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Multi-Select Done Wrong!


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While I applaud finally adding in multi-select on items in the inventory for selling, I spotted something that should be noted since it just cost my friend a hard earned Mag Prime.


When selecting MULTIPLE items, keep the white silhouette around them. Just a check-mark isn't going to suffice when it blends in so well with the interface. That silhouette shows importance of selection and that alone is good. That or just do multi-select like how you have mods; that system has worked well enough and I don't see why you are abandoning it.


Just after acquiring her Mag Prime from rushing the final parts (master and system), she decided to sell off her older Mag. End result was she sold BOTH the Mag Prime and the Mag because the system wasn't obvious enough. I can only foresee future issues like this, and especially with rushed item development, this is begging for angered players. She has a ticket in for recovery, due to this design flaw alone.


Hopefully from a developer's standpoint, this shouldn't be too trivial: If the silhouette appears due to the a flag on the item's class, much like how the check-mark is being called, then just having the silhouette respond to the current flag for check-marks should just be a simple variable swap. I don't know how the engine is laid out, but that should give a rough idea in how it could be handled.



To help out in explaination:

Not so good: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20331474/Warframe/Warframe%202013-10-11%2001-23-18-09.png

Better: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20331474/Warframe/Warframe%20Multi-Select%20Good.jpg

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I second this. The very faint, transparent check-sign just doesn't cut it. I acutally also had a similar situation happening to me where i was selling helmet blueprints, where i accidentally sold my Mag Prime helmet BP along with some regular helmet BP's ;_; That really grinded my gears lol.

The white glow is an excellent replacement for the current way its indicated, since it contrasts nicely with the dark UI. Good suggestion! ^_^

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