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Campaign System: Avoiding The Grind For Warframe Components


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First thoughts (spoiller cause not overly important for most)

I've been pondering on this for some time, formulating ideas and good ways to explain it.  WIth the addition of the Assination rewards being added to the end of missions rather than direct boss drops (a great move), I figures its good time to sugest it.


Currently the missions are hap hazard with no real linking to it.  As part of this issue it means that most warframes are RNG based drops.  This sugestion is an idea to make a more cohesive story, aiding imersion and to address the RNG issues in gaining Warframes (these are the major progression aspect of the game as I see it, a key purpose if you will).


The idea is to have missions link togeather, superficially or otherwise can add allot to the game.  Progressing through these linked missions will give warframe parts, so that by the time you clear a planetary system, you will have the blueprints to actually build the warframe (the resources would be another matter however).


Here is an example of what I mean by a campaign using Mercury.


Terminus: Sabotage

Briefing: "For your first mission we will keep it simple. Infiltrate the grineer ship and stop it from reaching it's destination."


Summary: "Good job Tenno, it seems your skills are returning quickly. Your second mission will be a bit tougher."


M Prime: Capture

Briefing: "We have reason to believe an important official is aboard this grineer ship in this sector. Capture them for further questioning"


Caloris: Exterminate

Briefing: "Under interrogation the official spoke of a person of interest held hostage aboard another grinner ship near Elion. However we cant allow the officials ship to warn them. We are currently blocking all transmission of the ship. Infiltrate it and leave nothing alive."


Summary: "Good work Tenno.  With the ship's crew eliminated they wont be expecting you."


Elion: Rescue

Briefing: "They wont see you coming for the operative now Tenno. Find them and bring them back in one piece."


Summary: "The person of interest is safe and knows the location of a secret grinner base on an asteroid near Tolstoj. It is rumored to the a base of opperations for Captain Vor. Vor is suspected of possessing powerful orokin artifacts which give him powerful abilities. We cant allow this.

We also have detected a grinner asteroid in the sector overrun with infested.


It's your choice Tenno, destroy the asteroid and eliminate the infested before they spread or take the fight directly to Vor instead.


Tolstoj: Assassnation (Captain Vor)

current assination briefing is good for this


Summary: "Well done Tenno, Vor was just the start of your work.  Here is a sword known as the Chronos, it is superior to your Skana. You can create it to assist you in further missions ..." <move on to crafting tutorial with chronos>


Lares: Sabotage (Infested)

Briefing: "Take out the reactor, it will destroy the asteroid and prevent the infested spreading through this sector."

Summary: "Well done Tenno.  This should stop the infestation getting a foot hold in this sector."


Appollodrous: Survival

Briefing: "This is Vor's ship. Hold out until alpha team can find the Orokin artifacts he has aboard."

The briefing and summary on these can either be given before and after a mission or much like they are now at the start and extraction (to avoid needing to add further aspects).  Though having before and after starting the mission proper would make for a better overall immersion.

Once completed of course, The planet plays out just like it does now.


How this would work with Warframes would be lightly different.  In that after certain stages the player gets awarded an appropiate blueprint piece.  While clearing the whole sector for the first time gives the player the final blueprint (this could be tied to a mission too).  Alternativly the player can buy it from the market, though given you can get it for free (by completing an area) making it cost allot, say 100,000 credits like sentinals, means that it's better earned from playing all nodes for that area.


Here is an example using Venus (without the flavour-text (thats up to DE), but some basic ideas.

Cythrean: Sabotage

 - a basic intro to corpus and a simple Destory the corpus ship

 - divergent paths to Aphrodite to capture a corpus official or V. Prime to rescue a person of interest.


Aphodite: Capture (infested)

 - find the corpus official, interrogation leads to a location of a cryopod


Kilken: Defence

 - protect the cryopod until a good windown for an extraction team can collect it

 - while scouting the area, the extraction team picked up a hidden corpus ship


Unda: Spy (infested)

 - find any useful data, recovering as much as possible

 - data gives the location of a corpus facility, thought to contain orokin artifacts


E. Gate: Survival / Verera: Defence

 - usual hold out, either alpha team finds or the cryopod contains a Rhino Chassis, whichever mission is done first the other is just for completion, thus the Rhino Chassis blueprint is awarded.


V.Prime: Rescue

 - leads to an official


Ishtar: Capture

 - leads to information to a hidden outpost


Vesper: Spy

 - data recovered contains information to a person of interest


Linea: Rescue

 - person of interest knows how to build a Rhino Systems (award the systems blueprint)


Tessera: Sabotage

 - typically destry ship to hurt the corpus


Fossa: Assination (Jackal)

 - known for taking heads of tenno as trophies  (gain Rhino helmet blueprint)



The idea being that everyone has the same effort for warframes, while getting some imersion story as well.  The missions themselves dont actually need to change.

The warframe blueprint rewards only need to be given the once.  However ways to enable the abiltiy to make them again could be:

 - permanent blueprints for the parts (like dragon keys)

 - the ability to reset an area, thus having to work through the missions again,

 - simply helping someone through the areas and gaining it because another player) doesnt yet have the reward.


This doesnt really change buying warframes for platinum as it enable you to get them eairler than you otherwise would, and you dont need to gather and use resources or wait the 3.5 days for the warframe to build.


I have similar idea for the other planets and will add them as I have time.

Edit: I hit the submit instead of prieview :/

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