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Inconsistent Lotus Voices


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So, we have the Lotus voice that we've all been hearing for ages and ages, telling us that that Nef Anyo is trading cryopods, that we've got robots, that there's a heavy unit approaching, etc.


Then we get the updated Lotus voice, who speaks in the PS4 trailer and the tutorial. It doesn't appear anywhere else in the game.


Now, with the Vault, we get some completely unrelated, really off-sounding voice who doesn't even sound like DERebecca at all.



Can we pick one and stick with it? Having three different voices for Lotus, one of whom doesn't even seem to be the same voice actress, spread around the game for no discernible reason isn't going to win over many players on the PS4 release of the game. Can we have one of the voices applied to all of Lotus' lines in the game (though preferably not the Vault one)?

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Yeah I agree that consistency would be good.  There's this one line about infested incoming that sounds really odd compared to the more serious sounding lines about the rest of the mission or the infested.  I don't quite remember what it is off the top of my head, but when I hear it next, I'll try to identify it and present it.  It just sounds really odd and out of place and breaks immersion.


Although I find most of the Lotus's lines well done in general.

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