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Public Test Cluster: Opt-in Key Lottery.


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Hello all!

We are just squaring up the Test Build and expect to send Keys out within the next 2 hours - I'll Update this thread as we make progress.

Keys are live! Those who have Keys should relog into the forums to see a new subforum for testing. 

Tenno - read carefully before you reply!

As we get in position to open a (semi-)Public Test Cluster for targeted feedback on upcoming changes, we want to ensure those who may join have a base understanding of what the semi-PublicTest Cluster entails. Here we go: 

1) We will be using Steam Keys to access "Warframe Test" - make sure you have a Steam account!
2) We will be running all surveys and posts in English - you must understand English to participate.
3) We will be asking for targeted feedback specific to our Railjack Revisited efforts for our trial run. All players will be given details on Railjack Revisited prior to launch, not just the Test Key holders. 
4) Posting here does not guarantee entry - it will be randomized. We are using the forums as a starting point because we want to ensure potential participants know how to use our forums and have a base understanding covered in this post. 
5) If this all sounds good to you - simply reply with a "Count me in." to be entered. Our first lottery will keep things in the 100-500 person range at first to see how we manage, and go from there. 

We will be picking accounts randomly from this reply set, in addition to a few select players with pre-existing knowledge of the upcoming changes. Accounts picked that have numerous warnings, reports, or restrictions against them will be removed from the lottery and have their Key given to another random pick. 

We will be sending keys out tomorrow immediately after the Devstream - at 3:00 p.m. ET. It will be via in-game Inbox - don't stream until you've claimed it! 

Knowing we have limited Keys, but over 4000 people who pledged to 'count me in' was everything I know this community is about. Players all over the world - America, Canada, Estonia, Brazil, came to our little forum slice of the internet just to offer to help. Even if you don't get in, your offer is a reminder of the willingness and positive attitude that has been a great part of the community for so long, and should be what defines it. As we continue with this, those who submitted their names in the first lottery will be included in the next round lottery.

LOCK EDIT: Thank you everyone! We will be working toward the following immediately:

1) Generating a list of account names from opt-in posts.
2) Randomly generating account names / due diligence for accounts in good standing.
3) Updating OP with as many details as possible for those who did and did not get a key via lottery with full methodology (including Partner inclusion, and more). 

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