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Trinity's Link Remake: Empathy


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Empathy The Introduction: After a good amount of playing, reflecting, and brainstorming I have come up with an altered and upgraded version of link called Empathy. The reason I am pushing the idea forward is because link offers great potential, but thus far, isn't amazing when used in battle. Let the ability manifest into is own.


Empathy, What It Does: Empathy would change Link to an AOE, and buff the damage reduction to 90%. The reason for the boost is to allow better scaling, the ability is too low in duration and too high in cost to really be used as a passive defense mechanism. Keep in mind that 90% is still worse than the previous 100% damage reduction. Empathy would taunt all enemies in range, giving the ability more creative utility use. The damage transfer would work the same as it does in Link. The last addition to Empathy that Link lacks would be extra AOE damage on other affected enemies whenever an enemy is killed while Empathy is in effect.


Reasons For Empathy: The real use of Empathy would be to distract enemies, giving allies time to recover, and also dish out damage. Because an AOE means less damage per. enemy, the ability would not be as strong as it may seem. Empathy would allow for more effective Ogris and Thunderbolt tactics than the current link provides, boosting the AOE damage of both weapons when targeting Trinity and enemies. Another advantage Empathy would have over Link is the team oriented aspect. The taunt and extra damage on enemy deaths would allow for allies to take advantage of the ability as well.


Visual Conceptualization: The AOE would be marked by an invisible sphere around Trinity, stretching as far as the ability. Thin crescents of energy would weave around on the surface of this invisible sphere that would use a Warframes energy color, thus marking the boundaries of the Empathy. Linked enemies would glow Trinity's energy color. Long streaking and arcing  energy orbs/projectiles would stream from Trinity to targets affected by Empathy, Enemies affected would also shw up on the minimap. Whenever an enemy is killed, the energy projectile would explode, automatically damaging other enemies effected by Empathy.

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