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Public Test Cluster: Opt-in Key Lottery.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

We will be picking accounts randomly from this reply set...

See @[DE]Rebecca THIS is the problem.

No minimum baseline for in game experience to join test cluster, some rando fresh MR2 or someone that have not touched the game in 5 years have the EXACT same chance as a guy with 10k hours logged and have done hundreds of railjack missions.

What good is a test-cluster if the people you invited uses a half max'd out serration or someone didn't realize Super Jump is gone? What kinda feedback and data set do you expect from this test-cluster since there seems to be ZERO standard on the participant?

DISCLAIMER: This is not about me, as I am not interested to be part of the test-clusters. However, I do care very much WHAT kind of players will be in these test-clusters as it may have genuine impact on setting a heading for content mechanics and reward structure.

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