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Paris, Loki Glitch


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There is a specific glitch that happens sometimes in the game when Loki has Paris equipped as a primary weapon.  For me at least...there seems to be an issue with Loki trying to nock an arrow to the bow.  The bow and Loki will start to shake, especially in zoom mode.  This is playable albeit annoying... But it gets worse.  When I tried to switch to my secondary weapon (for me it was Lex), I couldn't use Paris or Lex and when I pressed the fire button, it did nothing.  I could still use my melee weapon but the primary and secondary weren't working.  I don't know if its a glitch with my computer or something, but this only happens when I have Paris as a primary.  If someone could look into it and see if something is wrong, that would be a major help.  Thanks!

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