assume that's unrelated.

It's weird and really frustrating when a minute into a t3 survival (that I want to go for a long time in) I have no weapons to use except for melee. My loadout was Nova, Paris Prime, Despair, Dakra Prime (if it matters). I dunno if anyone else has this problem, but if you do, you know how frustrating it is.

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Just had a similar problem. Playing as Loki and had Paris, Kunai and Galatine equipped, with Paris out when the warframe's arms started twitching. I could still fire my primary and switch to my secondary for probably less than a minute after this started but soon could not fire either my primary or secondary, though I could still switch between them. My animation was stuck like I was holding my secondary no matter what, though. I could still use melee and powers, but after a few minutes could not pick up any items at all- energy orbs, credits, ammo, nothing. I could no longer tap shift to dodge either, but could still sprint and slide.


Really strange, really frustrating bug.


[Edit]: I wonder if the bow/knife loadout has anything to do with it?

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