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Add More Survival Missions To Fill Level "gaps"


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so, as of update 10.3.0, survival are tier based instead of faction based. and the tiers are as listed below:

Tier 1: Level 1-25

Tier 2: Level 25-45

Tier 3: Level 45+

im fine with the tiers, they seem fair, but im problem is there's too many level gaps for the maps. for example, personally i like doing corpus survival, i used to do arcadia, mars before the update, it's level20~40, so it's technically on the highest border of tier1, but if i want tier2 corpus survival, the lowest level, actually the only Tier2 corpus, is Ose on europa, level40~65, also at the high end of its bracket. there are also some gaps in infested defense, also at the level 25 spot, though it has a level 30 node.

my suggestion is add more survival missions to fill the gaps, or alternatively bump the tiers down to 1/20/40 for T1/T2/T3.

edit: just to be clear, if they were to add more survival missions, i suggest they add them as branch deadends, so you dont have to do them to progress.

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They could keep it exactly how it is if they just base it on highest level of the map.

You say you like Ose at 40-65. Then it should count as a T3 mail since it goes past 45, as opposed to T2 because it starts at 40.

the high end of the level range shown on the mission select is nonsense, enemies scale indefinitely in the missions.

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