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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.16

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any fix coming for impact ephemera lich being vanquished and no ephemera received? 😆

also people spawning in random places in the dojo including railjack when invited to trade? or being in squad/dojo chat but not being visible to eachother when invited to dojo to trade? ❤️

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forgot to mention sometimes ppl spawn in rj when i havent even been playing it
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vor 10 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Fixed the Basmu's healing pulse receiving exponential copies of equipped Mods with each pulse when under the effect of some conditional buffs, which led to unintended amounts of damage.

Can we get a few buffs for the basmu though? It's disappointingly weak as an event weapon. With how much of a threat the sentients are supposed to be, having their weapons be that weak is just sad.

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Just now, Reaver1986 said:

Please in the future whoever does the red text. Give us a little bit of hint what we're will get in the hot fix would be much appreciated. Not just wondering over your keyboard...

It's not Redtext's job, the only thing he has to do is to tell when we have to stay in the mission to not lose progress.

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3 minutes ago, Nosttromo said:

People do eidolon runs for eidolon shards so they can exchange them for focus points to upgrade the tenno school trees. It isn't only for the arcanes.

I think they have a point though, eidolon loot table is stale AF.

While there are "still reasons for some people to do it" (ie, not me, focus has been a closed chapter for years I think now?) with all arcanes going down the tubes, and while their prices will climb slowly out of obscurity after the event, they will still be the same old, same old.  Refreshing loot pools for both Eidolons and Spiders would be good, even if you just add a handful of things, would definitely give a reason to revisit.

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Why did you all have to touch the Basmu? It was balanced, you had to take damage to deal damage, and you could just make it to where it heals back a small percent of the damage dealt not the full damage. Now, those healing pulses are literally useless. They do a maximum of about say 40 damage. Also, sinister reach should be possible on the basmu due to its beam of electricity with its secondary fire. It should also increase the radius of the pulses. Please make the Basmu better. It was tons of fun and I was going to put several forma into it just for the sake of hey, this exists, this is special, I just want to have fun.
I also thought of it more as a feature. It sounds silly, but the Basmu was becoming my new favorite primary, over the Shedu! It is just a somewhat regular gun. While I'd like to see the arcane avenger interaction more balanced/controllable, I also think it was good as it was. People were having a good time and it was not game breaking. It could not kill absolutely everything. Noxes didn't die to it. Arbitration drones took 0 damage whatsoever.
Thank you for the update though.

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Still no fix for converted Lich's, more specifically fire Lich's damaging us when they spawn? It's been 5 months now and I still hate when this thing spawns to help  hurt me. OR let us consign the dude since I don't think anyone wants this weapon.

Edit: It's been 6 months... even worse


Do you want more examples? I just selected from November, December and recently to show it still happens.

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