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Invincible Stalker


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Just had a very strange glitch where the Stalker became invincible. I was on survival using a relatively low-level Banshee. I was being swarmed by Grineer and used Sound Quake, and the Stalker spawned as I was using it. He Slash-Dashed through it and 1 shot me, but still remained. After using a revive, I was up and he continued to fire at me, though he did not do any damage (though Dread bolts still stuck out of me). I also found out that I, nor any of my team-mates, could damage him either. This also goes for the Grineer swarming around him (and notably he did not attack them and remained focused on me). He also didn't move or use any of his abilities. I was also not host and the connection was slightly laggy, but still otherwise playable.

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i'm pretty sure this happened to me with my low lvl banshee on kiliken. he managed to 1 shot me but didnt leave. his lines didn't show up after i got killed. i revived myself and managed to kill him and he just left as if he were defeated

Did you die mid-Sound Quake?


And yes, he was after me, I could see all his lines, they even continued to pop up whilst he was in his invincible state.

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