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Upgrading From The Braton Mk-I To The Regular Braton Is Underwhelming For Newbies


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Hello, I've logged in a lot of hours since I first started playing Warframe, but when I first started out and looked into upgrades for my basic weapons, what stood out to me was that paying 25,000 credits for a weapon that looked exactly the same as the one I already had and even had a very similar name was a -very- underwhelming experience.


I think that it'd be better for newbies to feel rewarded for getting started and playing if their first primary weapon upgrade was a more "cool" feeling one, rather than a redundant feeling one that's kind of psychologically a let-down.


Sure the actual Braton is a big improvement to the sucky MK-I, but it sure doesn't feel that way when you open up the equip screen and see it there as your first upgrade.  Even just changing the look and name of the first or second weapon you get would remove the feeling of redundancy (like you're treading water when you're going for your first primary upgrade) even if the game mechanics and stats of the weapons you were using weren't changed.  It's like how switching from the Skana to the Cronus feels like you're getting something new due to the new name and skin, even though the animations are the same and the stats are still similar.  Or how cool you feel when you buy your Aklatos and can start dual wielding for the first time.


Hooking new players and getting them engaged is important in increases the playerbase of a new game, imho, and I think that a simple change like this would really help.

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Changing the looks of the MK1-BRATON would be good enough. I for one like the name its the first and original weapon of the Braton family. changing the look would also give move depth to the Braton family. 

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